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Great Service. They detailed our company Van. We will definitely be returning.

Cecilia Wong

Google won’t let me do zero stars, and if I could anyway, I’d ask for negative 20 stars. Atrocious customer service, particularly by the bully of an owner/manager. He loudly, aggressively called me and my husband liars when both of us saw one of the workers push a step stool into the side of our new car to reach the roof, and noticed a scratch on the door afterward. Instead of apologizing or even taking the time to look at the scratch and talk to us, he immediately interrogated his staff loudly, who of course denied it happened. He never once tried to see it from our POV (the customers). Absolutely terrible experience to go through. Never coming back and suggest you take your car and business elsewhere.

BinDu MurALidharaN

Please do not go to this car wash place. The manager is a terrible person. Has no sense of etiquette, zero customer service and has no manners, and behaves unreasonably with women customers. He called and yelled over the phone regarding charges without clarifying or performing any kind of verification with his own staff, all just under the assumption that the customer is at fault. He needs to be fired, he needs a course in customer service and needs to be taught how to deal with customers in particular women. You don’t have to be the best car wash place but the least you can do is have competent sensible managers who can talk and hear the customer out without interrupting and yelling at them.

melinda molnar

Rc Diaz

I took a honda cvr to get detailed. And they did an amazing job! My sister and i left out of there very satisfy and happy. The staff are excellent and the owner is very kind very responsible and an amazing person. He's so cool. Love him! I recommend anyone that wants to get there car cleaned or detailed. That's the place to go..

Sasit Tasniyom

Shams Frough شمس فروغ

Hard working men taking care of ur car.

Tymur Tsapchuk

Really bad

Mike Beyer

They always do a great job and work their butts off.

Paul Jacome

Juan Morales

Austin Anglin

Stole all my change, chapstick and other stuff, and an iphone cable out of my car. Also broke two of my floor mat locks my car has. Never going here again.

Abigail Maki

Hard working!! Great airfreshners inside.

Consuelo L. Bergman

I am very dessappointed. I didn't check the reviews before going there yesterday August 03, 2018... I usually pay $ 3.00 and I pass the vacuum... My car gets much better cleaned it myself. I was charged $17.00 for complete and deep car wash

Greg Williams

Alejandra Mendoza

Jimmy Laureano

Very hit and miss service and hospitality. If the owners thinks you look like a sucker, he'll probably latch onto you to convince you to upgrade your service. Or if it's the opposite he'll probably completely ignore you and you are just standing there waiting for someone to take your payment.

Gary Sarpy

They do great work. Been going here for years.

Alemi Hernandez

Malo !!!!!

Johnathan Lopez

Great service!

Mario Claudio Jr.

Wonderful service! These guys put their hearts into what they do!

Chris Asmar

Great car wash!

Rosabel Rivera

Super service. Their detailing job is excellent. Just got a detail on my Wrangler and couldn't be happier. Very nice staff and a very cool owner!

Ростислав Кырму

oscar g

poor quality bad service


Maria Cruz

David Windsor

I've been coming here since 2001. Wonderful deals, awesome service and honest employees

fernanda silva

Very bad service! I went for the fisrt time and got the more expensive cleaning besides the regular that was $18. They did same things as regular I guess because I was watching it the other cars that got regular wash too. Nothing different. I ve spilled coffee in the place you put cups 5 mins later I left when it was dry, it was there again. The panel of the car was full of dust as it was before... The side door was dirty too... They vaccum your car in less than 1 minute... so u can imagine how perfect the cleaning are right? I mean I don't know what kind of service is that. The guys are so fast of course that don't pay attention to details. Its a super quickly type of thing who don't care to much! At least I got 2 washes for free!

onthejon 1

10 years ago this place was solid. Now, the quality has gone down significantly. They rush the wash, leaving patches of dirt on the quarter panel and bumper. They lost my Mats, they placed my mats in another vehicle even though they clearly said Scion on them.

Miriam Berberena

It's cheap and fast service

Ernesto Raygoza

Maritza Reynosa

Marija Mitova

Shame on them !!! They stole my money from my car !!! Big shame i never expected that !! Never going back

Joel Vasallo

Awesome service!

gloria pena

Barce Johnny

Good prices. But owner won’t even let you offer free juice to his employees to keep them hydrated. What a joke

Ray Zubi

Fast and clean service. Catch the early bird special before 11am for only $5.95!! Inside and out!

Pedro Reyes

The worst place to wash your care, he was rude, and the car is still dirty, 8 bucks to the trash

Antoinette Lozano

Expensive and way too fast to be good

Essie Colon

Can do better

Yahir Martinez

Lie on price ..says 8.95 most cars complete interior exterior and got charged 12 dollars because does not include vaccum or mat cleaning...scam...besides no one welcomes you at entrance

Chicagos Sharpest

They do a good job. Sometimes they will miss a spot.

alex Flores

The owner is arrogant they charged me 24$ for a car wash n dint even clean my dash board right they don't vacuum my floors right n also missed a lot of spots on my car , never coming back here again also the owner be askin a million personal questions

Oscar Valencia

Bernardo Cardona

Excelent service

errick Turner

Madalina Enache

They always do a great job , i moved out of the neighborhood but i always come here to wash my car . The best !

Sam Meccia

Had to go to other car wash to redo it after I payed for the best wash they got . They put tire Shine on two tires not all 4

Wilondja Djuma

Lie on price ..says 8.95 most cars complete interior exterior and got charged 12 dollars, tbh my car outside was not cleaned good and I talk to the owner to get my car clean good outside and he kicked me out and tell his workers to stop working on my car plus I didn’t get my tires shined. Don’t ever

Gabriel Vazquez

Son demasiado rápidos, que no secan bien tu coche.

Samer Almadani

Alexander Valdivia-Rizzo

Trying to take care of everybody and sometimes don't pay attention to detail

Salvatore Milazzo

Gary Silverman

Friendly service, mediocre cleaning. Liked the fact they were open when others had closed for the day. Honestly, wouldn't go back unless in a bind. The vehicle just wasn't cleaned very well.

Liz Hernandez

Love their prices

Jonathan Sandoval

Good,quick and very good personal

Jorge Torres

Antes cobraban mas barato y los dejan super limpios, ahora cobran mas y los dejan muy mal lavados no vuelvo a ese lugar...

Anna Dawson

Amazing costumer service! Ron, the owner greets you right away and makes you feel very cared for. I definitely recommend this place and will be the only place I go to!

Shiomara Moreno

El dueño o la persona que habla inglés es un descriminador te hace sentir mal enfrente de la gente y te cobra lo que quiere pero bueno yo de mi parte no vuelvo por una tarjeta que te da para resivir una lavada horrenda gratis y ni lo aspiran bien porque los señores se quejan que el los presiona mucho

Eliana Marrero

They don't clean nothing, really bad service !!!

Jorge Hernandez

My friends phone got stolen and when we claimed it they went through everything in it and removed the sim card, trying to bribe us with free carwashes so that we wouldnt report it to the police

Stacie Kidwell

First of all, they charged me more than was posted. They did not clean the interior of my car. When I asked for a refund, they refused. I should have checked the reviews before going. I recommend that you RUN to a different car wash. They have no interest in good customer service and on top of that, they need to venture into a different business because they are not cleaning cars over there. Disappointed.

Armando Chairez

Was given a price when I entered the wash, come to find out I was asked to pay something higher than what I was quoted. I felt bullied into paying a higher price than what I was told. My family and friends won't be coming back here.

GhostCity Sme

Jay French

Interior and exterior wash and clean. Guys are quick and do an excellent job. Prices are reasonable but the line is always long. Worth the wait and will visit again soon.

Michael Beyer


Missing all my quarters

jeremy treister

For a couple years my favorite car wash. Very detail oriented for basic wash in/out and never a mildew towel smell.

Edwin Valdovinos

Was very disappointed in my last car washes paid over $20 for a car wash that looked like everyone else im a person that likes to wash my own vehicles because car washes never leave it perfect but when weather does not permit i have no choice but to pay for a car wash and if its cheap i dont expect much but for what i paid i expected something decent water drips i dont care for but when i see big spots still dirty that upsets me i dont think i will be coming back here anymore ive paid half that price elsewhere and got better results.

Victoria White

An exceptional place to get your car washed. Spectacular experience!!

selective eagle

Just updated my old 5 star, paid $18 for Roller Car wash and except vacuuming floors I have noticed NOTHING! Quality used to be good and went down fast lately... Twice in a row they have not touched my trunk! Did you wipe anywhere inside? In a rush maybe in 3 seconds touched some places... Why should I go there and waste my money?!

Bash Mehmeti

Paid $23 for them to not clean my dashboard. Still smudges on the windshield. I never had such a bad car wash. The owner just wanted to flip the cars to make more money and not care about the quality

Ian Smith-Dahl

Carol Rose

The sign said $8.95 for a car wash. It even said $6.95 if you were there by 1130. I was there at 11:53. They charge me $12.95. The entire inside of my car was sticky and not any cleaner. They clearly wiped it, but they were smudges and everything I touched felt disgusting. Waste of money.

Emin Akici

Bad service, they are using dirty greasy clothes to clean inside the car and there are stains and marks all over. guy who sat inside the car to clean messed up my seat that I have to clean it after. Another guy was just washing the car and set inside the car without cleaning his hands and messed my shift knob steering wheel wherever he touched with his soapy dirty hands. My car was cleaner before they "cleaned" it.

Tammy Taylor

After reading the reviews, I chose this place because it was close to my house. What I like about this place is that they cleaned my car where it counted. They got the smell out and cleaned the carpet and seats very well. The service staff members were very friendly and exuberant. They worked with me so that I could drop my car off and pick it up the next day which was convenient for me. Sure, the windows were smudgy and really, considering everything they did, I was satisfied and will go back. All of my mats were in place and nothing was missing from my car.

Zuri Paraiso

No matter how much I pay I can’t never be satisfied my car always looks like they just clean it with water I can do a better job if I clean it by myself I been just wasting money here

diver dave

i took my friends POS dirty white car there in hopes to get it clean enough so that she could see out the windows . WOW they attacked the car and really clean it inside and out for $10 ! they cleaned the windows on the inside two times in order to get them clean and they shined the tires . i was impressed and my friends jaw hit the ground when she saw how clean and shiny they got her car. i read other reviews and can't believe that stupid people left CASH and PHONE's in the car and then cried that a low paid car wash employee helped it disappear ???? STUPID !

Esmael Gonzalez

I didn't like this place at ALL they wash my SUV with very little soap and when they rise it off they threw buckets of water on it like if they were saving water that's how they did all their cars and SUVs and they do not have nothing to wash the undercarriage and it's part of the price and they didn't vacuum the trunk

Luis Uruchima

Nora Bourdin

MY IPHONE GOT STOLEN! I accidentally left my cell phone in the car for the car wash. One of the employees stole it. They immediately turned the phone off. I couldn't call it or located with the Find My Phone app.

alberto mercado

Let me start off by saying I normally don't go toI this car wash I went here because of rush hur and traffic was bad I got my SUV wash and when I took off the next day I realized my two roles in the rear we're not vacuum I specifically took it there to get my daughters Cheerios cleaned up out of the car and I come to find out that they just through clothes on top of the seat and never vacuum the seats or wipe down the seats

Diane Palumbo

I’ve been coming here for years and have nothing but positive things to say but today Ron went above and beyond. I scraped the side of my daughter’s car during the last snow and I asked him to take a look at it. He pulled one of his guys on a crazy busy Saturday and had him buff it out. He literally saved me hundreds of dollars. I would recommend 123 to everyone!

Julio Patino

Im sorry but they poorly cleaned my truck, so disappointed because I came here several times

Maximilian Michaels

WARNING!!! Never go here! FALSE ADVERTISERS! They get you in with flashy signs of cheap pricing and they misclassify your cars as SUVs or oversell you their crappy car wash. Upon leaving you are cursed out under the breath of thein underpaid staff for not tipping or not tipping enough. Go find a different hand car wash!

Utkan Senyuz

Good service.

Rony Vera

The owner is arrogant, i had to wait to pay as he was talking to his employees, otherwise when regular employee is working the register then things are good. Too bad for them as i will not go back and i was a steady customer, good thing there are many hand car washes in the area. Great employees, horrible owner/manager

jorge rojas

Scott Veloria

Good, not great, better options nearby...

Antigone Asiouras

Ola Jegede

Luis R

Paul Imparl

Alicia Algas

The service is great and the price is unbeatable! My husband and I have been coming here for years and continue to come here even when we moved out of the neighborhood. We have referred friends and family and they have been equally impressed by Ron and his guys. They are the best in Chicago!

D Bylka

This place is awful stay away the owner is a theif. First the lady before me she left her phone inside the car by the time she went back to the car she went to get it it was gone. Second I just got a car wash it's supposed to be $6.95 for early bird which is from 745am till 1130 am. But the owner it was super rude and charged me $9 I asked him why but he didn't answer. I checked everywhere there prices I even took a pictures of their prices everywhere showes regular price he is a theif

azhar malik

Mohammad Allan

No gooooooooood very bàaaaaad

Daniel Zamudio

Bertoldo Hernandez

(Translated by Google) It's okay ... (Original) Esta bien ...

Cleo Nykol

Honest Car Wash!! found my phone and made sure I got it back right away. thanks Ron and Crew!


Poor service ...

Xerxes Flores

Mike Gillespie

They do a great job! Very professional and the guys work very hard. Teamwork at its finest! The garage that I park in at work has twice leaked white gook on my new car that I could not remove myself. The guys at 123 hand car wash were able to remove it for me! I highly recommend this place to everyone!

David Loranca

Dorothy Owen

They did an awesome job. I have three huskies and my car was GROSS. Thanks so much for your help!

meher g

serhiy chorn

Very expensive, no good jobs

Camila Barrero

Good service and good options with reasonable prices


some staff where nice some careless... the owner or the manager was more getting customers in then good service they didn't get my car clean as good as what I pay for 17.99 deal price disappointed... the manager is going to persist u do get that deal don't do it it!!! Is not worth it ...

C mor

What a deal. “High roller package” $17 interior, exterior, mats, tires, and done in less than 10min

Robert Armstrong

Owner Ron gave me a great deal and had my filthy Honda fully detailed in less than 3 hours. It looks brand new again! I really appreciated the fast service and personal attention.

yaseen aldahoki

Mary Hernandez

Very helpful

maritza rodriguez nieves

cleaned the car quick and did as I asked. the manager is right on top of things

Jussif Masso

I like it here, employees work hard and do a great job with my car, there are many places cheaper but I been going here for a while now so I guess its alright.

farrukh pasha

Very expensive and average quality of work

Shey Rivera

They are expensive

Carlos Ramirez

Really good work cleaning my truck and hard working staff as well as owner getting involved on the cleaning process making sure all customers are happy. Thanks Ron

Allan Mejia

The worst carwash in Chicago don't come to this place

Erwin Cruzpe

Humberto Legarreta

Anais Malave

Juan Carlos Corona

Jordan Fakhoury

!!! Great car wash and people. Resonable prices !!! for a very good cleaning. Nice crew and owner; they care. This place has been here for about 18 years and still hasent let people down. I’ll come hear again for sure

David Moreno

I did not like the management of the supposed manager and the one who gives the prices a rude person and who always speaks in the ear every worker commented something of the car, honestly as to the cleaning they did not vacuum anything and if they washed my carpets well And on the outside but I think the treatment and cleaning inside is adequate, do not go

Carlos Pinos

Rob Worthington

Main guy is a scam artist. Always over charges what his sign says no matter what size of car. Been ripped off twice and the car wash wasn’t good. Streaks left on my car I would advise to stay away from this place unless you want to be ripped off

Martha Psimis

Excellent work very satisfied great owner ,!

Nidia Risso

chrys rosero

My car smells like dirty towels!

Boby B

Bad , total ripoff superficial clean, go somwhere else

Justin Hartman

Prompt service, friendly staff, and over all a great value with good attention to detail. For $10 - it's the best car wash bang for my buck I've gotten in a very long time. Definitely will be back!

Jose Diaz

Francisco Flores

They do not clean well and they steal the cash you have in your car .

Theresa Lovato

Abraham Segura

was a reliable client for 6 years. price when up and service went down .. start looking for a new carwash place today

fabian herrera

It was my first time here and I was not pleased.. $14 hand car wash was just not good at all! My SUV was still dirty dashboard was dusty I even folded down my 3rd row so they could just focus on the two and it was just very sloppy. I always like trying to places to find the right one but this place definitely wasn't. Perhaps ill continue to do it myself.

cordaro johnson

After my car was washed I left and noticed I was missing three floor mat. I returned and ask if they have been miss place. They came back and told me I never came in what format. What kind of sense does it make for someone to come in with a car with only one floor mat in the entire car? The owner was rude, claimed he looked at the video footage and saw that you had one for me. I will never go back to this establishment and I do not believe all of his workers are legal. I

David Andrews

Really great interior /exterior clean for 18$

Petru Ous

Bad service , bad work , i pay 20$ and they dont clean nothing . And thats not for first time . -1 stupid car wash service

Valerie Miles

David Sopt

Awesome detail job on my motorcycle! Owner Ron gives you a warm welcome

Larry Walker

Went to this place for the first time today. Dry marks all over my windows and my radio/ heat and a/c area was not even dusted. I wish I could post a pic.

Alexandru Fonariuc

“Amazing wash for 23$”. They used to wash good, not anymore.

Francisco M Reyes

I came here because their early bird ended at 11:30am on a Friday but regret investing any money because they do a horrible job. I've worked in a car wash before and would never be allowed to leave a car the way they do. So many dry marks on the windows and throughout the car. I was hoping to have a really clean car after the snow and salt we had. My car is black and those marks make the car look so dirty. Don't waste your time or money here

amina abukar

It was a long process but it came out much better than I expected. Great place and will go again

jeffrey harnish


Susanne Jimenez

One of the best places to get your car clean Ron Thank you

Collen Gweshe

I'm not a person who like throwing the racial statements on people because I do believe that all people are equally the same. Upon entering this establishment, I approached one of the workers to enquire about their pricing. The guy seemed like he certainly didn't want to talk to me. He responded as if I was bothering him. So I kept my cool, yet my other mind was telling me to go to some other place. It was then a gentleman, whom I later found out his name was "Tom", if that really is his name, & supposedly one of the managers. Having decided to stay, the guy, Tom, told me the different pricing of which I chose one of the various from their listing. After they got to my car, I was directed to their waiting room. At this time I looked at the washing area which was full of cars, & as I walked to the waiting room, I noticed I was the only black person there. All other customers were sitting outside of the waiting area, watching the guys clean their cars. I had started to stay in same area to observe, but I proceeded to where I was directed. It wasn't a minute after getting in there that the Tom guy came in & asked for the payment. I went ahead & paid for the wash. Since nobody else was in this room, I decided to walk out & went & stood about the same area as everyone else. Mind you this is a wide open area & as I stood next to an SUV truck that had a "For Sale" sign. Before I knew it the same Tom guy came up to me & with an authoritative voice asked, "why are you taking pictures?" I looked at him in surprise, & responded, "Who said I was taking pictures? ". His response, "One of my guys told me they saw you taking pictures." Of course then at this time I am trying to find out what he is talking about & where he is coming from with his conversation. As I held my phone in hand, I politely invited him to look at my phone however he please in search of these pictures he is talking about. With him standing there, looking over, I scrolled into my phone, my gallery so I could see what he was going to say then. For a good couple minutes I'm standing there, with him watching, scrolling. Now he raises his voice & said, "I need the pics you took today." Now by this time I'm feeling some kind of accusation on some none existent stuff. So this time I asked him not to raise his voice at me, as I was feeling very singled out considering I'm the only African American man in the place. It was at this point then that I told him I was feeling offended as a result of his conduct. Then I told him if anything they just need to let me out of this place as I was feeling very uncomfortable. I told him to tell his workers to stop working on my car & give me my keys so I can go elsewhere where my business with them could be appreciated. As I noticed, my car was still running & I had about 4 more cars in front of me. I asked if I could be let out, & he refused. However I was still firm about wanting to go even with an unfinished paid for, business with them. I wasn't even asking for a refund, because I felt this issue was way bigger than money. Since I was denied exit when I wanted to I got in my car & sat, waiting to be let out. After about another couple minutes while waiting, the Tom guy came back to my car wanting to give me a refund. I denied it even as he tried to force it onto my lap. I shoved the money back to the ground as I closed my door. I know what it's like to work such kind of jobs. I thought about his employees, who probably don't make much, but have families to feed. It was not their fault that this situation got to this point, so I didn't want to take away from their effort which they had started. Now about loss far as this Tom guy & the business, I believe that it takes reviews to either build of destroy a business. Had I started by reviews other reviews I most likely wouldn't have gone in this place. But I certainly hope this review will help someone in the future. One thing I know, "Tom", can keep that little change, but I am certain to never come back again.

Eric Cruz


Raul Garcia

Mark Escorpizo

Fast taking owner can sell you a price that sounds like a good deal but the quality of the service falls way below expectations. Came in at 1030a for the early bird special. Ended up paying $17 for a package deal. The result was no better than a basic wash. Back seats weren't touched, mats weren't vacuumed, poorly done spot wipe, streaks left in the interior. It took less than 5 mins and I was done. When I'm promised a deal, I expect it to hold up a certain standard specially if I'm paying extra. Will not be coming here again. Please avoid.

Casimiro Buenavista

They take their time washing your car and who can beat cofee cookies popcorn for free


Agreed. Arrogant Owner. Big time sales pitcher. Didn't like the fact that I didn't fall for a more expensive package lol. Descent work on car.

lupe lizama

Bad service didn't clean good

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