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REVIEWS OF University Car Wash IN Idaho

Nick Button

Don't go to this car wash. It eats your money..

Rollins Lee

great! absolutely. (self serve side) heated floor(ground) so it doesn't ice up in winter.very safe. and tall enough for rvs or semi trucks. but I would use your judgement on which way to pull if you r longer than normal like hauling a trailer etc.and some losers robbed them not too long ago and broke some equipment along with taking cash. so go wash something and help them out.because now on top of that they have to install cameras. bummer.

Fernando Roque

(Translated by Google) Today I praised my black Cadillac and the truth is they are very forgetful that they never put on perfume the same every time I take my truck they do the same (Original) Fui hoy alabar mi Cadillac negro y la verdad son muy olvidadizos que nuca le ponen perfume igual cada vez que llevo mi camioneta hacen lo mismo

Abdulaziz Almuhaish

theo larson

Nice car wash

David Anzaldua

Cleans car but steals money

Steven Lopes

Angie Shea

What option you select, which it charges for, and which it delivers are rarely the same. Today's visit is likely my last. All phases of the wash did not work, the screen to select options had all of its lights burnt out, I was charged for something I didn't select but couldn't a receipt from the machine, and the dryer didn't work. For 9-10 dollars, I want more.

Penny Martinez

Just came from the car wash. Put my card in, processed payment then watched it die right in the middle of washing the car in front of me. No number listed to call to gety money back!

Donna Johnson

Middle machine charged me for a wash said I could enter but would not start tried 3 times didn't give me a receipt either no contact information anywhere to tell anyone so I will not be the only person ripped off.

ayusshh goralay

Not satisfied


It stole my quarters

John Wenz

Since opening has not been maintained. Things break and don't get fixed.

Nathan Bliesner

A. C.

Don't normally write reviews, but had to agree with most bad reviews. Best car wash in town doesn't count for much when the rest are just really bad vs just bad. Car came out dirty and wet after premium after going in dirty and dry. Thanks...

Robert Keller

Horrible. I used my debit card on the self wash. Total was 4.95 and It charged me 10.

April Johnson


Kristina Silva

Didn't take off dirt or the bugs and it left a skunk stripe down my whole pickup

Tammy Blair

The end auto wash does not work. Passenger side did not get water or soap. Nothing. The dryer stopped after 10 seconds. Worst experience I’ve ever had at that car wash.

Sam Koester

Worst yourself car wash in town. Vacuums never work, sometimes never suck because of debris, and sometimes they never turn on. Wasted a $1 today trying to get the vacuum to turn on. This place is maintained very poorly.

B. J. Swanson

It's rare that I visit this car wash and everything is working. Yesterday, the tire/undercarriage sprayer on the left side was not working. Then, I put $1.00 in the window cleaner towel dispenser... nothing. Then money in the blue towel dispenser... nothing! I've called and left messages about refunds but have never received any refunds or credits yet. Very poor service.

Michael Jones

German Garcia

All bad i got the golden packet and they didn't do nothing right yes they are fast because they dont do things right not even vacuum.

Rebecca Neuenfeldt

Paid for the $12 works wash and the car wash door was stuck down and would not open so we could not go in. No way to cancel the wash or move it to the other unit. There was no one in the office to help and it was noon on a Saturday. Very disappointed and will never go here again.

Jesse Conner

One of the bays took my money and the bay door never opened to let me inside even though the voice kept repeating over and over that I could drive inside.

Jessica Torres

DO NOT GO TO THIS CAR WASH!!! THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU. Yesterday I went to get a car wash for $40 and my Honda emblem was stolen during this process. I went to try to get a service here and got my property damaged instead. I asked for a manager and they said to come back another day because they were not there. UNACCEPTABLE.

Dan Cochran

Jesse Zylstra

I only use the automatic car wash here because it doesn't leave water marks on my vehicle. No automatic wash is amazing, but this one isn't bad. But, the vacuums are terrible. It is clear there is a lack of ongoing maintenance here. I've had a machine simply not work for me, I've had twice where the suction was inadequate to do the job, and once where the edging tool simply fell off the hose and I realized it had been poorly repaired with duct tape. Not to mention, I've had trouble with the hand washing station. I think the selection panel is going out. My last visit here I was unable to switch between the washing options I wanted. In the end I wasn't even sure if I had rinsed with water, and the "spot free rinse" wouldn't even turn on when selected, so I had to go use the automatic wash to make sure I didn't have a liquid with soap in it left to dry on my car. I suggest Dragonfly for vacuums (but NOT for the car wash... horrible water marks). Or, drive to Chevron in Pullman and use the vacuum for free. Don't bother with the Mobile in Moscow for washes or vacuum.

Steve Gilbert

Carli Osburn

Paid for the wash and waited for the guy in front of me to be done. Then the door closed and they made me pay again. Charged us twice and I can find a number anywhere to call and complain.

Paul Rihani

Paul Witte

Nice place cleaned my truck way better then any other place in town

Dave Jewett

Genette Jennings

Far right bay door took my money and never opened, even though there was a vehicle in there before me. How do I get my money back. Very disappointed. Used to be a great place.

travis kuest

Was like I never went through the wash to begin with. What a complete waste of money and time.

Robert Harper

Drive through and self wash

Jen Peterson

Just called to make an exterior/interior detail service appointment and a female “worker” answered the phone and said there was no ”availability” for the next week or even month. I asked to talk to a manager (she didn’t sound credible and I just felt she was just trying to hang up) and she said there was no manager on-site. The main intention to do this review is to hopefully inform management of their employees’s poor customer service skills. Ps. Feel free to contact me

Ken Mosley

End jet in overhead sprayer was plugged and left an area down the middle of my truck unwashed. Called the number on door and owner came out in 10 minutes. He gave me two free washes. Found out my dually truck was too wide to cover the whole truck. I cannot hold the wash responsible for that. Great service. I recommend this place.

maria Johanson

Love going here. I go when I recieve there coupons

Stan K

Nothing is clean. Not acceptable. They don't even wipe. After wash, still many spots untouched. It is a shame to be called car wash. No workers seems working hard.

Darrell Anglen

Took the money and didn't priprov any servuses :-\

Austin Hengen

What a joke, self wash only sprayed water. Left water stains all over. Pickup looks worse than before. .

Ray Anderson

Todd Rasmussen

Quick and great wash!

Abhishek Thakur

Stacie Flores

Vacuum didn't work well enough to pick up tiny pieces of leaves off the floor of my car. I could hardly feel any suction with my hand. Very disappointed..

Sreeram Gaddam

Kalana Sahabandu

Junior Valladares

Catherine E. Millard

Nicole Lynch

Paid $10 for a wash that didn't get my car very clean. One vacuum ate my 4 quarters and the other hardly had any suction to it. Not worth the money.

Bryce Waits

Camren Richards

Fairly dingy and not well mainatined, but the water pressure is great and you can clean the car yourself for a decent price.

eileen simkin

Kenzie Lauritzen

Paid $12 for the “deluxe package” to leave visible dirt all over my car. Scam.

R.J. Knight

I seriously think my ride is dirtier after I took it through the "premium" auto wash. There is still visible dirt all over. Pissed? Ya, I am. I want my money back! $8 rip off. Do not go here! UPDATE - I called the # on the door, was given a free upgrade wash....only my vehicle still had significant dirt, not muddy, just dirt all over. I still stand by my initial review!

Erik Ostrom

Michael Muraszewski

Put $10 in the machine and purchased an $8 wash. The machine said "Change was not dispensed properly". No change back. Paid $10 for an $8 wash and it didn't even get my car cleaned well.

Mr. Craw

It is touchless so yes you have to wipe it down, dont be a lazy californian lol. Owner is awesome and cool old man.

Katie Moss

The touchless car wash left my car really streaky. I called the number on the office door to see if I could get a refund or a rewash. Kevin, the manager, met me at the carwash the next time I was through town (and came on my schedule) and made it right. He personally scrubbed the sides of my car with the soapy brush in the manual side of the wash to be sure the caked on residue from the poor wash would come off, and then sent me through the Touchless free of charge. He waited to be sure it was done properly and then dried off my windows. My car has never looked so good! If there is a problem with your wash, call and they'll make it right. Sometimes things break (this time a jet was broken and it wasn't cleaning right....he fixed it the morning after my poor wash, having checked it when he got to work and seeing it was off), but I appreciate that Kevin guaranteed their service. He told me, "We want to serve others like we'd like to be served." THANKS!

Spencer Osgood

Srayea Alsrayea

Kimberly Hiatt

Barely pulled my car into the wash and the wash died. I paid for the most expensive package and theres not even a number listed to let them know it's broken or ask for a refund for the service I didnt get. Precious. Why are they still in business?

rezon Smits

I was not given change for my cash payment. I called the phone number on the door. I was refunded my change promptly.

Andrzej Paszczynski

Good place to wash your car.

The Dollar Guy

This is a fairly new car wash and worked great when it was new, something nice in the world of run down garbage car washes that plagued Moscow at the time. But whoever owns the property is a making it a failure. He/she has let this place become run down like Detroit. Always out of soap, forgot what the surface protector multi-colored foam looks like as that hasn't worked in years, bill changer out of order, wash cloth dispenser out of order, vacuums with high pitched screaming motors with no vacuum (means their clogged/full and need servicing Mr business owner), spot free wipe down rag dispenser out of order and wax ever being available is as rare as a solar eclipse. Who invests in high end property like this yet does zero to maintain it? It's equipment and all equipment needs regular service to work properly. Next time I am out of soap, I am spraying the water directly into the coin slots on the control panel to destroy what is left of it. Then maybe the new replacement will work. Get off your lazy butt Mr property manager and make this place a decent car wash again. Another thing, how about little indicator lights on the control panel to show what chemicals (soap, wax, spot free rinse) are available. That way I know NOT to put in $10.00 and have nothing but high pressure water available. I digress, this would be useless as they would always be on from lack of maintenance and eventually become burned out. Sorry to be so harsh, but come on. How can a car wash right next to a bustling university not make profit? Sell it to me and I'll restore it back to the awesome car wash it used to be.

Judy Cornish

Fantastic customer service. Went thru the wash and only got half a suds - I called the number on the door and they refunded my money back in the mail the next day. Today the wash was perfect. Thank you for great service!

cat friday

Good price, quick service.


Spend $12 on wash. Machine stopped in middle and there is no number posted to contact anyone in order to get a refund or a re-wash.

John Slagboom

Likely one of the worst services I’ve ever spent money on. The wash is overpriced by at least $2 for the most basic wash tier and the vacuums are $1 for 2 minutes, which isn’t enough to thoroughly vacuum even half of a small economy sedan. Do not waste your money or your time here.

Mari Osquisa

Sophia Bien

There is a definite lack of attention to detail. They got most of the stuff but I paid extra for a better job. I am unlikely to return.

Brent Holmes

Erik Grupp

Carl Brinker

Good fast car wash. Check Groupon for deals

Coleman Claiborn

None of the change machines work. The vacuums barely have suction. This place needs attention.

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