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REVIEWS OF Ultra Touch Services Car Wash IN Idaho

Zack Anderson

Get that good gas here

Anup Mistry

The job was less than satisfactory. Missed several spots and didnt clean the wheels at all. Upon pointing out the wheels, some short bald guy (his name is mike)who claimed to be the manager was extremely rude and said that painted wheels cannot be cleaned. I took a rag and cleaned a spot right in front of him. If u cannot tell the difference between clean and unclean black powder coated wheels, you shouldnt be a manager. The quad chrome exhuast tips were also missed and he said that they can burn the hands of employees and hence didnt clean. I touched the tips and they were cold(duh they will be cold after a car wash) Customer doesnt want stupid excuses from an incompetent manager. To sum it up, poor job and bad customer service. I will never take my cars here. .

Justin Taliaferro

Josh got us in quick, repaired the chipped windshield, and had us back on the road in no time. He was very courteous and professional and did a fantastic job on the repair. I would highly recommend. I would post a picture but he did such a great job you cant see anything.

Big Fan

Great car wash, great gift shop, friendly staff and ethanol free gas

Nick Mack

I've been going here for 5+ years management is pretty cool but those smart ass sarcastic young men they hire made me decide to not go back again....... stop hiring punks and you won't loose buisness

Erick Heim

Great service


Overpriced and quality of wash "ok".

Johnny Skinner

Don't waste your time! Long time customer and their service has really fallen off. I just spent 30 minutes watching 7 employees playing on their phones, and basically doing anything other than cleaning cars! I ended up getting into my car and driving off before it was finished, because they left it unfinished! I will never return they've lost me as a customer forever!

Tom Sprayberry

Kelley Moore

I took my Toyota SUV in yesterday and asked for their Ultra Supreme car wash. At first, I thought they did a pretty good job. Got most of the dog hair, but noticed the cup holder hadn't been cleaned out, but OK. So, I decided to take my Toyota pickup in today. Again, I got the Ultra Supreme car wash and the Lustra Shield. I was a little concerned when my truck came out of the car wash without a person behind the wheel and drifted to the bump that barely kept if from rolling into the parking lot. The gal that was supposed to be in it went to get another gal - don't know if she was uncomfortable with a stick shift or what the deal was, but they both got in to take it to the cleaning station. When they said it was done, I started to get in and noticed that they hadn't cleaned out the cup holders (seems to be a weak spot) and they hadn't vacuumed or wiped down the area where the stick and 4-wheel drive are. It was full of dirt and dog hair. I called one of the attendants over and he asked to see my receipt. I would think that would just be basic cleaning for ANY wash that included an interior spiff. He cleaned it, but as I drove down the road, I noticed spots and grit on parts of the dash and door arm rests where it didn't appear they'd done any wiping down. When I got home I noticed spots on the fender flares that appear to be from the stuff they used to shine the tires. Looks like oil spots. I don't think I got close to my money's worth and I won't be back. It dawned on me that the reason I thought they did such a good job on my SUV was because it was pretty darn clean to begin with.

Galen Danielson

I've had my car washed at Ultra Touch a few times and they do a great job. This was my first experience with the detail shop and they were awesome! My vehicle looks brand new. They hit every tiny spot and the guys were really nice. I got the full detail with wax outside and shampoo of the interior and it looks fantastic. I would highly recommend their services.

Mary Shawver

My car was detailed inside and the interior now looks like new again

Barry Steele

Filled up with non-ethanol premium today and decided to get car wash. Attendant talked me into an upgrade with a hand wax. Went inside and paid and waited for car. Wash was completed and then car was taken to shop for hand wax. When I went out to claim car I inspected the outside with the hand wax attendant and was about to leave when I noticed the 2 landscaping rods that I had left on the front seat were now stuck under the seat on one end and sticking through the leather on my door panel on the other end. When I called the manager to complain he showed up with the initial vacuuming attendant with him. I am assuming that they knew what happened and to this point said nothing to me. Everyone makes mistakes, but to leave the rods sticking in the door and not notify me of the damage makes me think they were going to see if I would just leave without noticing. The manager did set me up to get the damage repaired, but it is going to cost me a day without my car and the gas to get to the shop. But hey, I received a card for a free car wash that I will not use.

Ascensao Mohn

Travis Hopkins

This is the third time I have went to this place and paid over $100. Each time it gets worse. There is amoral spray all over my inside and nothing was clean but the carpets. I waited over and hour and i could have done a better job myself in faster time. My wife and I like our cars looking good and I will never trust them again. Issue is they have high school kids doing the job and nobody is training them on doing a good job. They won't have a job unless they have clients but you are only an obstacle to them. They only show up to get a paycheck and do not care about your vehicle nor the job. Word of advise, don't waste your money like I did. Take the time and spend the extra $35 to have your car done right

Mervin Hanover

Excellent car wash.

Brandan LIESKE

The selection inside of the store is terrible. Almost no Pepsi products. No whole milk for the baby. I only come for fuel, but with other places coming out with equally good fuel, I'll probably stop coming here so I can get everything I need in one stop.

Steve Hubbard

This is the only car wash I'll take my car to. When I first purchased my used car, I brought it over to Ultra Touch to get a deep clean and detail. I was so impressed with the attention to all the details that day. The guy in the detail shop found an ink spot on the back seat. He pointed it out to me and said they might be able to get it out. What impressed me is that he didn't promise anything, but when he was finished, it indeed was gone. I like a business that under promises and over delivers. Very professional and very quick.

Shelly Ouma

I was disappointed with service received. There was still stuff on my seat after they vacuumed. I paid to have interior cleaned and it looked like someone did a quick wipedown. It was still dirty. I could have find a better job at home and saved the money.


I met Steve today. What a kind and generous man. He is letting my team with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Boise fundraise by donating some car wash tickets!

Ronna Campbell

Zane Campbell is the best detailer in the whole place. Couldn't have been happier with his work. Will be going back just for his work.

Leah Gunter

They detailed the interior of my truck. There was a huge year old oil stain on the driver side floor, now you can barely tell it was even there! So impressed! They got all the dog hair, grease, dirt! Would definitely use them again! Thank you Jackson for your recommendation!

Patrick Gagliardi

Susanna Manor

Great service. Plenty of options for all vehicle types to include classics.

Jacob Yoneda

Save your money. I bought a ultra surpreme wash $25 I asked if they could make sure they get the seats vacuumed good since of dog hair they said yes, then tried to charge me $1.50 extra for dog hair. Once I got my car back there was still dog hair and the door jam was half assed job with dirt spots and the door had dust on it and they could have wiped down but they didnt and back window had stuff on the inside and they didn't clean that when it was part of the package. I had them look at it again and said yea that isn't right they did a better job on seats, doors, and door jam but seats did still have some of the hair but better but they still didn't get the back window. But at least they voided out the BS $1.50 charge for dog hair and the manager said that was not supposed to be. But still $25 full service car wash did a $10 car wash with half assed interior job.

Jason Zimmerman

My favorite carwash

Patty Rupert

Terrible service.... did not vacuum well at all...and window streaks when i left...and rims were dirty...not wiped...cookies crumbs on the seat when I left!...oooo they do not do the cup holders in my car..i tried them 2 times....not going back!

Jessica Padgett

Great place for the works!


Great idea, only only place in town to hand dry and do the inside and windows, but come on use clean towels when going the windows, worse then when I got there

Teresa Hughes

Best car wash in meridian that I have found so far!

Willbill Cozad

Nice people decent wash for the price. Do not recommend the hand wax.

Staci Munson

Didn't vacuum out the car very well

Jodi Reynolds

Terrible. Waste of money. They couldn't be bothered to put our weather-tech mats back in properly. The one for the rear seat was sitting on the actual seat on one end and on the floor on the other end, like they had just thrown it back in. They broke the grommet off on the driver's mat that keeps the mat in place. I opened the rear liftgate to check that the rear mat was laying properly in the cargo area, and there was still dog hair everywhere. They hadn't even vacuumed back there. We had to send it back around to get vacuumed again. I get that it's hot out and that makes working difficult, but if you don't want to work at a car wash, get a job somewhere else. Don't be a lazy excuse of an employee.

Trevor Hill

I have a 2001 4runner that I took in yesterday to get the interior and engine detailed. I dropped off my SUV in perfect working order and shortly after picking it up, my check engine light comes on. I have never had an issue with my vehicle and properly maintain it meticulously. I have every service record from the time it was purchased brand new. Now I have 6 cylinders miss firing and my car and have to figure out how to get it fixed after whatever they did to it. All I can say is DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS PLACE.

Shasta Maiees

They didn't vacuum my car completely to didn't wipe down my dash or my cup holders didn't vacuum the backseat at all and my washes were given to me as a gift that somebody paid $75 for five of them and I don't know why I could have done a better job

Tim Wright

Great locally owned car wash. 2 locations. Great personal attention. Outstanding value for the money.

Thomas Kirkham

Craig Collett

This is an amazing car wash! The service is fantastic and the staff is great. We have been using Ultra-touch for years and love their attention to detail. I would recommend Ultra-touch to anyone.

Blake Titus

Great way to get your vehicle clean quickly

Charles Simpson

Thought they did a terrible job was not happy would not recommend this place to anyone will not be back

Mercedes Harward

First things first, I went to get my car washed and detailed. When ,done the wash was good but the detailers scratched my windshield tint. We contacted the detail manager Justin. He was willing to give use a full detail (wax the outside of the car, shampoo carpets and detail the inside) because the tint couldn’t be replaced. So I had to go back and drop off my car for 6 hours, I have had my car detailed my by my car dealer before and know it would take that long. When I went to go pick up my car, I pull up and my windows where rolled down. At the time it was windy and there was pollen stuck to my car. When I went to get into my car, on a part of my roof there was still wax on it that hadn’t been wiped off. When I got into my car we had told them in the beginning not to touch the grove box and the center consul, but in my front seat was a box full of my stuff that was in there. On top of that there were no mats in my car (rubber or my fabric mats). So I open the trunk and there they all were stacked in the back. The fabric mats were still socking wet and the rubber mats had looked like they pored a bottle of oil on them. So I called over one of the guys and ask him about it. He tells me that they need to be left back there to dry so they don’t mildew and the rubber mats need to soak in. I was mad at that point and was like okay we will see how that goes (the next day I got into my car and it smelt so bad I had to leave all my door open for about two hours to let it air out and dry and had to lay out my frantic mats out because there were still dripping wet and my rubber mats were still all oily). At the time we were going to dinner. As I was driving I opened my center consol and The part of the lid had came off and was just sitting inside. They did that the first time as well and just left it like that. When I looked around somewhere they also didn’t wipe out my cup holder. There was cleaner spray all over the seats they were all oily and sticky. And last but not least the outside was horrible as well there was part of my car that still had dirt on it and bugs and in the doors they weren’t even wiped out. So I had my husband call Justin and discuss how unhappy we were and Justin wasn’t there so he left him a message. Justin never called him back. To this day my husband has called 3 times and no call back. It have been 3 weeks! So if you want to get your car detailed I would never take it to ultra touch.

corey skinner

Lola Shields

Great Service

Keith Christensen

Would give them 0 stars if I could. Broke my drivers side mirror and refused to fix it. Manager came out and said "there's no way our wash would have done that." He said he would give me free wash passes. For what? So they can break my truck again? Will never be back here.

Julie Ashton

Just got my car done, guess I should have checked their work before I left. I did the $14.99 interior/exterior basic. Came home and had to get my wash cloths out and my vacuum. They didn't touch the trunk or cup holders. Seems like they just did a really quick wipe of the seats.

Jeff Harris

Top notch & quick!

John Scavoni

Coming home from a long car trip, stopped in to get my car wash and they missed half of the mess and ice cream drippings in my back bumper was still there, almost as if they didn’t even run it through at all, had to have them do it again, and it still was not clean like it should be! The worst car wash I have ever been to!!!

Rich Morris

Love the non ethanol!

Kris Babas

Russell Grow

Interior Super Clean if you need a quick cleaning of the inside and out. The employees are Awesome!

Tammy Ray

Nothing like paying $69.95 to have a hand wash and their interior special and then have to clean my car again when I get home. They asked me if I wanted the trunk and center console vacuumed and I said yes, that would be great! Well, they did neither and did a bad vacuum job otherwise. When they brought my car to me I noticed tons of grime still on the tire rims and when I rubbed my finger over it, it came right off. They washed the car again and did no better of a job the second time. When I got home I had to get the shop vacuum out and do the wheels with the dirt coming right off with a cloth and some Windex. Best to pass this one up folks! They certainly do not aim to please!

Connor Folkman

I am from out of town and heard this was a good car wash, I spent $80 with getting the interior shampoo and wash and it still had dirt inside and the windshield had bugs still on it. Don't go here. Young employees=crappy workers

LuAnn Losh

They missed cleaning a large area of the vehicle.

Rebecca Fry

Worst car wash I ever had. Drove out of the way to get my car washed there. I bought the top of line wash and they didn't wash the inside of the windows, didn't wipe down the center console they washed the floor mats but just dumped them on the backseat, didnt wipe or clean anything inside the car and they left straw wrappers behind. I called the carwash manager, left a message asking him to call and i heard nothing back. This used to be a great place. Not now. Take your car to an express carwash that doesn't do interiors and they would be better than what you'd get here.

Sam McAnulty

Rob Harrison

Good service.

Cj Sime

Rough day at the gas station and car wash. Only had one cashier with 8 people including myself in line. Took forever. I dropped my car off and waited for 30 minutes. After waiting they came and told me I took the keys. Really? Couldn’t have told me before I waited for 30 minutes? My bad for sure on accidentally taking the keys. The car wash wasn’t packed in fact there was just my car and one other in line. Waste of time and money.

Errol Hall

My sister's car was in dire need of a serious scouring. A full detail job (incl shampoo) was required. Found Ultra Touch online..... You guys did an AMAZING job!!! We'll be back. Thank you.

Dan McCraw

I took my F150 over there that has under 9k miles on it and the car wash almost took a side emblem completely off. I paid for the top of the line wash with some special add on and there was still bug residue on the windshield. I'm not sure if they were supposed to do the inside windows, but for $30 my back window should be cleaned on the inside and I shouldn't still have bugs on it. I only gave them a 2nd star because the staff was friendly and they did a good job vacuuming the interior floor. Needless to say, I won't be back.

Philip Pirie

They do a nice job washing my car

Shiloh Wolfe

Wash was mediocre, towel job after was a joke. Same price at a self wash I can do twice the job. Waste of time and money.

Paul Glass

Carrie Andrysiak

Not a great job but passable

Jose Perez

I don't know why my car never wants to start when I get to the car wash. I thought I ran out of fuel. So I asked sky if they had a gas can he said they don't. I went to the cashier to see if they had a gas can. Troy was busy looking at the date for watermelon. But the car turned on. Car wash yeah

Joanne Sullivan

These guys are amazing. And this story is a little gross. Yesterday morning on my way to work, I ran over a deer carcass. It was dark, and I couldn't see it until it was too late. Needless to say, there was an awful mess in the wheel wells of my car. On my way home from work, I stopped and had the car washed (ultra deluxe). When I retrieved the car, I saw something on the side, right behind the rear passenger tire, and I commented to the young man (I wish I'd gotten his name) that I thought I might have damaged it, and I told him what had happened. He took his rag and scrubbed at it and it came off. Then we saw the blood inside the wheel well. Since it was just past closing time, he asked if I could bring it back this morning. I came back and spoke with PJ, who knew all about it. It took a little time, but he got the mess cleaned out. I watched through the window as he got under the car with some kind of spray and the high pressure hose. He didn't stop until he was satisfied. The first time through the wash didn't get it all off the tire, so he took it back and tried again. The 2nd time did it. My car is spotless, the deer pieces gone. Huge thank you to PJ and the rest of the team!

Rachel Raburn

This car wash was ok. It is one of very few full service car washes in the area. On the first pass, they did not lift up my floor mats to vacuum and left crumbs on my seats. Many areas inside were not wiped down. I sent it through a second time and most of the vacuuming issues were taken care of but after leaving, I found areas that still has not been wiped down. They weren't even busy on the day that I went. If they had been busy, I could definitely understand how things were missed but when I was one of to cars, it seems inexcusable.The staff were friendly and the young man who dried my car was very thorough.

Tyler Whelan

Fine place for a quick wash and vacuum. Don't pay for anything extra since there is no attention to detail. I had to re-clean the windows when I got home.


They talked me from a basic to a supreme and when I got in my car I was surprised they didn't clean my whole dash just the middle... water spots still on my car and all the windows were still dirty and streaked!!! Will never go here again... Save your money. My kids would of done a better job.

Tyler Bramble

I have been going to this wash for about 4 years. The quality is worse over the past year than I have ever seen. I get the interior clean and today was terrible. For 45 bucks I expect better. Looking for a new place now

Gail Simpson

I have keep going back thinking they will do a better job. After about 5 attempts I give up. I took my car in Sat and while I was waiting in line I noticed the guy in front of me was watching the people vacuum his car. I thought boy, maybe I should do that to make sure they do a good job because my floors needed it. But decided not. When I checked out the floors were just ok (I needed to go to a self serve and vacuum again) but my windows were TERRIBLE. When I was driving home and the sun was shining on them, I could see where they just swiped a couple times back and forth. Do not go there

Alicia Wilkinson

Quick and they did a great job!

arturo cobarrubias

Used the service for polishing my headlights, they look like new now!, very good job guys!.

Jonathan Cleveland

They suck the car wash destroys you paint job!!!! They didn't get the entire car either. They missed a places on drying, The car wash didn't get everything either. They didn't wash the rubber mats very well either! Since They did a crappy job I'LL NEVER RECOMMEND OR GO BACK THERE AT ALL EVER AGAIN

Melanie Fulkerson

Hoyt Hagens

Value of service at this location has gone in the toilet. For years, they wiped down the interior; if you wanted an extra special interior job, you could get it detailed. Today we were greeted with, “Sorry, interior wipe down doesn’t come with a wash. You have to get it detailed for that.” Oh, and they didn’t wash the interior windows either. Are you kidding me, $25.95 and I have to clean the interior myself? BTW, your exterior wash was less than acceptable as well. Taking my 20+ years of business elsewhere.

Matt M

Fast and detailed service. They really do make your car look good!

Barry Oglesbee

Very pleased with the job they do here. Would recommend.

Joe Wex

I love the fact that they have non-ethanol fuel, but it seems like every other time I go there, the pumps are out of receipt tape - very annoying. Also, on occasion, a staffer has parked a freshly washed car RIGHT in front of the door, making it not so easy to go in, and get the receipt that pumps are so often out of!

DCF Sutton

willys wheeling

If it was possible to give it 0 stars I would.. I have been there twice and the service is absolutley horrible. First time the girl told me one price and then rang it up and it was $10 more. Got the girl from outside to come in and she flat out lied and told the cashier that she never said that price. Stupidly I went back a month later on a Monday to avoid the spring rush. I waited for 5min at the entrance to the car wash for someone to help me. There were employees just standing around doing nothing. They all saw me pull in, and just ignored me. I asked them if anyone was working, and they responded with "someone will eventually help you." Then just stared at me. I would rather burn my money than go back and give it to this place. Very unprofessional and very rude.

Jo Anne Helm

Fast and furious ,with friendly service. They pride Themselves on a clean vehicle!!

Erick Bostrom

Poor quality hand work after the wash..

Wayne Martin

Worst car wash in the valley by far. Do not waste a dollar here. I gave them three chances and all three times they completely failed. I’m going to demand my money back tomorrow

Jeremy Morgan

I called and asked if I needed an appointment. They told me I did not need an appointment. I show up and they told me that I do need an appointment and they are not available for 4 days. Thank you for wasting my time.

laina crew

Absolutely the worst car wash I have ever had. Paid $16.95 and they did not vacuum the back of my Jeep at all. It wasn't even touched. They wiped nothing down inside of the car except for the windows. I had the same experience before when I paid less, but I just thought it was what they included at the lower price. Now I will never return as I realize they just do terrible work.

Adrienne Milan

We paid for the top tier wash after a hunting trip. Nothing inside was wiped down. This is the second time we have taken a vehicle here and had this happen with the top tier wash. We do not expect a detailed job, but you could at least wipe down the dash and seats - which wasn’t done as I could write my name in the dust after the wash. Won’t be going back again or recommending.

jill mcmorris

I couldn't give it a negative so I guess I will give it a 1. I believe that you should give a place always a second chance so today was it seriously I could have cleaned my vehicle better than what was done by them both times I have come home and clean the inside and out. If I'm paying for a service I expect to have my vehicles to be cleaned I just don't understand how you can charge for crap service sorry. I will be driving a longer distance to get better service too bad we don't have any good car washes in this area.

Amy Jo Williams

I had to get out of my car and someone else drove it into the car wash. Dirt streaks still on my car when it was done. Made me nervous seeing the driver stall a big stick shift truck ahead of me.

Treana Horner

Love this car wash fast friendly service

Kristin Dolan

Poor quality of interior detail. The carpets were clean, but none of the front windshield inside was cleaned, the visors weren't cleaned, the mirrors inside the visors weren't clean, a lot of the plastic was still very dirty, overall I feel like it needs cleaned a second time, before I would be happy with the detail. They didn't call me when my car was ready so it sat there for hours when I could have had it and needed it, and I have called the office 3 times to speak with someone about this and no one will return my call. I won't use them again.

zalina brooks


steve miller

Showed up at 5, says they’re open until 6 and no one was here.

Taylor Kennedy

I had my car detailed there yesterday. I was told to be there by 9 am, as I was. I was not told I needed to drop it off and have a ride. (Yes I know detailing takes a while, my usual place takes 2 hours at most so I usually wait) but I figured I would try here because I used to work here and I heard and saw they do a good job. Which they did other than the fact that my car didn’t even go into the shop till around 1pm. And my seats were soaked and I mean soaked by the time they were done around 3pm. I figured ok they will dry overnight. No they are still soaked today as we speak. And they froze overnight. Understandable as I live in the country with no garage so it gets pretty cold out here. And they used something to clean inside windows which proceeded to freeze and melt and drip on me all the way while doing my errands. Now I am having to figure out how to dry them and reclean my windows. My car does look immaculate with how dirty it was so thank you for that but I have to give 2 stars because of the fact they are still soaked and I had to wait all day and dry them all day today. Next time tell the person ahead of time your shop takes longer and to have a ride and or to reschedule and dry the seats a little more.

Nick Perner

Ron Wheeler

If you want a full service car wash and you want your car vacuumed out Don't pull into their Express Carwash Lane because they'll make you back up and give you a bad attitude.

Kathleen Gonzales

It's a good place


They did a fantastic job on our suburban. They did a full vehicle detail. Did a great job. Much better than the Jackson’s detail down the road. This did take a lot more time though.

Joe X

I’ve been to this place at least 6 times in the past 8 months, and every time they do a terrible job at cleaning my car. This last time, I paid for a detail wash, thinking that they would clean it better. Same terrible car wash. Car was not cleaned properly (inside and outside) and vacuum was not done properly. It was so bad that manager acknowledged and took it back to have it cleaned again. I still had to spend half hour at home cleaning it.

Sarah Schnee

Took my brand new car for its first bath... Next morning noticed scratches on drivers side mirror. Call and asked for a manager and talked to Mariah i believe.. Not helpful said she doesn't know how that could happen.. Do not recommend this place..

Joke Unjew

great job

Lori Thomas

I have used this place before and really liked it. Even told my better half we were going their this last weekend (40 miles from home) because I liked how nice my car looked afterwards (although last time was a little rough, giving a 2nd chance). The last 2 times I have gone there, the job has been subpar. I had to re-do the windows on the inside because of the streaking. The outside - not all the dirt was even off the car. VERY DISAPPOINTED. We told them not to rush, as we were going across the street for lunch, so there was no rush. $45.00 wasted, twice. Guess, I won't be going back. :-(

Vitaliy Serdyukov

Dustin Jones

25.00 doesn’t even get your interior cleaned, go to J’s a bit further and a much better job.


Got a hand wax from them found some spots they missed, they were quik to fix it tho. Customer service was amazing, thanks to "tech" I spent and extra 45 minutes there, but not wasted we had a good time. Deffinitly going to bring my other cars back soon!

Dale Mitchell

Jason Anderson

Poor quality in washing. Detailing slightly better. Poor service. Be prepared to finish the job when you get home. Definitely not worth the 45 minute wait.

Lynn Dixon

Terrible job!! Still had very obvious dirt on inside foof panel

Steve DAvanzo

Needs more attention to detail

Bobby Amidon

I used to frequent this carwash when i lived in meridian. So i ran through it today. I realize i only purchased the $14.95 wash.. but for that price, i would expect a thorough, clean truck. I guess this is why the run them through quick washes are getting all the business... yes, i also realize i could have gone again. But what is my time worth? $14.95 i guess.

Dale Reynolds

If you have an extra 25 bucks to blow throw it out of your window when you drive by. You will get the same result. Well actually better, you won't be mad that you got a terrible car wash and they treated your car poorly.

Sherry Bell

Best place to get your car detailed

Christian Schwindle

Had something stolen off the passenger seat which was then “found in the trash”. I would never go back, since they don’t let you stay in the car during the wash, and I can’t trust the employees. The wash itself was fine, but I cannot recommend.

Keri Kutterer

Horrible experience! Our brand new 2019 GMC Acadia came out smelling like wet dog. It smells like they used old rags and a vacuum that blew nasty air in it. They didn’t rub whatever they used on the dashboard in. It has towel marks all over with white residue. The out side of the door has finger prints. The mats weren’t put back in right. One of the cup holders had stuff in it still. I can’t get ahold of a manager because they leave before 2pm. Our SUV was in better condition before we took it in to this place. We will never be going to this place again.

Frederick Huth

They do a good job. I am getting a interior super clean today :)

Charles Pierce

Poor customer service, they didn't dry it very well after the wash, the tire cleaner was slopped on and flung all over the side,and they scratched my brand new wheels with there brush and when I went back they said it has never happen before and they had talked to the owner and they weren't going to do anything about it. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who wants to keep their car in good shape.

Mike Celmer

Service was slow but results were good.

Jacob Tschida

Best place in town for a car wash.

Dare Devil

Best place to get your car cleaned or detailed and they have non ethanol gas and a great nfl merchandise selection

Josh Scholl

Good carwash

Jose Soto

Good at what they do, and friendly. You can get your car washed and fill your gas tank too.

Steven Baker

Great attitude... horrible attention to detail. turns out, cleaning the cup holders and doors is NOT PART OF THE WASH...

Ryan Green

Gerry S

We take our car there to fill up and get the full service car wash. Staff seems to always be different on the carwash end of it which is not surprising but not good for consistency. Can't do more than 3 stars because the cars windows are never cleaned properly, especially on the inside, even with conveying the need to do the job better. Even if I stand there and watch. I usually just give up and leave. If it wasn't for the convenience of the location, and if I knew of a better full service car wash, I would go elsewhere.

Shirley Edwards

I specifically asked that extra attention be paid to the inside front windshield. Driving away, the sun showed all the streaks. And the vinyl had pop drops from a spill still there, crumbs and dust.....very poor work. Highly disappointed

Curtis B

carolyn foster

Good service, could do better job on car interior. Asked them to remove one spot of tree sap and was not helpful at all...sad.

Melissa Belz

If you want to spend your hard earned money somewhere to have your car vacuumed and washed, then to go home and re-clean because they didn't do a good job....then this is the place to go! They need to spend more time training people how to pick up the vacuum and use it. The only thing they "wiped" was the windows. Do not waste your money! I would go back to give them some constructive criticism, but I live in Boise and was just driving by.

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