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REVIEWS OF Ultra Touch Car Wash IN Idaho

Jamie Butler

Manuel Valdez

Took my car today to get a wash and cleaned. Paid for the most expensive one and when it was done it looked exactly the same as it did before they "washed and cleaned it"!!! I am super unsatisfied and would not come back here again!!! I would not recommended this place to anyone at all they rip you off!!!

Mark Davis

Somehow I missed checking the reviews before coming here. Same experience as others. If you want you vehicle cleaned here you best do it yourself, because the employees here don't know how or what to clean. I paid over $50 for the Super Ultra Wash full service plus an express detail for the inside. Should have included full exterior wash, interior vacumning and dressing, mat wash, and full hand dry. Results: Mirrors spotted due to not having been dried, windows spotted as well for same reason. The worst part though was all five seats were not touched by a vacumn at all. I pointed it out and asked them to redo it. When they finished the second time, I took a look. They still hadn't done it. I asked to use the vacumn myself and ended up vacumning all five seats personally for them. When I talked to management they just said wow and never offered anything to compensate. I went inside and asked the cashier for a refund and only then did they finally offer $10 back for the crappy job. Save yourself the hassle and avoid this place. Also, they do not seem to offer any monthly memberships for any wash. Only have expensive packs or a full annual season pass (nearly $1K). Overpriced and poor job mean its not worth the expense at all. Also the cup holders and entire center console was completely missed as well. I had to clean them myself.

Aubrie Gribble

Service appeared lazy and incredibly sloppy. I stopped by to have my vehicle cleaned inside and out. Windows were smudged or not touched at all, still very dirty spots over the car. Vehicle was left with streaks from rags "drying" the vehicle. Usually I leave here happy, but today the effort appeared minimal.

Mike Winder

Regina Stover

Today I give Ultra Touch on Overland 5 stars they have made my car look and feel marvelous. I must admit in the past couple of years the quality of work for the car washes were getting sub par. I absolutely did not feel like they were fulfilling their end of the services I was paying for. Today I want to give a big SHOUT OUT TO JOE for lending me your understanding ear and ensuring I left with a clean car. Thank you for renewing my faith in Ultra Touch and for the third year I will once again be buying the package deal.

Shawn Isaak

Good job washing and cleaning. Cleaning attenadants must have though all vehicles were theirs as they change radio stations and cranked the volume up in every vehicle coming through the wash. This is not professional by any standard and would expect vehicles coming through to be treated with more respect.

Nathan Hire

Grace Loomis

Craig Sheets

What a huge disappointment for First & LAST visit to this place. I took my 2014 Jeep Wrangler in for a total wash inside & out on July 29, 2014. I had just returned from Canada and the Jeep was a mess so I purchased the $24.95 package plus $5.00 for Lustra Shield which I felt would do the trick. After a long wait my Jeep finally appeared to be dried. I opened the door to the rear cargo area and it had not been touched, which I brought to the attention of one of the girls. She immediately jumped in and drove it back to vacuum stating it would take a bout 5-minutes. After waiting for 15 minutes I walked to the back & they were just bringing it back up. Now I had been there almost an hour & I was getting hot! I brought it home and noticed on the way they had not sprayed the interior with NuCar which is fine, but they had not cleaned the interior as it was still dirty, the exterior had chunks of dirt along with dirty fenders.Not sure I got everything as advertised such as Wheel Brite, Ultra Lustre, Clearcoat, etc..Live & Learn.....

Brandan LIESKE

Great gas. But go somewhere else for refreshments. Never had a car wash there. I think it's what they are most proud of.

Shelly Bonveno

Dirt on my seats and floor door jams not wiped this is why I do it my self !

Terry Cronkhite

Took my wife's X5 in for a Valentine's detail to surprise her. What a joke! I have never been treated so horrible from folks expecting money to render a service! I took the car in at ten that morning and expected it back (as they had no others) early afternoon. I started calling at 3pm and was met with busy signals until five. FIFTY THREE BUSY SIGNALS. At this point I wondered if they'd skipped the country. I had no choice but to drive down there where I found Cora outside puffing a cigarette with eight or so customers wandering around inside. I asked her if my car was done since it was still sitting where I parked it. She had no idea where to find my paperwork or the keys and had no record of my name. All windows still had hand smudges from where one usually touches them, there were still dirt marks on the body where somebody had attempted to wipe them off, the leather seats weren't touched at all and the rear glass still had the road film from our trip to Vegas. To top things off, when asked for a Superior's name and number we were told that they didn't know who their bosses were or how to contact them. Well, I did my part. You can do yours by passing on Ultra Touch.

Perrin Romney

We took a Jeep Cherokee and that was completely caked in mud, and for half of what I was prepared to pay 6 people spent 25 minutes making it spotless.

Ryan Mooney

Exterior wash is good, not great. I've been in several times for an exterior wash and was pleased with the results. Like all the other customers I regret not looking at the reviews. This is the result of the $30 "interior wash". Incomplete, hurried, and now I'm left doing it myself. I won't be going back.

Shaynna Hoff

David Benson

Poor job...had places on my pickup that didn't even get washed....them had to show the kid wiping down, where to wipe, which was already dry from sitting there waiting for someone to wipe it down. Will not return

roger riley

Needs to be more explanation but as to what happens. I come back to pick up my truck and the mats are not installed and the floors are soaking wet. If they needed more time they should have stated such. For 90bucks the job is not worth it

Wyatt Pickering

Visiting the Boise area and needed a quick detail. $40 got me a quick outer wash and a wipe down and vacuum. Dustin had noticed the truck was a little dirty and offered to run it through the wash again. I'm a happy customer.

Brooks Horn

WOW! I paid 31 dollars for their so called best full service wash. When they were done with my car the windows still had bugs all over it and inside windows weren't touched. When I showed them they said what do you expect from a place like this and what do you want me to do about it. Their customer service matches their ability to wash a car. I will never stray from Mister Car wash again. Better service, better prices and friendlier staff

Bryan Quinton

Paul Shultz

Ashely Gaythwaite

Craig Davidson

The gals inside are always awesome. If I could give the manager no stars I would of, I believe his name was Joe and he flat out lied to me. Today is September 6th 2017, I have an Audi TT with not a scratch or mark on it. Every time I have the Audi washed at this facility, I have asked the sales person to tell the person that loads the car to be careful loading it on the track. 30 yrs ago I worked at New Luk carwash on Fairview and I know personally what the drive track can do to a rim. If you don't load the car straight on, the tire and rim catch the guide and it will damage rims, especially on custom rims. Anyone I just had the tires rotated on the car and I walked around and inspected the rims for damage. There was not a scratch on any of the four rims. Today I go to have the car washed at the Ultra Touch Carwash on Overland and I go through the same routine. Tell the sales gal to tell the person to be careful loading the car. The Audi comes up front to be dried off and the first thing I notice is bugs all over the front. I walk over and ask the kid drying the car to please clean the bugs, which he did. I walk around to the drivers side and plain as day there is a nice big scratch and gauge in the front drivers side rim. I thought there is no way I just looked at the rims yesterday maybe it's just dirt. I asked the kid again to wipe the dirt off the rim, again the nice kid did as I asked. There were cars stacking up so I give the kid a couple of bucks for really making an effort. I drove the car 3 mile to my house where I normally finish the half ass job the carwash does and there it was plain as day. A big nasty scratch in the rim. Immediately I call and ask to speak to a manager. I think Joe gets on the phone and is instantly defensive, Joe said "I am the one who loaded your car and rode the car all the way through" lie #1, he might of loaded the car, but a very young, skinny, tall person with brown curly hair and glasses got out of the car on the other side, I could not tell if it was I guy or girl. Then Joe says " I didn't scratch your rim" well I did not say he did, I said some how at your facility the rim was scratched and Joe continued to be rude and deny any wrong doing. Here comes lie #2, Joe tells me that he personally checks out every nice car that comes through the carwash and he didn't see any scratches on my rims. I watched the person who drove the car to where it was loaded and that person came running back to the vacuums. How did Joe load the car himself, ride the car all the way through the carwash, completely check out the car and then make it back up to the vacuums in 30 seconds. He should be in the Olympics! Of liars! I completely understand that accidents happen, but don't lie and try to cover your butt. If Joe was even half way understanding of my concern, I probably would of been satisfied with free car washes until I felt the damage was rectified. But Joe had to flat lie to me without hearing what I thought. I know for a fact that my rim on my car was damaged by the Ultra Touch Carwash on Overland. No doubt in my mind. Is it worth paying my Lawyer his hourly fee to fight this, no, not really. The fact of this episode is, I will never return to the Ultra Touch Carwash and I will never buy the wash card packages for friends and family that I normally purchase. On top of that, word of mouth advertising is priceless! I guarantee I will get the value of the damaged rim on my car back in the satisfaction of my word of mouth advertising that I am going to give to the Ultra Touch Carwash on Overland for free. So let's start, this local business is absolutely awful! Very bad customer service. Very rude and liars for management. If you were thinking of using the Ultra Touch Carwash on Overland, spend an extra minute and go just a little further up the road. I was told by word of mouth that there are some very nice automated car washes that do a hell of a lot better job than the manager and his staff at Ultra Touch Carwash on Overland. Terrible establishment!

Joseph Bell

I have been a frequent customer of this company for almost 20 years. I live in nampa and used to go to the meridian store. About 6 or so years ago they hired this sad excuse of a human being named deborah. She provides probably the worst customer service skills i have ever experienced in my life. Just her presence makes me want to vomit in disgust of her sheer vileness. Anyways i started going to the boise store so i didnt have to deal with her. I had a great experience at this store for several years. The manager there, her name was rachel or something, was awesome! Great service and very kind. About 3 weeks ago i walked in and deborah was there, i barely made it in the door before she infuriated me with her terrible attitude! After 5 or so years i was still able to recognize her face because of the magnitude of the terrible impression she made on me. I regret ending a 20 year relationship with this company, but i cannot support a company that condones such a terrible person.

hermilo arellano

Best in town


I had a terrible expirience with this irresponsible shop. My audi's bumper got a hole when I came back to pick up my car the next day after the detailing was done. They ignored it and did not care about my damaged car, I had to report it to my insurance which cost over $1000 to fix. Do not use this unprofessional shop. They did not clean my trunk and did not clean the car's edges. I could still see buffing material all over the curves. Terrible shop, should be closed for good! My one star rating stands for -55 rate

S Sproul

I would not bother getting my car washed here again. I paid $25 for their best car wash and vacuum. It didn't even look like they vacuumed out the inside there were huge smears all over the windows and the staff was too busy on their cell phones to pay attention to what they were doing. They obviously do not take pride in their work.

Julia Cole-Spracklen

Did a fantastic job on my dirty dirty dirty truck. Quick and efficient.

Tonglin Lu

This is a great place to get car wash. I came here because my car got fruit trees droppings on top when I parked under trees. It's so hard to take them off when I did it myself. I chose the ultra spereme car wash here. And I can see they tried to take the spots off by hands. It took them a while but they did a really awesome job. I appreciate they spend time on that and still being very nice and friendly to us. Great place to go especially they had ultra wash on sale for $18. Will come back.

Mark Lochridge

I like this car wash it has a gas station and convenience store. They have nonethinol gasoline. If you are not satisfied with your car wash they're happy to do whatever it takes to get it clean. They have a detail shop and will handwax your car. Dog friendly. Its very close to Walmart and Lowe's.

Andrew Allsbury

Blaine Kohpay

Went today for the second and last time. Spent $40 for subpar cleaning. I could have stood there and pointed everything out to them....but if I’m going to do that...I might as well wash it myself.

Lisa Taylor

James Kovalscik

Good service

Sergey Sagan

Awesome because they hand dry your car, but it doesn't include free vacuum.

Brenda Lenz

Danny Yee

My wife had taken my truck in for a detail after the Mtn Home music festival, so you can imagine how dirty it was. Anyway, there was a minor detail issue that needed to be fixed, we weren't able to get back to them till weeks later. They remembered us and took care of everything with no questions asked. Joe and his team are professional and courteous. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Natalie Elliott

Disappointed. 7.00 and no vacuums? The kids were great who dried my car but to ask for my ticket 3 times.....who sneaks into the car wash lane? There are way better car washes in Boise. Won’t be back. I don’t need to go home and vacuum my car!!

Gilbert Adongo

Kobi Rex

Good wash, very convenient, get what you pay for.

Marcus Johnson

Who doesn't love a clean car. Little pricey but worth it.

Traci Brubaker

Terrible won't go back. Never touched the roof of the vehicle, standing water in the floor mats. Inside was barely touched! Staff had no motivation to do even a half*** job. Wasted $25

Michael Davis

Samantha Spry

I'm currently road tripping and making a stop in the Treasure Valley, after putting 500 miles on my car he needed a wash. I thought this place was an awesome idea, but the execution was lacking. They didn't even get my windows completely clean, didn't wipe down the inside of the door and my coupon book disappeared from my center console tho they left the few pieces of trash in it. They just surface cleaned the interior, which is all I expected, but I did think they'd at least pick up the floor mats and vacuum under them as well. I imagine their other car washes might be better value, so long as you don't mind your car still being dirty when it's done, for me I will avoid this place in the future.

Kayla Casey

Jill Ziegler

I’ve tried this car wash 3 times and each time they have done a poor job. I paid for a full serve car wash (clean inside and out). They have bad reviews and I think it’s because they rush way too much. When I went today, they were not busy at all but they still finished my Subaru Outback in minutes. Sometimes I don’t have time to wash my car inside and out and I need a good, full serve car wash in Boise. I wish this place could have proper management to train their employees to do a much better job. When I got home I had to completely wipe down the outside of my car where dirt spots were completely missed and wipe down the inside as well.

A Google User

Worst place in the valley!!! Have had to go back and ask for them to do it over many times. They can't get the windows clean or the bugs off the front grill. Don't ever get a fast hand wax. It's fast OK but they don't know how to get the wax off. Smears and streaks all over the vehicle. They will comp you but it's not worth your time.

Justin Jordan

Did a fantastic job on my interior details. Definitely worth the price!


I should have read reviews before stopping here. TERRIBLE!! I have pictures. It would have been better if I used the self-serve car wash across the street and spent ten minutes on the inside of the car with a paper towel. Absolute waste of money.

Rich McReynolds

Rebecca Harvey

victor Sperry

this place is ok needs better service for the money the girl's are hot that work outside in the hundred degree heat but that doesn't make up for the quality of the wash

Igor Bukhantsov

Roof wasn't washed and there were dry leaves still stuck near my windshield.

Brandon Lugan

They make sure your car does look good if one thing is wrong they let you know But what makes this a 3 is cause one employee and essentially he moved my vape”even though it’s brocken thanks for not stealing” but got in the discussion and mention I’m gonna fix it and change it up and said I’m being dangerous and the way I vape is wrong basically and dangerous vape. Dude that’s the one thing is don’t judge the way I do things and if you don’t like it don’t have to basically call me out, one of the managers heard it and apologized and made up for it but little uncalled for and hope next visit will be better since I already gave them a second chance for stealing a vape in the past! Not to mention they are gonna blow my speakers up if they keep cranking them

Stephanie Johnstone

Took my car to get cleaned today and was talked into the Super Ultra Clean. They did an absolutely terrible job on the inside. When I complained that cup holders and doors weren’t even touched. One of the employees come over promptly rolled her eyes and yelled at another employee that he had missed he cup holders. He came over and again just did a horrible job. I complained again, the same gal came back over rolled her eyes again. Finally I just said give me the towel I will do it myself! These young employees not only need more training on customer service, they need training on how to actually clean a vehicle. Save your money, do it yourself, you will likely have to do it yourself anyways! If I could give negative stars I would.

DOW Ganschow Mercado

Pam Chudleigh

I paid for interior super clean which includes the ultra supreme wash, $49.95, (paid extra for a mini van). They didn't wash my interior rubber mats or even vacuum thoroughly. When I asked why the mats weren't cleaned, they took them out and washed them but they still didn't look very clean. Feels like a lot of money for not a great clean.

Teresa B

Wow. Took in a work van and asked for detail cleaning of only the front (driver and front passenger) compartment and carpet shampoo. The carpet was damp but not clean. I just removed handfuls of stuff from between the driver's seat and the console and used a wet paper towel to clean cup holders and door storage compartment as well as wipe surfaces in the front. The manager was nice on the phone and offered to redo it; however, since I already did most of the work, I won't waste the time.

Cynthia Davis

Renee Kline

Touchless car wash that used to be better at cleaning your vehicle. High turnover of employees with inconsistent quality of vacuuming or wipe down of car. Used to be better managed several years ago. They do however have non-ethanol fuel which may be worth the trip if you're in the area or passing through.

Itz Rin

Great prices and super friendly staff,10/10.

Tanner Illi

Just got the 25 dollar car wash expecting it to look awesome, but turned out pretty average. To be totally honest looks like I went to a gas station drive through. The whole hand wash your rims and hand dry thing is a joke, definitely didn't take the time they should have. Truck looks good but not worth 25 dollars I'll go somewhere else!

Duston Rainey

The building is clean, they have a good selection, and the staff is friendly; however, every time I've been here it's been busy but not adequately staffed to make for a smooth customer experience. No other complaints though.

Michael Jackson

I was just in and prepaid inside for my gas only to return to some strange guy with no prior conversation clambering around the hood of my truck washing windows. He did not ask if I wanted this done and did not appear at first to be an employee. Had he asked I would have been aware of his presence and been able to decide if I wanted what he claimed is a free service "offered". Instead I just returned to some stranger climbing on my truck. He's lucky I hadn't already had a worse day, I may not have stopped to ask what he was doing before I reacted. You guys might advise your employees to keep their hands off of patrons vehicles unless the are made aware of what's going on. I will be looking for a different place to fill up in the future most likely. Just bad judgement on the employees part.

Tom S

Real gasoline does not spoil!!! Thanx for giving true fuel that works without troubles.

Jim Dunn

Have been going here for years, but the last several times (after paying $25.95 for the Ultra Supreme) we were disappointed with the quality of the wash...dirty spots left on the car in several places, dead bugs on front grill and window, dust on the center console and dash. Not too happy and will take my cars somewhere else. Note...sometimes things just happen, but have noticed this trend over the last several washes.

Brian Clarkson

Horrible horrible service! This message is to Mike the store manager. I've been a long time customer, been getting my car washes and gas from both locations for years. I went in to your store (on overland), and was NEVER treated more poorly and rudely than I ever have been before! I came in to get my car washed and I had a 50% off coupon from gas that I wanted to use. I understand that I had to pay full price on the wash while using the coupon, instead of the ladies day discount you were having. I even understand that I couldn't get my car wash card punched, since I'm using a 50% coupon for the wash. But when I told Darlene I needed my SECOND gas coupon card punched because I was going to fill up my tank after my wash, she blatantly refused! She then continued to argue with me on the matter that the two were related! Seems to me she knows nothing about customer service! I ask you, how is paying full price for gas related in any way to getting a discount to a car wash?!?! Why are they related ?!?! I earned every punch on the first punch card! And if I'm paying full price the gas, which is expensive already, I believe I earned the punch on my second card. Whether I received a discount on the wash or not. If you're not going to honor your coupons and discounts, then DON'T offer them in the first place! You have certainly lost a loyal customer over something that could've been easily handled in a much better way!

Eric Olmstead

Just tried to get car wash and was talked out of it. They implied $30 was too much. Waste if time. I called J's they were willing to get me in for the same price super respectful I'm on my way there now.

Eric Glover

shasha peoples

Wow. This place is terrible. Where do I begin? (1) The Employees: they are rude, and dressed inappropriately. Clearly the manager has no sense in some type of dress code. The girls that dry the cars always, and I mean ALWAYS, wear booty shorts and skanky tank tops revealing their bellies. I'm sorry, if I wanted a bunch of cheerleaders to clean my car and show off for the boys, I would have stopped at the Free Carwash found on the side of the road. (2) Customer Service (Retail Side): When I walked inside to pay for the carwash, the cashier and another employee were talking about another customer. Both of them saw me because they were standing right in front of me at the counter. I waited patiently, and neither of them said they would be with me in just a moment. The cashier walked past me, looked at me, and then continued her conversation with her coworker, completely disregarding my presence. Finally, when the coworker went outside, the cashier turned to me and said, "How can I help you," with an attitude as if I was a nuisance. (3) The Snacks (Food): I had be craving something to snack on, and so I went and grabbed so candy. However, to my surprise (after I purchased it) it had expired 4 months ago. I went back to where I got it, thinking I could grab another in exchange, however, the rest of the candy on the shelf had also expired 4 months ago. I told the cashier who said, "oh no, well, let me know if you don't like it." (4) Poor Work Ethic: this is the biggest compliant, I paid for the most expensive 'basic car wash,' that is normally $25.95, but they were having a "special" for $19.00. I had just come back from a 3 day camping trip, and my car was absolutely filthy. I was really hoping they were going to do a good job cleaning up the mess. HAHAHA. Wrong. - The inside of each car door (all four of them) still had dirt all over them. - When they washed the front driver's seat mat they sprayed mud all over the back of the front driver's seat. (I wasn't camping anywhere with mud and I KNOW that wasn't there before hand). Did they bother to clean up after the mess they made? NOPE. - The girls drying the car did such a pathetic excuse for completing a proper wash. There was still several places they missed out of laziness. In addition, they didn't even bother to properly clean the windshield and completely neglected both side-view mirrors. -_______- I will NEVER spend my money here again. I also agree 100% with the review below mine.

Ronald Stewart

Clean only half of the tire. Very poorly cleaned had to run it through again. The kids I mean kids who were drying the car were interested in talking and BSing than drying the freaking car. Stop trying to get laid and do your freaking job! It used to be a great car wash but not any more!

Peter Faletto

Great service, especially on Tuesdays and Non Ethanol gas every day!

Kent Crawford

Love the ethanol free gas, bought the most expensive wash, had to have them wipe the bumpers twice and they still didn't get it clean. The people washing the cars don't care about the quality. The only reason they get three stars is for the gas!

Jaclyn Jones

I got a game day deal on the most expensive wash inside and outside. They ran it through twice, which it needed, and the outside looks good but the inside didn't get as clean as I had hoped. There is still dirt around the gear shifter and cup holders. All the employees were very friendly.

Lyndsay Gomez

I've gone twice now and gotten the "best" (most expensive) wash available but have ended up very disappointed both times. There are clearly areas that they didn't even touch and I would expect more for $20. I don't think I'll go back.

Lauren Kesler

This is the second time that I've brought my car through and paid $35 to have my car detailed and each time had to have them go back through and clean it again. They left dust on the dash board, stains on the door, and spots on the windows. If I'm paying that much money to have my car cleaned, I want it done better than I can do myself.

S0000 T

Didnt know what i was getting in to. I prefer a machine wash my car. They did do a decent job though.

Jenefer Anthony

I paid a lot for a hand wash since the car was brand new. Car was finished with water spots where it had dried before they wiped it down. Windows had spots of film left on them. I have been coming here for a few years. For $40, I will look around next time.

Susan Ellis

Great car wash manager & staff. Their customer service excelled when helping my mom with an issue with her car mats after getting her car washed . They definitely went the extra mile to gain her satisfaction and return business. Thank you.

Bill Washam

like this car wash, and if they don't do a good job. Just tell them they will re_do

Shá McGary

Terri ONeal

Paid for the Ultra car wash for my 2015 F150. The gal at the counter inside was busy on the cell phone coaching her son on how to treat his girlfriend. The guys outside were about as interested as the gal inside on doing their jobs. Got wheel brite on one side, they didn't wipe down the console and who ever vacuumed it and washed the mats left the back mat up on the back of the leather seat scratched it. Top off I handed one of the detailers a 5 dollar bill, he waded it up carefully stuck in his pocket. Next time I will go next door and have the 5 year old kid wash it. Whats happened? Use to be a pretty nice car wash.

Ann Antoniello

Eric Babb

Alexandra Isnor

I got the Ultra Express today, so just an exterior wash. My car was super dirty. I went through the wash and then waited for them to dry and clean my car some more. The right side (which was cleaned by a blonde girl) is significantly cleaner than the left side (which was cleaned by some dude) is barely wiped down. My wheel rims are still super dirty on the left side of my car. It literally looks like he just halfway rubbed a towel over a few parts. I tipped extremely well knowing how dirty my car was, but I wish I hadn't... There is still stuff stuck all over my car... definitely will not be taking it back there.

Cathy Yoder

First and last time using these guys. Found crumbs in back seat, finger prints were left on passenger side mirror, windshield, trash still on passenger side and passenger side dash still dirty. Got a job worse than what my 10 year old can do. Wasted $25.

Lizabeth Garnett

They washed my car what a joke. They just sprayed it off. Then we had to back up out of the car wash. Ayoung girl wiped the front windshield off. Not worth the money.They were working on the car wash. They should have closed it until it was working right instead taking people money

Tony Garcia

The car wash service was excellent!, is not a classic fast service, they hand dry it and you can tell a human being paid attention to details. Highly recommended.

Ol' Badger Equipment Services

Claimed they wash the insides of all the windows, but didn't. Didn't do any detail work at all. Wheels and bottom of the windshield still quite dirty. I'll be looking elsewhere.

Brandy Brian

No pride in the workmanship. I had to bring my car back. They broke a glass in the car and left the glass shards and I have black footprints on my carpet. The cleaning spray was not wiped up well. Very disappointed. Angry that I spent $45.00 on such pooor service

derek jansson

I normally love this place they do a great job and have a great attention to detail, even for the washes that aren't full details. This last time I went, they did not do a very good job cleaning the interior the areas I specifically asked to be clean were not cleaned and they did not get all the dog hair out from underneath the seat. I know dog hair can sometimes be hard to get out but this was obviously just a miss appropriation of time. I will continue to go but I hope service does improve

Matthew H

Andrew Fuhriman

Went through this and our car looked great afterwards. Inside was vacuumed nicely and outside was shiny and clean. They missed a couple spots on the inside, but overall I thought it was a good deal.

Dare Devil

Its best place for price and quality very friendly staff great nfl merchandise

molly Tracy

I am not at all happy with how my car was cleaned! I paid to have it COMPLETELY vacuumed out and everything wiped down.. when I got my car back nothing had been whipped down and the vacuum job looked like a 10 year old did it! I brought this up with I'm assuming the manager, she assured me it would be corrected. I returned to get my car and there is stuff all over my seats and it looks like they werent even touched.. this is the final time I will ever give this place my business..

Bob Queen

It Took three times to get it right, still the job was bad. The engine wasn’t done, they forgot to wax my truck, They kept it overnight. Never will go back.

Kirk Bauer

Spent good money their most expensive car wash, not done properly. Wheels left dirty, back not dried and water spots, vacuum not the best. Worst part they left my floor mats upside down “black on black” when I left had to readjust my seat that caused the floor mat to slide forward under the gas pedal!!! Just wouldn’t you have it a motorcycle cop was just there fueling up calling everyone by name.. well he nailed me for speeding explained myself but nope $155.00 ticket $75.00 wash and 19 gallons of gas.. will never go back and I’m spreading the word!

Wendy Grieve

Carwash girls were great. Cashier was working with me, I was answering a question when he started talking over me to the girl behind me. He was telling her that her cigarettes werent in, answering her lottery questions, etc. Meanwhile I was still finishing my sale with him. He has no customer service skills or consideration. Super disappointed. I paid 40.00 to get inside and out done. I will go to carwash on Chinden next time.

Red The Irishman

Usually do a good job on the full service, but could do better

All Star Reviews

Dude seriously I could do better washing my car in my sleep! What a waste of money. Friendly people though just the wash is bad the kids have to work to hard to clean the car due to the poor condition of the drive through automated wash.

Sheraya Moss

Usually pretty great service. In the past I Have had to watch to make sure they got tire shine on all 4 tires and that the dash is properly wiped down but lately they have been better!

P.M. Wild

Ordered most expensive wash $25.98. Water spots on windshield, door rockers still hold sand, dash covered in rag fuzz. Center counsel not wiped down. Gage cluster dusty, radio touch screen not wiped, finger prints. Passenger mirror dirty. Sorry I left a $5.00 tip in the tip stand before I checked the car. Can not retrieve from tip jar and now I know why.

Jason Head

Not good at all! They just get everything wet then dry it. If some dirt comes off in the process great! They do not vacuum well or dust good at all.

Krystle L

Horrible. Worst car wash "detailing" place I've ever been. Literally washed the outside of the car and that's it. didn't even wipe down the inside or wipe down the inside window and there's still bugs on the front and windshield. Ridiculous and huge waste of money, doesn't even deserve 1 star.

Ryan M

Overpriced!!! Save your money, the teenagers doing the work don’t care about your vehicle. It shows no matter what price you pay! Glorified gas station for sure

Jimmy Ray

Fast service..they get the vehicles clean ..then hand dry..well worth the money

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