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1500 Ashment Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83404, United States Located in: Centennial Square

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Here we offer you all the feddbacks of real people like you who are using the services and products of Spray Me Down Carwash (Car Wash) near to the state of Idaho.

At this moment the firm has a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 and this score was based on 49 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Spray Me Down Carwash IN Idaho

Margaret Curtis

Joshua Long

Looks abandoned, bill changer doesnt work, took my truck elsewhere

Melissa Pitman

Holly Perry

ek mama

Vacuums aren't too expensive and work well. Owner's take good care of this place and keep in clean and in good working order.

Mac Mcpheters

Rebecca Larsen

This place is going downhill. It used to be the best carwash in town, but lack of maintenance and care has taken its toll

Ruben Sanchez

Card readers reader would not work, coin machine did not work. Towel dispenser did not work(kept my money) Soapy's Car wash much better!

Matt Davis

Matt Pro

Place looks abandoned, tried swiping my card and wouldn't work. Went down the road.

Ananya Zabin

reasonable option in town

kenny beers

Used to be really good, they have gone down hill.

Paul Helton

Facility was well maintained and in working order. Everything worked as expected and more importantly card reader only charged for the time I used the machine. I used just over the time allowed and instead of charging for a full next block it only charged for the time I used. I would recommend!

Nicole Clousing

It looks abandoned. All the vacuums were jammed. Garbage everywhere. Bird poop everywhere.

Mark Keith

It works with credit cards too.

Luis A Martinez

clayson frederickson

Was able to take my time with all the options, the timer said 7 minutes and it only cost a little over 3.25!

Dorothy Ausmus

You can use a card here, and it only charges you for the exact amount of time you use.

Becky Collier

The card readers on both the auto and hand wash station I tried didn’t appear to be working so I used cash... now I see on my bank statement I was charged! There is no one at the site and no number online to contact them. My word for that is “thieves”. I will not be back.

CnB Kent


Put in $10 for an $8 car wash, sign says change is given in quarters, I got tokens. Then the car wash wouldn't even start, I want my $10 back!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin Shepard

Aashique A. Rezwan

Comparing price and service, it is a good place to bring your car for wash. The place is well maintained and in working order.

Katie Neilson

The vacuum I used had no suction, another one didn't give money back. Cheap place very unhappy.

Dalayza's Show

My favorite place to wash my car. Great water pressure. I may have had one or 2 issues but if you call the # on the front office the owners are friendly and work with you.

Tyrell Cellan

You swipe a card and it starts a clock, pay super close attention and push stop to make it stop running up your bill place doesn't seem very well maintained.

Paul Allery

Sy Elijah

Took my money, broke down with me in the automatic wash.

Jason Andrews

Just went there and what a mess. That carwash should be torn down. First the quarter machine didn't work so I used my card , as soon as it started it leaked from the top aa mas amount of of water all over me so I stopped and just tried to blow dry my car with there blower which was useless. It was my first time there and I will never go back!

Lane Clark

RC Hughes

Bill Whitmore

Redline Construction services llc

My truck was filthy with road grime used auto wash 7 dollar top wash came out clean at a good price

John Rice

Conveniently located very clean and great equipment

Sturgeon Hunter

Cheap but you get what you pay for

Melissa Wilde

The automatic bay took its pay of me when it took $6 and refused to perform service.

Jennifer Bodily

I love the convenience of using Spray Me Down! They have a spot for hanging my car mats so that I can spray them down while washing my car! It's great!!!!

Ginger Youngstrom

Ryan Smith

Brenda Gosnell

Chelli Duke

Daniel Karavan

Accepts credit cards and decent price. Wash, vacuumed and dry.

Anuj Patel

Usual manual car wash station, nothing fancy.

Boyd Madsen

Anthony Pisano

Nick Lemon

Have been coming here for a couple of months, but this place is so run down. After having their vacuum machines eat my coins without vacuuming, a hose leak from the ceiling all over my car, and now an overcharge for a 5minute wash; I will definitly be taking my business elsewhere. Incredibly run down and not straightforward at all.

Arden Sellars

Maybe cause it was freezing ...... thinkin the blower to finish was a nice touch ...... needs more air ...... $5 got me 13 min of hose time ......

stacey schellhamer

Everything is outdated. Now that it has changed hands I hope they make the necessary improvements.

Ludi Sakan

Great car wash

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