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REVIEWS OF Snake River Rapid Wash IN Idaho

Myriah Pope

They do a great job but the wait is always 20 minutes

David Kinne Jr

Excellent quality wash job. Would like to have hand towel dry for the price but it worked okay.

Heather Palmer

My name is Jason I took my Silver 2015 4 door Dodge pickup in to Rapid Wash on 6-13-19. Half way through the car wash my truck dash signals that there is now water in my desiel fuel. I went in to the office and informed them that there machines somehow flipped open my stock hinged fuel lid and sprayed water into it. The man at the desk said he spoke with the GM and said it's on me to maintain my vehicle and next time I can tape my lid shut. Now I have a 3 year old desiel truck that might need alot of work. I asked about liability on the facility because of the year of my vehicle and was told no, there was nothing they could do about it and to have a nice day. I had a mirror broken while in the wash in the past and they had no problem fixing it because my truck was only a few years old. So why can't they help look into damages that their machines caused

Byron Ball

Above average cost, pretty good job.

ek mama

Love this place. I have unlimited washes on both our personal vehicles and my husband's work van. Great location, great staff, great vacuums.

rebecca calderwood

Great full service car wash with awesome vacuums . They could be more attentive with their pre washing.

Jesseca Matias

Favorite car wash in Idaho Falls

Kevin Malcom

Car is clean. The machines work better on SUVs, I noticed on some of the lower riding cars the brushes miss the rocker pannels. Tire shine looks great for a couple of days then seems to attract debris and brake dust, I will skip that next time.

Karla Jones

Dog was is a great setup but the water is cooler than lukewarm and the dryer is freezing air. Not much heat in the dog wash bays either. My boxer froze and my heeler could care less about getting washed. Tried calling for 2 days straight and phone rang and rang! Maybe they didn't know but haven't been back to see if fixed. Love the idea just needs some help 3-18-2019 Thank you for your reply. I went back again today and water was still the same. I paid by card hoping it was fixed. It was very cold tonight but there were only 5 cars getting cleaned... I figure it's shared water heater cuz the dog water went cold after a minute. I only bought $5.00

Lara Fondow

It was a fun car wash to go through; my daughter and I enjoyed it. The back of my crossover SUV came out visibly still pretty dirty, though. Vacuums were ok. It looks from the other reviews like a lot of folks think this is the best one in town, which is probably true if that's what the locals feel, but I was used to the clean I get at Rays Chevron in Rexburg, which I would say is a bit superior to this place.

Rod Kremin

Best wash in town!!! Keeps our fleet shining!

Dale Logan

Great wash left my truck sparkling clean.

Lucas Handy

Good vacuums!

Holly Wagner

I purchased the least expensive wash and they still scrub my car all over before entering the wash bay. Did a great job cleaning of the bugs!

kevin chidester

Very good Auto Wash

Mark Bard

Great wash good informative staff

Teresa Ziolkowski

I know some of the people who work there and I always get good service

Diane Fallis Noe

Best car/truck wash in town. It gets my truck clean the first time.

Josh Johnson

The best place to wash your car! Free vacuums post wash. The lines go fast, they are efficient at moving cars through. Car comes out clean, very little dry off when done.

Don Smith

Normally really like it here, it has been our carwash since it opened. This time not so much. 5:00 on Sunday, glad it was still open, had to was off the bugs, but the attendants seem to have been in some kind of race, it wasn't real busy, only one car behind us, no real scrubbing, hoped the car wash would get it. Wanted to stop and check out the car, but had someplace to be. Got home, and proceeded to rewash the nose, to get the bugs off, and rewax. Should've took the time to look before I left the lot, but didn't that is my fault.

Salina Pongyan

Best place to get a car wash

Nick Barron

This place is pretty hard on my front plate. But does a really good job of gettin my 2500 clean!

Dave Allison

Best one in town for the $..

Robert Brown

Better than the other's

Jose Angel Sanchez Aragon

good service, give a pre-wash before entering the car wash,

Kirk Nielsen

Excellent car wash. Worth the money.

Allen Pangburn

This place genuinely sucks I came here about a year ago we got a hand wash and the UV shield for an additional five bucks. My car was still filthy at the end of the wash.It was as if nothing was even done. Now I watched these two guys scrub my car . There is no doubt that they did not hold back on the elbow grease, but in the end it is what it was. The problem here is ‭hard water, they need to invest in a water softening system. Until then you might as well glue that dirt on your car and call it a day. I definitely do not recommend this place. I stopped by today to try my luck, and once again I had the same luck which is strange I am usually very lucky. no working vacuums this time. I’m not gonna give up on these guys just yet. I’ll just drop in like a mystery shopper, and hopefully take down this review.

Fire & Smoke

Not to happy with you guys today! Payed $12.00 for some guy on the right that was persistent to beat my truck with the wash brush handle. He needs to know what these new trucks cost and it sure the hell isnt worth a $12.00 wash! Leaf Call

Curtis Magnuson

Always friendly service

Clarence Wolfe

They actually scrub the car first and are open on Sunday

Connie Sayer

Kinda pricey but does a good job

Alisha Cherry

The haunted car wash is awesome. Cant wait till Halloween

Gerald Ball

When you don't want to wash your own car and you're willing to pay somebody come to this place

Mark Kline

Good establishment.

Philip Mondy

Hands down my favorite car wash other doing it myself. But most of the time I'm lazy and this place does the trick. The staff do a good job of maintaining the equipment. Best part is the free vacuum afterwards.

lee loder

First time to this place and possibly the last. I do a lot of traveling, so I get a lot of bugs on the front of my car, i bought the best wash and figured that would do the trick. There was a white SUV in front of me and they spent (what seemed like 10 mins) bushing and spraying her inner fenders (no it wasn't muddy) and brushing her exterior.. now my turn.... they just sprayed the car down and sent me right through. When I got where I was going, I stepped out and looked (like I always do) and looked great... till I went to the front and still bugs everywhere, went to the rear and there was horrible water/ dirt lines (that I can't blame them) but the bugs were every where.... I would normally leave a 1 star but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and maybe they didn't see how bad the front was (black car) , anyway hope things change for the better.

agustin ortega

It leaves your car always clean, the guys are pretty good and the vacuums are very strong.

Monica Hillman

Excellent car wash and comes with a free vacuum DIY

Tekla Staley

Good wash. The rinse could be improved, especially around the mirrors and back end-a few suds leave a film.

H Ramirez

Great customer service and so way to to. In and out and my car and dog looks great!

Palmer Mike

The Big Kahuna is the way to go, love this place, best car wash in town!

LoDiZZle Dabadollipofdaisy

This is probably actually the nicest car wash in Idaho Falls hands down. The prices themselves might be a little pricey but you get a wash like no other. When you first pull into the car wash there's guys out there with power washers that wash off that bottom part of your car and your wheels. Then you go through the machine which for some reason is always kind of fun you can go to the vacuum area and vacuum out your own car. So if it's not too cold outside it's a great place to go and clean your car.

Levi Edwards

Car wash zipped us right through like a car wash should. Nobody came out to dry off the vehicle afterwards like some places but I understand that's not common practice

Baxter Evergreen

Hire people who aren't giant douchebags. First of all, there's a giant condescending sign at the beginning of the wash. It could say "patrons accept responsibility of their vehicles" or something to that affect. Instead, it says something more like "If you arent willing to accept responsibility for any damage caused by the car wash, then go get a refund". Secondly, the guys at the beginning of the wash were giant jerks. I know you pull up, put it in neutral, and take your foot off the brake . We pulled up to where the bald guy signaled us to stop. I put it in neutral and took my foot off the brake. We started moving forward so he slapped the hood of my van. Not cool. So I stay there with my foot on the brake because if my van were to move forward, the workers could potentially cause damage to my vehicle. But then, of course, the car wash tried moving us forward and the bald guy proceeded to scream at us for having the foot on the brake. Thanks for the mixed signals, you clown. I usually go to the wash over towards Fred Meyer, kiddy corner from Wendys and they were closed, today. I will just wait another day instead of paying $14 to deal with these jerks.

Bryan Smith

Great place for a quick wash and vacuum. The people are always so dang happy it's contagious. I've been many times and have had 2 issues where the machine wasn't running quite right; some of the rinse sprayers weren't working one time, one side of the rollers wasn't working the other. Understandable for sure. I'd give it a 95% satisfaction rate.

Megan T

It would be five stars if one time I didn't get stuck in the tunnel and discover that I am claustrophobic 36 years old discovered it in this car wash do not appreciate getting stuck in the car wash hated it but every other time has been wonderful they do a great job cleaning and pre washing

Annette Sellars

Great place really, sometimes the vacuums aren't so good, but there customer service makes up for it.

Sara Carney

More expensive but good wash. Have to work at times to find working vacuum

Chad Reynolds

Great car wash. Love coming here!

Dina Nikitich

Thank you for the great customer service!

Ryan Sandbek

Tried the dog wash multiple times over the winter months. Door was locked once to get in. Then when unlocked one machine was broken. Neither would take credit cards. Then the last time I went a machine was out of order and the other wouldn't take any money so I returned with a stinky dog.

Aaron Webb

Favorite car wash.

Patricia Brown

Great place to get your car washed.

Sean Mcniel

It cost you but they do a great job.

Brian Hunt

Great car wash, but prone to be extremely busy because it is so popular. Also the washing stations can be a bit aggressive. If you aren't 100% sure your body panels and paint are in excellent condition then I would use a less aggressive car wash. However, the results are amazing. This car wash gets the stuck gunk off great. I don't know how often I have went to a car wash to find grill bugs or road grime left on the car. I have never had an issue here.

Trent VanderSloot

Great wash owned by great people. If you see a long line to get in, it moves pretty quickly. Free vacuum with the wash.

Rory Walker

Great car wash a little spendy but great automaticwash

Austen Johnson

Did amazing on washing my car. I was satisfied.

Griffin Benchmark


Adam Johnson

An exceptional wash noticed that I still have some hard water spots. If they had come off they would have gotten 5 starts.

Jason Andrews

Best bang for the buck

David Russell

Nice wash. Tire shine is to heavy so I had to re wash, but they had NO PROBLEM running me back through.

Laurie Stephens

Nice clean dry

Jared Smith

Best car wash in town

Elsheyin Starhand

Good thorough car wash, though the lines get a little long on the weekends. Often does fundraisers with community groups during spring/summer/fall.

Garrison Russell

Ops, pulled up and got my ticket and forgot to take off the bike rack! Luckily the employees have a great sense of on coming trouble and spotted my error. They helped out with the bike rack and sent me on through. The was was excellent. I didn’t get the best service option but consider the option that I got good enough for what I was looking for. The basic service is what I get. I then finish off my car with my own cleaners at the vacuum station

Steve Barnes

They always do a great job!

Joe Blakley

Our "go to" automatic car wash in Idaho Falls. I always know my vehicles will be clean here. Free vacuums too. I'll drive across town for this one or wait until I'm close by to wash the cars before I take it other places. Some of the other self wash places are ok, but for automatic, this is the place to go.

Emerson Parsons

Excellent customer service. The wash is the best in town, no streaks, not wet car. The dryers are outstanding. We have tried the other washes and none compare to the quality wash from Rapid Wash. Thank you!

trevor Archibald

A clean car is a happy car! I like the super cheap wash because its great for touch up and I figure there is always some products left on the brushes from the last car!

Heidi Beck

I purchased the basic wash but got excellent service. My car was COVERED in tree sap and the two scrubber workers took the time to scrape my windshield after applying a special soap. 10/10. During the car wash, there was a fun laser “show” throughout the tunnel. They are definitely getting recommended!


Well price for the town

Tamie Jamison

Fast and cars clean

James McGrane

Washed my work truck really well.

Jonathan Nelson

They've always been the place I got to for washes...

Caleb Skousen

Pretty effective cleaning for a car wash, they do an extra spray down prior to going through. Depending on who's doing the spray down you may or may not get a better spray. For best results, park and use the free vacuums, while parked rub the car down with a cloth real quick.

Mitch Larsen

Great carwash, good prices on packages

Deborah Farrell

Best auto car wash I've ever been to

Mike Gilstrap

Quick and easy just the way it should be

Matthew Cox

I am impressed how clean my vehicle came out of the wash. I almost didn't recognize it.

Adrian Ferrer

Every time I get a good wash! Got sprayed in the face a couple times trying to tip but best car wash in IF.

Karen Barzee

Great customer service

Ed O'Rayeh

It's ok .... The guy's that clean your car with the brushes before you pull in are distracted with there phone and miss alot of bugs that are on the front of the vehicle. Thought it might be a one time thing but when I went back a second and third time they still didn't pay attention to detail.

Leti Torres

My car was wet & that was it. I paid for what looked like the best service(it was definitely the most expensive one) but my car looked just the same after it was dried

Ryan Smith

Usually they do a great job. It's nice to be able to vacuum upon exit.

Nicole Stosich

Love this place! The wash does a great job and so do the employees who scrub off the nasties before you go in.

Christopher Gosnell

Wouldn't go anywhere else. Great customer service, along with best wash in Idaho. If your looking for a pleasant experience this would be the place.

Russ Thompson

The best wash for my car. Yes it's black!

Shelley Hedberg

Best car wash I have ever been too!

Sandy Bauer

Great car wash, terrible dog wash! Who wants to wash there dog in freezing cold water and them dry them in cool air?

LaRena Fry

We got exactly what we paid for. We went here because we needed to remove the bugs from our road trip from Nevada to Idaho. We payed via a automated machine and selected our choices. Then you wait for the gate to open and enter the line. Once at the start the employees wash down your car and they scrubbed our windows. You put your car in neutral and allow the tire guides to lead and pull you through the car wash. I have always felt like the hanging slashed rag looks like a hula skirt. LOL Then when you get to the dryer end there is a sign that tells you to pull forward. They have several vacuum cleaners here so that you can completely clean your car out. Reasonably priced.

Elizabeth Galicia

The guys were Great! Very polite and quick.

Sarah Johnson

Love the car wash, but disappointed with the pet wash. The water was freezing cold and it didn’t seem as if any soap was coming out at all. I saw that others had complained about the cold water before and it looked as if the issue had been resolved. Apparently not. I paid $7 for my dog to be sprayed with cold water. I could’ve done that for free in my backyard.

Paul Davis

Scratch the h*** out of my new car the guys Need to clean their Brushes

Steven Stewart

Best car wash in Idaho Falls!! Consistently cleans the cars well plus free vacuums.

Mr. Anderson

Kind of spendy for the advanced options, I chose the $10 and was amazed, did an amazing job.

Kathleen Layton


Jacob Mitchell

Great customer service! Fast responses to questions. Great Facebook page too! Check them out!

Dennis Aspenleiter

Great idea. Toll booth style. No confusion

Dana Bucher

This is the best car wash in the Idaho Falls & Ammon area. There are always attendants that scrub the front end of your car before you enter the wash. All summer long there has also been a tech available to cover any chips in your windshield before entering. My car is alway very clean afterwards and I love the vacuums and utilize them every time.

David Clark

My vehicle is used in memorial processions. I always hit Snake River on the way to play play the bagpipes at funerals.

Julia Blackburn

Such a great car wash. It is worth laying 1 dollar more than a cheap gas station wash to get free vaccumes and people scrubbing your rims for you! Plus it is super cool to go through

Corey Smith

As I was vacuuming my vehicle, they shut off the vacuum because they were closing. I was half way done. Good customer service?

Ronald Beaman

Went through the car wash in my 2017 Subaru wrx and got the big kahuna wash and it didn’t even get the car close to clean plus it scratched my rims on the drivers side. Second vehicle we have had issues with this particular car wash and they will do nothing to fix the issues. They tell you tough luck.

Chris Hansen

After arriving a little past closing time the guys pointed out my moonroof wasn't closed all the way. It wasn't working so no car wash but still let us use the vacuums. Glad they noticed moonroof though could have been bad

Albany Horel

We decided to take the dog to the dog wash. I have done it once before and it was awesome!! Today was a different experience. They were dirty, functions didn’t work, horrible water pressure and the water was so cold I should have used the outside hose and would have been faster and more efficient.

Oded Paz

Great auto wash and very strong vacuum cleaners outside. We will be back!

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