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2010 1st Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, United States

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REVIEWS OF New Image Car Wash and Detailing IN Idaho

James Manna

Chase Howell

These guys do an amazing job at car washes. During Christmas, i got a gift card for my mom and if you spent $50 or more, they gave an extra 20% for free. That's how gift cards should be. Thanks for being cool.

John Moore

Shane Shipley

Love this place full service car wash my car looks great friendly staff n priced just right thanks new image car wash

kaleb killingsworth

Jenny Taylor

Dog wash open 24 hours. It is wonderful!!!! They even have water proof aprons. The card machine works great. $10 may seem pricy to some. But I always have plenty of time, even with my big dogs. Also, I appreciate that part of the process, the last bit, is a sanitation wash for the tub. We are super pleased with this dog wash!

John Albertson

They did a fantastic job on my friends car and soon I will take mine in and have done


Family owned, local, excellent service, what more can you ask.

Brent Stewart

They do good work

Mike Larsen

Very poor attention to detail for the price. $185 and left residue from the cleaner on rear view mirror and many missed parts on dash board peripherals and on doors. They also removed the carpet from the rear of the SUV and forgot to vacuum and put it back in before returning the vehicle. Cancelled my appointment on second vehicle and will never use this place again.

Kevin Malcom

Had my oil changed. Synthetic oil in a small SUV for $80. They were short handed and it took 1hr 15 min. They did take the time to run it through the car wash after which is a nice touch. I felt that I spent too much time waiting and I was the only car in the lube bay.

Happy Orchard

We take reviews very seriously as a business owner but we feel we must leave a warning about this business. We took three vans here to be detailed. The owner and his supervisor looked at two of them (one was in the shop) and said it would be $500, this was for the three caravans and a basic detail on an Acadia, after we took the third one in it became $550. They had two of the vans for 2 and a half days and the third for a day in a half. When we went to pick them up we asked about all of the mud on one, there was mud inside the gas cap flap, in the wheel wells, and the van did not look washed, there was also some black marks on the back carpet. We were told it was washed and for the price we are paying its as good as we are going to get. this was from the supervisor, when we raised questions he became more ignorant and said they can just stop working on them and cash us out. I will admit two of the vans were really bad, but the owner and his supervisor saw this before they said the price and then proceeded to do a shoddy job and tell us we should be grateful. I did lose my temper and raised my voice, but I have never been treated so rudely by a business owner (they called him) and a supervisor. Its a shame though, the staff seem to actually care and really want to do a good job but they are at the mercy of people who genuinely do not care about their customers, I was even accused of trying to skip out on my bill. There are mobile detailers on Facebook who appreciate your business and we will be sticking to them from now on. The photos are after we paid the agreed amount. It's awesome to hold your customer to their end but not yourselves.

Cinnamon Riley

Carol Baldwin

Excellent place to get an oil change and wash.

Julie Severn

My car looks awesome! This is the first time I've had them do a detail and I'm way impressed. I'm picky and their attention to detail is great! I'll definately be referring my friends and family here!

Trent birch

Awesome place! Great customer service. I would recommend their services.

Kristin Smith

Nichelle Killian

Horrible Horrible customer service and work!!! We will never go back here again!!! They charged us $185.00 just to clean the interior of my car!!! I am a very clean person and my car isn't really that dirty I just wanted a good vacuum and my leather conditioned. They used greasy Armorall all over and they somehow got some in the SD Card reader for my cars navigation system and it won't read the SD Card now. When we called and spoke with Trent about it he said that it must just be "bad timing" because they don't put water or fluids in that area. My husband used compressed air and blew water from that compartment so we know that he wasn't telling the truth!!! My car didn't look very good at all and now my navigation system is ruined because we went in and got a VERY OVER PRICED detail!!! Trent refuses to take responsibility for anything!!! DO NOT GO GET YOUR CAR DETAILED HERE!!!!

Sean Vincent Vedro

They do great work for very reasonable prices.

Lizzie Furlong

Has really good details about how to clean a car

Larissa Rustad

Trent VanderSloot

I needed my car detailed with very short notice by noon. I didn't know if it was possible, but they got it done and did a really great job. The owner had really superb customer service and wanted to make sure that I was happy with the work done and that I was well taken care of. The completely exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely be using them again... and again... and again...

Terry Deese

Not going into details, because there are many, but certainly won't be back.

Todd Flatland

Good place to get a car wash. Friendly staff, and decent prices.

Chuck Zbur

Tina Reese

I will never take my black truck anywhere else, nor to a regular car wash. Everyone, including the owner and his wife were up front on the cost, on what they were going to do to my truck and they took time to listen to what i wanted and said. When i went to get my truck.... WOW. They did a beautiful job. My truck looks truely brand new and way better than when i baught it. I recomend everyone go here. I trust them, especially with my denali, my baby!!!! Go see then, try it out, you wont be disapointed.

Wendy Shipley

I went in to get my car cleaned and shampooed the seats looked so good and the outside sparkled they did amazing felt proud to be driving my car again thanks guys.

layne cook

It's OK

Barbara Hathaway

My car looks amazing. Thanks Tim.

Jeremy Wheeler

Called to get price and a time for a detail. Mostly wanted to have the carpets cleaned because we have a dog that had an accident in the back on a thick blanket, but it seemed that some of it must have gotten through to the carpet on the back of the seat that was laid down. When I talked to the gal at the shop she said that it would probably be about $175 to get it done (seemed a little steep for just an interior clean) but would talk with me when I brought it in. I told her that we are very particular and clean with our vehicles so the interior was not that bad, we were mostly just concerned about the carpet. I got to their office the morning of the drop off and she looked inside and said, "oh, this is clean" then told me that it would be $200 to get it done... (This is where I should have left). I reminded her that I didn't need to get the exterior done as it had just snowed the night before and it wouldn't do much good. She said that she would dock $10 of the price if we didn't do the exterior. What... That is all that an exterior clean is worth? She said that the exterior is more of something that they just do as part of the detail. (Again, should have left here). Decided that I would give them a shot anyway. I called at 5:05 P.M. to see when they close and if I was going to be able to get my vehicle back to drive home that night. She said they close at 5 but that she was just getting ready to call me. I got there to pick it up and looked through it before going in to pay and found that they had not even vacuumed under the 2nd row seat, (much less shampooed), the third row had a bracket from my seat hanging out (which they did fix) and the car wasn't even dried off! I finally got a good look at it all the next day when it was light and minus a few oily spots on the dash and a little dog hair still in the carpet on the back seat, the interior looked... okay. We called about the dog hair and a few spots that my wife found and they were not willing to do anything about it. I have had details in the past and never this kind of trouble and the same or better quality for less money. Won't be referring any of my friends or family to these guys!

Mandie Davies

BROKE FRONT DOOR HANDLE DURING DETAIL. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE. Awful customer service, if you can even call it that.

Ty the 1 armed guy

Great service and a great wash definitely recommending to my friends!

D. M.

great job on a full detail, and the best price in town

Andrew Sullivan

The $18 wash is great and they hand dry it.

Michele LaBounta

I have using Cardon's for 18 years. Just went there yesterday. Had a full detail and my car looks wonderful. I had been carrying horse feed and tack. Now it looks brand new. A few times I have pointed out a problem and they get right on it and fixed it. The service yesterday was excellent. I dropped my car off first thing in the morning and picked it up after work. Can't get any easier than that to get a shining car.

Stephani Howell

These guys do a great job. Highly recommend.

Jason Dartnell

Kinda weird

Diane Wheeler

They did a terrible job for $165... even for a quarter of that it would have been a rip-off! My 70+ parents just had their Ford truck detailed this week. There was Armor All all over the inside windows when my mom picked it up, which she asked them to fix. They did, but when she got the truck home my folks realized there were water spots all over the chrome and it hadn't even been shined. The inside looked good but the outside looked like it had been cleaned halfheartedly. Certainly not worth the $165!


Jenny Waahila

Krista Leavitt

Alex Laubaugh

I haven't been here in awhile, but the last time I went I loved it! I drive a lot so bugs and dirt are always on my car. They have really impressed me by how they can detail my car in a timely manner with also getting off all the bugs and dirt. Also the interior detail is great! I highly recommend going here!

Ron Poole

Great job

Patti Zimmermaker

If your looking for professional car care, this is the place.

Chris Pierce

Local, and and family owned. These guys have fantastic prices and do great work!

Tashae Birch

I just had my Jeep detailed and was very impressed with the results. It was very clean and tidy! The crew was professional and respectful and met my request and expectations. Overall a great place to have the car detailed with great service!

Nancy Andersen

The sandwich was delish

Frank Rustad

So So car wash.

Darren Wolters

I hate to leave a negative review but I feel it necessary. I took my pickup here a few months ago to get detailed and it was an aweful job. The kid who did it was young and I decided not to bust his balls. Gave him an undeserved tip and went about my day. Today I went in again to give them another shot with their "Diamond Plus" since it's down the street from my house. This time it was even worse. My rims are just as dirty as when I came in, the dust on my doors and on top of my steering column wasn't touched, and the back floor/seats weren't even vacuumed. The owner is very nice and ambitious but his crew is lazy, not trained properly, and have horrible work ethic. The fella who handed me my keys made it feel like a huge inconvenience that he had to be at work today.

Brent Poole

Great car wash!!

Katie Neilson

Free vacuum very nice, thanks!

Terri Allen


Friendly staff always wash my car there! They do a great job!

Kyle Christopherson

christine briggs

Had my daughter's oil changed and they washed it for free!! They did a great job!

Sarah Johnstine

Horrible service!!! The owner and manager were very rude and obnoxious. If I could give them -100 Stars I would.

Raymond Putnam

The guys did a real good job and they gave me a ride home and then picked me up when my car was finished. Not everybody does that... good job fellas. I will be back and I will let my friends know what a good job you did !

Howard Schwicht

Justin Guidinger

Absolutely pathetic.. Was supposed to get a wash and hand wax. When I finally got up to walk around noticed my pickup in the parking lot so asked and they said it was finished.. I noticed there was still dirt and bugs all over it and after the second try it wasn't much better... Totally disappointed

Saul Hernandez

Jared Smith

Mike Stoddard

Chris Gates

I got the full detail package that includes a Diamond grade car wash, carpet shampooing, and acid washing the rims. It starts at 85$ and mine only cost $95. It takes a couple hours, however when I got back and inspected it, I was impressed. It's cleaner than when I bought it a couple years ago. All the dust, pet hair, tree debris, gone. Would go again. I came here a few years back with a car I had been using on dirt roads during potato harvest and that super fine dust gets into everything and they made it disappear.

Sara Hansen

Mike Fazio

Noel Hanson

I'm not normally a person who writes reviews, good or bad. Unfortunately this time I feel I must. I spent $35 on the diamond deluxe wash. DON'T do it! The tires and wheels were untouched. The floor mats were untouched. I literally will have to go home and clean the massive amounts of dressing that were randomly smeared all over everything on the interior. Very dissapointing. Lesson learned. I will wash my car at home next time!

Mark Vought

Best service and car wash I have ever had.

Chandra Martin

My car got the best bath inside n out from New Image Car Wash! The employees and owners are fabulous too! I'll defiantly b going back! I highly recommend this carwash / detail shop!

Floppy Bird

Antwon Jackson

Yo Mamahhhi


Lynn Jensen

They rate a 4 star only at peak season. After that it's hit and mis. Trent does not keep enough people on to offer complete and efficient service for all the departments

Deborah Cawley

Justin Barnard

I got the ultimate package the other day, and I have to say I was disappointed. It cost me 165 dollars for them to clean my car, and granted my car was clean. But I expected the details to not be overlooked. Door pockets were not cleaned inside, the back of headrests were not done, windex left unwiped on the inside of my windshield next to the dash vents, my driver seat had fresh crud from whomever drove it last, and they didn't even try to get the tree sap off my hood. Overall I would have paid maybe 100 dollars and been mildly satisfied. If you're looking for "dealership clean" detailing this place will let ya down. And before I get called and messaged from this business, I really don't want to come back. I don't want it fixed, I already did it. I wanted it done correctly the first time...

Valerie K Hanson

Robert Field

I normally don't do reviews, but this can't go unnoticed. My truck was covered in mud and they were able to clear it all off and make it look brand new. Two thumbs up! Thank you New Image Car Wash!

Branded Auto

These guys are great. Quick service and they do a great job making your vehicle look new again Would highly recommend


Mel Torrez


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