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3131 Conference Dr, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815, United States

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REVIEWS OF Metro Express Car Wash IN Idaho

Daniel Stanley

Great wash, great amenities

Lyle Spencer

These guys rock. I bet it would be fun going through the wash on a controlled substance

David Wilder

They always do a great job

Jim Sullivan

my truck looks great every time

Judy Harris

Love a clean car, so this is the place to go.

Robert Davis

Not very happy with this place. Gone twice in the last 6 weeks. Both times truck still has streaks of dirty spots. This time the brush rubbed to close to my truck scratching it about 6 inches by 4 inches. Will never be going back. As it's a 12 year old truck they won't do anything. I'll go the the other local washes now on.

Ryan Merrill

Great place for a fast good wash. I like the convenience of unlimited washes for my pick up. Although the entrance and exit road needs redone

Cornel Rasor

Fair prices. Good service.

Jill Monroe

Our favorite car wash. Does an excellent job every time. Kids live to vaccuum while I wipe down the interior and the wash is best in town.

Paul C. Vilandre

Love the price on Veterans day... how about year round veterans support

Paul Rossi

Great wash at good price. Great vacuuming services too.

Brandis Geddes

My Husband wants one of these to be in every town we travel to! Any time we are remotely in the area! If we have an extra 10 minutes you can find us there!

Nicholas Savage

Best drive through car wash I have ever been to. Not to mention free vacuums.

Ron Fisher

A fabulous car wash. You are given a no charge second trip thru if not clean on the first one.

Breanna Aga

Love the free vacuums and car wash itself. But one time i got some scratches on the front of my car from the spinners since its not touchless. I was able to buff it out but it makes it hard to trust

Robert Junod

One of the best car washes in the INW. Excellent you should franchise.

Austin Slocombe

I have been coming here for over a year. Love the cherry smell

Eric Taylor

Figured I would take my car in to be washed. First time taking my new car to an aautomated wash. Figured metro was popular and I've used them before (with my old truck) they would take car of their equipment. Didn't clean over half the car, the parts that it did do scratched it. It also scratched, more like sanded, the leading edge of my front bumper. Basically ruining it. If you drive a black car or a 2018 Honda accord, would not reconmend. Should have known better.

shirley huston

This is a great Car Wash. They have plenty of places to vacuum your car and even wash the mats

Joe Lund-Rodriguez

Car was covered in dirt from moyie mudbogs and now it is clean

Bill Baker

Fast service modern equipment

Chris Tuttle

I have had a year's worth of issues with receiving a copy of my monthly charge receipt. Don't bother with trying to contact a live person for customer service. Be prepared to wait until it is convenient for them to contact you with any issues.

Jennifer Danley

It's kind of funny because when this was first being built, my husband and I thought it was silly to have another car wash. We figured we wouldn't never use it. One night we decided to try and, and we really like it. We have noticed it cleans better than the ones we went to before. Both times we have gone there, people have been really nice, and it was fast. Haven't used the vacuums yet. And though we haven't done it, we like that you can pay..I think 30 bucks a month and have unlimited washes. We like it there. Also, we have a son, who gets scared at the other car washes, but he doesn't seem to have a problem at this one.

Katherine Ravert

I prefer to wash my car myself but for a drive through car wash it's pretty awesome.

Colby Clark

I used to really like going to this place, but one time the car wash turned off when the top brush was going over my hood and the machine slumped down on the hood while it waited for a few seconds before reactivating. It then started going at that lower high that it slumped to and afterwards I noticed some really deep scratches in my hood. I talked to the management and they deflected blame stating there is no way their machine could have done that, but after talking to multiple local nodyshops found out that this and other damage happens all the time at Metro. So, I canceled my subscription and am stuck paying the $500 deductible to get my car fixed.

Ashley Thompson

This place is my favorite place to clean my car. They have vacuums that don’t require quarters or make you feel hurried. The employees are wonderful and help you pick the right car wash or monthly plan for your needs.

Deven Fredericks

I love this car wash, the staff is so nice every time and today I didn’t know it, but I did a classic and forgot my wallet at home but they let me through anyway! Thank you so much Metro!


Vacuums are nice there are so many. Price high though for the wash.

Mike G

Scratches on my car from this place and didn't even get all the dirt off the car from the trip we did well never go back

Roxanne Fresques

I Love this Car Wash and as an Uber Driver I certainly take advantage of my unlimited monthly pass!! Best wash in the North-West

Tom Frith


Robert Nelson Jr

Never had an issue with this car wash, always a treat going through it. I personally love their retro style. I've never had a bad encounter with any of the over-the-top friendly staff. The vacuums are very powerful, with the additional perks of having mat washers and a reasonably-priced vending machine full of air freshers and car accessories. The prices of the washes are reasonable, and the monthly plans are even more of a bargain if you've got a car worth washing regularly.

Dean Lee

Drove up at the perfect time.. Free wash ... I would give 10 stars

Mary and Ronnie Mills

So convenient when you pay by the month


Super fast even when it's busy.

Bryan Morris

Best carwash in the inland northwest!!!

Joseph Poe

Monthly passes at a good price and the free vacuum is nice! Would recommend.

Eric Von Behren

Staff is amazing and wash does a great job! I've been a member since they opened.

bluerose 360

Always have a squeaky clean car after leaving. Love the fact that you get free vacuuming after

Jason Rhune

Eh, I just love car washes..And this car wash is great.


The funnest dam car wash in the whole dam world. As soon as you pull up in you use the free suction devices the accidentally sucks up your valuables that you left carelessly around the vehicle you understand that you're in quality because not any vacuum can do that . The well dressed attendants Are always there at the redy to service and if your car cleaning needs and hold nifty signs. Take your credit card because your truck is way through dam high to reach down and put it in yourself. When you pull and any make you stop this lean back and crank up your favorite tune and enjoy the light show. This is what makes America a great. Classy car shines cool lights and lots a sudsy water. Kudos to you water barons. Pilots of the under carriage. Master minds of the tire scrubbers.

LakeView LawnCare & Landscape/ Jason Moore

Excellent customer service went above and beyond! My vehicle was being serviced and I had a rental car therefore was not using the car wash and didn't realize I was paying for 2 months of the carwash I was not using but when I simply mentioned it to them they credited my card. Couldn't ask for better service, always friendly and all smiles :)

jack sampson

This car wash is great the line was super long when I got there but it went through very fast I would say the car washes are a little pricier than anywhere in town but man is it worth it I went through a touchless car Wash three times in a row and it did not clean my car at all took my money to metro and my car looked beautiful afterwards seriously people do not waste your money on the touchless car washes in town the old-fashioned kind of the scrubbers is the only way to go plus they got vacuums you can use for free and garbage cans to clean out your car it's kind of weird they have staff at what seems like a self-serve place but they are friendly and put my money in so I didn't have to so that was a plus I guess if I lived closer to this place I would definitely buy the unlimited car Wash pass I guarantee it's worth it for somebody who lives in town you can go through everyday if you wanted well I think I've never actually talked to them but it does say unlimited car washes so I assume you can


Great car wash untill it destroys your vehicle and they play the "it's not our fault" card and your stuck with 5k in body damage!! They won't stand behind their product I would highly advice not using this service!!!

Big Sky

The reason for "2 stars" is that they load too many vehicles too close together! I know it's about the money but someone is going to get their vehicle rear-ended going through the facility and that the actual brushes I see are not allowed to have room to operate...due to the drag on multiple vehicles! They should allow at least 16" between the cars...not 2" as it appears!

Ted Williamson

I have the monthly plan and I love it.

ahnnie schade

Great service, friendly staff

Julie Phillips

Best car wash we've ever been to. Did not need the free vacuuming about to wash different areas and it did a great job. It was quick to get into and quick to get out of.

Erin Foley

Best car wash in town! Free powerful vacuums to use before your wash. The blow dry at the end is pretty good, but leaves some water behind. I recommend bringing a shammy if you want a shiny dry finish

Deborah HerrBereta

A new modern day car wash with a staff of people to help. Price's aren't bad cheapest is $8 but you can buy a monthly pass I believe for $25 and that's for unlimited washes. I say try them out if you like them great if not then you got a car wash with a smile at least.

Heather Graham

Best car wash in town for the price!! You can even get an unlimited monthly pass, which is perfect during the winter months!!

Victoria Stotts

Love the automated ride through colorful bubbles and spray, gets the car perfectly vacuums and dash wipes.

Sylvia Wigley

I canceled my membership that I had for a while because my car was getting scratched up and it broke my back windshield wiper on my SUV. I thought the kids were scratching up the car, but I realized every time I went through the carwash there was another ding or scratch. So I just decided to let my membership cancel and not go back again!

A&A Driving School

Best service and friendly staff. I made a huge mistake last week and accidentally threw away my brand new prescription in it's bag in there garbage when I was vacuuming out my car. I realized this a few hours later and contacted them and one of their employees volunteered to go through their garbage to find my prescription. About 15 minutes later I got a call that have been located. I'm so grateful.

Audrey Heinan

A really nice place for a full wash! The vacuums and mat washers are so nice. Their deals for monthly washes is very helpful.

Dave Breitkreutz

Modern quick and efficient and everybody always smiles even if they don't want to

Matt Verity

These guys have a great wash! Super staff, vacs area is well set up, and they are so attentive. One area of my truck got missed, she caught it and sent me through again no questions asked.

Meagan Heyden

Great place to get your car washed

J Wilson

Great car vacuums!

Matthew Huggard

First of all, to the idiots who posted 1 star; when you sign up, it comes out of your checking or credit card monthly. That's why its a monthly membership/reaccuring charges are normal when your a member. That sticker in your window beside you mirror is not a day pass..what a moron!! To the individual who claims his vehicle was in a three car collision while in the car wash; dude, this incident would not have happened if you kept your feet off the accelerator. The pretty lights in the tunnel are not street lights. Follow directions!!! If parts of your vehicle are going airborne, perhaps you need a newer car. There is a disclaimer, try reading it next time. No one wants to hear about your, "poor me" excuses!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! MY TRUCK HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!

Evelyn Bateman

Well thought out put together car wash.

Barbara Sneddon

My husband and I came here for the first time.we loved it! The staff was great.We had some stuff in the bed of our pickup truck and they had to tale it out without any fuss. The young man also put it back after the wash. I wish they were in our area.

Blaine Svetich

You can't beat unlimited!

Lauren Jackson

Vaccums on either side of the car. High water pressure floor mat cleaner. Free car wipes plus vending machine with other car detailing items. Car wash is reasonably priced and does a great job. Basic with undercarriage wash just $10 and vacuuming is free.

Therese Wickham

Nice clean car for afair price. Large selection of awesome vacuum, with cleaning supplies available for mats or interior. Wash is quick and works great. Crews are super friendly. Always a big smile from everyone. Also, The packages are reasonably priced. Nice place.

Nathan Batrack

Hands down best wash in town, super quick and very efficient...and free vacuums!

Ken Gilbert

Ripped my dear whistle off

Carl Stearns

Best car wash deal ever. Get the unlimited pass and wash your car anytime you drive by. If it rains right after you go through head over the next day and get another. My truck always looks great.

Steve hillman

Their service is friendly and accommodating. The more I take my truck through their car wash, the shinier is has gotten. I actually get compliments often on how great it looks!

Nic Huggins

Never seems to get our vehicles fully clean. Always pull away get to the next stop and come out to a dirty car after paying $13 or more for it to be clean.

Lou Razza

Manager is a stand up guy, highly recommended them as the car wash does a nice job!

Samantha Green

Car wash membership or nonmembership. Pull up, vacuums available free of charge. Drive around, friendly staff assists with your car wash of choice. 3 wash options available. Reasonable price range, touchless car wash. Membership is a deal if you use services multiple times monthly. Manager always available, helpful and friendly. Staff a reflection of him. They must be happy working there because they are also true professionals.

Justina Crawford

Love the fact they have monthly packages, it's way worth it to get a package, unlimited washes you can come in how often your heart desires, plus free vacuums, staff is always friendly, plus if you buy a new car you also can go in and update your information and get a new tag at no expense.

Ken F

people are helpful and friendly , price is great and car wash is one of the best I have used , better then brown bear were i live , so hopefully they expand, i would drive a little out of town to use them . highly recommended

Benjamin Weaver

Always greating you with a smile, liked this place enough to get the monthly pass so I can keep my vehicle clean. Plus my son loves riding thru the carwash so unlimited is a win win!

Michelle Rene Garcia

Love the membership, allows me to take my car in anytime

Lisa Bargas

The actual washing of the car is great and the vacuums are powerful! Their traffic management however is horrible! There’s only one way in/out of the vacuum center and it’s complete Chaos trying to merger in for the washing line. They really need to fix this huge problem, especially when the vacuum center is full with 22 vehicles, people trying come in as others are trying to leave and they have an additional 20-30 cars in line for a wash!

Jake Vick

My wife and I got the Metro pass for unlimited monthly washes and it’s an amazing value. The vacuums suck like a black hole, and the car wash has enough power to remove the ping pong ball sized bugs of north Idaho off your windshield and grill. We give these guys

Joanne TAPP

Best vaccums and mat washers in town. Love the power washerers

Randall P

I always look for the best car wash and without question Metro is the best with value added monthly fees.

Ashleigh Weatherbee

We were using Metro Express as a monthly member. The prices for the membership are very reasonable. When the car wash was first put in, it was great. But it has declined. Every time I go through (weekly, sometimes more) there is something new broken in the wash. My car began to look like I drove through a dense trail in the woods. It seems all the brushes in the wash are not maintained well enough, and scratch the paint. Should be able to be buffed out, but it still shouldn't happen. What pushed us to terminate our membership was when my car alerted me of a broken tail light while going through the wash. The tail light appeared to be fine and in working order, but I still have an alert on my dash. Doesn't sound like Metro Express is willing to help with fixing it according to employees I talked to. UPDATE: I was finally able to get in touch with management and was impressed with their professionalism. Metro Express made it right in the end. Although, I will continue to hand wash my car, due to the minor "damage" the car wash does to the finish on the car. (This could happen in any wash, not just Metro Express) On that note, a suggestion I might add for the car wash itself...add a pressure rinse at the beginning, before brushes touch the car. That way the brushes don't pick up and spread around so much debris on the cars.

Jo Ellen Reynalds

Best car wash in cda

Mark Marcell

Metro Express Carwash is awesome. We buy the monthly pass & use the facilities 3-5 times per week. The vacuums are excellent, car always looks great and the staff is friendly & helpful.

James Duval

Best in town

Lindsey Dinan

We drive 45 mins out of our way to get our car washed here. Best car wash I think I’ve ever been to. Super powerful vacuums, floor mat cleaning machines and wipes for the interior!

Sierra Hogan

I purchased the unlimited monthly pass back in the summer and first of all, absolutely ridiculous price for the type of car wash it is. Never fully cleans my car and they push you through and rush everything. Second, the associate NEVER told me that the payments for the unlimited pass would be recurring, and have been charging my bank account without my knowledge for two months now. I emailed trying to get a refund since I haven’t even used the car wash and the lady emailing me was just plain rude and not wanting to give me my money back. Shady business. Just refund me the money you owe me, and learn how to disclose all information to your customers. It’s a car wash for Pete’s sake.

Tom Jones

Having in the past owned car washes, I'm pretty picky about my reviews of car washes. Metro Express does it right! From the friendly uniformed personnel to the FREE vacuums to the excellent wash, Metro Express DOES IT RIGHT. I am a monthly pass holder and we wash our Suburban weekly when we make deliveries, but if I wished, we could wash several times daily if we lived there in CDA. I heartily recommend Metro Express Car Wash!

Laura Dabney

Staff is friendly and your car comes out clean.

Heath Phillips

Nice clean vacuum stations that really suck!

Stephanie Peddicord

DO NOT COME HERE!!!! These people are freaking thieves!!!! They have been charging our credit card for 2 vehicles we had and we canceled 5 months before for both and they even showed us there we had no activity but yet they kept charging us and took MONTHS to finally give us the money back. Oh guess what?!!?? That just happened again!! They’re still freaking charging us for our cars and we haven’t been there in over 8 months! This is freaking ridiculous this company is stealing from our bank! Check your bank statements everyone. OTHER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS!!!

Jeffrey O'Brien

Great prices and uses real brush rollers. Not one of those weak no-touch places. Cars always look great afterwards and the staff is awesome.

Dionne Hoffman

Great car wash I love it and I love the fact that if something is missed that they will rewash your car

Amy Miles

The best carwash ever. Twice as long as most, colored lights & foam, pleasant helpful attendants, it's a party!

David Russell

Monthly card is only way to go. Lots of soaps used get your car very clean. Outside power vacuum. Nice place.

James Hall

Super nice, quick, cool lights in side. My car was clean and it didn't scratch it like others have. They also have extremely nice vacuums for you to use for free!

Sonny Curtis

I am so impressed with the customer service of this car wash. We have been members here since they opened. Today I was going through the car wash and had a small issue With my gas tank cover. They have jumped in to take care of it 100%. Great customer service!

S. S.

Love the carwash and free vacuums, but the car doesn't get completely cleaned, nor dried.

David Meyer

Fast good car wash


Always smiles. Fast car wash. Monthly rate is more then fair. Car comes out very shiny every time. A+++

The Crumudgeons perspecrive the gutter punk crafte

Fast organized clean doesn't get any better

CJ Nelson

This car wash is the best there is. Amazing employees and customer service. Even just the basic car wash gets your car spotless. The vacume cleaners are also amazing best I've ever found.

Dorene Russell

Best car wash in town! Fast, thorough, convenient. In 3 minutes my cars come out shiny and dry! The free self serve vacuums are great too. Best service rep ever is Kobe, he always greets with a smile and awesome attitude.

Debbie Presley

Gets my car very clean. Monthly price is great. You can go as many times as you wish. Live the free vacuums!

Luke Turley

They broke my reer view minor and my entena

Emily Barnhart

We were there to use the free vacuums before the car wash and my side of the vacuum didn't work. I just use the other side hose. One of the employees noticed that my side wasn't working and can mediately rushed over to make sure that my vacuuming experience was excellent and he immediately unplug the hose with another employee. We then went for the carwash and it was an amazing experience and our car was very clean on the outside. It shines! We will definitely come back again. This is our second time here.

Alisha Schuttemeier

Seriously the longest and worst experience! I will not be going back


Got rid of my halitosis and athletes foot! Worth every penny!

Louisa Cash

I enjoy the $19.99 all you can wash monthly membership. It’s always a treat to swing in there anytime I’m driving by and keep the car looking good. The staff is exceptionally smiley. Have you noticed?

Silas Mercer

Terrible for big trucks, never cleans it very good. Literally the only car wash my truck will fit in though 2 stars for big trucks.

To The Point 2020

This is THE place to get your ride clean. Free unlimited vacuums, monthly passes starting @ $19.99 Get the best package for only $29.99! They shine your tires too.

Andrew Baker

Shiny truck. Long line but moved fast

Mark Gustafson

Good place for a wash - all automatic. Friendly staff always greet you with a smile - was happy with the wash and bought their unlimited wash package.

Mike Erikson

Love the idea and friendly staff, however it only does a modest job and ALWAYS misses the passenger side window in front of the rear view mirror so I always have to hand wipe that to have a clear view. Can't believe how early they close on the weekend in the summer also.

Raela Rhodes

Love the free vacuums and the wash but it never seems to get my as clean as it should .


As expected...good!

Scott Younggren

Great car wash brushes look to be brand new and the best blow drying you'll probably find in the state

Elizabeth Daigle

The workers are so helpful. The monthly pass is so worth it!

kristie cook

I thought it was great. until it sounded like a rock hitting my window and it actually cracked my windshield. The manager didn't want to do anything about it saying that it was previously there or a previously compromised windshield.

Jesse Pierce

Very friendly. Free use of high powered vacuums.

Sydney Blas

This was the first time I have been to this car wash and it was the best experience! I love the area to vacuum the cars and the employees are so kind and friendly. It takes car washes to a whole new level!

Roger Prescott

Does a fairly good job of washing your vehicle, depending on how dirty it is. It could do better but, it is automated so, you cant expect perfection I guess. The fact that the vacuums are free is a plus and they work well.

Dan May

Speedy service, friendly staff, the best clean your car can get in CDA!

Jill Short

Awesome wash. Jeep looks real pretty, pretty good for the price.

cindy green

Clean and reasonable, exceptionally liked the fact that it cleans UNDER the car not just the surface

Barbara Woodard

Good place to get your vehicle washed


One of the best car washes I’ve been to. Gets my new truck truck clean and dry. Vacuum area is always clean and the floor mat cleaner is a plus.

Wile E Coyote

I am a Metro Pass holder x2. I love the wash and friendly employees but it does not dry my truck or SUV. I've written to management and spoken to employees about this and it fell on deaf ears until recently. Most vehicles here are trucks or SUVs and all do not get dry at all on the backs. I'll write again and I know my choice is to go somewhere else. I hope I don't have to. Update: They changed the drying process and added more blowers. Not perfect but much, much better. I added a star.

Da Babu

Great value and service

Faith Foster

I have a monthly pass to Metro and I love the wash that I get for my money! I also like the vacuum suction. No where else in the area has vacuums that work that well and most of them charge you for a vacuum the barley works. They are also very good with any issues that you may have. They are quick to respond and very professional. I will keep my membership for a long time and highly recommend them!

verlynn russell

A super fast car wash especially in the winter when it's too cold for "do it your selfers"

Yavett States

Just bought a new car and decided a monthly pass was what I needed. First time thru the wash the only thing it didn’t remove was the crusted bug guts on the windshield in 1 spot. Everything else was amazing. I’ll be using the pass multiple times a week, wish they were open until 10pm but maybe in the future.

Spencer Rhodes

Best car wash in town. Spendy, but if wash your car more than twice a month, the unlimited pass is a good deal. Vacuums are free and work pretty well.

Chris Ebert

Fast and clean car after that stop

Logan miller

I'm here at least once a week so I got the pass and save a tone. Very friendly staff always smiling nice and courteous. It's weird for being a car wash I always enjoy coming through here. Highly recommend. It's not a touchless system though so if you have a very expensive paint job I don't know if it's for you

John van der Veer

Good wash, little spendy but worth it . Busy though.. but quick regardless

Dale Frazell

I have a pass so I am there a lot. I think they do an excellent job but my one suggestion would be to not space cars so closely together inside the wash. I have almost had accidents 3 times. One was stuff flying out of the truck bed 1 foot in front of me, another was the truck in front put on his brakes and the rollers kept going and I almost ran into him before the place then shut down, and another was the car in front of me didn't get going after they finished so I nearly ran into the back of them and the car behind me almost ran into me. I would just say we should have a little more room in between. It can be a little nerve racking in there.

Luke Ruppel

Best carwash in town! Great vacuums, dash wipes for while you go through. Having an unlimited pass is great especially with an ever changing season. Salt/road grime? Take it through. Got a hot date? Zip on through. Windows dirty? No problem. Lost weather stripping on windshield sure to high powered dryers, so had to dock a star. Worth every penny I've spent here.

Rory Lapka

Very disappointed after being a monthly patron for nearly a year. We have washed our vehicles here for nearly a year. Never had an incident or issue until May of this year. My wife went through the car wash with a Subaru Forester that only had 25,000 miles and it a scratch on it. Well the car is being washed my wife noticed that the car was vibrating and shaking in a manner that was unusually excessive, and that the equipment was making very loud thumping and banging noises. When she exited the car wash she went to the next stop which was a grocery store and noticed that the car had been scratched and dented all the way around and that pieces of the front bumper we’re hanging down. She immediately return to the car wash upon which the manager on duty at the time completely denied that his equipment would be able to do such damage. We asked to speak with the store manager and he called us back in again tonight at the equipment would be able to perform such damage. After several back-and-forth with them and finally getting video footage of the vehicle entering and exiting the car wash it was evident and clear that the car had been damaged by their equipment. Even though it was abundantly clear The car wash would not do anything to compensate or fix the damage. We will never use this car wash again and encourage others not to as well. This was not the only time that something it happened. Last summer the brushes on the washer broke the driver side mirror on my truck. All that the car wash to do was buy me a new piece of glass to insert in the mirror and the glass doesn’t even fit that mirror.

Travis Lepsch

Pretty cool car wash. They have great vacuums to use before you get your car washed. They even work really well for getting out pet hair. The best car wash is $16 which is worth it if you so it once a month like I do.

Tim Troyer

Definitely the best automatic car wash around! Super fast and got my vehicle nice and shiny clean again!

Vanessa S

Love this car wash in my opinion it's the best in CDA

Aaron Borg

I love the experience here. They have a very old school professional approach to a modern concept of subscription based washes. The wash is great but I return because of the service and ease of access.

Wendy S

I really like this car wash. However there are long lines and its expensive. I promised there are way more car washes around than this.

Kathy Blake

Friendly people great car wash!!

Tami Hofacker

Fraction of the time of other car washes and a much better wash. My car was cleaner than ever. Best quality wash and protectant you can actually see when it's done. The vacuums were excellent and they were included in the price. My car was actually dry after the dry cycle. Recommended!

Kyle Little

The staff here are always smiling and the prices are reasonable!

Chris Bohannan

Best car wash in town. Free vacuum and for 20 bucks a month it cant be beat.

Kegan S.

Just went to help a friend wash his car and it was pretty cool, free vacuums and they pressure wash your floor mats. They also offer free interior wipes for your car. Pretty easy to go through the car wash itself. Guys out front checking to see if you're a unlimited member or not then they badge you through.

Linda Steeno

Great deal to keep the car clean! Does a great job.

leroy lyman

This place did massive damage to my pickup and they will not do anything to fix it so I would highly recommend not going there if you take pride in car at all. I wish I could give it less then 1 star

Cool Hand

For the most part, I like the Metro Express Car Wash. The staff are always friendly and presentable. It is so convenient to drop by and run through the wash when I am in town. Also, the vacuums are free with a car wash as well as an automated floor mat washing machine. The vacuums really suck! And, that's a good thing. The air drying system does a reasonably good job - as good as can be expected, but if you want your car completely dry, it is a good idea to keep an Absorber Towel (Google it) in your rig and towel dry any spots the dryers missed. My one complaint about the Metro Express Car Wash is maintenance. Several times I have been through the wash when an oscillating drying fan on the drivers side was not working, another time, one of the overhead blowers wasn't working and yet another time there was a spinning scrubber that didn't work. One malfunction or even two in a year I would not even mention, but five or six in six months means the staff needs to step it up. We pay every month and we expect everything to work every time. If not for these minor nagging issues, the Metro Express Car Wash would get five stars.

Dawn Hutchings

Always busy but since we have a metro pass we usually cruise right through. Car always comes out shiny clean! The attendees are polite and awesome.

m ike oertel

Parts brake and they do not fix them. Even after being told about it for 2 months. Same old care wash, different look.

Tristin Wilson

Its good to clean your car but it will scratch you car with the spinning brushes.

Lillian Hillemann

Just a cool place to clean up your ride

Cory Burkhardt

I love this car wash. My car looks great every time I used it. The only thing missing is a towel dry but other than that this is the best car wash in town. I would recommend going with the unlimited pass it will really save you money in the long run.

MarkyNicks 6769

Awesome place to go to get your car looking great inside and out

wes Robinson

Fully loaded with options. Free vacuum use with purchase of a wash. They have a machine that will wash your rubber floor mats by slipping them through the front and they roll out the back of the machine clean. It has a vacuum only for carpet floor mats. Free wipes for cleaning the interior, with purchase of a wash. Friendly staff, easy to use.

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