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200 S Ten Mile Rd, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

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REVIEWS OF Epic Shine Car Wash IN Idaho

Kim Zee

Great wash, free vacuum. Definitely my new destination for keeping my car clean!

Jason Sanders

Great wash and great customer service. I also love the free towels and vacuums.

Jeffery Scarlott

Kelly Murphy

Great prices

Mark Davis

I have had carwash memberships with two other companies now before epic carwash. Epic (my third company to try) is the best so far. Great staff. Gentle car wash (unlike other membships in the valley). Towels available to dry vehicle and wipe it down. Free vacuums that are very powerful. Free dash wipes as well. Did I mention the staff are Great? Far better than their competitors. The only two things I wish they had was a more convenient location (SW Boise preferrably) and a mat washer. Add those and you'd get 10 stars in my book.

Terry Bradshaw

We pulled in for a carwash, guy tells us their credit card reader isn't working ask if we have cash. We didnt he said no worries , send us on thru. WHAT??? He didnt have to do that. What a great company! Thank you so much!!!

Andrew Heitzman

Tammy Hall

Love it here!

Eileen Mitchell

Friendly and helpful staff paired with a 4 minute epic wash. Thank you!!

Rick Schellhaas

Excellent car wash with outstanding vacuums. Outstanding value in their unlimited wash program.

Savannah Boyer

Friendly staff, but this car wash doesn't do well on smaller cars.

Yolonda J

Cleans my car way better than their competitor

Mary Kichak

Love that they give you cami cloths to wipe your car

Matthew Bellezzi

Great place good people

Creg Steele

Nice carwash

Kelsey Marie

Carlie Seamons

Connor Bevins

I wrote a review about not getting the car dry and leaving soap vacuum suction being poor.... I made it for the wrong location. This is the one I went through

Dex Davenport

Nice clean car

Ciara Griffith

The employees at this location have always been super duper nice

Fred G

Israel Rios

Best place to go for a carwash!!

Carl Rizzo


Paul Romero

Kyle Gibson

Melissa Hammon

My husband and I have been through this car wash a few times now and every time, we have been greeted by the nicest people! They’re friendly, quick, efficient and super helpful. Our cars are sparkling clean at the end of the wash and I love that the vacuums come with each car wash! I’ve been through plenty of different car washes and this one on Ten Mile is by far the best!

Michael Maharaj

Kevin Kerfoot

Napualei Hussey-Puahi

Dan Klinge

Always a great wash!

Austin Oborn

Love this car wash. Love that you get complimentary towels to dry your vehicle.

Lisa Aranda

Best car wash ever! My car looks fantastic after a visit to Epic Shine! Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Jim Smith

Awesome Wash

Jake Sharek

Clean car

Review Man

Hands down best car wash in the valley! I pay for the unlimited washes and is super convenient! John is always making sure I’m taken care of when it comes to my truck!

Phyllis Aleshire

Monthly fee for unlimited washing Quick and thorough...haven't been disappointed


Nice car wash. Easy to get to and easy to deal with.

Susie Q

Got the car shiny clean, but be warned, clean your car out before you vacuum! The suction from their vacuum nearly sucks the rug off of the floor, so if you don't want to lose it forever, take it out of the way!a

chris A

Dave Rogers

Desiree Laird

Rigo Delgadillo

Best car wash in the Treasure Valley! If you're a military Veteran and you subscribe to their monthly plan, please make sure you let them know. They honor those who served by upgrading your membership for free!


Pretty simple....another car got stopped in the car wash. Causing other cars to back up and crash into each other. They have numerous cameras in the wash and you would think that the wash would have some sort of sensor that knows the cars are not moving but the wash is still running! After the accident Travis gave his word they would help with the process, insurance and repair! Never heard back! Beware of this car wash! When you really need them they disappear! They are happy to collect money but know assistance when trouble strikes! Oh and they gave me 8 free car washes for the trouble...Unbelievable!

Jamie Burns

Best car wash place ever! Prices are great, my car always comes out great. My favorite part is how well the vacuums work. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs and my SUV gets its share of mess. We go here weekly to take care of our car and we are never disappointed

Janice Neal

Mike Grossman

Robert Sanford

Great price for monthly unlimited car washes. Car gets cleaned very thoroughly. Definitely recommend.

Dennis T


Sondee Watts

Jared Roundy

My son loves automatic car washes. He would skip the vacuums, but they work well and I want a clean car.

Eileen Hoogland

Good wash, friendly attendants.

Bill Smallwood

I like there system it is usually one trip through and done but if it misses something they rewash for free. The vacuums are in good working order with high volume air flow. No coin opperated garbage. A hose on each side of the car and no time limit.

Frank Hesse

Best car wash for the price. I had some dried on bugs not removed by the first time through, so they had me go through again- no charge!

gina ransom

jesse turnbull

ELS Sifredo

Amy Riley

Nice staff. The beater brushes are a bit too strong on the rubber seals around the nose of the car.

Diane Miller

Pretty cool colors of soap.. Or maybe it was the lights..

Michael Henry

This place is great and we'll worth the prices. Very clean and friendly staff.

Holly D

I really like this place, but the wash misses under the mirrors on our big truck (we have to fold them in). Luckily, friendly staff, free to use hand towels, and vacuums help make it easy to keep your car clean : )

Johnny Hamilton

Nice job

Janet Lain

People are geeat! Best carwash we've had in a while!!

Deanna Pietrowski

Excellent car wash! I love the heat lamps and high powered dryers which make for less wipe down if you have time, otherwise good enough to drive off without wiping your vehicle down.

Thom Nelson

Zachary Moore

Great car wash decent prices

Kim Redding

Tyler Moorhouse

kaylyn shipman

Best car wash I've EVER been to. I hate automatic car washes, but I would choose this one over a wash from real people. I would HIGHLY recommend this car wash to anyone that wants a GREAT clean and shine for their cars/trucks. Wish they would put one in the Redding area where we live.

Kevin Redding

High quality and friendly staff

Ramiro Zamora

Tyler Coronado

Epic Shine Car Wash is my favorite place to go in Meridian. They have a great $7 option to get you car cleaned automatically. Wonderful vacuums throughout the lot to get the inside of your car even nicer, they provide great soft wash towels to dry and touch up some spots the wash may have missed. Good service at a very fair price.

Ben Bennett

I have 2 memberships with Epic Car Wash. One for my car and one for my truck. It's great to stop by any location and just drive through for a clean vehicle. They have powerful vacuums that come with the wash. Towels are provided for wiping down the interior and exterior of the car. Works great.

Madison Wilcox

Misty Quaid

Stephen Richardson

Dominik Olguin

Tyler Bertapelle

Kat Falk

Apparently the gentleman working is only willing to wash clean cars and immediately sent us away because our truck was "too muddy." We went to a different car wash and by some apparent miracle the truck didn't in fact make anything dirtier and is now clean. Wondering what the employees think the purpose of a car wash is.

Keith Freeman

Keeping our rides looking fresh. I have 4 cars that I take here. Staff are great and the product they use doesn’t seem to be very acidic. The vacuums are great. The towels are a nice touch and place is always spotless. The monthly membership plan is the way to go.

Rainey Roecker

Great service and a surprisingly great car wash.

Scott Ryan Miller

The need more locations, specifically Eagle / Fairview area

Derek Dains

Good cleaning but usually need to clean twice because of my black finish

Chad Milner

Tiffani Sharp

Great vacuums free with wash. I have never had to wait for a wash.

Fanny Wilson

Nice place, quick and my car looks amazing every single time!

Girls LaBonte

steve sanders

Buy a pass. Take a ride. Great value, great wash and the vacuum is always free. You know Idaho will give a reason to wash at least once a week so but the pass and save yourself money.

Sami Jackson

Very nice! You even can have your car rehashed if you buy the expensive one!

Light Mama

Megan Weaver

Went and got a car wash and vacuumed out my car today. Man, those vacuums are STRONG!! So strong that it sucked up one of my car door rubber inserts. I assumed it was gone for good until I got home and was told that it may be in the canister, so I called to see if I could perhaps find it. Sammy (sp?) answered and said that we could take a look if I could come back today. So I headed straight back and she helped me look through the canister and also suggested maybe it was in the hose or the nozzle. Sure enough! It was stuck in the nozzle and Sammy got it out for me. She was so helpful and never acted irritated or inconvenienced. She’s secured a loyal customer for sure! Thank you so much Sammy!!

Bryan & Melissa

Really kind staff, quick and never overly crowded so you dont have to compete for a spot to vacuum and wipe the last little spots off.

Colin Bonner

Love the car wash! Head and shoulders above the others in the valley.

Tairex Clayton

I came in at a slow time of the day. While no one was outside when I immediately showed up, I was instantly noticed and someone ran to help me with the touch screen and to ask how my day went. It always feels nice to get a great car wash and a nice bit of conversation as well.

michael pearson

Easy clean

Andy Birch

This place is new to the Valley and the wash is exceptional! Very customer oriented! 3 day wash guarantee!

C Boucher

This car wash does a great job at getting your car clean. The in wash dryers work very well, and leave very little for you to have to hand dry. Even though it is an automatic car wash, they still have staff that are very friendly, and always willing to help. I like this location because they have plenty of vacuums and you don't have to be concerned that you wont have a drying spot, or vacuum after you pull out of the wash.

Brian Hesse

Staff is very friendly and helpful!

Hoby Cliff

Pack everyone in so close together if the wash bay doesn't give you anxiety the closeness to car in front and rear sure will!

David Wynn

Excellent car wash and personnel and everything clean and fully operational.

Riley Winters

Jeff Stallings

The friendliest bunch of happy people you'll ever meet! Always smiling always ready to help! I've been to all the epic locations and they're good but this one's the best!!

Diana Maples

Michael Downs

My favorite car wash to go to.. always plenty of people to help and love that the vacuum use is included in the price of the wash.

James Lukesh

great place to wash your cat

Jim Reis

Needs more vacuums to get 5 stars

Rick Ritter

Great wash. Keeping up on my subscription!

Jamie Wilson

Christine Williams

Nice, but a little pricey


Great car was makes the rigs look very clean and the included vacuum are nice too great suction to get all the funk outta your rig. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is when signing up for their “vet protect plan” ($30 wash for $20) great deal


Great Customer service. They told us our wash was eligible for a 4 day rewash if it rains or something, it did and they put us right through with their best wash no questions asked.

Amy Bell Amy Bell

Love this car wash! Vacuum system is the best!

Kristeena Peaslee

Chris Rhodes

Adjuster Idaho

20.00 per month. Unlimited excellent washed and vacs that are amazing!

Carl Schumacher

Charles Ragsdale

paul Schneider

Larry Sawyer

Best automatic car wash in the valley

Doug P.

Fast and easy to wash your vehicle.

Heather Borchert

Great service

Eric Chapman

James Mackenzie

Great value

Anne Olsen

Super pleased how clean my car was!

Rob Lengkeek

The only car wash in the Treasure Valley

Bryan Arrington

My car was very bad but this place shined it right up.

Jim Ungerbuehler

Ken Merrill

Squeaky clean!

Bryan Barker

Monica Garcia

Great carwash! Alot cheaper but better than any other! Definitely will be going here from now on.

Ashley Kleinsmith

Bentley, Hunter & Gigee Lindsley

Not impressed with how it cleans my vehicles.

Emm. M

Best car wash around with the best staff. I happened to show up a minute before they were going to close and they didn't complain one bit in fact the guy ran back to his station so he could prespray and get me through before closing. Awesome.

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