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1621 N Jericho Rd #1857, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dirty Harry's Car Wash IN Idaho

Nathan Gilford

Zack Anderson

Eh it's ok credit card machines are down alot

Chuck King

Bladimir Atienza

This place is horrible, no staff on site , poor customer service made me late for work they said they will contact someone to help asap . No one showed up . Lost 10 dollars .

Eric Cetovick

Kelsey Marie

Always been a quick stop for me because it's always clean and works well!

Cristian Lopez

Best DIY car wash for only 3$ Has gone downhill this past year, just wasted $7 on the drive through wash with a broken machine, credit card machine didn't work in another bay, leaking spray nozzles. Used to be my first choice for a car wash but not anymore.

Mike MikeRogers

Thom Geren

One of the better self serve car wash.

Shantel Tavoian

The washer stopped in the middle of the cleaning. My car still had soap on it. I paid $7 to have my car spayed with soap and then got left on. When I tried to call the company all I got was a beeping noise. No help at all. WORSE car wash I have ever been to!!!

Jeffery Dearing

Brooklyn H.

Easy to find and use. 1 drive-thru automatic, 6 self wash bays and several vacuum bays. The soap in our bay was not working and the parking lot and bays are dirty and have trash strewn about. Not coming back.

Brett Young

Jason B.

One of the best diy car washs. You dont get ripped off on change here. U get a good amount of soap and what not!

Michael Tuttle

Gabe Pence

John Christiansen

I'm a big fan of the credit card readers here so I don't have to stockpile quarters.

Kris Westergard

Love this place!

Kyle Crumley

Always first choice

Pat Butson

tom dalton

Its definitely better than other places I've used.

Luke Murphy

Great place to fit all of your needs. Customer service is always great and they will always lend you a smile if you catch each others eyes. If you ever need any questions answered there a friendly employee just a few feet away to assist you. I would recommend this place to anyone and will continue to go up until something greater arrives which i highly dout. I had a amazing experience where i had gotta the incorrect item my own fault and when i went back blaming them they were able to correct me and get me on my way with the correct item and that is what makes this such a great business. Hope that anyone who can take time outta there day to read and appreciate this and give them recognition for there amazing customer service and influence others to come and give this place a try. Shout out to these lovely people and hope this review helps the company and anyone who reads it. Lastly they also provide all parking to anyone and bathrooms that suite you situation like any great business should amd thst is what these guys do best providing for the people in there community thank you,

kay dee

Vacuum hardly works. Expensive


Good place to wash your car or RV. They always make sure their sprayers and brushes are in good condition so your not cursing after putting money in. I had an issue once and the guy there helped me out and put money in giving me extra time. It made all issues disappear. Very nice guy btw.

Joseph Murray

We washed our truck and travel trailer here as soon as we rolled into town from Texas. The owner even came over and helped us get the bug splats off. We will return.

Ashely Sweet

Marvin Sims

Has an RV bay with platforms to reach roof and tall sides.

Dan Asbury

Coin machine took my 3 dollars, did not work. Card readers out of order. No employee to be found. Will not be going again.

Diana Perry

Lyle Martin

Coin machine did not work. Left message on posted number . no response.

F-Javier Cardenas

Destry Taylor

Great customer service! My favorite car wash. Had a issue they refunded my money and a token for a free wash.

Barbara Morrison

Oh, and I left and a handwritten note on the door. I went to this car wash June 14th 2018. I put $4 in and started to wash my car except there was no soap, so at that time I was already out the money. I called the company and left a message on that date June 14th and still to this day have not received a call back. I called again today and left a message let me see if I get a call back it is only $4 but really it is the principle of the matter you go in you put your money in you want to get your car nice and clean and nothing. So at the very least I should expect the $4 back so I can go do this somewhere else or at their shop again. My opinion is if they don't call me back or compensate me for the money that I put into the non-working soap dispenser, then I would not recommend this car wash to anyone.

Greg Dennler

This is a good car wash with machines that work well. You can get quarters here, but cleaning products and air freshers, vacuum, do it yourself car wash (the best kind) and a shampooer. It's very helpful to be able to shampoo your car when something gets spilled or an animal or child gets sick,

Alan Jarvis

Love this place.

trace tammaro

My line of work is literally rating businesses in Idaho and this car wash is the best car wash I have been to in my 6 years of driving around Idaho. My truck gets really dirty with all the driving and this place makes it look brand new every time! Love it!! Plus the lady that owns it is the nicest woman I have met in a long time. She always has a smile on her face!


Tried to cancel wash request because I didn't have exact change. After putting in 3.50 I got 1.25 back! Decided to use card at manual wash; charge was $2.00, but bank statement shows $10. #thieves #robbery #zerostars

Mike Woslager

Worst car wash in the valley. The equipment works half the time and the place is usually filthy. I have called and complained and never get a response. Drive past this place and save yourself some aggravation.

Matthew Simmons

This is one of the only car washes in meridian I know if that had the carpet shampooer. They only have one station, do you might have to wait. The vacuum want the greatest at that station, but still, the shampooer/brush is great. Clean facility as well.

Christopher DeBona

Excellent experience and customer service experience! They even refunded me cash that was eaten from the change machine and gave me a free wash. Just a great experience. I would recommend anyone to use their services.

David Ruby

Not bad, but the swing arms don't keep the hoses from hitting the car and that's not good.

Todd Gillespie

Taryn Wolfe

Great vacuums. They suck

Jm S

Great price 3.00 for 10 min car looks great

ErikE32 !

Go here all they time, 3 dollars goes a lone wayyy


10 minutes for $3. Lots of options. Good value IMO.

Rebecca DelliCarpini

Chill place, do it yourself (quarters) or drive through

Kyle F

If you’re looking for a self car wash this is the place to go. They offer a $3 for 10 minutes in one of the bays. Best bang for your buck. I was able to wash my whole car with a few seconds to spare. Then hop on the freeway will quick to dry the car. Perfect combo. The bays are also very clean and the nozzle usually changes pretty quick.

Rob Harrison

Everything worked and I used my CC.

Lexus Kay

I really liked this place until last night. They are very cheap and easy to use but my boyfriend and I washed his mats in his car last night with the credit card machine. Our total was under $5.00 and we were charged $10.00 to our account. I have called every number I can find for Dirty Harry's but I have not gotten through to a human. If you use, definitely don't use your credit card because they overcharge.

Gwen A

Immaculate cleanliness, extraordinary customer service and an the most efficient car wash I’ve ever been to. If you want a great value with a speedy and thorough service go here!

Heidi Smith

Went here again today lol i just baught a new car so i love to see it clean, i like how spacious this facility is, and highly recommend it!!, oh and i saw Shayne again their cleaning, great job

Capt. Morgan

This is a great place, pulled my old KW truck in and had my swamper gave it a quick wash, looks like a new truck . Highly recommend.

Philip Pirie

It can be a little pricey, but it is better than washing with a bucket on a hot day!

Saxton Schena

Water pressure isn’t even enough to clean your car don’t wast your money


marcie peabody

Great place

jayne Hernandez

Very nice do it yourself car wash

Tonya Dopieralski

Self service, clean, never busy

David Leatherbury

Great resource, well-kept facility, I have used several times over the years, recently had an issue with one of the bay’s not working properly. A simple call, they made it right! Promptly. Glad to have this facility in my neighborhood… Thank you

Mark Erway

Love that there is a 24 hour self serve wash for larger vehicles and RV's! There are not enough of these across the country. Being able to do both sides at the same time is awesome! I just have one word for the owner though... LIGHTS Any light in that bay would be helpful. Very difficult to do a decent job in the dark.

Brandon Denney

Brandy Whitaker

Average car wash

Lily M

This place is awesome to get a large vehicle washed. It’s self service but you can fit a huge box truck so that’s a plus. You can rinse off super muddy truck beds after transporting dirt or whatever else that is a huge mess. It’s convenient and has what you’d need.

Chance Carter

Great place to wash a car or truck

Andrew Onofrei

A little on the pricey side

Dale Sammann

Good for motorcycles too

Brandon Ishizu

Great place for a cheap car wash, as long as you dont mind getting a little wet or dirty. 1 dollar gets you two minutes of the power washer, which imo isnt very powerful, but I've only been here a few times so I'm not sure. Make sure to bring a towel to at least wipe off your windows.

Derrick Nalley

One of the last places to wash your own car! Every time I go the place is clean and all of the machines are working properly. Nice job whoever maintains this place.

Ralph Febus

Mark D Rollins

Great place to clean up your car.


Self service carwash and it dont cost a fortune love it

Ryan A Doremus

Google Gmail

I came here for the interior shampoo machine. All it did was soak the interior of my car in soap! Huge mess and now I need to go get a real upholstery cleaner machine because this one does nothing but spray your car with soap. I could have done that with a squirt bottle.

Brandon Lerback

Dick Duncan

Elliot Christopher

I love this Car Wash! Be sure to get their coins... It gives you extra time. Also, all of their wash soaps are always working, not watered down, and smell great! Definitely my favorite Car Wash in the area!

Farzan F.

Matt Alexander

Spent like $6 in quarters but it's a big truck so understandable

Todd Potter

Seth Clawson

Recently washed my truck and by using my card and only going to $3.00 it took $7.52 from me then today I just washed it off with a rinse said I used $2.48 total checked back and it took $10.00 out this place is a scam!!!

Robert Redtfeldt

Just took my money and started to count down no water, soap or pressure. Your place of business is a rip off of my money but worst my time.

Josh Pegram

Best place to wash your car

Mike Morgan

Dirty Harry's has been the best self serve car wash in town. Cheap car automatic car washes.

Kolleen Burgess

I stay my c a r off there every day

Misty Smith

Very clean for a self serve car wash

Tress Padgett

Britany Crawford

Great service.

Monique Bergam

Great quality car wash and awesome pricing. This is my new car wash. No more paying $12 for a wash.

Rosalie Ann

I love washing my car here. I once lost a few quarters in one of the bays, and wrote down the bay number. I left a message on the answering machine for Dirty Harry's and told them which bay I lost my quarters in, and the owner returned my phone call. Michele refunded me more than I lost and gave me a free $5 car wash. Now that is OUTSTANDING customer service!

Phillip Stucker

Keeping it simple since at least I was a kid. No fuss, no muss.

cisca garcia

Nice and clean.. . Exactly how I wanted my car ;)

Ronald Dunn

Andrew Arthur

By far the best customer service I have received from a car wash! Due to an accident with one of the sprayers in their wash late on a Friday night, my mustang ended up with a scratch in the fender. I called the number posted in one of the bays and they called me back within a few minutes saying they were on their way to investigate the issue and that they would be covering the damage. Less than two weeks later my car got dropped off and a quote was written, I should be getting it back in a few hours and Dirty Harrys is covering the damage just as they promised! I will definitely be returning and recommending this wash to everybody I know!

Dylan Buford

Worst car wash I've ever been to WASTED $7 and didn't even clean the car! By the end my car was still COVERED in soap and not clean and not dry this is the biggest waste of $7 I've ever spent I would recommend Wal-Mart's parking lot over this joke.

Charles Ake

John Stewart

Boom in dirty n out clean...AWSOME...

Mark Boswell

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