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REVIEWS OF Great American Car Wash IN Hawaii

Fallon Pratt

Up until today I had good experiences at Great American Car Wash. I suppose the bar was set much lower however because I have always gotten the general interior car wash and not expected perfection for $20. Today I went and had a full interior detail done for $151.99. I told the gentlemen when he looked at my car and we filled out the paperwork for the detail that my main concern was the driver side front seat area (dash, ceiling liner and door) because the mess in that area is what prompted me to seek a detail in the first place. What I paid for was supposed to cover that area. I got my car back and the interior was not fully cleaned. There was still dog hair all over the back of the car (which they said would be taken care of with the steam clean) and the drivers said had been half assed cleaned at best. I pointed this out to the attendant and he took it back for 5 minutes and "used the air tool" to get what he could but it would be another $59.99 if I wanted the rest cleaned "per the manager". I pointed out that my car was still not clean and I wanted it cleaned or I wanted my money back he said there was nothing they could do for me. I left upset and then realized at my next stop that they hadn't given me my car mats back and had to go back and wait another 20 minutes while they searched for them. I will be disputing this charge with my bank.

Briallan Hernandez

Great service, I was traveling to north California ND I search for a car wash with good rating. .......I like it the service on my BMW thanks

gary schnacker

Expensive for a fairly decent wash. Not so impressed. Doubt I will go again. Thought the price was high enough for a hand wash. Was disappointed when watching it go through an automatic washer.

Zainab Senhaji Rhazi

Great service. My husband goes there almost weekly

M Evans

Pretty decent

Kimberly Pierson

Conveniently located. The cashier was helpful and the guys at the exit really hustle and do a good job! However, I paid to have my tires and wheel wells addressed because both were muddy, but the lady at the entrance to the car wash didn’t pre-spray the car or the tires despite being asked about it twice. After the second time I asked her, I showed her my receipt thinking that might help, but she just waved me off again saying “no, no” with a smile. It was a polite exchange for both of us — but completely ineffective. I finally gave up and went with it. One guy (mid-thirties, maybe?) in the team of guys at the exit was working hard on details, and I tipped him, but most of the guys out there seemed more focused on getting cars moved out of the way. The exit team would probably have more time to finish each vehicle coming out if the lady at the entrance weren’t so quick to push cars through. Seriously, there was NO ONE waiting behind me and cars were wedged in at the exit, but she was not getting the whole timing thing at all. There was enough of a jam out front that the conveyor had to be stopped twice while I was in the tube. I’ve never seen that happen once, much less twice, in one cycle. Anyway, good location, nice enough staff, and the body of my vehicle looks clean. Unfortunately, the windows and side mirrors do not, and my wheel wells are just as muddy as they were when I arrived— which makes the rest look “meh” at best. That the business (or this staff member) doesn’t pre-spray the vehicle/tires clinched it for me. I could have gotten the same results at a gas station car wash for a fraction of the price, so I won’t be back. Bummer.

Michael Tackett

Natalie Dollar

I've been here twice now, first tried the basic and then the deluxe and was disappointed with the attention to detail both times. It wasn't bothersome enough to leave a review, until now 3 weeks later when I found dried dog vomit in the crease of my backseat that the cleaners overlooked. Doesn't really warrant the term "detail" and not worth the $40 for sure. If you go in for a professional service, you don't want to know you could have done it better yourself. The owner and the inside waiting area are very nice though.

Merry O’Neill

Very dissatisfied with the quality of work for the price. Cashier was quite unpleasant.

Doug Treff

Love this place. I don't understand any of the negative reviews. Honestly I am a monthly member and I am always pleased with the cleanliness of my vehicle afterwards. In fact I will be heading down there today!

Marc Teles

I pulled in with no other cars ahead of me and after waiting for 15 minutes four other cars came out of the wash. The guy behind the register didn't care. Didn't offer me anything. The customer service here is lacking. Find another place to go.

Donna Shockley

Pricey and not as good of service for that price. Didn't clean as well as should have for $32.

Miguel Nunez

Great place to ask questions and get the best answers. Great service and great waiting room. The crew will go out of the way to help

Sheri Cooley

Purchased Groupon for Liberty Wash and Orbital Wax - awesome deal! No pressure to upgrade, merely suggestions. Customer service was wonderful. Because it was a Saturday before a holiday, told wax would take 2.5 hours, but was done in much less, and car looks great. Waiting room is lovely and relaxing. They sell greeting cards, too, that aren't carried anywhere else. Looking forward to going back.

T Sloan

I paid 20.00 bucks to have the outside washed. They ran my car through and wiped down the side of the car you can see while you wait nice and polished but the side away from you had tire polish wiped all over it. I had to rewipe my whole car with a spray detailer to clean it evenly. EPIC FAIL!!!!


They were able to remove tar from my car!!! Great customer service and my car looks amazing!!!!!!

Debby Currie

Karen McMillan

My vehicle was covered in oil and tar, all over the white paint, windows, wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage. They did an Awesome job of detailing my vehicle outside and inside!! Very nice people and they went the extra mile with everything. I would highly recommend them.

Cat Henry

Good car wash for interior and exterior cleaning. Awesome military discounts on washes and carpet steaming. Cheap price matches the quality however.

Wendell Settle Sr

This was a real treat while on vacation. My car hasn't looked this good since I bought it. It looked new again, spotless. Quick and reasonable. Oklahoma could use some of these. Yeehaw !

Dave Hiltabidle

Friendly folks, great price for unlimited wash...full detail with clay bar great job on brothers vehicle. Bathroom super clean! City Dock coffee is always fresh.

Alien Matters


Paid $50 for what was supposed to be a price special: freedom wash and hand wax plus tire shine. Employee kept forcing me to upgrade my wash for $80 more so they can buff and use a special wax for my car since I have lots of water stains and my paint was getting dull. I tried to tell the guy I new my car needed a good detail and wax job but I can't do that right now. He wouldn't listen and kept pushing me to upgrade my wash. I felt like since I didn't want to do the upgrade they didn't care to do a good job washing my car. There was still dirt on my windshield, the car didn't smell like vanilla air freshener like the guy asked me to pick out, and who knows if they even hand waxed my car. So I basically paid $50 for a wash I could have paid for $10 at the drive thru car wash. Also after the employee was telling me how much I needed the special upgrade I felt it was pretty pointless for them to hand wax my car.

Kenny Three Arrows Cantrell

Good service!

Kayne McIntosh

Judy Wynkoop

They do a great job. We have the monthly plan and get our car cleaned often. We love it and our car stays clean!

Don Crocetti

Great place. A bit pricey, but they do a very good job and are pretty quick.

Krista Hokanson

Jennifer Johnson

Cashier seemed bothered by me being there, barely said a word to me. For $34 I would expect the car to be a lot cleaner than it is...doesn't even look like they cleaned the floor mats at all.

Allison Gamblin

It was a good experience, but when I had a chance to inspect the car I kept finding bird poop on the sides of my doors and along window edges.

Justin Peters

I waited for 15 minutes and not one person took my name or asked me what I needed


Went to get a gift card for my son and found out they charge an extra $3 if you have a hatchback, even if you do not want the trunk vacuumed. Ridiculous. Will never return.

Shawn Watkins

Thomas Robertson

Erica Carrera

I paid $250.00 for the ENTIRE interior of my car to be detailed. A special spot of attention was the front passenger seat as there was major stains on that seat from spilled water and spilled Me-N-Eds cinnamon bites. The front seat stain removal was about 95%. The rest of the interior not so much. It appears the interior was steam cleaned but no pre-vaccuming was done to first pick up the loose particles. After the steam cleaning there was no wipe down so there was residue everywhere. Apparently the employees working on my car couldn't figure out how to turn off my car's headlights or bother to come ask me how to turn them off so they just left the lights on, causing my battery to die. At least they jumped my car. I can't help but feel ripped off. Initially this place wanted to charge me $300..00 to detail the entire interior or $100.00 to detail the seats only. When I hesitated and said just the seats for $100.00 they turn and offer me a "deal" to detail the entire interior for $250.00 and a car wash. I reluctantly accepted the said deal which also left residue on the exterior of my car. For what I paid the interior of my car should have sparkled! I don't think i'll be going here again.

Jackie Kinsey

DO NOT GO HERE! I bought the Groupon for an Orbital Wax and a monthly wash pass. When I arrived they immediately told me to pull around and they had to "show me something". WITHOUT TELLING ME what they were going to do they started working a large patch on the hood of my car (buffing, waxing, shinning etc...) and never once did they say what they were going to do. Afterwards the owner spent 30 minutes telling me that we have to pay 240 dollars (which was a 50% off price) to get the rest of my car to now match what they had just done. My car has some oxidation and water spots so now... I have one "brand new" patch on half of my hood and the rest of my car looks aweful. Then... he hold me that he will only wash my car and he wont wax it now because it was too late in the day.... that's after he spent 30 minutes scamming me into paying him to get my car to match the spot they worked on. I'm reporting them to the BBB. I took pictures and everything. Oh, there is also now a new dent and scratched where they worked on my hood. Please save yourself the grief and DO NOT GO HERE!

M Ochoa

PandaHead CJR

I meet a dog there and he was so cute

David Walters

Nancy P Andree

I'm pretty sure they ran over something that broke my rear left shock

Kevin Goodnight

Convenient but expensive

John Poulos

Jimbo Guerra

(Translated by Google) Put yourselves trout with their stuff they're stealing while cleaning inside. A guy of old hair ... And the driver is with ... yesterday my daughter's cell phone was stolen from my car when she saw him left for trusting .. (Original) Pónganse truchas con sus cosas ke se las están robando mientras limpian por dentro. Un guero de edad pelon.. Y el manejador está con el... ayer me robaron del carro el celular de mi hija al a verlo dejado por confiansudo..

Lyn Johnson

I paid $28 for the liberty full service. They did a really crapy job in vacuuming and wiping down inside of car. Not worth the money. Go someplace else.

trick chins

Sara Davidson

They did an excellent job detailing my car. Would definitely recommend them!


Nice convenient car was but take your car in an hour before listed closing hours as they close gates to enter earlier.

Jeremy Vance

I think they're just great. My kind of place to get my car done!!

Noah Brooks

Very helpful staff with everything I asked. You guys are wonderful!

Johnbarsull Sullivan

T Bessard

These guys did a great job. Very thorough. It is a machine wash so if you are concerned its not a hand car wash but they do a great job and offered a nice discount as a first time customer. And they sell monthly wash passes!


Over priced if you ask me but they have a bay for big vehicles and I don't know of anywhere else in town you could wash a rv bus or 18 wheeler

Nick Harbison

Terrible place. Was greeted by someone who could not communicate. I blindly pulled up to a bay with no one to accept me. I sat there for 20 min waiting for someone to assist. No one came. They use the patriotism shtick to dupe the rubes. Avoid this place.

Kevin Walsh

Got exterior and interior cleaning with the Liberty Full-Service package. The undercarriage was even touched, bone dry. The interior, again, untouched. The only thing cleaned were the windows, and even that was done lazily. Even the exterior was inadequate, as I did a walk around finding dirt and smudges all over.The exterior wash was mediocre. Door jams were wiped, not cleaned. Placemats were taken out, but the floors weren't cleaned and neither were the placemats. Extremely disappointing, to say the least.

Katie Macindoe

Don’t go here alone if you’re a teenage girl or young woman. The workers gawk at you while you’re waiting. Very uncomfortable

Debbie Jasso

Very good service

Dr Norman Greenwald PhD JD

Closest to a home wash you can get in the Annapolis area, support, service, detail, price, timeliness, scores ABOVE the others that seem to get accolades, we'll worth driving further

Kevin Walters

Your environment was splendid; I loved my visit there with my son for the first time today. I will be back for a second visit no doubt. Hopefully I can find a newspaper handy. Thank you so much!

d trump

shang shin

Well done. Honest and friendly.

Mark Mazzuchelli

We take all of our cars there. First rate service.

Teresa McCall

My favorite car wash. Customer service is great.

Emily Joy

Mykee Luckey

Ibraheem Albasty

Timothy Harris

Nice folks. They missed the trunk and back seat.

Rick Kennedy

I have gone to this carwash for 21 odd years and the service has been exceptional. I live in Annapolis so to go there is an effort but has been worth it. Today, I bought the usual Freedom Full Service wash. I noticed as they were wiping down the car that the rear end was gray. It had not been cleaned in the machine so the workers wiped the dirt off grinding it into the paint and scratching the paint. I mentioned it to the lady behind the cash and she said she would look into it. Well, for me, that was too late. The damage was done. In addition, while walking around the car I noticed a lot of "missed" places. Of course they fixed them but I don't remember having that happen before. What has happened to the service?

David Moss

They used to be great. Missed a bunch of spots that for $34 they definitely shouldn’t have. They are fast because they rush instead of doing quality work. Sad to see that this place fell so far. I won’t be going back.

Donna Herring

The good: They actually are full service. They do upholstery cleaning which I needed and not a lot of places around here do that. They got everything out of my cloth seats and my car was really clean. Took about 45 minutes. The bad: These people are just rude. There is no customer service mentality. They’re curt and everybody seems miserable. I was here for about 45 minutes so I was planning to do a little work. There are only 2 benches to sit on. One of which has no back and is pushed up against a wall with a bump out so you can’t lean back. No table or anything. Also, there is terrible WiFi if you’re trying to get anything done. They’re definitely not trying to let their customers be comfortable. When my car was finished I was summoned and they were really rude about it. Idk. I won’t be back.

Rick Veil

Paid for the freedom wash and 5 mins after I left I noticed I was missing my shark fin antenna cover. I call them and was told they would call me if they could find it. After 2.5 hours and no return call and them not answering their phone I drove back only to be told they couldn’t find it. I came in with it and left without it. Where did it go??? You would think the guys drying the cars would say something or stop the wash and look for it.

Tracy Smith

Always a great experience. Most car washes never clean my back windows and this crew gets every nook and cranny. Wonderful work. Thank you!

paquita grimes

Love this place, fast fast fast.

Ryan Brewer

Bonnie ODonnell

Great job unside out for a reasonable price. Quixk

mireya cash

Very happy with their performance and very friendly employees. Good people!

Michelle Rivera

Haven't gone to this place in a while and after it all happened i remembered why I don't come here!! After my first experience which was a while back was horrible, though I give them another chance today but its still remains that same with Horrible customer service!! My 13 year old sister can do WAY OF A BETTER JOB than this poor cleaning I received today except I don't have to pay her..... my dashboard remained the same looks like they didn't even touch it.. I feel like I was rushed out because I wasn't even their for 15 minutes like their website says, side doors weren't clean all the way, left cleaning marks on my windshield and mats where wrongly placed. The guy who cleaned my car was telling me he was done but I corrected him on some things left to clean and still didn't get them all the way through how ever I still tipped for the troubles. If your goal is to loose customers than your doing a GREAT JOB because I will never go back!!! And will definitely not recommend this poor quality car wash to anyone!!!

Jessica Ramirez

Paul Barney

They were really fast and the owner was very friendly and helpful. I will go back.

Jesus Ortiz

Bobby Basra

Ever since the New owner Aj has taken this car wash over it has become the best car wash ever, I bring my Brand New Corvette Sting Ray and Porsche cayenne and they handle it with such care. this car wash has some great employee and not to mention the owner himself will greet you and make sure you are comfortable. Great service, Great attitude, well worth my money i highly recommend this car wash if you want to see your car handled with care

Christopher John Moss

jocelyne cross

Efficace! Personnel gentil ! Voiture super propre !

cynthia deleon

WORST car wash experience I have ever had. This was my first time trying out the express drive thru car wash and for starters the man giving me instructions before going in had a terrible attitude like getting frustrated and yelling at me for not lining up my wheels properly the first time. I'm pretty sure you hate your job but don't take it out on the customer. As I'm going through the wash I hear this loud snap and look at my passenger side and see my side mirror had been snapped off! Once out of the drive thru I let the man who's drying the car know in a calm manner that my mirror just broke while being in there. Then this man comes to check it out and he's nice about it, and says to go inside to fill out a form. The lady inside is the one who really made this a horrible experience. I could tell she had an attitude. She asked me to fill out the form while she goes outside and checks out the damage. She comes back with a bad attitude and asked if I knew that I had a lose screw and of course I didn't but she acts like I was lying about it. So apparently there's nothing they can do if there's already pre existing damage. Maybe the screw was loose or missing before, I honestly had no idea, but the way she unsympathetically handled the situation by making me feel like it was my fault is why I'm leaving this bad review. Learn how to treat your paying customers with decency and respect and at least try to help in situations like this not just say there's nothing they can do in a bad attitude. For the record I was calm and respectful the whole time. Luckily the nice workers at Jiffy Lube next door were kind enough to tape my mirror to get me home. Will not be coming back to this place and neither will my friends and family.

Alex Smith

I paid to get my car detailed. And when it was done notice my Ozzy cd missing from my cd player. The man said I must be mistaken and told me to leave. When I threatend to call the cops he gave me a coupon for half off wash... JUST TO GET MORE STUFF I'M GUESSIN!

Kimberly Haines

Always hidden fees with this place

nia hollings

Outstanding service. Came in for detail and brought 2 cars back in.

Victorious Larrondo

Great car wash

Saifedden Alnajjar

The carcnot clean very much

Anthony Standley

I like it! I have the monthly was package and I haven't had an issue yet! The cashier inside is so nice and kind. I always tip the employees since they pay attention to small details every time. If the hours were a little later I would definitely give 5 stars!

Augie Clark

I went to get a hand car wash and they stole my prescription pills. I spoke with a manager and she said that she checked the cameras and she didn't see them steal anything and that she couldn't do anything about it. Worse experience ever in my life! Be careful people the employee's have sticky fingers. They didn't even apologize for it and made me feel like I was lying! I will never go back!

Deborah McGauley

Great service

X x

Great service, quick and efficient

Denn Baisa

I saw you most times I used that Groupon and you were always very hospitable. Thank you for making customer satisfaction a priority in your business.

Páblo Martínez-Meneses

deb tatkowski

Steve Marr

Antoinette Hodges

New to area and thought I would try the Great American Car Wash. There is nothing great about this place. I joined the monthly membership and canceled it the same day.

brad henscheid

Verna Shavers

Matt Brown

Great value. Awesome service they did a really great job on my filthy truck.

amanda schultz

RaYder oAk

Well I got the $17.00 wash and it looked like they dried it with dirty towels or something. When I wash it myself it comes out 5X better! And the tire stuff they use is weak!! So I'm gonna wash it myself first thing in the morning! I won't be going back there!! ....i haven't had a chance to write another review since this last one. But the day after the owner call me directly and was very apologetic and very concerned and asked me to please bring my car back so they can hook my car up!! So I haven't had a chance to but I was pleased with his professional concern!!!

Kathryn Walker

Gregory Hinkleman

This used to be our favorite car wash for more than 15 years in this area. Now it seems like a car wash that just wants to get you in and out as fast as possible no matter how your car looks. My last car wash was ok but the additional cleaning at the end had to be done several times until I just gave up. They just wanted to move on to the next person instead of finishing my car correctly. I am not looking for perfection, just get the noticable dirty areas cleaned. I hope they get things back on track soon.

Elizabeth Zamzow

I have never been treated so rudely!!!!! I pulled in here in a panic because my 18 month old had just vomited. This just happened to be the first place to pull over when it happened. We were on our way to take some relatives to the airport and were in a bit of a hurry. I was cleaning him and his car seat with baby wipes, but asked one of the workers if they had any paper towels we could use. She gave us a rag and a spray bottle of some kind of cleaner. A little while later the owner (who looked rather young to me, but he said he was the owner) began yelling at us that we can't use his supplies. We told him what happened and he said he didn't care. And that we owed him at least $20 for an "interior cleaning". I said his worker gave it to us and said it was ok. I explained that we only used one rag and very little cleaner just to clean only his car seat. He kept yelling and ranting at us. Saying his that his workers "probably didn't even speak English" and then threatened to call the police. I finally paid him $10 because we were in a hurry to get to the airport and he was refusing to let us leave. I am appalled by his behavior and I implore anyone who sees this to not support this man's business!


Great place never had an issue.

Kristen Loyd

I hust left and so disappointed with the results. I paid $37 and it looks like a kid cleaned out the inside. The only thing that was done was vacuuming and the windshield wiped down. I will NOT be going back.

G William Norris III


Alexis Strom

VERY RUDE SERVICE!! I am 17 years old and the front desk lady was very condescending asked me if I knew what I was talking about and yelled at me for not having a parent. HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND!! Won’t be going back ever!!

lindsay picker

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Definitely appreciated the discounts you have for the Military as well....will be recommending to my friends!

Jim Gartung

After receiving very poor service, the manager yelled at my wife to go away and never come back. He has that right, we will never go to that place again!

sonja B

Worst car wash and detail I have ever gotten. Horrible customer service, horrible wash, horrible vacuum, and the WORST management I have ever seen. This place is a joke, the WORST excuse of a "car wash ever. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! WHAT A WAIST OF MONEY!

John Koloski

Took the time to scrape off all the tree sap that was still there after running it through the wash and made it look like it was just another car to get clean. Thank you!

Saundra Harris

Brian Isdell

Pretty decent! They do tend to not put back floor mats and miss little things like wiping out cup holders and not cleaning the window edges.But over all not a bad spot.

Lee D

Typical mechanical car wash with pre and post manual cleaning. Did a solid job. Not too friendly but quick. 33$ for the best clean. Better than the Mr Car Wash off of 97. I will return and post back.

Peggy Clark

The website offers steam cleaning of carpet, mats and all seats for $75. But when we got there to do this we were told it would be $140. My husband started to leave when the salesman said " let me call my boss". We were then told it would be $90 for the steam clean because there were stains. They wanted to pretreat the stains for a price of $15 per stain. We said not thanks to this. So we accepted the price of $90 but were astonished when it was completed that the mats and carpet were not even touched. So they steam cleaned two front seats and one bench seat in the back. They did not do the back of the seats " those are extra" ??? TOTALLY not worth the price. The "salesman" made us feel like we were at a used car lot. Oh and the "stains" that they were sure would need to be pretreated did come out with out and pretreatment. Will not ever go back. Not even for a car wash. Such a scam with use car lot type salesman.

Katrina Wagner

Brandon Montang

I am very happy with the detail given my truck. It was little pricey, but well worth the work done. I have some scratches and paint rubs from the previous driver, and they were able to buff them all out. Very patriotic as well. Thank for supporting us veterans

Amber Hillman

Great price and did a great job

Sancho Pena

I first came to your establishment by using a groupon. I was debating on the different wax jobs available and you patiently explained them to me. I ened up getting a cheaper package because of the clerk helping me.... and for me that is a rarity! Thank you!

Lesley K

Terrible service. I paid nearly $40 (32.95 plus 6 tip) for interior/exterior wash (the top of the line service)...they poorly vacuumed, ran it thru the line and wiped off a few of the water spots. They didn't do the mats, wipe the door jams, dust the dash, clean cup holders (2 still had gum wrappers in them), or get the dog nose marks off the window. No attention to detail. Save your money, do it yourself or find a real carwash!

C Waller

The workers are nice enough but I prefer a covered area for vacuuming my car.

Edward Bessman

Fast and friendly at a good price.


For $25 they washed nothing!

Ray Banuelos

Great place for Car Washes. Very Patriotic owner. Good prices. Great deals for Veterans. Beautiful murals. Highly recommend to family and friends.

Mitchell C

I really do not like the service here. I used to take my cars here often, but over the years their quality has dipped quite a bit. They often miss many spots and don't have much concern for it. They also have listed on their sign $4 per mat if you would them pressure washed. I paid for 4 mats and they argued with me because they said that one of my mats counted as two. Don't bring your cars here, there are many other places you can go.

Jennifer Richeson

David N

Got the full detail at $230. Went to pick it up and had to ask them to wipe down the back seats and vacuum the trunk out. I thought going to a big place would be better than an individual, I was wrong. The value of the detail was probably $120.

Michael Johnson

Fast Service

tyrone mccall

Everyone had a great and friendly attitude when I went to AMCW! Helpful employees and hard workers. You charge too little for the service I got. I will be back for more smiles and great work.

Seth Chupp

Dana Magwood

James Boyette

Great service!!

Karen L

Great job for a good price

Richard Lemire

Friendly service, good job.

Ken Chavez

Had my 1972 VW Bug detailed. The staff at Great American Car Wash did a fantastic job on my car. They almost made a 1972 look brand new!! I was really impressed with what they could do to make my car look good. The paint needed plenty of work and they did it!! The shampooing of the carpet and mats was fantastic!! Thank you AJ & staff!! Job well done!!

berta Rodriguez

The best place to have your car wash

Mohamed Dahab

Raymond Powell

They don't even clean the cupholders.

John Helsel

Over priced

Maria Daniels

H2 H2

Met a great American today. Jack the cashier. He is an awesome young man who spoke highly of his grandparents service to our country. Thank you for your respect and kindness, Jack. Signed, Grateful Veteran, H.

Stephen Moody

Unlimited Car Wash can’t be beaten. From the exterior to the interior is very clean. What these employees do, would take me hours of washing, drying and cleaning the interior. My Subaru always looks show room new after visiting their facility. My Subaru, I call Scrappy Doo is washed once a week. Just want to get road salt off, great results. Management and staff are very friendly. If you are dissatisfied when the window washers call you over for pickup, just let them know and the problem is corrected. Thanks for all the care you provide. It’s gratifying to know the The Great American Car Wash is “Making My Car Great Again”.

Ron Alonzo

I had a great experience with my first, second and third car wash thus far and will continue to do business with them for the future to come. The workers were great and friendly and the owner really cares about making customers happy. I highly recommend this place. But don't take my word for it. Go and see... Thank you for the Great American customer service.

Jason Patton

Great wash

Derek Watkins

Always great service and quality work.

Martin Martinez

New crew

Claudia Ventura

I have complain because I paid the full service and two mans made my car and they no crean good the dash console of my car so always in this carwash only look if the costumer have a good tips

Ryan Thomas

Inquired about getting my headlight polished and the rude/unprofessional employee tried charging me more than the website had posted for that service. I also stated that I was a veteran and inquired about a veteran discount. Employee didn’t care and I said “I’m outta here”. Not sure how this place is still in business after reading similar reviews...

hello hello

I would recommend this place to anyone. They are very nice people; they do outstanding job cleaning and making your car looks new. the price also very low compare to everyone I went to. first time I felt I got more for what I have paid. super super super nice...............thank you

Vonte Mitchell


Larry Rogers

Halfway clean for above normal pricing.

Andrew Padilla

Great discount for veterans!

Rob Resendez

Sad that I used to work here and can't get decent service..... Car had to go thru twice and still wasn't cleaned right..... I had to point out where it was still dirty.....

Rebecca Reeds

I will definitely be back! They were so friendly and my car was done so fast. Did a great job too!

Rick Smit

Car will be clean when you leave no matter how busy they are.

Calvin Daigle

Quick wash

A Google User

They only spent 30 seconds drying my car. Really infuriating. Looking for another place

Ann M

If you just want your vehicle to get a splash of water, i recommend this place! They dont even wash it with SOAP just water, everything looks old. I was really unsatisfied with this place. Never again will i return to this "car wash"

Heather Nicole

I paid $27.99 so I could get the interior cleaned and cleaned well. My car needed a lot of work but that's why I paid more. Theres still stuff everywhere and fingerprints on the rear windows. Wasn't wiped very well if at all and still needs some vacuuming. I've included pictures and the receipt. I was just there and kind of regret it

Jaenessa Gamez

I used to love this Place but soon as my side mirror broke off ,the manager or the owner of the place refuse to hear my complaints and told me he was going to call me back

Adam J Schmidt

Anne V

HORRIBLE SERVICE. 1 star debatable I took my car here for the 1st time. There were two customers waiting who mentioned how fantastic this car wash is. So naturally I'm car will be clean and fabulous! I had to get back to work afterwards, but when I got home and took a good look at my car inside and out, I was shocked! The outside looked like it had not even been washed or spray waxed, which I paid for! How is that even possible? They did NOT use wax on my car!!! They only wiped down the upper part of the dash board on the driver and passenger side, and that was it. Didn't wipe down the steering wheel, front of the dash board, cup holders, or sides of interior doors. They did a horrible job when they vaccumed the floors and seats. I had to vaccum them over again. Nor did they clean or even wipe down the rubber floor mats. They just tossed them back into the car. I had to wash them. I also had to re-clean my windows. I am not obsessive about cleaning....but when you pay good money to get your car washed, waxed and surfaced cleaned (I did not expect detailing), it is just SO WRONG that a customer had to go back and clean their car over again! Sure, I could have taken it back there to show...well, whomever would even care, but no customer should EVER have to do that. Note to the owner: Clearly, some of your employees have absoluetly zero pride in their work. Please, teach your employees again how to do a "good job" the first time around. Show them what you expect to see when you check their work. Use my experience as a learning tool. You cannot force anyone to have pride in their work. But allow me to suggest that you, or your manager do a lot of random inspections. Make sure they are doing what your customers are paying for...and doing it well. Just sayin' So, a lesson learned for me. Will never go there again!

Carol Bishop

Hard workers

Anne Elder

This place used to do a great job! and they are expensive too. This is the 2nd time I have been disappointed. Today they never bothered to clean the cup holder area in front of my car or around gear stick. I had split a little bit of coffee in my car earlier. The beads of liquid are still there. They also did a poor job of cleaning the exterior. But they did manage to lose one of my gold earrings. But that might be my own fault for leaving them in car, I had forgotten about them. But i think I'm done with the Great American car wash, it's time to find a new one.

BeeJay Cardoza

David Ramsey

Great service and convenient...

Curtis Gardner

Very nice people

roblox playz

I just paid 47.00 for a full wash. My xar was not vacuumed and a very sloppy cleaning job overall. The manager was very rude.. i don't recommend this xar wash.

A proano

Mike Monge

Nice people inexpensive wash

Greg Sewell

Always satisfied with the service ! I drive away with no water spots everytime. The staff is great and professional.

Billie Talley

The first time I took my car in a worker named Danny washed my car and did a great job. The second time I took it in one of the wheels was discolored like they might have left some kind of strong chemical on it too long. I had no idea that it would not clean up so I didn't complain to the owner. I thought they would take care of it the next time I took it in. The third time I took it in they did the same thing to all the wheels plus they scratched my right rear fender. My car did not have a scratch on it any place and it's a 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. The owner, A. J. #1 checked me in this time and I told him about the first wheel they had messed up and he told me that he would look at it after the wash. That was when all the wheels came out messed up and the right rear fender was scratched. I complained to the worker and he told the owner, A. J. and came back and told me that he would come over to check it out. After waiting for quite a while, I saw the owner get into a car and drive off. I went inside and talked to his wife and she called him and he told her that he could acid wash the wheels for $20.00 each. I knew that would only damage them more and by this time I didn't trust him to use acid any where near my car. I called and asked him about the damage done to my car and he denied talking to me or checking me in. He absolutely lied to me because I have the receipt with his name on it... I took my car to a well known paint and body shop and they told me that the scratch could not be buffed out because it is down to the metal and the entire fender would have to be painted. They also said that A.J.'s car wash used a strong chemical on my wheels which damaged them. They also said that you can't use acid on the type of wheels that were on my car. It is going to cost a lot of money to replace my wheels and repaint my fender and A.J. refuses to even talk to me about it. So I will have to take him to Court to take care of the damages that his car wash did. If you care about your car, do not take it to Great American Car Wash.

Nicholas Kempton

Michael Swisher

Reasonable prices, fast, and clean.

raymond lindsay

Debra Brose

Its not too bad i guess for $6. Wouldnt pay more to vo there.

Leonard Pine Flower

Great customer service. Thanks once again y'all!

Cjsterifix Instrumentals

Broke The right mirror on my Miata.


I typed in the wrong business name and drove here by mistake but i got a car wash anyway.

Eudelia Rios

Paid the 37.99 wash not worth the price I paid. There were areas on my truck that were still dirty on the exterior and in the interior.

Jason Levin

Best car wash in town. Service has definitely improved and the staff is very friendly.

Gus Teren

The outside of the car looked fine however, they didn't do a thorough job cleaning the inside. There was still dirt, grass, dust, etc on the floor mats, dashboards and in cup holders. I immediately drove down the road, bought ArmorAll wipes and finished cleaning the inside so that it was done correctly. This was my first time here and will certainly be my last.

Cort English

More attention to detail. Much better traffic flow. Equipment always working. My favorite car wash.

Marty Harris

Michelle Sparrow

I have been here several times, they miss some spots like my running boards. But in all its not bad.

Ron Bray

I got the works done on an older work truck. I was thoroughly impressed with how it came back. Good price and great job cleaning and washing the vehicle!

Hunter Hensley

They do a good job and being able to get my truck washed as many times as I want for $45 a month can't be beat. Honestly can't believe some of the extremely critical reviews on here. Seems like everyone that goes to a car wash expects a full detail for under $30. What is and isn't included is pretty well defined and if you have a problem with what you're getting for the money don't bother getting your car washed there in the first place. The people at Great American do an excellent job on the services provided in their washes and they are competitively priced.

Brianna Treece

We've just had our second visit and we have already referred at least 5 people. This place is awesome! Atmosphere and quality is excellent.

Teshkia Coleman-Pierce

Terrible service.. company does not deal well with complaints and act as if nothing is wrong instead of just fixing the problem.. will never do buisnbus with them again

Harriett Awl

Staff members are EXCELLENT! Very friendly and welcoming! I will definitely return, Great Service! :)

Matt Cooper

The best in the east. They know how to clean a car .get the monthly membership it's worth it.

Elizabeth Ramirez

Mary Beth Higdon

Jessie Cole

It's always a pleasure to come and get my car cleaned while I wait in the beautiful waiting room and get a free foot massage. This place is great and I recommend it to all my friends!

Kelly El

The car wash was great and the team outside doing the work were great but what I witnessed while in line to pay was absolutely despicable! The Manager/owner (who knows what he was) treated an elderly woman like a piece of trash. Apparently she did not know how much money she had left on her gift card and he was just awful to her. All I could think of was who raised this little jerk...

Steve Mejia

They did a good job cleaning my car! Also i really like how they have comfortable love seats with a foot massage i can use while waiting for my car to be done.

Carl Zucker

We were very impressed with their work. I thought they did a great job on our car!

Scott Bell

Auto wash scratched my clear coat. Touchless is the way to go. They barely cleaned my interior.very expensive too.

Shane Baldwin

They can do a great job. Prices are within reason. But, only when they're there! Far to many times they don't stay open as their hours state. I've showed up almost 60 minutes before closing and they're closed! So if you want work get there early as possible. Do not go by their hours.

Erick Diaz

Don’t brother with this place. I had them clean my interior cloth seats on my truck and they did not thoroughly remove all the soap. Now I’m left with dry and hard seats. AVOID!!!

MsKueen That One

The owner is so mean to his employees and customers, the machine broke, I was not satisfied and the employee offered me a discount $2 Off of the $13 wash ! He then proceeded to notify me that it has been messing up & the owner wouldn’t replace it so there For he is negligent in maintaining the business, he then yelled to the employee “what did you tell the customer, it’s not broken I fixed it” referring to the tire wax machine and he then threaten to fire the customer, I was so unhappy with the result of wanting great customer service/services! I pray that poor man don’t get fired!!

Ricky Smith

Friendly. Good prices. Fast. Patriotic.

Sergio Ozuna

Sad to say my wife's phone was stolen by one of their workers when getting it detailed and nothing has been dune to replace it spoke to the manager even gave me the so call owners phone number tryed calling him and sending a text and nothing but I'll guess I should write to him on linked In so much for supporting your veterans don't worry gents I paid 400 bucks to replace it

ralph cardenas

Can't beat it for 5 bucks

Nettie Kat

Go to place to get car washed. Cheap, convenient, & fast.


Fast, friendly service, from a locally owned business, with great people offering a great service. Had my car engine steam cleaned and it looks wonderful again.

Lawanda Burgess

Richard Folderauer


Karla Kavanagh

Fernando Luna

AJ takes care of his customers, I went in got my seats and carpet done, and I'm a highly satisfied customer. I would recommend to a friend.


(Translated by Google) Here, where we wash our cars, why do you tend with kindness and respect? (Original) Me aquí en donde lavamos nuestros carros porqué te a tienden con amabilidad y respeto

John Bertinatti

Great wash, a little pricey.

Alexandra Schneider

5.0 star rating 4/27/2016 I live in Mariposa and had to wait while my car got detailed so I got to watch the entire process. The detail took 3 hours (all other detail places I called needed a whole day). During those 3 hours 3-4 people worked on every square inch of my car. They were able to get the cigaret stains out of cloth seats (stains I thought were permanent). When they were done the owner, who had introduced himself to me earlier, double checked the car and cleaned some more. My car looked brand new when done. Also, while I was waiting there was free coffee/tea, free popcorn and a comfortable waiting area. I usually dont write reviews, but I am so impressed with the customer service and quality of work I felt compelled to write this one.


Over rated and definitely over priced. Scratched the door on my Rover!

Matthew Malesick

Best car wash in the area. I located 25 miles from the car wash and have a monthly subscription with them. Many car washes between that milage, but this is the one for me. They take care of your car, truck, or SUV as if it was there own.

Chanel Chyinamon

This used to be the best with the Mexican workers. They were so friendly now, i don't see them anymore and they have new workers, they're blah

Randi Parkinson


Patrick Armstrong

very expensive for the services offered

Brandy Rice

I decided to give this shop another chance after they messed up a couple of years ago multiple times. Nothing has changed at all with this car wash. I paid money for something my child could do. I'll rather pay her to clean my car. I do not understand how you completely missed the cup holders when it was right in-front of you when your cleaning.

Jeremy Barnaskas

People at the DMV work faster.

Donald Holley

Good. I like what I see there

Erica Ericajackson21409

$40/month unlimited washes. And they do a great job!

mack hernandez

Max Hickson

This was my second time coming here. I paid for the $35 for the Freedom wash both times. The first time they did a good job but I'm very unhappy this time! I had to immediately pull off to side of the road when exiting the place. Otherwise I would have had tire shine all over the side of my new Jeep! They didn't bother to wipe the tires down after they sprayed the shine on. The inside barely looked wiped down or vacuumed. They didn't wipe down the inside of doors steps at all and didn't put the mats back correctly. I had to get the guys attention to get a few things cleaned. I had to wipe off the dirt streaks from my headlights and taillights. I know it's a Saturday but the employees need to slow down and not rush you out!! I drove 30 minutes to get here when there are a couple good car washes by my house but not again!!! OWNERSHIP NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE TREND OF CRAPPY REVIEWS!!!!

Louis Jamerson

The friendliest and best car wash in town

Iesha Neal

The owner is very disrespecful and doesn't know how-to communicate with his customers.

Jenna Roberson

Javier puentes

John Cardoza

Alexis Torres

Fast and nice

Moe Paren

These guys did an outstanding job with detailing my car. I will continue to patronage this business.

Kayce Davis

Fast, efficient.

Owen Swearengen

Great detail job and friendly/helpful staff. Location could use a cleaning and/or updating. The staff and product made up for the location.


After getting rejected EVERY TIME at another place (you know, that car wash that looks like everyone and their mom goes there) because their detail guy only does certain hours and days that working people do not have, I finally got to talk to an employee who was nice enough to show some empathy and gave me advice. She said, "I heard there's a place across Ashlan that does a pristine job, even better than we do, and I'm sure they're open today." Not kidding, she literally said that. Thank my lucky stars because after driving across Ashlan on Blackstone going south, low and behold, there she was - Great American Car Wash. When I took my car in, it was after 5 pm and the place looked like it was going to close down for the night. I was greeted by a friendly face who said, "someone will be right with you ma'am." When another employee came out to help me, I told him I needed a wash and detailing. I was annoyed from my experiences with the "other guys" and was not being all too kind with my tone at this point. However, the worker said they were closing down for the night and could only do a wash, but that I could come in the next day for detailing. I then proceeded to explain that I've been trying to get my car detailed for months now and really don't have the time after work every day. He must have seen the desperation in my eyes, because he then said, you know what, I will get my workers to stay a little later to get you what you need. I was so surprised by his response. Most people will say something along the lines of, "well, that's your problem, but come back tomorrow and we can maybe help you," but not this guy. As I stayed in the customer waiting area, the kind clerk lady and I engaged in some small talk. About 15 minutes later, I asked her how much the snacks were, and she said that I could get what I wanted and it was on her. Another surprise, very unexpected. Looking at all the certificates, pictures, plaques on their wall, I noticed they were addressed to either the company name or a guy named AJ. After waiting for an hour, the worker came back inside, sweating from the work and steam of their detailing, and said they were almost done. I quickly glanced at his name tag and it said AJ. He went back outside with his guys and worked relentlessly on my car. When they were finished, I thanked them, and I left a happy and grateful customer. That experience was like none I've ever had before, let alone from a car wash company. I just thought, most people don't do things like that. A little later for AJ and his workers turned out to be an hour and a half later working on my car and getting their customer what was needed. Thank you to AJ and his workers for showing your kindness to someone who doesn't always get it. Your respect and generosity was just what I needed that night to remind me that there are good people out there, even in the most unexpected places.

Eulen Moore

Max Cullum

I frequently would go to a different car wash only a few blocks away from this location. I was never completely satisfied I love that I have many options here and am always really happy when I leave.

Bob McLean

I have been a member here for several years. Always great service.

Lance Curran

Good service and a decent wash

Lucas Mazzuchelli

I have an unlimited car wash plan and they always do a great job.

Mike Carpio

Do you value your vehicle and want to get a car wash? If you do then DO NOT go to Great American Car Wash!!! They scratched the windshield on my 2 week old 4Runner! I now have a 3" long scratch right across the driver's side so it's always in my field of view. I asked to see a manager and he outright dismissed my complaint saying that it couldn't possibly be their fault and asked me if I knew how hard it was to scratch a windshield. Clearly it's not that difficult. He told me to file a complaint with my insurance company. Dismissive and piss poor customer service! DO NOT GO THERE!

Michael Davis

Been going here for a couple years now. The staff is friendly and they actually take their time to clean your car right. Highly recommend trying the monthly membership.

Jean OLeary

Yesterday I did a car detail, I like it, and it was great. The workers took care of the hard things and cleaned them perfectly.

g ghenry

Most professionally detail work in Fresno

Kizzy Sanders

If I could give it zero stars I would. I paid for the freedom full service. The inside of my car was cleaned horribly.. If I'm paying good money I expect more... I feel like I was cheated. Will never go back there again!!!

Bob Daughrity

New in town and have been to this car wash 5+ times. They do a great job every time and pay attention to the details. Very pleased with work performed. Only true full service car wash I will continue to go to.

Kenneth Bourque

Nice folks work here. Very polite and professional staff. Seriously, I mean everyone. I spoke to about 4 different people here and they were all super nice. Lots of different options and they explain everything in detail. There work is first rate. The waiting area is comfortable, clean and they offer free bottle water, tea and coffee. It's also worth mentioning that they graciously offer a 20% discount for military personnel.

Kevin Hernandez 8598

Diana Oberding

A good place to get vehicle cleaned inside and out. Great car wash

Phillip Avalos

Free dry with a wash and great customer service


Worst car wash ever, tweakers working for this company. Almost bust my tires on rail cause they can't direct right then they yell at me look for myself. Never coming here again!! Update: AFTER I got to my mechanics my two back rims have cracks on them I call the owner and he says I'm lying. My car is brand new..!!

Jo B

I bought a Groupon for the 30-day unlimited speed wash pass here and right after getting my first car wash here I noticed that part of my car had been scratched up from the brushes inside the car wash. The scratches are really noticeable since I have a dark colored car and the scratches are white (paint was scratched off). I am positive the scratches happened during the car wash because my car is brand new (no scratches were there before) and the area that has been scratched could not have been caused by another car. Also, the random scratch pattern is consistent with the brushes inside the car wash. I am very upset and will not be returning here! Don't go here, it's not worth the risk!

Nader Fahmy

Good service, they have monthly subscription

Kathleen Gordon


Madison Zuetell

Wow! What a pleasant waiting room. Last weekend was my first full-service visit. I’ll be a regular customer. It was very clean, friendly, excellent, and I was in and out in less time than expected.

Jesse frutoz

Tyler G

You want your car done right?? GO HERE!! Yes, they do everything!

Kit and Tenny Thompson

They did a really good job.

Dan Calobong

They do a tremendous job of completely cleaning your car inside and out. There friendly, curtious and will take extra care to ensure your vehicle is cleaned to your licking. There also fast which is great when your in a rush. Keep up the great work and you have a customer for life. My wife and I both enjoy your service and have recommended you to several other family member and friends.

scott johnson

Their work is excellent!! I've been coming for a year now and will continue coming back!

Jeremy Cook

Car wash is great, fast and quality service. They could improve some attention to detail but not that bad. The prices could be dropped about 10-20% for what you get and the current attention to detail. I will say though that whomever the lady was that answered the phone when I tried to book a detail service needs some work in the customer service department. She was short, slightly rude, and I end up taking my full service interior and exterior detail somewhere else because of her.

Robert Ballinger

Best one in Gainesville

Kay Thilert

Tyler Zhanle

I love to come to this place, while I wait for my car to get washed I get a foot massage.

Daniel Gouveia

The people here are really very nice. I just got a detail on my car and it looks great! They made a good price too and gave me a special offer. The owner, A.J., is such a nice person to talk to, and he can speak with you in English, Spanish, French, and probably some other languages too:) being a Bible believing Christian I can't restrain from saying: God bless you guys!

Jeffrey Lillie

$140 for wax and wash with the works and these guys left smudges, scratched my window, took over 2 hours and didn't bother to vacuum out the trunk...just left the wet matts on the dirty trunk carpet. The owner tried to scam me out of another $40 by telling me I needed some unnecessary debris removal service before the wax. Complete incompetence and terrible work.

Carlos Ramon Ponce

The folks doing the inside detailing are hard working

Brad Toole

selin savkli

George Zakhary

Great and fast service with nice clean wash. Will be back.

Cynthia Acevedo

With interior cleaning Windows were streaked and service was somewhat rude.


Joseph Wells

Quick car wash

Ashley Padilla

I had a great experience here. We got our interior steam-cleaned after our son's vomiting episode in the car and they did a wonderful job. Great work and very friendly and helpful. AJ was very nice and so was everyone else we came into contact with.

Robin Leon

Robert LeFort

Very friendly and professional staff! Great detail work

Candice Hill Troutman

I like the foot massage here. It's just a small little machine, but man, while I'm waiting for the car, that foot massage helps me to make it home.

Victoria Medrano Verdugo

With newer workers they do a better job. Good price

Jaime Padilla

No additives in the water despite the labels for knob.

Iris Schaefer

Lucy Luby

Having been going there since it opened in 1993, top notch service, great staff, if it's done right the first time, they will redo it!

Krista Erickson

I brought in my 15 year old Camry which has seen more then it's fair share of spills and crumbs from my young kids, and had never once been steamed before. It was nasty! So I finally brought it in for an interior steam clean thinking that it would at least get some of the lighter stains out, but they far exceeded my expectations. The interior looks like new! Even the really gross and dark juice stains were gone. They detailed every inch of it and it has never been this clean. I highly recommend them for this service. I'm impressed!

Maryann Pratt

Loved it

Patricia Frey

They are always friendly and the car is ALWAYS clean.

Thomas Jenkins

A lot of trim on the inside left dirty. We've been coming here for a while today was terrible.

Martha Cisneros

Kimberly Coolidge

The monthly membership is amazing. I can wash my car everyday for 40 bucks a month.

Ronald Hylton

May treat you nice

Tim Clarke

tair swepston

Close to home for a good car wash.

Carlos Hernandez

Moises Ambriz

I brought my new '16 Hyundai Sonata to do full service detail in the outside and inside of the car. I've had the car only a few months and didnt require a lot of work and it was mainly dirt and a small stain of liquid on the inside. The total cost for the service did not meet the quality of the end result. My windows and windshields were smudged and notified the employee and I will credit that he made sure the car was clean of smudge-free but even then I could also see smudges on the dashboard and center console. I paid nearly $400 for the service and I wanted to keep the car clean and looking brand new, but unfortunately that was not the result. I personally could have done a better job.

Karen Johnson

Dean Reese

Decent, ok for a weekly car clean.

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