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3363 W 140th St, Cleveland, OH 44111

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REVIEWS OF American Pride Car Washes IN Hawaii

Chip Bradford

I am a frequent car washer and this is one of the better/best self serve locations in the area. Equipment and the bays are rarely if ever out of order. The place is kept clean and in good working order. The water that comes out is warm to hot and they don't skimp on the product - the foaming brush is frothy and you can tell you're actually getting the spray wax. Rarely is there a wait for a bay. Credit and debit cards are accepted which delights me to no end!

Cacinda Clark-Love

Jerry Walker


Brandon Brown

Marc Byrd

tyquardo mikel

Samir Agrawal

They have manual and automatic car wash. Manual car wash was also fun. Make sure you take lot of quarters or dollar bills. Otherwise use the automatic car wash they accept cards.

Ctb Ctb

It's the local kick it spot lol

Brittany Butler

The grounds are always clean , never had an issue with the equipment. Seems to be maintained properly.

Patrick mcbrewhouse

The price has increased, garbage cans smell, but the water pressure is on point .

Nathan Hinebaugh

Don’t ever use your credit card there. I rinsed my car off for two minutes, and it said I had spent $3. I found out later they charged me $10. I won’t be going back.

Devisioned Fate

Works well for a quick upkeep of your car, love that it takes a card so you can just work until you finish. Usually takes me about 10 minutes / $10.50 to do my car from engine/wheel degreaser to wax. I don't use the rainx function.

Terry Turner

Leann Haley

Janice Pace

Mrs. Fox E Smith1

Machines always broke

Gracey Konarzewski

Kathryn Hist

Nice prices

Carlos Gregory

Automatic car was stuck on presoak 1 mode over 10 mins...

DeeDee Hatfield

Could be better.

Michele Fair

Sometimes it takes your coins but it's still a nice place

William Boguard

Myles King

Eunice Glenn

Johnny Hair GAWD

I love American pride carwash

Anderson tate iii

Always open

moma flowers

Glad to be able to keep my car clear, MORE REGULAR...........( THANK YOU)

leonides caraffa , jr

Undieguy420 Amateurundiemodel

Machines always work good

James May

Always works well fair amount of time for the money. Whenever I need to do it yourself car wash this is where I always go.


This is the best DIY car wash on the West-Side. They also have a automatic wash but I have never used it. I like this location the best over it's "sister" locations or other DIY car washes because they have the "Super Bays" with 30% more water pressure and soap and select bays at this location take Credit/Debit cards as well as the coins. Just make sure you turn the knob to STOP to turn the wash off so it stop's charging your card. Another reviewer claimed they stole $22 from him. The wash is $3 to start and than about $1.25 a min there after. The machine will not stop until you turn the knob to STOP or you run out of time if you are using coins. I have never had my debit card overcharged here and I use this location all the time. I normally spend about $6-9 depending on how dirty my car is. So the fact that they accept "plastic" here is a huge PLUS and the main reason I use this location especially in the winter This place is pretty well-maintained, the bays are usually clean and there is almost always an employee on duty. It may not look like the fanciest car wash but it is definitely my favorite car wash because I can get my car clean within minutes without too much hassle or any disappointments and they don't SKIMP on product in the machine; lots and lots of soap. They also have a full vending machine stocked with other stuff to clean your car as well as vacuums that can shampoo your rugs too! Thanks Ameican Pride for doing a great job and helping me keep my car clean since I was 16!

Jeff Lutz

Christy Smith

Richard Inks

Chris Styl

Car wash was cool, but man blocking the vacuum cleaner & going thru the trash cans..Car wash not monitored..Which makes it unsafe for women!!

Beezy Rogers

George, Just George

I felt both American and proud having my Toyota washed here. Seriously, nice people, nice job.

Paul Balukas


Don Z. H III

Monica Hall

Andrea Smith

My favorite!!!

Ken Miller

Phillip Wenner

Stingy with soap.

Tt Boo



The automatic car wash does not do a good job. Manually wash your car

Robyn Rouse

Cornelius Rice

William Hunt

New Day

great guys

Roxanne Reindle

Great place

Ashley Deweaver

Anthony Jones

Took my money and I didn't get helped

Deborah Peterson

What can I say, it's a self serve car wash.

Dave Gerster

Christina Peterson

Shannon Stevens

Half the vacuums dont work. 2 dollars for a vacuum way overpriced not to mention the inconvenience of having to buying coins


Sad having to wait to wash your car until a drug deal transaction happens in the car wash line. Maybe they need to put attendant at site to stop that. Not the first or second time it's happened there.

Holly Fabiani

Cool diy wash

tierrha mcloyd

Machine are broken,the vacuum cleaner didn't pick up it was slow

Mary Hunt

Great in daytime

Mark Pesta

Last time I went thru, grease ended up on the side of my truck.


My truck didn't come clean and the blower dryer didn't work grrr money down the drain

Edwina Creagh

Nikolas Silea

Be aware, the coin change machine gives tokens. If you don't use them all you have to come back here to eventually use them up. I do not like this. On top of that they are $1 tokens but some bays are $2.50 minimum so you lose 50 cents. Car wash itself works fine.

Hong Truong

I went there today.. put $10 for automatic car wash but mechine did not work. I press the refund button and wait there for a while but did not get my money back. The thing is if machine broke why they still took my money and did not refund my money back, i had to leave there losing my money without any service. I am so frustrated.. you guys should not go to this place for car wash.. they will stole your money.. so disappointed

Daniel Harris

Everything works

Darin Fowler

James Sibits Sr.

Clean car

David Shaffer

Vacuums suck and broke

Sandy c

Marty Robinson

Perry Jackson

mike medley

Stoney Bunting

my car was super clean thank you

Monique Doll

Half wash my car going through automatic

Michael Cornacchione

One of the best touchless washes in the area. I will go out of my way to get here, and they’re open all night.

Tana Ballantyne

Buddy Harvey

Stephen Higgins

My goto wash. Have gotten a rebate from here when the change machine ripped me off. Filled out a form money came in the mail. $5. Never had problems with people here,pan handlers or troublemakers.

Nr S

Carl Jay Blocksom

Rough location in a rough area. Doesn't feel safe at all! Low quality auto-wash that is extremely overpriced!

Shawn Ritchie

Good value / provides a good wash / needs a dedicated area to wipe down afterwards

Ron Ragobeer

Used the automated car wash and it charged me twice.


I just spent 18 bucks on the top wash here and I still have dirt streaks from where it didnt clean my car. 18 DOLLARS. For what? Wont ever come back again. It's the 1st and last time I use this car wash. It may be convenient cause I live right around the corner. I could have done a better job at home with a bucket and a rag. But, I wont waste my money again. And if the owners are reading this I have pictures to prove it. But, I doubt I'll hear back from anyone. They got their money and that's all that matters. I go up to 150th from now on.

Donnell Farmer

Horrible no pressure vacuum or spray wash

Erin Lewis

Nick Chamber

Good Equipment

queen yvette

Great job

John Sickora

Fairly well maintained. Nice thing is the comment cards if you send one in with a complaint they fix it quick.

Michael Tillett

ok spot to wash your car gotta watch that know one walks up on you here though Their is a kool guy that helps you clean your car for a few bucks but he dont really ask you he just walks up an starts cleaning your car you gotta tell him to stop if you dont want his help an dont wanna pay him

Jason Johnson

Repairs needed in many bays this location needs a lot of TLC.

Chris A.

Not happy at all about this place. Saw the picture of the control and vending panel and it clearly shows that you can use a credit card. I get there and drive into one of the super bays and it only takes coins or tokens. I was so angry that I just drove away. They lost a customer. This place needs to get with the times and update their bays. They don't even have an undercarriage washer like a lot d the self wash places have. American Pride more like American Shame.

Aaron Harvey

Car wash works well. Very soapy brushes and good pressure. Tried 2 different vacuums and neither would sweep up anything. Wasted $6 on vacuums for nothing. It is also a bit pricey for a DIY car wash. $2 for 4 minutes on vacuum and $3 to start out on wash. In town on business so there is no point in trying to reach the owner for reimbursement.

Red Herring

Value \ clean dry truck . they wipe down the windows at the end. One of the better washes for full size pickup trucks.

John Peshek

One of the few self serve car washes around anymore... sad that everyone is so lazy especially since the automatic car washes don't get your car clean. Vacuums also available and you can pay for your car wash by cash or credit

aldurrant arrington

Marquita Boddy - Ramsey

Renee Wren

Thanks for your support

Jordan Shanel

My car never gets fully clean at this place


Goid place worked ok

Fred Stafford III

Love these places, always open and ready . With all the bays theres rarely ever a wait.

Tom Toddy

Most of the bays don't work !!!!!

Cherita Lester

The Auto Bay don't even work, it didn't even clean my car at all.

Tab Fitz

Had an issue with the drive thru car wash but the owner was very helpful and gave me 2 free wsshes

Thomas happy

To pricey

Stephanie Najar

Pretty good for a quick wash, doesn't always get all the bird poo off the car! Lol

Santana Dickerson

Diesel Kacee

Basic 1/2 clean car .better off using the automatic carwash if you want it clean or bring ur own rags n washNwax for a better job.

Rebecca S.

I bought the premium car wash package and my car somehow came out as dirty as it went in. There was a streaky film covering my car after the wash and after running my hand over the hood to see what it was, my hand was covered in a black mess. Prior to the wash, my car was only slightly dirty and now I have to completely rewash it. I've used this place many times before without this issue but now I will never go back.

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