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REVIEWS OF Wash Factory Express IN Georgia

Megan Baker

Wash was very powerful. Definitely cleaned my Excursion better than any other wash I've been to. We live on a dirt road, so the back gets filthy. Vacuums are really powerful, so watch your stuff! Towels and window cleaner is a huge plus. I was really impressed. Will be back.

Mike shanahan

This place is cool my car actually got clean and the vacuums work good are you thanks wash factory

Juan Velasquez

Marie Knight

Service good!! Very busy!

Jacob Bearden

If you loose anything, or your vehicle gets damaged. Don’t expect much. Ripped off my front license plate, dude said leave my number he will call me back when he finds it. Haven’t heard from him since and that was 3 days ago. Also chipped the paint off my truck.

David Palfery

This place has a really good basic car wash that leaves your car very clean

Kristian Morales

I bought a carwash membership on Friday August 31st at 7pm. I went again on Sunday get my car washed again and my membership had expired and when I asked them about why it expired they said our memberships automatically start over on the 1st of each month. No one mentioned that at the time of purchase and they didn't even apologize then I had to pay $12 just to get out of the carwash because there was line behind me. I wish the employees would have told me my membership was only good for 1 day I would have waited until the next day to get my car washed. I will never go back again! Waste of money

Jay Brite

Bronson Kurtz

Had a great experience here. For 12 dollars got a good wash which included a tire shine. Vacuums were strong and there was even an air hose to blow out crevices. The manager was walking around and double checking cars to see if all was well. He even stopped by and said hello. It is nice and spacious with lots of windex and rags and those machines that clean floor carpets. Will definitely come back.

Maurice Acoff

David Hatcher

Best car wash in town, but not cheap.

Mark Lewis

Just paid for a $15 wash left with mud all over my truck. This is not the first time but I give them the benefit of the doubt and try again. No my truck wasn’t super muddy I didn’t just come from a mud hole it’s just two weeks worth of build up and after paying for wash it still on my truck .pass by...go anywhere else, go home and do it yourself.... waste of money.

Elizabeth Brooks

Rachel Reeves

Sara Edwards

Chase W

John Joseph

My new carwash! This place is far above any other carwash I've visited.

Kimberly Morgan

Stephanie McCarty

Love this car wash. I want one in Hickory Flat please.

Joshua Hepworth

Best car wash around. Big fan of the floor mat cleaner

Molly Moore

Best around

D. Dalton

You vac your own vehicle

Billy Sharp

These guys are on to something. Great wash and finishing area.

Chassity Barnes

Alesia Kilgore

Love the tire shine that is sprayed on your times at the end of ur wash!! Free vac. And tire shine can't beat that!!!

Kelly Ruthruff

Excellent car wash, vacuums are strong and place is well maintained.

charles pait


Tommy Akins

It's a good car wash

Thomas Smith

Alyce Bennett

Randall Smith

Melanie Rose

Jeff Chandler

Had a minor problem with a missing tire shine. The manager contacted me promptly and corrected the situation. Above and beyond customer service. Very professional. I will be back and recommend this wash to others.

Tech Head

This wash works well and the basic car wash does the trick. Free vacuums.

Patricia Estrada

Jim Hatchell

Pretty cool carwash. I recommend the 30 day pass

Drew Shay

This was my first time and I will never return. If you like to be rudely yelled at then go. Very unprofessional of all the employees.

Daniel Lewis

I love going here people who are nice work there

Joe Gagliano

Good place for a wash for$7,00 free vacuum

Tabatha Davis

Michael Dodd

Very affordable drive through car wash. Free vaccums and the car shined like a new penny.

Annie Hutmacher

Stephen Davis

Gilbert Ochieng'

Excellent place to take your car for a wash. Fair price. Great drive through, good vacuuming and carpet cleaning machines. Love it.

Jake Locke

Chundra Gladney

Not only do you get free vacuum access with your wash. They have clothes and spray available to dry your car and clean your windows and rims.

Daniel Gramling

Guy who runs this place is great. They do an excellent job.

Grant Mogelnicki

I went into this new car wash hearing good things from a friend who visits often. So I paid for the $18 car wash and it seemed to have done a good job when I was driving out of the car wash. When I got home, I was observing the job it had done and noticed multiple chips in my front windshield that were not there before the car wash. There was also a chip in my paint on the hood of my truck that was also not there before the wash. I definitely would try going somewhere else.

M Rod

John Malone

1 of the payment machines was not working. This seems to be a common issue.

Brandon Shufelt

Samuel Escobar

Debra Berger

I love it!! Friendly staff! Car come out beautifully clean and smelling amazing!!! Love the vacuums, rags they provide and the air blower.

Mary Alford

Started out as a awesome place to wash ALL of our cars, we had an accident with our antenna, first time we just asked for a hammer to adjust it back. The second time it broke completely off, went up spoke with manager on duty (Joe), who said no we will not pay for, even though their employee handbook clearly states to their employees to remove all things on outside of cars/trucks. Tried to speak with owner took over a week and half and the only reason I spoke with him was due to the fact I caught him there by accident or by surprise. He went on to say he wasn't going to fix it and all the reasons why, which some had nothing at all to do with being a business man and making things right. Yes, many will use his facility on a daily basis, but doing the RIGHT thing in the long run will go a LONG way no matter what the cost!!!! What goes around comes around NO matter what or how many businesses you own! Set an example and take care of your customers!!!

Tyler Gleason

Been with this car wash since the opening of the one in Johns Creek.

Alison Wann

Worst experience ever. Went thru the car wash and at the very end the tire shine machine ripped my back bumper off. Talked to the manager who was NOT onsite until 3 days later. He tried fixing it and could not. Told me he would talk to his boss and I never heard back from him. One week later went to see him again and he tried telling me I super glued my bumper together!! He said there was NOTHING they could do! Would not give me the owners name or any contact information!! Will never use this car wash again!

Jennifer Kyer

I had just spilled a drink in my car and I pulled up and they got it out, didn't charge me.

Abby Hitt

Fast, clean, and service is absolutely wonderful. I will forever take my car here.


Great wash. Almost as good as a hand wash

Jon Licht

I love that you can clean the inside of your car yourself. And have floor mat cleaning, vacuume, and other tools included in the cost of the wash.

Joshua Hargate

Best car wash around! Great free vacuum towels & window cleaner. Does a great job washing too. Nice clean well maintained place.

Tammi McDo

SANDY Garrett

Love it

LayLay Queen

Love It. Especially one worker in particular (Andre)

Paul n Mindy Rodriguez

Sky S.

Great place to have your car washed. Free vacuums and detailing equipment afterwards make it worth it.

William James

Andrew Swanson

Christine Hollowell

Callie Shufelt

Continued to charge my account even after I went up and talked with an employee. I spoke with the manager on the phone and was told I would get a refund, but never did!

Mark Peragallo

Craig Frisbey

Good deals on package like hot wax & shine $35 a month. Other cheaper monthly deals available. Staff always trying to make experience pleasent. Like any other wash- few maintenance shut downs. 2 thumbs up.

Teddy Boston

Best car wash in canton! Staff is awesome and the automatic wash is thorough!

Kevin Cheves

I have been there many times with our vehicles. They do a good job with pre-washing the vehicles with a soapy brush down and the auto wash does a good job cleaning the wheels and dressing the tires. Floor mat machine does a good job and the vacuums work well. Staff always very friendly.


Jerry Hicks

Lee Wadzeck

Gabriela Caycho

This place is awful! It is impossible to get in touch with them, nobody answers the phones or check their emails. I tried several times to cancel my account with them and just couldn't because nobody cares to answer. They kept charging my account every month for a service I wasn't able to get or cancel. Disappointing experience.

Melissa Palfery

Don Heatherly

Best machine wash I've ever been through. My car was spotless.

CoCoa Goddess

I go to vacuum my car out every blue moon, very powerful vacuums. Staff here are super friendly and helpful. Convenient location for me

Joe King

Free vacuums, use of towels and a machine to clean your mats!

Holly Lauritzen

Love love love this car wash. My husband and I bought their monthly membership right when they opened, and both take our Jeeps through multiple times a week. Staff is great, amenities are great. Excellent price for the monthly.

Danielle Walton

Ben Price

Fair prices and services are above average for the type of car wash. Will return again

deborah bennett

Barry Roper

Quick, nice car wash!

Dan Linihan

margie williams

Kendra Intermill

Fantastic wash. Lots of included extras.

Buddy Burns

Best car wash in town

John Saragusa

victor f marmolejos

Ray Gucchi

Quick an efficient!

Willie Walker

Marissa Morrow

Melissa Butler

Did an amazing job on our Suburban!

Dovie Greene

Cool light effects in the car wash.

Jason Hudgins

Car looks like new when leaving the tunnel. A quick dry with a towel is all u need to do.

Jacob Tomeny

Shannon Halase

I wasn’t going to leave this review until I saw someone else had this issue. About a year ago, the wash ripped off my antenna cover on the roof of my car. Guy working retrieved it and tried to put it on, but the wash had broken the screws. Called the owner on the spot and we exchanged contact information. The promise would be that he would be in contact to replace the part. He finally called, but bad luck for me, I was in an area with spotty cell service and it was hard to communicate. He was trying to get the part info to order one. I told him I’d have to call him when I had better service, and after that he would never answer the phone. Sure, I could epoxy the piece back on. Sure, there may be (don’t remember) signs saying not responsible for broken parts or whatever. HOWEVER, do NOT make a big show about getting my contact info to replace it then fall through. So here I am a year later driving around missing the piece looking stupid, and I don’t feel like I should have to epoxy and “rig” how my car looks because of their facility ripping it off. I’m obviously not the first person who has had issues with car damage there. And I’m certainly not going to replace the $200 part on my own dime. I get things happen, and the wash is decent, but I can’t risk damage to my car that I work hard to pay for. So sadly I can’t recommend.

Shedrick Mcdonald

Halle S

joe schmoe

Straight up love this place. So much better than Mr clean for way less than half the price. Have subscriptions for all our vehicles and the employees are always happy and super professional

Emily Neumann

Joe is the best !!!!! I locked my keys in my car as I was cleaning windows and Joe being the nice guy he is helped me unlock my car and saved the day !!!!! Will def be recommending this car wash to friends. Such an amazingly friendly staff !!!!! THANKS AGAIN JOE !

Scott Conkel

T Smith

Marcus Geier

Very good wash with excellent vacuums and window cleaning supplies.

jay hiz

Awsome sauce! 2 weeks later after a few rain storms and my car still looks great. The vacumes really suck.. lol best vacumes

Lisa Stauffer

Kasey S.

Staff was friendly. I got the 2nd "best" wash and was pleased with the results. The vacuums weren't all that great. Had to roll over the seats multiple times to get dog hair up. Eventually I gave up on vacuum. Would go again for a wash.

Karen Bohannon

The price is great

Dawson Crowe

Every time I go they are very nice

Ryan Sarks

They provide the best automated car wash around. They have free microfiber rags and sprays on a cart that you can use to clean the inside, where the wash won't reach. Powerful vacuums are on either side of the parking areas as well as compressed air for detailing. If your car is still dirty when you leave, it is because you didn't clean well enough.

Del Banks


Shawn Grady

Other than people breaking the window cleaner bottles, not telling management when the vacuum is clogged, and customers leaving trash on the grounds, this place is AWESOME. The staff tries really hard to accommodate you and your vehicle's …

Maria Albuerne

Tonya Austhof

Angie Young

Love this carwash!

Rene Robbins


Damaged my truck with less than 1,000 miles on it. Talked to the business about the situation just trying to make them aware nothing more. They told me that the employee remembered my vehicle. The employee stated "he thought it was bird droppings and was trying to wipe it off with his fingers before it went into the wash. He stated it wasn't bird droppings it was a scratch" I guess I was supposed to believe that story.

Deborah West

Good wash and free vacume and supplies floor mat washers

Beverly Booker

I love this place! To have excellent prices on hand washing your car but my favorite is the free vacuums and detail area... I have to admit I haven't even been by to clean out my car and wipe down the inside and vacuum out when I didn't purchase a car wash!

Roger Malone

I started going here about two months ago. I've noticed that the wash doesn't clean your vehicle. I guess that's why they gives you those rags and a blue substance that appears to be Windex. I will not go here anymore, as I feel Im wasting $20 on the managers special.


Great service

Sean Kelly

man this is one of my must go spots in canton

Stephen Jones

Damaged my new car that I got 2 weeks ago with less than 7000 miles on it and they didnt have enough vaccuums opens so I had no where to park once I got out of the wash so I had to leave without a clean inside.

Tony Pishnery

Fast and inexpensive if you use it alot. Good staff and free Matt cleaners, vacuum towels and window cleaner.

Jennifer Stone

bill coogle

One of the better automatic car washes I've ever used

Chris Eagleson

I love the buff.

Robert Coombs

CeeDee Morris

Love this place

Heather R

Worked really good

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