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Paid 46 dollars to have my vehicle "hand washed" and had to be the worst car wash I've ever seen. Didn't even wash the roof. Specifically said I don't want armorall on the dashboard. It's pooled up in the speaker grills and zigzaged across the dash. I've spent an hour getting it off the dash and door panels as best I could, but i can't get it out of the speaker grills. By the way this is my only review I have ever done on here because most things don't bother me that bad, but that greasy dash/steering wheel/door panels just makes my stomach hurt.

Steve Scott

These guys take the time to really make your car shine.

Danny Biggs

Quick and pleasant service

Eric C

This place is the place to be.

Melissa Boutell

Un freaking believable. Came to this place at 5:40 everything is closed. Nobody cared to assist and their "car wash" is confusing hell. I do not recommend. I called like 10 mins ago and nobody answered.. Will not come back and wont recommend.

Nadia Neely

still had crumbs all over my back seat and floor. Dash was still dusty.

Geri Pennington

Took my Ford Explorer in for the $80 "Ultimate" which included shampooing the upholstery and floors. The outside of my car looked great and as I glanced inside I could tell everything had been wiped down well. It smelled clean, too. When I got home, I lifted the seat to access the third row. Here is where my opinion changed greatly. My son's goldfish crumbs were still everywhere in the third row. Craisens were on the floor board, and a candy wrapper still in the cup holder. Then, I decided to look at the rest of the car a bit more thoroughly. When I REALLY looked, and payed attention to detail, I noticed coffee drips on the center console, and stains still on the upholstery. I have decided never to return. It seems as though they used a powerful vacuum and Armor All. I should have read the reviews ahead of time and saved my money. It was worth $20. NOT $80!!!!

Barry Singer

Polite staff, way to long for a car wash (70min) and they did a horrible job for a $30 interior /exterior cleaning. My wheels were dirty, interior barely cleaned and missed spots with vacuum. Glass was lightly wiped and had spots every where. Victor the manager looked at it after I came back as I had to run somewhere after the long wait. He another person on it who cleaned it up Little better and still looked to rushed as they don't clean the pillars or any trim other than the front door panels and dash. When you sell a inside and outside cleaning I expect it to look perfect all over. First time customer after living here for 4yrs and I'll never return. I get better cleanings at the self serve on bells ferry road for 1/3 the price and wait time.

Paul Clinton

Gregory Grande

These guys will take care of you. My family and I have been a few times and they always do a fantastic job. Even with the quick cleaning, they do a thorough job, WAY better than anyone else around. This past time, I came a little late (towards closing), but they fit me in and did an incredible job. Shout out to Justin for killing it. Edit: Looking through some of the other reviews, these reviewers are crazy. They're blaming the car wash for their own negligence.

Scott Owens

Great place. Those guys seem to really care about getting every car clean.

Kate Costello

Great full service carwash! My car looked as if it was detailed! Very courteous. Manager let me know they were very busy. I said I had an appointment, and I was done with time to spare! I live in Acworth, well worth the trip for me!

Meghan Gilroy

Just had my car washed and detailed and was really disappointed. They didn’t wipe out any of my cup holders or my seats.

David M. McIntyre

They did a good job on my Chevy truck the guy was very cool

Crusade Marketing

This is the worst place I have ever went to, DO NOT go here! When I picked up my car it wasn't clean, and my glove box was broken, the same thing happened on my second car... Waste of time waste of money, and they are not friendly.

Jason Adams

Paid $80 for an exterior wash and interior detail. Seems like they didn't vacuum under my floor mats. They didn't armor all any of the interior and all of my windows were streaked. There were spots all over my truck that they missed and they tire shined two of my whole weels. After they used the same rag with tire shine in it to wipe down my paint. Streaks all over.

Cathy Lynn

I have been coming here for at least 5 years for the $20 ish regular car wash. Have been satisfied. Decided wanted to get a better detail so made hour appt for $40 ish super cleaning detail. Terrible job. Had to wait another half hour for them to do carpet cleaning and my rug was shampooed and now has some of carpet coming out. I spoke to Mgr who said carpet couldn’t possibly be their fault. No customer satisfaction given ... none. I never do reviews but this was a bad cleaning job.

Megan Brakebusch

sat an extra 45 min waiting on my car that was already completed, but they failed to mention it. after driving off the interior was still filthy, I paid for a hand wash and detail in and out. I had to go back and waste more time for them to clean it correctly. they only one that was good here is Sergio.. ask for him. he made my car look beautiful.

Connie Allen

The kids working there seemed to have other things to do. No one seemed to be in charge. Lack of attention to detail. It's close to my work place but I wont go there again.

Curt Hoopingarner

They keep your car running and change the radio to their music all the time they are detailing the car. In the case of my car I got in and they KEPT THE KEYS. So when I got home there was no way to start the car. It is a wireless "press the button" ignition. Never go there again.

Laura Coomes

Did a great job cleaning my car!!

Clayton Gibson

Tara Pierce

Beth Tower

Jennifer Roberts

They did an excellent job but need to be honest about how long it will take. No one else was there and they told me 20-25 minutes for the $27 service and it was 55 minutes and would have been longer if I hadn't asked and told them I had to be somewhere.

Heather Shelton

Used to be great, but last time I brought my Sierra in for the managers special, they neglected to vaacum under the back seats. They were busy so just thought it was an oversight. Today I brought my husband's Ford Focus for major detailing as a surprise for him. I paid $90 and specified the trunk needed to be included. When I picked up the car, detailing was not great and trunk was never opened. It was still disgusting. Tried to give them the benefit of doubt by coming back, but now I will need to find a new place to get my cars clean.

Robert Sharpe

Leaving the car wash I notice the radio not working and found pieces of the antenna in my car. I returned to inform the staff and ask how they would handle it. I was told the owner was in a meeting and would get back to me. They refused to provide me with the owner's name or number. I called the dealer to discover the cost is $599.29! Still waiting on the owner to call back. No one at this location can make decisions. Very dissatisfied!

Tracey Homer

Not impressed. Won't be back. I made an appointment specifically so that there wouldn't be a rush on my vehicle. The car was just recently purchased by my son and we were detailing it as a gift to him. Driving it home I got more an more frustrated as I noticed what wasn't done. It seemed as through one person did the driver's side and another person did the passenger side. The back/trunk wasn't even fully vacuumed-something that would have been easy to reach if the back seats had been moved flat with the lift lever. Clearly they were not. I paid extra to have the seats cleaned and there are huge areas that were missed there as well (half of one side wasn't even touched). Whatever oil based shine product they used had extensive drips throughout the vehicle-looking as though it was bathed in vegetable oil-part of the process, yes, but it also makes it glaringly obvious what areas were missed. I actually used some that had collected in the change bin to get the missing spots on the one door handle. There were numerous places that could have been addressed if it wasn't a rush job. For the amount I paid-I am not recommending this place.

Richard Valentino

Get car wash

Scott Douglas

Lisa Qutob

Too expensive and takes too long. They are always crowded, the cashiers are unfriendly, unhelpful and hard to find. Worst of all, they don't do a very good wash, leave bugs on the windshield and have even scratched up my vehicles a few times. Now I use Aspen Falls.

William Shank

Complete rip off. I bought the hand wash and wax and paid $20 extra for interior leather treatment. The leather is dry and shows no sign of treatment. Rims were filthy and the tires were not dressed. There are spots that were never touched by a wash cloth and I'm sure no wax was applied. The girl cleaning my car said she wasn't told that I had paid for extras. I guess $56 isn't enough to get a clean car. I would have gotten a better job paying $6 at one of those drive thru car washes. Stay away. I will never go back.

Al Hearn

Been using them for years for the $20 inside/outside clean. Rarely had any problems.

David Ponce

Steven Hatfield

They take care of customer

Zane Leake

They do great deals and are very friendly.

Michael Kenady

I paid $60 for a hand wash and a wax job. When i picked up my truck there was dirt still all over my rims,bumpers and some of the truck. They sent the guy out to re-clean the truck and he used a water rag wiped it down and guess what its still there. The gentleman told me i just blew out the inside and they didn't even wiped down the dashboard. The floors were never vacuumed and window still dirty. Guess what i will not be going back to this place at all. I advise everyone to stay away and find a decent place for that type of money.

Mason Isabella

I can't say too many good words about the dedication of the staff to get my terribly smelly Toyota van back in shape. Many Thanks.

Luis Garza

Horrible service

Scott Schutz

Horrible experience, haven't visited Towne Lake's car wash in about 4 years and I remember why.....won't be returning. It began with me purchasing the $29.99 package which includes a "spray wax" that was applied while the car was still soaking wet, which dilutes the wax...... the detailed person was dressed very unprofessional.......wearing sweatpants that hung off his waist, hoody covering head, and ear buds listening to music, which isn't a problem until I tried to speak to him and he stared and didn't respond...... he opened all four doors and wiped the jams but didn't open the hood or trunk. While attempting to clean the front windshield he leaned against the car, and while cleaning the back glass he drug the spray bottle on the trunk lid. He was diligent about removing missed tar like material from rocker panel with soapy sponge, but then used the same towel to wipe soap all over remaining car while trying to dry and apply wax.Towels shouldn't be crossed used from cleaning to waxing. Lastly, we don't have rubber floor mats, just the carpeted ones that came with the car, I had to ask him to dry and vacuum the wet spot near the accelerator pedal that he created. Very sloppy job overall for 30 bucks.......and then he stood there expecting a tip........ I don't believe employees are being trained properly in this service. The establishment was very old looking with rusty parts and worn fabric used in auto wash, they spend a lot of the wash cycle doing it themselves with a pressure washer before it even enters the auto wash. I went around 2:30 on a Tuesday and there were only two drying towels in the two large yellow buckets, I saw a different detailer using dirty, old towels and ringing them out to dry....... Will not return.

Simon Dogood

This place is terribly slow. Looks to be greatly under staffed. Took one hour for them to get it thru the wash, then another 45 minutes for them to clean it. Need to hire more people.

Sterling Seals

Best car wash in Cherokee County!

David Corp

Wow. I'm a traveling salesman and this is the nicest coin-operated car wash. All the services are here and they actually work! Will certainly return!

Harry Saunders

Do a good job of getting your car clean ans shining.

Dave Wills

Great service and great work. Took excellent car of my car. I will be back. Highest recommendation.

Michael Nixon

They didn't pay a lot of attention to detail in cleaning the interior. Half the dash was still dusty and they broke a cover off the USB port. Not impressed at all for the money I paid.

Kara Sepulveda

Stephanie Wilson

UPDATE TO MY REVIEW: I just spoke with General Manager, Ryan (different manager from yesterday's experience). He was very nice and listened to my concerns. He wanted me to bring my car back so he could remedy the situation. I very much appreciated that! Also, while I don't know her name, the front desk woman was so nice both today and yesterday when I spoke with her! Sounds like it's time to get rid of the manager from yesterday. (I won't say his name out of respect). REVIEW: If I could give this place negative stars, I would. There were probably 4-5 cars ahead of mine, so I knew there would be some wait. But, after 30 minutes of waiting, my car hadn't even gone on the conveyor to be washed. When I asked the front desk person (who was VERY nice), she said that the conveyor takes a while to power up in the morning. This was at 11 a.m. on a Sunday. Later, I spoke with the manager and asked him if my car was even put on the conveyor yet to be washed, and I expressed my dismay that I had been waiting 30 minutes already. The manager asked me how long I thought a car wash should take and that even when they are not busy, the car wash would take 25-30 minutes. I was fine with that, but I was not fine with waiting 30 minutes before my car was even touched. I commented that they needed additional staff, and the manager said they did NOT need more staff. He said he has many long time customers and he never had a single complaint. He said there were plenty of people in the waiting room who had been waiting a long time, and they weren't complaining. He also said that whatever I was saying was being recorded for the owners. LOL. That was fine with saves me from having to repeat myself when I speak with the owners (if they call me back). I am SO disappointed. This is my 3rd time going to this place, and 2 of the 3 times, I have left without a car wash. Shame on me for giving them multiple chances.

Mike Brewton

BEWARE! Paid for the full detail. All I got was a good carpet shampoo, lousy interior detail (inside windows, rear view mirror, dashboard not cleaned, door jams dirty, Armorall over dirty door panels, console, coin holder, etc etc etc. all dirty. Supposed to include an orbital wax job, (interesting it had water spots-looked like the normal wash and wax), my drivers side powerseat was broken (worked when i took it in and the detailer said he moved it all the way back but it would not move forward. We looked for a disconnected wire or something. He said he would have one of the adjoing oil change mechanics look and see if they could fix it, but he would give me a $25 gift certificate for my troubles. When I came back to pick it up, seat was still not working and the manager said he could not give a certificate. When I pointed out the non-wax job he said that the orbital wax would not get out water spots (what????) that it would require a two stage, compound buffing then another wax and would started to tell me how much more that would cost! RIP OFF!!! I know the oil change is a separate entity from them, but I heard them tell 2 other people the same line they told me, that whoever did the last oil change put too much oil in and it needed a flush or it would cause serious engine damage! STAY AWAY -

Timothy Goblish

Does a great job inside and out. Friendly and thorough.

April Powell

They cleaned my 2011 Honda Accord inside & out! My car looked BRAND NEW when they finished & it was only $40!

Ralph Rojas

Great service will be repeat again.

Bill Locke

Kaela Matthews-Webb

Cosima Radu

Horrible job cleaning the car. Windshield & windows are still dirty, trash was left in the doors, and the console was untouched and dusty. I'm sure a trained chimp would have done a better job, and would have worked faster and cheaper. Never again!

Navindra Doolratram

Great place


Waited for an hour and a half for the $90 "Ultimate Interior", they brought me out to the car and it hadn't even been vacuumed much less the carpets and seats shampooed. The employee tried to tell me that he had done it himself and just finished. He lied straight to my face. Needless to say I asked for a refund and will not return!

Wendell Miller

Expensive, but they do good work.

Pam Marcus

Great car wash at a great price!


My last visit was great! However, this time not so great! After waiting 1 hr 30 minutes I get my car, uncleaned. My windows nor was my car vacuumed fully. I returned to have it taken care of but I should not have to after the time I have spent!

John Everman

I was once a loyal customer until a very rude manager accused me of not having paid during a previous visit!! Found a much better place call Mr Clean on Exit 20 off 575!!! Why go to a place where they accuse you of stealing?!

Vicci Goostree

Great people

June Adams

Horrible customer service!! We all make mistakes but you mistakenly forget to wipe the whole inside of the car after I paid for it plus inquire about it!!! Do not recommend to anyone!!

Erica Carico

I have a Jeep Rubicon that gets hand washes only. They are great and do a nice job!

Penz Envy

Decided to up the service to the Quick Serve Plus ($27.00), but got the same basic service as the lower rate. Even had to vacuum out the trunk more and remove a few spilt coffee stains that were missed on the console. They are nice enough for sure, but not enough attention to detail. I've been here several times and this is the first disappointment. Wonder if they are going down hill?

Chris Regensburger

Really nice employees and they did a great job!

CHRISTIAN M. B. Child Of God

Excellent expedient service. Did a great job on my company vehicle

Kevin Bryant

Can’t do emissions on Sunday because they don’t have enough staff? Even with 3 empty bays? Plus the car wash was meh. Bug guts on the windows still. Skip it if you can.

robin vaszko

This is for my oil change but they are friendly helpful and not pushy.

Dill Pickle

It's so hard to find a decent car detail shop now a days that actually gets your vehicle clean! I won't be going anywhere else again! The customer service here is higher than its competitors! Great people, will recommend to anyone looking for a great quick clean!

Adam Nevis

Great clean! But a long wait almost two hours! Next time I will come here First thing in the morning! They seem to be short staffed.

Glenn Wicks

Best car wash ever. I brought in my 2013 Ford Focus awfully dirty inside and out from road trips with grandkids and a month of grime and neglect. Bought the $27 car wash, but Adam went above and beyond my expectations giving me as close to a new car look and smell inside and out. Everyone working there seems to have a very pleasant attitude.

Jodi Cabena

Great service! Very nice staff.

randall straw

seriously great service and quality work! a tech named Andrew did a detail of my Trailblazer today, and did an absolutely fantastic job on the dash, carpets, everything was SPOTLESS! brought it in super dirty/stained, and he made it look like a new car again. will be coming back regularly :-)

Jordan Aube

I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!! This place is amazing and I will definitely be coming back. They were able to get squeeze me in without an appointment for a ultimate interior clean same day. I am truly impressed with the results. I wish I had more than one picture to share but you can see the huge difference from before and after. Thank you guys so much for your hard work!!

Veta Nix

Great place to take the car for a thorough wash and vacuum. Offers hand wash too.

Rachel R.

Very busy on weekends. Work half done when busy. Vacuuming had to be retouched and interior redone. Great on slow days.

Margaret Robert

Always do a great job!


If I could give them a -

levi biddy

This place is trash. My car windshield was dirty, floor mats were washed but were soaking wet. The bottom part around my door still had tar and dirt on it. Don’t waste your money here

Oliver Patrick

Car went in very muddy came out brand new. Price well worth it.

Brice Tomlinson

This place has really gone down hill, super disappointed... so I had dirt on my interior so I got their superior interior with handwash for $120, suppose to shampoo my seats... I open my back door picking it up, same dirt still all over it guy takes a rag wipes it off after a little elbow work... still spots on seats, they clearly did NOT shampoo these. Then I got exterior top end hand wash, the front is still covered with bug splats... as soon as I got home I used a bucket of soap n water and some elbow grease got it all off... like what the hell. 120 bucks this thing should be spotless inside and out. It is clear they did the same job they would have done for 35 bucks. This is the 2nd time in this last year I have been disappointed with their service, I didnt leave a bad rating first time to give them a 2nd try.. but this freaking sucks. Well post pictures...

Grant Spitzer

The circus monkeys used a filthy brush to pre scrub the car before going into the tunnel, and the brush scratched the clear coat off my brand new car on the passenger door and their machines scratched ALL the paint ( down to the metal) on a section of the front of my new car. won't answer the phone, had to drive back out of my way. won't pay to have the spoiler re-painted. its a "manufacturer defect" and won't be responsible for damage. they put greasy armor all on the dash- complete with dust, lint and animal hairs on the dash. I won't be going back. I'm going to club corner in crabapple instead.

Sherri Romero

They are expensive! Paid for $27 service and my car was still dirty. I had to go around the car with the employee to get all the missed spots. I ended up asking for the towel and finishing it myself. They blamed it on the machine that washes the cars. I wouldn't recommend it.

Jemima Sohahong-Kombet

M. Adams

Great friendly service. Honest, they don't over sell.

Mary Gentry

This is a good all around car wash, complete with detail. Be sure and check your glass sections before leaving though.

Leila Wilson


Gail Adams

Harrison McCulloch

Excellent service! This is the best detail I have ever gotten from any conpany. I got the full detail package, which includes shampooing the seats and carpets. They really took their time and it looks just like the day I bought it. Great job! I will be back.

Bruce Tharrington

Attentive staff, reasonable prices depending on what you are looking for, not very congested or long lines

Nicholas Garofalo

Oh where to begin. I just bought a 4Runner - it's 10 years old & was well-loved. It desperately needed a bath in & out. So I first brought it in to Cherokee Auto Spa for a thorough wash, wax, & detail. There were stains in the console, sticky residue in the cupholders & the door panel cupholders, scratches on the door panels, dirt, sand, dust, grime, grass, & crumbs in the back seats & back trunk area. It was dirty. & I wanted it clean. I paid $120 for the mini detail to have them go thru *everything* & clean it (including scrubbing & reconditioning the leather seats). They had my truck for the better part of 5 hours. I came back to find the inside completely greased out with armorall, the stains, crumbs, residue, & grass still right where I left it, wax not buffed out of the rear bumper, & brake dust grime still on ALL four wheels. It looked like I drove it thru a $4 gas station car washing & hosed it down with a garden hose. They were so humiliated (by their own work) they offered me a full refund. Instead I said I wanted to take it to the Towne Lake location because they did a great job for us last time when we spilled a whole cup of coffee in our car. Well as it turns out, Towne Lake is owned by the same folks - cool, I thought to myself, but that should've been my first red flag. So I took it there the next morning & explained how I just had the guys in Canton give it a mini & I wanted Towne Lake to redo it. The guys @ Towne Lake were SHOCKED to look inside & out & see everything that was missed. So I was glad to leave it in what I thought were confident & capable hands. When I came back this time, however, I noticed 50% of the grime & dirt still in the carpets, an entire portion of the back that hadn't been vacuumed, brake dust grime STILL on the wheels, sticky residue STILL in the console, & stains STILL on the leather seats. For the next 30 minutes I took a baby wipe to the thing with the detail manager standing right there pointing out & removing stain & spot after stain & spot that he said wouldn't come out with his "tools." I'm never going to either of these places again. Don't waste your time, your money, or your sanity. I don't often have my cars detailed, but why the heck would I when I could save my money & do it myself? ****************************************** Response back to Garen Smith (co-owner who called me yesterday) ****************************************** Garen, Perhaps the Garen I spoke with yesterday on the phone is a different person than the guy who responded to my OTHER google review on the Towne Lake Car Wash. The man I spoke with yesterday indirectly called me dishonest (in saying the car detail was done terribly), told me he didn't like me, & told me that I shouldn't let one bad experience (even though it was actually 2...) keep me from coming back as a customer. All of this was used as a justification to NOT give me a refund for the shoddy work done on my 4Runner. I was willing to pay for the wash & wax since that was the only thing done well & explained that Tim, the detail manager at the Sixes location, told me that a wash & wax was $21 so I expected a refund of $99 (since I paid $120 for the mini detail). He immediately corrected me that a wash & wax is $45. Seriously? Your managers don't even know the prices of your services? & you're not going to honor the price they quoted me? Finally, after 25 minutes of conversation in the middle of my work day, Garen finally conceded & said, "I'm willing to refund you 50% of your money. That is what it is. This isn't a negotiation. You can either take the $60 or this conversation is over." I'm sad to say that when asked "hey how's the new car?" I can't help but talk about how insanely I was treated by the local car wash guy who had 2 tries to clean my truck & STILL did a crummy job & how he wouldn't give me all of my money back. I wish you the best in your business endeavors, Garen, but if this is your idea of the path to success then I can only imagine it will be very short-lived.

Susan Duncan

Could NOT have been more pleased! Rebecca did a dynamite job... the work was worth every penny!!!

Bill Poindexter

Vanessa Hooper

Absolutely awesome job on my car! The guy took his time and my car looks amazing. Thanks so much!

Marcy Cain

Car looks great, but it took ENTIRELY TOO LONG. Been using this place for a number of years but I will not be back.

Joe walker

Dave T

Good job with the car. Only reason it’s not a 4 or 5 is that the staff changed the radio to play explicit rap music so my wife got an earful when she got back in the car. Just ridiculous.

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