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REVIEWS OF Mr. Clean Car Wash - Canton IN Georgia

Krishnakumar Chinnasamy

I am a regular customer for Mr. Clean over 5+ years. I had my carwash this morning with gold package. I noticed things below Car wasn't clean well both interior and exterior Hood has lot of scratches (I am pretty sure there was none before cleaning) Blue stains in the seats all over (interior is beige color it is visible clearly) The tire shine is horrible they sprayed in body near by the wheel and not cleaned I am very upset with their service today (11/25/18).

Courtney Wigfall

I was coming here regularly for the last year or so and I literally got my car washed and detailed yesterday and it looks already like I got nothing done ! Especially on the inside there are still crumbs everywhere I could’ve kept my money and cleaned it myself .

Joseph Stinnett

The best oil change/car wash and detail I have ever had. Took 30 minutes total, but the quality was exceptional. The staff was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The facilities are nice and well kept. I’m also impressed with how well my car looked. I’m always doing my oil changes and car washing here.

Joseph Howard

Alright, so something changed in the last few months. Management? Ownership? I noticed business was down. There were maybe 2 cars there during a time when roughly 10-12 are being detailed. Anyway, I shook off all the negative reviews and decided to give them a shot with my Porsche Macan. I’ve been here roughly 10 times in the past 3 years, but have not been back in 3-4 months since selling my previous vehicle. From start to finish: The girl managing the tunnel was rude. I misunderstood her hand signals and drove too far, and without warning a “STOP” erupted from her mouth that was filled with the anger and frustration that comes with a long, hard, day. It wasn’t a helpful “stop” but a “stop you idiot” accompanied by a demeaning head shake. The end of the tunnel where the finishing spray is suppose to be clean rinsing water, was pure soap water. I notified the front desk, and the 2 other men in the lobby mentioned the same thing. My cars interior was the same or dirtier then when I dropped it off. Some surfaces were completely missed, there was still clumps of dust missed on more obvious places like the dash. My windows are now streaked, caused by I’m guessing dirty rags and the wrong cleaner. As a result, they’ve been fogging more than normal. I still tipped $5. My best guess is ownership changed. They use to do a bang up job. I’m going to see about getting my prepaid washes refunded. I only regret not taking photos.

Stephanie McCarty

Pretty good job but not great. I paid for the highest cost service and my windows were streaked in front and interior was not completed very well.

Trent Iuni

It really is a very confusing place. I just wanted to get an emissions and was told I need to get a car wash. The place was very confusing and I wasn't sure where to go. The only helpful person was the guy who did my emissions. Other than that, they need signs saying where to go for what service is required. Pulling in and parking is incredibly confusing.

Tech Head

Average car wash and more expensive for basic wash compared to others in the area.

Chris Begley

My wife heard good things so we gave it a shot and I was disappointed. I was focused on the interior so I opted for the least expensive exterior wash ($8) and a interior clean ($12) which is supposed to include wiping down the dash and cleaning the windows, neither which were done. I could have gone to my normal car wash and spent $5 on the basic wash and used the free vacuums and done a much better job.

Katherine Hall

Not a very good carwash experience. 1st time coming. Was hoping we found a place closer to home but will not be coming back. Will be going back to Towne Lake. They were in too much of a hurry and brought me back to my car to inspect their job and they did not clean my mats, under my mats still had crumbs, did not wipe dash down(dust all over), did not wipe foot steps into car. Needless to say I had to stand there and point out everything they missed. They even left trash in one door and when I said it they said "well.our cleaners sometimes miss" I was like cleaners??you mean you missed the trash. I'm not one to be s .upset but when you pay $37 for your car to be detailed you expect it to look new. I just purchased a new car in August so it wasn't even that dirty. I'm just floored at what they considered clean. I cant believe I left a tip. But that's just who I am. So upset! Will not return.

Oladapo Ogunmola

A guy that did the inside cleaning ,around 8 am this morning found $200 under my carpet at the driving side and returned it back to me .. he is an honest man..

Alex Henner

Paid for the Platinum wash, but only asked for exterior. Platinum is supposed to be hand dry and window treatment. After going through the wash I waited for them to finish the exterior. After 20 minutes they dragged a used rag across the car and didn't wash the windows. Now have water spots and still dirty windows. Upon asking the guy why it wasn't done, he said exterior only means you go through the wash and leave. So I waited for 20 minutes for nothing or they falsify what you actually pay for.

Kahlia Mitchell

I don’t write reviews ever but felt I needed to today. I waited 30 minutes for the premium detail today at me clean car wash which is fine if you actually clean my car. Upon being told they were finished the young gentlemen proceeded to tell me that they got ‘most’ of it. I seriously don’t know what I paid for today. My car is still dirty, I have three little kids so spills happen and they never even wiped the seats down. It doesn’t look like it’s been vaccuumed and little pieces of trash we’re just left in a pile in the vehicle. I am very unsatisfied with my experience here and will not be returning. I should have saved my $37

Howard Roseen

Wow, a great car wash. The monthly package is the way to go. It can sometimes be a little slow, but it depends on the volume (it’s a busy place). Expect to spend at least 15 minutes or more.


Staff was nice. But don't bother getting the $32 Full service wash. We left still having to clean the interior out ourselves. Looks like they did not even vacuum the interior at all or wipe anything down. So paid all of that money for an exterior wash. No idea what they did for 15min while we waited. Not happy.

J Rock

Great customer service. Vincent was great and Antonio did a fabulous job too. Complete turn around from the last time I was here. New and improved feeling this go round. Will be back.

Jennifer Rowland

Great job! Wish I would have taken before and after pictures. I brought these guys quite a job. Stains, spills, dog hair. They got it all! Couldn’t be happier!

Daniel Gramling

Paid over a hundred bucks for a detail. Cups holders not touched. And floors mats were soaking wet and thrown in the the back of the car. They threw wet mats in the back of my car insted of drying them or letting them air drying and replacing them where they go. Huge rip off. Poor quality of work. Will not return.

Robert Lowman

Good production car wash

Mady Crabill

I always come here for an oil change and car wash. Everyone is always helpful, Vincent is great! I’m in and out quick either before or after work. Definitely recommend!

Cheryl Henderson

Their services are always on point. Would recommend to any one.

Steve Sullivan

Paid for a platinum interior and exterior service today. As advertised on the menu board; hand wipe exterior, vacuum and wipe down interior, etc. The pictures below show no attempt at vacuuming and the door wells were not wiped down. For $35 I expected better and the management and employees should be ashamed of themselves for false advertising and lack of service provided. I can not recommend this place and will not be returning myself.

Sydney Denmon

I usually don’t write reviews on here but this pretty ridiculous. I have gotten my oil changed and a free car wash there twice. Once in May and once in September. The wash is okay but not great and the front desk lady was very rude and had terrible customer service skills. The oil change guys were very nice BUT this is the SECOND time that they have failed to put in all of the screws to hold in the plate under my car after changing my oil. I am current stuck at the gas station with said plate laying on the ground because it’s missing most of the screws. It’s pretty ridiculous

larry pruitt

Did a great job

Joshua Johnson

Do you like a gamble? Do you like paying money in hopes that you get someone who has pride in their work? If so, this place is for you. I've been 3 times. Usually, for $30 you get a ok job of interior cleaning with little touch up work. But sometimes you get a horrible job. I just had to spend 30 minutes of my time finishing something they barely tried. The interior of my car looked almost exactly the same as before I showed up. Avoid. They do not take pride in their work and just go through the motions.

James Goddardjr

Good service friendly staff

Amanda Jo

My car was damaged @ Mr Clean (Canton). I called to let them know 5min after picking up my car (I was parked across the street making the call). I started with "I'm not asking for anything; repairs are already scheduled but please check your machine so this doesn't happen to somebody else" but instead of "Thanks, I'll check" Brian just argued that it couldn't have happened there (even though it most certainly did). I tried reaching out to their Facebook page instead but apparently Brian oversees that too. He asked me to bring the car by so I thought "okay, he's going to refund the cost of the wash at least" but no, he just wanted to argue in person. This place is a waste of time & money (even if I don't factor in the $950 in repairs on my car which has <15k miles).

Bob Markham

Great service today! Thank you.

Justin Thompson

I’ve been a regular customer here for a while. I consistently get hand washes on both of my vehicles (and a full detail from time to time). I’m sure it’s easy to overlook the hand wash station if equipment breaks since the bulk of your business comes from the mechanical wash. However, the customers that choose to come back for the higher quality washes with attention to detail service will not keep coming back if they’re turned away 3-4 times because the power washers are down. I will be finding an alternate service that takes pride in the maintenance of their equipment and I won’t have to worry about getting turned away 3-4 times. Fix your equipment.

Stephen F. Smith

Great Customer Service at a great Great Price!! Special Thank you too Vincent (car wash Service Supervisor) and Dave (Car Maintenance Supervisor)! You guys and your staff make getting all my cars serviced and Detailed sooo much easier

Martha Cintron

Great place

alexander martino

Prices are competitive. SUV came out clean.

Atlanta Paint & Trim

Great service, thank you Brian, Dave and Caleb.

Megan Atcheson

Always get my oil changed here. The technicians are knowledgeable and very friendly.

Sarah Elizabeth

Vincent was very helpful and I received wonderful customer service. Everyone at this car wash makes me feel much more comfortable getting work done on my car and I appreciate the environment they provide.

Lee Wischmeyer

If one is expecting them to wipe the sap spots off your car from the trees they're not going to do it. One must tell them to use special remover because they won't take the initiative and it took them two attempts. 45 min. I went back a second time cuz I just figured it might have been a bad day because they were busy but it was the same thing all over again won't be back

Peter Shirokov

Seems like a smooth runing operation. Busy with many costomers. Good prices. Nothing fancy. Service is polite and they move at a good pace, friendly to everyone. Some of the charachers who work there look sort of rough, though. I overheard some of the workers talking between themselves by accident (well, they were loud and not descrete) and I wish I did not.

Wendy Ingram

This was a mother's day gidt from daughter. First just pulling in and parking is a cluster f. Next, the detailing job was 108$.. My seats stayed wet for days. And there was still dirt in floor and dash. Awful job!! Dont go here!

Angela Rayoni

The absolute worst car wash / detail shop. We scheduled a detail $200 so you would think this is a first class job, wrong. First they make you wait in a long line to go through their car wash machine. They had the car all day and at 5:00 they said I would need to leave it overnight. The following day at 3pm we picked it up. Never cleaned under the hood. Wax and dirt spots all over. The most pathetic detail I have ever seen. I would not recommend these people. Rip off for sure!

Buddy Burns

Did an excellent and fast job

Stephanie Reid

Outstanding customer service from Vincent the onsite manage. Extremely friendly team of employees. I was a new customer and they went the way extra mile to make sure I came back. And that I will.

Luke Williams

Great price for emissions with wash.

Lindsey Smith

Recently brought my truck in for an oil change and carwash. The staff was friendly and the wait time was reasonable. However, on my way home found that the lube crew had left my hood unlocked. I had to pull over on the interstate to shut it. After closer inspection when I got home found that the wash job was not that great either. I had waterspots on both mirrors and the back windshield. There was a black stain on the front side panel as well that wasn't there when I brought it in.

Flavio Santana

Betty is awsome Women made my day with her smile and cheerfulness, No negative vibes.

Hawaii Lang

Love this place!!! Always fast, friendly and a great value for the money. My car always looks brand new when it leaves there. My only complaint is there isn't one where I live in Cartersville so I have to drive the 40 minutes to the one in Cantin.

mama J

I went to get a emission test and they give you a car wash but I watch the workers they doing the job

Jorge Lopez

Best car wash in Canton GA

Cary Schnell

My car was no cleaner when they said it was ready then when I brought it in. None of the windows were cleaned, hardly vacuumed, hardly wiped, black water and foot prints on my floor mats that weren’t there when I came in, bugs still caked on the front, etc. I asked Conner, THE MANAGER, for a towel to wipe off the bugs and he actually handed me a towel and stood there while I wiped the bugs off. Opened the trunk and there was a pile of pool salt there, they hadn’t even opened the back let alone vacuumed. If I could give them a 0 I would. Waste of money and time, BEWARE. This is the first time I have ever posted a review of anything, it was that bad.

Trent Fields

Wash was good. Vacuums not turned on.

Joshua Friedman

They do a great job for a "good enough" detailing. My dashboard and steering wheel were a bit greasy when I left, but I can say everything was clean and smelled great. Make sure you put your windows down if you have their full service, because I had condensation problems for the next few days.


Job well done and prices are affordable... recommend it

khauser 30215

Outstanding, I was in town for a wedding and wanted to get my car cleaned, not only were they quick, thorough but also time flew by as the staff was friendly and after chatting a little bit my car was ready. Told them I was from out of town and after another quick chat they walked me through the clean and asked if I had anything specific I wanted them to look at again. Awesome, I wish we had something like this in South Carolina.


Brother purchased a $100 gift certificate last year. Each time it's been used we kept track of how much was left. Today when trying to use it we were told it had no value left. Tuff luck. So we paid $40 for the interior detailing. The interior is still filthy. Dishonest worthless business. STAY AWAY unless you are willing to be ripped off.

AJ Reitz

Stopped in for a platinum full service wash today. Vincent & Antonio were fantastic! Our Jeep looks great. They did an awesome job!

Roger Malone

Had some spray paint on the hood of two of our vehicles. They gave great service and was able to get the paint off. The managers were friendly and went out of their way.

Jason Young

They dont give guys time to really detail car after washing and their high speed buffer guy left swirls all in my paint and he hit the trim on back driver door and rush you out before you realize btw they had me look at it in shade make them park it in sun so you see what you really dealing with and if you have chrome aftermarket wheels do know they got wheel huggers that will damage your wheels if not careful. I wont never use them again I rather pay a child in neighborhood and give them my money and chance it on a good cause than come back here ...

April Walker

Very courteous employees and a clean vechicle worth it

Zachariah Gault

Not as good as Tidal Wave but good enough since I was out of town

Jack Gilbert

Had my wife take our car there to get washed and detailed cause it had marking paint on it but it is The worst detail on a car I have ever seen wouldn't recommend it to anyone called manager and he said bring it back and they would redo it so I gave them another chance some things were better and some didn't change but what he had them do is run it back through the car wash and basically wipe it down no kind of interior work done on the second time and it cost me $209 and there is still dirt, paint,and other problems with it so I'm going to clean it up and show them how a true detail should look and a hell of a lot cheaper oh and I asked for a partial refund and the best he could do is a $32 car wash gift card and I have pics of it and I would still like a refund

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