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REVIEWS OF Avril's Auto Boutique IN Georgia

Kate Pece

I saw the bad reviews but thought I'd give them a chance and an honest review. The waiting area is really nice, so I wish I could say more for the place. One pet peeve about the service: I was working on my computer while I waited, but no one told me when my car was ready. I had to go ask. I came on a Monday at 2 pm,and they were not busy. Plenty of people were working. I have uploaded photos to show the results. Mine is the black Honda coupe. The interior has lint/dust across the dash, stereo system, and console area. The carpet still has visible debris on it. Fingerprints were not wiped from my touch screen. On the exterior, there are still dirty places the rag didn't touch, insufficient cleaning where some dirt remains, and water spots/drips in various places. At least it won't take long to finish cleaning myself. My car is the black Honda in the photos.

kenyartta gray

Best in Metro Atlanta

Tim Yuknavich

Cleaned my car inside and out with great attention to detail for not ridiculous money

John Brown

I just picked up my car from Avril where I paid $250 for their "Super Deluxe Detail". They did not shampoo all the carpets and mats. My rear mat is still very dirty and has debris that comes off with my fingers. The upholstry on the rear seats wasn't even vacuumed nor was it shampooed. The door panels were mostly cleaned but not completely. I am unable to tell a difference from before dropping it off with regards to the "Polish to remove oxidation, light scratches & swirls". I paid an additional $30 per headlight for the headlight restoration, and that actually looks really good. That is why I was considering giving them 2 stars, but after $310 all-in I just can't justify anything above 1 star. I would not recommend this place for anything other than a basic car wash.

Seth G


Horrible p li ace car was worse that it come no customer service no boss or supervisor

Pierre Toussaint

Avril we need you back on the front. Customer service really stinks. The working team and washers are great and I consistently get great work, but the initial interaction with the manager at front really turns off. Still love Avril!!

Temika Fulton

The guys washing the cars are great, its the guy behind the counter. Asked me for cash and the lady before me and after me used their cards. His excuse to me was " The internet is down". I will not be a returning customer

Aynara Racolto

Atlanta Fireplace Specialists

over priced, too busy, customer service was poor

Lisa Velazquez

There were a lot of workers and they were quick but not thorough at all. This was my second visit and both times my car wasn't really clean when they were done. However, the owner/manager really cares.

John Alexander

Seems like it is run by nice people but over 1.5 hours of my Saturday gone for their "Express" wash. No thanks

Bernadette Leite

Jonathan Diaz

Amelia Freeman

Done with Avril’s. Just had car washed and it was the poorest quality yet. I’ve remained loyal to them until now, respectfully pointing out spots missed and waiting patiently until it was done properly and always tipping these guys 20%. But today iced the cake for me. Such poor quality work. I don’t leave reviews, ever. So you can weight this negative review accordingly.

Robin Leigh Folsom

Ebony L. Brown

I'm satisfied. Whatever I point out, they take care of it.

Aminah Abdullah

This car wash is terrible! They did not do a good job on my car, and stole money from a compartment in my car. I left the money there in anticipation of using it for a tip. I told the manager about the issue and he did nothing. Don't waste your time or money at this place.

Houston Cleaver

It shouldn't take an hour and a half to wash a car. They are understaffed.

John Sottano

This is a great place to get your car cleaned, “old fashion” way: wash by hand!

Andrew Pettway

Fast, friendly, professional staff. I have been to nearly all hand washes in town, and I am very pleased with the results on my 4runner. I take great care of my car and I can tell they did too. They happily took care of a few touch ups I requested after it was washed. Highly recommend. They deserve your business and your tips. The prices are extremely fair as well. Thanks Avril!

Presto569 Gaming

It’s named after the great Avril Lavigne.

Kyra Knowles

They did a great job on the inside of my car. It was raining so i didn't bother to gest the outside cleaned. The guys emptied my coin tray!!!! Took all the change and about $6 in paper currency. Very disappointed.

Jasmin Bryant

Why didn't I pay attention to the negative reviews??? I called before I came to find out what the cost would be. The guy on the phone asked what car I have... I told him "Kia Soul" he told me $20. When I got here -- and after my car was already soaped up, the guy I spoke to on the phone rang me up for $25. I told him he said it was $20 on the phone and he told me “well, I didn't know what vehicle you had.” He then admitted he knows I told him a Kia Soul and then said he had no idea what kind of vehicle it was and just threw out a price. A price he wouldn't honor. I asked why didn't he ask me for clarification… All he said was “I'm sorry. I didn't know what it was.” I wanted to take my car elsewhere but it was too late. Never again! I hope he enjoys that extra $5!

Amandeep singh

Yesterday! I got my car cleaned interior and exterior and my experience had been as bad as other reviews. This place looked nice and I had high expectations with the way it has been made. After cleaning is done I realized I had too strong bad odor in my car as if some one puked! I think they would have used old towels to clean my car.... I thought odor would go out if I keep my car windows open but it did not....I went back again and talked to the guy who washed my car and he responded by saying...It would have been smelling earlier and said probably ur car carpet needs to be cleaned! Which is Bullshit! Will never visit again and suggest others too to stay away!

Angie Bogan

First of all, when I walked through the door to pay, I was never acknowledged. The guys behind the counter was talking with this other guy about randomness, that had nothing to do with nothing. They wasn't servicing him, just holding conversation. Then, when the conversation was over, then he asked can he help me. I started to just leave but I looked and they had started on my car. Speaking of the car, they did a horrible job. There was a stain on one of my windows before the car wash and remained their after the wash. They did not do a good job at all. I do not recommend this place to anyone unless you're looking for horrible customer service and the worst car wash ever.

Will Parker

Eco friendly. Waits on most mid range stuff spans 1-2 hrs. Quality is pretty solid. Favorite so far.

Jordan Walter

Not sure why there are negative reviews on this place. I will literally drive out of my way to have my brand new vehicle hand washed and detailed here. They do an incredible job, the pricing is great and they do it in 1/5th the time it would take me to do it at home. Huge fan, so much so I avoid drive through car washes and they are the only ones to touch my truck. Thank you Avril!!!! Onward!

Brenda Ramos

Jillian Morn

$20, 30 minutes, excellent interior and exterior clean. I'm satisfied. It was my first time visiting and I'll definitely be coming back.

Ryan Mccabe

Wow. This place sucks. Wheels still dirty. Dirty spots that didn't see soap or the drying cloth. Two guys yelling at each other to do your job like two little boys And to top the cake, one guy opens my back door and stands on my leather seat with his boots to reach the top.. Wow. Speechless

Joshua Eiland

Joseph Boggs

Great staff

George Gemming

Thomas Luby

Needed some extra cleaning on the inside of my mid-sized SUV (Mercedes ML350) so I went for the "mini detail". Guy at counter argues it was a large SUV so it totaled $90. Turned out to be a normal wash but vacuumed the interior and cleaned the floor mats. Had to rush home and when I finally got around to looking at the car I had to spend some time cleaning bugs off the front, spots on the windshield, and brake dust on the wheels. Not a $90 clean

Chris Patton Hopkins

Worst Car Wash in Atlanta

Patrick Sullivan

Although it's convenient and local, I'm appalled with the level of service at this car wash: 1. Overpriced - it's way too expensive, especially for the lack of detail 2. Bad customer service - It feels like the man at the register doesn't even want your business. Very uninviting and disinterested 3. No attention to detail - they completely missed all interior surfaces and leather seats. They did not clean the interior running board. Overall, really poor job on the inside. I would not recommend this car wash for any reason. Too expensive especially for the price. There are WAY better options.

Todd Mackintosh

I have been going here for years and recently switched to Mister Car Wash in Buckhead. Avrils is terrible. Owner or whatever the guy is behind the counter is rude and odd. Don't go here, ever

Ryan Plantz

Takes FOREVER to get your car washed. I pulled right in, they started vacuuming and then it took another 20 minutes before they even started washing. In total over an hour for a car wash that wasn't anything special... Watched an elderly woman ask them to dry her car a little better and the man working handed her the towel to do it herself. Will not be back.

Bobby Riddle

I had my truck detailed at this location and didn't notice till I got back to the office in the garage that the truck was covered with water spots and look like the rag they had used to dry it off had been dirty. I spent about 30 minutes just wiping it down trying to get rid of the streak marks of what dirty muddy water looking streaks that was on my truck. I did call the manager and let him know that they needed to do a better job as far as changing out the water there. Make sure you check your vehicle's before you leave and look around the whole vehicle inside and out. I doubt if I will use this location again.

Doug Piper

Had detailed performed....they didn’t do a good job at all. Dirt was still in the carpet and seats were not even touched.

Charles Upshaw

Regular customers of this car wash. Came in for a wash and asked them to shampoo one area of the car where our dog had been sick, but that we had cleaned up. The workers refused. We and our business went up the street to Buckhead’s Finest. Our $60 went here instead of Avril.

Brandon Hicks

Good wash, terrible parking! The overall wash was good except for my floor mats being slippery which is crazy. Other than that the parking situation is the worst part, if you come on Friday or Saturday, expect not to get a wash unless you wait across the street for the parking lot to clear.

Mary Jean Broyles

These guys do an absolutely amazing job!

Lucien Delouya-Newman

Rick Booher


Lina Rodríguez

Don’t waste you time and money here. In The first place this place doesn’t have an accesible entrance for the waiting room. My friend in a wheelchair had to wait out in the cold because of that reason and wasn’t even worth it, cleaning was done poorly and they didn’t follow the instructions to open the accesible van ramp properly. Bad experience.

Suzanne Burkin

Excellent job at this place ! I highly recommend Avril's Auto Boutique !!!

James Reeves

Paid $225 + $35 tip for a full interior/exterior detail. Exterior detail was fine. However, the interior of my car now reeks of mold/mildew and body odor now (with a splash of strawberry?). I’m guessing they don’t clean or wash their equipment very well or very often. Looks like I will be paying more money to someone else to fix this. I will not be using this car wash again.

Levon Fogel

Went there on a Friday. I got my car pulled up for a wash and the first employee quoted me some prices verbally without any ticket to record the selection. I asked him three times what the price for my car would be and he said $23. I go inside to pay. When you walk into the garage area for customers it's setup like a coffee shop, in fact I thought it was a coffee shop, with weird wooden tables blocking you in every direction. I told them I got a number three and they asked for $25. Classic scam where nothing is in writing and they change the price inside. I told them the price I was quoted was different and the cashier lady said "he's new". Seems like a training issue. The cashier was not very friendly. After the transaction she disappeared. Waited for a long time for the car to be washed. Weird products for sale inside that don't relate to automotive. Another bad sign. Many employees were passing in and out of the front customer entrance seemingly just traipsing around. The car was dried off but they missed two spots of water streaking down. I checked the rear cargo area was vacuumed which they missed forcing a retry thru the vacuum station. They did get the thing washed but the experience was unsettling. The initial employee guy was decent but the misquoted price was a detractor. Plus he promised vacuum of the rear would happen and didn't. Won't go back.

Kira Djolic

Shel Horta

Lekisha Burke

I went here because it’s like the only car wash near me but they are always busy but the quality of work is awful...I requested a service that cost me $55 for a 2 door Jeep ...I had to make them come back and spot wash so many parts of the car ! I’m definitely a quality over quantity type person! They are awful!

tiara dorsey

Does great job but long wait

Linda Stuart-Jones

Owner operator brisk and not customer friendly!

Elisha Pereira

This was my first time taking my car to get washed here. I was dissatisfied with the service because after getting an exterior car wash I noticed that there were several areas on the hood of my car with chipped pain and the metal underneath being exposed. I spoke with the attendant behind the counter explaining to him the situation and how I’ve taken my car in the past to the drive through car washes and have never had any issues with chipped paint. The guy was rude and basically said it can happen over time especially with used cars.

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