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REVIEWS OF Auto Spa Bistro IN Georgia

Kia B

The team at auto spa bistro is professional and fairly quick for the volume of cars that come in and out. However, the quality of the car wash itself is lacking. Especially given the price point. When my car was finished, I had to point out missed areas and later realized that my windows and window trim were completely smeared. I don’t plan on returning.

Gretchen Shannon

Great service and great food.

Josh Silk

I took my car here right after I got it purchased. They did great. Love it

Nitt Henson

Over priced for the service but cool to be able to grab a bite to eat while you wait.

Cidwaka Vaughan

Everything is always great except the cooks being outside with aprons on frequently visit this place but I may stop for that very reason

snobbshop com

Great service! Next time I will have lunch or dinner! Food looked delicious

Juliana Franklin

Food is okay, but the waitresses could use better manners. Car washes are usually good, but they always miss a few spots here and there.

Naomi Green

Amazing, seriously worth every penny. And don't sleep on the bistro. I had an awesome breakfast omelet while waiting for my car.

Dorothy Steele

Bistro has very good food. Great place to get you vehicle detailed.

Colby Maquar

Took my recently new (2 months) car in for a wash and wax and received very mediocre service for the high price I paid. Granted they did a decent job vacuuming the little dirt out of the car and the car looks good from a distance. The story drastically changes when you look at it up close and unfortunately I didn't notice this until I got home. They missed several spots near the bottom of the car when washing and then they very clearly waxed over some mud streaks near the front tire rather than cleaning it off. For the price I paid, I mistakenly assumed that they would have at least done a more thorough job.

Socially Nina Thomas

This place is more for show. The car. Wash was average and overpriced. I love the idea of having a drink and eating brunch BUT this was a great idea with poor execution. There weren't a lot of people in there but the tables were dirty and it took forever to get service. They kept forgetting to bring our drinks out. The food was average and the wings were super tiny. I'll pass...

Lex Diamond

Nice cozy spot and I'm from Jersey loved the service

Gina Xaymany

First time having my car washed here. It's a good place to have lunch while your car is being washed. I had an in and out service for my car ($35). After finishing lunch my car was nice and shiney.

Sam Priest

Get good food and drinks while watching your car get washed and detailed

Jeff Collard

Great detail work!

Fred Burns

It a nice place to come and get your car washed and day service food w you wait

Luis Clasby

I really enjoyed the concept of being able to get a drink/food while my car was cleaned throughly. I came around 530 on a Friday after work and was able to sit at the bar.The chicken sandwich and fries were excellent, and had a decent bar too. Nice people and atmosphere. Car looks pretty good too so I will definitely come back, and won’t mind paying a bit more the experience.

christal Little

Nice establishment, but horrible job cleaning our small car. Paid $40.... the outside of it was still dirty & all windows are still very grimey. Won’t be going back. Am frustrated because we had planned to take our truck there tomorrow.

TL Brown

Great atmosphere but the service was awful. The waitress/bartenders were extremely rude and unpleasant. I asked for water with lemon and I received water, lemon with no ice. I asked the bartender questions regarding the menu and she simply walked away, so decided not to order anything and continue to sip on my warm lemon water while my car was getting washed. I will never come back here... Very disappointing!

1280 West Concierge

The detailing of my car was horrible. I arrived around 7pm and no one wanted to wash my car. Employees just standing around looking at me while I try to make eye contact for help. Once getting their attention i received a $40 dollar ticket for a wash. The car wash was horrible. the inside glass and outside glass is smeared. I guess they used the same dirty rag for the tires on the windows. Awful!!!!!!! My car looks like its been washed with dirty bath water. Never again!!!!

Stacy Crawford

We waited entirely too long for our food! The place is small inside so it doesn't hold alot of people. With that being said, waiting over an hour for anything is uncalled for. The food is good so we may go back if we are near there but we won't make a special trip like we did the time we went. The owner is really nice so that will make us come back to patronize his place.


We got our car washed and had breakfast. The breakfast was good. But, some spots on the car were missed. We brought it to the washer's attention and he took care of it right away.


So I was greeted by a guy name Nick that swiftly gave me great price on my vehicle detail as well as took the keys and ushered me to the waiting area. This came across as very professional to me. After that he showed me that they had two waiting areas. One side there was a restaurant and another that was just seating. Of course I chose the restaurant site since I had not had breakfast yet, and boy was I impressed. The restaurant had beautiful snake leather wrapped seating and nice tables. The TV's were tuned to a station that kept me entertained throughout my breakfast. The staff was fast and friendly and I received some of the best french toast that I've had in a restaurant. I would definitely return my business to this CarWash over and over again.

Josh Ingalls

One of the best car washes over been to

Anthony Hunter

I was told this was a nice place to grab a bite to eat and get your car detailed in the process. I enjoyed the food but when I was notified that my car was ready, the person who actually detailed my car was missing in action with my keys for almost two hours. The detailing of my car was also horrible. The manager offered to give me free drink but I just wanted my keys so I could get the hell out of there. I’m interested in paying $40 bucks for a $5 dollar wash. Seriously?! My people, we’ve got to do better if you want us to patronage your establishment. We don’t get abpass from one another because we look a like. I’m sorry...

Tiphaine Clark

Great... no complaints

valarie hayes

The service here has went down tremendously! Literally! I gave it a 3 star, cause... I Love to support my Black business...but, theses waitress have to do better! You have to keep a smile at All times and say your name at the beginning, Should not have to ask!! And the washers got KNOW HOW TO CLEAN WINDOWS! PERIOD! overall experience was ok. Great music, good food, and establishment! But, needs some improving!

Carolyn Y Brown

Great Bistro, quick food items WHILE getting your car washed. Did I mention HAND WASHED, too. Nice Bar with professional bartender and server. My burger was gangster and customers service the best. Kinda like a "CHEERS" atmosphere, love it! Recommend it highly

Anthony Williams

Great car wash....excellent is terrific!!!

Nicole H

Eat, drink, and full detail. They missed some interior things but quickly fixed it. Well worth the $$ spent.

DJ Smoove

Great food, great service, great atmosphere ... I am really digging their business model. The guys took care of my custom wrapped RS7 and I did not have to stand over them looking for spots that they may have missed. I will visit this establishment anytime I am in Atl.

Manuel Patino

I took my small 2 seater car to get an inside and outside wash. When I returned to pick it up, I looked to see how clean it was. It looked like the inside had barely been cleaned. I had specifically asked for the windshield to be cleaned inside, I could not tell in the bright sunshine but later inside my garage I saw it had not been touched! The door cards were dirty even after I asked the guy to clean them. For $45 I expected a much better job, specially in such a small car... I do not recommend them at all. Not worth it, the guys there do not take any pride in their work like other car wash people I've used. I recommend to stay away from these people. Find someone else or wash you car yourself. You'll be happier.

Eduardo Vasquez

This is by far the worse customer service experience that I had experienced and the worse car wash experience here is why , I arrived at the place Around 10:30 am upon arrival I was ask what type of service would I like I specify that I need a complete interior detail I was giving the price of $125 I agreed to the price expecting a good job for the price , I left come to pick up my car later that day and I notice a few spots were missing I told the guy that Attended me, and he say he was going to find out who clean my car I was on a big hurry and the guy with my car keys was no where to be found about 5 minutes when by finally he show up with my keys the place seems to have lock of communication.with it’s own employees. I mentioned to hem but didn’t make a big deal since I had to go later the day I realized that the windows were done at all I thought was the outside but later realized it was the entire car glass that was not clean at all The more I look the worse it got to. The point that was lots of spots missing I called the place and spoke to a lady I was advise to bring the car back upon arrival I told the gentleman about the situation he expressed that he was not sure who work on my car and also what service I had received I say I pay $125.00 plus tips the guy told me that he was not sure what all included when u pay that amount I say I ask for complete inside detail he say oh do include all windows and all he calm the guy that had work on my car and the guy had a attitude he say he was told juts to shampoo that car and no windows and he was talking to another guy seem to a be lots of confusion I stay there a couple minutes and I left can believe how unorganized this place is no customer service at all and no apologies for a incomplete job

Ion Baker

This place is awesome! Great concept! I will be a regular customer here for sure!


Great people, quality work, and clean cars..... what more could you want....Champagne? Oh, they have that too.

Dartanya Chalon

Food and the service is great. Car was cleaned with excellence.


Always nice to eat and have my car cleaned, both services are great!

Sandra Urquiza

Friendly staff, quick service (even though it was busy) and a bar!

VaShawn Henry

Excellent service. Staff was polite, pricing was fair, and the vehicle was sparkling. I will definitely return when I am in the A!

Kelly Marble

I love this spa. Great food, people and atmosphere. The detail service is sub-par but the wash and food are exceptional. I would def go back for a wash and good drink!

Chicquan Cannon

They did an amazing job on the car!

Tadala Jumbe

Really good wings, but small. Very cool bar and atmosphere. The guys do a great job on your car.

Curtis Carmichael

I will never say anything bad about Auto Spa & Bistro! Attention to detail both inside & outside of your car. The food & drinks while you wait are great & reasonably priced. Get the lemon pepper wings (it’s Atlanta, EVERYONE has wings) you won’t be disappointed. Just remember to wash your hands before you get back in the car.

Taylor Harris

I won’t go anywhere else to get my car cleaned now. This place is efficient, attentive, and thorough; they cleaned for 90 minutes, it was a complete detail, and the car looked cleaner than it ever had before. I would recommend this place to anyone in the city looking for a quality clean for a decent price. Bonus: they have a bar inside- like a real, fully stocked bar, because they’re not playing around- clean cars and cold beers

Ian Bucy

The concept of making the most of customers waiting times by serving food and drinks is absolutely brilliant. While the food was not amazing, it was certainly not bad, and helped make the entire experience more enjoyable. The detailers also did a phenomenal job cleaning my car and certainly exceeded my expectations.

Paris Evans

Healthcare rating was 82. My car was filthy on the inside. When I inquired about it he said they only dusted down the interior.

Oris conyers spady

This is a nice place to clean your car never had two vacuums to clean one car get a job done quicker I love it

Helen Mckinley

Very nice place to hang out while getting car wash Inside you can order food and have a cocktail very nice

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