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7601 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33771

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REVIEWS OF Nascar Car Wash Largo IN Florida

Danto SweetMusic Man

Great car wash and great staff.

Luis Palau

One of the better ones around. Facilities are clean, properly maintained and staffed. Maybe on the higher end of the price spectrum but still a great value. The vacuums are insane. Each one has two hoses with different nozzles to clean different areas and reach more spots; nice touch. Also, some of these have free towels you can use and spray cleaner. Super conveniently located.

brian peckham

Amazingly great car wash. My SUV looks amazing and spotless. The vacuums suck really well also.

Conner Davis

Had a great experience hear what the car wash plenty of soap came out loved that I could fill my car with windchill wiper fluid never seen a place like that will come back

Cesar Farias

This could easily be a 5 star place but the tire shine doesn't really seem to shine up the tires every time. I stopped paying for it. Sometimes there is cool lighting but its a hit or miss on the cool lighting with the soap/foam. However still a good car wash. My truck doesn't fit in many car washes. Vacuums work for the most part. But seriously that tire shine though..

Shane Moreland

Loved it. Brand new car wash with the most updated car wash technology. Very dirty truck before wash, spotless truck after. Two thumbs up!

Jon S.

Carwash... self vacuum.

Larry Lindow Jr

great place to wash and vacuum your car

Brian Kilcoyne

I bought the highest end wash they sell. After going thru the wash I expected the car to be clean as well as the tires since I bought that package. When I parked to vacuum I saw the wheels were still very dirty and the car still had dirt on it. The guy had to come wash the wheels in the parking lot. For the price you pay for the wash I expected a lot better quality.

carl canali

Always fast service and never a issue.

Rebecca Mancuso

The carwash ripped the shark fin antenna off my car and when I asked if they had insurance they said no to go on ebay and buy a new part. I will never go to them again.

Brandon C

Going to sign up for the monthly unlimited wash. Have gone twice and both times car looked perfect and staff was great. Vacuums are super strong to get that fine dirt out the carpet. Set up well for you to prewash any stuck on stains. Free air and spots to detail.

Nicole Clark

Love the unlimited membership

bryce rodriguez

Very quick and easy car wash at a great price. All the staff is very friendly and helpful with any problems. Would definitely recommend!

Adam Patterson

Not impressed. I paid 18 bucks for the best wash, had to get out and dry my whole truck, and remove bug guts still in my front grill. Today it looks dirty again telling me that their turtle wax is a joke. 2 stars for the vacuums.

mandy davis

Love this car wash is one of the best round does his job, love Daytona nice person

Anthony Shane

Way better than the competition

Dan Burton

Tried it 3 times! Wash is ok $6.00 wash does just as good as the $20.00. Tire shine is a joke! Customer service was the better part of my experience. Won't be going back for a 4th try. I will wash at home or drive past them and try the other guy by Indian Rocks school.

Jeff Rubin

Not bad, but Bay Breeze car wash on 19 offers the same service for $1 less.

Brian McDonald

Best car wash and very cheap! Ps: never had any problems or scratching.

Robert Derocher

quick and gets the job done

Brett Huntley

Great place to get your car washed.

Sharon DeHaven

Really good wash and especially liked the soft towel dry & buff. Staff was great. Missing a star because tire shine wasn't quite as good as other car washes.

Britney Hagood

Best car wash in pinellas the floor mat washer works miracles

Andy & Mel Glidden

CARWASH broke my shark antenna on my new car, spoke to the Peter Howe which stated my car had a defect on the kia optima antenna and it was a known issue that he had 3 other cars come through and the same thing happened to it. i asked why didnt he have a sign up for these car owners letting them know to make their own decision if they want to chance this? his reply was thats a good idea and he agreed and also stated no sign was up because it would take away from business. Spoke to the owner and said would call us the next day and still no reply. It wouldnt be a big deal if the whole headliner didnt have to be pulled to get to this part but I am now going to have to spend several hundred on a new piece, owner to this day has not replied! bad business!

Chris Mancusi

Get one hell of a good car wash prompt and courteous service attendance are friendly and very nice definitely recommend Nascar car wash

Phatii's World

Loved it! Very nice

Sandy Green

Great place, Supper wash, wax, the works. And those free vacuum is great!! 18$. If you get a package you pay one price and you can go for a month. The people that work there explains the different ways you can use there packages.

jr hornaday

Great staff . Very friendly and helpful. Very good wash . The monthly plan is very convenient.

Rob Myers

Would give zero stars if possible. Just left the car wash. The car wash broke my drivers side mirror and would not replace it. Spoke with the manager who was no help at all . He actually wrapped my mirror with duct tape. Like come on are you serious. Save yourself some trouble and do not use this car wash !

Denis Oquendo

Best car wash

David Meads

Best place in Pinellas to get the car cleaned the full wash does everything right to the wheels. The vacuums are very powerful.Friendly helpful attendants. Would recommend to a friend and will be back again

Jeremy Pohl

I've been here multiple times and every time has been a good experience. Staff are all friendly and very helpful. I've used a variety of the available wash packages, and all of them/the car wash itself does a fairly good job. They have a bug removal pre-wash section, and vacuums at the end. Considering getting a monthly membership package.

Jan Broucinek

Quick efficiency and not horribly priced.

Patrick Smith

Went there for the first time the other day and received great service and a great wash for $6! The car came out great and was even almost completely dry. The vacuums at this place are perfect and STRONG. Would definitely recommend this wash over others in the area. Thanks!

Carla Sieber

Went to this car wash at least a dozen times before I decided to sign up for the membership. They do a good job keeping the property clean and the attendants are very nice.

Alana C

We love this car wash. They make it so easy and convenient to get your car looking great. Super friendly staff and always clean!

Jose Moreno

I wasn't there

koo laid

Reminds me of my old job, great equipment.

Mark Severance

Got the ride clean and shiny but skip the tire treatment because it only got 2/3 of the tires

Jimmy Nolan

I have been here about 15 times now, usually get the basic $6 wash and it does a great job on my lifted 4 door F150 truck. Great staff, they always come out to help with the payment/wash selections. After the wash I stop in for the free powerful vacuums and with my own towel finish drying off the few drops of water that are still on tailgate and wheels. Best car wash in Largo!

smokes smokes

Good wash for good price! Best vacumes in town

Glen Hagood

Best car wash in pinellas

Dana Scott

One of the best car wash places around. Always clean, great customer service and never have an issue with getting car cleaned. All the equipment is working unlike other places. Definitely not going to another car wash.

Kasey Sullivan

Every time I go there the people that work there are always so helpful they’re always nice and my car is always shining and clean by the time it’s out of the car wash I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone

a queen

The staff are always nice and friendly. Chris Howe helped my husband the last we were in with my son’s truck. We live in a neighboring city but drive here to get our cars washed a few times a week. They offer a monthly subscription so we do have it for both cars because it is well worth the money. There are free vacuums and trash cans on site so you can clean your car on the inside as well. And I don’t mean ones that are overflowing with trash etc. and paper blowing around. The outside grounds are clean a well maintained. There is a lot of light when it starts to get dark. We really enjoy this car wash.

Tiger Thompson

Thanks guys

Tyler Griffin

I have been to several car washes with this type of set up, but I must say this was the lowest with regards to quality. The attendant did not do any type of pre-scrub of the front or rear and as a result the wash was poor. Also, the attendant seemed more occupied by his phone than to worry with his work. The price is not in market with other wash locations either, to high for what you get. I give them an extra star for the fact that everything worked, everything being the vacuums.

Mimi C

Nice place, good service, great attendants.

Mike Gentile

Great car wash and great monthly deals

Hannah Harper

Paid for the $9 car wash and definitely did not get it, will not be going back. Waste of money

brian Charming

My Brand new truck was getting its first car wash today. Well it didn’t go so well, and even though the attendants refunded me and filled out claim, they were not apologetic and actually got mouth back at me, even though I felt I was in the right not to be all happy and sunshine that my expensive new truck just got it’s first scratch’s and it wasn’t 1 it was both side mirrors and hood. Great customer service could of left me leaving way less angry.

Jason Vaclavik

Good service and I like that they have all what you need to get your car cleaned.

Best Boxer

Was looking for a good local car wash. In reading the reviews i was very disappointed as to the number of comments with damaged cars and managements refusal to address. A response that you will hear from corporate and then a phone denial is not acceptable or professional. Clearly not a business i want to patronize

Chris C

Two accidents in two months. One inside their facility due to their tread system and no one monitoring the cars exiting. Do not go here. Also the sticker in their window will not come off so plan on spending few hours peeling it if you get a membership. The manager is a smart ass I call to cancel and he says “guess you don’t need it since your cars wrecked anyways” uhh it’s repaired now but if I show up it’ll get wrecked for a third time from you guys

Tom Waters

They do a great job

Richard Carpenter

Awesome car wash for the price! Membership is great! David L. helped me with payment and made sure my Jeep came out 100%! Definitely recommend their friendly service! Thanks David!


Usual pricey auto car wash but great staff! Free vacuum and garbage cans really help to spend a day cleaning your car inside and out! Safe area so you can go alone if you’re female.

Steve McAuliffe

My car was overly filthy and extremely pollenated. Bought the Last Lap package... long story short, the car was spotless in a matter of a minute or so. High-tech car wash with a cool conveyor belt and spotless finish. They even recycle the water so it's very environmentally sensitive. Hope they open one in St Pete soon.

David Deegan

Fantastic car wash... the best of all the automatic washes I have seen in all the places I have lived. Free wiper fluid, air pressure WITH pressure gauge, pre wash station, and vacuums...two types with great pressure. Have is awesome, did a great job worth the cost....go with top tier!

Melissa Rominski

Went through the car wash a few months ago after having a membership for quite some time. In a freak accident one of the brushes snapped our rear windshield wiper. Instantly panicked about cost and pictured a fight with the company. The management reviewed the video called us the next day to apologize and ordered the replacement parts. Within a week they had fixed the problem at their own expense without a second thought. Have been going through the same wash 2-3 times a week since and never any other problems. very professional service and will keep our membership. Thank you.

Brandi Robinson

I brought my car through for the first time two weeks ago. The staff seems friendly, but the car wash bent and almost tore off my front license plate. My car was filthy when I brought it in and the wash got most of it clean, but not all. The vacuums are ok, but worthless if you have pets. It'd be a lot better if there were stronger vacuums that could also cater to the pet owner community.

Owen Harn

DO NOT Wash your car here. Had some trim ripped off in the wash and they are not responsible for any damages that their machines cause. Does not even give a full clean or shine your tires as advertised. You're better off spending less,$ and more time doing it yourself.

Brian Hall

Wow, this car wash destroyed the paint on my car. I showed the manager and he watched a video inside the car wash and said it wasnt their problem. I believed him and when I came back the next week. The scratchs doubled double. So i proved it to the manager by using their equipment again. The scrayches got even worse. It was blatantly obvious. I am posting pictures and reviews on every google map in Florida. Why because the 18 year old manager laughed in my face and literally mocked and insulted me. He said ya good luck getting us to pay for it. I am getting a lawyer and suing them. I an also letting Daniel Dier the CEO of these franchises know his process is harmful and drstroyecarsce cars.

Zyg Zub

I would do the drive-through every week. It was pretty good. Then quality seemed went down from good to acceptable. This morning it went down to "not coming back" category. Left spots all over my car that are very visible when it dried. And it used to be when the wash was done the car was dry. Now it was pretty much wet when done. I took some pictures but don't see a way to post them here.

mike h

Lost my very expensive car mat there , only people around was the workers , in my opinion the people working there are not honest about anything, the only rating I can give on my experience as a 1 star. Unfortunately is hard to rate the fact is a self serve facility with automated car wash that really does not work well at all, I had to run my vehicle through 3 times to just get some light dirt off my rims !

Jerry Duncan

People do come out to help. Vacuums work very well. I have used every wash there. Tire shine does not work. My car looks as good with 6.00 wash as with 20.00 wash. Have tried to join monthly wash club several times. Sends me to some scam application. Not sure if they are billing my card or not for the monthly thing yet. Will be checking for auto deductions on next statement.

Troy Brown

The guys at NASCAR Car Wash are awesome. The wash does a great job, the facility is very clean and the staff always come by to check on you when vacuuming. I would give 5 stars but there is still an issue with the tire shine not applying properly.

Ashley Blackmon

I was very pleased when I went to this car wash!! I love the theme and the property was nice and clean!! It still looked brand new! I love the different shaped noses for the vacuum to get into the tight places in my car it made my car cleaner on the inside, I love that the manager was very helpful and very friendly to my questions and always had a smile on his face as well as the workers I will continue to come back to this location to wash my car to have this type of service. I live in Tampa in Temple Terrace but I will wait to clean my car just to come all the way to Largo since I do work in Largo I have never seen a Car wash like this before. I recommend this car wash to everyone it’s clean it’s fast they’re very friendly and helpful and the manager is a very funny also. Props to this location I would continue to go here thank you so much for your help.

Sheila R Hart

This is a nice carwash. Most of my Suburban looks fabulous when I am through. The only problem is the tailgate. In the center of it, about a foot and half wide, it is not touched. Always left dirty. I do appreciate the fact I can pay $9.00 for a wash, dry and a vacuum. Can't do that at a hand wash.

Brandon Wise

This is my go-to place. I even purchased a membership. My car comes out well-cleaned although I suggest pre-treating if you have bugs or other build-up. Vacuums are powerful and hoses are plenty long. Ample parking for vacuuming. Easy enough to get in and out of.

Marc Seiler

Really good car wash

walter petzold

I thought this was a good value and the end result was pretty good. I'd suggest you bring along a towel to touch up the drips afterwards if you're a car nut like me.

Art For The Masses

Just paid $14 for a sub par wash. Almost no soap used on the car, left dirty water spots, the "tire shine" seemed to only be water and do nothing. It also scratched the roof of my car. It was a waste of money. 1 good thing, free vacuums so the inside of my car looks nice.

Dominique Gordon

This place has the worst customer service ever the cars are never clean when you go to there it doesn’t make a difference whether not you get the 14 to 18 or the nine the car still isn’t successful fully clean the people are rude there any competent

Julie Schoonmaker

Super efficient, fast moving. My car looks great every time.

Gisela Michael

Love this place great service, fast, effective I trust my 2018 Stinger there.

crazy Jake

Clean car wash

Diana Donohoo

#Let'sGuide Friendly employees and great carwash options to choose from.

Nicholas Marzola

Price was okay and the wash seems to clean my truck nicely.

Bryan Baughn

Great carwash

Stephanie Johnson

Membership deal is actually a good deal

Gail Popiolek

Went for the first time this morning. Very very impressed. Awesome car wash and worth the money.

Corey Owen

First time customer at this car wash today. Woman upon arrival was super friendly. Went the the car wash with the “4-Tire Stop”. After arriving back to my apartment shortly after departure from the wash, I stepped out of my vehicle to realize the car was worse than when I brought it in! There were water spots and filth all over my vehicle (it’s like it was a ashes with dirty water). The tires were supposed to be cleaned and they looked exactly the same as it did when I entered the place. I called the car wash and spoke to “David”, and told him the situation and his words were “I was out of luck, every car wash in Florida wouldn’t give me another wash or a refund!” Talk about horrible customer service on this guys end, sure wouldn’t want him working at my establishment.

ryan clay

I have a soft top and the low pressure water really makes it easier for me to take my car through without the worry of stressing the top too much. The attendants are really friendly. I used the floor mat cleaner and when I got confused they were quick to help and even gave me an extra wash for the carpets! Definitely recommend this shop its worth the money.

Diane Felix

I really do like this place although the last time I was in the car wash it didn't clean my car by the license plate and it didn't get off a couple of bugs.

Jeannie Blackwell

Place was nice .Was going to buy the monthly car was pass..the guy thankfully recommended I try it 1st. So I just did not do a good job on my particular car. It might others

Alissa Epperson

Always enough soap and vacuums work very nice. The area is picked up and trash cans are emptied before they over flow.

Michelle Albino

I love going there I have my monthly service with them my car always comes out clean

Gabrielle Oliver

Friendly, professional crew. Clean and vacuums work really well

Danny Mak

Gave me a free car wash when my car was totally wrecked with bird poop. It was apocalyptic. Major love to this place. Good service. I only come here, now, for car washes

ll LEE ll

Dirty water! Cars to close together

john kaufmann

Damaged my car when one of the short spinning brushes hit the driver's side mirror. I was told there is no way their car wash could have done the damage. I told them I saw it hit my car. After arguing with me for over a half hour Peter, the General Manager, finally said I could fill out a claims report and he would review their cameras. About 5 mins after I left he called me and told me he didn't need to review the video and said he that the car wash damaged my car and they would fix it. I should have asked how he knew, I'm guessing they damaged another car since they never shut it down to inspect it. Told me to take it to a shop they work with, hopefully they are a good shop.

Rozyna Dudha

Great place with reasonable prices.

Andy Guertin

I have the monthly plan. I use it once per week even though I can use it once per day. Great job on my new car!

Oscar Arias

Great place for a wash! Especially for lowered cars, only place I would take my Mustang to, they use a conveyor rather than rails!

iris neubauer

You a have to dry the car , and vacuum yourself the car. The staff is very nice and friendly.

Allen Zen

Pretty good but pricey. Conveyor track instead of guide rail is superior for wheels. Vacuum is solid too. Sometimes they're out of certain soaps and you just get reused water. It's only happened a few times, but I pay $32 a month for a mid-tier wash.

Trevor Galloway

1 because there is no option for a zero. Almost run over by someone entering their lot and they back her up and rush me off the property. I was on a bicycle and in the crosswalk as a woman whips in honking as she speeds past a few inches from me. Do not expect respect here, they have no clue whay it is.

Robert Dryden

Great guys always willing to assist in the check in.

Daniela S Rosado

This a really good car wash !! My car ends like a new car even when I go with the cheapest option ! Plus they have the option of unlimited car wash with the plans that they offer ! Very convenient! There is always somebody to help you with the little screen ( there is no need because everything has a description ) but is nice to feel that somebody is taking care of your choice offering some upgrades like tires shine or wax . The vacuum area is very comfortable ! Wherever you park you can use one vacuum for one side and an other for the other side ! Is just really easy to do everything faster . Like I’m said any option that you pick is going to leave you car like new!

Daylin Parker

Worked there a while with a great staff. the machines and equipment are some of the best I've seen at a touch free wash and would happily go again and again.

neil ledford

In. Out, clean and done.

Raven RayRay Gibbs

It's the best for the right price.


The best place for a car wash Several choices Helpful and friendly staff Free vacs too

Joe B

I was one of the first members to sign up at this place and I enjoy the great service and the friendly staff.


Clean car and great vacuums

Vanessa Ytteroy

Went for the most expensive wash ($18 incl. tax) which didn't get all the bug detritus from the front of my car but did get most of the mud from underneath the wheels. The (2) vacuums are free and decent however unlike Mount Washmore you have to pay $3 to use the car mat cleaning machine or clean cloths. Although NASCAR is more conveniently located I'd rather drive further to Mount Washmore to get a better quality wash, the use of free cloths, mat cleaners and a shadier spot to vacuum.

Static Dfd

Great car wash for great price. And I love that after the car wash you can vacuum out your car for free. Awesome place, only place we use

J Smith

It's a very nice place but unfortunately there machine can not clean a Durango properly even after going through twice

brian huff

Best place I've gone so far! The tracks are wide and dont damage tires, no matter the size or style. The wash itself does an immaculate job, even the cheapest wash works better than the others more expensive ones! Vacuums have a perfect tip for vacuuming cars, overall very pleased. Have been going there every single weekend since they opened. I deliver in my car locally and rack up a fair amount of bugs and grime, no problem!!!!

J C Burns

Excellent job

kennedy trice

Awesome service as usual! Great vacuums with 2 nozzles to choose! Clean and organized!

Shankar Reddy

Was good

Stephen Levy

Excellent customer service, with extra amenities included with each wash. I really like that this is so available and right off of a main road near restaurants. Great for going right after work, or on my lunch break.

Jacqui Forbing

NEW REVIEW 5/19/19: Still love this carwash! They added more vacuums on the other of the lot and this new air compressor nozzle tool to really get in the tight crevices in your car (LOVE LOVE LOVE). They also have a towel exchange service and a machine that can clean your matts. Its a one-stop cleaning shop! They are always so nice and helpful - would highly recommend this car wash! Great car wash! Decided to try this place instead of where I normally go. Wont go back to my old car waah place because I love this one! Staff is friendly ans I love their vacuums and how you have a smaller one to fit in the small creases of your car.

Mark Saltiel

Disappointed is all I can say right now. First off, the pricing structure is a massive ripoff compared to competitors in the area. Paid $13 to get the wash with tire shine and only half of my tires have shine on them. Back window was also filthy after leaving.

Savannah Nash

Windshield washer fluid, air and bug wash available before you get your car nice and shiney then there's a complimentary vacuum center!

cindy krogg

Like how they have a bucket and brush so you can prescreen up your car for bugs before you run it through the wash came out sparkly clean first time

Cindy Neuhausen

First time visit BUT not our last. As soon as you pull in you can check your air pressure & add windshield fluid. Plus, they have soapy brushes to clean your tires. Then off to pay - $6.00 to $18.00 depending on what kind of wash you choose. David was right there with a smile and very helpful hand. We went through the wash and I've never seen a car move shine. Free vaccines with a hose that reaches every part of the car. We left there feeling like we were in a brand new car. We will never go to another wash...Nascar Wash is #1!

Nidal Hasan

The price is ok, the wash is pretty good and the service is good. The bad part is the place was really good when it first opened up. I even bought the monthly pass. Thinking of cancelling, sometimes the machines or the vacuum are working.

Travis Sanferraro

Good wash. Truck was clean and vacuums are the best with 2 ends and air blower!

James Hyden

Got car clean totally auto car wash, free vacuum, no other services. You supply any other labor

MY 2 Cents

Always a great experience. I have been a frequent customer since their opening. Staff is great! I always get the basic car wash and vacuum. I was even there the day their vacuums broke down and they offered such great customer service by giving a discount on a wash and had portable vacs available for their customers!!

Sharilyn Gipson

Great new car wash....reasonable price and you stay in your car...after you use the vacuums for free.

Beth Johnson

Free vac with your wash!

Nathan Gamache

It washes my car.. its clean after. Win

Barbara Stine

Great car wash.

Ralph Hindo

Love the subscription car wash concept, there twice a week.

Jonathan Valdez

Very nice and clean, Quick and good service, And excellent people who work there


Good car wash

Stephanie Davis

Friendly staff and great wash for a great price!

Stewart Griffin

I have been a member here for over a year now and am a part of the towel exchange program. Everytime I wash my vehicle I ask for two towels. One to wipe and one to lean on without leaving handprints because I have a bad back. The new kid with red hair gave me a hard time about it and said that I could only have one at a time. I always return the extra towel so I don't see the issue.

David Hanley

It makes Casper shine in the Florida sunshine every time I wash her there.

Martynas Sabaliauskas

Very new and updated car wash. Vacuums are very strong and don't have an extra fee, staff is always professional too! I visit here at least once a week.

Michael Fink

So far I'm impressed. I drive my car for work a lot and prefer it to be spotless. With their monthly subscription plan I end up with their premium wash for a little over $1 a day which is a good investment (since I can hand wash it much less often now). Friendly staff, a nice new facility, and free air/washer fluid/vaccuums are a few other reasons this place has earned my business. Check them out. You won't be sorry you did.

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