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REVIEWS OF Miracle Car Wash IN Florida

Shell Frank

I'm very pleased with the service provided. My car really needed some TLC and Miracle Car Wash definitely did that at an affordable price.

Michele Gaitan

A young man assisted me through the order process. He sold me the inside and out package. Where they vacuum and wash your windows, for $20.00. They actually got on a ladder to wash window, my hub caps were filthy they are now shiny like new. Best car wash in the area. Employees are great, they said ale pride in their work.

Alexis Machin

Very disappointed. .got the full service for 20.00. Pulled up to detail area and sat there waiting for directions to see what bay..employees looked like they weren't motivated for work.. Car wasnt vacuumed properly front window dirty in the inside back window as well. When car was given to me by employee i was on a important call so i didn't check it. got home 5 minutes away. Notices what a bad Job.. Im a regular there biut everytime i go car has to be touched up by management or me .there should be someone to inspect cars before its given to customers at all times..also waiting room bathroom toilet toll open on floor with cardboard roll still on dispencer empty.. Also they removed coffee machine from before for a regular coffee machine which had no coffee in thermost...i never give bad reviews. But today was awful.

Victor Radames Martinez

Oh. This is a very Professional Services. Excellent .

carolyn hendrix

My car never has been so clean, inside and out. Very great staff!

Casper Johnson

Fast service for 20.00 (a little costly) they do an excellent inside and out job.

Jessica Valcarcel

Great service, polite, responsible and honest. I was helped by the manager, will definitely go back, fast and affordable.

Anton Graef

Spent 35 dollars, tipped 5 bucks, half of the dash has the armor all rest of it was a puddle on my arm rest

Stephanie Carlton- Garcia

Clean, great staff and attention to detail. Super quick! I'll never wash my own car again.

Patty Kelly

Jodie Loveday


Andrew Lepki

They honored their 48 hour rain guarantee. I'm happy

kimberly bryant

experience was wonderful and cleaning was good , nice quick car wash for a great price

Walter Rivard

This is the best car wash around. Prices are good, and they do an excellent job in and out. if it rains within 2 days and you get caught in it, bring your receipt back,and they will wash it for free.

Sidewinder Adventure

Good service. Hand scrubbed some bugs off mirrors and front end, unlike mister car wash. Prices are fair and equipment nice and modern. Felt appreciated

Walter Amaral

Tera Perkins

Today was my first visit here. I was greeted by a friendly gentleman who assisted me through my first visit. Very happy with the wash and service.


Very thorough with the pre wash process unlike mister car wash or top shelf car wash who just rushes ur car through. My car was pre soaked thoroughly before entering the machine by a helpful and thorough employee. I wish I would of known about this place sooner.

Bibi A

Best service around this area

Joshua Grana

Great service

Andres Escobar

My car had a bad odor that lingers all the time after I give it a clean.for $25 to clean inside and out doesn't seem like a bad deal to me. After I came here I have perfect visibility from my windows, my car doesn't smell like smoke residue, and my tires look brand new. Overall Iv had a good experience and I'd definetly come back and recommend.

Elvis Suarez

Excelente atención y rapidez en el lavado

Steve Croney

They do a pretty good job

Raimund Fuchs

Just okay!

Roxymariamd Delgado

Love this car wash place it’s great service and excellent customer service specially by Juan

Gilbert Cortes

nikol latorre

Great service, very professional!

Frizzheadfitness78i_ frizzheadfitness78i_

Paid for the 15 dollar car wash and the guys that do the prewash were excellent and polite. My vehicle was shiny and very well cleaned. However the machine itself doesn't remove black streaks from road dust and I needed to go over it again at home to remove these dirt marks.

Brad Allen

These guys bust their you know whats and I get a clean vehicle, every time.

Robert Godwin

Only place to go to have your car washed

Barbara Johnson

My car looked fantastic after having a full service car wash.

Melissa Bentley

Best car wash I have ever been too. I got the platinum wash with interior cleaning and was highly impressed with the level of service. Prior to entering the car wash, the attendant scrubbed the dead love-bugs off the exterior surface of my grill and scrubbed the rims. The individual who cleaned the interior was very friendly and enthusiastic. He did an amazing job. I will definitely be back.

Pablo Colombia

I know what’s in my car and after I got my interior cleaned i lost a gift from my girlfriend.

Phil Karle

Excellent full service car wash. Nice large comfortable waiting room with comfortable seating and complimentary coffee. I found my new go-to car wash! Thanks

Candido Vazquez

Great job!! My car looks like New


This place is top notch. They never miss a spot! Excellent customer service and a nice waiting room with free coffee/refreshments! The best car wash and detail service in town! Very attentive to detail.

Jerry Alicea

The best service in the most professional people anywhere

Jeff Sorensen

This is the best cr wash experience I've ever had. The ordering menu system is fool-proof and doesn't hide features from you. The staff are attentive and very detail oriented. The Automatic car wash is VERY thorough and even puts on a cool light show to help calm the little one's nerves. This is where I suggest everyone go for a car wash.

Krista Simmons

Such a fantastic price for the quality of service.

Crystal Chwatek

Workers greeted us kindly. They answered questions. While workers cleaned our SUV, we sat inside the waiting area. Waiting area was climate controlled, clean, and comfortable. Vending machines were available. My SUV was extremely clean and smelled like delightful coconuts. Very satisfied with this company.


Very good quality car wash, and the customer waiting area is amazing.

Ron Wolfe

A ++ Best Customer Service !! Thank you !

Andrew Plantagenet

I went for a car wash. The car came out with some dirt spots still.

Dyan Morrow

My car looks like new. Great price, wonderful job. Will be going back next time my car needs a wash. couldn't be happier with the results.

Jack Cox

I really like Miracle Car Wash, but it has some room for improvement without cost. This is for the management team. Equipment is not checked frequently enough, several times I have been through and the top brushes aren't working. I have noticed several times that the young man at the Pre-Wash is by himself and there are plenty of other in post wash just playing around. He is a great young man and the majority of the time does an excellent job. As a youngster, I washed cars in High School and I know how it feels. This young man is so honest that my wife and I tried to get him to take the tip for himself and he said No, he had to put it in the box. WOW, I was impressed. I plan to upgrade my monthly to Platinum when mine expires. Improvement and a little attention would be appreciated

Scott Boyer

Always thought pretty highly of them, but this time I apparently pulled into a wrong lane to finish up. Had waited about 15 minutes, and then an older John Kasich-looking guy (without the smile) told me he needed to move me to the end of one of the other lines about 4 cars deep. So I moved and then waited about another 10 minutes, not moving even once. So I got fed up and left. The girl working the left lane didn't work with any urgency, and didn't seem terribly motivated. I wish I knew about all this before purchasing a Gold unlimited month pass! So I'll be back, and hopefully the experience will be better. If it is, I'll revise my rating.

Webster Barnaby

Best Car Wash in the area. 5 stars!

Darby Rimes

You have to check it before you leave. Again, many areas missed and I'm hoping better experience next time

Benjamin Perkins

Doreen Robinson Burkey

The crew is always pleasant and eager to help!

Trenda Smith -Johnston

It was nice an having the front an trunk sweep out and having the Car cleen'd out an all the windows instead. I thought I just bought a new car.

Rifa Ree

EXTREMELY POOR service. I paid for the full service which was $20. When I pulled up the workers did not look like they wanted to do anything. They barely cleaned my car and the cloth was just slapped and drawn on the vehicle like they were just not interested in cleaning. The same way I came is the same way I left. I was very disappointed and felt like it was a waste of my time and money. I will never go back their since my business does not count and will gladly take my business elsewhere. My car was not cleaned properly at all. Thanks for nothing miracle car wash. If I could have given no stars I would or even worse. Sorry I wasted my time and money. Unsatisfied customer

Cody Westfall

Sabor Latino

(Translated by Google) Excellent service! (Original) Excelente servicio!

Lizzy Caban

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Michael Rush

Veteran owned and operated

D Gonzalez

The best car wash. Great staff. Awesome !!!

Glen Johnston

My wife had her car washed here ($5 basic) and it turned out perfect. a few days later I took my F150 pickup here and chose the $15 Platinum complete wash. The attendant used a pressure washer to clean my wheels prior to going through the wash. When he was done with that I asked if he was going to hand wash the tailgate because at other car washes the tailgate never gets clean without doing that. Here stated that at this car wash the brushes in the "tunnel" would get it clean. I did not notice until later in the day that both the wheels and tailgate did not get clean! Remember that this was the Platinum wash and I should have received much better results than my wife's $5 wash. The only reason I am giving this review four stars is because they rewashed the truck at no charge when I had time to return. I will try again to see what the result are and adjust this review accordingly.

Darlene Allen

Shocked at how the quality of carwash and detail has gone down over the past year. Had to ask to have trunk vacuumed. Smears present on outside of car and window. Inside was never wiped at all. All they did was vacuum mats. Will not be going back. Not worth the money.

James Henderson

Edith Steele

Staff always does an excellent detailing of my vehicle

Jennifer Atkins

Great place

Ezequiel Ruiz

Exelent service and crew. My car just found a new spa...

Armindo Echevarria

Really Good Car wash lots of amenities.

Ross FLA

Great detail at a reasonable price.

Monica Jenkins

Great personal service. :)

elba seda

Very good work

Jeffrey Koble


From the management to the employees their service is second to none ! Freindly helpful and by far the best detail job one could ask for. Do yourself a favor and stop by there for the best staff and wash in town !

Debra Patterson

They did a great job on the exterior and interior. (took extra effort remove bugs)

Victor Vargas

Visitor and customer from NYC! $20 package was excellent ! The customer service and most importantly the hospitality was awesome! Waiting lounge is very clean.

Linda Caudell

Great staff, wonderful detailing

Christina Alverio

Affordable and the staff always does a great job.

scott tappan

$15 for a car wash and it came out terrible still had all the love bugs on it when they were I definitely would not recommend going there

Clelia Hill

They made me drive backwards to start the wash!!!

Mere Marshall

Cousin works there!shes great

Jose A. Perez-Menchaca

Will be a real miracle if they stay on business next year.

Gary Smith

My car needed a wash so bad . Front end was covered with love bugs. And I wanted it cleaned off. This place did a great job. I got the exterior works. And WOW!

Kathy Lockman

Very good quality service.

Elie Sleiman

Horrible hours for a car wash. When I go to work the place is closed so I can’t wash my car there, when I come home from work I get home at 6:15 they’re already closed. Most people get out of work around five 530 and usually have at least a half hour commute so I think that for a car wash those hours are really not Accommodating

Myshka Nieves

Friendly staff, great service, and worth every penny.

Mark Williams

Can't beat the price for a car wash and inside and out cleaning.

Thomas Schaiper

$3 ....can't beat that

aileen lane

Car was nice and clean

Laura Baker

These people do a great job! I am so glad they are here.

Jaci Ortega

Excellent car wash!

JJ Dynomite

This is an excellent place for "quick" service. Elaboration: It wasnt that quick, and I noticed that for $20, you'd think your car is getting detailed. For about 20 minutes of your time, well worth it. I was watching these guys pay attention to the little details you normally would as a customer. All to often its "hurry up, onto the next car"....but not at this place. Too boot, as one who had food particles all over the floor and in every nook and cranny you could drop stuff in on the inside and outsides of your seats, and in the shifter (LOL), these guys got it all. My car looked like brand new when I got it back. They have a very clean & comfortable lobby, leather seats, with plenty of Starbuck's Coffee and hot chocolate. Side note***: I thought I knew what Keurig coffee maching was until I saw this coffee machine from the future that I had to figure out how to use (name of that thing please?. Lol.) I would highly recommend going here. Juan will help you with paying the fee at the automated check in. He is very polite, nice and cordial. You wont go wrong at this place. TRUST me. I had a great experience.

Patti Hoff

Good deals cleaned my car well helpful guy at start where you select level.

Andrea Behr

Fun car wash and personal Inside cleaning. Great!

Charlotte Reed

Great service and excellant performance, had my headlight restored on Sunday, it is great as good as new..Thank you

J Mercado

Nices place!

Suzieqja E.

Love this car wash ! Very friendly staff ! I've been there on several occasions been extremely pleased each and every time ! Highly recommend this car wash


First off, I want to say that I read a LOT of reviews about this place before I gave them my business. I was impressed with how the owner takes the time to respond to client reviews-whether positive or negative. Every negative review was followed up with the owner saying, "bring it back and we'll get it right". That impressed me enough to bring my van in for a full detail (which is not cheap) I was pretty impressed when I picked it up, but for the price, there were a few details that needed attention....(I'm thinking for the money I paid, this thing should be just about perfect) That being said, I discussed it with the owner and he told me to bring it back and they would make it right. Not only did they correct the issues we raised, but it looked as if they re-did the entire detail. It looked amazing! I felt as though I got my money's-worth and so they have earned my repeat business as I will be hiring them again to do my other vehicle soon. Great customer service!

Jennifer Tomaleski

Great service and prices!!

Vladimir E. Martínez P.

It's the best place in the area to clean your car, easily and fast. And it's affordable too.

Talia Hart

I used to love this place! They did such a stellar job for a reasonable price. Seems like as they upgraded their equipment, they downgraded quality service. I always get a full service for my car. The past three times (in the past month and a half) I’ve had to come home and do things they didn’t do: clean my rear view mirror, side view mirrors, and windshield. My husband saw my car from the side and thought it looked so good until he saw the hood. Looks like they never even attempted to wipe it down. Customer service also has gone down. It’s always teens working there, but this new bunch could be taught what good customer service should be like early on as this is important in any future job. I was very unhappy with this last wash and unfortunately, I won’t be returning.

Ken Geiger

John Bergh

Great place. Easy in and out and they do a great job.

Eric Weller

They do an amazing job very happy and fast staff


Good place!

Adam E

Stopped by for a wash and an interior cleaning. $20 was not a bad price, I regularly pay $25, and it didn't take long the problem came in with the quality of the work. My truck had under a 1000 miles when I brought it in so it shouldnt be to hard to wipe down/ vacuum. When I received my vehical back the drivers floormat was still dirty and the backseat still had some sand. The bigger issue was the outside. They used the tire shine without first cleaning the tires so by the time I got to publix in Orange City my truck was dirtier than when I arrived at the car wash. I was in a hurry and didnt have time to deal with it until later that night. I spent a good 30 minutes buffing off the dirt and sticky tire shine slurry. I see this as more of a training issue than anything else so Ill go back to my regular mobile car cleaners for now. I may give them another tey in 6 months or so.

George C

After years of driving by wondering, I went this morning and was not disappointed. Nice staff and they did a great job for the ultimate wash, next time in I'm doing some upgrades for the leather treatment. Make sure you have cash and drop them a tip so you won't have to drive back later like me lol

Will Hurtado

Love the service and the attention to detail even though I have only used the drive through car wash. Excellent place to have your car washed.

Benjamin Cox

This was my first visit and a friendly person was very helpful in assisting. As I was getting ready to get my car to leave the attendant said she had to redo the windshield. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received and will now be a loyal customer.

Anna Selene

The best carwash spot in south volusia county this is the only place I ever go for my suv to be washed and detailed. Thank you to all their team for doing such a excellent job.

HypR Is Lit

Not impressed!! Front window still has bug guts on it. Mirrors still dirty.

Lynda Snell

Awesome place. Fast & friendly, service. They make you feel like they only want to make sure you are a satisfied customer. They go the extra mile.

CaMilo Hernández II

Had exterior wash and was not impressed for the $9 charged. I can get slightly better resulted from another location for $3. Just wanted to see if new owners & machinery were better. They were not.

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