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1250 S State Rd 7, North Lauderdale, FL 33068

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REVIEWS OF Jeff's Express Car Wash IN Florida

Kyle Mitchell

Go there every time. Machines work excellent, to wash is inexpensive and you're in and out in no time. The vaccums are extremely powerful as well. Let's not forget the staff. They are attentive and very friendly.

Tajae Robb

I love this car wash you are in and out quickly. I didn't give five stars only because when you pay to get the wheels done the machine almost always never get the wheel portion and you have to clean the wheels yourself.

Brenda Fields

From my rims that were really dirty to the stains in my seats all gone my car looks brand new and really shiny!! superb!!

Endetta Vay

My favorite car was to go to which I drive from West Palm beach to use only issue I get when I go is a bit of hassle bc my integra is lowered

Charma W.

Very clean! The employees are nice and the VACUUMS WORK GREAT!

Greta Adelusi

Good prices

Yony Torres

I recomend it for sure, really good car wash with different methods to clean your car and Free vacuum!! It is not expensive and the automatic crash wash is really good i like it a lot my car was really clean with out any missed spots

natalie CH

It gives my vehicle a very good wash and you can vacuum your vehicle there as well.

Nicholas Hanchard

Freeee vacuums!! $3 car washes!! I always opt for the $7 wash. This place has plenty spaces to vacuum & often has staff to direct lot traffic. I feel like the $7 package is only worth like $5.50 - $6 though. I haven't tried any of the more expensive packages only because I personally like to clean my car myself. Decent place though. Try it.


Love the free vacuum after a wash!! I went the day after The 4th of July and did the $10 choice (always comes out great) but not this time

Gisselle Mendez

The best car wash on this side of town!! $10 car washes are legit. Go try it out!

A. Bascone

I was at Jeff's Car Wash on Saturday June 30th. After I did the car wash, I waited for a few minutes for vacuum. However, I saw three empty spots and a car in front of me waiting as well. When I asked the employee if I can proceed to the vacuum, he said "no we are full" I said to him you have three empty spots and I said what's the matter...he then confronted me and told not to talk to him like that and very agreesive told me to get down and put my feet down to earth. After that, i went to talk to the person directing the cars to the car wash and I asked him who is the boss and he said he was and I told him about the problem I encountered he said " you had a problem with my manager" so at that point I realized that I was wasting my time. I will go to talk to the owner so they know what kind of employees they have.

David A

Love this place! Free vacuum and only $3 for a basic wash which is the one I always use. How can you beat that? It gets my car pretty damn clean. I only have to touch up the rims myself. Then I just apply my own tire shine and I’m good to go. I come here twice a week and I love it. The only thing you don’t wanna do is go here around rush hour, it’ll be packed. Go at weird times and your experience will be perfect.

Denise Morgan-Coleman

Love going here, I go early Saturday morning, it usually gets busy later in the day especially to use the vacuum

Luis Marenco

I always go there best time in the morning

jeanette templer

Great prices, great wash.... definitely check this place out

Marsha Hendricks

Free vac and $3 car washes im all in

Reconstruyendo Autos

The machine works great! Too busy on saturdays!

cindy washington

$5.00 to 10.00 wash plus free vacuum very busy place.

dudley gibson

Deserve a 5 star and I use many times..great price with excellent cleaning in comparison to another I use the day before

Joel Gonzalez

Ok and cheap with that said dont expect your car to come out of the machine dry and super clean, they always have an excuse as to why your car is not clean and blame it on you, poor customer service.

Sneak Chamber

Decent location, decent traffic flow, and it is a self service type place. If you want personal detailing, I highly suggest going elsewhere... But, if you're like me, go for the free vacuuming but stay for their simple 3 dollar carwash. Then you're good to go!

David Urquiaga

Although sometimes this location can be booked up the wazoo, it's because it's such a great service and can keep the customers coming with their smart marketing tactics. Free vacuuming is by far one of the better options I've seen going around town, with the $3 Car Wash who could say no. Personally I applaud this car wash for doing something different, and being so widely accessible.

Jolie Reed

Washes as low as $3 and free vacuuming plus you can take care of your own interior in the shade.

Diandra Jack

Fast and convenient not to mention cheap. If you are on your way to a function and want a quick wash stop in there. the guys working there as very polite.

Sallam Still

I forgot this car wash was located in my neighborhood so I Came by for a quick wash. But ended up leaving highly upset. The guys directing traffic are so rude and disrespectful. I watched one guy literally yell at every customer that passed by. Then had the audacity to get rude with me because he didn’t allow me enough space to back out after being blocked in for almost 10 minutes. Even after I spoke to him and told him I would back up the correct way he continued to yell at me like I was dumb or something. I proceeded to inform the manager, and all he kept asking was if I was “making a threat” to his employee. Like really dude??!! I’m telling you what just is that a threat??!! I swear dumb employee even dumber manger. Apparently this has happened before if you automatically assume everyone that has a complaint is threatening your staff. Please save your self the trouble and go get your car properly detailed and washed. This place is always packed. Not to mention the wipers broke my car door handle. Avoid this place at all cost!!!


I liked the way the vacuum works and free when you wash the car

Shay News

In and out never a long wait $3 carwash ALLDAY

Oluwaseun Ajayi

Shine and bright

annette flowers

I have been a lot of places to wash my car but this place is very nice you can vacuum your car out and take your car through the carwash and my car was sparkling I have a pearl paint on it and it looked fabulous after washing. I recommend anyone to go and wash their car there.

Crystal Jackson

My favorite place for the bmw

M. Denis

Cheap and convenient

Lorrayne Barros

I really like this place the vacuum is free and the car wash is so cheap

David Perry

If you drive a truck you’re out of luck. Paid for the managers special, got to the entrance and the manager tells me the owner called and said don’t wash the truck. Apparently a truck that I’ve had washed hundreds of times might damage something.

Latysha Moore

A great quality car wash!! I would recommend anyonr to try it out.

Luis Villamarin

Quick, inexpensive, and very friendly staff. Highly recommend this place. In less than 5 mins you are out.


A great place to get a quick wash. Prices are reasonable.

Brusner Conserve

Self vacuum for free; many washing options. From $3 to 15 you get what you want

Hulksmash Green

Perfect spot and quickly processed

Jean AL

Good place for a quick car wash. I'm giving 5 stars besides my car wasn't clean at clean but if you want a detailed work, go for them. Free vacuum and waiting is not too long.


Perfect and where I go anytime I have to wash.

Josie Santos-Chenevert

Easy and a good car wash...the staff keeps everyone moving...the free vacuum is a nice bonus

Ren Stokes

Ok on route convenient. Quick!

Marcela Quintero

I love this car wash, the vacuums here actually work!

Cheryl Connell

$3.00 car wash how cool is that? Free vacuum to.

Veronika Love

T.L.C. for your rid. Inexpensive car wash with free vacuuming can beat that

Dana Bailey

Love the way my car looks after washes

Jas Moune

Great Service

Rick MacInnis

You can't go wrong with a $3 wash and free vaccuums


Easy way the get you car wash


Love going here even if they are busy it still moves greatly .

Madeline Philippeau

Washes starting as low as $3. Not the best quality wash of course but it's pretty decent. And if you want the full experience you can choose from different packages.

Alla Zulu

My favorite place great staff and service here

bouquet d liz

Fast & efficient


Good place! I'm used to use their car wash ! It's nice !

Bunnie Marks

For $3.00, their drive through wash does a great job cleaning and drying. Then, powerful (free) vacuums ! For $6.00 - - - add wax and notice the little extra protection.

steve soky

Went to the car wash it was busy. when I got through the car wash which offers a free vacuum they told me it was too busy and I had to leave. I would’ve never had paid for my car wash if I couldn’t also get a vacuum. that’s just ridiculous they should let you know upfront. Definitely won’t be back. This is the first time I’ve ever given any company a bad review. That’s how annoying this is. If you offer a free vacuum and it’s not available they should let you know before you pay.

Abi F

Listen to me before you go, it will leave scratches on your car. Free vacuum worked fine.

edgar albino

Quick inexpensive wash with free vacuum.

Alicia Seay

It's the place to go, good service, great price!

Lorraine Logan

Workers need to have a better attitude and learn how to talk to customers

Angie Jasmin

Free vacuum and $3 car washes who can complain

Mark James

Occasional scratches on cars. I saw someone else complained. Now I got scratches on both my cars AFTER going through the wash. No longer a coincident. Car don't get wash & blow off properly. If car needs a 'rinse' maybe here. Otherwise find a better car wash.

Olivia Moore

I LOVE this place! $3 for a car wash! There customer services is ALWAYS good here! Never bad.

Cristobal Eduardo Vega Cabrera

Organized, clean and quick service

Adriano Fonseca

Best installations! You can wash and shine your car! The price is fantastic and guys are friendly!

Patty Lopez

This is a great & cheap way to get your car clean. Prices start @ $3 & go up to $18 with free vacuums, life is great.

Ray White

Need to fix things that are broke. Went to make payment 3 seperate times would not work. Now i was stuck with a gate down in front of me and another vehicle behind. Thankful he got tired of waiting STAY AWAY. Suggest other self serve in margate better operation and machines actually work.

Arthur Astel

Good carwash. Very reasonable.

Lilia Cunningham

For $3 is the best wash for your money

Milton Anderson

Very nice they just need a bucket so customers can pre wash their own cars

virgilio peralta

Unbeatable prices for a fair and quick carwash. Only $3 including vacuuming. Only self serve thu.

Joel Prado

Good price e fast service

Lokesh Babu Manda

Super cheap and you can vacuum for ever

Yi Ding

I like it, fast and low price. Self help vacuum is the charmer.

Johanna Pelaez

Great place to wash your car!!!

Matt Joe

$3 for a good basic car wash...there are plenty of working vacuums...the place is always clean. One of the best value car washes around.

Harry Rodriguez

Fairly new business. Good service.

Amadou Manga

One of the best!

Felicia Hamilton

Everytime I come here my car is NEVER CLEAN.... the only thing they are good for is the vacuuming... even when I get the most expensive wash my car still doesn't look any different coming out than it did going in. A waste of money... Never again (after the 5th time)

Brandon Bonner

I always go here for car wash

Dee Hollins

Not s bad place to get your vehicle wash for the price. And the free vacuum is very thoughtful.

Patricia Moncada

Prices are good. Fast service. And car wash is very good

Ernesto G

Fastest and cheapest car wash so far on SR 7. Plus free vacuum what's not to love about that.

Moise Paul

Best carwash for your money

Joe Meireles

Like it has been said time an time again... Pros: - convenient - inexpensive - free vacuum - decent job Cons: - staff could work on customer service skills - you should get a better result (drying, wheel washes...) - long waits, at times You get what you pay for. Great place for a quick trip when your car isn't all that dirty.

Deborah Hingoo

there's no reason for a dirty car with free vacuum lol

Solo Murciélago

You can't beat a $3 wash with free vac

andre shepard

3 $ car and out w free vacuum

Karen Kleber

I stupidly did the $18 Car Wash and my wheels came out like grease. When I drove back over to the employees they told me to give me a brush and a bucket and I can go back through the wash. I won't be back. Second time it happened now it's my fault

Gerry Parker

Best in all of Florida

mike rizza

Always go here very good car wash in expensive

Ralph Jean louis

I've been to this car wash more than eight times for the first time today I don't know if it was extremely stressful or not to one of the co-workers but he was completely rude to me which is completely awkward from this business. I went there to get a vacuum butt today but I didn't need a car wash because I recently did that last week and didn't need it . When I got there it was a lot of cars which I understand cuz I've been there many times on Sundays and and Saturdays as I am waiting on to the side one of the co-workers come to me and say I have to get a car wash before I can go get a vacuum and I said I've been here quite a bit of times why would I need to do that your son has been free vacuum for a long time you don't have to get a car wash. His response was utterly stupid and unprofessional so is his reasoning. his response to me was because we're so busy we can afford people to wait on the side where free vacuum we have to allow all the paying customers to get the vacuum first before people who are here for free vacuum which his timeframe was one to two hours or around 8 keep in mind I'm here at 2 p. M. In the afternoon so his ridiculous response was unnecessary. And his attitude was not called for as if he didn't care whether I got vacuum or wash my car here ever again his quote was the business will always continue to flourish wheatger I am here or not there's many other customers to service. I don't believe that this is the image that the company has or neither is this the company goal but I think the owner should really evaluate who he hires as he is starting to mess up with the brand there are four free car vacuum place on 441 within a 8 Mile District customer service to be great all the time.

David Miskie

Excellent car wash and free vacuum

Andres T

Fast a low price car cleaning service. with a industrial big vacuum free to use for 15min. was a great deal

nehemie joseph

Best service

Dantam Srikant

Wonderful experience. Awesome car wash for a great price. Not to forget the free vacuum.

Ezio Calonge

Free vacuum and $3 car washes. Can't beat that. Doesn't seem to matter what time you come because they are always busy even if it's drizzling out.

Noriles Dorestan

Cheap and clean place to wash and vacuum your vehicle. Free vacuum if you are washing your personal vehicle.

Joe paul

Free Vacuum, who's gonna say no to that. Their vacuums r powerful, but don't mess with the $3 wash. Stop being cheap and get there best wash.

Isaiah Stebbins

It gets the job done for what you pay for with the $3 wash; not 100% but it'll look miles better than dirty. The higher packages also do a great job (but cost a bit more). The plentiful vacuums on site are also stellar, and probably the best part (because they're free!). Will definitely be returning often.

jme dnerth

Best car was for the price, they offer a variety of options, machine is strong and may be a little harsh, lots of foamy product used, but it cleans well and tire shine is good/nice, free vacuuming (although I have not used it yet).

Gregor Lopes

Really cool place to go! So cheap! For $10 you can get a good shine, wash and wax! Other than that, the vacuum service is so niceeee! Will come back again for sure!


Great deal, use to pay $19 elsewhere for a human to basically run car through car wash. And hand dry, with terrible interior detailing. Now I pay $3 for much better results.

Jose Serrano

This is a completely automated car was. The electronic cashier allows for payment using either cash or cards. It has a good variety of wash options and it is really affordable. Love it.

Mags Lebrun

Attendants not customer service oriented

Gary Kornbluh

$3.00 car washes and free vacuum. Great place and well managed!!

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