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2741 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36301

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REVIEWS OF Car Wash USA Express IN Florida

Anthony Johnson

Great place to get your car washed I was amazed at how they even wipe it down after you go through the carwash

Anna Trollinger

Amazing car wash! Great prices and friendly service. The monthly fast pass is SO worth it and you save a lot of money

Kevin Reid

Posted closing time of 6:00 pm, yet all lanes for the automatic wash were shut down at 5:40. Makes one wonder if purchasing the speed pass was a good idea after all.

Jordan Brown

The car wash itself is great, it gets both of my vehicles clean and is pretty efficient. The only problem I have is not being open during normal operating hours, this is the 3rd time this month it has happened, I just want what I pay for.

Andrew S

Do not waste your time coming here every single Bay has something wrong with it. All of the automated washes are also broken

Stephanie Hodge

Quick, friendly, and my go to choice for getting my car washed. They even offer monthly, unlimited wash plans.

Christina Lawless

Car wash is thorough and got my car very clean! I'll be going back.

Jeff Gilchrist

Does pretty good.

Huggy Bear

Very professional team here.

Denise Eison

Roger Tyler

Most wash bays are kept clean and operable.

rachelle marcum

Angela Mitchell

Best car wash in Madisonville!

justin mcfarlin

Self serve wash wasn't working right tried cash on 3 machines before finding one that worked. Staff is always plesant to deal with. Have been coming since it was first opened.

Richard Cunningham

Different price options, cleaning process 95% of exterior, easy location, free vacuum, unlimited monthly option. Tried full process wash and wax and tire cleaning options were great. Best in Madisonville, easily.



William Whipkey

Tina Pfahler

Did a great job of cleaning and the vauums worked really well!

Lonnie Patton

Zander Look

Gerald Dysert

Very convenient

Amber Owens

Chris Ferguson

OMG the best place to go

Kenneth Young

D Di

Loved it

William Phillips

Marion Miller

Just didn’t get it cleaned like I felt it should for the money. I want clean and no dirt streaks. Is that too much too ask?

Kevin Phipps

Two washing bays don't function. Some of the washing chemicals are often empty.

Drew Mason

Always clean, friendly and drive thru gives a great wash.

steve nesmith

Graat car wash for the area. Not the best i have been too, but you cant get better within 50 miles.

Didn't Say

Very clean place to get you vehicle clean. It is a do it yourself car wash and if your cleaning it from the snow and rain or if your car is just due to be cleaned I recommend this place

jana brister

Love it, does great job and such friendly people that work there. The only thing is if you have alot of bugs they don’t all come off, but if you tell them before you go through they will put extra spay on the front and BOOM bugs are gone. I have saved so much money, cause you can go all the time. And their vacuums are amazing.

Reggie Peavy

It's cool

John Bell

This dump just ripped me off!!! Put my money in and nothing happens. No phone # to call or anything. GO SOME PLACE ELSE!!!

Tom Christiansen

The latest technology to help keep your car clean! The monthly special let's me keep my ride sparkling clean!


Equipment worked will and was clean and stocked well

Jeff Seeley

Get the car clean everytime

Jimmy Jones

Great place to wash your vehicle

Jared Chambers


Friendly workers and cleaned my car very well

Patrick Tunstall

Will Latham

Tanya Nance


Caleb gilpin

$20.00 car wash didn't remove bugs from vehicle. Bird poop still on door. Employees don't seem to care if your vehicle is clean or if your happy with service. Terrible car wash and customer service. The is a better car wash in front of Kroger.


Probably best car wash in the area. Pretty much all of them do not get all the soap off your car, they get 97% of it.

Matthew Taylor

Tim E.

Tim Batts

Krista Hicks

Went through the first time and absolutely nothing happened. No soap, no water... just rode through. The guy working was kind enough to let me back through. (One guy didn't work at all though, just kept taking a hit from his juul while the other 2 worked.) The wash worked well that time. Pulled over to the vacs. 1st one was out of order, 2nd one had a coin stuck in it and I couldn't get it to work. The others were full so I just left... I've been to this OB location many times and it's always been a favorite. Today was just disappointing.


Great wash

Travis G. Troxel

Tina Haney

Love it!

Dana Owens

After paying $10 for the drive through automated top-tier wash called “ The works”, I am left with an original looking dirty car… Even the dust on the windshield still shows the half moon dust shape ...

Michael Ed

Good, fast wash, dry it your self and wipe clean what automatic machine missed. Super friendly and helpful staff.

Derek Ryder

Like this one better than the one in Southaven. Seems to do a better job, even if the same style wash. Like any drive thru car wash, expect some slight scratches.

Jon Golding

It is an automated car wash. Generally crowded, but does the advertised function well enough

A. Garey Adkins

Great except never washes back of Ford Expedition!

Wally Hall

The car wash was great, however, the card reader machine did not print a receipt, so there was some confusion when I got to the tunnel. Tunnel wash was fine, but when I got to the vacuum machines, the first one made plenty of noise, but didn't pull much. The 2nd vacuum on the island there was free, so i just put in another bunch of quarters and it was the same. Just didn't want to suck up all the debris, leaves, etc

Mary S

Tammy Sanders

Very helpful

George Fortner

Rodney Besinger

Great Service


Cleaned my van good... Great customer service!!

Bennie Swift

I love USA Car wash i reasentley bought a car wash pass. For a new car i purchased owned the car fot about 3 months ago and go through the wash almost daily. Haven't had to come home and do anything to my car yet. The car wash does it all for me !!!!

Jed Gamblin

Luke Hayden

Not Great, got the top wash and was left with a lot of bugs, mud, and a couple bird poop spots. When I asked about bugs and bird poop they gave me a paper towel and said I could try and get them off myself in the parking lot.

Robert Rogers


Sty Guy

I was greeted by two young ladies who made my day. Then my car was pretty dirty. I looked at it when Sebastian finished and I wish I had more cash. It really looked amazing and now I have found my car wash. Thank you guys. You all are amazing

Kara Burrow

Jennifer Wann

Awful. I paid $7 for my wash and they didn’t take a brush to get the bugs off the front of my car, the back sides of the side mirrors, or the back. I had streaks along the sides of my car. Not worth the money. Will not be going back.

Patrick Fry

Fast awesome clean!

Randall Vaughn

Sara Holmes


Half of the bays are usually closed for some reason. The card readers never seem to work, and I haven't been able to use dollar bills once. The vacuums might work, might not. I really don't know what management is up to here, but it doesn't seem to be managing their broken machinery.


Great csr wash

Donald DeVries

Claudia Gunther


Quality do it yourself car wash

Gezelle Moore

Used self wash...

Chad Glenn

Payed for the $20 dollar wash! Then sat and waited for 15mins in line for them too tell me they don’t wash trucks with tools in the back. Every tool I had was secure and I’ve drove through 1000 washes with them. This is the first wash that I’ve ever payed $20 dollars for and they didn’t even wash my truck at all!!! Not a single drop of water and gave me such a hard time over the refund I just left!!!! It’s the worst service I’ve ever experienced in my life!!! And didn’t even get serviced at all!!!

Brandon Trotter

Great car wash, free vacuums with strong suction. A little pricey but was worth it!

Olga Gonzalez

The best service, excellent quality!!

beverly mccandless

I was very disappointed after paying $10 for a drive thru carwash the one next to DIY and after it said exit I noticed only wet soap on my car and hadn't been washed. I didn't opt for a receipt when I paid which is my fault because now I can't get a refund but I'm unsatisfied that my car wasn't even attempted to be washed this was on 1/28/19 at 8:45am

Troy Workman

Wish they'd get a family pack.

Joe Nichols

Good car wash

Tomeka White

Great for a quick was but it could be better...

Morgan Bailey

The attendants are always very nice & courteous. The car wash itself does a good job, too.

Lenette Henderson

My truck was still dirty. I had to go to another Car Wash afterwards.

mike palacios

Best place around was cars there everyday.

susiemae ford

Great car wash service. My car always comes out shining. The attendants are very friendly.

Rhonda Keeton


kimberlee bateman

John Cooper

Tried to wash my car using a stall, won't take credit card nor dollars, maybe quarters didn't put any in. A couple of stalls had cones on them so I'm guessing they don't work, so I go to the other stalls and the lights don't work. Why don't you hire someone to fix this stuff instead of people who don't know what they are doing.Also when you exit the tunnel you have to watch out for the potholes before getting to the road

LaQuette Al-Asadi

Got my car so clean except the back. I think that this is common for automatic car washes though.

Alan Montoria

I have used the car wash multiple times since it has opened. Last week I brought my truck 2016 GMC Sierra SLT to the car wash. The part of the car wash that applies the tire shine damaged my rim. I advised the attendant and he finally alerted his manager after I asked to speak with him multiple times. I spoke to the manager “Mike” and he took pictures of my damage and told me that the car wash has insurance for these kind of issues and that the insurance company would be in touch with me in 4 to 5 days. Mike called me a few days later, not the insurance company, and told me that they were not going to pay for the damage and that it was his decision not to pay to repair the damage to my truck. He waa unable to provide me with a insurance claim number and he said that he did not know who Car Wash USA’s insurance was. I asked who his manager was and he was unwilling to give me anyone’s contact info. To me this looks as if he does not want to accept responsibility for the damage and is refusing to file an insurance claim or there is a possibility that Car Wash USA in Olive Branch, MS does not have liability insurance. I would not recommend Car Wash USA because if your vehicle is damaged do to their car wash, they will not repair your vehicle.

Scott Mapes

Mike the manager is the best. He always is there and is very helpful.

Heather Reynolds

Great car wash with friendly staff

jerry isom

Nice place

Jason Massey


This place really cleans your car.

Dianna Bass

They have 2 doggy bay as well. All you need is the dog. Put the money in just like the car wash. And you can dry them to. It really nice in the winter. Oh and my husband like washing his truck there to. And they take credit cards

Martha T

Great monthly program

David Arnett

Different type of car wash. Plus they have a great package to offer.

Turbo Torino

Always something broke or not working here.

charles kent

I got the ultimate the end it did not raise off the car and the door did not open.i had to spend $2.50 more to finish the washing of my car.


Scratches car paint


Leaves scratches on vehicle. Brushes have mud and rock absorbed into the foam.

Cassandra Mays

This was my first an absolute last time I will evergo to this location. I was going to be paying for the monthly package till I went through the wash. Then I pulled over to the vacuums to inspect my car for dirt and water spots and found something much much worse nicks all down passenger side of my vehicle.

Jamita Townsend Harper

So not happy with how Peyton bad mouthed his manager in my presence. I came for a receipt and while waiting Peyton talked poorly about his manager in my presence. Not a good imagine. The manager was very helpful and juggling quite few things that day, but remaind very cordial. I give him a 5.

Johnathan Jones

The people are great and the car wash cleans pretty good. The hours are hard for me sometimes. My main complaint is that when you say you open you should be open. I see a lot of unhappy people at 20 -30 minutes after they are supposed to to open and they are still closed. I dont care if it is cloudy and looks like rain or even if it is raining I want my car washed and I pay for it then I should get it. Refund us for when the wash is unavailable! Today they are still closed and its 3pm.

Jason Hughes

Larry Mills

Got in and out and my pilot looks good.

Richmond-Richmond Lakeisha-Lakeisha

I love going there. There aren't any nails or trash out in the road. Its clean and the timer runs right

Drue Howarth

Big clumps of dirt and debris are left in the bays

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