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6412 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209

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Here you will be able to see the reviews of people who have information of the services and products of American Car Care Center (Car Wash) around Florida area.

At present this firm has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and that score is based on 118 reviews.

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This Car Wash is classified in the category of Car detailing service.

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REVIEWS OF American Car Care Center IN Florida

joe Lynch

Glenn Gummin

Zack and Chris are right on

Diana Robertson

Victoria Horstmann

I wouldn't go to any other car wash . Car's always perfect when I leave and there isn't a sour puss place anywhere. Zak's the best! And he runs a great operation.

Jerry Knab

Joan Bourne

I usually go here for a car wash but this time I went for a car detail it was very good job

Jay Benanav

Could have done a better job

Bradley Volkmann

Good car wash.

Bert Galbreath

Very thorough cleaning job for a reasonable price

Michael Bazzy

My favorite car wash. I use them often and I am always happy with the cleanliness of my car. Plus Zach, the owner, is there all the time to keep an eye on things and keep the quality standards up. I would not go anywhere else.

brent smith

Chris Holland

First trip here a few months ago my car was truly only about half cleaned inside, pointed it out and they did a half ass job of finishing it apology. Decided to give them a second shot, today after they gave me my ticket to go inside and pay while they started cleaning my car, 2 cars that pulled in behind me magically jumped in front of me while I was inside. Turns out they are "regulars" as hey know everyone by name and when I complained, again no apology. There are other car washes in the area that do a better job but more importantly they have MUCH BETTER customer service.

Tony Conboy

Jennifer McDonald

The cashier yelled at me and showed prejudice anger towards me and I asked him several times to just let me pay for my car wash and he yelled 3 times when I reminded him of my interest in just paying for my car wash. Customer service is horrible by cashier and I suggest that if he continues to work there not to get service at this business. The owner should be aware of who represents the car wash business and fire him. 2 police officers were present at the time. It should be on video.

Brandon Trammell

Good carwash

Loyd Garner

A little bit on the pricey side. Always a long wait.

judy wiggins

My car looks good when finished but if you are in a hurry, skip this place.

Anthony Palmer

Went for a $44.95 car wax. He saw me holding a $3 off coupon and charged me $49.95. So, in the weird world of this business a $3 off coupon means the service cost $2 more. Didn't even notice until after the work was started, double checked the flyer when I was leaving. No, I do not own a van/truck/suv. The paint on my new Mustang is fantastic. I'll rate it two stars, because they actually do a fantastic job. My car looks really good. That is why I drive 15 miles one way to go there. It would seem however that if you are using a coupon, your business is not desired/you are charged a premium. That is fine, I can take the expense of semi-monthly hand waxes to one of the other half dozen car detailers some of which are not only closer to me, but cheaper as well. So, if you need a good hand wax check this place out. Just leave your coupons at home.

Judy Rogers

Nancy Marcotte

Best place for car wash.

Chad Young

Prices not bad, but extremely slow..

Olivia Smith

Audrey Kow

Mark Tutschulte

Always a top notch experience. There's often a wait during peak hours and weekends, but that speaks to how well they take care of their customers. My car always comes out sparkling clean!

Debbie K

Great staff they all do an excellent job! The Manager is very personable and cares about his customers. The best car center in the area!

Robert Hilliard

Good wash. Reasonable prices. Cashier was rude smartass only downside.

Timothy Peters

I love this place

B Martinez

I've been bringing my truck here for a few years and I think they do a great job. I see some people think it takes too long but that's been my experience everywhere. They do a good job, it's worth the wait.

Nate Neri

Make sure you get there early. Long lines, otherwise

Caryn Hodge

Been going here for more than 20 years. Never disappoints.

Kimberly Porter

I'm amazed at all the great reviews for this place. I payed $22.95 and my car was barely clean. Inside of Windows were dirty, my cup holders weren't wiped out, there was even dust on my steering wheel. The outside looked great but the interior looked so bad that I went home and cleaned it. I won't be back!

Ron Jones

First class car wash

Barry C

Use their services twica month. Always do a great job. Reasonable pricing. Usually a bit of a wait, but worth it.

James Greer

Did an excellent job on my huge SUV. Inside and out everything was thoroughly cleaned. Highly recommend!

Colin Mayled

Audrey Busby

The man who runs the cash register was as rude as he could be to my 89 year old grandma after we waited 45 minutes for a simple wash. We will not be back and u would not recommend this place to my enemy's...

Bill Funkhouser

Although they did not work on my car, I will definitely take it them in the future. I had driven through some paint that was in the road and it was on the sides of my car as well as on the trim. I talked to Chris initially then Zack. Zack said they would be glad to work on it, but were backed up. I asked if there was anything I could try. He spent time talking to me, giving suggestions, and trying a few things to see what would work. That is the kind of service that will get me tell others and go to them in the future. Thanks for the time and suggestions Zack.

dianne small

Terrible! DON"T GO! Console area not properly cleaned, rugs and floor mats not adequately cleaned, no attempt to brush send out of the back hatch back area .... extremely rude employee/manager at the front desk. Will never be back ... there are plenty of carwashes in Bradenton!

Manuel Sares

Never a bad car wash

Lenna Young Andrews

dave shenk

Michael Neal

Very high-quality and reputable family owned business. The owner takes pride… The full detail service was definitely worth it. This place has a great reputation from many people in town… Their detail service is booked out very far in advance... another testament to their good reputation. I recommend!

Tashawna Duncan

Waste of Money. They didn't take the time. Another employee even had to get an employee to get dirt off the outside that was left after being washed and he was put out. They didn't even vacuum back seat nor sides around mat in the front or sides of seats. Very disappointed! I tipped generously before looking so look before you tip. I assumed they would do a great job and they were hired to do a job I assumed they would do it. I shouldn't assume!

Kendra Benshoff

This place does a great job. Very LEO friendly and community oriented !!

Jeb Eldridge

The workers are very hard working but the prices are higher than the competition and management seems a little... Well... Sleazy.

William Zilko

Decent wash, always have work to do after they’re “done” though.

Duff Gordon

ZACH!!! reminds me of the real deal from up north. one of my top 3 businesses to go , (sorry Zach, but for pools "pinch a Penny loves to save $350 new snakes for a $30 "tune-up" ). "Zach's crew does the extra wipes and that 07 shelby gt gets xtra loving when I take it in for a wax, the head detailer is an artist. $80 with the maestro or $40k for a depreciating boring asset.It is your choice. I wish there were 6 stars

Brad VanDerWall

David Carraway

Kevin Perry

They are usually so busy they miss things and do a so so job

shannon hardesty

When they were all done cleaning my car, I got in & needless to say it was STILL dirty! Then I got one of the cleaners that DIDN'T speak English and showed her wear ALL the spots they missed she then had to go get a male cleaner who somewhat understood me and then cleaned the areas that were not even touched in the first place. So then I had to wait another 10 minutes to have them clean those areas. Then u got in my car again and there's was still a few spots that I had told him to get that he missed!!!! Will not return and will tell others about my experience!

Grady Wright

Cheryl V

Kevin Grolemund

Really friendly staff, great service, and a great job. It really shows that they take pride in the work they do. Worth the wait.

Bill Gikas

Brie Barstow

Carl Eagan

Fast reliable service.

Chuck Buchanan

The guy in the small white garage in back did the crappiest tint job I've ever seen on my BMW. Do not go there unless you don't mind a shoddy job with no attention to detail. No guarantee.... bubbles, blemishes and imperfections on every window that he did. I'll have to have it redone somewhere else. And to add insult to injury I'll have to pay extra to have the bad tint film removed. Don't go there!

Korey Fonner

Always take our vehicles here. Will not go elsewhere. My truck broke down while getting a wash, go figure. Owner offered to hangout with me after they closed while I waited for a tow truck.

Kathy Yaconis

Want your car cleaned good and for a reasonable price, than this is the place!!

Lynn Wilson

They looked out for me when I was looking for a new car

Cheyenne Renee

Nadya Golubov

Olivera Jiu Jitsu And Fitness Academy

Great place, great people!

Keith Link

They have a line that traps you in so be sure it's what you want before entering. They have slow service, so you are better off going else where. Also outdated compared to other car washes.

Steven Busenbarrick

Fast, great clean for not much money.

Harriet Boyce

Gregory Fagan

Geneva Maloney

Terrible!!! I will never go there again and i will all my friends. There was 4 people waiting to clean my car and I was impressed. Chose $18 wash. When i opened the door i noticed right away. Didn't take front floor mats out to vacuum, Dirt was visible. Maybe some one needs to have a talk with employees or get them glasses. This d costing you business.

Takako Ebiike

Zak and his crew have the best car wash on the planet. Service is great and Zak always has a smile and kind words for everyone. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Try American Car Care and I think you'll agree.

Deb L

If you need to hav your car detailed, this is the only place to go. When they do inside and the outside of your car it looks showroom ready when you pick it up. They also have the best car wash in town. The employees bus there but making sure your car goes out looking pristine. If they had 12 Stars I would give them 12!

George Parham Parham

Best car wash on the West Coast!

William Beck

Best car wash I have ever visited. Good value for money. They do an excellent job.

Nina Gheewala

When I leave my car all day to get waxed, it turns out amazing! This is the best detail shop around. I highly recommend it.

Remain Suspicious

Very disappointing. If you want a clean car forget it. If you want a car washed and don't care if it's dirty, then this is the place for you. It had been a few months and my car needed a cleaning. I took it in and got "The Works". The car came out and the guy was toweling it off and I opened the gas fill door and asked him to clean it out. He acted like I was fom Mars. I then opened the doors and opened the windows so he could clean the door jams and wipe the tops of the windows. He said he just cleans the outside of the car. As he was wiping the jams, poorly, I noticed his rag was dirty and the bumper had dried dirty water all over it. He took off and next thing I know the manager and owner were standing next to me saying I was "Nit Picky". I said really? Is paying $17 for a clean car and wanting a clean car "Nit Picky"? Pretty sad what this county is coming too, when the customer doesn't get what he pays for... I've been to dozens of car washes and seen most poeple do the same as I've done and none have had issue with it. Lazy people, the new obama normal... I'll never go back...

Robert Docherty

Best car wash in the area!!

J.E. Feldman

These guys rock! We go here so often, they know our names. Our vehicles are like brand new after every treatment. Highly recommended!!

Tom Bucci

Best car wash and detail shop that I've ever used, I highly recommend!

Mystery Squash

They do a really good job here and I trust them with my truck every time it needs a wash. I love the scents they have for your car and my favourite scent is the new car smell. They even have a sitting area for you while they are washing your car and you can watch it through a window.

Kenneth Kelley

Great Service!!!! This is the best Carwash in Manatee County!!!!! I had my car detailed and WOW it was clean and waxed to perfection!!!

Nicole Ward

I was actually quite disappointed after visiting this place for the first time. The price was fairly cheap, but the service was not as good as other places I have been. I probably could have cleaned the car better and paid a lot less for the products they used. They are fairly quick, but there was tons of debris left behind and all areas of my car such as dirt, dust, fingerprints , Etc. Not sure if the car cleaners don't know what they're doing or just don't care, but I was not happy at all with the result. I have been to other Car Care Centers, and have been amazed at how clean the car comes out after they do the inside. I did get the cheapest package which included vacuuming inside and out, outside wash, and wipe down on the inside and outside. However, the inside did not look like it had really been vacuumed at all or it had been vacuumed by a very poor or small vacuum. I will not return to this location, and will probably go back to using another car care center.

Christine Gray

Favorite car wash in town. They take such good care of my car and the work is quality. And the people that work there are wonderful. My husband buys me the book of washes every couple months (I'm on #4). And almost everytime I go I have my two little ones. Everyone says hi to my toddler and the workers are kind enough to open my back doors for me when I'm trying to get loaded up to leave. I've also had a car derailed here and it came home like it was brand new. Highly recommended.

Gloria Ladue

Just had our SUV detailed. The car looks brand new. Wonderful service and wonderful job. Kudos!!

Stephen Rogalin

Excellent job detailing our vehicle. Inside and outside

Jonathan Shrader

Paid over 20 dollars for "the works" and was extremely disappointed. First, the front lower end of the car looked completely unwashed. It was still caked with dirt, and even had a bug splat over 5 inches across, just left on the front of the car. Next, they took no time to wash inside the badges of my car, so while most of the paint is shiny, the paint in the badges is still caked with dirt. And then, the wheels.... they washed and polished the outer face of the wheels and nothing more. Every other surface of my wheels were still BROWN with brake dust and completely dry. Directly after the wash, i rubbed a finger on those portions of the wheels and my finger came off colored black. I will not be returning to this car wash.

Natalie Fil

Excellent service for a last minute car upholstery clean up. The business was very busy and they squeezed us in very quickly with excellent service. Definitely recommend them!!


Zachk and his son are SuperCagaFragalisticly Amazin

Marg Kennedy

Mary Kelly

Yup. Car was taken care of nicely. However, I'm a tad upset that I discovered, a few hours later, that a $50 gas card was STOLEN out of the center console of my car. Oh, and the other $50 card that still had $12 available was also STOLEN. So happy I tipped them $10! Not.

Marissa Fleenor

BEST CAR WASH IN TOWN - When driving up, some might be discouraged by the long line of cars- but the staff at American Car Care make sure to have the line flow as best as possible. Lines may be extra long in lovebug season, but they are sure to handle any concern you may have regarding your cars cleanliness. If you have a weird smell? Spilt milk? Smoke? They will be sure to get that mess out. GREAT QUALITY SERVICE for a good price. Employee's are very trustworthy and they treat you like family. Be sure to save a customer rewards card for that FREE WASH. I wouldn't go anywhere else! My car smells like a pina colada paradise.

Amy Hill

In my opinion this is the BEST place in town for cleaning my car inside and out. Customer service is excellent!

Gregory Butts

Mary Floyd

I won't be going back to this car wash even though I have been going there for years, They didn't clean my tires and did not get the bird poop off the side of my car after I told them about it and was assured it would come off., also the little short manager they have now is very rude.

Kate de Villiers

Love this place. Great value for that 'new car' look and smell and they sell the best greeting cards ever.

Tim Finley

Nancy Kaufmann

They're mostly good but it takes forever. I don't like the way their line works. They have two bays for vacuuming before the wash. Instead of waiting in a single line and then the "next car in the queue" goes to the next bay that opens up, you have to pick one bay or the other. Which sometimes means the guy behind you has his car go into the wash before yours. And in this slow of a place, that definitely matters.

Quisha Ellis

So I went to American Car Center with little notice to them. And they were very Attentive to my needs. And even tho they closed at 6pm. I wasn't rushed and they took their time and made sure I left with a vehicle. They answered all my questions and was very patient when I was test driving. I even asked for a bumpy road usually a dealer worse nightmare, they didnt mind and didnt rush the test drive. At the end of the day they stayed late until the deal was done and I was happy. Thanks Joe Moreno and Joey.( The GM). I got a Ford Fusion.. it's a beauty. I'd share a pic but I cant figure it out. Thanks again. I'd differently would recommend this dealership!


They always do a fantastic job.

Joe Rice

Best car was in town. They ceramic coated my car and it has never looked better. Zach the owner is an awesome guy who takes care of his customers.

Jim Collier

Nicole M. Sampson

Just went through car wash and have TWO SCRATCHES on the bottom bumper. I just purchased my brand new car a few days ago and it was NOT pre existing. They stated their equipment would not reach as far as the bumper. Just trying to cover up their mistakes as they did not want to pay for it as I have a BMW X5. They tried to buff it out but it did not work as it went through the paint. Now i have to come out of my own pocket to fix their mistake. Will be following up. I am beyond disgusted.

Shamus St Claire


Brendan McDowell

Tony Zampello

karen pendergrass

Slow as Christmas. Do not really seem to care about the cars either. Used to be great but had definitely gone down hill. Disappointing

Troy Kannegieter

Good wash and service.

Darci Santjer

Paula Olivero

Zachk and his crew are great! Always a super experience!

Haley Lawson

All of the workers do an excellent job! Very impressed with the level of detail put into each car.

Shannon Stephenson

Best car wash on the Florida coast. Really busy expect to wait. Its worth the wait

Robin Kollar

Sherry Lunger

Rachel Kutz

Tia Davis

Very nice crew and management! My car wash since 1996.

Cheri Lyons

The best car wash north of Sarasota. Attention to detail is their forte

Pat Coyne

Awesome job! Brought the wife's car that the grandkids make a mess in. Night and day difference. Really impressed. The Ultimate is way to go.

Tanya Licata

virginia davenport

Excellent car wash!

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