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805 Forest St, Dover, DE 19904

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Here you have the opinions of people like you who are purchasing the products of Westside Car Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to Delaware.

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REVIEWS OF Westside Car Wash IN Delaware

Savann Dredden

Excellent carwash..very polite young men that clean your car.The owner and the man that works in the detail shop are very, very friendly as well. Nice place to do business with.


They do a fine job. Take care when drying the

Tommy Tuxward

Great carwash have been getting my cars washed here for years

Cody May

The workers looked like they where in poor conditions. Not even a heater for them. I can understand why the car was not clean there fingers would have broken off. The owner sounds cheap.


Great service and plenty of options for what you want done! This will definitely be my go to place for a car wash!

angela maldonado

They need to clean inside better, poor job .

Nelson Mesick II

Best car wash! Super friendly service! You have to go there.

Herb Konowitz

The best car wash in Delaware as graded by the readers of the News Journal newspaper. In business for 35 years. Family owned

Ernest Denby

Excellent service and excellent atmosphere. My wife and I both enjoyed the wait while the car was being washed.

George Pape

The best

My Dog Freddie

Charming interior featuring a wall of model classic cars. Friendly staff; fair prices, and quality work.

Kelly Simpson

This place has wonderful service and has great attention to detail. I have always have had great service. I have used multiple time! I recommend getting there monthly service if you go more then once a month it is worth it money wise.

Nannette Coley

Prompt service.

Bunk Shaner

Fast & easy. They do a pretty good job. Price isn't too bad

Tyrone Brice

Nice but you get what you pay for.

James Dixon

Greeted like family, great wash. The best.

Gale Cifelli

Nice job cleaning our vehicles.

Kevin Corbin

Outstanding service

Mcky Blu

Good work but u gotta check on to make sure it's done all the way.

ATEAM Real Estate Professionals

Best in the Dover area!

Derrick Hill

They're just ok looking for a tip.

Jose Perrusquia

Very good car wash and very reasonable, exellent service personnell.

Dina Nacin

I needed to get the salt washed off my van. The inside was also overdue for a vacuum. They did a great job. I am very pleased and will go back for my next wash.

frank mohr

one of the better car washes below the cannel after 10 washes basic next wash is free don't forget to ask for a punch card. always does what you want done. Full car detailing

Adrian Marie Jones

My brother's car is only cleaned here. They take great care and give good service.

Zackary Blackburn

I bought the $14 "deluxe" car wash. Only on the front passenger side of my car missed some mud on the exterior and didnt wipe the interior window or door. Rest of car was perfect.

Huck Kurtz

Great place for a cold day

D.L. Deryous

Not bad of a place. It can get crowed a lot. They can be thorough at times ... then they're not so much. It depends on the time of day and if it's busy.

Sidney Hull-Neal

They great it's a beautiful place ,like a museum

John Christophel

Great car wash this time. Usually they use the same rag for the windows and door sills. This time magnificent

Elise Knable

Good service for your vehicle just make sure they dont take out plastic bases for cup holders and forget to replace them.

Lolo Gautier

Best in tow

Broadus Merritt

Fair prices. They do a good job.

kendra clocuh

I've been there twice and each time I felt the interior cleaning was subpar. Perfect if you're only getting an exterior wash!

Veronica Thoroughgood

My vehicle was still dirty inside and outside


Bad business practices, they don't believe ìn taking responsibility for their own mistakes.

Lana McAra

The only drawback to Westside how busy they are because they do such a great job

Robert Miller

If I can do a better job myself why would I pay you to do it. Wouldn't use them again.

Darlene Austin

This place is more expensive than most others, yet I had to come home and clean my car after going there and paying them to do it.

john R

Very friendly, get your no hassle car done. If you have a problem/missed a spot they are quick to fix it. Plus they offer discount car washes and reward program for certain amount of visits.

Ryan R

the interior cleaning wasn't great

Anik Patel

Best in the area! If you're happy with the work please tip these guys they do a really great job and are reasonably priced


Top notch!! Best car wash service ever! Vacuum, wash at a reasonable price.

Leslie Wills

They didn't get 5 stars because my rims on my tires were still dirty.

Donell Thomas

Great place with great ownership

Melanie hi

Fast, efficient. Paid for under car wash, came back dirty still.

Carlita Bush

Excellent work!!

Carrie Wallace Nicholson

Always such a wonderful job

Josh S

Have been very happy bringing my car here. Normally get a mid-range wash + tire shine and the car looks pretty good. A few little things like bugs, they don't always get every one on the front, but it's a $12-15 wash not a detail job. Over all I would/do recommend to others.

Jasoni Paulos

Great work Cory and Steve!

Kathy VanKeuren

Great prices on all sorts of carwashes. Awesome job and fast service

amber scarborough

Don't like it when the people I pay to wash my vehicle act like lil smart asses..


It was my first time going there. It was recommended by a fellow co-woker. The car wash was nice , however the additional services that came with the package i choose seemed rushed through. Carpets were not valcumed well. Left a tip anyway .lm not sure if il be returning to this one.

The Den Moving forward

I wouldn't trust anyone one else to clean my vehicles. With their excellent services and their sensational hard working staff. They deliver fantastic work! Thanks ladies and gen.

Nendy55 .

Used to love this place...lately have had to instruct staff to clean certain spots of car.. been leaving there disappointed of late. They get just one more chance from me

Debbie Bethel

Best car wash in Dover delaware these employees really take the time to wash your car inside and out they are rated number 1 for Dover, yes expensive fir me but they are worth it!!! They also have discounts for everyday one of them is senior day and of course I Love that day because i am a senior!!We have a few car washes around but this one is the best!!!!

Michelle Gleason

Great service Nice clean waiting area Very efficient

Chris Ambruso

The only place in Dover area that actually gives your car back clean. Even time consuming rims were thoroughly wiped down.

Matt Grettenberger

They always do a great job on my truck. Very nice staff and the prices are fair.

Diane Albanese

Just the best little Carwash west of Dover. It’s worth the trip here to see the amazing inside customer area that contains so many auto antiques and kitschy things. Old gas related artifacts and there’s a statue of Dino the dinosaur too! The car wash prices are reasonable and the workers try very hard to make your car shine. It’s a winning place that’s clean, well stocked and efficient.

Marcus Jones

The tracker pushed under my wheels twice causing them to drive the car through. When the car came off track it damaged the lip of my front driver's side wheel. Of course the owner refused to accept blame and I would never take another car there again.

Robyn Grasso


Kyle Greening

Best car wash south of the canal hands down.

Tony Pierannunzio

Great staff and very thorough!

Denise Moser

Nice job, very reasonable!

Ron Sudler

Great service

John L. Davis

The best choice for a good wash and detail cleaning inside. Best in town.

Nothing Yea

TERRIBLE just bought my brand new Chevy tohoe took it threw this place ... SO MANY SCRATCHES AFTER I LEFT (dirty brushes) you should see the brushes on the inside very dirty with caked on dirt from never doing maintenance. Please save your paint and your money !

Leigh Raymer

Great wash on outside of car but so so on inside. Nice people & service though.

Mitch Dotson

Effective, fast, and affordable car wash. Automatic car wash with hand drying. Large list of options for your wash. The staff are all friendly and helpful.

Carl Simpson

Good fast friendly service.. Daily discounts.. Unlimited wash option.

Stephanie Schwan

The only place I’ll take my car when I’m too lazy to clean it myself. You can go to an automated wash and spend 15 bucks to clean only the outside. OR you can go here, spend 15 bucks, get the outside washed, hand dried, vacuumed, interior wiped and tire shine. It’s obvious that Westside is the better choice.

Wendy Ferguson

Sometimes they do a good job..

Christopher Gilliam

Rims still had brake dust all over after the wash. Noticed tiny scratches on my front bumper and trunk as well that I know weren't there before. Must be from the brushes they use. I'll stick to washing it myself. Would not recommend.

Mike Beiler

Car always comes out shining clean for 8 dollars and they wipe down your vehicle after the wash. Only down side is they are busy and the line gets really long sometimes.

Andrew Keller

Best car wash in the country. Even on their off days you're getting better service and attention than anyone. Brought my first car here in 2002, just had my dream car cleaned in 2018. Worth every penny.

William Carleton

Great car wash

Miriam Anderson

This car wash is amazing it wins awards every year. Every time you get 10 car washes you get the 11th one for free. They do an excellent job and your window glass is always streak free

J.R. Teagle

Great car wash at a great price!

AJ Jones

After spending almost an hour in the line that only had two cars in front of me, my car was finally washed. Once I received my car the mats were not in the correct place, the seats had crumbs on it, and the interior wasn't wiped. I called and spoke with the manager named Vic and received the worst customer service with no resolution to my issue. I would have been better off squirting dish soap in my car and waiting for it to rain instead of visiting Westside.

Alexandra Rochford

I love coming to West Side Car Wash. They do an awesome job cleaning the exterior of the car. However, every time I get my car washed (and pay for the highest cleaning) I have to pull over next to the vacuums and finish vacuuming/ wiping down the interior. I keep returning because I love the people and the exterior clean is phenomenal. While I was doing my post-clean I had someone ask if everything was okay and I began to tell them it wasn't done thoroughly. Nothing was done about it. I never make a scene because I don't expect them to have time to detail and make it perfect.Oh, and when they took the floor mats out, they weren't placed back in the right areas. The next time I come, I will have the outside and windows done, and I will just do the interior myself, it's cheaper anyway. Why pay for extra if you don't recieve it? Just a heads up. Otherwise, the place is clean, employees are friendly and the service is speedy.

Nancy Cushman

Wouldn't go anywhere else. Tried others but keep going back.

Butch Spencer

Watch the vacuum will mess a lot

Renee King

Great car wash! My car always comes out shiny and they have an option to clean your floor mats too!

Michelle Gaudio

The employees are awesome

Brian Pratt

Car looks good, the Works offer does not include vacuuming the trunk

Norman Wood

You can't beat the monthly deals they have on unlimited washes.

gwen pritchett

Top notch we have a contract with them

Sean Nesbitt

Picked up a scratch on my roof and trunk of my car at this car wash. Windows still had some bird dripping residue after the car was washed. Not recommended. I won't be going back here again.

In Contempt

Took the time to clean my car above and beyond the standard car wash.

Scott Jesse

Good place ,get ya in and out

Patti Manley

Always great service despite current construction

Doug T

Best car wash.

Deanna Ballek

I have never had a bad experience at Westside. Can't wait to try the mini-detail.


Longtime customer great people great job

Hemanth Reddy Sankepally

They do good service but are slow.. if you come here for a carwash after snow and salt coated your car, I'm not sure if their wash cleans it all.. But it's a popular spot in the town

Jean Joseph

Washing car very nicely

Eric Smith

My wife had he Explorer washed there today and was not impressed. My family uses this place frequently and typically the service is excellent. Today not so much..... when my wife got into her SUV she noticed there was debris still on the floor, the navigation screen was still dirty and the cup holders were still dirty. My wife asked for a rag to complete the job left behind and on a typical day someone would have asked her to step out of the car to fix the issue, not today the guy handed her the rag!!!! and the guy stood there and made excuses for why it was not done....Vic what's going on man.....

Naomi Carmean

They do a great job cleaning my car.

Tyrone Leake

Good service and nice people. Tire service was half done and my mats were not done and I was in a hurry to work and could not go back. I would recommend but do my mats next time please.

Darren Floyd

This was the first and the last time I get my car washed there didn't do a good job on my car I get a better car wash in PHILLY this place is HORRIBLE!!!!


The $29.99 a month unlimited washes plan is great.

ayy lmao

Terrible they broke my 2017 dodge chargers electric mirror (was fine before it went in afterwards it broke) Stay away go to coastal carwash on the highway way better service for your money. This place leaves water spots, dont clean your wheels good, they NEVER clean the brushes in the wash leaving hairline scratches in your paint. Stay away

Juanita Taylor

Clean, sometimes you have to pay attention to make sure windows are clean on inside

Larry Couch

Best carwash in Delaware. I have the pleasure to know the owner for 30 years and he is as good as you can get as far as top notch customer service.

Kat Furta

They do a great job here and I've been going here for car washes for yearsss! 10th WASH FREE! The loyalty program gives you the 10th wash free. Make sure you get the card inside and dont forget to get it punched each visit. $1 OFF! MON - Military w/ I.D. TUES - Seniors WED - Ladies THURS - Gents I always buy an air freshener at the little indoor shop while I wait. They have a HUGE selection...seriously impressive lol They do have "tip bucket". I didn't see it the first few times that I went there and had no idea that it was there!

shiv patel

Best car wash in the state

Robert Sateriale

Best car wash I have been to.

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