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REVIEWS OF Waves Car Wash IN Delaware

J.P. Sorrenson

The unlimited membership is the BEST MONEY YOU CAN SPEND!! I come every week for just $30 a month. How can you beat that and the guys do a great job.

Josh Hunsberger

This has been one of the nicest, most organized and professional automatic car washes around. They did a great job with the full service too. They have all the right equipment to do a great job.

David Keegan

Don't bother with the wheel cleaning, they don't do a great job. Otherwise, pretty standard car wash


After reading reviews of car washes near me, I drove 45 minutes to Waves and will do it again. Affordable, professional, and excellent job.

Sue Roth

I was impressed with the full service car wash. They really did a nice job vacuuming out the dog hair and the wash and wax made my car look new again!

Chris Haddon

Horrible experience, from the minute we arrived. Most expensive item on the list doesn't include vacuuming, they don't tell you that until you get the bill, attendant says , do you want the back of your Jeep vacuumed ? Yes we do, 7.00 additional charge for that 1 minute job. That equates to 420.00 an hour, rediculous. On to the wipe down, water spots all over windshield, missed area inside door jams, didn't wipe down dash, and many more ! Attendant also said when we asked, will they take antenna off, yes they do that before you enter wash ! Lie, they didn't and the antennae was whipped and bent throughput whole wash. God I miss the Rehoboth Beach Car Wash. Chris was the best. This was the worst. Never again !!!!!! 30.00 for a 3 minute wash is robbery. Especially when you have to go home and finish the job.

Brandon White

Mike and the team at Waves Car Wash are second to none. These guys know how to treat your vehicle with the respect and carefulness it deserves. The wash itself is VERY clean and VERY easy on your vehicle. This isn't your standard "gas station car wash" with rough brushes and that leaves you with an inadequate clean; Waves is a well-maintained, gentle wash that leaves your vehicle looking spotless. Would recommend these guys and their services to anyone; have had nothing but a great experiences here! P.S. Be sure to check out their monthly wash packages, well worth it!

Ethan Martin

Pretty thorough. Decent price. The attendant called me sweetie.


After coming here for 4 months, I no longer feel I want to pay $55 a month. There is the basic outside wash membership and then the $55 with interior Matt wash and vacuum. Always 1 person handling my vehicle, sometimes 2 so you have to sit and wait about 10-20 mins. That is not my issue, the issue is the exterior wash lane who pay less have 4 people per vehicle. Once they are done they just stand there and do nothing while the people cleaning the other lanes finish by themselves. Too many unsupervised goofballs. One reason I was coming here was they put tire shine, but the shine only last 1-2 days. Looks like this place is the best in the area so far but that is not saying much.

Nick DeMalto

Love Waves!!!! I have a Jeep that gets super sandy and salty from the beach... and Waves always makes it look like new, inside and out!

Frank Walker

great place service was outstanding the people are friendly will go there again

Drew Bedard

I love this car wash when I come through Delaware! Top notch!

Diane Minio

Hardly cleaned inside. Outside curious sucked

Joe West

New and modern, several options for cleaning. Once inside the tunnel the wash is fast. Outside for the vacuum and wipe down, not so much.

Jessica August

Best car wash at the beach! They thoroughly clean your car like it’s their own and leave it better then you expected. A ++ customer service, too!

Bill Matt

Great car wash concerned about the cleanliness of your vehicle.

Maria Reakes

Very disappointed. I thought the job would have been better for the full service (i.e., $31.00). I realize it wasnt going to be a full detail but I had to go over everything myself AGAIN. Cup holders, inside hatch back, inside the …

Raymundo Romero

I usually go to a car wash in seaford Duck in car wash, I think is the name but after going to Waves they did a much better job I'm definitely coming back here again!

Chuck Griffin

Great service.

Mayra Blanco

I’ve taken my car there twice and both times I pay for vacuuming and it’s always left dirty. I pay the $7 that’s supposed to cover vacuum,dash, and overall inside clean and they never do it. On top of that I always unbuckle my son’s car seat for them to vacuum and tell them they can move it so that they vacuum under it and they never do. I’m not gonna care much for my own car but I hope the staff does better as far as actually doing the things that are said on the $7 full service description. I edited and removed the part about my fathers car because This top part was completely ignore. I commend you for sticking by your employees but it doesn’t excuse the fact that there was work that was described and paid for and not done.

Sherry Hughes

Nice car wash. They hand dry outside for you and shine the tires. We bought the unlimited wash package for a monthly fee,with that membership you can actually wash your car more than once a day if you want too.

Buddy Clark

Good. some workers acting out. While pulling to the dry off area on exterior only lane. One worker shouted to another. "HE GOT TO MOVE UP" multiple times. I was never instructed as to what to do, I guess he also meant that command for me. Inappropriate. A simple...Would you please move forward would have seemed to be an appropriate way to handle that.

Lois Bixby

Mike Anthenelli is a wonderful business owner my car looked and smelled great

Michael Rhine

1st the the owner Mike is awesome . Amazing customer service. I have never taken my Range Rover through a wash like this. I was always got it hand washed. But there equipment is safe and soft for high end cars also. And your can pay monthly and take it through as much as you would like. And Mike the owner encourages it. Love this place.

Paul Marambio

At the begining, as every new place everything was great, now the service and even the products that they are using to clean cars doesnt seems to bw of a good quality, and when it come to clean it from inside ..... less than regular, they should do give a better service

Madeline Rozetar

We had a coupon from our local circular for a few bucks off the Big Kahuna wash. Staff was friendly, courteous, and frankly, the service for the price can't be beat. The full service left our car spotless and shining both inside and out, and you even have lounge chairs, coffee, water, and bubbles to play with while you wait! Definitely making this our new go-to car wash! (Should also mention we are local.)

Stephanie Harpster

Stopped in for wash and interior detail. Very pleased with everything, inside and out! Made my 8-year-old car look like new. Thank you to the owner, Mike, for his special attention!

jada walters

Way over priced. Went 2 seperate times, and 1st time my car was not very clean in spots. 2nd time I inspected the car and had to asked the people to wipe very obvious dirt that didn't come off in the car wash. The car wash I am used to frequenting is much cheaper, and when they towel dry they inspect and if wash didn't clean to their specification they rerun my car.

Christa DeRogatis

Wash cost for the outside of vehicle is very expensive considering you go through a drive thru car wash. For the interior the charge was additional $9, but they did not wipe the surfaces only vacuumed floor & mats

Bhaktini Sound Shaman

I go here often. I live in a wooded area and not once have they ever gotten all of the debris out of the front by my wipers. I wrote overview about that experience and the owner Mike reached out within minutes literally. To rectify the problem personally. Great customer service great value.

Michael Sammut

Friendly staff and you are in and out so fast!

Carolann Dryer

Do you pay people for these 5 star reviews ??? Went 1st time today - so not clean & tires aren't shined & it was $31. For 3 minutes

Nikola Keravica

Always quick and good service

Derek Charles

The best car wash and service I've ever experienced for a car wash. This place is the best!

Diane Dempsey

A+++ 5 star service! Very fast but thorough.

Tomasa Paiz

Happy wash car place

Barbara Holcombe

Good service, quick and not too expensive. Very polite and friendly staff.

ilan wiezman

Great service by good people. We have become loyal to this place, usually visiting them once a week in one of our cars

Strong Feather Creations

Mike always makes sure he gets as much dirt/grime off of my vehicle as he can. I greatly appreciate the impeccable service.

Nancy Tuer

Great carwash! It's similar to getting a detail without the high cost!

Rosie Smith

First timer at Waves yesterday and wow! Never had my car look this good as long as Ive owned it. Great job.

Jaclyn Goussev

Very nice car wash! Fun to bring kids because you can stay in the vehicle through the wash!

Liana Urban

I was there today for a car wash and full service. It was the best I’ve ever had! They did a great job, the workers are nice and the prices are very reasonable.

Will Francis

My friend took his truck and showed me a decent car wash and service. I thought it was wise to take my car there. Luckily i was counting the number of guys who touched the exterior of my car. There were 5 men who dried the car down, but …

Kevin Mckenney

They do a great job... they never seem to be short on help and the guys that work there always seem to hustle and get the job done right... when you leave there your car will be looking good !

Jesse Millman II

Good Place to stop for a Quick Car Wash.

Donna. Great job Jacob !!!!! pennypacker

Great owners, always on top of everything. If you have a problem they will quickly correct it for you. Very clean and friendly.

Allen Hudson

No joke this place is head and shoulders above what you could consider a 'great' carwash. The mechanical aspect of the wash is state of the art and your car will go through a gauntlet of cleaning mechanisms. Then once you come out, it is spot checked and cleaned by no less than 3 people. On top of that, there are spot checkers for the spot checkers. This is the only car wash I've EVER been to that your car will leave completely CLEAN.

Zack Shobe

Beyond excellent. I have owned 13 vehicles since 2009 and hand washed every one of them because of horror stories about car washes. I'm extremely maliciousness and help run a successful business myself. I am an out-of-state visitor for vacation and needed a quick clean for my sports car. The owner greeted me at the entrance and conversated with me while the car was finished. Truly a great team and solid business. Visitors or local residences can rely that they'll do a great job.

Tony Cin

Had an issue with going through this car wash and after I exited and left, had to return and let the workers know that my rear windshield wiper was missing. They checked the car wash and found it, but it was pretty mangled up. A worker took my home address and said that he would have a replacement wiper sent to me and I never received one. This happened on July 11th. Not cool. Most car washes place a tape to hold down the rear wiper. What's not cool is that the SUV before me, got his rear wiper taped down. I assumed all vehicles received the same treatment, but I guess not. That's my issue with your car wash.

Eric Huber

Great service, cleaned out all the sand from the beach.

Patty Johnson

No attention to detail. $30 for full service but missed a lot of interior. Drivers side door interior dirty.

tony capone

Best car wash, especially interior detailing

Rob Baynard

After about a year of not washing my car, I took my car through just the tunnel. I couldn't believe how clean it came out - it looked like a new car. I've been back quite a few times since then and each time I am more than pleased with how my car looks. I get the Big Kahuna each time and it absolutely worth...and they apply Rain X - one of the only products in this world that I fully endorse! The owner is a super nice guy and you can tell he cares about his business and his customers. I'll continue to make it a point to get to Waves Car Wash every time I am down in Lewes.

Jason Curnoles

Great place to get your car washed. Highly recommend the wash club! Unlimited car washes.

Shereen Shantz

Great job!

Lorraine Jordin

Best carwash in our area!

Bryan Jones

They do a great job on my wife's car!! But not a good job at all on my truck I hate to say. Gave them another try today (4th time) and just not a good job at all. I guess its the bigger vehicles that are the problem. Just didn't wipe the vehicle down very well. About 75% of the truck was wiped down. I will continue to take my wife's car but have to find another place for my truck.

Robin Clendaniel

So easy to keep a vehicle looking good!!

John Stern

Wow, some of these negative reviews are hilarious! People looking for a full detail for $20.00?? Or the guy miss wiping down a spot and then they leave a 1 star review?! What a shame because these guys always do a great job. Fair pricing, and the staff is always smiling. I make it a point to visit anytime I am in town.

Carol Gilliam

I didn't care for the owner / attitude towards his employees

Steve Smollon

I've brought my SUV to Waves several times and have always been impressed with the quality and speediness of the service I highly recommend Waves. I'm always greeted by a welcoming and professional staff and they are my "go to" local wash.

Morghan Gross

You need to update your hours of operation on Google. I have stopped by multiple times this week to get a wash and it was closed every time. It was within the hours listed and the weather was fine. You've wasted my time enough, I'm never going back.

Gerry Desmond

I had Waves polish my car yesterday. It’s a 2012 and had heavy duty acid rain spots. I was skeptical that the spots would come out but they absolutely nailed it! Finish looks like new. I could not be happier with their service. Well done!

Sara Hodgkiss

Awesome service for the price!!! They do a great job and are quick!!!

Eric McGinnis

Just okay, nice people. I've been there 3 times now and got the most expensive option each time but always need to clean bugs off the windows and front bumper every time.

peter davis

Need a little quality control. I went there about 1 pm on Friday Aug 4. It was not very busy. I purchased the big Kahuna plus mats..$27. When I got home I noticed my tires were not "tire shined".

John Gangone

Okay car wash in Lewes Delaware. I have a lot of chrome on my car,grill, wheels, moldings and I always have to clean them when I get home, always full of water spots and wheels are never totally clean. I only go to this car wash if I need my car washed in a hurry. Excellent staff !!!

Carolyn Burgess

We were very pleased with the job and love the add on choices. The monthly rate is great for many. Location provides a much needed service.

Jenn B

Best car wash ever! Greeted by the owner and given an awesome deal. They employees were very efficient in cleaning my very dirty car. I have children who are very messy. I highly recommend going there.

Philip Evans

I owned a business and now retired. I always look at any I am dealing with. This is one of the best run business I have had the pleasure to deal with. Smart and friendly people; very efficient; a good experience. I even take my dog "Tuffy." He knows a treat is coming.

Yvonne Simon

Clean car yeah

Diane Albanese

Clean. Clean. Shiny clean cars whizzing through the tunnel of blue. Squish, swish and splash out the other end in much better shape than when they entered. This is a very upbeat place with smiles as you enter and thanks as you exit. The guys at the interior department did a fine job very willingly. This business supports the local Sussex Consortium with a work program. I’m a BIG fan. Ask for a senior discount if you’re a senior! Very fine and a whole lot fresher, my

Tori Balfour

Manager is very rude to employees, mostly males.

Joe Kopser

Met Mike and got a nice wash and cleaning. Fair price and hard working crew. Give them a try!

Gene Jordin

Great service, and my car looks great.

Jodi Owens-Wright

Great first time experience!

Nathan Custard

Good service and nice people

Paul Corcoran

Incredible exterior and interior cleaning with unbelievable low prices!!!

Kenneth Malone

I took wife car there once when it opened and one last week. Both times they didn't clean the car well. The first time, I brought it to a supervisors attention - felt stupid then. Last week, as soon as I drove away I started seeing uncleaned back window and mirrors. As wife started checking, partial wipe down in door areas, etc. I know how to supervise a team but don't feel I pay for something and have to tell the team to do it right. In my opinion, no quality control. Wife has been going to the car wash in Rehoboth since we moved here. Won't go there again.

Jeff DeAngelis

Paid $27 for what they call the Big Kahuna which means everything. Didnt get everything going through the wash. No rain ex and didn't see any other alerts or other add ons being applied. The outside crew did a tremendous job though. Early …

Katherine Blondin

A great experience from the time you pull up to the kiosk, to the wash and cloth dry. Everyone is friendly and profressional. Always music playing and a place to sit while you wait!

Bernabe Marquez

Good and fast service. Very profesional team...

Brian Hill

Feel like they dont get everything they are suppose to

John Hendrickson

I had my car washed (did full service) here several days ago and it still looks great! I have to say, this was one of the best car wash experiences I have ever had - all the workers were extremely nice and crazy diligent - they care about there work.

Colleen Perry


Chuck Cochran

Last year we signed up both of our cars for the monthly unlimited washes. They do a very good job both inside and outside. Today the prewash (before going through the machines) was the best ever. Lots of attention to bug spots and the undercarriage.

Billy Knox

Great service. My wife gets the membership when she lives at the beach for the summer and they test her like royalty.

Diane Worth

After reading the amazing reviews on Facebook, I decided to give this place a shot. WOW WOW WOW! Amazing customer service from the girls at the front to the manager that checked my car over before I left. It was cleaner than I imagined and my car was VERY dirty. I even got to meet the owner Dani who was a sweetheart! Waves Car Wash - I am a believer!

Monica Boone

The best staff and very good job always on my cars!!

Mark Wilson

Always pleased with the service and quality, but in the summer would be nice to have longer weekend hours. Drove off the beach at 4pm Sunday and looked forward to a good scrub. We were sad that you weren't open.

Linda Parrott

Great car wash

Paul Cosgrove

It's ok

dion robinson

i wash my own cars by hand cause i don't trust these washes, but waves is an exception. the owner took the time and showed me the equipment and how they have color coded towels for different parts of the car so no contamination. really impressed. i am car nut and very particular and waves has it together.

Darcie Baldery

Best wash in the state, and I travel all over for work! 5 star!

Stephen Spence

Waves Car Wash takes automated car washes to a new level! The staff are very pleasant and help you choice the wash you want. The in-car wash experience is cool and fun. You stay in the car while the wash tube conveyor belt pulls your car through the stages of the wash. Interesting sights and sounds kids (and adults) enjoy. Then the interior clean out is quick, thorough, and done with a smile. In and out in 10 minutes on a busy day. Great experience. Will be back!

Joe M

The owners have pride in your Satisfaction... And in their service. Get the unlimited washes, your going to realize what auto nirvana is...

Nick A Tantaros

Great curteous staff very professional and attentive to details

Belden Raymond

Best car washes in Lewes, or Rehoboth. Always a friendly place.

Shay Singletary

I have a membership that I do not use often, but decided to do so today. When I entered the wash, I heard scraping noises. I thought it was just the belts that rides the car through trying to align. Once I got home, I noted a small scratch on one side of the car, and the other side near the tire was scraped up! The owner denied that this could possibly be from their establishment, and was more upset that I posted a negative Yelp review instead of discussing with them first. My brand new car is now damage and he was more concerned with his business's image in the local community. I asked to review the footage of my car before and after wash, but was denied that privilege as well. I was basically told to get a lawyer and it was not Waves concern

That one guy with a large fry

Nice carwash very fast

Andrew Peruchi

Paid 20.00 for full service exterior only wash. Prior to entry one guy scrubbed the passenger side manually with a brush. Never touched the driver side. Makes no sense to me?? I stayed in vehicle and saw how much of a rip it was when I got home in the garage. They totally missed the rear bumper and around license plate and the front surround still had plenty of dirt and spots. I could draw my name in what was left on rear of vehicle. This a bright white vehicle that's a month old and I have no idea how they missed so much. Would figure if all the focus was exterior it would be great but than again I guess it's complicated to wash a white vehicle and make sure it's clean. First time there and last. Honestly it was equivalent to a 8.00 wash at a cheap drive thru wash.

Mark Hughes

I recommend the monthly package they actually pre-wash certain areas of your car to help and wipe it down including Tire coating, they have friendly staff

Brad Currie

Best wash I have ever used and I travel all over the Mid Atlantic for work.

John Brobyn

Good work for a fair price

Jose Munez

Top notch facility. Clean, friendly and they always do an excellent job with the best attention to detail.

Clark Epstein

I come to Waves every Sunday AM and they are always on their game. Top notch staff!!

David Flipping

If your looking for outstanding service, courteous staff, look no further than “Waves Car Wash”!! I own a local Power Washing co. My vehicles tend to get dirty on a daily basis especially during peak season. The owner Mike suggested that I take advantage of his unlimited service in an effort to keep my vehicles clean throughout the month. But most importantly, at an affordable price!! This service package has truly been a blessing. I am now able to keep my vehicles clean on the fly. If anyone out there that owns a business with multiple vehicles and you need to keep them looking great, go see the owner and staff at “Waves Car Wash”!!!

William Herr

Have been there a total of 4 times. They have a good car wash , but the detail part stinks. Everytime i had to go back for windows to be redone, back window had to be cleaned again. Was in there today 11-31-18 with my mother in laws car, windows all smeared and interior was not even touched. All they did was vacuum. Very shotty work outside the actual car wash. I live in long neck and im tired of taking the vehicles back when you should not have to. When watching people outside it seems like some do not care, they can even use any elbow grease when drying car

Kevin Yaniak

Nice facility, wait times are good, but the car was still very dirty in the front. Unknown to me, my wife took the car back through later in the day and it's still fairly dirty.

Brad McPherson

This place is great!! Very impressed

Jeffrey Gross

Cheap and fast...have the unlimited pass on all our vehicles

Greg Ryan

Great wash

Diane Edwards

Got the sand out. Nice job for the price

Anthony Lewis

Love these guys, car is always nice and clean, staff is professional and courteous!!!!!!

Richard Sauter

My first time here and everything went well on this sunny fall day. Did a nice job of cleaning, vacuuming and drying.

Justin Collins

Great job. Fast service. Always looks good when finished

Michael Jordan

Guys were rude and didn't want to dry the outside of my car properly

Gary Amey

They do an excellent job.

Marcus Rutherford

I went to Waves when they first opened a few years back and wasn't super impressed, but I heard good things since then and went back to try them again and MAN have they stepped up their game. Lots of quality control and you can really tell the owners care about improving the wash. A+ and I have sent all my neighbores there with great results.

Jarrett Harris

I live this place. Great people and good quality work on your car.

noel diaz

Unbelievable!!...... words can not explain. From a car enthusiast I love washing and taking my time with all my vehicles. But when a trip to D.C with the family and back my family vehicle to a beating. Was a bit hesitant wth car washes untill I heard the ad on the radio. I am currently writing this review as I’m watching my car get vacumend in their lovely waiting area. Outside looks great inside is wonderful. For 29.00 vs the quality and service is unbelievable. So all that’s left is to shake the hands of the owner and congratulate him on a long life customer!! I hope he reads this so he knows how well of a CAR DETAIL he has put together !!

James Bray

Place is pretty great. Awesome service for an awesome price.

Brian Malanchuk

I wish more people would take the time to write a positive review after a good experience...instead of only writing a negative review after bad one...myself included. In taking my own advice, I can't say enough good things about the curtious and conscientious staff at waves car wash. As Baltimore residents, and frequent beach goers, there is rarely a week that goes by all summer that we don't stop in to get a waves wash (weather we need it or not). They are always happy to see us and appreciative of our business.

James Vincent

Not sure why anyone wouldn't be a monthly member of Waves. $55 a month and I can come everyday and they do an amazing job. My grandkids love the colored soap in the wash and the lollipops inside.

DWS Dale Smith

The BEST car wash on the Delaware beaches! Stopped in again today on our way north. Had a great chat with Patrick. Felt valued as a repeat customer.

Judy Smith

Senior discount and they dry the car fairly well. With discount for a basic wash $9

John Ballen

Mike picked up the baton from Rehoboth Car Wash and excels with his services.

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