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2376 Pulaski Highway At the light of 40 & 272, North East, MD 21901

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REVIEWS OF Super Shine Car Wash IN Delaware

Lauren S

The $8 option is so cheap & so decent for the price. My 4Runner looked pretty damn good for 2 days & 250 miles after I stopped here... until the next rain. I wasn't mad when it rained 2 days later cuz I only paid $8. And it's hard to find a cheap car wash that's actually cleans the car sufficiently anymore. I used cash....don't know if the card transaction machine is ok or not

Benny Ballazhi

John Gilbert


Wouldn’t take my card, and stole my quarters, however the wash wasn’t bad

James Cooper

G Naylor

Lonnel Arrington

Just like any other car wash. Would go again if I'm in the area

no body

Angela Harris

Decided to try out their dog wash due to the fact that their tub sits up high and I have severe back pain. The facility was fairly clean but there was a good amount of dog hair remaining from a previous user which is to reasonably be expected. They have a good variety of options that include different shampoos, fragrance, high powered rinse, etc. You can even secure your dog to the tub. It cost you 5.00 for 6 minutes of usage. It took 1 minute just for the water to warm up and by the time I finished shampooing and rinsing my dog the time had run out. You are only allowed to deposit 5.00 at a time. It wasn't worth it to pay 5.00 just to blow dry him so I just used a towel. Its impossible to thoroughly shampoo, rinse and dry a large dog in 6 minutes or less. I would have paid another dollar or so yo dry him but not 5.00. I think they should have different denomination options for their selections. I felt cheated in my experience here and will not be returning.

Alison Sims

Nice family owned car wash with a pet wash in the back

Art Sykes

Charles Matthews

Kathy Melko

Jay L

Nice car wash

don moore

Worst car wash there has ever been .After the deluxe wash in the automatic bay my car looks worse than it did before the wash. So much for their spot free rinse , left spots all over my windows. Ive take a picture im gonna show them and give them a chance to make it right, and if not ill be posting the picture all over the internet.

Debbie Fagin

Not a bad place to wash your car

Dustin Campbell

Let me tell you about this place. My car is clean. I stood in astonishment at how clean it really was. Most car washes leave you wanting more. Like when you purchase a woman of the night but you forgot your franklins so you only get a handy. Speaking of franklins, Benjamin Franklin once said, and I quote, "super shine carwash is a really nice place". Go here. Now.

Private Account Private

Steve Kraemer

Lisa Wagner

Rope B

Best in county's car wash. Through cleaning and fair price.

Phil Rice

The super shine car wash is one of the cleanest car washes in the Cecil county area..and the customer service is A+++.. Solid 5 Stars *****

Freddy Johnson


Adam Riale

Washed the wife's car there over the weekend. Was charged double twice (24.00 for 14min at the self wash bay). The water smells strongly of sulfer even when using spotless rinse. My last visit I used cash and the machine took my money, attempted to contact the manager no response. I WILL NEVER wash my car there again


The vacuums do not work

susan still

Great sevice

Gary Washington


Michael Skarupsky

Quick & easy

jeff behymer

Used the dog wash...dryer hose nozzle was missing making it take more time to dry. Clasp on chain is worn out and wont keep hooked on dogs collar. Why does it cost so much to wash my dog and cheaper to wash my car. Cost me 20$ just to wash a dog??....not right n my view

Brian Cox

Nice selection of wash needs. Felt a bit rushed with the timers for the self wash. They charged my debit card more than I anticipated but once it cleared it posted as the price I expected.

Shauna Rush

Holly Nevius

I put money in two different vacuum it toke that then when I washed my car I tried to use the soapy brush and I there was not any soap in in there I ended up having to go to another car wash and spend double my money to clean my car and then when I tried to call no one answered I will never go back and I will let everyone no about it

Shawn Brown

Kris Martin

Lexy Osborne


Went to the DIY car wash yesterday with my boyfriend who told me it was a "two man job" to wash the car because of how old the equipment is it takes a second to make sure the setting is correct. I didn't believe him so I tagged along. He washed while I changed the settings (and added more money). I spent $20 to do the wash which had several steps and took more than the allotted 12 minutes. You are guaranteed to spend more than the initial $12! Even though there was a sign detailing the steps, I didn't feel entirely comfortable that it was worth the $20. Definitely won't be visiting again. The car wash down the street offers a deluxe package of DIY washes and free vacuums for $30 a month. I went there right after to check on the offer. I think I'm going to go with that from now on.

jason lintner

Machines all work.vending is good .automatics work wash bays always clean and equipment is well maintained.

Jason Blackburn

They don't set there sprayer to sink with there timer so by the time it starts to work it shuts off and your stuck feeding it more money or soap on your car

Rich Lyster

Chris Miller

Went through the automatic. The entire reason I went through was for dirt/pollen build up on the trunk. Stopped for gas ten minutes after leaving the carwash. Discovered that the car was just as dirty now, as it was before I washed it. Wasted $10. If anyone knows how to add a picture, I'll upload the ones I took just after the car wash.

Donald Markwell

rozz bates

Baruch Turniansky

LLH Private

24/7, well-lit, safe, everything works, many choices of tools and fluids to clean your car, tons of room to work, credit card or cash,...perfect! Thanks a million mechanics Mike Neely, Jason and Nigel, of Southern Auto, 635 W Old Philadelphia Road, North East Maryland, for saving my car and then referring me here to finish the clean out after I bottomed out in a muddy ditch!

Christopher Wells

Early morning drizzle lol always good results

Janet Murphy

Car wash with automatic brushless, automatic brush wash and wash it yourself bays. The automatic gets my car clean. Do it yourself is well lit. There are several wash types and they are effective. There are clips to hang floor mats and that's a nice touch. There is a vending area that sells car wash supplies such as towels. There is a vacuum area and the vacuums work well. It's a good location and is easy to access from the main road. It's clean and bright. There are change machines and they take credit cards.

Danny P

Always clean, staff is very helpful. I recommend this carwash to everyone looking for a quick wash. I recommend the 14 dollar soft touch automatic wash it has a good undercarriage spray and puts a nice shine on your car

Jonathan Daniel

My car had 4 years worth of dirt. I had my doubts and the soft touch machine took off most of it. Disregard the other reviews on here they only come on here to give negative reviews when something goes wrong. That's 4 people out of tens of thousands. All you have to do is call the number on one of the many signs posted if there's a problem and they will always take care of you if it was their fault.

Matt Lamas

Irfan Mohammed

Quick, convenient and a good place to clean your car. I like the quality of soaps they use because my car looks great after the wash. And.... I never had any issues at this location.

Shane Mac Innes

Went into the the full service car wash and car looked good, however when I got home and looked at the vehicle I noticed that my headlight was chipped and my quarterpanel was out of alignment. Not worth the risk....

Paul Pumpaly

Clean environment!

Chris Brewer

Little Expensive. I like the Dog Bathing Stalls. It's Definitely the best feature at this location.

Christin Shepard

Broken card reader

Dale Hurst

I have been coming to this place since they opened so it is very disappointing to see what a rundown dump it has become! Nothing works so don't waste your money here. It looks like they have completely give up, the only thing that seemed to work was the change machine! They always kept the vending machine stocked up with all the things you need but it was empty, never seen that before. It feels like just another business in Decatur that is closing or about too. Pretty sad for people who have lived here all their lives or most of it...

Toney Sparks

This Place is Amazing..... I used the Automatic Wash for my 2005 Dodge Magnum and when i came out of the Auto Wash... i physically felt cleaner. I pulled over and I got out of my car and checked my body and GodDammit let the Lord strike me dead if I'm lieing.... my body was cleaner. I felt refreshed and ready to Party!! I recommend this Carwash to anyone...!!

Howard Carlson

Gerald Spears


sharon ellwood

Fast and reasonable

Kevin Byrd

Place was completely out of soap and engine and tire cleaner. Save your money.

Robert Renn

CM Cook

Bucky Allis

Well kept car wash and does an excellent wash..

thomas stiles

I had a great experience there today. First nice day in a long time so it was busy but I was very satisfied with the results of my wash. I’ll definitely return.

Tiasia Taylor

Employee's were super friendly! Good prices too.

Robert Ward

Well run

Gerald Mathias

Put 3.50 dollars in stall 2 to get started, first off no soap n presoak, then the fitting at the top were hose connects at metal arm was leaking so bad that it was running down the hose and totally soaked my pants from knees down and shoes by the time I used my $3.50 up. Then went to buy a drying sham and put money in machine and got no sham. Worst car wash I have ever been to. Will never return. Bad!!!!!

Patti Evans

I went to this car wash on 2/18/2015 for the first time. I tried to use my bank card 3 times and then I tried to use another card. It wouldn't work. So, I put $8.00 into the machine. Once I was in the bay and the car wash started, I noticed that there was no scrubbing involved. I knew by just spraying my car, that was not going to remove the salt. Once I had exited the bay, I got out of my car to inspect the job. Sure enough, salt all over my car. That sure was a waste of money.

James Pascuzzi

Danielle Maxwell

Vickie Hicks

James Dugan

Does the job.

Zombieboss188 Holbrook

Very clean. Excellent service. Will definitely do business here again and will highly recommend. 5 Stars


Good job

Dan Rokosh Jr


S Roan

Absolutely horrible. Do not come here if you need to vacuum your car because none of the vacuums even work! Also, there is no one in the office. Even at 2:30pm on a Tuesday.

james holbrook

Very Clean ! ..Great Price ! ..Great Wash !

Annette Goodyear

I just went through the automatic car wash to wash my cruiser on Sat. Dec. 20, 2016 for the Shop with a Cop event and the car wash put soap on my cruiser and then stopped. Had to pay to rinse my cruiser by hand. So paid a total of 13 dollars and still no wash. CPL A.L. Goodyear

Kim Reichert

Becky Falls

Has a place to wash your dog too! Air vacs, and car washes.

Rich Parker

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