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REVIEWS OF Route 41 Car Wash IN Delaware

Chandra Mohan

I regularly used to visit this place Today i did complete interior and exterior car was and i am totally disappointed with the work even after waiting for 40 mins and paying 40$. Interior cleaning was very poor. With my previous experiences i expected a better work but looks like time has changed. I am attaching the photos of the car just washed 15 mins back looks disappointing. I could still see the dirt inside the car even the exterior is not 100% cleaned.


Its was quick clean wash but very pricey

Tony Rizzo

It's the only one I go 2 in the area always get a great job prices are fair .

Simon Katan

They are very quick, that's why they do not clean good.

Anthony Hoch

My company has a fleet account here. Prices are decent and the service is pretty fast. Everyone is very nice.

Will Delozier

The works is great my car looks awesome every time. Only complaint is that the inside doesn't get fully cleaned most of the time even though I pay for it. Other than that it's great

joy Cassidy

They dont cleaned well & always rushing. They dont clean your trunk even if you tell them to. Check your vehicle before leaving the lot

Amanda Hopkins

Good prices and they always do a nice job.

Scott Walters

I liked how fast it was, but the quality of the work shows what "fast" means. Also, I was annoyed that there was an as flyer for fat Jack's left in my car... I know Fat Jack's, I don't need a flyer, especially when I am getting my truck washed. Considering I paid for the "works", and there was work still needed after I paid 25.00, I'll never go there again

Faith Harvey

The owner is very unprofessional and rude. Richard the owner does not understand that customer service is the key to a successful business. There are 3 other car washes in that location, since he can’t be professional im sure the other car wash owners will.

Colleen Ehredt

This is a nice place. They have specials each day based on age and gender so you can plan your trip to save money. My only issue is they never get the inside windows clean. It seems they rub a wet towel over them instead of actually spraying cleaner and washing them. They end up smeary and hard to see through at night.

Jim Theisen

Great crew

Sara Russell

They are great, do a wonderful job cleaning my car

Ryan Rothamel

Great service and great price. I am so happy with my full detail. It looks brand new. The staff was so nice and friendly. I will definitely go back.

cheryl ann Ray

I'm hardly ever satisfied with the way they do the wash, last time bird had messed up my vehicle especially the windscreen, after they were done there was still mess on the windscreen , not good enough

jin noh

Love this place..high quality service


Great car wash I am here at least once a month they always do a great job on my vehicle, vacuum and clean and towel dry!

Samantha Goodwyn-Bey

Really nice great customer service fast and efficient

Charles Leisse

Discount price: Mondays for men, Wednesday for women

John Jewell

Usually I'm very happy with them. Except for one time I went there especially for a single bird poop on the car and they didn't get it cleaned off. The service has been good.

Mary S

Inside, outside and undercarriage done on 40% off for seniors Tuesday.

Christopher Lee

The car always comes out shiny

Jon Lund

The best car wash in the area. I’ve used them for years. Reasonably priced and always do a great job. Never had a problem here.

Justin Simon

The owner Richard made my experience terrible. I paid for a expensive wash that came with thorough vacuuming. Streaks all over my car after the wash, tires not scrubbed, and NO vacuum at all. I asked owner, Richard for another wash and he REFUSED to do so. I couldn’t even get a car scent....... he just wanted me to leave.

Ines De La Cruz

Went to get oil change done and they also got my car washed for free. Yeah!

Melissa Phillips

They do a thorough job and you're in and out quick. Prices are fair.

Drew W

Got full service wash with oil change in July on my wife's 2007 Honda Odyssey. She doesn't drive too often just to part time job and kids to school. Well today she said the van is running badly. I am disabled and do not go out much. My father pointed out that there is oil all over the road. I bring the vehicle in to Honda to see what the issue is. Just got off the phone from the dealer and the damage to the vehicle is $883.78. Honda stated to me that the oil plug is stripped out in which the oil drained causing the extensive damage. The oil pan, oil pump seal and serpentine belt all damage because of the stripped out oil pan and need to be replaced. I tried to have a civil conversation with the manager but the manager refused to give me the insurance information. I will now go through the Better Business Bureau and file my complaint there. Do not get your oil changed at Route 41 Car Wash.

Reggie Driver

Great service and inexpensive packages


Good car wash but I asked the owner if I could use the $3 coupon for a standard interior/exterior wash (normally $9.99) that THEY distribute to customers, he said yes and then proceeded to charged me $13 superior/supreme wash (that I didn't get) and took the $3 off of that. I said nothing but will not go back. Car wash joints are a dime a dozen so I'd avoid this one and go elsewhere.

William Ruffin

Didn't clean vehicle good

Jessica Heath

I took my car here today to be detailed inside and out, it was a mess. It looks brand new, I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be bringing my car back there for all my washing needs and getting my mother and fathers cars done as well!

Linda Raup

great job, good prices.i go on ladies day, wed and pay only $9 for my suv

Ramnik Tiwana

I've been visiting this car wash for over 5 years. They do a great job of cleaning your car and also provide oil change services. There is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Alan Lu

Great place for a Sunday wash! My car was so dirty after a cross-state drive and having not washed it the whole Summer. They were able to get off most of the insects on my front bumper! Highly recommended!

Kevin Liebold

Used to love this place. I went I. For a car wash and interior cleaning. After paying 50.00 extra for interior the windows were still dirty in spots and streaky. Not what I expect from a top notch place

Sandra Cathers

Take work cars to be detailed. Staff is polite.

Mitchell Ohare

They have good prices and great deals all the time. The bald guy with the tatoos that does rhe greeting is very polite

J. Gun Lee

Since they changed owners it became a better place with better service. I started going back for a couple of washes.

Hatice Burakgazi Yilmaz

They left inside of my car like muddy. Inside of my car looked horrible.. I will never go back to the place again

art citron

I used to like this place, but they do okay work, and the prices are cheap. The reason for my bad review is that I set up an appointment to have my car detailed today, came in to have it done, and they tell me that I have to have it done next week. I took off time to do it today, not doing that again. Not going back ever! I'll pay extra to get quality service and customer service.

Tiffany Reeve

Friendly staff but everything else was terrible. I came in for “the works.” My trunk wasn’t touched, my cup holders and center are still dirty. The inside of my doors weren’t wiped, it was barely vacuumed. And now the outside of my brand new car is scratched so now I need to spend money to get it buffed out. Doesn’t look like a wax protected finish to me. I could’ve done a bette job myself.


Been going here for over 15 years. Pretty good service and excellent pricing.

Frederick Harmon

Took my daughter's Acura MDX to Richard, it was a mess, had the full inside and out detail job. Got it back looked like new. Very impressed, so much I took my son-law's Acura TL there today for some more Magic. Thanks for kicking butt on the car. Got the TL back, this car looked like it was buried by a mudslide when I brought it there, looks just wonderful. Another fine job by Richard.

Glynis Thompson

In April 2018 I purchased a Express Detail. Richard is a arrogant terrible person! I will Never go back there again!

Connie Horgan

Car was still dirty inside.

Jordan Berg

I bring my car here 3-4 times a month and they always do a great job for me! Today u brought in my parents' car which probably hadn't been washed it vacuumed in 3 years. I got the express interior detail, and when I got the car back, I couldn't even recognize It! Great service, friendly employees, and really good sales make this my goto car wash. 10/10 would recommend.

lorraine ryan

very good car wash. have used the detail service, also very good. the owners seem nice too.

J.L. Anderson

They tint windows they wash cause they do complete detail Tony goins is one of the best tint man in town and this price is reasonable

Peter Stone

My favorite. Nice owners, good quality svc, big discounts Mon, Tues, & Weds. for men, seniors, & women. Always satisfied. Their "detailing" services are also excellant.

Deborah Loudance

Best car wash


Had an oil change and they screwed the drain plug on too tightly, stripping the threads, and causing oil leaks. Took them to small claims and won $100. Still needs a new drain pan which probably runs at least $300. Owner said I should've brought the car back to him first instead of the dealership. (Yeah, you had the chance to make it right when you got the summons notice but you chose not to reach out to me, wasting both of our times driving to Camden for this nonsense).

Ed Janes

Best in Moorestown area

Luan Vu

Good people and fast service.

Ridwan Alaoudi

Manager was showing an attitude. Never going back to that place!!!

Joe Polimeni

This car wash which has been here for years still does a great job cleaning cars. The staff is nice and very thorough with cleaning the inside of the car. My windows looked amazing. Will go back again.

Dimas A. Roman

They do good work, the prices are good !.

Joseph Evans

Best service in Cherry Hill...yea better than the car wash on Haddonfield past Chipotle

Jeremy Bratcher

Great work for the price. I get car washes here all the time. I have lowered my car an inch and the car wash can still accommodate. They do use a guide rail designed lane so aggressively low cars might not fit.

Lewis M Moraschi Sr

Car line moves quickly.

Jay Weiser

I love this place...Owner and workers are friendly and do nice work!

Michele Hayes

They must be under new ownership. Car wash was good.

Mrs. James

They did a Great Job! It was Detailed inside out and looked Amazing. Definitely will be back.

Blake Hoot

Great car wash. They do a great job. I've been bringing my car(s) here for 2 years now and I've had the basic washes, the deluxe and even brought one in for a carpet cleaning and they did top notch work. They will get you in and out quickly and easily. Especially great in the winter when I have to wash all the snow and grime off my car and I don't want to wait around long to have my car washed and detailed.

B.E.Z. from C.M.D

they do a real good job

Alan Panek

Not good. Brushes take the paint off of your car.

Aaron Torres

As good as it gets.

Ken Hofmann

Good price and always a great job

Paul Kempa

Always good. I go Mondays or Tuesdays for 40%off.

R Gupta

Good service at a reasonable price

victoria mathis

I took my car to get my oil changed. Because they were so crowded they told me that I should come back in an hour or two. I specifically asked them not to leave my keys in the car. When I returned an hour later not only where the keys in the car but all four doors were open and the car was left unattended on the side of the building. When I ask to speak to a manager he actually had the nerve to say with a smile on his face no one's going to take the car you're in Cherry Hill. No apology or anything. Prior to this I used to go get my car washed here but I got tired of overpaying and still walking away with the inside of my car not completely cleaned. I will never give them my business ever again This is an update after Vowing never to return again I needed my car washed in a hurry I went for a quick car wash expecting that they wouldn't do a good job on the interior because they never do but the outside was filthy and I was headed out of town they pull my car out and the tire is completely flat when I drove up I had no issues how is it that I would not have known that my tire was flat or air was going out especially when I have a sensor to let me know when the air is going out they argue that it was like that when I pulled up which was absolute lie I said what can you put air in it can you fix it they refuse to be helpful at all do not go here unless you expect that your car will be damaged this is the second time I've had an incident with these people and the absolute last time that I will ever go there again the manager is unprofessional and not helpful at all and does not care about his customers they know zero about customer service.

Joe Courtright

I have used this car for years and have always been treated like a friend and they do a great job on my car.

Zach Rosenberg

Eh, it's a car wash... but overall they do a nice job.

Kayla F

Good car wash a good price especially if you go on whatever discount day applies to you

Michael Fatale

I'm sorry to see that poor-fair is the lowest rating available. Route 41 car wash is totally unprofessional, unhelpful and above all a rip-off. I recently had my vehicle detailed there. It cost me plenty and the job was fair at best. Worst part is that my trailer hitch cover was missing when they got done. When I asked about it, they did not want to talk to me. The woman running the place said it probably went through the grates in the car wash. She said she would call if they found it but never called. I called twice and she cut me short. At the very least, if parts on a vehicle are subject to coming off, they, being in the business, should know this and remove those parts before the run it through the car wash. I know these things happen, but I would expect better customer service and a more courteous reaction from their so called manager.

David Alan

Quick moving line with personal service. From the gentlemen who takes your vehicle to the cashier to the group of people who dry and finish off your now clean vehicle.

Jaden Little

Overall great car wash the line was long the staff was friendly and efficient would recommend

Jean Bonds

Excellent service, friendly staff and the prices, perks and discounts are the best!

yoga murthy

I had the complete 12 work done here for my car. This is possibly the worst job I had ever done on my car. Not cleaned inside properly and the exterior is not cleaned completely. Worst service

Sandra Norton

Ladies half price on Wednesdays!

Maria Delgado-Pontani

These guys always do a great job. Car was completely dry and streak free when it was turned over. I'm never disappointed here.


I was really surprised with the service. My car was super cleaned inside and looks like new. Only 25 dollars I got my car almost detailed. I remember I payed over 100 dollars in other location and it was not up to standard. The guys in Route 41 car wash they really know and love what they are doing. Now I love Monday because they have Monday special for men only.

Kevin Diduch

Charged me $1.50 extra for washing a crossover vehicle. The cashier was friendly; however, she told me the upcharge is their policy and showed me a brochure. The sign outside does not indicate an addition fee for crossovers. Also, the attendant who took my vehicle was rude. When I told him I did not want the interior cleaned, he responded "your interior is pretty dirty, bro. You sure you don't want us to clean it?" I refused again and he responded with "Ok then, boss." I'm not coming back.

Robin Richardson

They said they did but they don't take credit cards

John Fiore

Absolutely the Best #1 Car Wash in the area - Probably the nicest owners of a business you can find! I have been using this car wash for more than a decade without any issues what so ever! I recommend this place to everyone I know! 10 Stars would be correct!

Harry Angstadt

This place is great best in the business great customer service keep up the good work 41

Liz Watson

They do such great work the only place I go to to get my car wash at least once a week ! The people who work there are such nice people ! I would definitely recommend family and friends To go get there car washed here ! Never had a problem and my car always looks brand new when I leave !!!!


Go here frequently- had issues 2 times with them not vacuuming well enought. Had an issue this time after getting an oil change. Smoke was coming out from under my hood after leaving. Turns out they spilled oil and it was burning off. Never told me or bothered to clean it up. Pretty dissapointed.

samantha llanos

Best price in the area. Great job. Especially since my car was super dirty. I got the interior detail. I'd recommend them.

Kim Kim

Do not use this car wash !!! The first time I let it go but the second I had to call and let them know I paid extra for vacuuming and dash board and it was never touched !! Second time I paid 21 dollars there then had to do it myself when I got home .... ohhh and the rags they use smelled like mildew defiantly don’t go here ... the owner is nice and everything but nice doesn’t clean my car he needs new workers that want to do there jobs

Edwin Maldonado

Paid for the works. Bad vacuum job. Didn't dry car. Windows had smudges. Car still needed to be dusted. Been here before and this was the worst experience. Had to re wash my car elsewhere. Will not be returning

Daniella S

Great service and wash here always!

Savant Wolf

Live right next to it. Best place to get a quick car wash in the mornings and they also sometimes offer discounts depending on the day like men's, women's, and elderly day.


Great place to get your car wash

Bernard Owusu

Very friendly customer service. Not just working for your money but providing a good service.

Dennis Smith

At Route 41 car wash the guys are hard-working honest people whom really put the effort in to make your car shine! I would never take my car anywhere else!

Kevin St. John

Wow... For a drive through car wash.. great job clean perfectly even the rims were spotless... And they did the oils change the right way... They give u coupons on the spot and let u use them!


Superior quality. Great experience.

Mikhail Kudrin

Love them. Interior super clean is my fav!!!!

Dr. Maria Pfrommer

Route 41 car wash does a great job in my car. Been going here for years now.

Bowtie215 Barber

Very pleased with the professionalism the owner and company has for the well being of the customer....Me and my friends have been coming here for years

Shawn O'MARA

Great car wash and daily specials

Olena Hitch

Other than the fact that they had my car from 8 to 2 and still had yet to wash the exterior, I was very pleased with the job.

Mick Mulcahy

Best car wash


They do a decent job.

Cheryl Ann Ray

I an never satisfied with the job these guys do but this week was the worst i asked FOR an unwash of my pick up truck because there was a lot of flowers in the guard and water splashes I had to go back and let them do it again because the vehicle was no different than when i went in the guy was trying to tell me i shouldn't expect a detailed work when they wash it i found that so offensive because then i should just wash the vehicle myself

Gail H

The Price is Right and they do a decent job

Rose Brown

Messed up paint on car and painted over it without telling me they scratched my car. I was there for an hour total. It was definitely scratched and painted over because I have before and after pictures. Which I always take prior to getting any work done to my car. Would not recommend.

jorge chevalier

Good place they do good job here

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