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REVIEWS OF Ritz Car Wash, Lube & Detailing Center IN Delaware

Keith Weikel

I got the "South Philly Special" for $23.95 where they pull the car around back AFTER it goes through the car wash, where the detail staff Armor-All's the interior and shines the tires. So you gotta wait a little while for that, which I didn't realize, but that's OK once I saw how thorough they were. While the car was undergoing the standard part of the car wash - where they hand dry it and wipe everything down and clean the windows - I saw one guy with what looked like a razor blade scraping off this sticky residue I had on my rear window from a funeral decal a few months back. I've been through 2 other full-service car washes since that funeral, and nobody ever even attempted to scrape or wipe that off. So I was SUPER impressed with that effort. That alone gave it 5 stars for me. For the Armor-All part, the guy that did it was super thorough and exceeded my expectations. I even saw him wiping the windows and stuff again, more thoroughly. Seeing what you get for the price difference between the other washes and the "South Philly Special", I would highly recommend getting the "South Philly Special". I'll definitely be back.

Paul Pettus

I've been going here for years taking family cars and recommend it to others. Pretty good oil job always recommending other services when needed. Never pushy or over selling anything with me. There are some suggesting think me form my older vehicles that have been found to work out well. Definitely would recommend them as the honest business to deal with with your car.

philly heretic

You are not going to get the best car wash, but not bad if you do the oil change/carwash combo. They always have a lot of active workers here so it's a fairly quick. Overall, I would recommend it as a combo only.

Hadiatou Soumare

Great service and always quality car wash. I bring all my cars here for wash, oil change and even inspection. I haven't done any detail yet but one of these days I'll come back to get it done. Worth it!

SavageHenry 667

I get all my oil changes done here. They're priced pretty well and get me in and out quick plus you get a free wash with every lube (and the car wash (even at the base offering) is one of the best I've ever been to)

Aboubacar Diallo

My go to spot for all my cars. Best place.

Salvatore Lionelli

Sitting waiting for my truck to get done for over an hour. Have to infants in the heat. Was told my truck was next and watched them bring 4 vehicle that were washed after mine get done before me. When I complained I was told they didn't …

Camara Dramane

This place is the best. I get all my oil change here. The synthetic price is the best in philly. And also get myself a free car wash from the oil change.

Savy Phann

Best car wash in south philly!!!

andrew quashie

Are you guys renovating the place? Or shutdown? Which I hope not.

Vincent Lanzilottli

Very good car wash.


My first time at Ritz and they blew me away, this is definitely a business where you get what you pay for. The organisation of their service is the pinnacle and the results don't lie. The ladies behind the registers were very hospitable and many thanks to the employee outside wearing the " I try my Best " t-shirt. He was juggling 4 cars at once and noticed right away as I was about to get into my car that my tyres hadn't been armour all'ed yet. He stopped me and called someone over right away to rectify it. Thank you for your attention to detail and your professionalism Sir,you most definitely have my business for the future.

Napoleon Heath

Excellent staff. I've been going here since 2000 so longevity speaks for itself

Gorgi Donatello

Got the oil change. Quick service and you get a free wash. I didn't have to make any appointment and they got me in and out. I'll be back.

Samantha Winterburn

Skip it if they're busy, they rushed my last wash and the exterior could've used a little more attention. Car washes are usually pretty good though, the staff is nice. Also got an oil change here once which was fine, but they refilled my windshield wiper fluid with water in the dead of winter, which froze all my lines up for weeks. I don't get my oil changed here anymore.

Joe Fiorino

Pretty good car wash. Got the South Philly and my car is clean.

David Sieger

Got an oil change here. Good service and they top off all my fluids. Got a free car wash coupon for getting oil change. Good deal

Eunju Ivy Lee

I’ve been coming here for years. I get my oil changes & car wash done here and always happy with what I get.

Steven Daters

Pretty decent car wash. I was in and out without any problems on Wednesday early evening. The windows were a little smudged, but not too bad. Everything else was better than expected.

Gary Capuano

They always do an outstanding job on the car!!

Alex Tanoff

Pretty good car wash & detailing. My car was a hot mess back form the shore and they did a decent job. Price is decent as well.

Edward Barnhill

These guys an amazing job.

Kamal Johnson

South Philly Special! Lit! Best wash

Louis Feldsher

Full service car wash

k chau

I this place was good a decided to try it out. Just got a car wash from the place today and it was bad. Got the south philly special for almost $26. Was not worth the money for the service. There are still water spots on the gill of the car, the side door and the inside wasn't even clean. They didn't even do a polish wax, rain x treatment, and the armor all that was advertised. After my car came out of the wash machine the crew just wipe the car dry and told me that my car is done. I was there for 5 min and everything was done. Really? I paid that much money just for a basic car wash. Not going back again!

Tomekia Terry

The was is exceptional. But the last time I was there I got my tires and interior cleaned out(detailed). I sat and watched as the guy detailing my car stopped several times to have conversations with other employees. A lady came over 2 or 3 times and he just stopped work and had a personal conversation. I was at the carwash for almost 2 hrs.

Gloria Allen

Couldn't have done a better job. Service was professional and timely. I felt like a welcomed customer. Top notch!!

Theresa Coviello

These guys tried to tell me I was going to fail inspection because of my brakes.... Took it to another place... Come to find... Brakes were not the best... But by no means would I fail inspection.... My advice... Get a second opinion when dealing w this joint

Jimmie Habersham

The visit was outstanding 5star

Al Tomasetti

They do not finish drying or cleaning certain areas of your car that remain dirty and soapy. They just move right along to the next car. You have to call them back and show them What they missed

Handersen Litanzil

Came on Saturday for car inspection the guy told me to come back tomorrow. I came and the guy told me Sunday by appointment only. Not recommended not professional at all. I could have get it done somewhere else. Horrible customer service.

Ted Gary

One of the best car wash. I got the South Philly with wheels. Highly recommend.

Chattrika Snell

First time here and went for inspection and wash. I was pleasantly greeted at the door, and car immediately taken to begin inspection. Very quick and efficient service. Free car wash with inspection!! They even vacuumed my truck out. Very pleased and will definitively be back!!!

Thomas Johansson

The guys made my car look super clean. Well worth it. I got the interior detail.

Kimberly Kimrey

Fast even though very busy

Will Furtick

Great Car Wash they pay attention to detail

Brandon Phillips

Been going there for years and their service has always been A1! Love going! 10/10 would recommend.

imran khattak

Inside car is not clean. Waste of money

Nurse Keisa

Let's just say, I have that show room shine : ) The South Philly Special is worth every cent!

Tim McDougal

This place is my go to for all my cars for oil change and car wash. Been coming here for a very long time. Always consistent and good people. Beware though, they don't details on weekends. South Philly special can take a long time on weekends but worth it.

Evan Andrews

Excellent job. My car is nice and clean!

Bernice Kamara

The staff did a great job in washing my husband car. I was pleased with the service.

Yella Maxwell

My car always looks amazing after leaving this place

Jolene Nobles

Always great service

Francesca M

I returned here after many years and was pleasantly surprised to see they are still providing superior service, fair pricing and above all quick service! Where another reviewer left a scathing racist remark about the foreigners, I found the two employees who assisted me to be extremely polite and professional taking the time to explain the process. Plus I was in and out in under a half hour. Keep up the good work Ritz, I'll be back!

Timothy Meitzler

It's a little pricey but they do vacuum the inside cleaning windows the shine is not as good as I get at the one at 20th and Passyunk they have a better wax that they put in for him to wash and they are last but they don't do the windows and they don't do the vacuuming

Cesar Rodriguez

Great car wash. Always get the south philly special!

George Binck

Waited patiently in Express line for oil change. Mechanic then waives in car behind me because he knew the guy. And I routinely had my vehicle washed here...never again.

Jonathan filardo

They did a great job! They paid attention to detail and cleaned every nook and cranny! Will be back!

George Velez

Wow where do I begin. This place for the worse. From the shady looking and acting foreign employees that work there. They advertise one price and when you approach them to assist you they give you a completely different price. You barely understand any English they speak. How do you deal with customers all day and not be able to properly speak the language. Beyond me. Avoid this place at all cost.

Michael Grassey

Great car wash they vacuum for you.

Joe Camodeca

I gave 2 stars because it was fast! They lost 3 stars and a tip because my tire was a little low on air I asked if he could put some in. Was told we don't do that here! Last I checked when you pay for an oil change you get fluids topped off and tire pressure checked and filled! For $51 it's the least they can do! I will not be back!

Jordy Graham

Good wash. I got the Ritz Wash with wheel cleaning. Guys work like a well oiled machine.

franknberry 63

Best car wash!

Alexis Goodman

Went in today for an inspection. They took the car right away, I was in and out in under an hour. Efficient, friendly, fast, and price was decent. Def will go back next year for my next inspection- plus you get a free car wash- can’t beat it. Thanks guys

phillip royds

Very good car wash that does it all extremely well and prices reasonably.

Kelsey Mcdonald

Fast oil change and good service. They top off all the fluids when you get your oil change. I also got a free car wash. Good deal.


I paid $25 for a car wash and I was not happy. My wheels were not clean. My car is not shining. There was dried water stains on my car and window. My dashboard was not wiped clean at all. I know this because the mud stain from my heel was still on my dashboard. I will never go here again. My husband does a better job of cleaning my car in the garage. This was awful.

Nina Toure

Free car wash with every oil change. And its not a cheap car wash either...they vacuum ur car out, wipe dwn da dashboard, do da windows nside n out!!!

Hoy Daravung

Paint destroyed by rubbing dirt on my truck after it was washed . I was told the doesnt come off.. my truck was moderately dirty ...HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Blase Angelastro

Quick oil change and quick car wash. Highly recommend.

Timothy Washington

Very good

Antonnyo Cox

Interior was barely touched and that's why i go here. Plus the detail supplies I bought leaked, were bad quality , a brush that shed more bristles than it cleaned aything so the one I bought for a friend and the one I bought for me both need to go back wit the leaking detail spray.

Chris Tremo

I have been going here to get my car washed and get oil changes for 7 years. It has changed ownership since then. After oil changes they give you a coupon for 1 free car wash. Apparently they have an expiration date of one year. Well yesterday I took my car there for a car wash, the owner said my coupon expired. I asked could they honor it since they still have the program in place and I have been coming there for 7 years. I said they could even look up my license plate to verify my long term. business. The owner said they couldn't do it. I told him, I am a long time customer, only asking for something they currently still have, travel from NJ to here to get my oil changes and car washed and he still would not honor it. He replied, "no". I have several more coupons I guess are expired but after being a loyal customer for 7 years and getting denied a simple, bare minimum free car wash, this place does not value its customers and has lost me. The funny thing is I was going to get my car detailed there next week. So now, because they were "penny wise and pound foolish" they have lost me as a customer for oil changes and car washes. I will use up whatever remainder coupons I have and then never return again. Excellent business decision on your end.

troy twyne

I usually get good service but this time my tires looked horrible. Full of dirt and I had to clean them when I got home

Pamela Jackson

Wow they even did the inside, and my car wash was free.

Jabbar Bryant

They put the incorrect oil im my car and made my engine seize up.

Gnama Sissoko

My go to place for car wash.

Fazal Wajid

I went here for detail car wash..they told it take several hours..than they call me that your car is ready to go ..when I check my car all the seats is wet ..also the seats is still dirty ..the behind seats is still dirty.and the behind seats belt is look like no body touch it..i am very disappointed..they charge me 86$..for only wasting my time..i will never go there again

Sarah London

The best car wash in south phila. My

earl greene

Always a great wash.

Alexander Santayana

Everyone has a high standard for car washing but these guys missed a bunch of spots on my Jeep.

mohamed jalloh

This is one of the better automotive centers in the area. Just got my car an oil change done and the full synthetic price is reasonable and got a free car wash. Recommend this place and will be back.

Denis Lnu

Nice place

Charles Cadwallader

First time I went I was sold!

Amy Tryon

Good not great

Drew Funderburk

Their South Philly special is completely worth it. My car has bever been so clean.

Thomas Inkoff

I got an oil change with no appointment. It was quick. These guys are good and they gave me a free car wash after. I didn't get the basic free wash instead opted for the South Philly special and was amazed how clean my car came out. Good honest people = good service. I'll be back.

Rahn Monreal

Always seem to do a good job on my truck when I go in never too long of wait. They also do inside your vehicle if you want them to I particularly do not. Not a bad price for the job that they do definitely would recommend this place

Ismail Yunus

I wash my car I'm not do free I pay you guys But car is not cleaning Please make sure next time clean

Steve Mccolgan

Super fast oil change was extremely convenient and didn't take long at all. Good price too!

Rosemarie hall

Good job

ivan islas pineda

Detailing is great. The price is good too. I got the complete detail it was worth it.

Roxan Bardall

Very efficient service! After the queue, they changed my oil in maybe 15 mins? Will definitely use this place every time from now on!

susan mitchell

Great wash for your car, inside n out. Free wash with oil change. Fast, in an out quickly.

DrWire HD

Best detailing in the area! Hands down! I try to go once a week!

Julia Stroud

The worker explained exactly what he was going to do for the price I paid and even showed me how bad my transmission fluid was. He was personal and very professional!!

Rosa Vargas

Brought my SUV and got a fully synthetic oil change! Reasonable price for Mobil 1 and they give you free car wash! I'll be back for detailing one day.

Laurie Delegal

They always do a great job on my car

Lizy Lize

First time going to this place that was recommended. I didn’t have time to go to my regular mechanic so I stopped here on my way from work. As soon as I got half way home from a simple $50 oil change my car started smoking and my low coolant indicator came on and coolant just poured out onto the road. When I called back one of the guys (Mohammad who wasn’t the one working on my car) knew who I was without me describing my car. He also mentioned that he noticed me staring out at them in the shop area. I thought it was strange that the mechanics huddled around my car for just an oil change. He told me it may have been just a coincidence

fofana moussa

Best car wash in south phily

Bobby Lawrence

Just got my car detailed and it was perfect Will be back! Recommend

Moustapha Ndiaye

Good services

Ronald White

Great car wash.

Richard DiLauro

I just returned from here. I pulled up in line at 3:43PM. The car in front of me just pulled in and an employee pulled a trash barrel behind the car turned to me and signaled they were closed. I rolled down my window and said their hours are until 4. He shrugged and said they're closed. The car in front of me just pulled in. If I showed up 15 seconds earlier I would've been accommodated. It's not like I showed up 10 - 15 minutes later or after their posted hours. I pleaded with him to let me in because my car was filthy from this week's weather. He refused. By the time I left there were two cars behind me wanting to get in and another pulling in from Oregon Ave. It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and after the weather we've had this week you'd think they'd stay opened. I've been going here for years and always tip the guys $5 on an $11 wash, but no more. If this is how you treat a long-time customer I'll have to find an alternative and I'll be telling everyone I know who uses this business about it. Bad business decision on their part.

Demetrius Green


Awni Ghanem

Very expensive keep changing prices

Tracey Ahearn

They even gave me an oil change very good. Everyone was very nice.

imani steel

Love this place. I've been going here for years even after I moved out of the neighborhood. Quick service. Reasonably priced for oil changes, detailing ECT Even a basic car wash is thorough . Second to good service the guys are friendly and professional. I've never been over sold anything I did not need.

Brian Corrie

The South Philly special is the best car cleaning value I’ve ever seen.

Padre Adamo

The best! I have been going here for oil changes and inspections for years.

Amanda Camiolo

Best car wash in south philly area

Viola Royster

Ok car wash until you get to the end. The men don't like to dry the car and take a little time to do little things. The armor-all person hits and misses with the tires

Robert Zanol

Been going here for years. Never had any problems or issues.

Alex Nobe

Hard working guys. Freezing cold today and my car came out great. Thanks guys!

Joseph Dimatteo

Took my SUV there for a wash on Friday. While waiting for wash to finish I noticed the wash had stopped and one of the employees pointing inside where my vehicle was. I didn't think anything of it and drive away. While driving home on I-95 …

Braheem Mosley

Did a great job on my car

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