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226 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901

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REVIEWS OF Race Track Car Wash IN Delaware

Bill McCourt

Great job on car exterior and also got an express interior detail done. Car looks like new.

Howard Berman

At the car was there is Good pricing & fast service Update... Detailing shop is just a fancy hand wash not a true detail. I was dissapeared.

Angela Smith

Great job; done quickly!

Ed Berner

They do a decent job

Dorinda Marks

angela maldonado

Fast cleaning also detail cleaning

Connie Jones-smith

Very good and nice people take care of any problems


Betsy Rounds

Great service and they REALLY get my car sparkling clean.

Reid Brian

Lillie Reid

Was what's a relative she complained but I thought they did a good job

John Smith

Ryzen Tunnel

They did a great job

Sherry Pinder

My SUV was clean outside but the floor mats were not removed in the front, I guess because they are hooked in place because there was still dirt near the edge of the mat and the part on the mat with no carpet well that still had dirty on it

Anush Parikh

Joanne Dougherty

Great job, attention to detail,very friendly.

Elizabeth Chavez

Had our car detailed on Saturday and Roy did a fantastic job! They were able to get me in same day, quoted me a fair price, finished in a reasonable amount of time, and made my 4runner look amazing! Trust me my car was in rough shape after being used to cart around twin toddlers and move cross country! You won't be disappointed!

Brian L

Excellent car wash service for the price paid. We recently moved here from York Pa and we were used to paying $20 more than what they charge here. They cleaned the inside and out and did a great job. Interior vacuumed and wiped down. The windows were cleaned inside and did not have streaks. Definitely worth the price they charge. They also offer a m ok nthly wash package for a very reasonable rate.

Jim Talbott

Great place and atmosphere

Rick Creveling

Kevin Corbin

Excellent service

ken merritt

Jarid Keen

Good cleaning but really high price

Gregory Lee

Ok but pricey. I'll wash my vehicle myself.

Byron johns jr

Seth Thompson

Spilled chineese on my front seat, then let it sit over night . Took it to race car and with in 10 mins they had it out. Highly recommend!

Jason Hurd

Michael Hughes

Pretty good, fast, good price.

frank mohr

Very fast has a supervisor to make sure car was cleaned good

regina butler

Nice place

Mr C

Maria Castiglioni

Friendly staff, good value. Great car wash.


Good carwash but expensive

Bill Kee

Always busy but still fast and thorough

Cindy Gaines

Great Service. Best Brushless Car Wash around!!! Wish we had one in Smyrna!

Wauke Sipe

Justin Sharp

F & P Major/LeggyLady

They do a very good job, need to stay on them out on the driveway.

LetechiaB Quail

Had a lot of water stains, side mirrors weren't cleaned. But the gentleman waited for me to enter my car n closed the door behind me I appreciated that much.

Kim Luton

Was very disappointed. My first time here..charged me $30 and the windows were streaky, running boards were still dirty. Package was supposed to include Armourall on tires and that was not done.

Daren Gayle

Great wash, line moves quickly

Aamir Hull

Awesome job

kc field

Very disappointing. Complained to owner about the poor service that was completed was told that he wasn't worried about losing a customer he has more. What a rip off!


Nivia Perez

Quickly and super clean. Tha service is easy and friendship.

Daryl Cossey

Good car wash, keeps my car clean. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because they don't clean the inside of my car they way I would like it to be cleaned. They miss a few noticeable spots and I'm not nitpicking. Beside that, they have really fast service.

Tony Nieves

Alisha Waltzer

None of the hoses work and it pissed me off how they don't have a sign stating which one is not in use. Smfh. Why I should just stick to west side

Beth Elliott

Still left with my car windshield dirty

Joseph Kepner

Mandy Thomas

Hugo Becerra

Do not waste your time with the self service vacuums. Most of the vacuums have extremely weak suction. I tried multiple vacuums.

Lara Bryant

Eric Rowley

Michael St. John

H Fannin

These guys do a pretty good job. They vacuum your car before the wash, and hand dry it after the wash. I must say, I was impressed with the effort they put into providing you with a quality service.

DynastyZ Warrior

Great service

Ivette Vargas

Best wAyto description there serve is through pictures But I can't seem to upload here... smudges all over the inside and out of the car...bust looks like they missed Areas with the vacuum

Nakeisha Coston

This place is horrible.....They do a half ass job.

Jennifer Bascon

John Ervin

I get my car washed about 4 times a week. The $45 unlimited monthly plan sprout great for me

Linda Little


Frank Spellicy

Excellent place. Best car wash around . Nothing else close.

Sammy D

Decent car wash. Good customer service. My only complaint was one of my windows did not get wiped down properly leaving noticable streaking.

Lombard Bachh

Okay, could be better

Jamar Crain

the best team 12

Mike Hunt

Tatiana Moody

Did a good job.

Greg Reed

This is a really good car wash and if you go between 8am and 10am M-Th it is half price on the best car wash. I definitely would recommend this establishment.

Gene Shaner

I think their attention to detail is pretty good... they don't seem to rush even when extremely busy. Stay true to great service.... Thanks

Phil Nguyen

Good job for the price.

Grace Elyse

Excellent. Best car wash in Dover

Lori Robinson

Tom Desai

very lousy job, do not spend money here, find something other car wash

Lisa Carrion

scott whitmarsh


Brian Scharf

Nick Reed

Good service but a little over priced.

Glen Perry

Great service super detail by Roy and John in the wax shop. Car looks better than new everytime.

gell-o s

This place is excellent! Very friendly and they did an amazing job detailing my car.

Prizz Mbu

The staff did an excellent job! My floor mats were washed at no extra cost! Excellent service! My car is very pleased and smiling!

Frank Milford

Always do a nice job. $45 deal is great!

Michael L

They have a VIP Club with unlimited washes for a flat charge.

Daniel Vidny

Excellent service and friendly staff. Always bring my cars here.

George Schuler

Always do a nice job cleaning the car

Isaac Mason

David Somerville

$26 + tip for a car wash...I was expecting more. I usually have my car washed in Philadelphia (Washington Ave) or Rehoboth Beach and they both always, without fail, perform a excellent cleaning job. I wont stop at Race Track again...waste of money!

William Phillips

Nice staff and very efficient. They have great offers on future visits!

Michele Clark

Very friendly ... Good service and my car always looks great

Allison Neidig

Great car wash. If you go Monday through Friday, from 8am until 10am it's half price!

Mark Herring

Not bad. The manual wash is hit or miss. A few of the wash bays aren't operational. A few of the vacuums don't work. There are usually more than enough people using them. The change machine doesn't take more than a $5 bill. If you have a bigger bill you may need to break it elsewhere. The full service wash is usually good. I've never had an issue with it myself, but I usually wash my car myself.

William McCourt

Great wash. Will be joining their wash program

KaSandra Hatton

Not worth the money. pay $14 and they tell you that does not include wiping down the inside of the car. Really rude anr ifignant when questioned about anything.

Deborah Gagnon

They did an awful job on my car. Not vacuumed. Windows dirty and streaky. Seats not wiped down,.Dash and cup holders not wiped very dissatisfied with their service at the price you pay.....

Victoria Shore

Actually did a hurried job and for most the grime it was good but they did miss a lot of spaces like the handles and the mirrors and considering this is a hand wash location I expected more.

mark ricker

Great service

Michael Fains


Good wash, hand dry for a reasonable price

Noel Buckle

Expensive $$$$

Eric Brogen

Best to go early morning. They give more time for a more thorough job compared to being busy. If you live in the area, the $45 a month is a steal to keep your vehicle pristine.

Terry Jones

Nick Liles

Crystal Blakeman

Very busy on sunny days of course! The wash was good, the vacuum was done well, but parts of my windshield weren't cleaned. And in order to choose any wash, I had to endure a speech about the monthly subscription program until after I decided twice. If I wasn't in line between other cars, I would've left for that reason.

Ronald Rochester


A lil pricey. Not a bad job on cleaning your car. My only problem is they don't stay open late enough.

Dustin Manahan


J. Martin Orlando, MBA

Susan Moore

I was pleased with the service & my car was cleaned to perfection. I will be back!

Sean Pearson

So so service. No matter if I bring my truck or Stang they always seem to miss spots. It's kind of funny to see 10 people wiping down your car though or should I say putting swirl marks all over your car.

Sandra Abdalla

Had a car wash . My car came out with many scratches. ,.missed spots inside and out. He denied Everything and told report it to my insurance . Worst experience . They are rude , liars and give horrible service .

Justin Whittington

They stole money from my dash. $100

Butch Spencer

Just a good car wash

Corrina Youngs

Travis H

Always a great job cleaning my car and never any issues with customer service. My car is lowered 3" and can accommodate it.

Jackie R

Lilith Eden

Darlene Zwicker

It's very sad to pay your money for nothing. They were very disrectful to me. How could you clean the car and bird's poop is still on the car and car was still dirty?? The manager saw this but said there was nothing he could do.

Doug Stump

Fast decent work for a car wash. No car wash does a great job. You can always find something missed. It's a car wash not hand wash so u get what u far no scratches. Not worth the money. Wash it by hand yourself.


This is by far the best car wash I have ever been to......and I don't even live here! I only go to this car wash when I'm in the area.


My favorite place to have my car cleaned

Amber Short

Tim Astrom

Thomas Walker

My Life My World


Jackee Gould

George Robinson

Janine Beatty

Good car wash with good service. The thoroughness of their cleaning was much better when they first opened, but it's still good.

David Patch

The VIP deal is the best value.

Patricia Stuckman

Great service

tristan sarah


I never saw so many workers take so long to do such a poor job for such a high price!

Joe B

Jay Jordan

Quick service for a good price

Melissa Ward

Mari Sanger

Not worth $30. Interior not even wiped down.

James Gilliland

Outstanding service

Priscilla King Winn

Mike Rudis

Best car wash in town! Nitkowski

John Harper

3 times and car is still dirty

Charles Martin Little

Best car wash in Dover

Shawnii R

Car still shining...

Larry Couch


Anthony Costa

Good place. No complaints. Hard working employees.

Mariano Robles


Bob Hartman

This is the place where I use the do it yourself car wash. I've never had any problems here, but I usually go during a weekday when most folks are working. The machine takes a credit card, if you choose that option. Just don't forget to press the red "Stop" button when you finish your car washing, or you might be charged for unused time. Right behind the donut shop, so you can run over there and grab a coffee and a muffin, if you're into that sort of thing.

cory vacek

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