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REVIEWS OF Pete's Express Car Wash West Chester IN Delaware

vince piesetzkie

One of the best automatic car washes I have ever been to. Easy to use and FREE vacuums! They offer a monthly membership that I might consider.

Hillary Hunter

Not the best wash, but very convenient.

Susan Harootunian

My car hood was damaged by this car wash. Beware before you go here. Deep scratches over my hood and front head light. They have terrible customer service and refuse to do anything. They claim to have a video of me scratching the hood with their vacuum hose, but they refuse to show me the video. However, when I used the vacuum I actually used the one on the right for my right side and the one on the left for my left side. The scratches were caused by a rock or hard object stuck in those long strips that was your car.

Mark Perry

Clean, working equipment, change available. Four stars for cleanliness, equipment in working order and enough wash bays and car vacs to keep things moving they should at a business like this!!! Would pull in for a wash again. ***Drive-In***Auto Wash*** bays!

Gerry DiNunzio

Great carwash.

Ashok Kumar M

go to place to get a quick car wash...

Daryl Campbell

The best car wash in the area. The prices are as good as anybody else's, plus, once you've gone through the wash there is a place to pull into where you can dry your car and vacuum the inside for free.

Norm Bouley

A Few Employees could stand to Lose the Attitude!

Elizabeth Nace

Pete's $ 3.00 base wash is now $ 4.00 (including tax). Not sure about the other car wash prices offered because I always get the economy/base wash and am always satisfied. Unlimited car vacuum is fantastic.

amanda ottersen

I went through the car wash this morning and when I got home I noticed a huge chunk of rubber missing from the sidewall of my tire and a chunk of metal missing from my wheel... both of which were not there this morning when I had put air in my tires before I went, and I know there is no way that could have happened on my way home. When I went back to speak to someone they told me there was no way that could have happened and basically sent me on my way.

wayne sccy

Even though this car wash is only $3 it doesn't do a good job it's a horrible job for three bucks even if you spent a little bit more money it doesn't dry your car right so the air dryer is horrible and the things that wash your car or too hard on your car there rough so I would recommend go about a mile out of town to Gentle Touch Car Wash for $3 you get a better job and the people dry it for you much much better job on your car for $3 and it's a little over a mile out of town called Gentle Touch Car Wash Their the best can't beat them. Even though you get free vacuums it's still not worth the money go to a better car wash like I said gentle touch right outside West Chester it's about a little over a mile you'll be very pleased with that wash and they dry your car for you and you don't even have to tip them unless you want to

Eva Fedick

They did a fine, standard job with my car. No issues with them at all and very reasonably priced.

The Wink Lab

Cheap and fast!

DJ Brumfield

Worth every penny. The is thorough and quick. Do yourself a favor and get the $15 wash. It gets every where and leaves a great wax finish. Staff is friendly and helpful. I drive a bigger suv and sometimes it's hard to find an automatic car wash that can get everything clean.

James Hilyard

Best self service car wash in area.

Ann Barbarin

Fast, inexpensive, nice stop o. The way in or out if West Chester

Andrew Bradley

$3 dollar car wash to get the salt off the car and free vacuums that have good sucking power.

Sheil Caldwell

Great place for a quick, $3 car wash. Automated attendant makes it convenient to use cash or credit card. You can select various services right from the machine. Three dollar basic exterior all the way to detailed tires etc.. Once you exit the car wash, free vacuums and a place to dry is provided in the parking lot.


For $3 it's a pretty good car wash. But there is a free vacuum section too. So the three bucks goes a long ways. I haven't really found off peak hours, just seems when I need a car wash everyone needs a car wash.

Bill R

Fast way to get your car clean.


Reasonably priced and free use of the vacuums after a car wash.

Walter Richards

The employees should give the flier to read before the paperwork. That way they can see automatic renewal. The way it was done to me was after the paperwork was done and I was getting a sticker put on my car. RIP OFF AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED.

Justin Earl

I've never actually been impressed with an automatic carwash until I came here.


Best 4 dollar wash. Worth the money

Tiffany Marron

Pay $3 to wash and vacuum for free! Mostly always busy but just put your tunes on sit back through your vehicles bath time and you'll come out all sparkly clean. I visit often and I'm always pleased with the results.

Deron Witmer

The 3 dollar car wash is probably equal to most places 5-7 ish dollar car washes and then the vacuume cleaners are free... Best deal around

Tieck Joshua

This is the car wash you can literally see a line way down the road to use. It is the best car wash deal wise I have ever seen. Fifteen bucks is there premium wash with the whole nine yards. But for just three bucks you get the basic wash and free vacuums. This means no more rushing to see how fast you can vacuum your car for fear that your time will run out.

David Brand

I've been going here now for several months, but today the car didn't come out very clean, so I asked the person who I soon found out to be the Mgr., if I could possibly run it through again, and he said no, that is not possible. I asked why and he said to me all kinds of different stories about which wash I got and what the content of the dirt was on my car. I told him I have been too many car washes over the years, and on a few occasions I've had to take the cars through again, and I've never experienced such awful customer service in my life. In fact, while I was still talking with the gentleman about the situation, he simply walked away from me without any concern. I am very disappointed, and I'm not planning on ever going back again. Thank you Pet's Car Wash for providing me with an awful experience today.

Katie Martin

I go to this car wash frequently. Today my car went off the track in the middle of the wash. I was not touching anything I was just sitting there with my car in neutral not moving at all. I proceeded to honk for help and no one came until another car pulled up to have their car washed and they finally realized that my car was not moving. After getting my car back on track they turned the switch back on which pushed my car on the track but did nothing else. No rinsing, no drying, nothing. When I finally got out I explained to the attendant that my car was not washed properly or rinsed at all and he proceeded to tell me it was my fault. He kept trying to argue with me and tell me that I was breaking throughout the car wash. Really? How can I break if my foot isn't on the pedal? The customer service here is the worst. Luckily for them when the automatic systems work properly the wash is decent and you don't have to deal with the rude employees.

H Alganis

As low as $3.00 cash or card you can get a 6 minute fully automated exterior wash without leaving your car. Add more waiting time on busy days. Self service unlimited free vacuum included in any wash level. When my car needs more exterior cleaning, I visit the next door self-service car wash for pre treatment for $2.00, then I drive to this location for final touch up and free vacuum.

Gautam Varma

The best carwash in West chester

Joseph Crapo

Decently priced car wash and free vacuum. The best place to get a fast car wash.

Deron & KC Witmer

Best price and free vacuumes! Awesome place.

Jeff Gyulay

It's a cheap carwash

Andrea Triviño Castellanos

It's a good place to clean your car, also has an area to vacuum your car after clean it !!


Car is still dirty after going through..they could atleast brush your windows and tires prior to going through the wash..completely overpriced.

Melina Todd

Great wash for a great price, especially with all the salt on my car!

Fran C.

best car wash I've ever visited. free vacuum. good price.

L'Tanya Taylor

Great job

Jim Coyle

Is nice to have heavy duty vacuums to use for free. Wash is always quick and reasonably priced. *Update* Most recent visit, my car was not completely clean, disappointed...

Gregory Martin

Inexpensive car wash that is hit or miss with cleaning my vehicle completely.

Jon Bicho

Does a nice job at a good price. In the winter the line goes around the block.

Denah Russo

Love this place! Very affordable, quick, and FREE vacuums.

JD Slifer Sr.

Just went through Friday 3/18/16 with my Hemi Challenger.......ABSOLUTELY THE BEST AUTOMATIC CAR WASH IN CHESTER COUNTY!!! Wow was I impressed and will be only using this when I don't have time at home!!! After reading some poor reporting, something must have changed, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL JOB!!! Thank You!!!

Gene Brignola

$3 basic car wash with free vacumes

Bonnie Roi

Open every day! Only $3.00 for a. Basic wash, Free Vacuums! Love it!

Patriot, or Die Apparel

It’s been over 3 weeks since your car wash blew my tire out. I had to get my car towed and a new tire put on my car and nobody from the west Chester location has called me. Why?? Juan is supposed to give me a call.

Donna Johnson

Taking part in the unlimited wash club! Hopefully I remember to keep my car washed

Dianne Owen

Save yourself the aggravation....this place is awful. I went there early on a Sunday morning and was directed onto the track at the entrance to the actual car wash. I could tell that I was not completely on the track but the attendant insisted that I was and to continue. It turns out I, in fact, WAS NOT ON THE TRACK COMPLETELY and as a result my front passenger tires was completely flat (down to the rim) when I exited the car wash. I notified the on duty supervisor and was told that the "manager" was not there, but he would make sure that the incident report was brought to his immediate attention, and that the manager has 72 hours to review the tapes and get back to me. That was 4 WEEKS AGO!! The phone number on their website is disconnected. Be advised that this might be an inexpensive way to wash your car, but if their negligence damages your are not going to get any response whatsoever from them. I am reporting this place to the Better Business Bureau.

Jora Madan

Fast and convenient

Fred L

They raised their prices.

Greg Hassler

Have used Pete's on multiple cars for years. Watch out on the first nice days after winter storms the line backs up as far as Gay Street because they're so popular. I've never had any problems here. Washes go from about $4 up to $15 I think for the high end wash. Vacuums are free if you want after the wash. Understand that NO automated car wash will get a dirty car 100% clean. If you want a complete detail go get a complete detail, not a drive-through car wash. These are great for quick washes that keep your car looking good.

Leonel Parada

Terrible, the first time we went to wash the car there and the last one ... the inexperienced staff and the indications they gave us made us crash into the tunnel with another car and also got dirty! VERY BAD EXPERIENCE, BE VERY CAREFUL!

Nick Millas

READ THIS!!!! For $17 you will get the very best automated car wash. For $4 you will clean the salt off of your car. So many reviews wanting more from an AUTOMATED car wash. If you want DETAIL quality, go get your car detailed. This car wash is amazing for the price and I frequent it to keep my car clean. Plus you cant beat 100% free vacuums. I'm sold. Thanks for doing a great job pete's car wash team! See u soon!

Morgan Fincher

The machine totally screwed my tired a to a point a didn’t feel safe driving to a mechanic and the car was shaking through the steering wheel. Before I left I asked if the manager could please help me with anything. He said he’s not allowed to get in my car and then proceeded to tell me about the hydraulics of the car was (completely irrelevant). I asked if there was any way to get reimbursed for my mechanic cost and he said NO.

J. Sweet

Great car wash for $10, does under car spray and takes all the winter road grime off as good as if you hand washed your car. Free vacuums too.

DM Hayes

Has what you need for cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle with little or no wait time.

Karlette Milbourne

This is the only automatic carwash that actually leaves your car sparkling! Not to mention the free vacuums that actually pick up the dirt.

Dirk McGurk

This place is great, but it gets very crowded after a snow storm. It's quick service, and a clean car, and free vacuums. The prices are also reasonable. This is my go-to car wash in town, and I don't see that changing any time soon!

Frances Miller

Courteous employees. Car looks great after service. Nice to vaccume car for free.

Obulisundar V

Nice place for car wash, but now they have increased a $1 for basic car wash package of $4. Earlier it was $3. Felt it was good when basic wash is $3.

Carlos Martini

Cheap and good quality car wash. The free vacuums are the icing on the cake.

mary Catherine Williams

Great pricing and service, providing they refill solutions, which is ploblematic.


For three bucks you can't beat it. However the outside of my car looked no different than prior its wash. Nobody to wipe car down etc. My favorite part was unlimited access to the vacuums honestly. Good for detailing the inside of your car yourself, would not suggest for a good or thorough cleaning of the exterior.

David Glumdingerhymanflock

The wash is not setup properly nor maintained properly. The manager, since promoted, refuses to be kind to customers with issues. 50% of the Times I go through the wash the car is not fully cleaned. But hey, it’s $3 and they know it’s $3 and the lines are around the block so I don’t things will change anytime soon. Pete is swimming in the cash!

PaPa John

Still a good value

Brian Ankeny

Good car wash... But it doesn't do the best job drying the car.

Patrick Burden

Good car wash on the cheap could have more stalls for vaccums but can't pass up the deal

Andrew Speck

The setup at this place is great. Don't pay for the$15 wash. I did and when I got home, a layer of cloudy glaze was all over my car...looked like someone poured sugar water on my car and let it dry. Had to re-wash my car manually when I got home.

Ahsan Kazmi

My car was transported from another state and it was dirty. I took the best package but it did not clean to my satisfaction. At the back it did not clean the even 30%. I showed it to the guy standing at the booth and he wasn't concerned much and said that it cannot be clean. I cleaned the back myself with the piece of cloth. Vaccum cleaners are good and lots of them are available for your use.

Vincent Corpora

Best car wash in the area!


The wash is in need of upgrade. I used Pete's in Warrington, PA until I moved out to Downingtown and found the location in West Chester near my job during a lunch break. I took my car through paying $12.00 for the works and was amazed at how bad of condition this wash is in. Brushes that do not work, curtain cloth systems with the curtains torn or so sparse they don't clean the top of the car. Said something to the manager about it and he said Corporate doesn't think it is in need of replacement. Nowhere in their policy do they guarantee a clean car, but for $12.00 I expect the minor road film to be removed. Tis a shame and it is best if you avoid this wash and use one of the other local washes int he area with better equipment.


Great place. But its starting to smell moldy when you wash your car. Scrubbers need replaced.

Adam Kunz

The $3 car wash is the best thing going. And the self serve vacuums are plentiful. If you want the waxes and sealers and under car spray and rain-ex and whatever else they have that too but I typically just go for the bargain. Lines can be a bit long but I don't think I've ever waited more than 10 minutes and usually I drive right in.

Brian Sloane

Pete's is a very quick and convenient car wash. The free vacuums for customers who have the outside of their car washed are an added bonus.

Cathy Nelson

What's not to love about a $4 car wash? Sure, it doesn't have any bells and whistles, and won't do you any favors as a "first car wash of spring to remove the brine from your under carriage," unless you fork over another $6, but it definitely works well as a routine, get the pollen off the car, car wash. $9.95 gets you unlimited basic washes for a month. That's a steal! Pay more and get more. Even the higher priced washes are worth the monthly fees. And you'll never beat free vacuums, every day, all day.

Steph Allen

Excellent service. Polite staff. Excellent car wash.

Mary Pat McCarthy

For the price you can't go wrong. It is a drive through car wash I haven't gone to one since I was a kid. Everything from payment to getting through the wash is automated. They do have people there to make sure you get your car is positioned correctly. You can vacuum your own car and wipe it down at the provided stations. Well worth it to get that winter salt off your car.

Rob Fisher

Surprisingly good for the price!

zach brown

Just sat in line for 15 minutes then when I go pay they said it’s cash only today. No sign before waiting in line, no employees letting people know ahead of time. I didn’t have cash on me, so I had to leave. Such a waste of time. I don’t mind paying $15 for an ok car wash but it’s ridiculous to suddenly not take cards and not let waiting customers know. The whole idea of this place is convience, and now they are not even that, time to go elsewhere

Kathleen Carroll Combs

Always pleased with the outcome and never pass up a free vacuum!

Thomas Collins

Great place to go quick service in and out easy access

Smedley D. Butler IV

Good carwash but there was still dirt on my roof after multiple washes

Mariellen Ward - Kane

After going to this car wash for years last week it ripped off our hood ornament. My husband filled out an incident report. Well they said on the report they would get in touch with us within 72 hours. No one called. So my husband tried calling them and finds thr phone is disconnected. He goes to the car and they gave him a number to call. The person who answered at that number asked my husband a buch of questions about the incident and then said there was nothing they could do about it! OK so they won't replace the ornament, but they could have at least offered a free car wash! Really poor customer service! We own 7 cars and used to use this car wash frequently. Now looking for a new car wash in the West Chester area!

Craig Harlyvetch

Love this place. 3 bucks for a basic, quick winter wash

Melynda Wilson-Horsch

Not the best car wash I've been to but not even close to the worse.

Troy Stepan

This is the place to go for a car wash. The $3 fee that this place pioneered has had a huge impact on the area as many competing car washes now offer a similarly priced wash. This place is still the king though. 2 payment lanes, a fast automated car wash and about a dozen or so free vacuums to use after your wash.


Great monthly payment

Steve C

Modern technology. Gets my car clean. They are a little stingy about rewashes. Bring your own stuff (towels, shiners etc.) There are no attendents to dry your car, but 12 or so vacuum bays. At the end of August 2018 they offered unlimited deluxe washes for 29.95 monthly. I jumped on that! Less expensive options available too.

Emily Brandenberger

If only their hoses were stronger of had better underseat attachments. But can't beat the price.

Zach Wright

Good carwash. Line can get long in the winter, but it moves quickly. Get there early for a shorter wait time. Can't beat the free vacuums!!

Andy Newhall

Excellent quality of drive-thru car wash. I've gone here for years and always found the results to be to my high expectations. The free, good, well-maintained, lot full of shop vacuums that are available after you go through the car wash make this place truly stand apart from the competition. Go here!

Leonard Ellis

Quick, clean, thorough, affordable auto carwash and self vacuum facility.

Jacqueline Cobb

It’s a great car wash although the attendant is very rude and they’re not open during their posted hours.

Tom Manter

I signed up for the unlimited wash plan in October and then changed my mind several weeks later. I went to their website and left a message to cancel my plan. However, my request was ignored and they continued to charge my credit card. Also, there is no phone number to call to get this corrected. DON'T subscribe to their wash plan!

Chris Trimmer

Very disappointed went through carwash back window wiper was broken by wash and they were to call within 72 hours called just shy of a week and would not do anything

Brian Skuzinski

This place is great. My fiance is absolutely in love with this place simply because they give you the wheel shine included in the $12 wash. The vacuum cleaners are also excellent and free. The price here a little bit less than the other car washes in the area. This is obvious by how popular this location is. This place will get crowded quickly on any weekend morning. There are approximately 16 spaces open to vacuum your car. The free vacuum area is only accessible to people who have gone through the car wash first.

Christopher Fought

Worst car wash I have ever used. I paid for the most expensive wash and my front end as well as other parts of my car still look just as dirty as when it went in to the car wash. I will never be going back. Mr. Wizard in Kennett Square is far better. I’ll drive the extra 15 minutes for a better wash there.

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