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REVIEWS OF Park's Best Car Wash IN Delaware

Bill Radel

I want to give a shout out to Abe and his team at Park's Best Car Wash. Over this past weekend I drove through some wet road paint which got all over my truck (Black on Black Tahoe.. not fun seeing white paint all over it). I called Abe Sunday morning and he felt my pain and got me in right away, and was able to remove the paint. His team did a phenomenal job and the price was great! Thanks again Abe!

Lisa Bello

Hands down the best car wash in Delaware County. These guys go above and beyond and their customer service is exceptional. Thank you for taking care of me and my car parks best and thank you Abe for all your help!! I will be recommending you to everybody I know!

Mark G

The only good things to say were that it was cheap and fast but you get what you pay for. They didn't touch the glove compartment which had nothing in it. They didn't pay attention to detail and there was still dirt on easy to clean crevices. I had to finish the job myself afterwards.

William Fern

This is my go-to car wash when I have the time to drive here. It’s quite a drive for me to get here or I’d get their unlimited plan. The staff is friendly. Once I came here after a road trip to Florida, bugs all over the front of my black pick-up truck. I paid for a detail to remove the bugs. Obviously the car wash did not get it all. The guys drying it did not get it all off either. I brought it to the attention of one of the managers and they got right on it, taking care to make sure I was happy. That only happened once. All the other visits, they did a great job. The car wash menu is a bit confusing at first glance. But the guys are friendly enough to clear things up and get what you came for.

Dave Griffin

Clean facility and friendly staff. Best car wash around for the money.

Amber Heath

They do an awesome job for a decent price. They do the inside and outside with Armor All, wax, vacuum your carpet, and armor all your tires. And it's only $22 to $25 for both the exterior and interior. They have multiple packages. I've posted pictures of the signs with the amount of each type of wash as well as the unlimited washes. Must be something new since the last time I visited but you pay a certain monthly price and get unlimited washes per month. Sure wish that I still lived up this way to join.

Sonia Harvey

Their name doesn't lie: I really did receive the BEST WASH and BEST INTERIOR CLEANING. I've been frustrated for a long time with car washes on Lancaster Avenue spanning the Main Line. Here's why: I can wash, wax and perform an interior detail cleaning myself; so if I'm going to spend upwards of $45-$50, I think it's reasonable that all visible hair, dust, grime etc be cleaned away. Not once have my expectations been met by any of the full-service car washes on the Main Line. Tired of overpaying for a semi-detailed car, I did a Yelp search, which is how I found Park's Best in Havertown. I candidly explained that I am very particular and have high expectations for the high price of $50. The staff took me seriously! And I am impressed with what I observed!! The employee charged with detailing my car performed his job meticulously: •rubber floor mats washed •all carpeted areas vacuumed twice •hard-to-reach areas were cleaned with crevice tool •dust blown out of all air vents •leather seats cleaned and polished •interior windows and windshield cleaned •wheels polished to sparkle A perfect 10! Worth every penny! Park's Best now has a new loyal customer.


Love this place. Plenty of free vacuums and fair

John Romani

Great car wash with reasonable prices.

Lovejit Judge

My favorite car wash! They do such a great job!

Heather LaRocco

Some mix up with scheduling but did a fantastic detail.

Hae Won Chung

If you're looking for a good place for a car wash in Delco this car wash off of West Chester Pike in Havertown is the place you want to go. Free vacuums on the side and hand dried at the end. You know you need that underside wash after that road salt. You gotta go here. Reasonably priced and great employees.

Kathleen Cannon

So many options and they do a very thorough job. The shop is freat, too!

Mia Marie

Excellent service!

Bryan Ramona

Thorough, detail oriented, and love the free self vacuum!

Jaimie Manley

I washed my car at least once a week somewhere else, then started going to parks best again (a few years ago I stopped bc I didn't like how my car was turning out). I ended up buying the $40 unlimited deluxe interior/exterior wash and it was more than worth it. I like what they've done to freshen the wash up. I am so happy with the service that I ended up getting my dad the membership for father's day. I sell cars at VW of Ardmore & I told my local customers it's a good place to clean their car to keep up the new car look.

Amy Kim

Amazing!! I've never seen my car that shiny before. I did the detailing and my car is born again. Definitely recommend Park's best car wash. You will not regret

Amin Wiggins

Great job on cars!!!

Jon Newman

I've been a loyal $20/month customer. I always tip the guys, say hello how ya doin...but, this morning was a cluster. After they belittled me, put me in a bad situation and SAMUEL came down on me because I only wanted what I PAID FOR, I canceled my membership. It's more than I can explain here, but I'm done with this place.

Seth Eisman

They are definitely the best car wash! They do a phenomenal job and the service is amazing. The owners are actively involved and are extremely congenial. I would highly recommend it!

Gina McCaw

Price is Right. If u want a quicky drive thru wash or a detailed wash, I prefer this car wash over other's!

Kevin R Foote

Great privately own shop. Sam and his team take pride in their work. Their monthly "unlimited wash" deals can't be beat. Most of the staff have been there for years, which says a lot about the culture.

Tu Packard

Great service! My car looks so much better, both inside and outside. In addition, they noticed that one of my tires needed air and did that pronto. And it has made a difference. The drive is a lot smoother. Thanks guys! I'll be back!

Steven Granoff

I've been a customer of this car wash for over 30 years. Car wash sends coupons in mailers every month. I went last week & presented a $2 coupon that I didn't realize had expired. I explained to the girl at the counter that I had mistakenly taken the coupon & left an unexpired coupon at home & since my car was already in the queue, I couldn't go home & get it. She refused to honor the coupon & began to lecture me that "most businesses don't honor expired coupons." I explained that most business allow for a one time honor & that was called goodwill & we were arguing over $2 (the car wash I chose was $22). I asked to see the manager but was told he wasn't available. I then told her that she was risking losing a customer over the issue but she didn't care. Apparently, the $2 was more important to her than the potential loss of a good and long time customer. Too bad!

Donielle Turner

Service was fine. I sprang for the most expensive wash then immediately regretted it because of the pollen - not the company's fault. Just learned a lesson


The vacuums are free with purchase of wash otherwise you cannot even put quarters in it to use it. In other words you have to get a wash in order to use their vacuums. Because of this recent change I will no longer be going to this car wash to vacuum or get my wash done

Joseph Banks

That is the best carwash that I have been to yet


Great job joined the wash club car looks great

John Bunting

A quality wash!

Adam Burnett

Great location and value. They do a good job and are very friendly. I always stock up on the discount books when they have a sale.

Brian Gans

You get a pretty darn good clean for 25$ for the top level full service package. the vacuum was great, car looked super clean. pretty seamless.

Lisa DiCroce

I had my car washed today and am extremely disappointed. The greeter was not the least bit friendly. I requested the premium wash and after my car was wiped down the windshield was still dirty and had streaks. My rear windshield still had bird poop on it and my rims were still covered in dirt. I will not return.

kaitlyn mcvey

I recently just went to this car wash (April 16th,2016) and asked for the full service car was for $55.00 and let me just say my car came out looking like it was just off the car lot. The men that washed and detailed my car did an amazing job and worked so hard to making sure my car shined like a star! I will definitely go back to this place to my car washed again. Thank you for the wonderful service and making my car look and smell brand new!.

louis pace

Definitely a decent place to go if you want your car thoroughly cleaned about $20.

greg fimple

This was my first time going to this car wash and let’s say I am very disappointed in the quality and service I received. They did an absolute horrible job on vacuuming and wiping down the interior of my truck and they were wiping down the outside with rags that had tire shine on them witch left horrible streaks all over my truck. I had to pull over before leaving and grab a rag myself and try to wipe it down the best I could to get rid of the tire shine streaks. I expected a better job then that after paying a decent price and I wish I would’ve seen all this before I put a $10 tip in the box.” WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY”

Daniel McAloon

Despite me calling yesterday to verify their hours I'm standing in front of the business now staring at their steel shutters. At least they didn't have a chance to damage my car like the other reviewers.

Mike Brairton

Long time customer here and I have always been very happy with the quality of service, the friendliness of the staff and the reasonableness of the prices. Well done!

S. K.

Love this place has options, affordable and great service and people!!

Herb Hollinger

Just left Park's Car Wash. Spent $19 and when the fellow was wiping my car down after the wash, he told me the car wouldn't go into park. I went back inside to tell the owners and the lady came out and was very rude and said there was nothing they could do. She walked away, leaving me with a damaged vehicle. I had to call Haverford Police to file a police report. I'm very disappointed and will never return to this location. My advice would be: NEVER GO TO THIS CARWASH!! Spread the word!

m m

Best place keeps getting better now free vacuum and very soon to be ... All u can wash packages made.. Sam is the best!!!

J Gallagher

I called last minute to get a full interior detail. I was heading that evening to go on a road trip with my family and needed my sub cleaned out! They did a phenomenal job and I will definitely do this every couple months. I own a Dog Training business ( Kool Dogs Training Academy) and I basically live in my car carting around clients dogs and my own dog so this was a big job for Parks and they delivered in a big way!! Today (7-9-16) my Mom brought her car in to also get a full interior detail because they had leftovers from a restaurant and forgot to bring them in and the whole car smelled of fish! After the detail and they also resurfaced the headlights the car smells and looks amazing!! Excellent job guys you have clients for life!!

Jason Choe

Brought my Audi in for their ceramic wax coating. They detailed the car and applied a wonderful ceramic coating over the entire car. Car was glossy clean for about 2 months without 1 single car wash even through rain/snow. The service was wonderful with amazing staff. Extremely friendly and very detailed workers. Car had 95,000 miles and she looked brand new once they were done. Highly recommend their car wash and service.

Greg Null

My interior looks brand new and at half the cost of other places! I am really impressed.

Paul Spencer

Very friendly and through, I have never been to a full service car wash before but given the 20$ I spent I feel like I got a great value.

Greg Crossen

I have worked in the automotive industry for almost 8 years. We often had utilized certain products to clean cars and tried different car wash establishments. I had never seen a consistently great result from most businesses until Park’s. For a Park’s membership ($50/month), you get a full service clean (inside and out) with unlimited visits. Essentially, if you get your car washed at least 3 times per month, it’s well worth the price. This is going to make a huge difference when the winter hits. I go at least 4 or 5 times per month. Park’s products, employees, process and price makes them the best in the area. It’s not even close! Keep it up, Sam and team.

Michael Popky

Great place. Got the interior express, seats cleaned floor vacuumed, full exterior treatment all for $50! Car looks fantastic. I would highly recommend this place.

nancy kielb

Best car wash in my area.

Tanya Amatori

I recently moved to the area and decided to try out Park's yesterday. As I pulled up, I was greated by an employee asking what service I wanted. I told him I need undercarriage wash and the automobile needs vacuuming. He recommended Deluxe wash, gave me a ticket to pay inside. The wait was quick, and before I could blink, my car was done. The car was dirty inside and passenger seat was wet (as if it had been misted)...the dash was streaked and dusty and the vehicle was not vacuumed in the back, around the seats and in the cup holders. I proceeded to grab a rag from their station and clean the car as best as I could, given I did not have a vacuum or I shook the mats. The employees watched, and not one came by to offer to fix it or at the very least help by vacuuming the car and cup holders, etc. Needless to say, I decided not to leave a tip and vow to find a new carwash. To respond to your car was not excessively had some sand on the mats and in the holders (I put my shells there). It was not vacuumed and was wiped down with a streaky rag and the seat was left wet. It is a new car. Frankly, the dealership vacuumed better when I got the service! Your staff should have offered to vacuum or ask why I was shaking the mats!

Joe G

Took my son's car there for a full detail. He cleans his car once a year whether it needs it or not... They did a great job, it looked really nice and like a different car when they were finished.

Nicoletta O

Had a great experience at this car wash. They go above and beyond to make your car look sparkling clean. I somehow managed to get paint on my Brand new Lexus after driving on the highway and Abe(the owner) Was able to get it all out. I’ll definitely be going back to this place and recommend it to my friends

miguel watanabe

Good service and friendly stuff

Robert Pelletier

They do an excellent job

Moses Chi

I haven't seem many car wash that offer free do-it-yourself vacuum or unlimited monthly car wash club. They recently renovated this place and it is clean outside and inside. But the most important aspect of a car wash is... ability to clean a dirty car. And they do a great job. Highly recommend this place. I recommended this place to a family and they never wash their cars (the last time they cleaned inside and outside was 3 years ago). They got the best car wash. The workers vacuumed the inside of that car for a good 15 minutes (no joke). They did not complain and was very professional.

Brandon Kaback

Nice place, friendly staff.

Lynda Ferguson

My car was really dirty and they did good job washing and drying. Coupons would be a big help for seniors.

Joseph A Banks

This place....OMG !!!!! LOVE IT !!! The best carwash I've been to. Great prices too. The ENTIRE staff top notch professionals. From the young lady at the front desk to the guys actually doing the work and everyone in between. PROFESSIONALS !!! Thanks guys

Barbara McKenna

love this place. I bought the monthly plan


EXCELLENT!!! Did what I asked and it looks grea


6/2/16 Got my car fully detailed inside & out and they did an Excellent job. The price is right too!!! I will be going back next year.

Matthew Iannacone

Great place

john owsik

Best place for a car wash

Shimon Guy

AVOID THIS PLACE! I should have read the reviews before going there. They caused damage to my car. The woman who manages the place was very rude and denied any responsibility. She simply told me to go after my insurance. I will never go back.

Daniel McDevitt

Listen if you need a car wash and are within 20 miles of this place GO! Sam runs a phenomenal establishment and the value you can get at $20 was amazing I can only imagine how new my car would look with the full detail. Anytime I am in the area I will make sure to be stopping by, very happy to have found this place.

Ray Baur

Great place to get your car washed

ms. frazier

Fantastic quick wash but actually the best detailing service I've had...seriously! No cutting corners here...they go in the crevices. Staff are always friendly and professional.

joseph manahan

Price is to high. 2 years old I gave 3 stars because I have always came here and at 1st I was completely satisfied. The last time I got a parks best wash I was not satisfied, my wheels were dirty with break dust and my leather seats and dash were still wet. The car really wasn't that clean either. I should have said something but I was mad, so I just said price is too high.

Mike Carter

Parks is the best car wash in Delco...they have many options to choose from, including a program that allows customers to pay a monthly fee for unlimited washes. The costs are reasonable, they do an outstanding job, and the staff bends over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Mike

Leilani Macomber

Absolutely fantastic & quick service for the price paid! I drive for lyft & this was my first time bringing my car to a place like this & they did an amazing interior as well as exterior job! Very professional & courteous employees & the waiting room with the coffee & large viewing window was comfortable & pleasant!

Johnnie McKie

Cleaned the car well

kelly mcrae

I just picked up my car and couldn't be happier! I had some berry stain damage that I talked to the manager about the week before, so he promised to do what he could. He worked on the berry stains and an exterior detail and he and his staff did a SPECTACULAR job. My car looks brand new again and they did a great job on the berry stains. If anyone has ever had berry stains, you'll know how much work goes into removing them. Their prices are definitely good, and I'll be going there from now on for my regular car washes and any other detail work in the future!

Christa Roberts

Friendly and fast! Great service! Thorough and didn't quit till they got all of the sap off of my windshield!

Jake L.

I've been coming here for 10+ years, mostly just for exterior wash but recently I took my wife's SUV for a full detail. It took about 6 hrs but the wait was worth it. They did an excellent job all around. They only do 2 full detail job per day so you'll need to schedule an appointment ahead. No walk-ins unless someone cancels.

Dorothy Copeland

Haven't been there just drove passed.

Lionell Jones

Best carwash in the county. Great services

jack bailey

They are by the best car wash around,I have tried alot of different places and parks is by far the best

dan clark

Rewards card. Express detail option. Hand wax option. Hot wax option. Headlight restoration

Barbara McCullough

Best car wash I've ever gotten...personal detail and polite

Zubin David

I just got a used car and it was incredibly dirty. They cleaned it up really well. They stayed after hours to finish the work they started. They did a great job!

colleen k

My car was still dirty after it went through the car wash. I paid 18.00 dollars and it was still dirty.

Heather Philly Pa

They do a good job. Weekends are crowded.

Anne Townsend

I was impressed by the owner's personalized attention to each customer's needs and by the high quality of work provided. I was extremely pleased and grateful for the good work.

Thomas Adams

This place rocks! Never been disappointed with their wash’s. Also their prices are competitive, especially the detailing. Staff is very thorough, detailed, and responsible.

Nick Barrella

Love this place

Justin Moran

Great monthly service

Pat DiCola

Best car wash in the area, bar none. Attention to detail. The owners care about every customer. Locally owned businesses I love to support!

Allison Abbott

Yes! Just love going here. They really do a great job. I usually opt to get the inside and outside of my car done and I am never disappointed!

Fatin Alam

Great car wash. Amazing prices. Does a great job.

Taha Cangoz

The complete lack of respect towards other peoples cars from the guys at the end of the line baffles me. There was 5 guys wiping down the car and windows. They tell me it's done and to come over, so I do. I see that they didn't do the tires and had to remind them to do it, which isn't the biggest problem in the world so I just nudged it off. But what shocked me was that when I got into the car and looked at the back passenger-side seat, there was water or whatever liquid they use all over the car seat and door. I called the guy who was working on that door to come over and wipe it down, which he did half-assed and didn't wipe down the interior door covered in that stuff. He walked off and I took a towel from one of the guys to wipe it down myself. What I saw upon further inspection of the back passenger-side door infuriated me. The door handle and window button were completely filled with that liquid. He must have poured it in there because there is no way to spray that amount in there so quickly. As of now the window button works normally, but if the liquid got deep enough inside to cause a short circuit, I will be coming back demanding them to pay for the repair. This is a new car so it shouldn't fail on it's own. I can say that this was my second and final time coming here and will be canceling my membership with them. I paid for the highest level membership and got pisspoor work on the car. The guys at the front working the vacuums did an excellent job cleaning the interior. I'll happily go give my money somewhere else.

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