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REVIEWS OF Mr. Car Wash IN Delaware

Just James

Hands down the best car wash for the prices.. I received a basic wash for $13. They clean inside and out... The basic drive thru near me is $9 for outside wash only. I drive 45 minutes to come here.

Heather Kayea

VERY impressed with Oscar. He did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend asking for him any time that I have a car care need.

Michael Carter

They do a complete and great job

Erica D

My husband took my car there after a trip to the shore. When I got in my car I had to even check our bank statement to see if he even really went. Horrible - still had sand in my car. It didn’t even look like they vacuumed inside of the car, but my husband said they did. Never going there again - a waste!

Gregg s

William Karivalis

This place must be under new management because I was thoroughly impressed with the job done! I got the manager special wash and my car came out great the other end. Every inch of my car was dried including the alloy wheels. The help was friendly and tried to sell me on a specific detail but when I explained I just wanted a regular wash they were quick to print me a ticket and move on to taking car of my car. I have already recommended this place to friends in the area and if you're close by I would definitely give them a shot.

Lorraine Kirk

Sonny Jim

John Bubb

Good job on wash and windows price is right.

Becca S

I just went and it was awesome, my friend borrowed my car and left it a freaking mess but they took care of it. The guys were pretty cool, there is a lot of them but you can inside the store until their finished which has a lot a car stuff but female cashiers. Will go back if my friend ever borrows my car again.

Jeanette Keltz

Keturah Finney

Paid $18 for a regular car wash. They wided down the inside but the floors and chairs were not vacuumed. I don't really understand what the price covered. So I won't be back. Too much money to not have the inside vaccumed.

Charles Cunningham

Expensive but necessary after the winter weather

Andrea Arias

Oscar is the best..

Timothy Bohn

Car is clean.

Cynthia Vernacchio

Did not do a good job.

/mike huhn

Good service and price!

Qasim Azad

Rip off, arrogant and don't clean the car, paid extra for the wheel clean and they were not even cleaned when confronted staff refused to clean them . Never again

John Harkins

Excellent work

Richard Ruy

For 12 bucks they got my car sparkly clean. The staff was exceptionally friendly especially the guys drying our car when it came out of the car wash. The waiting area was very clean. I asked to use the restroom and the restroom was as clean as my restroom at home. Thanks guys you did an awesome job!

alex D-B

Nice job on my suburban for 12 outside only

Charles Fusco

Alexander Cameron

Should have listened to the other reviews. Poor service, overpriced.

John R

Jesus Suchil

Stupid people

Joanes Pierre

$16 for a rather poor wash.

Cynthia Lipscomb

Great service

Joseph Tursi

Good job & good price

South Philly Auto Finance

I was excited the first time I tried Mr. Car Wash. I'd been looking for a decent car wash in Lancaster and my first wash was a solid experience - reasonable price, efficient, and decent job on an exterior wash with minimal frills. Then I brought my wife's car in for an interior & exterior wash. The exterior was OK, but the interior didn't look very clean when they called me over. There was still a good deal of noticeable dirt on the carpets, it looked as if someone didn't care what they were doing. I spoke with a supervisor who agreed his folks could have done a better job and had it sent back onto the line. Sadly it made only a little difference. I realized they only dry vac, and their nozzle attachments don't get into the cracks. Pretty pricey for basic interior work at that... OK, so I thought that meant I could still use this place for outer washes. Wrong. For my third visit, exterior wash only, the person taking my order was annoying and kept trying to upgrade me to more expensive washes, even though I was clear the first time she tried to upsell that I wasn't interested. I wasn't happy being asked again, after twice stating clearly what I wanted, at which point she acted as if I was the problem. "I'm just doing my job, SIR," she intoned in an affronted manner. Really? Push services I don't want after telling you twice I'm not interested? The kicker came after getting home. Lo and behold, the front of the car was dirty; the sides looked as if I hosed them off myself with no detergent. WTH? Pay a premium price, get hassled by the person taking my order, and get home to find the car is still dirty? What was the point?? Pro tip for Mister Car Wash: you might want to try using soap when you wash cars before playing silly upsell games. Not coming back.

Eva Tucker

Best ever! Great local car wash! Do an amazing job!

You Talking To Me?

Fast and furious

Nelson Braga

Nao limpa direito

Donna Mclaughlin

john older

tim bak

George Rich

Posey HL

Dan Corcoran

They do a really nice job on your car. Beware of the upsell!!!

Rob B

Detailing is subpar. Leather seats and carpet were cleaned well and thoroughly conditioned. However, was obvious that attention to detail is not their forte; they did not fully clean some substantial areas, such as door and trunk jambs, wheel wells, inside center console. Didn't even clean rear view mirror. Exterior had a slight residue.

John Older

Jay Speedo

Will never go here again. Tried this place for the first time today and I paid $30 for a car wash. There was still dirt on my car when it came out of car wash machine. One of the furs responsible for drying the cars then told me he would remove the dirt unless I tipped him. Poor service.

Jessica Epstein

NEVER going back there! I was gifted by a close friend to get the Works full service. I looked at a bunch of reviews and was reluctant to go, but desperately needed it done. A man who can barely speak English opened up my passenger door, and one of the first things he says is, "wow you're beautiful!"; to which I replied that my boyfriend was in his car off to the side close by. He then repeated himself, and proceeded to tell me "how" dirty my car is; I told him that it was the reason I was there, and that he didnt have to be rude about it (because he was and kept commenting on the dirt). It was my first time there so I wasn't sure what to do or where to go; all the men working there kept calling me sweety and looking at me like I was food. Not to mention that the effort they put in was only minimal. Sure, my car was a wreck inside and I noticed a difference. But this was just unacceptable! It was as if they were trying to get my car in and out and quickly as they could. I would give this 0 stars or NEGATIVE if I could. I highly recommend that all LADIES STAY AWAY from this place. The men made me feel super uncomfortable. NEVER GOING BACK!

Barbara McKenna

Awesome service, great price. Highly recommend

Amsonia hubrichtii

If I could give this place a negative score I would. WORST car wash experience ever! They were very pushy and rude and then they did a cruddy job. Before going through I expressed that I needed a thorough vacuuming and would be willing to pay extra for it. I had just gotten back from a trip and there were crumbs in the front and plant littler all over the back. They assured me vacuuming was included in the Manager's Special. It looks like they spent *maybe* 5 seconds going over the seats and they didn't even touch the floors or the back. I was in a rush to get out and tipped a standard $4, but once I got home and saw the job, I couldn't believe I paid cent for this terrible service. You are better off just going to a gas station, paying $1 and doing it yourself; in fact, that's what I'm off to do now. Oh, and the wash/wax/dry was merely mediocre. A $6 drive-through gas station is just as good.


Didn't actually go just drove past but Google says i was there


Adam Blaisse

Jeff Lemmer

Not a good location, rude staff, terrible wash job.

Kati Damron

Susan Bevilacqua

They did a great job with a very dirty car. Staff very friendly.

Marc Polite

I've taken my car here and I ordered the Manager's special. To my surprise , I received my car with many bugs still on my hood, my wheels dirty, and dirt still behind my mirrors. This was the worst $26 I've ever spent!


Terrible paid lots of money car still dirty- don't bother. If I could give zero I would


***BE CAREFUL GOING HERE*** They broke the driver seat panel on my luxury car and did not want to pay to have it repaired. They insisted on taking it to their own shop and not mine to repair it. 1 day later my driver seat failed again...found out they had it glued back together and not fixed properly. Very shady and unfair business. I would NOT go to this place EVER!!

Len Foti

Had my SUV detailed here over a week ago and was disappointed. When I got in my car, everything was wet. I assumed this was normal - first time getting my car detailed. 3 days later and my car stinks of mildew. Been trying to air it out since. Tried febreze and odor genie and neither worked. Just bought a mildew spray and now I'm going to have to clean the carpeting. Lifted up my floor mats and they were wet underneath. If you get a detail, make sure your car is dry before you leave.

Connor Kennedy

Today I went in for a basic wash. My car entered the wash and after about 30 seconds the wash turned off and my car was left sitting. Nobody was saying anything to me about why my car was sitting in the middle of the car wash. It sat there for 30 minutes. Eventually it turned back on, but only half way, which caused some of the huge spinners to flail around wildly after going on top of my car (when the machine works they go around it) after the car came out, one of the employees drove off in my car after only saying "we will wash it again" At this point 5 people were ahead of my car, so I had to wait for them before they put my car through a second time. I asked for my money back as i waited for 45 minutes, and the guy at the register gave me an expired coupon for my next visit, which would only take $3 off of the price. Never going back. Oh, and when the machine flailed around my car, it left a scuff that I will have to buff out.

whitney hooks

Fotoula Zacharatos

The service was amazing. The woman at the front desk was so helpful. Great car wash. Absolutely wonderful!!!! Will be back.

Lindsay Chris

Raghu Kurthakoti

They are fast and quick, but not thorough. They had left a lot of debris and dust without vacuuming fully

Tim MacDougall

I come here on a regular basis - their wash isn't "knock your socks off" but I haven't found a good one in this area. I would say the 20 minute detail is worth the money if your car is really bad. With two little kids ours seems to get this way often! I wish they would start a unlimited wash program you can subscribe to for a monthly fee.

Jennie Tague

Best place

Veronica Enright

I won't ever be going here again. First of all no one speaks English! Paid 29. For them to not even get bird dirt off my car and they didn't do windows! Had to go home and do car again. Soooo disappointed! I don't expect perfection but at least get windows clean and bird dirt off for 30.!

Mike Murray

Worst car wash I have ever had in my life. car was filthy even after the wash and when I told the lady at the desk she didnt even care she was talking away on her phone, absolutely the worst service ever, don't even know how they're in buisiness. Will never go back again thanks Mr car wash

Erin Dupre

They only cleaned half of my car! Didn't vacuumed or clean the third row of seats at all!!!

Thomas Malkin

Do not go to this car wash !!! The owner / manager is arrogant! $14 for a partial wash. If the brushes don't hit a part of your car, it won't get clean. Other car washes have a person with a bucket of soap and water. They scrub the parts that the brushes won't hit. Not this guy. There is also supposed to be a wax applied for this price. I do not believe this happened as the car was not slippery like it is out of other washes with wax. I warn you!!! You may not get what you pay for.

warren mosley

Jaime Scilla-Muth

They do a nice job and the coupons are great.

Mardi Spicer

Dennis Dilodovico

Lena Ashfield

Car detailing job was excellent!

Scott Lowery

Terrible. First thing that happened was the attendant slapped my in on my car. They are automatic mirrors and now they do not work properly. Paid the $30 to get the “managers special” which when I asked if it includes cleaning the inside they said yes they take the car to the detailing center and clean it. They did not do that. They spayed windex on the inside of my car wiped it once and then they said it was ready. The outside of the car still had dirt on It. Terrible customer service. Rude people. I do not recommend this place. Outside

John Martin

Janice Deal

Great job on my car ,virtuous as well

Mixhael Bonner

Average car wash, better than most but i only wish the full service was a bit more thorough

Adam Lusk

Johanna DeRogatis

I never write bad reviews... but this place is one of the worst. Each time they pretend like they either don’t hear you or don’t understand you - the result is that you end up paying $30 and your car looks the same. I paid extra for a vacuum/floor mat wash/interior cleaning. When my car came out I basically had to clean it myself. There was mud all over the floor mats and the inside was not touched. I can understand a misunderstanding once or even twice... but this is what they do EVERY SINGLE TIME. After you’ve already paid, they send your car out dirty and say that they didn’t hear you say you wanted the mats cleaned, etc. It’s really sad, they’ve got an entire scam running there.

Matty A

Solid wash for the money. First time they made sure to really clean it. They've gotten lazy and it leaves dirty now.

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