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REVIEWS OF Magic Touch Car Wash IN Delaware

Monica Wing

Only car wash that have mine rims shinning like new money. Dont have go over a rewipe them from all the left behind residue.

Mar Chan

This place is pretty good, to me it's better than white glove

Elbert - Local SEO Expert - Dugdale

Car look and smells so good after a trip through the swinging shammys

James Ward

They do a great job, but lately the number of employees in the finish area seems to be lower than before and waits are long.

Marco Carrazco

It's exelet service.

Sherri L

theshayshay204 !

Marc Hood

Several cars came in after mine and they just took there time getting mine done very dissatisfied after paying 28.00 for a car wash

Fred Chamberlin

You expensive and very slow. Was a busy time but they seem to move pretty slow


Highly recommend coming here to clean your car. Selected the 'platinum' option from the array of cleaning/car wash packages, and was happy with how clean my car looked

Larry King

Show up 20 minutes before closing wouldn’t clean my truck said they would only run it through the drive through wash (really) what a joke of a place isn’t that what your in business for very un professional

Veronica Venegas

I used to take my cars to this place cause they cleaned them so good and left them smelling and looking so nice but the last 2 times I have gone its been terrible cleaning and no air freshners and so I have had to come home and clean and vacuum them again and put air freshner myself :(


If I owned this place I'd fire about half of the guys who do the windows and dry the exterior of the cars. Soooo slow. Me and a couple other customers were watching this one guy in particular who spent most of his time just walking around doing nothing. But after it's all said and done the cars look great. They do an awesome job, just don't be in a hurry if you go there.

Alexis Smith

Love these guys! Great job EVERYTIME for 15+ years!


Not even close to clean and didn't put my antenna back on

spycam melb

CRAPPY experience,arranged for my car to be done on a friday, told the owner i can only be there about 5 pm,he said alls fine someone will be there, so i rushed from work to be there, called owner no answer, drove to his shop no one there,called him again no answer. LATER he messaged me and asked my address saying someone will pickup my car, nearly 2 hours later no one came, he then messaged me saying he quoted me without gst so wanted cash i said no thanks and bid him a good night. Sounds like a dodgy damn place to me!

Luci Stolle

Paid $35, for a job well done! Plan to go back, soon.

Angela Braun

Reasonable price and they do a great job.

fawn baylie

Great job! Great deal!

Sadiel Cartagena

Shaydeen Fields

Waited 2 hours and they didn't vacuum between or under my seats or wipe the interior down. Did a very crappy job for almost 50 bucks. Very unhappy. I do not recommend going here.

Adam Dryden

Good service, affordable, and quick

denise peace

I always go here, despite living across town now. EXCELLENT value, they team up to do a good, basic interior cleaning; standard automatic wash with hand finishing is just what I am looking for. They get very busy at times, so plan accordingly.

Michael Van houte

The best place to wash your car in Salem

Frank Lewis

They do a fine job without breaking the bank.

Diego Santos

Excellent service.

Andre Williams

Visiting Places

Okay place the last detail crew who was wiping my windows missed the middle of my rear windshield so pay attention.

Angela Gesualdo

Always great service. These guys work hard and do a wonderful job cleaning my SUV.

Kevin Brock

I asked for inside and out cleaning. They always put to much tire product on and it ends up on the side of my pickup looking like oil. Need to pay more attention to detail inside the cab. Around the knobs and buttons etc.

Nancy Tullius

This is the first time I have ever written a bad review. But I had to come home and vacuum my car, it was a terrible vacuum job. And although it looked like they were getting the door jams and cup holders. It was a very poor job. I had to wipe it down where they missed also when I got home. I was very disappointed to pay to have my car cleaned only to have to come home to finish the job myself.

Esperanza Sanchez

I love this place. The guys are fast and efficient. I have been bringing my car at least once a month for the last year or so, never do I have any issues. Only con is that it can take a while if they are busy, never the less they always do a thorough job!

Bernadette Wilson

Now this car wash is my favorite it's convenient good prices and they do a good job.

Tunisia Rider

Car was still dirty

Jer Pike

Great prices and awesome detail work!!!

Jose Lopez

Awesome service.

Jerry Edwards

Way to expensivr

Joan London

Car clean inside and out without breaking the bank

Javier Gil

Did not vacuum in the sits not vacuum good they didn't clean. Anything right I went home in clean it by myself spend $41 Dollars on a bad job on your website says you guys clean bumper to bumper but my bumper was still dirty the back one

Lisa Baylor

Dropped my car off and came back 30 minutes later to a super clean car that smelled great! Will definitely be returning :)

Thalassa Kinney

Lack of customer service!

Christopher Howard

Expensive service for the quality.

Daniel Garrett

I have a 2010 Nissan Versa Hatchback. Keeping it looking as good as new is a lot of work. I have been coming to Magic Touch car wash ever since it opened. I have never had any problems with this very good & gentle car wash. My car looks Gr8 and as good as new. Thanks Magic Touch for doing such a gr8 job.

James Roswell

Love how clean they get the windows

Lorenzo J.

Great job of washing my truck.

Justin Brown

2 hour wait for mediocre service. Dirt in door jams, dirt around edges of windows, dirt in carpet. Can do better job quicker myself. The staff was very nice.


First time using Magic Touch. The employee who kindly greeted me let me know straight away it was about an hour twenty wait. They thoroughly cleaned the inside of my car, even vacuumed the door jams. Everyone seemed to be working so hard in the hot sun. They wiped the car down immediately after it came out of the car wash while it was still in the shade, which I appreciate. They pool the tips and split evenly.

Ryan Lucas

Just went here for the first time, payed $27 for the platinum package. first of all, didn't notice my passenger floor boards were flooded until I picked up my girlfriend. guessing they left a door open while it went through the wash. then when I pulled the floor mats to vacuum the puddle, they didn't even touch around or under the floor mats, also while on my knees I found they didn't vacuum the seats and whatever oily rags they used to wipe my car with left a film on my windows that made it near impossible to see while running my wipers on my way back to portland after dark. I'm demanding a refund and highly recommend just washing your car yourself or pay a professional that gives at least a fraction of a crap about their work.

Christina Hepp

I will never go back here again. The worst slowest service ive ever recieved at any place of business of any kind. I paid 34 dollars to get my car cleaned inside and out. I couldve done a better job myself in 15 minutes. Dont go to this car wash


A basic wash was great they took there time and did a great job. How car washes used to be. Great service, great wash, only complaint the signs weren't clearly marked of where place your car, however the service more than made up for that.

TJ Oregon

Excellent work and reasonable price for interior and exterior of the vehicle, 45 mins turnaround

Tracy M McIntyre

Dennis Smith

Everything about this car wash has been great for the past 10 years, Employees are friendly and they make sure your ride looks good everytime

Elizabeth Hernandez

They did an ok job with cleaning my car. Definitely not worth 33$, and then half way home I realized that they had completely broke my speaker off my driver door. It was all popped out and snapped. I will definitely NOT being going back.

Fred Cubler

Best car wash

Delilah Oaxacs

Best place


Good place

Sandy Thomas

They always do a great job on the work van.

Jan Cox

John Robison

Always good. Plan on an hour if you get the full service.

enderman geozos

these people are gang members who i have been to prison with. they have damaged my car more than any discount shop on the street. not for profit like jiffy lube but what seemed to me was in spite the 1st thing i noticed was my steering column was broken and my steering wheel just dangles now when i asked about it he said "i don't know" .then getting on the freeway my front end vibrated so bad it bounced .when i got home and looked i seen the balancing weight was missing on one of the rims. then a day later when it rained i noticed the windshield was different i couldn't see at all through it from the spray they put on it. so i cleaned my windshield noticed an oil film on the from and back. it will cost me more to fix this than it did for the "extra treatment" i get my tires through les swab they were great and rebalanced my tires free but the treatment for the windshield is a little costly. contributing to gangs is not worth it at all not for our community not for our children and not for our products.

Cindy Mestrezat

The BEST car wash in Salem!

Mark Whitlock

Brian Windsor

Richard Westrick

Decent job for the price paid. Just got the wash with hand finish. Don't think I'd get a complete detail done here.

Lucas Norman

Nicholas Kline

No complaints. Did a great job on the car forthe price.

Derrick V

Temo Lopez

(Translated by Google) They do not wash well they charge 30 they use the same tuallá to dry all the cars taken care of if they carry new car it is scratched with the tuallá sucía (Original) No lavan bien cobran 30 usan la misma tuallá para secar todos los carro cuidado si llevan carro nuevo se raya con la tuallá sucía

John Weigel

They always do a good job with my Corvette

Paul M.

Made my 2005 jeep look almost new. They did a great job, inside and out.

Barbara Grant

Disappointing... but I should have gone over the car before I left and pointed out the things they missed (Platinum Service), so that part is my fault.

Derek Phillips

I gotta say, I'm not a fanatical about my card exterior. But, every visit makes me feel a little better about my car 'hygeine' and about myself. They do a bang up job, from my limited knowledge. The hand finish and having the tires shine are great little touches. When they are done, your car is positioned close to the door and ready to go. I haven't had a full detail as of yet, but imagine I'd feel like a true cleaning aficionado if i do.

Josh Rhoton

Horrible vacuuming and broke my dash vent cover! Last time I go there!

Jimmie Little

They missed a lot of spots in the car it's self.

Bebe Bitters

They did a pretty good job. Still had some dirt on my car but not to big of a deal. Great job cleaning. Only complaint, wish they had better seating. Otherwise all was well!

Crystal Robertson

Mark Linford

Debi Singleton

They did a great job on my vehicle. You can watch your vehicle thru the glass and their wait area is awesome. You can sit at tables inside or outside. There's a mini store inside,video games,and clean restrooms.

Brittany Dominic

After spending 30 dollars on a car wash I would expect it to be clean. After a 40 minute wait I got my car... There's still stuff all over the carpet and they didn't even bother to wipe up a spill on the side of my car. Two rims were also left filthy. :(

Jeremy Mandile

Best car wash in Salem Oregon

Carol C

The vacuums don't run long enough for the money spent.

el brayan

Son careros y no limpian byen los carros

Tammy Moine

I have been coming to Magic Touch Car Wash for many years and have always been satisfied with their work. Prices keep going up and wait times continue to rise but still a good place to go.

Manuel Arce

Spencil place

Manny Martinez

Great service!

Charles Elliott

The last three times that I have been in to get the $32 premium package I have not been satisfied. The most recent trip in I asked specifically if the trunk would be vacuumed and I was assured it would be...but no it was not cleaned with a vacuum nor were the previous two trips. The front, inside windshield was poorly "cleaned" with streaks and residue remaining on the window, the dash area was not cleaned well either. I did notice that the ownership may have been changed as I saw a lot of new faces behind the cashiers area. But no excuse. I do not recommend these guys anymore. Also note that the guys doing the grunt work sure hang around for tipping for crappy service...

Donna Cole

Great options-Great car wash

Scott Stewart

Paid for the full service, and while they did an excellent job cleaning my car, they didn't even touch my trunk. I was watching these guys crawl all over SUV's and vans, getting every single nook and cranny. Meanwhile, in my sedan, it seemed like they only did mostly my front seats.

Bob Brown

I was disapointed with my last visit. I was not impressed by service or employee attitudes.

Laura Summers

They told me up front there was a long wait, and that's to be expected on a sunny afternoon in early spring. Then they proceeded to clean my car more thoroughly than most other full-service car washes I've been to in a few other cities. I didn't mind the wait because I didn't have to go anywhere else and the job was so thorough! Thanks guys. You do better work than other similar establishments.

Christian Dean

Nick Solano

I just felt the need to copy/paste my review from 2017 on yelp. The disrespect...smh 0 stars from me but I had to select something. I heard this place was good so i trusted them with a 70 dollar wash (which, for the record, they said no one ever pays ha) that included carpet clean and leather treatment. When it was done there was still dirt on my leather and dirt under the leather mats in the back seat, as well as dust everywhere. They didn't even wipe my leather down let alone treat it with leather cleaning and protection as I was promised. After they re-cleaned the car I come to find dirt still in the cup holders, the backseat carpet, and all over. It was not 70 dollars worth and the manager refused to give me my money back, let alone 30 or 40 dollars to back to what it was worth . They were kind enough to give me a free air freshener for all of my troubles haha. Had I not complained I wouldn't have even gotten that. Go to Carl b clean this place sucks

Jagjeet Singh

Love the service and people that work there.

Crystal Urban

I got the platinum package for $30. This is supposed to be the premium package? They didn't even lift up the floor mats & vacuum underneath! They didn't wipe out the cup holders or the door cubbies? The pina colada smell is so overpowering that I had to park it with the windows down. Save your money & don't go here. So disappointed

Dwayne H

Charles Kelly

Lori Foelkl


Nathan Franklin

This is a good place to take your vehicle for a quick cleaning. For 36 dollars your ride gets a bath, vacuum, and a little wipe down inside. They don't do a perfect job, but for the price it's great. You aren't paying for a detail after all.

Byron Badham

Great service.

Zina Bodunov

Definitely worth it

Bonnie Wright

Well worth the price and wait. Spotless cleaning inside and out of car

Beatriz Rodriguez Eiffler

Great place to get a good cleaning service but it's getting to expensive.

Stephanie Leppin

My "go to" for car washes when I am in town. I do the quick detail for like $25 it gets outside and express detail inside (quick dash wipe down and vacuum) great way to maintain. And I LOVE the Rain-X when I'm in Oregon - makes it so my windshield wipers don't have to work as hard, helps with visibility.

Jaine London

Did a great job

Faith Marie Gracia

I liked their service...

William Johnson

I brought my truck in for an exterior wash today. All of the soap didn't get washed off, there are still a lot of suds on my truck. I mentioned my concern to the employee that was trying to dry my rig. I also brought my concerns to the casheir, Singh. Singh didn't care either, he told me that sometimes the machine doesn't rinse off all of the soap. I just wasted my time and money at magic touch. Now, I need to find a car wash that can actually wash my truck and rinse off all of the soap.

Dennis Vasile

Way to expensive. Lousy job on tires which you pay extra for.

Michael Robertson

For a basic wash they still do very well to get your wheels and door jams. The "works" is top knotch for a place you don't need an appointment for. Interior cleaning also very good for a pretty low price. Wait time can get longer than I like, but doesn't deter me. Thorough job done every time I've been there. Those complaining about trash left behind, it's your job to get the large items out. They shouldn't have to decide what is trash or import receipts etc.

Kaylee Vickers

In the past few years (working in North Salem) I have frequently had my car cleaned by Magic Touch Car Wash. I also frequently recommend this place to friends and family. However today I paid for the platinum package and my care was anything but clean. They did not wipe down the doors, center console, etc. I could have done a better job myself in 15 minutes or so.

Jason Lee

Not as good as it used to be...

Pam Westberg

Cone here whenever I am in town.

Bryãnna Stroope

My favorite place to have my car washed. I trust them with my car and they always do a great job. If you point anything out like a spot that was missed they immediately clean it.

Jose Lara

These guys used to be really good. The last 3 times I've been their it's been very bad. I had to go home and vacuum my truck, wipe down the interior, and remove the streaks from my windshield. Also, this last time they scratched my console. I will NEVER return.

LJ Frederickson

Efficient and quality work. I like the place. Little waiting room to wait...has pop and water to purchase,, as well as chips and candy. Make sure to tip the people cleaning the cars. They work hard.

Doug Zeh

Actually made my car dirtier on the inside with gross fingerprints on headliner. Also didn’t totally soap or rinse my car. Third world car wash.

T Wallace


Will clean your car if any valuables you leave behind. They steal from vehicles and pretend to to speak English when you ask. Most of the people are wearing stollen items. They steal hats and sun glasses

norma amezola

Extremely expensive for service !

Michael Albert

James Cofer

Do a decent job. Exactly what you would expect. Friendly people!

Minner Mouse

The wash is a little pricey and the vacuum and shampoo machines are out of date they are coin operated only

John Mellow

Ok but needs something to get me into a regular customer.


Paid over $30 for a half ass job. It was slow and 4 guys were working on it! It was obvious that the windows and exterior/interior were still dirty in a lot of spots. No fragrance..what's the point of asking what scent I want? The tires didn't get done as stated in the "gold service". Should have done a better job considering how slow it was. Will NOT be returning...would have been a good customer...

Scott Christensen

$25 to get car cleaned both inside and out. 30 minutes.

Missie Pennington

Paid 33.00 to have my car cleaned and tires done and the inside floor were not vaccumed had to have them redone and the doors were not wiped down. Ergh i now have to go home and clean it myself after wasting 33.00. I would not recommend using them it’s a complete waste of money

Kenneth Martin

These guys do an amazing job! They are very fast and our car came out looking amazing! Inside and out was top notch! If you're needing a thorough job done at a car wash this is the right place. Worth the price and everything!

Photo Love by Jennifer

Great friendly service. Nice wash & dryers are on point finishing your car right.

samson ayhan

Horrible Service damaged paint on my vehicle tried to take off my vehicle antenna couldn't take it off opens my passenger door and slamming the antenna inside the truck really rude people started denying that he damaged my truck never going back to that car wash again!!!!!!

Jack Greenwood

Amarinder Sandhu

Fantastic car wash, could not ask for a better experience. Staff was nice and helpful, and did a very thorough job. Have gotten multiple washes here and they are consistently good, best car wash in Salem!

Kate Larm

Normally I love the service here, but today when I left I noticed that they stole money from my pickup. I'm pissed and I'm NEVER going back. What else have they stole from my pickup..... Everyone else, please pay attention to what's in your vehicle .. Or what isn't in it anymore.... Ugh.... Plus when I called to complain, the guy on the phone said to me, "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT?" Wow, really...

Tia Ingleton

Good, quick service

CJ Mortensen

Was there today. Paid $30. They did a fairly decent job on the inside of my car - didn't get the side door compartments but did vacuum the trunk like I asked. The outside was a different story. Didn't get leaves and twigs out of space between the hood and my windshield. Completely missed a big area on my hood. Opened my trunk and they didn't touch between the back window and the trunk lid. Am very disappointed.

Jaci Bain

Not impressed with the detailing service.

helen downs

Nice wash vacuum yourself

vincent wynn

Out standing crew best price for car wash in the area

Spencer Davis

The best! This is the only automatic car wash I will use. Always a great job.


Great car wash reasonable

chilly d

A little slow but a very good value

Linda Culton

Wow... my 2010 never looked so good. Staff is hard working. A little spendy, but when you want minimal detailing - you get your moneys' worth!

Holly Harden

Totally love the work these guys do. Best place in town

Aqeel Ali

Excellent service!

Taja Lucas

Went here a couple times and the service was really good Until today I came here again in my car still have dog hair like they didn’t vacuum the car very well there is still dirt and crumbs in the cracks of the car and I also had my missing aux cord that they took will not be coming back here again went to tell them that I had a missing item from my vehicle and they just told me they’ll give me a call back to see what happened yea right

Irvin Arenas

I been to my magic touch 5 times in total but my last visit was the worse experience ever & I am not even going back to that place again! I payed them to washed my car by hand, terrible job! Still have dirt spots & my rims were still dirty! But that wasn’t the big deal... What ever employee took my car, Broke my key chain & on top of that he cracked my key out of the remote! At the moment I didn’t notice because they left my car on which I thought was weird! When I got home turned off my car was when I noticed my key was snapped out my remote control! I could have easily gone back & complaint about it but I knew I was gonna waste my time! Now I have to order a new key & let everyone know how bad have this “magic touch” has turned out to be now! Nothing like before... NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN & ILL BE SURE TO LET EVERYONE WHO ASKS ABOUT THIS PLACE HOW BAD THEY ARE NOW!

Abel Lopez

(Translated by Google) Very bad service did not clean my car well. (Original) Muy mal servicio no limpiaron bien mi carro.

Ruben Vega

As always good

Chris Haines

They didn't understand what I said. They don't speak very good English

Joseph Chaback

John Anderson

If I knew how to speak Spanish I might have been able to get a good wash and/or service. The people who work at Magic Touch can barely speak English; I could not understand what services they offered. What I do know is I paid about $15 for a car wash that a blind person in a wheelchair could have done better. Despite the employees there washing my tires by hand, the tires were still dirty afterward. Using a clean rag between customers would solve that problem, and/or paying attention to the job at hand. If I could speak Spanish I believe they would offer good service. Others around me were getting what they wanted, but those people could speak a language I cannot. And therefore I cannot recommend this car wash. The prices were a bit on the high side as well. There's enough competition in Salem that better alternatives exist.

Steve Kline

They should not force their employees to drive stick shifts if they don't know how. This kid had a terrible time with my pickup, I did not know what he was doing. Bottom line is somebody else had to come and drive it for him. And the service is not what it used to be, it was a great place.Take your car there at your own risk.

Matthew Bacon

Nope no way

Toby Russell

Scratch my paint

Chris Pfannkuch

Quality work

Adam James

Ricky Clark

I went there today to have my back seat shampooed and was told they were to busy to do the job I been going there for a long time and never had a issue until today I won't be back

Noel Magee

Only real car wash left in town. Always has been the best one anyhow.

Sarah Duyck

We were just married and the car wash worker spent a lot of time scrubbing all of our "decorations" off of our car, before sending us through the automatic car wash. Excellent service!

Tami Schuman

Joseph Cooper,Jr.

Josh Pankey

Broke my fuse box door and did a very poor job on the interior of my car won't be going back if I was you I'd find another place for my car wash needs


Little rough on the edges but worth the trip. For as many guys that are there working on each car they could pay a little more attention to detail. still good place though.

Lori Latimer

Personal attention to each car we stay inside and observe they are quick and efficient. Hablan Espanol.

Veronics Edwards

Christyna Belden

Horrible! Paid $52 for a half hearted detail service. Their excuse? Their excuse when I complained? They were pressed for time and had to rush. Then turn people away! Don't give half the service for the full price and then act offended when customers complain. Asked to have the owner/manager to contact us, waited 3 weeks before leaving a review. We will not be back.

D. Scott Smith prepared to wait. Do a nice job

Brian Hauge

Quality work!

Elizabeth Solis

Me gusta mucho

Jasmine Huether

Get what you pay for. Cheap. Car not cleaned well and vacuums broken. Attendant not interested in helping. Look for a different place!

ritchie rich

Not that great

Anastasia Go

Has really gone down in the last 10 years in my opinion much less staff and since the management changed it has really taken a turn for the worst. Waiting an hour and a half for the vehicle to be cleaned on a sunny day with normal to low amount of staff is not acceptable. You end up getting subpar service and an hour and a half long wait for something that should not take that long. But we doing it myself then

B Alagoz

Chanda Mija

Supplied a lime green microfiber drying mitten thingy and they didn't use it. They now have picnic tables !

Liliya Mosh

Full car wash service. The guys work quickly and efficiently. Polemoki wipe the glass with a towel that surprised us.

Michael nikkhah

Not a consistent car wash

danny white

Nice touch

Shannon Custer

Not super happy. I paid for the platinum wash on my black suburban. Not all the interior seats were wiped down and there is over spray from the wheel finish all over my paint,running boards and door trim leaving spots!!!

Lisa Hendrick

A little spendy but they do a nice job. There can be a wait, so bring a book.

Elizabeth Plata

This business means business. They are comparably priced for as many staff as they have in order to get the job done right. The awesomeness is if you’re in a hurry you can have the exterior only done and car is clean outside. I say great choices.

Son Fourone

my van was damage at this car wash I left my phone number with the manager and I was told ill be contacted by the owner its been 3 weeks now still no call and I cant get hold of the owner when i tried to call,. they have insurance for this kind of thing I will contact Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.

kylee pattee

My car looked fantastic but the time I left! I felt they were fairly busy while I was there but they still got my car done in a timely manor!

joshua cravenho

This carwash is a waste of money!! They missed a lot of dirty spots on my car and the newer employees are very lazy and slow . This car wash used to be very good but has gone down hill lately. Please dont waste your money here , just take the time to clean your self or find a better car wash.


Busy and crowded wait, but they did a good job.

Kimberly OHarrow

Great job detailing our car. Take your patience because sometimes everyone else has the same idea. I will be returning.

Shamra Walder

If you advertise your open on Sundays....maybe you should actually be open!

Jeremy Winn

Did a great job with my car!


Would not go back. I asked them to get mold out n they said okay. Which later I realized they don't do mold but I was not informed. So I Paid $32 for inside and outside clean, vacum job in the inside was terrible. There was still crumbs and stuff in cracks and on the carpets. I waited 2 hrs and paid $32 for it to get the outside washed. I reccomend the place down the street wilamete auto interior, made the whole inside shiny.

Karen Saunders

Just got an exterior wash and the car looks great.

Darrell Hicks

Lacy Teixeira

Awesome job Everytime!

Jourvany Vazquez

Excellent service but a bit expensive

Darleen Abrams

They don't throw away trash found in your car and they don't do a good job cleaning your car and windows.

Noe Luna

Good place


It's worth ur money

eric jones

Lisa Baxter

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