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196 Onix Dr, Kennett Square, PA 19348

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REVIEWS OF Go Green 'N' Clean Car Wash IN Delaware


This is a great car wash. Just a little pricey.

Lauren C

Cool lights, fast, efficient. Price is pretty steep at $20. Car always has some spots that were missed. Free strong vacs.

Dave Musacchio

Would give a 0 if I could. Wash destroyed my bed cover. The manager offered no refund or compensation, like a free wash. Went as far as saying that nothing in their wash could cause that damage. Awful customer service. They have lost my business and I hope this reaches anyone with a truck. DO NOT GO THERE. Following up, their manager contacted me and was empathetic to the situation and refunded my wash as well as gave me some free washes. I wouldn't recommend these washes if you have any after market products on your vehicle, as they do not cover them in their disclaimer. But, I appreciated the follow up and the extent that they went to to make up for the situation.

Brian Schuessler

Go here often. This is one of the best drive through car washes I have been to. Cleans both of my cars very well and the price is good compared to other establishments.

Alan Haley

I shouldn’t have to go home and re-clean my car after spending $20 for the most expensive wash option. Drove home and found that there was crud still on the hood. As I started to clean that I found a lot of spots that needed attention. Next time I’ll get the cheapest option and just touch it up at home. On the plus side, the wash line is well-organized and moves quickly. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes. The free vacuums are also much appreciated.

Elizabeth Landis

Free / self service / powerful vacuums! I will definitely go again.

Nicole Humphreys

Was just there for a car wash. This scrapped my brand new 2018 suv pretty bad! It also left brissels on the name plate of my car. This place is horrible! Do not go here, I so regret it!

Mark Mccann

Javier Garcia

Good car wash

Paloma Gaona

It is small place

T Shafa

Love this car wash, it does a great job, and vacuums available to clean out the inside. Very clean.

Joe Feeney

Free self vacuums after wash. I'll be back

Comfy Campers

Who else but go green and clean. Like and follow on Instagram and Facebook!

Eduardo Simon

Best Car Wash in the USA by far!! Everyone is amazing there and wash is spot on! Go Green N Clean!!


Heard good things and decided to try it instead of my usual car wash. Staff was friendly, but like everything else, green means it doesn’t work as well. Bought the second highest wash, and soap was left behind. Upon exiting the wash, my car wasn’t even close to dry. Then with further inspection, it didn’t even clean all the salt off. Very disappointed.

Tenacee Jed

Free vacuums are definitely a plus factor. The wash does have some issues(bring a towel), but the unlimited options are ideal for frequent washings.

kelly m

Seamus Costello

The staff are about doing the job correctly and always helpful

Mike McKee


Mike S

The quality of the car wash does not match the price. The $20 wash doesn’t clean my car well. In my opinion the prices should be between $10-$15 rather than $16 to $20. As it stands now it’s a rip off.

James Hero

Mike Wallace

I figured I would try this car wash as our area has been lacking a quality wash. I have a black SUV, which is a difficult vehicle to clean, but I figured I would purchase the $20 wash to ensure I would get all of the treatments. I was confident this would get all of the dirt and salt off. In the end, I was very disappointed in how my vehicle turned out. The back of my SUV was still covered in soap and dirt and the lower sides of my truck were smeared with salty water residue. I am rating two stars though because my 2 year old loved the experience with all the flashing lights.

Brian McGeee

Eric Affourtit

Got the biggest deluxe was package you could get for about $20 and honestly I was not happy with the outcome. The automated system zios you through in under 2 mins and my car was still dirty in spots afterwards. I feel the low package could of done the same job. Not so sure I will be back again.

Rosss Aguilera

Thomas Manuel

Have best options available


Robert Pennock

Good price, solid owner and management...the monthly club well worth the price...really like that vacuum included in price...

Caitlyn Mehosky

Today the credit card machine was down and they were not able to take any payments by card, only cash. The attendant that was standing in the front informed that the machine should be up and running in about 10 mins, and said that the vacuums were free to use while I wait. I vacuumed my car for about 10 mins and as I was getting back in my car to leave, the attendant told me that the machine was going to be down longer then they thought. He told me that I could go through the car wash and it would be on them. This is how customer service should be. They could have told me that they can't take cards and to come back with cash, or I would have found another car wash down the street to have my car cleaned. But they wenht above and beyond. This place has the nicest people working every time I come, and they showed great customer service to me. I will always keep coming back here!

Jo Roach

Monica Rocha

Lynne O'Connor

Great car wash! I wish I had a photo. Or better yet, a video. Go in the dark if you can. Also they have lots of self-service vacuums (included in price).

Jean-Francois Guignard

Delco 1 LLC

Nearly $400 of DAMAGE to our Vehicle. We brought our SUV here for a wash in December. A couple days after the wash while getting gas, we noticed the metal door that covers the gas cap was missing. My husband called the car wash to ask if they had our missing door. Sure enough, they had it. We drove to the car wash to pick it up. The associate on staff told us if it was a costly repair to come back and he would help us get the issue addressed with management as it was obvious the damage occurred at the car wash. The cost of the repair came to $370.50. I approached the car wash with a copy of the receipt for the repair, and the manager told me he really didn't know how to handle the situation - not the response I was expecting, but nonetheless I continued to pursue the issue. The manager had informed me that when a vehicle is damaged during a wash, an employee is supposed to generate a report of the incident. At that time security cameras are reviewed to view the vehicle before and after the wash and determine if damage occurred during the wash. This information is necessary for an insurance claim to be filed. My husband and I were never informed of this process when we came back to retrieve our gas door from the car wash, so I was really hoping the car wash would offer to do something to address the situation as this was not our fault. After much back and forth with the manager, I was informed by the manager that he didn't believe the incident was the fault of the car wash... he offered to reimburse us for the cost of our wash, which was around $10 as compensation for the $370.50 of damage done to our vehicle. We would have been satisfied if the car wash had even offered to meet us half way on the cost of the repair, but $10 really isn't adequate. Needless to say, we will not be bringing our vehicles here any longer.

Cheryl Irish

I'm so glad this car wash is here!!! The price is worth it for a great car wash!!!

Jake Newman

Rob Barton

Zachary Smith

rayn porter

Unlimited vacuuming!

Audrey Cimmarrusti

LOVe that you can vacuum your car for free before getting your car cleaned! That feature will bring me back!! Thank you for coming to Kennett!!! Great customer service :)

Susan Wayz

Stephen Pomraning

Thorough washes in my 3 trips thus far. Appreciate the tire dressing. Really powerful vacuums made quick work of my interior mats. On the pricey side, but haven't found a better option in this vicinity.

Robert Bowen

Elias Herrera

I will never go to another car wash again. This place is the best. Dakota is always friendly and professional and today the machine failed to take off all of the soap so Yoban chased our car down and said to come back. He could have left us alone and let us drive off with all of that soup, however, he did his job and some by asking us to come back. He not only apologized but made it right by offering us a premium wash. He could have just rinsed us off, but he decided to make sure we were happy and give us an even better wash. Hats off to the entire staff. Excellent work. PS. THE VACUUM IS FREE AND THE WASH HAS COOL LIGHTS

Brandon Michaels

AMAZING customer service along with an amazing new car wash system. Highly recommended for vehicles big and small!! Free vacuum too with car wash.

Elliott Pew

Poor experience. Rim was damaged. Staff member was not empathetic or sympathetic. Told me to drive better and to check my rims more frequently as it was not possible for their equipment to damage vehicles. I could have fought their denial of my claim, but given I work in the biz I just got my rim fixed on my own and moved on. I would just use thier free vacs and wash somewhere else.

William Ritchie

Free unlimited vacuums

Google Local Guide-2399

Dirty car in then clean car out. My car needed a car badly, busy work schedule =no car wash in 9 months. This car wash place is fairly new, opened within the last year. Easy touch screen selection. If you need a receipt don't forget to select print receipt. The light display going thru wash is pretty neat too! They do have a unlimited subscription if your interested of coming on a regular basis, which I will probably sign up for now that my work schedule is back to normal.

Carl Pallini

The best car wash in Pennsylvania!

Guadalupe Lopez

stacey Stith

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