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REVIEWS OF Duck In Car Wash IN Delaware

Robine Reese

Great job as always! Keep up the good work.

John Shockley

Ross Jones

Austin Smith

Since ownership has changed the quality and service is terrible. Prices increased, options canceled, detail to service is awful.

Nicole Magill

Great job good price

Debra Scott

Best carwash in town

N. Shannon Fornes

They have taken out the air freshener for cars. Omggggg. And up the prices. Why....

Abner Sanchez

I took my car to have it washed and when I received it my car was acceptable other than it started raining as I was leaving. My issue is that my radio antenna was bent during thew washing process. I brought it up to a "guy in charge" who was dealing with some other unhappy customer atm. Once I talked to him I was told to leave my number and the GM would call me back later. What do you know, I don't receive a call back. Bottom Line: Unprofessional Customer Service which in my opinon makes or breaks a business. I will never return here and encourage to do so.

Nevin Bergey

Judy Pfeiffer

Great service and my vehicle looks great. Friendly people.

beth hopkins

Paid 27 for what nothing was clean

Its me . Lets start a conversation!

A warm welcome upon entering and ended with a superior clean car. Thank you!


Very clean

Gary Simons

Fast in and out. Usual prices.


Love the full service inside and out compared to self service washes and there are price options depending on what you want.

Scott Smith

Janice Messick

Helen Matthews

Lmfao this place needs to be called DENT IN!! CUZ THEY BE DENTING CARS .If you want your car all dented up and smashed this is the place ! And they won't even claim responsibility and when police become involved they say they don't have cameras smfh. Don't waste your money on this dump people. TRASH. Extremely unprofessional employees.


Danielle Banos

If I want to lose 23.00 I will just throw it out the window the next time. This is the THIRD time I have been there and dash wasn't cleaned, cup holders weren't cleaned , glass was still dirty, bugs still all over the front bumper, I offered to take my own antenna off and they said they would do it, thanks for the paint chip down to the metal !!!!!! This is ridiculous people ! I am demanding a refund and I AM going to let BBB know, and this will be my last time there and I left a good tip too. Not again !

Dan Schlabach

Quality is on a downward spiral since new ownership. And very very slow. Very disappointing.

Shawn Warnick

So apparently $29 does not get you much here. I order the works, expecting my car to be fully vacuumed, the bugs off of my bumper, a nice shine on my car. Nothing. I literally did a rain x waterless wash at my apartment just to get the majority of dirt off before I took it in to prevent scratches. I even touched up the wheels with a pre wash to make it easier. I cant do the entire car on my own because I do live in an apartment. So being I actually use to detail on the side when I lived in Dover I have pretty high standards when it comes to car washes. This was a $12 wash at most. The bumper looked as if it wasnt even touched, seats were ok, and i dont even think they really do carnuba wax like they advertised. Let's be honest, carnuba puts off a rich shine and my car looks like it had very little wax or sealant applied. It really is unfortunate that it was such a bad job and being a car guy I really expected better. I think they know that they have no competition in the area so the charge ridiculous prices for a sub par job. Why have 10 workers drying when you could have 3 less drying and 3 more working on a pre wash to get bugs and debris of bumpers to have a more impressive outcome. Guess I have to travel to Salisbury or Dover to get a good wash and I have no problem doing so for something done right.

Stephanie Cardenas

Horrible job. Wasted money.

Steven Willey

Payed 4 tire shine and didn't get it...they don't do a great fast on to the next money....dont care to do a good job ...I won't go again....thanks 4 nothing

larry stockman

Not worth your money folks had been my car taken in there for years and after the past few times I've had it done interior it is not clean and like it should be the defining moment was when they dislodged one of my $35 wipers And pretty much told me to go kiss off

Mary Bailey

john t luchik

A bit pricey, but do a good job. Worth a tip.

James Rolling

Always outstanding work --- a little bit expensive, but maybe worth it.

Gabriel Ramirez SN

Carlgene Dixon

They do a good job

shunee cannon

Nicole Mumford

Went on Saturday to get my car cleaned so I can sell it I was in a hurry and getting late. When I got home noticed they never vaccumed Under my seats. And still had green mildew around my doors. Wouldn't recommend thier services. I had to end up redoing it on Sunday. Duck in car wash waste of my time and money. Will be posting this on social media so no one else wastes their money

Jonathan Young

Mike Goff

Tyrone Simms

Jason Cooper

Quick and does a good job.

Blake Wamester

Great service!

Linda Holston

Expensive for a good wash

Charles Green

Wow!!!! 29 dollars for the Works. I was the only customer there when I went there. I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. My truck was probably just as dirty when I left, except for the outside. Paid all that money and there were 6 guys working on my truck. Dash still covered in dust and not a drop of armor all in my vehicle. Windows still filthy. BAH HUMBUG. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE.

Travis James

Judy Dixon Roach

Willi Helwig

Brian Farber

They Do a better job than Soft touch in Salisbury, we drive up from Delmar. Good service

Rob Stockman

Jim Kinsey

Great service great owner

Cj Stull

best 18$ carwash you will ever get cus lets be honest who wants to wash vacum and do windows inside and out for that price

Judy Kitchen

Geoffrey Cline

Greg gorski

Great guys in the back they go over and above

Trish Todd

Kayla Smith

Andrew Valonis

Goodwash nice people

Joshua Pritchett

The greeter and cashier had great attitudes and were a pleasure. The automated wash was satisfactory. The wipe down crew left much to be desired-no work ethic, spent more time on their phone than on my car, and didn’t even attempt to wipe down my dash or console area. I have tried Duck In Car Wash three separate occasions with three different vehicles and have had the same experience each time. I will not be returning.

Jessica Greenwood

Bob Kowalski

Len S

Worse wash ever. $23. Had to take the car around back a second time to remove bugs and still didn't get it off. After I left and the sun was on the windshield it looked as if they wiped the inside with a filthy cloth. Terrible terrible car wash. I won't be going back.

Casey Couch

I know where this place is at but have never been go to Walmart go to Seaford music used to go to Harley-Davidson turn around sometimes near this place

Michele Elliott

I called ahead to confirm that the car wash was still open for the afternoon. I spoke with someone at 4:20 p.m. and they said that they were still open and washing. I responded that I live about 10 minutes away and I will be right there. I pull up slightly after 4:30 p.m. and they are closed and then the manager was too busy to speak with me about the issue. This is very frustrating. I wouldn't have been so upset if I hadn't made sure that you were open by contacting you by phone prior to driving to the carwash. What a prime example of a very poor customer service.

juan perezm

XxgameingmermaidXx roblox and more!!!

I like this place because when we get our car back its so clean..

Wilma Thomas

Thank you, thank you my car looks great. They do such good work. Highly recommend.

J Senesi

Fast and convenient, but a bit pricey. Plus they did a substandard job on cleaning the interior windshield.

MaryAnn Peragallo

K Elliott

Best car wash around.

Martin Link

Theresa Robinson

David Philmore

OneI used to go here for years before the current owner took over. The service sucks and I would never use this service again. Want my money back.

King Lake

Paul Hastings

Ok but csn do a better job

Brian Hill

Good place takes the time and does it right

Eric Hearn

Won't be going back.

Catrina Hinds

Aaron Woods

Terrible quality car wash, never pay the max. It's the same dam thing. Had to wipe down and vacuum the interior when i got home. Save your 30 bucks and do it yourself.

Ethel Raspe

Damien Quillen

dustin warrington

Came here for the first time and they cleaned the heck out of my car

Thomas Sylvester

Water spots and they didn't clean it well

Cheryl Ratledge

Could vacuum a little better little pricey but worth it

Shirlyn Wheeler

Margery Richard

I got the works ha that’s a joke . Vehicle was only half vacuumed dash only half dusted door jams weren’t even touched . The wheels ha don’t even think they even knew I had wheels on my vehicle cause they sure weren’t clean . Had to redo the whole vehicle myself once I got home .so not did I just waste my time there I wasted my 29 bucks also . I Should of learned my lesson the first time I was there when they left my driver side window down but I’m always the person who gives people that second chance well they got it . So never again will they get my money or my time . That’s time I’ll never get back .

nick Last

Used to be the best. Slowly but surely headed down hill. Lacking effort and quality. Less and less worth it everytime

cmiller3155 .

Just wasted time and $23 here the cashier has yet to say one word to me No Hi /Bye kiss my butt or anything as she looked at her phone as many other did out side while whipping down the out side. The truck interior still looks the same except the rubber floor mats are still wet a more lint on the dash and before

jamiah weston

The service is really good. Everyone is respectful but the workers don’t take there time washing the cars. I went there yesterday around 12. I paid over 20 dollars to get my car clean. Once i got back in the car everything looked fine until i saw they never clean under my two front seats. They didn’t clean my doors like they was supposed to. I will not be going back to there just to waste my money again.

Danielle Horsey

It wasn't busy so I took my car to get cleaned . Let's just say I wasted 20 Dollars. I could have just did it myself for less dirt still on the car windows not clean it was all streaked up tires had no shine and floor mats full of water had my carpet all soak and wet. My advice is either take your car to Salisbury or do it yourself don't waste your money at duck inn.. there service sucks it was my first time and my last time. I just feel like they got a free 20 dollars. My grandkids could have did a better job. Hell monkeys could have too

Tammera Ward

Brett Brandau

Sign has lower prices. When went to pay they said they couldn't honor the price on their sign. They had already started spraying the car when I told them I didn't want to to pay the higher pricing. Got my car wet and now has water spots that I now need to get washed somewhere else. Ended up wasting 10 minutes to get my car back. All over $1 ... Either fix your sign or honor your pricing.

Shazad Chaudhry

Bud Nash

Kayla Bowden

My and my girlfriend took our car to get washed and clean it went in perfect fine and came out with the headlight busted and the front bumper all messed up bent badly an scratches all over the front

meagon faulkner

Love this place. Gets my car very clean. Wish they would have a monthly membership. That would be awesome.

Kodiak Shepherd

Thomas J Solimeo

Quality wash

Jacks Links

Mark Wilson

Great service and fast

David Watson

jason m

Valarie Wright

They do great work for the little amount of time that the employees are given to clean the cars. One of the employees felt that my vehicle needed re-vacuuming, so he re-vacuumed my vehicle. Great customer service!!

Tom Laiacona

Car did not come out totally clear of all the salt from snow storm. Usually they do a great job. I guess salt was really crusted on car.

ron watson

I don't like the format of no posted prices and then the cashier was so rude. She was on a personal phone call about some Jerry Springer lifestyle issues. Never spoke to me or thanked me. I will never stop there again. BTW my truck turned out well.

Anthony Costa

Good place. No issues

Joe Snell

Mike M

Chipped my paint in numerous areas on my passenger side & stole all of my silver change & left the pennies.

Paula Thomas

Judi Jones

Friendly staff

Jean Schock

Good service fair price

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