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REVIEWS OF Diamond Express Car Wash - Morton IN Delaware

Janet Ortiz

Great service! Fast service! They always do a GREAT job! Staff is very friendly! Only place I'll go!

kevinhadden8 hadden

Under $ 17.00. For unlimited daily car washes for a month. Great deal !!!

William Fern

Been going here for a few years now. I have a large pick-up truck. It can handle it. I have the unlimited plan here. I usual get right in and right out. There are free vacuums here. The staff is a bit moody but who cares. I’m not there to make friends. It’s great for a quick clean wash. It’s not a detail car wash. I go somewhere else for that when I have the time.

Pal Che Tang Soo Do

Do not recommend!

Joseph Dechristoforo

People that work there are rude obnoxious and totally unprofessional. They also need to change their signs. They advertise a $6 car wash and when you drive up to the machine to pay all of their prices are a dollar higher.

William Sabb

The line that wraps around this place every Saturday for years, speaks for itself. Great place!

Mike Reilly

Always the place I go to get my car wash. Quick in and out if you get there early.


They increased the prices and reduced the quality of service. You pay more for less than what used to be the basic....and the attendants are too busy on their phones to address anything that goes wrong. I dont know if the management changed, but looking elswhere....

Sina Tith

Pretty nice cat wash. My 2014 ram 2500 fit.

Andrew Brown

A good automated experience and the self vacuum area after the car wash was very useful.

Mike Kim

To make things short...just POOR...the car came out with dirty spots and the owner "Neal" is just rude and absurd. At one point when I was using the vacuum he actually told me to "get the f**k out of here!" because I was trying to vacuum some of the debris out of my engine bay. In what business do you curse at your customers??? And if he doesn't want anyone using the vacuum to clean the engine bay, he should have a sign that says so. WTF is wrong with this owner, Neal? Making money must have gotten to his head and he must not care about the customers anymore. DO NOT GO HERE.

Shay Tate

Doesn't clean your auto as clean as should be. Good for free vacuum tho.

Chrissy Prince

Its really a little bit less than I was expecting but I enjoyed it

Brian Harley

The best car wash around hands down. My car always comes out clean and have never had an issue. I have been there roughly a dozen times over two years and will keep going. the only reason for 4 stars is the wait sometimes, but it is worth it.

IcHuLuS VanHinderloom

The car wash does a good job and they have free vacuums that actually work. The attitude of the staff is sometimes questionable.

Vernal Equinox

Clean and neat. Great location! Good Vacuums!

Aleksei Velizhanin

Fast and accurate service!

John Lee

Love the free vacuum along with Great wash

Chris Junkin

Tremendous value! Been getting my cars washed here for years. They simply know what they're doing.

John Wisniewski

Paid $16 I think get my car washed every day for one month

Pandiyan V

Very nice place and really like this get my car the bestvwash

Charles Cunningham

Does a good job washing but needs hand drying

Tatyana Ponomareva

Ok car by wash.

Kyle Carney

Good place to conveniently get your car washed.


Great place for a full service carwash if you go by 9:30. However, your car still needs a wipe down. Free vacuum is a nice perk.

Amber Cody

The first time I went here my car came out beautifully and I was very impressed with how clean and shiny it was. The free vacuums were a great bonus! The second time I visited, however, I was left with some residual debris on my car (in their defense, my car was insanely dirty with bird poop). Overall this is a pretty good carwash provided your car isn't filthy (in that case, pre-clean a bit).

Joel Dowling

Great local car wash. Their service is automated and does a great job with cleaning my large tires / wheels. I also like that they offer a monthly plan for unlimited car washes.

Andrew Spehalski

Quick, decently priced, and free vacuums after the wash. The wash always seems to get my car much cleaner than other places.

Robert Boone

It's good but getting pricey

Tom Dooley

Nice job every time, crew attentive to details.

Viraj Patwardhan

Always busy. Sometimes hard to find vaccines spots immediately.

Cee Marie

Well.. I wanted to give them a shot and was thinking about enrolling in the monthly plan option but went there today and did the $20 cast wash option, my car looks fairly clean however it sadly did not get the bird doo off of my car

Donald Mack

Perfectly ran!

Majid Khorchid

Decent place to get your car washed for a decent price. Keep in mind that staff don’t really time your stay “detailing” your car or over cleaning it. Nearly everyone passes the 15 minute limit and no one would say a thing.

James Christaldi

This automated car wash is my favorite one to go to. It does a pretty good job and I can take my pickup truck through it. I also have free vacuums outside, which is a nice thing too.

Gary Csop

Great value. Multiple levels of service. Vaccum to clean your interior as well.

Luann DiCola

Great staff and prices!

Joe Hohmann

I always get the basic wash. The thing that really makes this place stand out is the powerful, effective wheel wash (at no extra cost). I'd still come here if it the price was $10. instead of $7..

Jenna Maguire

My favorite car wash!! Not only is the staff friendly and personable, your car is COMPLETELY cleaned after! Also, vacuuming is FREE! Highly highly suggest!

Nicole Devlin

The prices are great and I love the free vacuums that they offer. This is the only car wash I would recommend to my friends and family.


Great service ! Great employees . Will be a frequent customer from here on out

Gene Twilley

This place is a little pricier than I would normally like to pay, but there are free vacuums - they really suck, which is a good thing for a vacuum. The worst part about this place is getting out - if you're trying to travel west or north, good luck to you.

Debra Zambriczki

Her great!

vinay bhat

Compared to other car wash, this is good. Cleans well. And free vacuum.

Larry Leonard

Great place within the local area. Always does a great job for me.

Joseph Tursi

Fast & easy

Annie M

I have a white car that was marked with red berries from a tree and before I went through the gentleman at the entrance to the car wash noticed and sprayed my entire car and told me the berries may be hard to remove, if they don't come off they will have me go through twice. When I went to vacuum the car, he came over and sprayed and cleaned each spot that remained and my car looked great! Great service, I will definitely come back.

Andrew Arutunian

Owner is a scam artists attempting to charge whatever price he deems. Fit. If you have any sense at all, do not support this car wash, it has scratched my vehicle on several occasions, which the owner declines to comment about. Currently have a lawsuit pending against this owner for breaching a monthly wash contract, don't fall for their scams. Better business Bureau has been notified of this scam. And this business potentially facilitating the distribution of illegal products. Have seen the employees doing drugs in the adjacent parking lot on several occasions. If you enjoy being discriminated against, I highly recommend this car wash.

Mike Harper

You can buy a monthly plan with vacuuming included

Steven Corbin II

Good customer service.

Andrew Mundy

I would give it zero if I could. My truck was days old, Took it there for the first time and it scratched my truck from front to back. Broke my hitch cover off and cost 28$. The rude and strange woman told me it was already damaged, days old and she told me it came like that. She looked like a human cigarette. I guarantee she will write something under this like “there’s nothing we can do about that” or instantly respond bc she is obviously waiting for a bad review with a combative response. The woman was about as rude and totally unaware as you can be and offered nothing but attitude when I asked her very nicely about the situatIon. She proceeded to lean over the hood of my truck with her zipper banging on it and claimed that her car wash didn’t do anything. I was forced to file a police report and will never go there again and I strongly strongly strongly reccimend that you don’t either.

Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism

I was visiting a friend in the area and stopped in because a bird pooped all over my car. I came here because of my good experience with their location in Cherry Hill. I waa very pleased to have a similar experience here. It's rare to see a company with such consistently good employees. The staff was friendly and professional, property is clean, service was excellent. After my wash there was still some bird droppings on my car. After mentioning it to the manager, Melinda, she not only removed the spots by hand, but rewashed my car as well. Needless to say, my car looks great and I left happy.

Ashley Chapin

Love this place!! Cheap washes, free vacuuming when you get a car wash. Always clean and plenty of space to park to vacuum. The kids love driving through to watch the car being cleaned. Very easy to pay.

Carolynn Roe

Great for a quick car wash

Anthony T

Car was very clean.Staff was ok,try to call for information on unlimite car wash was answer by a woman who is to busy to talk me.If you don't want my business I can take some where us?You should have someone to answer the phones that have has the time answer questions.

Matthew Lewis

Great Job!! They take excellent care of my vehicles. I really recommend these guys! Best bang for your buck with out the BS!

Keturah Garvin

The only car wash place I use. Great!

Bob Collins

One of the few drive through car washes that does a decent job. Won't get your wheels completely clean though. 20 bucks for the works, meh. Not enough room around the vacuums, but they work well. Not easy to get in during rush hours, which is all day in delco!


I don't love the people who work here, but I don't go here to make friends. The car gets clean regardless, so I am happy with that. I am confused by how the machine knows what I paid for since there are two kiosks to pay and there doesn't appear to be any way to keep track of who paid for what . Go early and get the early bird special, that's the best deal.

carla hoogerwerff

The only car wash I go to, pretty inexpensive & I can vacuum my car my way

Kevin Faust

My car needed to be cleaned. A lot of people had the same need. The tire rims didn't appear to come out as nice as the car. $16...?

Rob Moore

Car actually is clean, and the vacuums are great

Vanessa Hugh

Consistent and cheap. Love this place

Michelle Porter

My experience was awesome here. Staff were very nice and friendly. These guys knew what they are doing and did a good job on my car. My car looks like a new car now and would definitely go back again!

Anne Vilello

Reasonable price car wash & free do-it-yourself vacuums

Jon Scott

Works well since I live in an apartment. Vacuum is a plus. Definitely recommend

Ariel Lopez

Love this car wash .staff very helpful & nice & friendly. Car club saves me lots of

Toxic Pic

Convenient drive through car wash with free vacuums. Moderate pricing makes this an attractive stop to clean your car.

Kenneth Felker

$16 a month, unlimited washed. What else can you say.

Sahbina Ebba

I like this place a lot. Conveniently located!

John Mattero

Standard automated carwash with reasonable prices and options. Free vacuums.

Suzy Casper

This is my regular car wash because it always does a good job. Better than any of the ones I've gone to in the past in fact, and I like that I don't have to pay extra to use the vacuums. Today however was extra great. The employee, Dave was very helpful and friendly. My car had a lot of bugs on it, he asked if I had an extra minute for him to work on it before the wash. I said yes and he went over every single spot with soap and a towel. Afterwards he checked it again. I don't think my car has looked this clean since I bought it. He did say he only had time to do it because it was such a slow day. Exceptional service. It didn't even cost me extra, because he refused the tip I offered. They may not do all that normally, but they're still the best around for their usual express service.

Brandon Kaback

Always a decent wash!

Jeremy Druckenmiller

Great car wash.... Little expensive and a bit hard to access on a busy day

Herb Dickerson

Great car wash first service no waiting in line for $16 you can get your car washed as much as you want I love it

Jignesh K Rita

Car comes out pretty clean plus there is free vacuum. Always go there for my car wash

Kandie Soo

don't waste your time or money.

mike iveson

Decent quick semi cheap car wash with free vacuums. If you have a midsize to large SUV this carwash will most likely leave the entire back of your car unwashed.

Silent Wings

I always go here even though there are places closer to me. I just get the basic wash and it does a great job. A few water drops remain after drying but they don't cause a problem. And the best part is the free self serve vacuums when you are done. Only downside is it gets busy at test but worth the wait.

Biao Han

It's probably good around Springfield, but no better than average of the ones I have used before. It's more like a "paid self service" than an actual "car wash" that utilizes staffs that at least finish the cleaning by hand. The $7 basic wash(actually you will need to pay close to $8) is more expensive than a lot of competitors, but you end up need to wipe the car dry yourself with your own towel you need to prepare beforehand. There are many car wash places in nearby towns that cost at most $5 including tax with staffs wiping your car dry. Their machines are pretty good, though. Update: I have used the facility twice and both times after the final rinse I didn't wipe dry the car and it left many water spots that I had to wash it again at home to remove. The wiping is DEFINITELY NECESSARY.

Samantha Withers

The car wash does a good job getting my car clean with just the $6 wash and the vacuums are free and also work well. The only drawback is that if you need to go west on Baltimore Pike, you can't really do that from their lot, so you either have to go down and turn around in Kohl's parking lot or go a different way.

David Greeley

This place is very professional. I would highly recommend this car wash establishment. Very reasonable rates in the area and they offer free vacuum with the purchase of a wash.

Renee Ryan

Carwash, only went once when they first opened. They were too expensive. Especially for that area. Had to get an oil change and a carwash for $30. No thanks. Haven't been back in years. They had to have changed something or they wouldn't still be there.

Viola Pollard


Anthony Fonville

Does a great job on a very dirty car. Love the Early Bird Special ( discounted prices between 8-10am )

Ken Womack

I bought the monthly special and I'm very happy for $17 I can get my car washed everyday

Courtney P

Great car wash, fast and reasonably priced. The easy access to the free vacuums is great as well.

George Needles

Best car wash in Delco for the price

Ray Miller

Quick in n out. Car comes out clean n dry .

M. R. Newton

I love this place! The owner must have a sense of humor as I laughed at every single one of his responses to the bad reviews! I ❤️ Diamond!

Peter Bachman

Free vacuum, automated card based purchase, busy. Great for frequent car washes.

Joe Tomlinson

Over priced

Patricia Butcheck

Well maintained and reliable. Easy to use with discounts for frequent customers. Can be busy and crowded which makes it hard to access the vacuums.

Robert Homeyard

Excellent place to wash your car,prices vary on the type of wash you select. You have to dry your own car but the finish results are fantastic. Vacuums are free to use along with ample trash cans for garbage.

tat sumaru

Worst car wash I have ever had, the spots on my car were simple dirt that just wipes off with your finger was still on there. Last time I went they added signs that limit you and say no music awesome American business. Also they broke my mirror on my car with the pounding of the washer "drapes" and did not care when I tried to tell them worst experience I have ever had in a car wash in DELCO.

Nicole McKale

This car wash usually gives a good wash but you have to watch because you don't always get what you pay for. Although if you pay for the upgraded rainbow wash and tire shine and don't get it there's not much they will do about it. It happened to me this morning. I paid for the $14 wash and I noticed the rainbow suds didn't come out and the light didn't go on that says "applying tire shine". I went over to the attendant and she said all she could do was put me through again. Well, after waiting 20 minutes for my turn I didn't feel like waiting another 20 minutes. This place is a rip off. I guess they figure most people don't realize they aren't getting what they are paying for.

Joel Rickards

The people are great! Very helpful! Well worth it! It’s a clean car wash that won’t hurt your car! Vacuums all work! A+++

Jesvin Jerry

The quality of the wash went down overtime. You’re workers are always on their phones and they are very rude to their customers. They need to learn how to treat their customers.

Ashton Trent

Great service and prices but the car wash did scratch the roof and the back trunk

Kevin Kehoe

This car wash is VERY underrated. I don't see any problems with the employees and the equipment is very nice! Free vacuums also adds to the experience!


$20 for the best wash option. Didn't get a majority of the stuff off my car. Vaccums did not work and shot little pebbles out rather than sucked anything off my seats. Wasn't awful but definitely could have done a better job for the premium wash option. The rain got more dirt off my car. Past washes were better.

Matthew Keller

Easy, automatic carwash. The vaccums are free after and well maintained.


My new favorite car wash! Accepts credit cards at drive thru terminal, attendants come out too assist since I called and asked, they prep your car according to price package selected [$8 wash+rinse, $3 tire shine]. The automatic car wash is TOUCH FRIENDLY with soft speghetti like things and spinner brushes and the dryer lasts perfectly long for SUVs to completely dry with out towels and spots. The vacuums are the reason I went and work flawless with excellent suction for under/ back of seats. Pictures taken at home. Thank you to the young lady that came out too help with payment. $11.00 well spend for time at vacuums.

Vincent White

Pretty good car wash but sloppy when they work the Interiors

Adrienne Feeley

Best car wash around

David DeBeary

This is my favorite car wash always gets my car clean.

John Ryan

Fully Automated with vacuums. Nice price for the quality!

Jim Fahey

Very nice car wash. Also reasonable.

Holli Wernert

Best place around to get your car washed they're reasonable free vacuuming people are nice and you never feel rushed

Michael_Patrick Ferro

Love the style and cleans the vehicles well

Mike Leddy

Me - my car didn’t get clean. Car wash - we have an express wash, it’s not going to.

Tina McLaughlin

The best for scrubbing my blue baby! My favorite place to wash from now on!

Keisha Angelique

Paid $20 and still have stuff on my car. I've been to other washes where they at least spray to loosen up the dirt first and some that were touchless where I've paid less and got a better job. This was my first and last time there. Posted pics of leftover dirt after the wash.

Matthew Roy

I love this car wash! It's done an excellent job on my car without causing any scratches or damage even through its fully automatic, touches your car, and pulls it through the wash. Price wise there's a solid selection ranging from around $7ish to around $20ish at the high end with the option to have a monthly subscription too. Overall this is a great place to go and I'll be back soon.

Jerry Lugo

I washed my car and had no problems. Good car wash for the buck

Jose Rivera

Great car wash variety of different choices to choose from affordable prices and free Vacuum service.

Cheryl B

Fast service and it cleans well! They even have a space to finish off with your personal touch!

Danielle Zvek

My black car always comes out clean I love it come here all the time. Great prices too

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