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REVIEWS OF Diamond Express Car Wash - Cherry Hill IN Delaware

Jack Burton

Just signed up for their unlimited club. Ive been coming almost every day(sorry lol) and I LOVE IT!

Je P

This place has the best deal. We have tried other car washes and this is THE BEST DEAL.

Austin Ian

We all know what the pollen does to our vehicles this time of year, especially if you don't have time to get your vehicle washed once a week. Much to my surprise before I went through the carwash today, the one employee said "if all of this does not come off we can run it through again". When my truck was finished being washed it looked good, however as the employee suspected, it did not all come off. So I accepted the offer of running it through again. To my surprise both employees spent several minutes spot removing by hand many of the very obvious remaining spots,(there was no one behind me at the time). I offered them a tip, however I was surprised once more when I was told that they do not accept tips. Great experience sums it up!

Paul Dellavecchia

What a great deal, $20 dollars a month to wash your car every day. I take full advantage of the car wash club. I run my car through almost every day , and could not be happier. !! I recommend the “car wash club” highly

Kevin Thompson

After seeing the great reviews on here I decided to try them out for the first time recently. I have to say I was very impressed. My SUV wasn't coated in crud, but it had been a few months and it was pretty dirty. I didn't really expect it to completely clean, you know, a few spots here and there, some dirt at the top of the back window and around the license plate. What I've come to expect from an express wash. I read the menu and bought the $14 wash. Before I paid one of the employees asked if I needed help or had questions. I asked about a few of the extras and if I had to worry about my mirrors or scratches. He not only answered all of my questions competently, but set my mind at ease. Without trying to upsell me! He also rang up my wash for me, explaining along the way. I doubt I would've needed the help, but I appreciated it anyway. The guys did a good job of spraying the car down, and I liked the sprayer they used. I saw them use a towel on a couple of spots. They sprayed my wheels with cleaner, mentioning that they were doing extra because it looked like I might need it. The wash itself was clean, everything seemed to be working and looked pretty new. After the wash I used the vacuums (free with the wash) which worked very well. I was pretty surprised with how good my car looked! The wheels were nearly perfect! One of the guys came over and looked over my car. He wiped a couple of spots and touched up the wheels too. After that it really was perfect! I offered a nice tip, which, as with others was refused. He explained that the owners pay them well, do they don't have to rely on tips, and that they feel like excellent service should be standard, not extra. To sum it up: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, good prices, quality vacuums, and a clean, pleasant atmosphere. I feel confident saying that you won't regret giving them a try. The only thing that disappointed me was that they only sell air fresheners. It would have been nice to be able to buy some stuff for cleaning the inside of my car. Still, I suppose it's not that difficult to buy those things from the auto parts store.

Matt Stopa

Had a unpleasant experience here recently where the people who worked here spent 7 or 8 minutes talking and making jokes with the car in front of me. I asked if I could just go around but they said they'd be done soon but kept talking and talking. I've gone here for years without.much of an issur. But this was frustrating. There was no one and I almost missed a meeting because of it. Edit in response to feedback: Seems like a bad business model to sign people up while there are people waiting. I appreciate that you are sorry but it just doesn't make any sense.

Recel Jovellanos

This is my go to car wash place, and you get to used the vacuum. Closes at 6pm.

Mustang Gt

Just want to say thanks to Dave for going the extra steps to help clean road tar off my Mustang. Really didn’t have to but you can tell the man actually cares about his job and his customers. Thanks again for the extra effort!!

Tracy Gao

Dave is the best! Super committed to making sure customers cars are clean.

Cherry Pop

When I came in my car was absolutely filthy, like oh my god, it was so embarrassing. The guys here hooked me up and it looks great now. Excellent customer service from the staff, strong vacuums, great prices. Very cheap for the service they provide. Thank you so much!

Mike DiFranco

Always friendly staff, everything works well. I'm never left wondering if I'm gonna get what I paid for. Staff doesn't mind doing a little extra to make sure you're happy.

Carmen Alexandra

$6 wash with free vacuum. Nice. -- I had a great experience at Diamond Express. I did my usual $6 wash, and started to vacuum when a nice gentleman came over and noticed I still had a few dirt markings on my car. He then offered an additional wash at no cost! It was the highlight of my day, I believe his name was David, the manager. Great costumer service!

Angela James

I've been coming here for awhile now, because they do such a great job, and it's so cheap. Especially with the free vacuums. Lately their staff has been getting better and better. I parked my car in a garage while I took a long vacation, when I got back there was huge white streaky stains on it from the water dripping on it. When the manager, Dave, told me it wouldn't come off in the wash my heart sank. Then he said he could fix it for me. True to his word he pulled out some products from the back, buffed out the stains and wouldn't even accept the $20 tip I offered. No doubt about it, I don't need to go anywhere else. You guys rock!

Anna Keswick

I had the greatest experience here the other day. I have a white SUV and had to park under a mulberry tree, and... it's been awhile sine I had it washed anyway. So, of course, it was covered in purple fruit, bird droppings,dirt and god knows what else. I saw the sign while driving down 70 and figured at least I could get it kinda clean. I didn't really expect it to be clean, just less dirty. While I was paying one of the gentleman, Dave, started spraying it right away with cleaner, he said he noticed how dirty it was and figured I needed the extra to make sure it got clean. After I paid, he spent several minutes go over the whole car with soap and a towel, then they sprayed the whole car down AGAIN after I pulled onto the track. I was amazed at such service for a $6 car wash. After the wash he was right there again. He scrubbed one spot, thanked me for coming in and left. When I got home I couldn't believe it, my filthy car is SPOTLESS. Thank you so much, I'll definitely be back!

Larry Siegel

Best car wash around. I joined up for the monthly membership and it's the best deal in town. Courteous, professional, affordable and never a long wait. Love these guys!

Nicolette Raleigh

I parked under a ginkgo tree and it dropped these nasty smelly fruits all over my car. Went to this car wash to get it off and had the most unexpected, best customer service I’ve seen in years. Dave and Gill were absolutely amazing. They were very polite and even went as far as spraying cleaner all over my car and actually scraping off the nasty smelly fruit chunks. I can’t recommend this place enough! I drive out of my way to go there and I will continue to do so. Thanks!!!

Steven Daters

Solid car wash for the money, and the vacuums are excellent - work better than any coin one in the area. I went at lunch hour (on a cold day), and it wasn't busy at all - your mileage could vary. It was easy in and out with an automated machine to select your wash (cash or credit).

Jessica Pickering

I've taken my car here several times and it always comes out looking great! The manager and other employees are very nice and always helpful. A+ service.

Austin Dykstra

I went in with a filthy car. No seriously it was FILTHY..... The car came out mostly clean after my first pass. I asked if I could run it through again and they didn't hesitate. My car looks very clean now. Then after that one of the employees came out and wiped off my trunk lid as there were a few straggling bubbles. Way to go guys

Sue Frommer

I always have a great experience here. The staff are friendly and the prices are perfect for my budget. Yesterday I had a big smudge of something on my passenger side door and Muneeb did an excellent job of removing it. Even if you forget everything else, you gotta respect a company that pays their employees a fair wage so they don't have to grovel for tips. They give great service just to do it. Love it here!

Allison Hardin

It's ok for a quick car wash but when I want a detail I take my car to the place right across the street from wegmans on Haddonfield in cherry hill, they do an amazing job inside and out

Alice Nana

I had an issue with my car which then transformed into an incident report having to be made. I’m assuming my grill was not strong enough to withstand the power of the brushes and therefore cracked. The attendant at the car wash was really nice, taking pictures of my car and sending said pictures to the car was owner’s son. After texting back and forth with the son, he stated that he would buy a new grill (which I am grateful he did), pay for a mechanic to install, and when I came in for his mechanic to do so, he changed his mind and refused to pay for the labor. He stated that the front of my car was previously “compromised” because of rusting. Neither him nor I are mechanics, but my car is 9 years old and I purchased it used; hence, I have no idea what previous modifications or fixings previous owners have done. Plus, common sense would tell a person that steel and lead rusts over time after the tiniest bit of liquid hits it. I then went to my mechanic and they said if I were to pay for labor, it would be almost $150! I sent the quote and texted the owner’s son and he outright IGNORED my texts. After days of no reply, I went to the car wash and the head owner, his father, was there thankfully. The NICEST guy ever. He took one look at my car and told me not to worry about repairs because he would pay for it. Had his son been like this from the beginning, none of this headache on my end would have commenced. Great customer service from the car wash attendants and the head owner, not his son though.

Christopher Columbus

The only place where my rims come clean

J. Gun Lee

Still pretty new. I'm ocd about my vacuuming. It's nice they give you free vacuum with every wash

barbara bowman

The price isn't bad for exterior wash. Becareful it missed my entire back. Never knew until I was home.

Dai Sho

The only real reason I started coming here in the first place is because my parents came here. I started trying other car washes because they clean the inside of the car too. Seemed like a better deal. After the first place I tried I figured it was probably just 'the bad car wash'. Then I went somewhere else and it wasn't much better. Now they weren't all terrible, some actually did a pretty good job. Still, after checking them out I decided this place had the best deal. No snotty workers, property looks like a business, and NOT like a possible crack den, prices are fair (actually their 'basic wash' had the best quality (in my opinion) compared to other washes and the lowest price). As for the inside? One of the car washes I tried someone stole my mp3 player. I think I'll just vacuum it myself from now on. I definitely recommend this place.

Matthew Andretti

I was here yesterday and I have to say, I'm very impressed. The car wash is nice, everything looks fairly new. What impressed me the most was the staff. The two gentleman working, Dave and Bill, really worked hard to make sure my car got clean. I was away on business for six weeks and had left my car parked under a tree. When I got back my white car was half black half green. When I pulled up to the wash after paying Dave asked me if had time for them to prep it 'right'. I said 'yes' and they got right to work, spraying down my whole down, scrubbing off all of the bird droppings, caked on dirt, tree mold, etc. They even cleaned the wheels by hand to mare they'd come out ok. I also didn't expect them to turn down the $40 tip I offered. Now, I'm sure that this isn't standard procedure. I got lucky and came at a time when they HAD time. The fact that they even did it at all is still impressive. Most people would have just done the usual rush job and had some time to kill. After the wash it looked great. Dave even came and double checked my car. I really couldn't be more impressed with the level of service. and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that needs a wash or just flat out has a really really dirty car. They really so stand behind their product. Thanks again guys!

Gigi Washington

Employees are always friendly and helpful. My car is always clean and shiny and the vacuums work really well. I like that they often check for problems without being asked.

Arlene V

Great car wash, $14.00 a month per car. Such a deal, unlimited visits and free vacuum. Great! No harm to my car as well.

Bryan Bossle

Great car wash. Always does a good job of getting my car back to beautiful

Dave Milsted

All automated. You pick the type of car wash you want on a computer screen, pay them drive through. Free self serve vacuum serice after the wash. Quick and easy!

Diane Chrysanthopoulos

Conveniently located and a pretty good wash for the price. But I bought a wash book, used it twice and now I have no washes. Don't buy the wash book!

Jonathan Giles

Bill is a honest employee, I attempted to tip him for saving me a hugh headache and the tip was refused. Great employees!

Brett Pickus

Top notch! Superior customer service. Thanks Gil for the five-star care!

Michael Meeker

The car came out worse then it went in. The car wash was 19$ the rims and tires look untouched. There are white water marks covering my car. I dont even think they did the wax I payed for. And to top it off there is a big scratch on my car now that i am 100% certain was not there before. They had nothing to offer me and dont do refunds. Total waste of time and money. I would rather have it unwashed than have it covered in spots.

Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism

I moved to the area recently and have tried several of the car washes in the area. For me this one is by far the best. I've been here three times and each time the staff has been friendly and patient. Service is excellent, especially on my first visit. I hadn't washed my car for a bit and the wheels weren't completely clean. The manager, Dave, took the time to hand prep them and rewash my car. Each time since they look great. Prices are fair, especially with the free self service vacuums. Property is consistently clean, friendly employees, great service... what more can you ask for? Edit: Also enjoy the patriotism the employees display. Each time I'm there they take the time to say 'thank you for your service', and offer a small discount on everything except their base $6 wash. UPDATE: Visited their location in Delaware county, PA. Got the same great service/experience I've come to expect. Between the cost, experience, and convenience I'm definitely going to sign up for their loyalty club. $32 a month get their $10 wash as often as I need at any of their locations? How can you beat that? UPDATE: The manager that was there is gone, miss his personal touch, and how he really went out of his way to make sure customers are satisfied.

Robert McFadden

Thank you! The best car wash I've ever had. The guys were super friendly, great service, and the vacuums were very effective!

Latoya Franks

Found my new regular car wash! Employees were friendly and helpful, place was clean, and my car looks great! For as little as $6 and you don't have to pay extra to use vacuum? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Derek Mitchell

Great place to get a good nice quick wash,and have vacuums for free after you wash your car or truck.

Heather Daggan

So this car wash is really nice. I have used it several times and I have not had any issues. One small piece of feedback I have is to make sure your pricing on the website is the same as at the car wash. The difference is only a dollar but for some people that could be a problem. The wash works well and the vacumes work really well! I was able to get my car really nice and clean. The car wash can get really busy so i choose to go as early as I can so I'm not in anyone's way.

Mai Chen

Today was my first visit to Diamond Express and I was extremely surprised at the experience I had. The prices are good, and the employees were very helpful and friendly. I've been to express washes before and generally found that they weren't anything special, if my car still had spots I was pretty much out of luck. That definitely is NOT the case here. To set the scene for you, I own a white car and just returned from a 6 month trip to China. To say my car was dirty is an understatement. It was covered in this nasty black something, bird droppings, bits of fruit, etc. My wheels were completely black too. I mostly came in figuring it might take some of it off and I could save some money at the detailer. Shortly after pulling up to the (very easy to use) computer to pay one of the employees (the manager, Dave) came over. He told me that it wouldn't come clean in one wash, but if I had time they would prep it by hand before washing it a second time. I agreed, quite happy, thinking maybe my car would be mostly clean. They did a very thorough job of spraying my car down and worked hard on the wheels before my first ($6) wash, also taking the time to remove the leaves from the area around my wipers. I came back around and this time both of the gentleman (the other one is Muneeb) spent several minutes working my car and wheels over by hand. I then went through again, getting the $14 wash I originally paid for. When I got out I was astounded. Aside from a few spots and a bit around some of the crevices my car was completely clean! While I was vacuuming my car Dave came over and went over each and every remaining spot. I offered a tip and he refused. I tried to insist, since they saved me an expensive trip to a detailer and he still refused, saying that since I paid for a car wash it was the least they could do to make sure it was clean. If you want excellent, friendly service you have to go to Diamond Express. Next time we'll come I'm definitely signing up for their unlimited wash plan. Thank you so much guys!

Peter Casey Wall

Great for a quick wash. They even spot checked my car on the other side because of some extra heavy grime i had, making sure it all got taken off.

Vanessa Hugh

Been coming here for years. Sometimes the line can be long when its salt season, but other than that, this place does a great job.

Samantha Park

I'm going to try to make this long story short. I had a death in the family recently, I hadn't washed my car in a really long time. When I got up in the morning I saw my car and got really embarrassed at how dirty it was. It might be silly, but I didn't want my family to see it like that. So I used Google to find a car wash and decided to come here. I'm so glad I made the right choice. When I got up to the computer to pay one of the employees came over to help. I explained the situation and he asked how long I had. I told him the funeral wasn't until the afternoon. He told me that it was too dirty to come clean with a single wash and that if I wanted they would give me the cheap wash then the good one I paid for to make sure it got clean. I immediately accepted. I paid for the $19 wash. When I got started on their track they did a very thorough job of spraying my car with soap. I drove back around and they let me through the computer again. This time, they sprayed it down again before I drove onto the track. They both went over my whole car scrubbing every single spot. I couldn't believe how much work they put into it. After the second wash I got out to vacuum my car and was amazed. My car was spotless and shiny. Even my wheels looked great. One of them came out and checked my car to make sure it was clean. When I offered a tip he said that a good job and good service should be standard, and if I gave them a review that's all the thanks they needed. Thank you so much Dave and Bill. You did a wonderful job and I can't thank you enough. You made a terrible day a little bit easier.

Ivan Rosario Jr

I drove in today to get my car washed and as im drying and vaccuuming my vehicle one of the employees named Dave, inspected my car and said a second go through the carwash machine would do it much better courtesy of him. Great customer service all the way around. Thanks Dave !

Nancy mazahreh

You can stay in the car and drive right off if you want. Company can do better with the employees, especially the one female employee. She is very ignorant and rude and stuck up. I know of a few people who stopped going there because of her attitude. You ask her a simple question and she will snap a you.

Anthony Ciccone

Never too crowded. Free vacuums.

Jose Martinez

I've been coming here for years, lately the service has improved dramatically. You get the sense that these guys actually care about their work. I often see them walking around, scrubbing spots on cars. Ignore the haters, these guys do great work. @AaronBeresin it sounds like your real complaint is simply that they don't offer full service. Would you give an Italian restaurant a review because they don't serve tacos? Also, nothing on their signs says anything about full service or interior cleaning. So clearly you did know that they didn't offer it and you got a wash anyway. Which means you must have thought it was reasonably priced for what you were offered. So... why are you complaining? Oh, and as to the value.. How much are you tipping? These guys don't take tips. I think I'd rather go to a business that pays their employees right instead of slave wages. 'You can live on it.. as long as someone tips.'

Mary Sanico

What a lifesaver! These two gentlemen, Bill and Dave, helped me out with an emergency! They cleaned out my car seat that my daughter had vomited all over. They were also almost closing, but they were more than happy to help my family out with this issue. One of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, and I highly recommend the company. Thank you so much.

Andy W

Good and inexpensive car wash

Jackie Schluth

Just took my car here and it’s been months since I got it washed so I needed it badddd. The staff ran my car wash through a second time for free and also gave it some extra TLC by hand so that it was sure to come out sparkling clean! Great customer care right there!

Ken Kelley

Go there at your own risk! My car was damaged and the Owner stated he would pay for the repair. Got an estimate from the Dealer where I purchased the car and then he refused to pay for the repair. 1) there was no damage to the mirror prior to the car going into the car wash. 2) it is not a light bulb that was damaged. I never stated a light bulb was not working. It is the the plastic housing of the indicator light on the side view mirror. 3) The top housing of the side view mirror is damaged as well. Dealer stated this is the case not me. 4) I am going to the Dealer for repair because the Owner would not warranty his Mechanics work. 5) wish I took a picture before the employee took the brush or foam piece sticking out of the piece it broke on the side view mirror. maybe my first point should be take pictures of your car before you enter.

Amanda Arroyo

This is my go to car wash. Simple and easy and my car always comes out beautifully clean. Gil and Dave are the best! The last time I was there I had bird droppings all over my car and they put me through for a complementary second wash when all of the dirt didn't come off. I am so appreciative that they were kind enough to make sure I was a satisfied customer.

Karen Marchese

Good deal for the price. You can stay in the car for the wash. Vacuum is included, but you have to do it yourself, which I usually prefer anyway.

Cory Jordan

Best wash around. Friendliest staff. And the unlimited wash club is such a great buy. Will be coming here for years!

Shawn Collier

I just had the worlds greatest customer experience. Dave helped me at the kiosk to place a order that was appropriate to my car, not the over priced special. Then assisted me after with some good car car tips. Ask for that guy HE IS THE GOAT.

Steve Ng

I'm was in Cherry Hill last week to visit family, but I really needed a good wash after the long drive. I'm so glad I picked this place. Everything looked clean and new. Vacuums were free, which I needed. What really made the visit great was that while my car looked a lot better there was still some spots of bird droppings and bugs (which I expected). One of the employees, Dave, noticed and made sure to remove each and every spot. He even managed to buff out a small scratch on the fender. I told my family they need to go there from now on.

Josh Goldfarb

Comes out better here than anywhere else. Most places they don't do a single thing extra unless you show 'em a big tip.These guys are friendly and work hard.

Domenic Neary

Great wash and great service. I don't remember his name, but if you have any questions the manager is the man to see. I've been here before, but I just got my first brand new car and I was nervous about washing it at any automatic car wash. He was able to answer all of my questions and set my mind at ease. Not only that, but he was honest about the wash service I should get instead of trying to push me towards the most expensive wash. My car is clean and still looks brand new. If you haven't been here before, you should, you won't regret it.

Frank Simms

From my first visit here I was impressed. I asked for, and received, assistance with the kiosk. The dude that helped me was courteous and knowledgeable, easily answering all of my questions. I was also happy that he didn't try to sell me. He was honest about what I needed, instead of trying to upsell me. Even so, he quickly told me about some of their offers. I liked his confidence, "I know you don't want any of this today, because it's your first time, but I'm sure you'll want to think about it after seeing how good our wash is". On my next visit I purchased a wash book, which was also pretty easy to buy and use. You get an 8 digit code on your receipt to enter each time you come in. The guy spraying my car recommended I make a note of it in case I lost the receipt. Which I promptly didn't do and lost my receipt. However, I asked about getting a new copy. The guy asked if I'd bought it with a credit card, which I did. I gave him my card and less than a minute later he pulled and reprinted the receipt. SUPER EASY! A lot of places would have just said 'sucks for you'. @DianeChrysanthopoulos, What was your issue? You're hurting their business and it sounds like you didn't even try to ask for a remedy. Summary : EXCELLENT customer service from their staff, free and powerful vacuums (so long as you wash your car first), my car always looks great after a wash here and, lastly they stand behind their product. It's rare that I've had an issue, but when I have they immediately apologized and fixed the problem. Skip the drama and the headache, just go to Diamond Express and drive home happy!

Bradley Honsinger

A decent place to get your car washed, and the free vacuum cleaners on the way out are a nice extra touch.

Michael Thompson

I've been dissatisfied with my usual car wash for awhile, I came here on the advice of a coworker and I'm glad I did! I usually take pretty good care of my car, but I just haven't found the time to get to the car wash for awhile. My wheels were absolutely filthy, so I paid for the extra wheel cleaning. The worker noticed and took a moment to wipe off my wheels and spray extra cleaner on them. (He did mention that that wasn't standard, it was extra because he felt like I needed it.) They came out pretty good, not perfect. Which I kind of expected. Someone else saw them while I was vacuuming my car (for free, which is a nice extra), and touched them up with a towel. Afterwards They were perfectly clean and shiny. Both employees refused a small tip. I'll definitely be coming back.

Sean O'Malley

When I came in my car looked horrible. Bird stains, berries, pollen, etc. When I came up the gentleman up front did a great job of spraying my car down, and told me that it was likely the car wouldn't be completely clean, which I had expected. What I didn't expect is that while I was using the (free) vacuums the manager, Dave saw my car. He apologized for the poor wash (which I thought was pretty good). The he when over the whole car by hand AND sent it back through the wash at no charge. I'm sorry the car washes near me aren't this good. Great service, Friendly staff, free vacuums. they deserve more than five stars.

Laura Chipps

This place is great!! Affordable washes, friendly staff, and free vacuum use. They even gave my kids lollipops. 10/10 would recommend.


By far the best car wash I've ever had! The manager, Dave, took particular care of my needs to make sure my car was serviced well. My car came out looking brand new. I was very impressed. Dave made sure I was extremely satisfied before I left. Employees were very friendly. I will definitely be back.

michael oscar

Quick and painless. Love it

Alexi Andreyev

Clean, friendly staff, strong vacuums, good prices. Always a good job.

Ann Lastuvka

I’ve been coming to this car wash for years due to its convenient location, good prices and efficient and quick services. Now I can add excellent customer service to this list (see details below), and I cannot recommend this place enough! *I brought my car here this past weekend after some punk kids egged my car as a Halloween prank. Not only was the attendant super friendly and attentive, he even helped hand scrap the junk on my car off with a razor blade! I couldn’t have asked for better service!

David Jastrow

Had an awesome experience today - my car was covered with pollen, maple seedlings, and dirt - they took the time to scrub the car before AND after it went through the machines and they had me go through twice to be sure it was up to their standard. While I was cleaning the interior, the main attendant took the time to even clean off a little extra residue from the exterior of the car. Great, courteous, quick, pleasant service!

Marla Cohen

I love this car wash! The staff is always friendly and attentive. Dave went out of his way to get the bird poop off my mirrors and roof, and refused to accept a little cash tip for his extra effort. The wash books and unlimited wash options are great.


I am pleasantly pleased with the outcome I was concerned cause I love the tire shine and I thought it would only look good if someone wipes it on by hand but it comes out great and 21 dollar unlimited car wash I utilize it almost every day and my car has no damage which was another concern with drive thru washes this place is OK with me

Shanik Tapia

these guys are the best. they make friendly conversation and you have free vacuuming. like who can beat that ?

Kim Campbell

Had to get them to apply tire shine by hand as it did not happen during the wash. My main issue is keeping my tires clean so that is a pet peeve of mine. I wasnt going to say anything until I noticed while drying my car off all the other cars tires around me were gleaming and mine just seemed to be getting whiter and duster. Otherwise quick and got the job done.

Mark Parker

Decent place to get your car washed for a decent price. Top notch!!

Tiffany DiScala

My first time going to this kind of car wash. I really liked being able to stay in my car, and they gave my Boxer a treat. I thought it did a really good job, and I didn't mind vacuuming myself. Frankly, I took the time to get it really clean, instead of someone just giving it a swipe. I liked that I didn't have to tip someone, and even with taking my time I still left a lot faster than when I go to Magic Touch. I really don't having anything bad to say about it.

Hemanth Kumar

very good car cleaning service

Monia Graham

Cheap but nice car wash . Car always comes out spotless, and I can take my time and vacuum out my car/trunk. Has two terminals so you don't have to wait in one long line.. always clean environment. I drive from pennsauken to get here and I don't mind. Pictures need to be updated though because it is now $6 car wash.

Alexandra Androv

Great experience, friendly service, free vacuums work very well, my car looks great! Thanks guys!

rocco trotter

Guys working there were more worried about their phones then washing a car. Was there for 10 minutes and thought they were closed. But no they were not they were on their phones


Does the job. Quick. But for a few more bucks getting the job done right can be had elsewhere. Finish the work yourself at the same price ?

Aaron Beresin

May as well wash and vacuum your car yourself since they don't do it for you. If you pay $10-15 at most car washes, they clean the inside and out, vacuum for you and wipe down the windows. This place literally just lets you do everything aside from spraying your car with water. Take your car elsewhere. I've never paid that much and got that little. If I had known I would have went elsewhere. My fault.

Joel Jaffe

This is the best automatic car wash that I have ever been to. Two of the key things that make a good car wash are lots of soap during the wash and filtered water for the rinse. No water spots . They have an unlimited wash plan that can save money, if you wash your car 3 times a month or more. You have to dry your car yourself, but they have a microfiber towel exchange plan where you pay $3.00 one time. You will notice a difference once you’ve washed your car here.

sheereen khan

These guys are absolutely amazing. I chose the $6 service and my car came out looking pretty good, but the general manager, Dave, didn’t think it was good enough so he gave me a free car wash again this time adding a free wax service worth $10, and they personally sprayed down my entire car before the second service and cleaned my entire roof. I will definitely be returning and highly recommend this place over anything.

Lir Xhema

This is hands down the best car wash in the area I always come here because they do a great job!

Dawn Newton

Drive-through wash , Brushless and you can vacuum your car for free after you're done

Thom Mason

Great value, great wash

Lisa C.

Went for a car wash on May 26th. We park under a tree so we had a lot of bird mess on the car. After one wash it still didn't come off. Dave and Bill worked on getting the mess loosened up by washing with rags then ran it through the wash again. We offered a tip and it was refused. So impressed with these honest and hard working individuals who take pride in their work. That seems to be lost these days. Highly recommend this place!

Frank Williams

I've been coming here for a few years and it's always done a good job of cleaning my truck. Good prices, especially for the quality. They have plenty of equipment and use a lot of soap. The last year or two the customer service has gone way up. The new manager is friendly, knowledgeable and, hard working. He's always been able to answer any question I have. On the rare occasion I've had even a minor problem he jumped right on fixing it and doesn't mind going the extra mile. If you come here you won't regret it. A+ customer service and quality.a

Jack Semanoff

Went there today and had the best experience I've ever had going to a car wash. Thanks Dave!

Janet Tech

Just had the best experience at the car wash! Took my dog with me they gave my dog a biscuit checked my car at the end and did a hand wash for some spots that did not come off super pleasant and helpful! All for $6 :)

Tom Kim

Very good, always a good job, the employees are friendly and don't mind going the extra mile.

Brooks Tanner

Outstanding service! Washed my car twice because it was dirty. Second one on the house!

Matthew LaRaque

Great price for good service. can't complain about this place

brianna bernier

I’ve been coming to this car wash for years now. Good prices and amazing customer service from the people who work here. Today was exceptionally great. After you choose your wash you vacuum your car yourself, easy enough right ? Well today after my wash I had a few flower petals still left on my car and a man who was cleaning up outside noticed it himself and asked if I was staying a few minutes, which I was. He took the time to go get products from inside and cleaned off the remaining petals from my car himself. I was not expecting such good service/ kindness. I offered a tip which he refused but found out his name is Dave . Again 5 star rating from me, can’t go wrong with this place. Thanks again Dave you’re an amazing worker for taking the time to do that :)

Sylvia Grimm

I just completed a run through your wash, as I have many times before. Today, I took my husbands's Land Rover through, worrying the whole time if it would get clean. You see, I live in the woods, and the car was covered with tree seeds leaves and dirt. Cory stopped me long enough to say that if it did not come clean he would let me put it through again. Then he worked hard on the car before letting it go through. As I went through the wash, I noticed that he was following and watching the car. At the end of the run, he signaled me to go through again. Second time around, he once again worked hard on the car. I was so impressed with this man's work ethic, for it is indeed a rare thing to find these days. That's not all. Before going through the second run, I offered him a tip.He told me that they don't accept tips! He smiled, followed the car through the run, and signaled that it was in good shape. Now you might think he did all this because I am a gorgeous young girl. So let me tell you I am a little old lay, 77 years old, who lost her beloved husband 3 years, 9 months, and 4 days ago. Cory did it because he a man of honor, with an excellent work ethic. I'm glad I came here and will definitely continue to do so.

Jeffrey P Pollard

Loved, they're amazing.

Tasha Yates

Good prices, helpful staff, strong vacuums, quick and easy!

Eliza Hammer

Fair prices! Great Job! Free Vacuums! Dave was incredibly nice and did a nice job cleaning my wheels while we vacuumed. We will definitely be back

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