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REVIEWS OF BrightWave Express Car Wash IN Delaware

khia Swearinger

Friendly service, nice car wash, great membership plans with free vacuums to use...

Naxien Nyder

Great place to clean your car. Offers free vacuums with every car wash. Staff is very friendly and attentive.

Kyle Cortese

Best car wash in Harford County maybe even MD. Excellent customer service. State of the Art car wash. Vacuums are always working and clean towels are replenished frequently. I have never had to re-wash my car or touch it up after getting it washed. I will continue to use them.

Amber Andrews

This was my first time at this car wash. When I first went through there was a lady acted like she was being inconvenienced and didn't really say anything about the process. I paid for the full service wash. At the end my car stopped and I waited a few minutes and nothing was happening and there were no signs lit up to stay parked or to go, so I drove out thinking I was done. While I was vacuuming Josh came up to me and let me know I didn't get my tire shine. He explained there was a problem wot h the car behind me and in the office so they stopped the line which I wasn't aware of. Initially he just apologized and walked off. I wasn't impressed at this point. But then Josh returned and offered to let me go through the wash again so I could get the tire shine that I paid for. I really appreciated him coming back and offering to make it right. When I'm in the area I will go here again.

Sonta Johnson

Good vacuums

S Sunny

New car wash in edgewood. Very nicely designed and got good monthly packages. Got towels and free vacuum.

Chad Whitehead

Love it here! This is the best car wash place in the area. Even though a newer car wash place opened up in Abingdon Brightwave is better!

amanda picciotto

My kids love this place. EVERYTIME we pass it they want to go! Even if it raining lol!

Annette Blackwood

This places is awesome free vacuum after your car get wash. Your car look brand new on the outside. It have much selection how you what your car done

Vickie Vienna

My wiper on the back of my SUV was rip off during a washing. Was told if 5years old or older they will not replace it. Was very dissatisfied with that answer since my SUV is in very good condition.

Vi Lam

I really like this place. I just took my car there and I choice a plan was 11$. It cleaned my car completely. The vacuum is strong and the liquid + soft towel are good too. Highly recommended !

Michael Ngari

Free vaccum . best handsfree cleaning ive been to.

maribeth conklin

Really great car wash. Free vacuums and benefits the Epicenter.

Ebony Stewart

My car shines like a diamond when she done washing

James Smith

great car wash.


Nice Friendly car Is clean and shines..very nice People that work there also..and that's A Plus...

Samantha Hammond

People are super friendly

Nicholas Ogbonna

Whats not to say? Amazing experience. Most of it is automated. It washes your mats for you. If you lose your token, they'll give you another one free of charge. Its crazy how a concept like "a place, but its only a car wash" can amass so much revenue

arslan hajji

Absolutely love it. Wish they had more locations

Michael Guyer

Great car wish, best around

Danielle McKnight

Nice prices. New clothes.

Jimmy Bunty

It seems that most car washes dont have the ability to clean your car, this one does. You can also vaccuum your car at the end. It was well worth the money.


U get very little for your money. Better off going thru a Gas Station car wash.

Jeffrey Stoddard

Well run, clean place. Lots of available vacuums.

Page Barr

Love this place! Excellent car wash, free vacuum!

Trista C.

I honestly haven't washed a car in years, but when I got my new car I wanted to enjoy a nice shine. I didn't know there were places like this, what a change! This place is cheap, offers many options including monthly choices, manned by very nice ppl, fun for any young kids as it has lights and such in the car wash tunnel, clean, and offers free vacuums, shams, and window cleaner! I'll never go to another car wash again!

Billy Thomas

Amazing place to wash your car.

John R.

The is no other car wash in Hartford county that provides the same service and value, dollar-for-dollar as this car wash! The system works very well, when the attendants prep the vehicle as prescribed. That is the only factor that I would say differs slightly from one service visit to another. I love this place!

Mel Barnes

love it its your car really clean for the 17 dollar wash

Michele W

I LOVE THIS CARWASH!!!!!!! It's honestly the best car wash I have ever been to. Not only does your car actually get clean, but they also offer free vacuums, free use of towels and Windex. It's a few dollars more then most car washes but it is worth every penny. Just by what you save in vacuuming alone it's worth it. The vacuums are strong and they work very well. Plus, you don't have to hurry up because the vacuum is running out of time. It never fails that you miss a spot and you don't realize it until after the vacuum is stopped but you don't want to waste money for a spot. If it happens here you can still get it, so you actually leave for the clean car. this place is about a 15-minute drive from my house but again it's worth the drive. I absolutely recommend this car wash!!!

Earle Prior

Even the basic wash does a great job and they provide free vacuums and drying towels. We definitely enjoyed our visit and we will be back.

Russell Fleetwood

Affordable monthly options. Automatic billing . Free vacuum and use of towels and windex

James valentine

They have a great car wash but check your car before going in and after coming out for black marks on side of car,, the vacuum system is the best, make sure you've picked up anything you dont want sucked up:-)

Jon slusar

Facility is clean and organized. Staff is always pleasant. I suggest the monthly plans they have as they do not make you sign a contract. You have the freedom to cancel any time and can reup within a year of canceling without having to get a new membership sticker.

Donald Baczeski

Only place to do my vw Passat.

Paul Moxley

Good cleaning. Nice attendants


Conveniently located out of route 40. You can choose from the options depending on the necessity of your car. I believe the prices are good for the service. Nice friendly staff and fast service.

Nakeia Hawkins

I love this place I live in north baltimore and drive all the way here just to wash my car

Mona Rey

The best carwash hands down. Carwash os automatic but you can vacuum your car out afterwards...

Larry Styer

Back of vehicle not cleaned

Patrick Clancy

BEST CARWASH IN EDGEWOOD, MD.! Clean, Powerful ☆ Friendly Staff!! Unlimited vacuuming & Spacious- Free parking for Detailing & more!! A+

Malgorzata Studnicki

Got the membership as a Christmas gift . Love the place

Tanrak P.

Just recently opened Car Wash place. Very nice and clean equipped with free towel and vacuum. For the price of $17, I have to say I am very impressed with the quality this place offered.

Bspizer Roberts

The best carwash in the area!!!!@!

Kenneth Morales

I love this car wash, highly recommended

Lisa Joy Carter

Free vacuums, great carwash. I just visited again last weekend and tried the mat cleaner for the first time. I had no idea what to do so I summoned the help of one of the employees who was directing the traffic for the vehicles to the vacuums. She stopped what she was doing, grabbed my mats, walked me over and preceded to wash all my mats for me. Thank you so much Taylor!! You went above and beyond for me. And my mats turned out perfect and they were dry. A must use! I highly recommend it.

Michel Whoa

I recently gave this place an excellent review but after today's incident I will have to change my post. I normally visit Bright wave 2 or 3 times a week and today I decided to wash my vehicle after returning from vacation. Today I was approached by a man name Bob who said he was the manager. Bob rudely asked me to turn my music off because he didn't like that type of music! I frowned and asked him why would I turn my music off and he stated because he was the manager and didn't want to hear it because if he allowed me to play that type of music "others" would think it was ok? I became aggrevated at that point and felt as tho he was discriminating against me and asked for his corporate number. This use to be my favorite wash. Not anymore

Bessie Jenkins

Nice car wash service. Multiple options for types of car washes. Best part are the vacuums. Would be nice to vacuum before the wash.

Romuald Takou

I love it

Arturo Cordova

I was here yesterday and it is by far the best place in town to get a car wash, with free vacuums and towels on site. I like that they have soft touch equipment, Which protects your finish paint on your car not like other places. Staff was friendly and walked you threw the process A+

Brenda Lamberty

Good service

Patrick McCoy

Got a $17 car wash. My car looked like brand new after! I also like that they provide towels for you to wipe the car down after and have free vacuums.

Jason Bess

Good car wash. Vacuums are free and work great!

Leigh Gilliam-McComb

Better results than similar express washes. Nice staff as well.

Verna Michael

Very friendly, free Vacuum, *n* use of RAGS to Dry off ur Vehicle. Great section of Car washes !!!

David Woods

Free vacuums; quick efficient thorough cleaning machine!

Emil illian

Got the unlimited wash package, love it and usw it almost every day. The staff is super friendly and my car has never been cleaner

letme tellya

It's really a great place to get your car washed and you can vacuum and dry your car off afterwards

Robert Doty

This place is awesome. I came here with my daughter to help her out with getting some moisture out of her car from a clogged ac drain. She took me to this spot and for the money, they ate the best car wash I have ever seen. Very clean, great vacuum cleaners, free use of real fabric cloths to clean with. Plenty of room and friendly workers.

Bloggs Alot

It was good for the didn't clean all of the bird poo off but I love the fact that they offer free stations with vacuums, spray, and microfiber cloths.

krystal thrweatt


james engelbrecht

Best car wash in town.

Nicole Nauman

This car wash is awesome!! Def have to check it out!! And its very inexpensive

Dominic Sacchetti

Definitely worth the drive from Baltimore for a car wash. Very low prices and a high quality exterior wash usually with little to no wait. After the wash you can use the vacuums and microfiber towels with Windex for free. My only problem is that the vacuums don't reach under and between the seats well and they don't really pick up pet hair so I still usually vacuum at home. But still the best car wash in the Baltimore area.

Tim Cukr

A recently opened car wash that uses state of the art car wash technology. This wash really got my car clean. I especially like the monthly pass that allows me to get my car washed every day if I wanted to. Highly recommend them.

Cindy Learn

Car looks great, but every time I come here my side mirrors are bent out; I have to pull over to get the passenger one in place. Haven't tried the vacuums.

Victor Cubias

It's a new carwash and it works quite well. The vacuuming is free and unlimited, and they offer cheesing a cleaning spray bottles and towels.


The only way it could be better would be to be open 24/7 and I guess that would require more people. .Buy the monthly, great bargain and keep the salt off

Carol Swigar

Very nice car wash with free vacuums. This carwash also helps the epic center in Edgewood

steven 21014

Car wash did a great job

Kika Kelly

My fav car wash. The mat cleaner should be included in the service. Competitors offer it with the service.

Rachel Burger

Best car wash in the area. I used to belong to Bud's unlimited monthly membership until I tried out the car wash here & even the cheapest option here cleans my car far better than the car wash at Bud's. The amount I pay per month is always less at BrightWave. Plus, everyone that works here is always so helpful & kind, even when I show up right before closing, they never act like I am an inconvenience. This is a really great place, I think everyone should check it out & try the carwash, because the results speak for itself!

Kita Smith

Decent carwash. I just wish the rug washer was free or included

john brooks

I was so happy with my first car wash that I quit Astro Car Wash in Aberdeen ...staff is friendly and helpful, they have me as a steady customer

Jacqueline Davis

I love going to Brightwave Express to wash my car. The price is right and I can vacuum my car for free. Nothing like shinning bright in the sunlight. No Streaks , no spots ,just clean.

Marvin Scott

First time...cleaned car better than any other automatic car was I've used....week later still shiny and wheels still clean.

Linda Gibbs

This is a great place to get your car clean. It was my first visit and I was impressed. I will go back.


Dose a great job. Very Pleased

Edward Parks

A bit pricey. Cool colors and lights inside the car wash. The vacuums outside leave alot to be desired. There are employees all around, but most info seems to be on the signs because no one was helping people after they came out of the car wash. I saw a cart as I was leaving that seemed like it may have rags for people to use, but I wasn't sure about it. I also couldn't see it because it was on the other side of someone's vehicle.

Danielle Brent

All around great service clean my car looks like brand new people very friendly n helpful

Shannon Hughes

Enjoyed the experience. Staff was nice.

Donald Cook

Great clean for price. The monthly plan is worth it if you keep a clean vehicle

Al Hammar

The monthly deal is great especially in the winter.

Denise Thomason

Frat place to clean your car. They have free vacuums and they really clean. There are also rags and cleaner to make your car spotless.

melissa spealman

OMG the is the best carwash pl to come to. The have towels an Windex for u to use an do ur windows. Free vacuums also

Michael Thompson

Excellent Service I highly recommend the monthly package

Charon Walker-Brown

I love this place.

Benjamin Hewitt

nice place and great vacums

Matt Zaun

Absolutely amazing! This place is first class. By far the best car wash that I've ever been to.

David Shellgren

It was new to me but it was fun and easy

George Hudson

I was in need of a car wash so this is only the second time I been here. I'm still use to an all inclusive car wash

Kristin Suggs

This is the best car wash in Harford County!!! Hands down. The wash does a great job. They provide clean towels to dry and spray to wash windows. Vacuums are strong.

John Kozak

Nice clean car came out!

Sherri Migyanko-Jones

Great car wash. My truck looked good.

Shaun Therres

Great Wash did an amazing job on the flex!!!

Annnette Blackwood


Julie Burall

The car wash does a really good job and is run professionally and efficiently. They supply free vacuums with your car wash and drying towels.

ken fitch

I tried other car washes truck still looked dirty . Today I went to Bright wave car wash in Edgewood Md. I am telling you The truck was clean I looked for dirt could not find any , no spots on the windows very happy I will be back . The wash I got was $17.00 but it was clean looked good . thinking about getting the monthly car wash sound like a deal . Thank you Bright Wave you have a one happy customer here .

Florence coffie

Modern equipment

David Yarborough

This place is great! Great car wash, mat washer, free vacuuming! My new spot for sure!!

Justin Chumbler

Excellent service, car wash is Top notch, vacuums are amazing.

LeVar Scott

Best car wash in The area!! Free vacuums after you wash your car. They even have free towels to dry your car off!!

Shawn Greenwood

Was there on April 27th. They had technical problems , which held us up for a bit. But we like it for usually a quick wash.

Jarrell Oliver

Terrific car wash. The Deluxe wash is the best!

Stephanie Russell

Best car wash around with free vaccums afterward. Yessss!

Gerard Shirley

Best deal for monthly car wash subscription

Kristen Doty

Love the free vacuums after your paid carwash

Willa Lee

UNBELIEVABLE my tires were clean without me scrubbing them first

Patrick Shorb

I got the premium wash and was very impressed, especially the wheel cleaning. They provide wiping rags for touch-up and the vacuums really suck, like they really powerful. Highly recommended.

MusicalMrJ. Tv

Have the monthly pass to this place, could honestly just be a tad better if some of the employees didn't dash the bug prep spray like it was just water in random places instead of where the vehicle hits bugs the most. Overall 9/10 for consistency in keeping my baby clean

St. Clair James

Love coming here, staff is well polite and greets all their customers

G.R.B n

Love this place

Phelis D`Mesticus

Always fast, friendly and professional service.

Mary Baxter

Amazing. Great prices too

kimber e.

Absolutely amazing !

Emily Emerging

Fun place. Love it. Nice employees and state-of-the-art facility.

Francis L Mayer

Fantastic car wash with all the amenities part of the price. The vacuuming system is unmatched and is part of the cost you pay up front. The cost is very competitive on top of all the goodness of this car wash.

K. Steph

GREAT, efficient car wash. Will return again and again!

Adrianne Blocklin

Average price, effective car wash and free powerful self-serve vacuums.

Andrea Higgins

Car was cleaned, received a coupon for a free carwash, free vacuums

Donna King

It's new. So everything works great.

Brandon Guy

There is one reason for this low review. If you sign up for a unlimited plan it’s only one was per day. If I want to was my car 13 times in a day I should be able to. I canceled both my membership and the sad part the manager could care less.

claude wright

Great car wash I go here all the time too wash my cars

Michele Brown

The best carwash in Harford county with friendly workers.

Colin Riley

This car wash scratched the paint on my brand new vehicle and I was told that this could never happen. Great car wash until your vehicle gets scratched. Didn’t get to much help about the situation. Situation was not investigated. Just passed on like I’m nothing.

Katie Cadenas

Very quick efficient car wash


New location on route 40, they have free vacuums and offer towels and windex. They also have monthly car wash subscriptions that are priced very well compared to the Canton Car Wash.

Joy Garrison

Best drive thru car wash so far!

Chris H

Nice wash options. A tad pricey. Never a long wait

Jarie King

We have a membership. It is great that we can get a car wash every day If that's what you want to do. Its wonderful that you get free vacuum and towels to use free. Good customer service. Love the membership.

Kenneth K. Ellis

Easy fast but pricey

Ruben Marrero

Excellent service nice price

michael stewart

Cool car wash and they supply towels and glass cleaner

Keegan Mentzer

Spiffiest, and probably easiest, car wash I've ever taken a car through. You might need a little help aligning with the rail that pulls your car along, but there's someone standing by to direct you.

King Bey

Love this place! Best car wash in the Edgewood, Maryland area!

Eric Simpson

Best car wash in Harford County!

James Woizesko

Awesome car wash. Free vacuums and window washing.


Cheap car wash that does a good job. Will be crowded on a nice day!

FrednLiz Smock

Great price and service and amenities!

delonte brightful

Luv em... great inexpensive washes with free vacums! Dosen't get any better. And free washes with monthly membership

jessica lebrasseur

Got my car clean but canton is better

Elliott Gardner

Automated carwash gets my car very clean. Free vacuums and microfiber clothes are provided after going through wash. Fun for the whole family. Not really.

Rafael Gonzalez


DaJahna Lloyd

Love this carwash. I had an incident with them and it was handled right away. The price is right as well

Dinesh Nainani

The car wash is great. Very nice and friendly staff. New tech and foam brushes don't scratch the car like the old style car washes. Tire clean system really works well. Very happy with the quality of cleaning.

S Davis

Love this place. After having my ride washed in the automatic wash, microfiber towels ate provided to dry your own ride. Free vacuums & window cleaner & floor mat cleaning. Price is good. Staff always on hand to keep supplies full. I got the top wash service & if cost around $15. I'll be returning.

Bill Harrod

I've been using this car wash for two weeks now and overall I'm pleased with the results. However, lately I noticed if I use the car wash during peak hours during the weekend, my car doesn't get as clean as when it's not busy. I'm not sure if this is from the water being recycled through the system or what, but going forward I'll wait until they're not busy. Plus the wait for a vacuum is way too long during peak hours. The unlimited wash options are only worth the money if you can get the whole experience. Somebody needs to limit the amount of time people spend in the vacuum areas.

Edward Denny

Great car wash, wish I lived closer

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