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REVIEWS OF Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash IN Delaware

Chris Honey

Although convenient the wash itself never rinses all the soap off my vehicles. Seems it rushes you through at a pace that couldn't possibly be able to do so. That's my only criticism. Clean easy to use with a good area for vacuuming your vehicle.

Lori Keith

I hadn't washed my car in years, literally. I wanted to make it look the best it could ahead of trading it in for another car. I did the top of the line wash, which was $16 and it included a lava prewash and tire cleaning. I had magnets on my car for years -- the car wash got off all of the magnet residue, the hubcaps of my tires were about 90% clean, which was good considering they hadn't been washed in years. All in all, it was worth the money for how good my car looked. The equipment used did a fantastic job in getting the nooks and crannies of my dirty car clean! I was surprised at how many colored light bulbs were used inside the car wash. It felt like we were going through a disco at times!

Ibrahim Azzeh

I went there because i wanted to clean the interior and use the vacuum so i had to clean the car from outside before and i chose the plus plan, it was ok! Nothing special but the good thing was free vacuum after for 15 minutes which is enough time to clean the inside

James E. Bowman

The car wash, which is automatic, was good although they don't wipe your vehicle afterward. Not good. The vacuums are free but the suction is poor.

Ahmed Mohamed

It's express and very fast. 16 dollars for nothing. I do not recommend


Backing up Jemar's review below. Absolutely anytime you need to speak with the attendant on duty that's been working there for years, you're gonna get some of the rudest attitude thrown in your face you've ever heard. I had difficulty getting my car to go into neutral once, and he takes the opportunity to tell everyone in line how stupid I am. That mouth gonna get you in trouble one day, meanwhile - enjoy employment at the car wash dude.

Heather Nichols

This car wash NEVER gets my vehicles clean, I'm not sure why but it's very frustrating!!!! They do offer free vacuuming with your wash though so that's a bonus

Charles Lewis

For the most part a great car wash. I did have issues where my car wasn't always clean properly but they resolved it. Also I had an issue with a scratch on my car but nothing was never done.

Crystine Tate

The monthly membership is cool. Works well for my busy life style and love of my vehicle. The staff are always friendly and helpful

Michael Benson

Best around

Petia Novakova

Fast and convenient!

Muyiwa Familoni

Cheap and quick car wash. Also provides vacuum services which is quite cool!

K Mitchell

I dont like there softtouch drive thrymu car wash still leaves your car dirty


I like their monthly plans. 32$ per month/unlimited wash.

Holly Ceriale

Fast and helpful. Love the free vacuums!

Monique Stokes

Car wash has not worked close to two years. It will not be repaired according staff. They do not have indoor public restrooms. The Portiable Toilets outside are filthy, I will not go there again.

Joe Tooman

Decent value for the price. There was still soap on my car after pulling out of the wash. Vacuuming is free but the suction power is a little lacking. Other than that, my car looked great. It would be nice if they offered a cloth to soak up what the dryer missed.

Anita Tucker

Crazy cool car wash. None like this in or near Middletown.

Theo C

Customs service was great while at the wash. Have been there twice. The last time after we drove off noticed a large amount of scratches to my windshield and right passenger window. Called them up and the manager politely explained if we do not bring it up before we leave the car wash they have no way of knowing when it happened. I understand their position, but am pretty confident that the car wash damaged my windows.

Stephen Brunner

They are lazy. Too lazy to prewash a car. I used to go once a week. No more

Jaz Harper

My sister and I went to get car wash since it was a beautiful day. We felt like little girls when u went with your dad to wash car. We even made a video

Wendy Reverdito

Helpful staff when I had a problem with the card reader.


Great carwash. The best prices I've seen so far for such a nice carwash. Love the lights show and it leaves my car sparkly clean.

Marlon S McNeill Sr

I always experience some issue when using this car wash. I normally get the best they offer, but my windshield never has all the bugs cleaned. The operators are supposed to ensure the bumper and windshield are prepped prior to the wash starting. However, it's never happens... they just sling the spray hose and jobs done here, next car. All the more reason not to go on the weekends.


Never had a bad experience here. Long lines move quickly and the free vacuuming is icing on the cake.


If you like a Quick wash.... This is the place! It can get really packed on a Hot Summer Day or Right after a Snow storm to get that salt off your Vehicle. Free Vacuum is a Plus. Worth The Buck!

James Moody

Although they keep raising the prices it is amazing. I got the $12 wash with the $3 wash wax extra. Went thru 2 wks ago an the tires are still shiny. Car needs washed again but that's to be expected. An the different colors makes it enjoyable for young kids. So they aren't scared.

Sandra Honor

rude attendant, paid for full wash and didn't receive it and was told by attendant that sometimes that happens and didn't offer an apology or discount. Have been going there for years, but NO MORE!

Shannon Nelson

Although I enjoy the wash I get from brushless I have to give a 1 star because brushless is always broken. Not just once or twice and down momentarily, its been many times and lasting days. I ride all the way from New Castle by Rte 9 just for this what disappointment. Sorry Bear 3 Minute but this is my opinion

Jemar Smith

Good price but I just took my vehicle through the touch free wash and it didn't clean the bird poop off the top of my vehicle. I told the attendant in hopes he would allow my vehicle to go through one more time but he told me that it was paint on my car and I should've went through the soft cloth very rudely. This will be my last visit here.

connie jackson

Quick wash.unlimited vacuuming. Although sign says 15 mins. Also says no detailing but I've not ben approached by staff for doing so.

John Ensslen

Do it yourself cleaning So you know it is clean.

Tim R

I typically wash my cars here. But this time I just came here to vacuum my car since it was raining. A shift manager Andrew came, turned off the vacuum and asked me to leave. He was so rude. When I told him that their sign says free vacs, he became very angered and told me that there’s nothing free.

Cheryl Lyon

Like this place alot. All prices for car wash services plus free vacuuming cant beat that.

Shairon Palma

Car is never totally clean regardless of the price wash I get. The staff always has an excuse why....

Rick Rathof

It's good to get the vehicle cleaned upsome, but don't expect it to be like if you hand washed it. I always get the upgrade service, but the tire shine does not get all off my tires as I drive a SUV and they tend to be a bit larger tires. Price is reasonable.

Michelle F

One of my friends goes there to get her car washed all the time she really likes it

Paul Choo Quan

Best car wash in town.. free vacuum stations too

Lucy Faulkner

Fast, cheap and conveniently located.

Evyad Svinkston

Great spot to clean your car. Always doing some kind of promotional things.

Britty Lucas

Like the place, all car washes include free vacuum. $6 for touchless wash n my car is ready to go. Only complaint is they can get super packed at noon after it snows and wish the vacuum limit was longer than 15 mins.

Samuel Farrow

Great value for the money. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Mare B

I have been utilizing the Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash in Elkton, MD location for quite awhile now. I have always found the employees to be helpful and friendly. I recently moved out of the area and am no longer to routinely wash my car at this location. I hope that you open a car wash in the Dover area one day. I already miss your service! My car does too! Your service is so superior to other car washes! The membership cost and service cannot be matched! I have recommended your car wash to several other happy customers. Take care and I wish you ongoing success!

Leah Merrifield

This car wash is a good car wash. I come here frequently. The free vacuum works well and I'm always happy to have a clean car when I leave.

William Simmonds

The most Excellent car wash service in the area, Plus they really showed their appreciation for the U.S. Veterans in the offer of a Complimentary Full Service Car wash on Veterans Day. A Real Class Act well deserving of 5 Stars

Raj kuknoor

Super fast but at times there might little wait time. Over all its the only place around the area

Nette Fr Flatbush

Very bad customer service, my car came out dirty and I paid extra for the wheel cleaner and customer service talked for about 10 minutes trying to decide what to do.

Caitlin Walls

I went here once before and did not have any issues, but this time my mirror broke. It had absolutely no previous damage. They are refusing to do anything about. I am never going to a car wash again! Be careful everyone!

Laurie Parent-Popken

Great car wash and free vacuuming

Justin Jenkins

Great price for car wash. Few vacuums!

Mari Magee

If your looking for a speedy wash and dry service, well you found it. The customer service is great.

Aouss Alnihmi

Very nice staff and good cleaned as well as very fast

Living My Life Infused

Great deal for what you get. Take both our cars there.... until Nov 5th... then they lost a local and once devoted patron....ude employees and limitations that they don't enforce.... till they are swamped and then they scoot you out the gate with a token to come back and vacuum at a later time.... BUT I'M THERE NOW why would I want come back later? Had been spending close to $ 200 a month to keep out cars spotless and clean... Time to find a new car wash!

Donna Cassetta Lestardo

Very Convenient

kathleen galler

Great quality wax and efficient machines.

Danny ONeal

During the process of my car was at the Bear Car Wash, I apparently lost to the cover to my driver's side mirror. The manager was not only nice enough to retrieve it but actually wipe it off and placed it back on my vehicle. He also provided me with a free coupon for next wash just for my troubles. I was so appreciative in the excellent customer service and how the manager went out of his way to ensure that I left the business happy and completely a satisfied customer. I clean my vehicle at this site on a regular basis and have nothing but high praises of the service rendered and the professionalism of the entire staff members.

Ophelia Ashiabor

Quick service

Carol Johnson

They use quality products in the wash. My car always comes out shiny.

elizabeth mata R

It's nicethey take care of you! But it's not good for Ford Explorer sport truck. ( back window). The roller thing doesn't reach too much the back window.

michael murphy

I have been there several times and didn’t have any major issues until my side view mirror was snapped at the hinge point . I notified Dan what had happened and he informed me that I need to read the sign as it states that they are not responsible for mirrors , antennas or after market equipment . This is not an after market mirror, it’s part of my original truck and my mirrors were pushed in to protect them during the wash . After reading other bad reviews I see that many people have had problems with scratches, I have too !! I buff them out but the mirror.... $270 . I will not be going back. If you have a nice looking car / truck....... stay away!!

Cyresa Perkins

Great price. I got the $16 wash for my very dirty SUV. Cleaned the car very well. The free vacuuming I an added bonus.

Romeo Agyeman

It's great place to get your car wash. I am in and out in a few minutes. I like the ability to spend some time to do my own polishing off my car.

A Business

A nice place for a quick carwash. The free vacuum is a plus.


When through on a Wednesday to get the $9 special. Noticed after the car dried off there were water spots all over which it didn't before and there was no tire shine applied to the tires which before it had done so. I must have gone on a day when they were low on all their supplies Still no excuse. Not sure if I will return...

Craig Thorpe

Didn't get the car completely clean left some soap and water on my car

Jackie Briscoe


Marc Shade

Just an auto car wash; nothing special. If you buy a wash while purchasing gas, it shaves off about $0.20 per gallon. Also, code for the car wash that's on the receipt is good for 30 days in case you want you car washed a little bit later instead.

Millicent Hueston

Good car wash

Chris Simpson

Best and easiest car wash I've ever been to! Price is decent aswell

Eric Lacter

Got the $12 wash. I had a lot of water spots especially on the windshield. Did someone forgot to add the spot free product? It also missed more spots than other car wash and the car didn't look that clean or shiny. (black car) Also, no option to put a plastic over the rear wiper for SUVs. All other car washes have that option. I'll stay with the Blue Hens car wash on Kirkwood Hwy.

John Armstrong

Me and you have to check this place out free vacuuming gas recommended


Decent car wash with free vacuum. Only problem is my front bumper never gets clean.

Excuse My Sass

Love the car wash options and the FREE vacuum after the wash.

Rob Butler

I love it here! Great price and my car looks fantastic

Jason Oldis

Top wash is a little pricey, but overall service is great and plenty of spots for free vacuuming afterwards.

paulo abreu

Pretty good and quick car wash.

Shannon Staab

Fast and easy and free vacuum

Shelly Perry

Don't waste your money w/the touchless car wash. It is HORRIBLE. I finally learned after this past weekend, my car looked worse then when it went into the car wash. I think it is due to the dryer, it doesn't move down the car to dry it (like the one in Elkton) so it leaves a lot of water marks, wheels never get cleaned......never again. I'll go to the one in Elkton even though it is farther away.

Kathir M

It was less then 3 mins wash. The wash was okay not bad and noticed a large amount of scratches over everywhere on the car and windshield. Worst service!!! Please don’t go with a new car.

Mike M

Fast reasonable car wash . Spend the extra few bucks and get the top package, it is worth it . I go every couple weeks and my car looks almost like I waxed it when it is finished. The top package also has lights that makes the soap glow different colors as you go through. They also have free vaccums.

Mark H

Good price for a carwash and free vacuum but the line was over 20 minutes

Nancy Smolka

Nice carwash! Free vac!

Quazonia Quarles

They rush you when you vacuum your car.

Tuniesha Balkissoon

Car wash scratched off my paint on the top and front of my bumper. Never got a call back after calling and never heard from owner. Beyond Pissed!

Blair Greentaner

Well run friendly staff alway clean

LC Collins

Nice place to get your car wash. $16 to get a fully clean car is not bad. The vacuum always works and it's not on a timer. I do recommend going to get your car washed here. Try to go on the weekdays because the weekends are mostly crowded. They also have half price Wednesdays so u can save on that day as well.

Ricky Hanson

Great wash for a reasonable price.

Cheryl Thompkins

Pretty good service for a hands-free carwash!

Tariq Lawler

The owner does not want you to use your unlimited pass everyday even though it may say unlimited.

Asjad Azeez

YES, 3 mins and your car is clean. When i get out i realize it could be cleaner.

Yusra Hayat

The car wash was alright.

Rashadd Malik

This is a very nice carwash, the grounds are always clean, they have a public restroom which is very clean for an outside facility. Their Attendants are Respectful and Very Helpful, they always Greet you with a Smile and always asking are you're happy with your wash and if you aren't happy they will resend your car thru the wash at no cost to their customers without hesitation.

Don Coker

Great place to get the salt off of your ride.

Me Me

I had to run my car through twice and even then there was dirt still smeared all over my hood and doors. I don't like to complain but their equipment is horrible and doesn't clean well at all. I should have asked for the car to be run through a third time but I gave up. Defintely not worth it.

Robert Stephen Wallace, II

Exceptional car wash with FREE vacuums. They have earned me as a customer because the attendant assisted me at check-in and because of the nature of a super clean wash.

Glendali Correa-Brown

Love the convenience of having the vacuum and car wash for all one price. Great staff!

Praswin Prakash

I usually go to the Shell car wash for which I pay around 14$. I get a much better wash with free vacuum here for 12-16$. It was really crowded when I went in on a weekend but it went by ok. There are staff around to guide you and even make payments for you. You can pay for it yourself too like I did. The car looked pretty clean and managed to remove most of the dust and dirt but the tree sap stayed behind as it had hardened a bit. The best part was the wheels which looked really shiny after the wash. Would recommend this place.

Dexter Walker

Quick service. Took full service. Very satisfied with results.

Mia Gordon

Sometimes vacuums are clogged so you don't get good suction by they'll unclog it when you let them know. Nice car wash tho!

Rodney Guistwite

Great wash. Great value

James Williamson III

Really nice carwash. Friendly staff. Free vacuums with car wash.

Gideon Kamau

Great place but it was busy

Subroto Dakshi

Very good. Quick and easy


Great can get crowded but it leaves your car nice and shiny

Alice Scott

My car came out dirty

David Kane

Great Car Wash fast service but sometimes long lines depending on the weather if the weather is good be prepared to wait., I normally go as soon as they open. 7:00 am. Great prices starting at $8.00 with Wax.

Cristian Cepeda

I always use the touch free one as I prefer it alot more. And most of the time my car will come out spotless, for a good price too. Will always come here when my car is dirty and the free 15 minute vacuum is great also!

Charlie Jennifer

Good wash, plenty of vacuum stations but wish employees would enforce the rules about ppl not spending more than 15 minutes at the vacuum stations.

Janelle Ferrell

Lots of pretty lights, I wish that the cost was used to ensure a better wash

Tobi Harrison

Love the concept. Doesn't clean super good unfortunately. Free vacuums when done!

Lars Hindsley

Loved this place until I didn't. One day the wash knocked off a bumper attachment access door. Twice I returned as asked. Each time the staff was operating on thier time which is great if you get results, but in each case I was told misinformation about how they would search and return the part. Never got results or even a phone call after repeatedly leaving my info. Three years a customer. Never returned since.

April Miller

Great Customer Service! Wonderful facility! Thank you Mike for taking the time out of your day to walk me through the science of your car wash!

Camille The Blogger

We like a nice car wash on sunny day,,use to go every other week but would always see minor scratches.....once my car dry....i let the attend know a couple of times....even tried the $16 wash same thing ...#clean car #minor scratches

Elijah missimer

Amazing carwash and free vacuums

Samantha Baranowski

Wacky Wednesday! Love this place

Dave Liber

They do a pretty good job, at a reasonable price. You have to wipe down your own car at the end. I like the fact that they have gift cards.

evans tott

All in one. Price seem to be going up though

Rochelle Pratt

Awsome !!!

Amanda McDonnell

My "3" minute car wash took over an hour. The touch-free wash stopped working about halfway through, say for 15 minutes waiting for assistance or for it to continue when of the attendants finally came in to ask what was going on. The attendant was condescending and told me I'd have to go back through. So, I waited again and needed to speak to 2 more attendants to get through to the wash again. I'm never going to attend "3-minute" car wash again, and hope others find this review helpful. I've had wonderful experiences at Blue hen car wash. In and out in 5 minutes, very friendly and helpful staff. If you're looking g for a car wash in the Newark area, I'd recommend going there before wasting your time.

RJ Murray

Great value for the price! $5 for basic wash. $8 for next level. Monthly membership available.

geoffrey jock

People expect too much here, I've been going here since they opened and yea there's a few issues that arise sometimes but have you ever really been somewhere multiple times and not had an issue. A majority of the problems I'm seeing from reviews are just the fact that people can't read signs or expect a car wash to clean like a person. It's a machine it's made to do the best it can every car is different when it comes to body type you can't just perfectly wash a sedan and a van and truck perfectly. It's the best wash around unless you do it yourself, personally I enjoy sitting back paying 12 dollars and getting a great wash. For all the people writing 1 star reviews because you made a mistake (lady and her $2 mistake) enjoy your bucket and hose at home and oh yea I'm sure you'll miss the free vacuums. Thanks bear car wash for always doing your best and keep up the great work!

Anthony Butler Sr.

A good carwash. Go early if possible though. Weekends when the weather is nice the lines are long.

Ashlyn L

I use to seriously love this car wash. It's decent pricing and the vacuums there actually work. However, ever since they updated the inside, my car hasn't been getting as clean. I always have to go home and end up washing it a second time so it's become more of prewash now. I always get the 16 dollar wash thinking it would be worth it, but it does the same as the others I feel. And the whole "pre wash" section before you enter is a joke; they don't even attempt to get anything off. Gonna try New Castle auto spa on 13 to see if I have better results next time.

Pete Gordon

Fast car clean unlimited vacuuming

Dina Byrd

Very nice. My normal go to place to get my car cleaned.

James Griffiths

Good car wash, reasonable prices. The entry is narrow and difficult during busy times. Not much they can do about it, though. I do recommend this car wash.

Juan Leon-Ruiz

Every time that I decide to go it's always busy, but the days that I choose not to go are very slow lol so it's a hit or miss with this place, but don't let the line push you to go somewhere else. This place is great for a quick car wash - it's quick but gets the job done! Reasonable prices as well, I paid $16 for a nice car treatment AND free vacuum. I always take my little sister here with me because she absolutely loves the colorful foam and the different colored lights, it's looks so cool! 4 stars because staff could be a bit better, they just stand at the paying station and look like they are dreading to be there. But definitely worth the car wash here at 3-min Bear car wash.

Thiyagu BTR

Great and reasonably priced place to get your car washed. Clean facility, staff are very nice and helpful.

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