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REVIEWS OF 5 (Five) Points Car Wash IN Delaware

Daniel Korejko

Just went here this morning. I paid for their best wash. They didn't take any time to properly "detail" my truck. I had to ask them to go back and clean the interior glass. The wheels are still dirty. I'll finish cleaning the rest of the truck when I get home. They weren't even busy so it's not like they were rushed. I took my other car to another car wash. What a difference it makes when you take your time.

Dillan Madara

Needed an emergency oil change and had it done during work, it was excellent. I conveniently work right across the street (Dr Buck/Dermatology), and they let me take my car right over and even gave it a care wash. Can't wait to go back


Good Car Wash. Clean facility, plenty of personnel. People posting here are too over demanding for a 2 minute wash, wipe, vac and dry. The complaints I read mostly here should have their car detailed instead.

Shirley Brewer

Service is great and I don't gave to worry if my car is clean.


Best car was I've ever been to.

Brianna Streater

I took pictures of before and after of the interior and there was no difference still dusty.Nothing was really wiped down. They turned my black leather steering wheel white. Tires were still dirty. I could go on and on about how horrible they are. Thank god I have a membership through Groupon for $22. I will be going there as much as I can for the month to get my money worth. They are some very lazy workers!

Kyle K

I paid $30 for the manager special. It was supposed to include a showroom shine. The carbwas only towel dried and the older guy outside stated that happens during the wash. The girl inside said it was a quick wax by hand. Really unhappy with the service. I will have to drive further to another car wash in the future.

Robert Blum

After waiting an hour in line I ordered the premium with hot wax. Car went through no hot wax 3 of the wheels clean one dirty vacuuming was horrible. This was a great car wash about 2 years ago NO MORE there are plenty of car washes around time to check out the others!

alice's journey

Paid $30 for managers special and got a half a car wash and vacuum the vacuumed half. They also did a crappy job on the tires and didn’t get the rims like at all. Just get the $5 wash cause that’s about all you’re gonna get :p

Tracie Shivers

Alright place. Prices are cheap. People are friendly. I feel like they could do a better job at vacuuming the inside of the car.

Lauren Duvall

I have been bringing my car and my husbands car here for the two years we have lived here and have never had an issue until today. I brought in my black VW Jetta for a classic wash when I was driving home I noticed white specks on my hood , looking closer it was small pieces of rock or concrete and was hard to remove. I returned my car back and told the gentleman who takes the cars what happened and that a construction truck was in front of me and was concerned something from his bed of the truck stuck to my car ? I was told we’ll run through again to remove. As they were drying my car the rocks were somewhat removed but my hood was essentially scratched up. The two gentlemen were very defensive saying we have million dollar equipment this isn’t from here ... I asked to speak with manager “ Jackson”. The gentlemen drying my car understood when I told him a construction vehicle went in before me and said “ oh ok I got what your saying now “. Jackson wouldn’t offer to help me in anyway even customer service wise advising me this wasn’t from here and didn’t even offer my money back for the horrible experience. I told I’m I have been a happy customer for the years I have received service and would never come back again or my husband his response was “ ok” I never received an apology but was made to feel like I was some crazy lady trying to start a problem. I just wanted the rocks off my car and the scratches to be fixed or at least my money back? The rocks were on my hood and on the top of vehicle mind you my car is black I would have noticed this if it was there before. Don’t bring your car here unless you want to leave with damage bc they let any vehicle through , maybe check the beds on construction vehicles so damage isn’t done to their cars ! Horrible customer service !

Wynita Forman

Good place for a car wash and dry, prices are good too but the workers will do half the job you pay for If it's a busy day.

Ty Po

Great customer service, and really nice people! But, my rims are never fully clean no matter what package I get. :(

Girard Carrozza

Don’t really vacuum to well, or open ontime

Stephen Cann

This is arguably the best, most thorough car wash I have ever used. They have a full-service detailing center, oil change center and wash with Rain-x, hot waxing, undercarriage washes, and other services. My car looks brand new every time I come through here, and the service is quick and friendly. Cheap prices for a great service and the only car wash in my area I trust.

Jose Santiago

I do give 1 Star because there’s free coffee! Otherwise, I purchased the highest car wash package (Ultimate $50) and the interior was semi done. We all make bad decisions every now and then. Free coffee

Nick Cerami

What a disgrace. Just paid $24 to have my truck cleaned. It's like they didnt even think of vacuuming. Also I had to finish wiping off the truck in the driveway of the place because there was still water all over it. Then I finished recleaning inside when I got home. Absolutely horrible. stay away unless you want to waste ur money!!!

john lauro jr

Not the best job but they're ok.

Albert Rivera

Such friendly staff who work here! I needed my car wash badly and seen five point car wash had good prices so I went in to see what it was like! The staff was very attentive and met all my needs, they offered coffee, hot coco or regular soft drinks. The prices are amazing for the service you get from the wash! They even have a unlimited wash program!!! Who wouldn’t want that? The gentlemen who gave me my ticket in the back was very helpful and kind! When I went inside to give the ticket to the kind lady at the register she was very nice and gave out an amazing vibe to the car wash that made me want to stay and get my car washed again! Once my car was done I tipped 15$ because the entire team of gentlemen I seen working on my car worked long and hard! My car was spotless I felt like it just walked off the showroom floor! Thank you so much five point car wash! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good wash and to get a smile on your face when you leave with your car!

Denise Dickman

Did not clean my car good at all

Jasmine Brown

They made my small truck sparkle and shine! One of the only places around that will do a full detail in the Winter time and they really saved me. I needed my car cleaned last minute and they got me in. If you need any detailing done for ANY reason, run to them!!


Won’t be going back. Prices are confusing and the inside of my rear window wasn’t cleaned. Told management about it and she told me that I didn’t pay for it to be cleaned.

Adriana Goss

Always quick and efficient with my oil change.

Raine G

Love the quality of my service most times. However, on the most recent visit I was charged an extra $2 Per mat to spray

Alex Smith

Vacuum was not working well

Joe Santilli

I do not have any affection with this business. I often bring my 03 Vette here when I am in a bind and can't do it myself. Never a scratch or swirl. I day try the manager's special when they run it. Well worth the money and value.

Dominic Ricci

That Manager Bret is the best he steered me in the right direction I would recommend my family and friends to 5 points car wash keep up the good Work.


Would be a 1 star, but their washes are pretty descent! Apparently now when they’re busy they decide to randomly charge an extra $2.00 per floor mat if you have rubber mats, to remove them and vacuum under them on top of paying $22 for a car wash! There are better wash places with better prices that don’t decide to gouge customers when they’re busy.. this will be my last trip here.. oh I forgot to mention also that the services you see listed on the board in the drive-through under particular packages aren’t actually the service that you get every time you select the package. For example if you select the ultimate package and expect to get hot wax because it’s listed under that particular service, you have to read the fine print that states it’s only in the package if you sign up for that package with unlimited washes. A lot of stipulations and questionable practices at this establishment.

Tony Cappio

This place used to be the best. I don't mind paying for a job well done. That has not been the case the last two times. Car was left wet not wiped down. The dash and doors left wet and unclean.

Santhosh Reddy Thuraga

Decent carwash in the surrounding

Alex Christensen

I've never had a better detail and car wash job until I've went to this place. They did a fantastic job in every way, shape, and form.

David Philbin

I had to clean up my act a bit. So I started here. i was in a hurry, so they put a rush on my car. Cool.

Mo White

Thanks Brian the assistant manager took great care of me signed me up for the everwash program I stopped going too 5 points for a while but thanks too Brian I will continue too come

Tina Conti

I used to always get a great wash here. The past 3 times it was awful. They didn't even do my windows and when I told them they didn't do the window the boy said well she was supposed to. Well she didn't. He literally did the one I pointed out. The car is still dirty and the back wasn't vacuumed. Don't waste your money.

Marc Fanelle

They make my car look great

B Sutter

I bring 3 cars a week and spend $70 to $100 a week at this place and am tired of the up sell and extra service added without asking for them. I noticed an extra item that I didn't ask for before leaving the drop off area and asked for it to …

Janet Rose

I'm giving 1 star because I have never received such poor service. Especially from this place! I utilize 5 points just about every other week and yesterday (9.2.18) I wanted a little extra. So I paid for the ultimate wash. Includes outside, inside, fragrance, tire shine. The whole package. It cost me $30 plus the tip I gave. My windows were not dried, there was soap running from the back. No tire shine and no fragrance. I yelled at the one guy and said, "you expect me to drive off like this? I paid $30 bucks and this is it!?" He goes, "oh I got you." Wiped the back end and that was it. I needed to be somewhere and the argument wasn't in the cards. But it's a shame! I was a steady customer, but not now I'm not. Outrageous pricing for half assed work.

Jim Wilson

The best car wash in the State Of New Jersey for washing and waxing and for detailing .I would recommend this car wash to everyone .

Kyle Santomo

Not open till 6 Call before you go there.

Harold Spence

They do a great job, but it gets crowded and once you're in line, you're there for the duration.

Anthony Carite

Nice job. The $2.00 to have your car towel dried is a little much


Great details!

Justin D

Great place. Really friendly, they're quick and you don't gotta worry about anyone stealing your change.

Patrick Rementer

I only gave 1 star because that's the least they will let you. New owner is John 1 of 3 white trash bothers who work here. And their white trash mommy. They damaged my SUV. And refused to give me their insurance information. They said my after market valve stem caps. Caused my front wheels to lock up and get pushed threw the car wash with no one seeing it until the end when my tire popped and the rim got damaged. WARNING DO NOT COME TO THIS CAR WASH.........

David McIntyre

Great service very reasonable prices

Beverly Taormino

This car wash is awesome. Being a Corvette owner this is the only car wash that i would have my car to wash. They go above and beyond and making your cars look great.

Basement Studio

Had a great experience last time I was here the guy running the back Brian made sure I had a very pleasant experience 2 thumbs up!!

Gina DeNardo

The people were really nice &the outside of vehicle looks great. But I bought the ultimate wash I think it's called. It normally is about $27.50, and I would have thought at that price they would have pulled the vehicle over and vacuumed it. There is still a mess on my rugs. I think they should di them separately if you're paying that price.

Lisa Wilson

They do a nice job on the car but they really try to upsell you on everything. Oh, and calling me hun, doesn't help.

Veronica Carter

The owner has compensated me for the damages to my vehicle. I do love the car wash. I will be using them again!

John Carullo

Wish I could give it zero stars. Horrible. Dashboard not cleaned, cup holders still dirty. Mats still dirty. Unreal. Don’t want to waste my time going back to this place to even have their manager clean it. Wish I could post pictures so you could see.

Louis Boccutto

Just went through there and felt like I got ripped off after spending $14 on a basic wash and vac. They moved through the cars so fast that there was no way they were doing a thorough job on any car. I needed to vac my truck again after I …

Anne Kollar

Great experience! Cleaned inside and out. Looks like brand new!!

Saban Kuscu

Dont waste your money for go there i paid $22 and doesn’t even worth $10 my car was still dirty after the wash

Luis Santiago

Good car wash but look out for over sales of services

Zach Jackson

Yet again I put my faith in this car wash to do a half way decent job and was let down for the last time. I refuse to return to this overall disappointing “full service” car wash. Every time I go there is “the set up” in the back of the store where the guy who you tell what you want tries to sell you stuff you absolutely don’t need for an exorbitant amount of money. You walk down a hallway were the could-not-give-a-hoot counter girl is at the end ready to give you a snotty total and ring you up. Then the vacuuming commences, where 2 guys just kind of laugh and hang around and give your floors and seats a quick wave with vacuumes that have almost no suction. Your car goes through this wash and when it comes out it somehow becomes more dirty than how it went in. Then the dryers come out and do LITERALLY NOTHING. Mud on my door jamb, streaky windows that I actually cannot see out of and have to go home and clean them myself. I paid for the “Managers Special” and didn’t realize his “Special” was to do all the work yourself. I will never return here, and I would not recommend even my worst enemy or the dirtiest car to go there.

Justin Roundhouse

What happened to this place?! I’ve been coming to this place for years and getting both of my cars washed regularly. The staff was amazing, helpful, and would even remember your name.. but recently There was a change in management that has completely ruined this place. Every time I come here, the staff is incredibly unorganized, at times even screaming and cursing at each other. The car washes have been terrible, and to top off the management change, they upped the prices by 20-30% for terrible service. 5 points used to be a pleasure for me to come to, I used to enjoy being known on a first name basis, and leaving with a car I could be proud of.. so much that I never left here without leaving at least a $10-15 tip... i would rant, rave and send all my friends, but for now, I will not be returning.. so sorry to see this place go down hill, hopefully the owner can turn it around and bring it back to a place people enjoy coming

Abigail Lewis

Amazing place!! I've had my car for 3 years and never had it super cleaned. It has survived many trips to and from Virginia and lots of mud and other particles as well as cat hair. I went to 5 Points Car Wash to get the interior detailed and they did AMAZING! it's like I have a new car again!!!! Thank you thank you thank!!!

Joseph McChesney

The management really cares about delivering a quality Car Wash. They did an excellent job on my vehicle and the customer service was great.

Colleen Gormley

Wish I could post before and after photos.. they’d be exactly the same. Did not touch the back seat or floor with the vacuum. Waste of money

Alyson Schroeder

Fantastic detail!! My car is brand new again! They even got out the markers and silly putty that my kids had gotten all over the seats! Highly recommend!

Isolina Vargas

STAY AWAY ....HORRIBLE DETAIL SERVICE....made an appt for a full service detail which on their website is $179 and includes shampoo of interior...dropped my car off 8:30 am on saturday, when dropping off my car the cashier asked if i was going to pay now or later...i said i didnt have a problem paying now....she called the owner over and said she needed a quote...he went and got another guy who came over and asked me how good of a detail i was looking for (hmmm i dont know i would think a full service detail is just that) but i made sure to let him know i wanted a great detail....he said he’d have to put two guys on it and would have to keep the car until closing and that it would be $215 to which i agreed and paid for (assuming that the $179 detail on their website must be for a bad detail and i was paying for a great detail)....picked up my car at closing as requested and the cashier told me the keys were in the car....without looking at the car I gave the cashier a $20 bill and told her it was tip for whoever detailed my car...she went to put it in the tip jar that the owner was emptying and he said something to her and i proceeded to watch as she put the $20 bill in the cash register....ok so I just paid the owner $235 for a great detail right?....wrong!!!! car looks like what i couldve gotten for a $15 drive through car wash exterior wash and interior vaccum....see pics for yourself....they did not shampoo the interior just vacuumed and wiped it down....will never go again stay away i shouldve listened to the reviews....

Liz Cook

I just got home from having an interior detail done on my car. I have raved about this place when I got interior detailing done previously. This morning when I dropped off the car, I was surprised about the 15$ increase in price since my last visit, but I decided to do it anyway because I wanted a good job. There are spots on the car, dust left, dirt left, smears. And the cap for my rear door light is no longer on, and won't stay on. I'm very disappointed. I don't know who replaced the great worker I had before, but I'll be looking for a new detailer in the future.

Jessica Larch

Last time I'll go, paid for the higher package and got less than the basic package, no effort was put into wiping the dash or doors and tires and rims weren't cleaned. I used to love this car wash, you can tell the employees dont care and prices are too high now for a mediocre wash and wipe down.

Liza Orsini

Paid 15 bucks and had to redry my car. The windows still had cleaner on them. Wasn't worth the money.

Ryan W

They nickel and dime you for everything, doors wiped down 2 bucks, trunk vacuumed out 4 bucks, rubber floor mats hoses down 2 bucks. What a racket, do yourself a favor and drive 2 miles to Autosheen.

Nat Geary

I've have consistently good service and will continue to take my cars here. Some times they are busy but I've never felt that they were understaffed. Whether its 2 cars ahead of you or 20 you typically wait the same amount of time and yet the quality stays consistent. Gotta love that kind of service!

Melanie Nagle

I've been going to this carwash for 6 years and it keeps going downhill with the staff that works there. I will not be coming here again. I got the ultimate car wash (most expensive) and nothing was done to the standards of what should have been. The employees conversate among themselves more than anything. The passenger side of my car was not even vacuumed and I did not get the wheel dressing that I paid for. Do not go here unless you want to pay money for services not done..

Alison Ricci

Great place! Efficient, quick, and great job. Thank you!

Joseph Riccardi

Love this car wash friendly staff always have a great wash at this place

dentu pechters

This is premium? Not enough people to do the job so you get your car back half washed!!

Bret Young

Full service car wash and lube services. Many wash choices from just exterior to full detail. Exterior wash is 5.00 and very good. Really quick but can be busy at peak times. Clean modern waiting area with free coffee. Staff friendly too !

Mark Valentine

Best car wash in South Jersey.

Matthew Maguire

Paid for the basic wash which includes an interior clean. They clearly did not use a clean cloth to wipe down the touch screen on the dash as it was extremely streaky and now has a 1 to 2inch scratch in it. Sent management an email and got no reply. Needless to say, will not be going back.

Brian Sevs

Good results. Fast, reasonable price, results are good.

Marcus Anderson Sr

Have grown to love this establishment. I purchased the ultimate wash monthly package ($49.95 monthly for unlimited washes) and I try to make it midday to avoid the pile up. Staff is friendly and courteous and they make your vehicle look pretty. Don't forget to tip!

Rick Cruz

Great wash and oil change

Rolf Mikkelson

Clean car and courteous staff...

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