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REVIEWS OF Splash Car Wash IN Connecticut

Tim Kilmartin

Quick moving lines and the car is cleaned well. Lots of options and services.

Linda Fore- Stam

They have no blower at the end of the wash. For a 12.00 carwash it should have a blower to finish it off. Never will I go back

The Jolt

Dara Borgnis

Great car wash

Ray Lewis

They are the bestest


Lorna Garney

Left spots

Star Herb

Sean Collins

I think my only positive experience was talking to Javier on the phone. I called and spoke to Javier about the fact after rushing my girlfriend's dog to the ER that the dog got sick and that we cleaned up the bulk but I had some stains and being an Uber driver I really needed that cleaned out. Well after paying 70 dollars after first inspection of the car Juan stated you only paid for express detail and I don't know anything about a seat shampoo. I told him that was the extra 20 dollar charge that was put on my receipt. After a half attempt of a job there was still stains in the corner and and I got an attitude huff from Juan when I pointed that out. After I left I had discovered all my windows were streaky and and my rear view mirrors were very spotty. I will never give Splash Car Wash my business again and will let my fellow Uber drivers as well know about the dissatisfied service I had.

Ron Henri

Patrick Myatt

Roberta Reznik

Good price and good service.

Chris -

I thought id try this place cause my brother told me it was good so i just went today and its gotta be the worst carwash ive ever went to. As i was entering the building with my car i was watching them spray a truck infront of me and missed half of the dirt. Then they did mine... and barely got any salt or dirt off mine the only thing that was clean was my hood. The rest was still filthy and soap and suds left everywhere. Not even kidding dirt patches were still all over my car. Just go somewhere else. I ignored the reviews about this place before i came. Stupid of me. Going home putting my car in my garage and recleaning it.


This place does not even deserve 1 star. Took my car through the car wash and wow, what a disaster. Did not even get the wash, just took $10 from me for nothing. DO NOT GO HERE. Needs to be shut down honestly.

Kris Pahel

This is my local car wash. They are well equipped. Some times I've been there when no vacuuming is available.

I am Redbeard

Bay #2's hose doesn't work! Get on it Splash Car Wash! I wasted my change on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding it's not a big deal but if you could fix the spraygun in Bay 2 I'd appreciate it. Other people probably would too.

Shanza Qaiser

Always so friendly

Ben Smith

Russell Colquette

Aaron Solomon

Jamie Elander

Pretty much what youd expect

Alan Smith

These guys are amazing. For $35 I had three men (including the owner) cleaning the interior of my car for an hour. They got every nook and crannie. Fantastic service!

Betty Coates

Marc Morgan

Great front end service but the back end workers are hard to deal with.

David Perci

Tracy Coggins

The prices are to high for them not to vacuum

Charles Duran


Eugene Klimaszewski

Guy taking credit cards outside said he would give me a deal total would be $14. I got charged $19. Won’t be back here. Liars. It wasn’t worth the negative review guys!

Thomas Kaufman2


Heather Zachary

Linda Morrison

Cost seemed a little high for the length of the wash.

Rodney Jackson

Free vacuum

Tony Nickles

Jason Kirkendoll

Carwash is expensive but they have free vacuums.

A Google User

Everyone was excellent and respectful. From the lead manager Javier to the attendant, to most specifically Nelson who took the time and delicacy to service our vehicle. Nelson’s workmanship is top quality. His professional care and customer service is impeccable. When I come back I will ask for him specifically. He took great attention to detail and went above and beyond. He is an attribute and an asset to the company

Paul Geary

The Five Star detailing is terrific. This is the second year I've had my truck detailed at Five Star. It looks like it did the day it rolled out of the show room. Friendly, professional service, from the manager to the cashiers to the guys on the towels. I only use Splash for washes and detailing.

Susan Goszewski

Great service - they always greet me with a smile.

Howard Shaw

Always open

Sal Pugliese

Jeanette Gangi

I joined the car wash club and have been very happy with the service. The people who work here are very nice and remember who you are when you come through.

Brad Coutermash

Today I took a used car I had recently purchased in and they did such a great job. Car looks a thousand times better than when it rolled in...

Mostvaluable Pimps

I stopped coming here because I was paying the unlimited car wash that includes my rims but everytime they were never clean my rims

Alberto Rivera

Hi. I went to splash in Cheshire. And jav help me we 5

Mike Swiader

Great place

Steve Gallagher

Avis S. Domingue

Cleaned my truck very well

Gary Barnett

Great place just need to pay attention to details

Bruce Reynolds

Nice job

Justine Rotondo

The machine took my money and it didn't wash the car , even after backing up and going through it again

Angela Lewis-Shakes

Car wash.

Heather Morin

Michael Jones

They all ways have free vacuuming.The water presser will blow the mud off everything.

Luke H

I paid for the most expensive wash "The Works". When I pull in, the pre-wash shuts off 1/2way through my fullsize truck pulling in. After, I almost always find dirt still on the vehicle, this wash doesn't have brushes or any of those rotary tools that newer washes have. It's just the closest one to where a lot of people live so I think it continues on without being upgraded.

glorya belonie

Free vacuuming so I totally love this place.

Harrison Hausler

dennis apotris

Paid $12 to have the car washed through automated carwash and big waste of money. I would have given zero stars but that's not possible. My garden hose does a better job of washing car than this carwash. End result car just as dirty after car wash it was before wash it was just wet dirt instead of being dry dirt!

David Barillaro

Timothy Boley

Lettie Dawn Baker

Mike Brough

Twice my car has been damaged, should have learned the first time not to come here. That's what I get for choosing convenience over quality. Worst part is the neither time has corporate or the actual location solved the issues or kept their word. Edit: After reading some of the recent reviews and responses from the company, all i have to say is this place sucks. I get my wash in Bridgeport now, and for $15 which is less than i used to spend, i get a full service. They wipe the dash, vacuum, wash the entire car, shine the wheels, and do the windows. There is also a place in Waterbury that does the same. Stay away from this rip off and visit some of the better washes that actually tend to their customers rather than ignore them

Baltazar Lopez Jimenez

They have very good deals

Jazier Valle

Meranda Raeder

Edward Simpson

This carwash has been upgraded significantly over the past year or two. It was undesirable but many changes like new vacuum cleaners, new coin collection (with available dollar bill and/or credit/debit readers) and spruced-up wash bays make for a better wash experience.

Gemini Yoga Lifestyle

Megan Nelson


Super Scout

Greeted by very friendly staff (Henry) who wasn’t one of those high pressure salesman. Got the Works wash and thought it was a very reasonable price point. Stayed in vehicle going through the wash and once done, they towel dried my car. I like this as I think is very important part of a complete car wash. Exited and went on my way. Quick and simple without any hassle. With all this pollen in the area, it feels nice to have a clean car again. Very happy with Splash and the service they provide.


Wow! It doesn't look like much but the automatic bay did a better job than the new brush car wash in Augusta!

Marisa Sortito

Got my new car detailed by Jose and it came out AMAZING. Def getting my car taken care of by them forever now. So impressed. Great service. Thanks Jose!

Sarah Rodgers

Fabulous service! Javier cleaned paint off my bumper - my 2004 Volvo looks like new. Everyone was so friendly!

Krista Linn

$12 for a car wash that did NOT have a dryer. My sister who is a local said the vacuums are free. I pulled up after paying for my wash and it has a place to insert quarters. So I figure, just my luck. They've changed it - so I put my 4 quarters in and press the button and it starts up. Then it quits after about 1 minute I'd guess. I press the button this time to see if it starts up on its own and sure enough did - I'm not sure what Splash thinks they have going here but I won't be returning. Thanks anyway!

Derek Viger

Easy to find


Overpriced for a carwash. Same machine for over five years. Easier to get a carwash by turning on the hose

Karen Griffin

Ray Giannamore

Staff does a great job of cleaning your car. Prices are reasonable.

Jessica Levy

Gudrun Johnson

Best in the area

Ed Watts

dawn anthonypillai

Good service

Jim Drapeau

Robert Snyder

Paid for delux wash looked as dirty as It was before I spent 13.00

Bob Ber

The automatic car wash doesn't really clean your car very well. The self service bays clean your car better and cheaper.

Liz Youn

I like washing my own vehicle.

Johnny Mills

Always a great place for a wash and vacuum

Mike G

Noah Reidelbach

Eric Gunther


Judy Wells

Free vacuum with wash!

Specter SRS

great job detailing my subaru

Brandon Traknis

Fast and cheap car wash. Does a good job for the price.

DAN Crain

I went through the self service bays and used my credit card. I was there about 4 minutes and they charged me $10. This isn't the 1st time this has happened, and it's just a rip off. Do not use this car wash unless you have cash. I have tried calling and they don't answer. Will contact the BBB on this matter.

Justin Meadows

Free vacuums and free trash...what's not to like about that?!

Elizabeth S

David Hinkley

John Moore

Good price but needs to be modernized a bit

Joseph Orts

Miakoda Combies

The car gets washed... but it's all mediocre

Peter King

I do unlimited car washes for a monthly fee. It's a great deal.

Eugene Festa

I have been going to this car wash for many years. I take two cars there often.The staff is always very courteous, polite, and helpful. They always have a pleasant word. The cars always come out spotless.


I had a problem with my car window and Jose took the time to help me out. I appreciate the help and the wonder service i received. Thank you and your staff

Dennis M

Hard to get into the place.

Amelia Rogers

Tom Anderson

Does a great job on your vehicle.

Arthur Hamilton

Quick and easy

Dan Murphy

Richard McNamara

Paula Stapleton

Nice facility. Free vacuum and fragrance spray.

thad phinney

Good car wash the guns have plenty of pressure and always lots of soap coming out

Al Rygyytguan

Awesome car wash. They take the time to do things properly and thoroughly. One of the best splash car washes in the area.

William Schmitt

It's a car wash!

catherine latorre

Dale Hargett

Andrew Williams

Flash & Capone

Great car wash with decent prices Check mailings and online, always coupons available. The foamanator makes me laugh every time, lol. Very sad Henry passed away, he was the MAN...RIP HENRY ●FREE VACCUMMS AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO EVEN GET A CAR WASH TO USE THEM!!!!●

Francine Shannon

Mason at Splash is great!! My car antennae broke while going through the car wash. Not only did Mason replace it with a smile, but got the one specific for my Mini! Now THAT is what I call Customer Service which seems to be missing these days! From now on, I will only get my car washed here even if I have to drive from the other side of Waterbury! Bravo!

Kevin Pimpinelli

Quick service. The manager went out of his way to make sure the car was clean. Thank you

Jeff Kustron

Very clean car wash

Patel Kush

Alyson Bowman

Lance Harrison


mike wilmot

29 dollars for a car wash and they don’t even wipe down the interior. Way to expensive for such little service

Cliff P

Car came clean

Teresa Aceto

Gregory Paveza

Angelina Brown

Sean Miro

Steven Whitmore

Logan Brady

rita Sola

Shankar Srinivasan

Car wash is good, but the free vacuum has poor suction.

Mike Schofield

Eh its ok. Only used the self wash. You don't get much time for your money. Bring a solid $10 in quarters if you want to actually wash your car.

Sharon Stafford

Did not rinse all the soap off my car. Now I have white spots all over it

J Parker

Don't go here if scratches bother you! Look at the pictures. They scratched my rims with their tire cleaning brush. Went back that evening they would not even look close enough to see the damage. The first response from them was "what that?" Then they denied it could even have happened there. They said come back another time and they would try to buff out. I won't go back. Today I decided to buff out with clear coat rubbing compound. This is what I am left with.

Bryan Sikes

Free vacuums.

William Bateson

The monthly plan is great, but they aren't always open on time or every day during the week.

Mary Bramlett

Jennifer Wentworth



UPDATE: THEY CALLED AND MADE IT RIGHT....I used my credit card and was shocked to find a $10 charge on my statement online. I had used it for only 2 1/2 minutes and there was nothing posted about what the charge would be. I assumed it would be around four or five dollars. Unless you have cash I would stay clear of this place. It is highway robbery! I did call and no one ever answered the phone I left messages and no one ever called me back. I had called several times. I will be complaining to the better business bureau as well.


The worst. You get charged for one thing higher and they give you a lower package. Watch out

Richard Nye

Update: they did make it right. I haven't been back to see if the car wash is any good yet. On 2/10/18, the automatic car wash malfunctioned on me. I intend to update this review to a higher score after the refund. Things go wrong, it happens. What you do about it is what is important. They have said they'll make it right.

April Dawn

Cora Waller

Free vacuum great pressure on carwash. Love this business

Dewayne Smith

Lizzy Crespo

Mike Richardson

$2 dollar vacuums. Unlimited time for $2 bucks. Only place I go.


Great and friendly worker's

Patrick Ryan

Very good car wash. A little expensive

Umair Ali

Sarah Markham

I am very pleased with my experience at this car wash. I did not get a wash, but got the entire inside detailed and carpets cleaned. After spilling red wine in the back seat of my car (no DUI, I promise), I had very low expectations. I asked for a carpet shampoo and said, "do the best you can." The guys who washed the car somehow removed the wine completely - there is no evidence of it whatsoever. I drive a ten year old car and do not get it detailed regularly (pretty much never), so the car was already looking rough. I am pleased to say that it looks almost new again. The staff is great and worked quickly. The whole interior was detailed in about 45 minutes.

Ariel Melendez

Reece England

Terrible place. Owners are super rude and I Paid 13 dollars for for a car wash that did nothing.

Angelina Monaco

Talk about clean, this location looks very nice! I stayed in the car and got the works wash. Henry was such a funny guy, a great sales person with a wonderful personality. I love that no matter what splash I show up at, I get the same great service!

Susan L. Britt

Super expensive!!!!

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