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2 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516

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REVIEWS OF Splash Car Wash and Oil Change IN Connecticut

Jennifer Mann

Great place to get a good car wash. Wish there was one here in maine like this one.

Sana Mohammed

Was good. Quick and easy.

Hector IV Lopez

They give me good attention and many choices in oils..

Paul Molta

Fast, friendly, affordable service. Will definitely return.

Carlos Granda

Awesome service .. knowledgeable car mechanics

Alex Fernandez

They not accept any discount from the dealer. A 1 toyota

Germz Edwards

Free vacuums everyday can't beat it don't know about Sunday thou

Dishant Patel

The Vaccum is Free!! Yes, it is. Can't see any cons not to visit the store for the regular oil change and stuff.

Pedro Carrera

Best car wash in ct

Victor Soli

Out rage good

Maria Arvelo

Good place for just a tune up. Other wise then that don't really like the way they clean my car . Needs work on it

Ted Preisser

Went today for the first time. Greeted with a smile, great wash, good price. I'm going back!


Great service

Philip Smith

Great love it

Laurie Brown

they take your vehicle go thru truck wash when you come out they have men to while down entire vehicles the best that they can .. all in a timely manner..

Nick Petrowski

Got a complete five star detail on Friday and was amazed at how clean it was looks better then when I first got the car was done fast great service even with a line of cars I was done in a reasonable amount of time and car delivered to me fast and friendly service. will be coming here once a week maybe more because they also have an awesome rewards program that allows you to receive a 3 day return period to rewash car for any reason

Cloyde Dixon

Best place to wash your car


The service was excellent always a wonderful experience going to the best place to get my car washed.

Al Millennium

Always great service from Frank and the guys there.

Tasha Adkins

I'm a Reward member and I have the pleasure of paying once a month for as many car washing I want. The guy with the long hair who be the first person you see is very funny and courteous. However when I came though the wash cycle for drying one of the guys got very upset with me because I didn't go all the way over on the side of another car to get dry I was just simply following his directions.Even with that little hic up this is one of my favorite Car wash spot.

Carmen Davila

Fast and professional

Dan Laguerre

Unlimited wash is the way to go.

Corei Robinson

You get what u pay for!

Lil___hero63. 848

Great service worth it to go to check out your car

Jon Smith

They do a good job.


I loved the visit and customer service, it was awesome. And they knew what they were doing and timing was fast

ASA 5544

Great service

Debbie Delfi

Great customer Services

j carey

Great staff.

Mary Flores

Great car wash place.

5 Star Musik

Always get my oil change done here. Great and fast service!

Brenda Rivera

Like this place nice gays working good job always

richard persico

Excellent service

Ghulam Reza

On January 12 I did synthetic oil change for my toyota prius. They supposed to give me free interior and exterior car wash but they only offered me exterior wash. By the time they ask you what kind of oil change do we need they keep insisting you to pay more for better oil. I was asking the guy to check if my transmission fluid need to be change, he easily said go to toyota because it is sealed and we cannot check it out, how ever it is realy easy to check the transmission fluid. Also they said they don't have that fluid to change it out. The reason I am leaving only one star is because they dont do all those services that include on the website for oil change they just change the oil and that is it.

Giovan Roque

People were nice and very accommodating to my needs. I got a detail about a month ago and my car looked so much better. I highly recommend!

E communications llc


don bundy

Free vacuums , you can't go wrong....

Marco Padilla

Good ..the have a new employees. We miss..olds espanish employee

Thomas Angelucci

I go here for oil changes and a car wash. The mechanics are nice. They recommend service like the others, but they don't try to push you to the point of no return like other places. The car wash people usually do a good job, depends who you get.

Justin Alexander

Love this place! everyone is always so nice and friendly. always happy when i leave there with my truck shining!!

Scott Atkins

They’re ok if you’re just getting a vacuum and a wash. Don’t waste your money on a full detail. It’s definitely not worth it.

Louis Acompora

Love this place great oil changes better then any one else

scall green

Reasonable pricing

Carmine Sarro


Siaramarie Rivera

Fast and easy

steve john

Fast service


Free Vacuums!

Brad Krieger

Waited in line for 20 minutes for a hand wash, and when I got to the front was told they could not do a hand wash because the line is too long. Ended up driving to the Shelton Splash Car wash, where they performed the hand wash no problem. Services should not be advertised if they are unable to deliver. Will never go to the West Haven car wash again.

Cuvan J Foster Sr

I go there all the time

David Tate

Staff was great very friendly and helpful and they did a wonderful job.

John Frank

Ok job. But was not dried enough. Water marks all over car when dried. I joined the club. Just hoping it’s not like this all the time

Pete Romprey

Nice people do a great job!


Nice price for oil change.

Jose Nieves

Fastest and cheapest carwash/oil lube all around

anthony colbert

First time going to a splash, I wanted to see what my friends where talking about. I spent $16.00 for a plus wash. Not only was my car shining, I had never seen a car wash with a light show and the foam things were amazing, they're kid friendly. My kids wanted to go back again. Made me a lifetime customer because not only was I impressed but my children were very amazed!

Sheila Bailey


Mickey Davis

Great place to clean or get your car cleaned.

richard barnett

Facility looks nice, faculty nice but the finishing end is not good! Make sure you state you want your rims cleaned from the onset of paying . You would have a car that is mediocre cleaned and dirty rims! 6.99 car wash is meant for a commercial truck or garbage truck! Otherwise the setup may have potential! Free vacuum is a plus!

E. S

Great place to vacuum and clean your vehicle.

Baidy Sow

I would not recommend anyone to Splash West Haven. I was not happy after paying $16 exterior car wash. My mistake was that I was sitting in the car. The back of the car was never wet.

Larry Murphy Sr

They have a hard working crew, courteous, caring and do a wonderful job on all my cars. I will always go back for the kind of service I get at the West Haven Shop

Tom Terebesi

Great service.

Yumac L

Good carwash all kinds of services all kinds of prices, free vacuum do it yourself. Small entertainment place for the kids clean bathroom clean waiting area I always satisfied with there services. Convenient location right off Boston post road.

Antwar5 Warakomski

They are the best very professional brought 2 work trucks that were fifty inside and out came out like brand new

M Foley

Great service although lines are long sometimes. Prices are decent

Anthony Sporko


Scott A

Quality wash. Employees are not the best, and management seems more concerned about the dollar than the customer.

James engstrom

overfilled the car with oil now it leaks they will not take responsibility for the mistake and state "it happens all the time".. check with any real mechanic its just as bad as underfilling the car with oil...they lost our business

Reynaldo Ortiz

Fast service for reasonable price


It's okey! Good service and people through!

Khadijeh Alnajjar

I did a quick detailing but it took much longer than I had anticipated. But the car was clean and smelled nice

Jose Rivera

Let my car dirty not dry good never got again

Charles Little

I can't find the words to thank Frank and Jorge enough for the way they treated my car after having it scratch by Fairfield Splash. Great job guys, and boy are they fast, my car was show room worthy. I will be washing there every chance I get !

E Cruz

Fantastic experience. Fast and excellent work. Friendly staff. Would go back.


Never wash yall car in any will mess up ur car....they use the same water it just thing to do is wash it by hand at ur house....

Yenniffer Anthony

vacum is free didnt work the car was dirty on the back

Wendy Williamson

The best Splash I've been to yet! They cleaned the back window, wiped the dash down, and you know that water inside the edge of the door, yes, they got that too. YES, they have air freshner for your car. And the gound isn't wasn't full of water or oil to track back on the matts that looked new after they finished vacuuming then. Maybe if more business act like they #needed customers and appreciated the customers' business, like back in the day, there might be a few less angry folk driving around...

victor akisanya


Draceena z

I have gone to other splash car washes in the area and this one has been the best! The guys and the few girls there are always so nice to me! Where at other ones the workers are always miserable! I just love going to this one! Even if I drive by two just to get to this one! Customer service is the key! And I have had problems here,yes they may make mistakes but EVERYTIME they where fast to fix it and make me happy with no questions asked!(only 2 times in the past 1 1/2 years) and if the vacuum isn't working up to my standards, they are fast to fix it for you!! There is nothing bad I can say about this place! They go above and beyond what I ever expect!!! Keep it up guys!!(and girls

Brooke Ocampo

Excellent service!!! Jorge and Ervin were so professional and kind. Car looks spotless and beautiful!

New Haven Green July Down Town

Mainly to back. Not wash. These type of car wash end up putting swirls on your paint job. Touchless car wash on Dwell in Hamden

Peggie Barnes

Did work on my car that I didn't need

Estelle Jackson

They do great work.

Empress N

Would rate 5 but They need to clean vacuums..but local quik place to clean ur car

Carlyn Soter

Love 2 use their free vacuums!!!


Don't get your oil changed from them

Sheng Zhong

Bad place for oil change. Terrible experience.

Faizuddin Rahimi

I been a member for long enough finally find something with better price and better staff so mean staff specially the cashiers

Daniel Zarpoush

I’m a member with monthly payment. Trust me, if you don’t get out of you car personally and check it out after the crew dry off the exterior, you definitely gonna leave with a rear bumper, rear trunk and rear plate number placement all wet and soap. During crowded hours for the sake of fastening the process they intentionally don’t clean the front and rear bumper well before going to the automated wash... and if you look the person in charge, he will just look away!

Scott Andersen

A little expensive but excellent employees

Lisa Davis

I wash my car here free vaccum cleaning oil changes they do anything you want done to car but it could be expensive

Brandy Long

Great employees!

aaron a

They had an offer for $19.99 oil change, but told me i had to use a more expensive oil for my specific car. It might be why my engine burned out shortly after. Later that month, they did not honor their own car wash voucher

Keila Smalls-McCall

Went with my son. He has a monthly card. Car always look nice.

Shiara Gonzalez

I love the facility and the staff. The staff is very female friendly, this is the first detail wash I've ever gone to and the staff members do not try to hit on me, very professional environment. The detail, however, I can barely notice the bird stains anymore, if you know what I mean. I love the reflection given off of my car, Jorge is a magician, I highly recommended him to all of my friends. The interior had oil stains from a routine visit to my dealer; which drove me crazy. I drove to Splash and Jorge was able to remove the stains without damaging the fabric. The car was showroom new inside and out I go every week for a detail.

S Servin

Great service, free vacuums

Tijuana Young

Some of the workers could be very rude, and when cleaning and drying the vehicle, they do a horrible job, and when you say something because you are paying your money and don't want spots all on your car, when it dries, they act as if it's going to be a problem!

Frank Okechukwu



Bad experience.

Jacques Alexis

Fast service

Sa Majesté

Reliable service

Michelle Stewart

One word.. awesome

Tya Lucas

They were very nice very friendly detailed car to the t a little pricey on detail but well worth it

Soufiane Zaimsassi

The new employees are disrespectful and unprofessional even the manager!

Joseph Rutledge

The staff are active and courteous. Great place to wash your car!

Yasin Ali

Good job every time

Neish Sledge

Wish my car would be fully dry,soap doesn't wash off well and when it dries, it make my truck look dirty

John Doe

Good place to wash your car. Cars get towel dried by employees for free. Also they offer free vacuums


Great, friendly, reliable service every time I go here!!

John Kriney

I always get a great wash when I stop here. I drive 5 minutes out of my way to go here when Im traveling in town.

Stephanie Telford

Good customer service

Maciek amer


Nonnie Ortiz

This is tge only place I service my car never failed me in years

Philip Antinone

Incredibly friendly service. They don't try to oversell you and the quality is spot on!

Gloria Little

People were friendly.

damion clarke

Easy to deal with staff,keen on everything with your car. I was experiencing some technical problems with my car and one of their technicians pointed it out to me.

Magaly Vega

I feel like When I go alone they hustle to get me to spend more when I don't really need to. I do get that life is a hustle. But still.


But you lost some thing from your car and they dont check or look i lost my camara. From my Bmw outside i thing i lost when i when inside to wash the car

SHawn LAnham

It was great very honest I love coming here they known your name very polite go above and beyond ervan at the front super friendly Customer service Skills are over the top more then what I except from a wash Leaves me a clean and smelling good car All workers take proud in what they do Thanks again splash Team

Charles Amaker

Price ok

Grind Hard

Vacums dont work to good the farther u go to the back .. got my car washed from there smh i was wiping dirt off while helping them dry it.. im good im going up the street...

Mystery Shopper

Sometimes its a hit or miss with employees. Somedays they are great with customer service. Other days you would have wished you went somewhere else. Guys are great with interior cleaning so definitely get your windows and vacuum done by them. Its worth it! The short spanish girl with hair to her shoulders is always rude. She usually wiping cars off.

Jeanna Suraci

Best car wash around. Friendly staff. My car looks great!! thanks everyone!!

Leslie Latchman

Staff was good over great atmosphere

Endereye 928

Great carwash every time polite workers free vaccumes


Good place for you health of your car,,

Sheron Olden

Great service

Gacha Wolf

Aqui si dan un buen servicio de lavado de carros, me encanta la idea de free vacuums. Lo recomiendo, no duden en llevar su nave ahí.

Hector Valentin

They are great

Leonard Gorham

It cleans my car very well and has free vacuuming.

Harold Pollock

Great service fine job

Veronica Rossi

Best service ever!!! I had my car wash and I am very pleased. My car is clean and shiny.

Mosaab Addaraidi

Please don't go there, I paid a $145 for nothing, they didn't even take more than 20 minutes and came to me saying it is ready. And left it wet inside and I had to buy blanket to cover the seat. I wish I could share pictures of the car to show you how it looks like.... " sharper"

Kellie Santillo

I had a full detail done on my car this past Sunday. George and the crew did an amazing job. They got into every nook and cranny, including under the hood! The car was ready to go in the time frame promised. I was very pleased with their attention to detail. I would definitely recommend this service at Splash to my family and friends!

Jesse Blondin

Serve people that come in order. I went for an oil change this morning, it was busy 4 cars in the garage and I'm the 5th. I wait to choose which lane or get signaled, another customer comes up behind me, actually honks at me like I'm going to make things faster. I get signaled, go left lane, she's told go to the right. What do you know the right lane now moves ahead and I'm still sitting there. So I get out ask "What's up", I'm basically laughed at and told my lane is going to move up in a second. Please, if toothless Joe had said "Oh sorry, your lane is moving up shortly" maybe I'd stay but I didn't, and now you've lost a customer.

Philip Mallouk

As an Uber driver, I’m always looking for a decent car wash. This one is good in my book!

Jerome Sonia

Basic car wash even feels like a full detailing

Ruben Rios

Best place to go and get things DONE honest and very friendly ,, Thank you. good job,

Angela K

I’ve been coming here to vacuum, wash and get my mini van’s oil changed with my three boys in tow for two years now. I’ve been blown away by all the workers’s friendliness and helpfulness, including the employees who staff the car wash, those who dry down the vehicles, and those working in the shop. As a woman and mother, it just makes me so grateful I found Splash when we first moved here. I trust them. Just today, Sergio, Aaron, and Stephen did my oil change and radiator flush and they were very professional and kind. In the past, employees have promptly helped unclog vacuum hoses for us, which we come to use frequently. I’ve referred and will continue to refer friends and neighbors. Loyal customer here!!! Thanks Splash!!!

Pro Exteriors LLC

We have the unlimited plan for all of our fleet, best price for unlimited car wash! Keeps our fleet clean and tidy!

Lucille Patterson

Great Experience! The pricing is a little high; however, you don't have to wait and you get a free car wash so it balances out pretty well!

First Class Movers, LLC

Come here for every oil change. They will let you know if there is anything else that you may want to watch out for/ get done with your vehicle.

Erin Infantino

Friendliest staff I have encountered in a very long time! Pleasant experience beginning to end. Thanks!

Tae Kim

very honest and professional.

David Read

7 bucks for a basic Car Wash pretty good

Angelina Monaco

Wow...what an awesome location! I paid $16 for the works plus wash and it was well worth it!!! I was very impressed by the light show they had inside the car wash and the free vacuums were awesome! They had so many of them! Would definitely return!

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