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97 Waterbury Rd, Prospect, CT 06712

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REVIEWS OF Platinum Car Wash & Oil IN Connecticut

Wessam Ahmed

Paid for the highest price car wash, got the same wash as the cheapest Car Wash they offer. Car was still dirty after the so-called best wash BS claims of Armor All high gloss protecting, swirl marks all over. Thanks a lot

Lisa Hawkins

My husband brought one of our cars in for a wash. He wanted a wash only but the system added an interior clean. He could not find a way to cancel the order so he looked for an attendant for assistance and couldn't find anyone except the interior cleaning men who apparently did not speak English. Tried calling them and no one answered and my email went unanswered. Basically we paid $20 for a car wash. Never again!

All About You Floral Design

A great job with my oil change and my car wash!

Bruce Diaz



Steven Lyga

Poor service

Justin Fortin

Steve Cameron

Jillian Bamford

Very clean. Went in for a oil change the employee was very nice and great talking with my 2 year son. They were very fast.

R Anon

Terrible wash

Alyssa Clark

Great customer service!

James O'Donnell

After getting my oil changed I looked at my receipt and noticed that several services listed were checked off as checked and ok'd. In actuality they were not checked and they were not ok. As far as my wash is concerned service has gone downhill. Definitely not happy.

John Terry

Fredy Hernandez

Skip Elander

Prospect is not just the best car wash in the Platinum franchise but it is the best car wash in the area period.


Krystyna Adams

My experience with platinum is always fantastic. Oil changes are always quick and efficient and the car washes are the best around.

Maricy Machado

Ms Fabulous

Doreen Reyes

Joe L

Quick oil change good customer service

Matt Kimball

Best in town!

Ron corriveau

Rahmi Rountree

My wife and I are both members of the unlimited car wash. Platinum car wash does an excellent job on keeping both of our vehicles very clean inside and out. The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very nice. We also get our oil changed here as well. I would recommend their service to anyone who likes to have a clean and very well kept up vehicle! - Allan and Maria Tyson

Russ RM

Lazy people

paulette pryce

Leandro Cardoso

Good car wash and oil change

Stephanie Carrion

I had my car detailed at Platinum car wash & oil today. Not only was all the staff very respectful and welcoming they did an amazing job on my car! It looks better than it did on the day that I bought it! I will be bringing my car here from now on and recommending it to everyone.

Stephen Bianchi

We pulled in at 4:44 on a Sunday to get our Tahoe washed before my sons prom and the staff decided it was up to them to close before 6pm as the time said online that they were open until. Not happy

Heather B

My daughter brought her car there today for a wash.....the attendant yelled at her about her antenna not being automatic....Then proceeds to take it off...opened her car door and shoved the antenna into her car breaking it!!!! Then her car door wouldn’t shut. Every time we go there and he’s working, we ALWAYS have an issue with him!!!! We own a lot of cars and now will not be going there anymore because of that attendant!! Only go here if you want employees to break and destroy your vehicles!!!!

Genevieve Adams

Quick and easy friendly service. The updates they have made makes it more for the customers.

Kimberly Frantzis

andreas savvidou

Jennifer Delgado

I never go anywhere else! I take my car and my husbands car to be serviced and cleaned. We are never disappointed, staff is always friendly and helpful.

Steve perrone

I don't like the changes made, no longer full service but prices the same, too expensive now

Jose Rendon

Drew Chorzempa

Very good service and honesty.

Brandon Brooks

Big Lou

Project Midnight

Going there for the past month now I have a $20 basic membership which lets me go through the fast pass line get my car washed two times a day seven days a week and at the end of the car wash they dry off majority of the water so you don't end up having watermarks, hospitality is great there and I wouldn't tell anybody that is thinking of going there it is an awesome and amazing place to get your car washed

Peter Corbett

Had 2 vehicles detailed in the past year and they both came out great. I also get my cars washed there regularly. They do a great job.

karen semanoff

I bring both of our cars here for oil changes and full service washes. The staff is great and they really care about the customer. I'm in and out in a timely manner even when they are busy. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a friendly, thorough, and efficient oil change/car wash place.

Brian Zaccagnini

best place and friendly atmosphere to get your car washed and cleaned from the outside in !!

Gregory Padula

Ian V

andrew shurretto

Kim Collins

These guys work hard to give you a clean car. I always come here

David Bakalar

Excellent customer service. They did a wonderful job. It was very quick paced. The employees are always willing to go an extra mile to help their customers. Extremely recommended for car washed and oil changes.

cory Peterson

I'm not very happy with this car was I paid $25 for the best car wash when they got done my truck was still very dirty and they never put on tire shine so I figured maybe it was just an off day so I tried again today and this time it was even worse there is big patches that never got touched and I played for the towel dry so you would think someone would have seen that also once again no tire shine not sure if I will ever go back unless it's made rite

Imeh Esenyie

I enjoy coming to platinum car wash every week. The workers here are very personable and friendly. Every time they clean my car, they treat it as if it were there own. My car comes out looking amazing every time and all my friends say it looks like I have a new car every time I come out of the car wash! I also love the fact that they have the unlimited program which allows me to come after all inclement weather. Just imagine washing your car and it rains as soon as you pull off!!!! It's very disappointing, but with the unlimited program, it doesn't even matter because you can come as much as you want and when you want for a very low price!!! I definitely recommend this place if your looking for quality service and a great atmosphere!!!!!!! I wouldn't get my car washed anywhere else!!!!

jean clermont

Blame customer when their machine rip .y roof rack off.

Elaine SanAngelo

It was the free wash, not worth it the car was still dirty after

shelley pinto

Duc Cao

Cj Gifford

Hands down one of the best car service businesses in the state! I regularly come here to get my car washed and detailed and I have never had a problem! The staff and management of this branch are nothing but hard working, driven, responsible, and professional. I discussed some vehicle concerns that I have with my car and they went above and beyond to ensure that I was serviced to the best of their ability! I appreciate the convenance and level of service from platinum, and will continue to bring my business here!

Jennifer Davila

Worst car wash I’ve ever gotten I would give lower stars if I could

Paul Petruccione

Great dealing work. Friendly crew.

Pedro Navarro

Fast and friendly. Check the website for coupons. Did a great job with oil. Hanger and wash.

Reney Francisco

I went in for an oil change. They were very polite and very quick. When I went to get into my car my glove box door (which was broken and open) was closed. I went back in and asked how they got that to close and they said....we just fixed it for you. No charge and they weren't even looking for acknowledgement....they just did it because they go the extra mile. It's where I always go and now for sure where I will always go in the future.

Portia Moore

Ronald Laone

Simple and easy to get the car squared away.

Angel LaPlante

I've been to many car washes in the prospect/waterbury area and this is by far the WORST experience that I've had. I paid $22 for them to wash/vacuum my car. It was the worst vacuuming job that I had ever seen. There is still dirt on the floor, seats, doors. Windshield is streaky to the point where I had to re-wash it myself. The didn't even touch the cup holders. .... Trust me, I could go on with how terrible of a job they did. Let's just say, Hellen Keller could have done a better job. Not to mention, there was only ONE other car in line for the vacuums, so these workers had ample time to clean. So frustrated and wasted 22$. I DO NOT reccomend this car wash.

Yadiel Miranda

Steve The Man

No one there understands how to use a towel to dry a car. 1st time I brought my car there, I paid about $50 to wash, simonize, and vacuum the interior of the car, and it came with a free wash. They didn't towel dry it and it had water spots all over it. The guy waxed over the spots, and didn't do a good job working all the wax into the car and left streaks of wax all over the car. Driving home, I noticed dust all over the console, inspected the car at home and noticed the bad job. I called the manager, had them redo everything. They still couldn't figure out how to use a towel so the manager dried it himself. I washed my car every week for about a month skeptical about bringing it back for the free wash. I finally caved and thought it was just a one time thing. This time the car still had dirt on it, a 3rd time, they couldn't figure out how to use those towels, and I told the manger I wasn't coming back because of the dirt on my car, and wished him luck staying in business. He never looked at my car and made a nasty remark. Very unprofessional!

Ridhwan Ta-rer

This location is not using all the soaps that are supposed to be used in their best car wash package... I got to Danbury location car looks great after the wash ...

kevin h

Good quick car wash.

Nico Holpin

Love it!

Deb Calzone

Jose Leon

Tony C

Service was excellent, as usual!

Michelle Behme

Everyone who works here is courteous and helpful. I take my car here faithfully for oil changes and car washes. You will not be disappointed.

Ari Gorishti

Excellent service and outstanding staff. So far I have only used their car wash and detailing service and everytime I was extremely satisfied and the overall experience has been an A+.

Pauline Zimmerman

Good value for the price

Dan Yannantuono

Rebeca Crocker

Platinum car wash is top knotch! There employees are attentive n respectful in the lube and there car wash is the best around!

Joseph Commendatore

They always do a great job here. Whether I'm getting my car washed or my oil changed, the whole staff is always polite and make coming here a positive experience.


If you have a monthly wash plan it's worth it. The guys there are friendly and professional, prices are high but that's up to the owner.

Laurie Gambino

Davide Gramaglia

Great service! Friendly staff! Oil change and a wash — in and out in a half-hour! This new customer is satisfied! Thanks a million!

Familia Garcia

God service

abdul 392

Expensive and i pearly saw water washing my car !! This is really sucks

Dave Kelly

Always polite and respectful. Quality service and at a reasonable fee. They always treat me and my cars well.

Bre T

Very good cleaning of the car.

Doris Doucette

William Fahy

Way to expensive and they did a very poor job..

Karen Casey

Patricia Vlamis

Always wonderful service and quality oil change. They even check tire pressure and fluid levels I'm between oil changes.

eileen correia

Do not do business here. I bought a battery here that was bad, and i was told , although it had a 5 year warranty, i was SOL, and had to contact Mighty Battery vendor myself to fight for refund. Bad customer service. There is no number to contact Mighty.

Bobby Tracy Koontz

I pulled in to the free vacuums to vacuum first before washing my car. The gentleman standing at the entrance where you paid motioned to the vacuums then to another person to shut them off!! I only know this because I could hear them on as I pulled up and no sooner did I pull the nozzle out they were off. Extremly rude! They will no longer be getting my car wash business. No where in their signage did it say must wash first. Don't advertise free if it is not truly free!

Dawn Richter

Always clean and friendly..even let my dog wait inside

Dary Perez

Cyndi Wouldntulike2know

Fast and very nice guys.

Jorge Calzadaycastro

Very good but concerned ci

Elizabeth Gerena

Anita Allen

THE ABSOLUTE WORST CAR WASH EVER!!! My car and windows came out of the wash dirtier than they had ever been. And, I did not get the service I paid for. Paid for outside and inside wash. Workers REFUSED to wash or vacuum inside. Will NEVER go there again . Worst experience ever. And, don't look for someone to complain to. There is no one, and no one returns phone calls. It isn't even one star, not even close.

Justin Savarese

Tammy Genest

Demien Dare


Michael Semeraro

Todd Pelosi

Excellent service, car looks great after every wash.

Jose Peguero

Mark Nelson

I worked here detailing cars when I needed some extra cash. I really enjoyed working with the staff, everyone was hard working and the boss was very fair. If you have a problem with service ask to speak to the boss. He is very understanding and reasonable.

Joe Norton

My car comes out looking amazing every time and all my friends say it looks like I have a new car every time. The people in Prospect know how to treat people! Always smiles

Moe Halil

Robert DiGiovanni

Joe B.

Paid 34$ to have my truck washed and vacuumed it was one of the worse job I ever had .I will never go back.

David Bethancourt

Lizzy Crespo

These guys work hard, just a little pricey.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Gregory Bernard

I had a great experience. The staff was friendly and helpful, and provided a variety of car care options depending on what I was looking for. Although they were busy, it was a quick service as well.

Tom Daly


Suzanna Sedenszki

Great service and best wash I have ever been to.

Malaura Pannoni

Panthiel Mayfield

Christopher Pike

Expensive and car is never fully cleaned.

tonia ogb

It's ok. Expensive for single wash but they have a monthly plan that might actually be a great idea for winter season.

Jennifer Raccio

Just spent 32 bucks on a car wash.. left there in my two month old car with a half flat tire . A filthy car that i had to come home to clean myself.. and a scratch on the inside of my dash. Will never go back.

Rebecca Simsek

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