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This place is terrible, there machine broke my wiper blade then I was given a bogus customer service number that's a recording, no one answers the phone Them I called the location number on East main st no one answers it goes straight to an answering machine... People beware take your money elsewhere and get your car washed because they don't take responsibility for messing up your car because they have faulty touch less equipment that's over 20 years old cleaning your car....

William Villegas

Pay too much for driving it thru the old fashioned rags and brushes for 30 seconds. They do not clean interior, windows or even wipe down car. Free vacuums have signs asking customer to limit usage to five minutes and you have to keep restarting vacuum every three minutes. Also low suction.They also do not do floor matts. I do not understand all the different breakdown in prices (over priced) just to drive it thru for way less than a minute. They dont even spray or scrub tires.

Travis Lefebvre

Had the unlimited wash plan, tried to cancel it and March and just realised they've still been charging me each month up until now despite it supposed to have been cancelled and having not gone once since March. Cant get in contact with them outside going to the place which is not possible for me right now as I'm in another state.

Angelika Mercado

Great Car wash! The staff are very helpful! I do wish however there were special discounts for people who purchase more than 1 membership.


Great service. Gave my car TLC and loved the free vacuums at the end of the wash, with garbage cans-a rare offering!

Donald Bannister

This place is exceptional. They have always been able to cater to my personal needs when I ask. They offer a great value for your buck too.

Sincere god briwn

Horrible!! Got my car washed and notice scratches everywhere

Josue Anax

Pretty good prices for the car wash the monthly fee is the best thing there

K Martin

First time I went the back side of my Subaru Forester was still dirty. I went through a second time (I had purchased the monthly plan for $20) and the back was still dirty. I called and cancelled the monthly membership right away. I wish I could post the pictures I took of my back window. I'm sure it was the way my vehicle is flat in the back. The brushes barely touched the back of my car. The girl was nice when I called twice but honestly they should have returned my money. Very disappointed. Will never go back. ***Update: The customer service here is very good. After my one star review. I received an email and a call from the company about my experience. They offered me a free service (which I declined) as I was not looking for something for free just wanted what I paid for. I decided to try it again as I had bought a monthly pass and wanted to give it another chance. It was definitely better. Not sure if they tweeked something with the sensors that wash the back of the car but this time the brushes definitely at least touched the back of my car. It wasn't perfect but definitely did a better job. I changed my star rating to 3 due to the great customer service and my future visit.

April Johnson

Great vacuums!

Juan Mejia

Best in ri

Jonas B

Chelsea Love

I have the monthly plan where I can go twice a day, everyday, I pay $19/month for it and it's worth every penny

Mariah Isaac

Get the fast pass and fly through

Dee Lee

Amazing wash amazing employees! Dog wash and a detail center full of top notch detailers! Unlimited plan is simply unbelievable. The prices for details is 50% off. Wash is always clean free vacs and a amazing group of people

Ngari Cadogan

Worse car wash ever dirty wash

Sandra Collins

Nice place

Silvia Polanco

Need to help wash the car better. Employees are charing around instead of do what they need to be doing


Business has a lot of potential but once my car was hit in the car wash I cannot trust this business. They pack the cars in too close to each other when it is rush hour, if they left room between the cars this incident would have never happened. When this happened I pulled over to the side and met another women that this happened to as well and her damage was a lot worse than mine. The manager Danny insisted I do not call the cops and that he was going to take care of my car. I ended up taking my car to one of their local body shop guys to get a quote for my car and I never got a call back. Two weeks later I went in to confront Danny about what is going on and told me they are not going to fix my car and denied that he said he was going to fix my car in the first place. Very dishonest place and I could only imagine how many other people this happens too. BEWARE

Marcos Longo

Don’t put your money here. I signed for the monthly plan and every day the service gets worse. Not enough employees and when there is you see them on their phones or help friends with their cars. Today I tried to wash my car at 8:15 pm and was closed. Their website says open till 10:00pm. Usually by 8:00 they have removed almost all the hoses for the “free vacuum “ Search a better service

Cecily McLaughlin

Free vacuums! Limit your time to 5mins tho! Great package deals on monthly washes! Detailing station. Pet/dog wash too! Highly recommend.

Crystal McDaniel

Fast, friendly, efficient staff that got the job done right, timely, and with style!

handyman guy 31

Great place to get your car nice clean and got try thier 19.99 convenient wash it great if you on the go give stick on car and go right. Thought for information and details about this offer please go to the nearest Personal Touch Car Wash Center located in North Providence on Min spring ave

eric carter

Very fast and customer service is good.

Fresier R

In and out in a jiffy.

Alinson Cruz

Did not wanted to take coupon from their own website. Stated that they do not had the scanner, then I advise of the coupon code, then he said that owner was the only one that can take it...... Their coupons are false advertisement.. will do anything to not take it!!

Jennifer Cormier

B mar

Very Disappointing, I paid them to detail my Vehicle inside . They left Spots of inside the seats and Dashboard. I think they should cleaned it better I even had to tell them clean some certain areas that wasnt even cleaned ! Honestly no Effort put into your work , just going through the motions. Dont reccomend this place at all .


Nice wash, tons of soap, water, and cleaning at a bargain price

Laura Amaya

Love this place, how quick it is. But it can get a bit crowded on weekends. Better to go early in the am. Some vacuums don't work properly.

Diana Galarza


Diana Allen

I waited in a long line Finally got threw the wash and car came out covered in soap and couldnt wait in the line again so ended up paying for a car wash elsewhere. Also the cars a very close together if ypu dont put your car in drive very fast you will will be hit.

Charnell Shaw

Professional service here all the time

ariel rivera

Mike Lamarra

Great deals, never had any major issues. Only problems I've come across are when going through the wash, my mirrors folded in. Recently that hasn't happened. (Not sure if they fixed something with the brushes) vacuums are free and work pretty well! Only other downside is the back end of my car, mainly the bumper (mainly my rear bumper and hatch door on my 2016 Impreza) still has dirt but i experience this at moat washes that dont hand detail. Never tried the full service cleaning myself. Personally, great wash to drive in, get a quick wash and vacuum done. Just make sure you go later in the afternoon or early when they just open. Otherwise you will be waiting a while.

Jayso Real

Worst car wash in waterbury went there last night n payed for platinum car wash n got nothing but soap n water then I complained to the guy that works there and he said there's nothing he could do about it so they let me go through again and then instead of platinum it gave me the silver wash never again

Nicholas Innocenti

Not a fan scratched my paint and folded mirrors in

Teresa Sciortino

Make sure u get what your paying for,check to make sure the flashing light for the service you purchased is flashing when you enter the wash,if you paid for the gold or platinum and it's not flashing your getting a cheaper service ,probably the express,this has happened to me more than once.

Steve Rootbeer

Reasonably priced at $7.95 for 3 Minute Car Wash. I definitely recommend this place for a simple wash to remove dirt and salt after a snowstorm. You can't beat the free do-it-yourself vacuuming although they do need to repair a lot of their equipment. The vacuuming nozzles kept coming off and some of them had no suction at all

Teofilo Da Silva

They OK, but they use to much soap the water cant remove all that mess, but they are very busy

kimberly meunier

Great car wash

Yazan kasabali

el seno de las ovejas de YESHUA. las oveja valiosa

elisandra dejesus

I used to take both of my cars here all the times but lately they doing a mess up job your car still come out dirty and yes they wash it again but when you come you want to get your car wash right the first time They need to improve thwor services cause if nit they going to lose at lot of businesses

Mmichael Gliottone

They do a goog job

Levon Campbell

I think this is the best car wash in providence

pink lips

Never again waste of money car was still dirty drying my car what a joke vacuums never work place is not worth it

Richard Person

Agustin Benders

David Segall

I tried calling but no answer was just wondering if we are able to pay to use the vacuum without isinh the car wash my tracktor won't fit in wash but will fit near the vacumes and need to use them.

Eagle Scout

Good car wash

John Smith

Associates are extremely rude at this establishment. Secondly, my car was STILL DIRTY! Why did I waste money for the back of my car to still have dirt on it. Absolutely ridiculous establishment Prefer the Mineral Spring location--associates are always friendly and guess what?! My car ALWAYS comes out clean over there!

Shari Wilson

I'm surprised by all the negativity on here. I love this carwash.

özgur Berber

Jim Smith

Aside from ripping a lose piece of my bumper, it was fine

Suzanne Robbio

My first time at this car wash.i had the interior and exterior car looks brand new .i have a 1997 dodge neon .the customer service manager and staff were,curteous,very helpful and professional. I love my experience there today,and i will definitely be back!

Drew Carl

Their machines are amazing! They removed all of the dirt from my car and the original factory antenna. On top of that, their customer service has no comparison. Every employee claims to be a manager and they think a sign relieves them from all responsibility. The owner accused me of all but lying about my own car. Then over a month later, they still won't replace it, even thought they say they will. They are your garden-variety scumbags, if you ask me. They do have a fancy sign and bright LED lights at a busy intersection though, who could hate that?

William Singleton

Nice clean facility with free vacuuming. Have the monthly pass for unlimited washes. Does a great job. Also had car detailed there. Very reasonable and it came out really nice.

George Resnevic

Nice car wash

Timothy Mckeon

Great car every day on the high ways my truck gets pretty nasty.going home from work it's a easy in and easy truck look new again every time.just have to wipe it down again after I come out of the wash some soap still on it .thanks

Jose Ramos

employee told me that all the plans are same but prices are diffrent , no difference in what you get......low plan get you same high plan gets you low .....thats crazy... gona change mine to minninm...

DP Squad

Horrible service. Very rude employees bought month meme version and when I went to use it they said it was paid for because the employees were too busy being rude they forgot to put the sticker on my windshield. So I told them to cancel and asked for a manager and he said I'd have to come back because the manager was not in at the time. That's not my problem if your open you should be there to cater to the customer not the other way around. So I called the bank filed a dispute got my money back and then they charged me again the next month so had to go with the dispute again. Overall bad experience! Never again!!!



Annette Gagne

Really great...takes creditors card...completely automated

Michele Paglia

Monthly member,

Mazna Zahid

They definitely DO NOT know how to have the cars cleaned nicely. Every time I got a car wash, my car would still have soap on it and I would go back and make them have it cleaned up for what I paid for.

Sabrina Starkey

mathew is a very rude manager.should not belong in customer service. i will be contacting robert Benson. he walked away instead of listening to my concerns.and he was quick to take my debit card. i explained tp him i wanted to cancel my membership and that i was told to come down with my card. i continueto talk to him and he walked away.. when i also had another concern. when he came back out to me..i then said i was told by another manager i could get my refund because i didnt use the card... he was rude and said i never told him that....well if he didn't walk away to begin with he would've known.. then i told another manager in a blue shirt he shouldn't be working in customer service.. he stepped towards me and said. " what u say?" he doesn't belong there.. nobody should be treated that way

Tarah Johnson

Not enough vacuums. I got a token but didn't feel like waiting for a space to open for a vacuum.

Rebecca Beauchamp

Love this wash. A bit pricey but it's decent compared to the rest around

S Sightsees

Too many vacuums out, no mat beater avaiable, crowded, and computer glitches. Watch your receipts. Has gone way down from back in the day, and no longer a real bargain.

Mario Piciletti

Shaun Tillotson

Shefki Asani

This place is terrible. I’ve been a member for years. It’s getting worse and worse. Thanks to this place I have a 3 foot scratch on my car. I had 3 separate memberships $100.00 a month. Not anymore. Very unprofessional manager I believe his name is KC if he is still there. He told me he was going to look at a video and see if I drove in with a scratch. Well guess what he never called me. Neither has the District Manger Dwight. The manager on Thomaston Ave location is an idiot. He never called me back either. This happened March 4 2019 and I’m still waiting.

Erica Rose

Kadeem Short

Great service great prices nice and timely

Lindsay Gavin

Love this place!



No one picks up the phone

Miriam Luna

(Translated by Google) Good service and friendly (Original) Buen servicio y amables

Robert Vestri

Great place to sparkle up your vehicle with great monthly deals to suit your needs. Get rid of that salt from your vehicle undercarriage during the winter months.

Chris Rotondo

Decent but have had much better quality service.

Jorge Hernandez

Bf stops in from time to time.

Vannessa Roy

Always have issues with the Vacuums and they never seem to wash both sides of your car before entering the car wash! But very helpful at the machine to check in always

Tiffany Remy

Half of their equipment never works. Have to go through at least 3 times to get a decent cleaning.. Better off going to their new location on Huntingdon Ave..

trish614c .

I purchased this plan two months ago. When I can get the car washed, I'm satisfied. The problem is, I've come here four times in the last two weeks at 7:45 a.m., and they're not open. I work night shift and want to get it done before I head home. They are suppose to open at 7:00.

Garardo Aviles

Julie Chaunt

My choice place to get my car wash

Ricardo Class

Garbage service!!!!! not enough employees and too many cars. the idiotic workers have not sense of organization. I spent over 15 minutes trying to get a vacuum because the worker was more focused on keeping the line moving. multiple times i missed a vacuum spot because i was asked to move and when i finally got fed up and said no i was threatened in Spanish by a worker. Once i finally go a vacuum spot it wasn't working. I was so fed up i left with out vacuuming. will not be going back.

Christopher Franzen

Vacuum nozzles keep breaking


I called to cancel my membership because the price went up and was told if I didn't cancel I would get the next month for free so I didn't end up cancelling. Later that month I still got charged. When I called back they said they had no idea what I was talking about.


This was my first experience at this wash. Having a monthly pass (P.T. in Milford, CT) I was able to use the fast line and bypass 11 cars, which was nice. Being an express wash, you stay in your car for the duration. The process/time of getting the wash was excellent, but I (like Deborah Ortiz's review) received three scratches. The scratches did not go through the clear coat and I was able to mostly buff them out. My car is 5 months old and I wash it weekly at other Personal Touch Locations. The mechanicals of this wash are pretty aggressive. I would use it again, but only on an older car (for which I don't care enough to have a monthly plan) which means I guess I wouldn't. The other location in waterbury has caused me zero issues. Just takes longer...

dawn conetta

Love the free vacuuming

Myra Arroyo

Louis Palmisciano

Great monthly service plans

Angel Hernández

Angela Thomson

No issues. It's a car wash. In and out quick

Christiano Ronaldo

I love this car wash. It's the best one in my entire life. You guys are creative because you put lights INSIDE the car wash like I can't believe this. You guys are awesome and thank for you for doing this to us

Jessica Silvia

Have been here a few times and the service just keeps getting worse. I paid $20 for a car wash and my car left barely wet and just as filthy!

jaque daly

Best vacuums ever and they are FREE! Excellent car washes also!

Tim McCarthy

It's called Personal Touch but I didn't see anyone actually washing my car by hand. Maybe I should stop being so literal.

Alejandro Feliciano

Max Hardcore

Great washes, good prices and cool staff

Michael La Tulippe

Amazing car wash and exeptional price's

george battle

It's a good car wash unit

Michael Windebank

It was the Tuesday after labor day at 3:00pm when it happened. I show up after taking my grandmother to the doctor and there wasn't a line which is surprising as this location always spills out into the street. I pay for the most expensive wash they have, the Platinum Plus. The Platinum Plus includes hot wax, tire shine and every chemical imaginable. While at the touch screen ordering kiosk inputting my selection a worker comes over and tries to intervene even though I had no issue and knew how to operate the machine. After the machine takes my money the arm raised and I went on my way to the entrance. Once in there I was guided where to put my car in neutral and then the workers scrubbed the car before entering the wash. I waited for about a minute and a half until they knocked on my door. They proceeded to scan a barcode in the door. I did have the fast pass at one time but it hasn't been active in two years. No words were exchanged telling me to continue only a thumbs up motion. So I shut my door and waited for the car wash to start thinking that they just had to deactivate something. Now normally there's a light that illuminates your selection of wash tier, nothing was lit in my case. I've been to this car wash before so I know what all the bells and whistles are. Proceeding through there was no hot wax there was no tire shine there was no Simon's double bond or anything other than just a quick wash which is worth 6 bucks, I've paid 23. So naturally I parked and went up to ask them if there's something wrong as I didn't get what I paid for. The attendant fumbled his words and told me to pull up to the kiosk and he would put me through again. He assured me everything was working at the carwash. This is where I thought to myself I'm going to leave them a good review because they fixed the problem wish could have came up from things beyond their control. I go through again with no one else there sitting for about 3 minutes in neutral waiting for the wash to start. The wash starts and while I'm being pulled into the cave of cleanliness a certain light illuminates causing me to be irate. Platinum not Platinum Plus. Platinum is significantly cheaper and does not include some chemicals most importantly the hot wax which is specifically the only reason why I'm going through a second time. At this point there was literal steam coming out of my ears as I curse and scream loudly being stuck in the tunnel of complete incompetence with no escape. Because of the level of self-control I have and not wanting to make a scene I did not park and ask them to put me through a third time so I left dissatisfied, angry, and literally robbed of my money. But the biggest reason for this one-star review is that when I got home and looked at my well maintenanced car it was still dirty with soap scum all over and brake dust still in the rims.


They offer great ways to clean your car everyday at very affordable prices. I am a Lyft Driver so my car needs to be clean everyday.

Nick Najjar

Good pricing; Staff is helpful and very friendly as well. Nice operation.

angel nunze

Free vacuum is a plus and work well.

Luis Torres

This place just went down hill , when they open it was the best car wash in town but I went Saturday and it was a dump dirty the wash sucked the vacuum cleaner didn't work the place just stressed me out it was a bad experience...not happy...

sundas sultan

During car wash next car stop and car wash pull my car automatically to hit next. Three months now looking for insurance information. Danny manager not replying. He will pick up the phone after knowing the reason hang up. Very disappointed by there customer service. Went to Johnston police station they are even tired from there behavior. Just hire a attorney to get just insurance information. Just be careful if it heppen to anyone don’t leave till you have car wash insurance information. How it’s my fault. I followed all the direction. Once I am on the chain I can’t stop my car. I have no control and while I’m in wash you have soap on the window I cant even see what happens. Machine force me to hit the next car. Why don’t you go after the next car. My car pushed by your machine.

Sharon Severini

Three times ripped off for the wax

Bernard P

Someone from Somewhere

it could be better since they use all three lines for both regular users and gast pass members when in reality the should have one seperate lane for fast pass members and they also limit the vacuum use to 5 minutes for one car but other than that the car wash is just like any other place.

Alexis Estrada

The front of my husbands car was smushed and they didn't claim any responsibility for the car being placed on the track incorrectly. The rim was also dented and damaged.

Nick Dumschott

I went there to go get a free car wash and the kid with the face tattoo told me I couldn’t go thru bc my car to low it’s stock height so much for being free don’t waste ur time coming here it’s b.s so I wasted my time and gas to come here for no reason

Ihelp Property Preservation

Brandon Brooks

vickie cariglio

They have a lot of options, free vacuums with the purchase of a car wash. They even have detailing and a pet wash! Very nice place and my car always looks great.

Daisy Flores

The carwash is great but the short guy with with a black shirt that was working tonight on 7/19 has horrible attitude. He seem unhappy to see we came to wash the car. He didnt even directed he walk straight by to the office. I believe it was a manager. You need someone better with better manners towards people who pay for the service. The North Providence is way better!

Pam Graziano

I have gone by there now these past 2 day and they were closed both times.. They have no problem taking there money out of my account every month but to be closed 2 days in a row that is just ridiculous, cant wait to see what happens when the warming weather gets many times will they be closed then...ty

Charlie Roman

Tatiana Bennefield

Ray Lemerick

Good drive thru for $20.00 a month, u vacuum and bring a towel to wipe down best deal in town

Scott Wholley

Nice wash! Pleasant staff as well.

Francisco Paniagua

Felix Suhermanto

Great monthly deals and awesome staff!

Jill Marinosci

Took my truck there to clean it up because of yard work dirt all over it. I get out of it when I get home and find both sides of my black truck scratched! When I went to call to complain about it no one answered the phone. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE!

Tom M

Nice Upgrade. Hand Street Brushes on Windows and Cars?

Elizabeth Cruz

steve babalis

went today and attendant said i could not use coupon i printed from Personal touch website. said it was a copy and wouldnt scan took it to other personal touch on 134 Thomaston ... and they excepted coupon no problem

Jose Reyes

Jessica Bagley

I used to come here at least twice a week I loved it now I moved and I go elsewhere sorry but it was my all time favorite car wash

Daniel Norton

It's great that you can wash the car as often as you like for a reasonable monthly fee ( $24.99 ) but... on numerous occasions the automated equipment is either not functioning properly or not working at all. Plus my passenger mirror has been torn off twice, the second time it was smashed onto the floor. Just purchased a new side mirror for $ 29.00 bucks so I won't be returning to this establishment because they're not responsible for such damage. Go figure.

George Benson

Place is dirty, good customer service, just so so on getting your car clean

Matthew Fiore

Car comes out 90% clean

Ronnie Cappuccetti

Always Good job

Joe holley

I went there yesterday to get my carpets cleaned. They informed me it could not be done until the next day with an appointment. I did get an appointment for 10AM i get there and there are 2 vehicles in the bays and i was told it cannot be done after they inspected the carpets because the extractor does not work. Why wasn't i informed the day before? It was inspected the day before also. Waste of time and gas. Everything else is good there overall. Hopefully the extractor comes back into service soon


Seshu Nallanthighal

Friendly staff and excellent service. Great job with the car wash, inside and out. Will visit again.

Mathieu Greczkowski

This place is terrible. Always over crowded and over-priced. I bought the unlimited plan which didn’t work half the time. They have double charged my card a few times as well. Not one songle adult works there. Unfortunately there aren’t many other places to go for car washing in the area, but be careful if you choose to do the limited unlimited plan.

Alonso Noguera

Nice winter specials and full service including free vacs

Ryan Newhart

Brandon F

Need more girls in booty shorts.

Bill Natale

I have a pick up.. Johnston car wash doesn’t clean pick up well. The brushes miss a lot of spots on the truck. So now I have go to mineral Spring Avenue car wash because they have people that use a brush before the pick up goes in to the wash.. Please fix the brushes at Johnston so I don’t have to spend more time traveling to get another wash!!

Marcos Romero

(Translated by Google) Great place (Original) Buenísimo lugal

Annabelle Cintron

Jason Colbert

For the Money they should have a crew for a pre spray and brush down on the front and rear of vehicles, slow down the conveyor or speed up the brushes during the winter months. Half my vehicle was missed.

Audrey Ritchon

Vacuum never work and then you have to wait for a person who didn't wash there car

John McGowan

Great machines! Free vacuum! Car looks SO good.

veronica ross

Always broke down and something not working. Only thing that works is the payment machine.

Steven Criscione

I was just there today, December 19th, 2018 with my black Fifth Avenue and I was a bit nervous because it is antique but from the day before, unfortunately I had to take it out on Emergency and it got covered in salt and I was not happy about that whatsoever so I went to this car wash and the staff and the operation made me so happy and my car looks just like if I did it by hand meticulously!

Donald Rivard

Is it just me,my right bumper does not get cleaned anymore.still love this place!

Yesenia Garcia

Margo Caianiello

Decent cair wash..whats to vac

Jordan Dean

Do not purchase the unlimited car wash plan! Their website states it is simple to cancel at any time yet they will not cancel your plan, they will not reply to emails, they will not answer their phone, and they will continue to charge your card. I have to place a formal complaint with the BBB and dispute the transaction with my bank. This company is obviously poorly managed and is not an honorable business. They have violated their own terms of service posted on their website. Here is my full complaint through the Better Business Bureau: "I had an unlimited car wash plan with this company that charged me $22 per month. After I had an incident where the car wash caused swirl marks and scratches on my car, I cancelled the monthly plan. I sent my first cancellation form through their website on October 6, 2018. I did not receive any reply and they did not answer their phone so I sent another cancellation form through their website on October 19, 2016. On November 1, 2018 I was charged $22 for the car wash plan. Their website specifically says the following: "NO CONTRACT - cancel or upgrade your plan at ANY time." Their terms of service also states "If participation is canceled mid-month, there will be no refund for remaining month(s). Please provide at least ten (10) working days before your billing date for cancellation of program to take effect. Cancellation is complete after customer receives an email notification from Personal Touch Car Washes car wash." I received email notification on October 6, 2018 of the cancellation. Ten working days afterwards was October 19, 2018. This company has had ample amount of time to cancel my membership in their system. They have violated their own terms of service."

Scott Olivier

What a rip off. Sign up for unlimited wash, put my car through twice still not clean!!! Go to put it through a third time words on screen come up "unlimited wash limited to two washers per day"!?! Apparently they don't know what the word unlimited means.

Ryan Hogan

CARWASH DAMAGED MY VEHICLE. Signed up for the monthly wash program for my brand new truck and used the car wash about 4 times with no issues. Last night I get my car washed and drivers side running board was damaged. Midway through the wash I heard a loud pop and when I got out of the wash I realized one of the brushes snapped the support on the running board. I reported the damage to the car wash but amazingly all the managers had left for the night, this morning spoke to Ever the assistant manager and he told me of the wash having a problem with “tire shine” part of the wash. I got a call back Danny the manager and he starts talking about last visit i had about a week ago. I am not sure what his point was and he didn’t seem know what his point was either. Moral of of the story is the car wash damage my vehicle and according to them it is my vault. Great way to run a business.

Vj Bertrand

Christine Lester

Excellent customer service with Matt!!!! Great job!!!!

Mike Maes

Great unlimited package with the 1/2 off on all detail services will keep me a steady customer. Would give it five stars if they regulated non-customers taking up the free vaccums on-site. That is the only huge turn off. It gets quite annoying at times and I never see any type of monitoring or regulation to mitigate and obtain control. You have non-customers abusing your equipment and inconveniencing current customers all while not contributing a penny to your revenue. Not sure what the logic is there but from a steady customer I hope you fix it.

Yan Li

I would give a 0 star if I can, I went to the car wash tonight and got a token for the vacuum, but the machine wasn’t working and asked for someone to help, a young kid came out told me that I have to pay extra $1 to vacuum when I have membership with them, it was not my fault that the machine is not working. Anyway but I needed the vacuum so paid a $1, when he came back with the token then I dont know if he do it in purposed but He dropped the token on the floor, that was rude !!!! He just acted like nth happened and won’t pick it up for me, What kind of service is that ? So disappointed at this place The one in Johnston is much more Better !!!


I signed up for a wash plan days ago and still have not have received my membership sticker. If the manager is on vacation, there should be someone to cover him. It is insane that I have to keep coming back to get what I paid for. I will taking my business elsewhere.


Not what it used to be since new owner's

Damon Thomas

jlo carrion

Paul Zorabedian


Ashley Odonnell

Cindy DeLeon

Jose Lopez

Vacuums are free but not enough power to clean the interior also went to wash my car they are charging 8.99 for a basic wash and it doesn't clean the car the right way dont believes me go spend your money and see it yourself good luck who ever goes here I wouldn't ever again


Stephen Hodoba

Quick to get a car wash

Mimi Perez

Affordable and quick!


No soap on my car...just water.


The attendant signed me up for a 1 month unlimited carwash. After the one month they continued to charge me without permission. Spoke with the manager but he kept avoiding my phone call. I finally change bank closed my bank account to stop the charges. The manager did nothing to fix the situation. In my opinion, very dishonest management. I would recommend going to thick carwash.

O. Casey

Membership economical way to keep the car cleaned

Peter A

Prices are high and equipment doesn’t wash your vehicle any good. Passed my vehicle THREE times and still dirty, just another useless carwash. Staff is not bad if anything but I guess they have to be good because everything else isn’t. Don’t waste your time and money, go elsewhere.

Thomas Ratte

Good place

Ethan Levy

LOVE this place. I personally have the gold package monthly. It’s so cheap (only $25) for up to 2 washes daily. I’m a huge fan and go once a day so it’s completely worth the money. There’s no place I’ve found in this area that has a deal like them. Across 2 locations in RI you can really get as many washes as you’d like. My Honda always comes out looking sleek and shiny. I occasionally vacuum but don’t find the need for it as much. Would highly recommend to anyone that likes their car looking nice for an incredible price.

Jose Ocasio

Wash service is good, price is good, but services needs improvement. In example, clean windows. Why spray windex on the outside when the car just got a complete wash. Windows cleaning is much needed in the inside for many reasons.. lol.. make this correction and minor few others and 5 star will be applied

Vee Thompson

Lost my plate there & when I asked the person who answered the phone he said no they didn't find it without even looking & hung up. Poor customer service.

Mithout Gomez

One of the best car wash in Waterbury, complete with an express lane allowing faster cleaning... prices are affordable.

Julie Perez

Nice wash, free vacs, and reasonable prices

Kim Jimenez

I love it! It’s quick and worth it. Even when there is a line, it doesn’t take you long to get your car washed. I recommend it.

Jay F

I loved this place but the last few times the lower right side of my car hasn't been cleaned and the tire shine hasn't been applied. They do have fantastic vacuum machines that are free to customers.

Winter Storm

Awesome experience. Cleans very well.

Michael Dressler

Everything is perfect. The car wash is fast and efficient. The car is always cleaned very well. The vacuums are free and you can take as long as you want to make the inside of your car super clean. There is never a long wait to get in and I highly recommend this place. I used to have my cars washed in East Providence and you normally wait 15-20 minutes to go through the system and it wasn’t worth the wait because you would never know what the hold up would be or when.

World Observe

DO NOT go to this car wash. I know they have decent deals and free vaccums but they have an abrasive brush that scratches your vehicle. I bought a new Camaro and got excited to go to this car wash. It seemed legit. I went twice, the first time, their brushes scraped the top of my new car. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I went again. The second time not only did it scrape the hood of my car again, it didn't even clean all the dirt off my car. How do you have an abrasive brush that scrapes vehicles but can't even clean all the dirt off. Terrible business. After reading some reviews I realized these people don't take responsibility for their actions. Instead of arguing with some of Johnston's finest morons, I'm just gonna give them what they deserve. I'm telling everyone I know to stay away from this place. Their equipment will damage your vehicle. Do not give them your money.

Jean-A'Layn S.

Not sure what is going on at this car wash. I am a small business owner and I find that the management at this location is very demeaning and not open to understanding their customers' concerns if it is not in their best interest. According to my bank statements, we were being charged for a monthly plan that was not purchased -- as we do not live anywhere close to this location. When I brought up the concerns to the manager of this car wash he was very demeaning and told me "maybe you don't know what you're doing." I felt extremely offended by this, as I was working towards a resolution -- and why would you say this to a customer PRIOR to hearing them out? I was made aware that monthly plan holders are given a sticker for their vehicle -- which did not occur in our case -- but that did not matter. When the manager contacted me back to review the "partial" refund he then reversed his response when I asked how they manage their monthly plans out of wanting to understand the situation better by stating, "some people get stickers and some people just show their receipt" -- so I'm not sure why he told me that everyone gets a sticker for monthly plans and now he's saying that not everyone does (after the fact that he knew we did not get a sticker). He was not professional AT ALL and was yelling over the line. I did openly agree to a previous purchase of a car wash being valid; EVEN THEN the manager still continued to demean, argue, and handle the situation rudely -- as he was not listening to the details that I had gathered together. The manager told me to contact a person by the name of Amanda; when I contacted her at the phone number given by the manager she was "not available" -- meanwhile, the manager was contacting her? But why couldn't the concerned customer contact her themselves? As a business owner, this is unacceptable. I felt as if there was a "work around" somehow to resolve the issue that was not inclusive of the customer. Lastly, while attempting to discuss my concerns after finding out about the refund details were only going to be a "partial" refund the manager HUNG UP IN MY FACE in the MIDDLE of my sentence -- where I was simply trying to express my thoughts and understand what was happening and why. I have NEVER spoken to a manager who handled customer's concerns in this manner and it is unacceptable. He should not be running this business. I know MANY individuals who use this location and they will be made aware of how management handles customers' concerns. I'm hoping no one else has an issue like this...


Great service and the quality of the wash is always right on par.


Jeffrey Meek

Good car wash it would be better if they cleaned the back of the car

reggie lima

Always something not working, soap or rinse or etc...

Ridhwan Ta-rer

Don't go there... owner is the worst I have seen ... No manners ... if I knew this guy I wouldn't have been a customer to this place for the past six months

Dottie M.T. Joyal

People there are friendly, wish they had low income prices or senior discounts, but not as of right now anyway. Cleans car well but not the wheels so good.

Joseph Medeiros

Too pricey. I only come here because it's the only one near my house. Ugh

Bryan Henry

Great car wash

Lionel Webb

Poor service very disrespectful employees pay for platinum plus service haven't received it, I just went thru the new one on Thomaston Ave very polite employees and the express lane works I didn't have to go thru twice to get what I paid for so the guys at east main are ripping people off by only giving u a basic wash when u pay for the best

Laura Benson

Good place

jose Franco

No estan haciendo bn su trabajo y y ponen pocas aspiradora y las pocas q hay estan tapada y otra cosa no estan lipiando bien los autos por debajo como antes no funciona como antes.

esther watkins

my car doesn't come out completely clean. I get the silver wash .

Joe Kaplan

This is one of the best car washes in the the state. Always comes out squeaky clean and gives a free vacuum token with any wash. Vacuums are always working properly and have swing arms to reach every part of your car. Monthly unlimited wash plans are available for very cheap rates. Would definitely recommend.

Ken Doucette

Good car wash

Ronnie presuto

Vacuums not good

Claudia Threats

Free vacuum. Alot of spots to wash and vacuum

Marc Kinsella

Great services free vacuums

Moe OG

An incident happened with me and another customer, manager took care of it but another employee took video of it like it was a show, asked to be erased and manager asked him too and he refused, I do not gave permission of my privacy been expose into the internet if that happens I will legally take control of it and Personal Touch Waterbury Express Car Wash will be responsible of the matter cause is his employee.

Katrina Hopkins

Always open quick and fast

Nancy Carmody

The best car wash around the Waterbury area

Anthony Jesse Silva

Great car wash free vac.

Nathaniel Muniz

Number one car wash around. Best quality wash for your dollar.

Loydi Montenegro

I've been a member since last year I wash my car everyday. You can wash your car every day twice. That is an awesome deal and you never have to wait in line for a long time. My husband Is also a member and he washes his car every day twice a-day as well you get what your money's worth.

Mike DeRouin

They offer unlimited decent brush car washes with a vacuum token for only $20/mo.

Allen bear

Did a awfull job as far as im concerned wont go back

Kevin Costa

Paid for the most expensive package and my car was still dirty after it left the wash, had soap still covering the back tailgate and air dryer was almost useless.

Jones Gordon

Quick and reasonably price car wash

Mike Miele

I subscribed to the Platinum Plus monthly plan at one of their Waterbury locations according to the agreement suppose to be able to go as many times as you like at any of their locations NOT TRUE, when I went to a different Waterbury location and they knew I had a monthly Platinum Plus plan because they scanned the bar code sticker they put on my my truck. After running my Truck through giving the bottom basic wash they demanded on charging me $12.99, I told the I have a monthly plan. They took the keys out of my truck holding me and my minor son hostage until we paid. I had to call the Waterbury police waiting an hour to get my keys back traumatizing my 10 year old son !!!! I contacted the General Manager the next day and they would not do anything to correct the terrible ordeal we went through. They are dishonest don't go here !!!!

Gerald Mota

Jerry Coombs

Busy place

Wandi Barrios

Edwin Rivera

Very clean car

nishka G

Easy in and out

ricardo r

Day1 member

jim penn

A great Car Wash get you in and out plus has free vacuums

Anthony Lopez Sanchez

Opens at 7am It’s 9:05am now and no vacs are on or the car wash!

Jestine Rodrigues

Hello Satyr

Marie W

Job Rosario

Best Place to wash your vehicle

NE Charger

*****UPDATE***** I contacted the email below and gave them the information they asked for and it’s been over a week and they have stopped responding! Poor customer service! Problem still unsolved. Every time I go here there is always an issue with the Vacuums not working properly, the rinse cycle never rinses properly leaving soap all over my car and last time I went the car wash scratched up my trunk pretty bad. I’ve been a monthly member here for almost a year and was hoping they would make changes to fix these problems and never did. The scratching of my car was the last straw. I DO NOT recommend this place, very disappointed.

Ana Dion

Hubby love to wash car their is great and fast

Maria Mariotti

Used to be $5 for basic carwash now it's $9

Lorelei Defazio

Excellent experience! Many options, Jackie went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly the packages I wanted, as a first time visitor. Very efficient system! I highly recommend.

Mona Malak

Fast and easy.

Maria Santana

Great Price for car wash

Kevin Mccaffery

I use to really like this place, but now it is always way to busy to go and get a wash probably will cancel my pass because can never get in. Also it never fully cleans my truck anymore, always missed spots.

Phil gagnon

Places of Lift-Off prices went up the button every 3 minutes for the vacuum cleaner very annoying

Oussama Ridouani

If I was able to give less than 1 star I will. I took my car for a complete detailing bumper to bumper this past Saturday. After having the car for more than three hours and 90$ out of my pocket, I came back to find the seats exactly as they were, floor mats still dirty and besides the initial car wash nothing of value. Save your money and go somewhere else. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE Pics to document everything

Mark Matook

Their wash subscription/program is phenomenal year-round. You are allowed 2 washes per day and pay monthly. The automation. Is unrivalled.

Tricia Adams

Great place car was oil change


Too noisy. Loud music.

Ben Roth

The exterior of the car looked really good, but the vacuums were very weak, I had to try three different ones before I was able to find one that worked because the others were clogged and even then it didn’t work that well. I’d rather pay for a functioning vacuum than get to use those for free. Other than that it was an alright experience. Prices were higher than what I’m used to.

Angelina Holmes

Would give this place negative if I could.... the guy who guides you in did the opposite. Just stood there. Not even 15 seconds later my tire light went on. When done went to vacuum the car out and noticed something off. My tire was completely flat. Went to put air at the Irving, but can’t because the valve stem is completely snapped in half. Went to tell staff and he said he can’t do anything. He proceeded to call his manager who supposedly is nowhere near. Was told they will look into the matter tomorrow. Poor customer service and lazy employees who can’t even do the simplest of tasks.

daniel eche

Great car wash. Staff is excellent. They help you any way possible.

Johnny Christmas

Every time I get to wash my car I’ve great wash

Dawn Hughes

Signed up for monthly pass. Never got it. No one was around to ask or get it. If you have this option you should have someone around to handle it or not have the option. It's kinda simple. I have been trying to contact no response. I will not use again due to this. And will have to figure out how to not be charged going forward. Completely unsatisfied with lack of customer service and care.

A poet named Rocki

Been trying to cancel my membership since March and still no answer. No call backs. There isn't really a place to find someone to talk to about it. When you call it tells you to call the place you got the membership from and I haven't recieved any answer at all! Do not invest here. You can wash your car in Watertown there's a self service and I think they are 24hrs too. Hate this place. The Express leaves little scratches on the car windshield and there's so many potholes that by time you drive out your car is dirty again. The vacuums are decent though.

Miguel Claudio

Just did a car wash there. My front windshield window is still all dirty. All of the vacuums barely had any power.

Lynette Tevenal

Went to wash my car spent 14 bucks but the vacuums suck butt, I was not able to vacuum my car carpets. I went to 3 different hoses. Let's get them fixed please.

Carolann marzocchi

Gave my business (money) to this establishment before,last Friday needed to wash my car, attendant gave a good scrub to the bird crap window and off I went through the wash, mind you this wash was taken place at night. Next day I needed to work, noticed soap spots on the entire car and number 3 vacuum does not suck... went back after work, explained to the rude girl hat worked there about the soap scum and spots and she basically said "who comes back the next day" .to complain about the $7.00!wash!!! This biz will not be getting my wash cash again!! Not compensated and accused me that its my issue!!

dan puglia

Keep an eye on them, they like to skip the pre brush if they are short handed. Then the carwash itself can't reach the middle of the back of an SUV. I told them and they ran me through again but the same thing happened. I had to go so now I get to drive around with a dirty car back end :(

Brianna DiNapoli

Nice place but the vacuums suck I mean their free but barely suck anything up..they worked well when it first opened..but idk now..I’ll be going elsewhere

Brandon Fournier

Best carwash!!!

Yenny Toribio

They need to put more water on big car they put to much soap and I get out of the car wash with all the soap on my car and windows If they put more water my car would be perfect... 5 start I would give them


Monthly plan is great if you use it enough. Excellent service from management.

Gary Pickard

Good car wash. Reasonable prices and free vaccuums and matt wash. All computerized with colorful lights that guide you and then it pulls your car through while you enjoy the show of colors!

Billy Gosselin

Nichole Garcia

They do a great job to do the entire inside. Totally worth the money. Great job

Kalisa Morgan

Michael Cosmo

Thanks so much for all.

Moroccan soccer forever

Easy, quick and good service.

Chip Barnhill

On a very busy day they were running cars thru as fast as possible, and then halfway thru the wash the suv in front of me came off the track and my car was shoved into it. My front grill was crushed. Afterwards an employee filled outa claim report. After 2 weeks of calling and leaving voicemails, can't somebody ANSWER THE PHONE, and sending emails I finally got a response. From a different location's manager. He was very nice and said he would have the Mineral Springs manager call me in 10 minutes....guess call....reached back to him and he finally got them to call me. After another week and a half of repeated attempts to communicate I finally able to get them to agree to pay for the damages they caused. I went to pick up my car at my bodyshop, and surprise, they did not have the check was in the mail....sigh.... Well I just went there again today to use the vacuum ang guess happened again to another customer while I was there...... this must happen more often here than I thought..... BE WARNED IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK TO GO HERE!!!!! I WILL NEVER BE BACK!!!!


Recommend okay traffic is bad needs Improvement IN-N-OUT THE RESIDENCE CAN'T GET IN AND OUT OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD

Alejandro Tello

Carlos Angel

Best car wash near my home, I love the set up.

Andres Luis Marrero

The owner is rude and does not work with the guest. I paid for an advance car wash and the owner said it expired and nothing he could do. So my money expires good to know.

Michael R

Great service. The machines stopped working once! Everyone left and we decided to stay and we got the platinum car wash for waiting patiently! Thank you!

Jonnathan Jean

Excellent service, good prices, well done job, overall, the best car wash and detailing.

Bryen Bond

They always do a good job on my truck very happy

Bryan Francis

Quantity not quality. Might have to go through twice but when you get an unlimited package who cares

Deirdre Spaulding

Smooth process, vacuums aren't always working well


1-Employees aways on there phone, walking around or hiding inside. 2-most of the time they out of liquids or you have to go through twice. 3- asked an employee to blow off the sand before I go through he said ok hit the bottom and walk away. 4- I took my brother 4 times to cancel his wash because he didn't had his car no more and it took him 2 months to finally to stop it Would really like you guys to look into ur employees and have them do there job right and add more liquids when its low thanks

Jessica Ratcliffe

The basic monthly unlimited package of $19.99 is a great deal! Helps keep your car clean all year round at an affordable price. You are able to get in and out quickly with the "fast pass" sticker on your car.

Brandon Allen

Fantastic car wash. They have great deals and the vacuums are get a free vacuum token with each wash.

Vincent Gamba

They make Shaw your ride is detailed they do great work!

Betsy Perez


john isabella

A good carwash with plenty of options

D. Harvey Bergeron

Doesn't get the dirt off

Johnny Christmas

Always great

Matt Hanson

Personal Touch is a great addition to the area. The monthly packages are fairly priced. Getting in and out is easy & quick. Even when it's 3 lines wide & 6 deep, you can be out in 20 mins. The only drawback are the people who roll up to the detail section to vacuum their cars for free. It's not a big deal if there's not a lot of action. When it's busy & no bays are available to dry your car & vacuum there are inevitably a half dozen dirty cars, without the monthly pass in their windows, getting vacuumed. Otherwise, it's a great experience.


A little pricey but the free vac's make up for that

Howard Cimaglio

I meant this is a good car wash your money

Junito Negron

Great carwash

Donna Martira

The "laser light show" in the brush car wash is fun to watch for the kids but very often debris is not removed from my car. Free vacuums are great. Long lines move quickly. A single wash is a little pricey but overall pleased

jumel abrahamson


If I could give it less than one star I would, car was still dirty TERRIBLE customer service., vacuums don't work. Attempts to contact to discuss rendered no results. Go somewhere else and save your money.

Jeremy Chicano

Victor Hurtado VH I.T. Solutions

Awesome Staff, Great Service!

jose nunez

Good verry

Robert DiGiovanni

Geoff Krajeski

Cheap and fast, even for long Saturday wait lines.

Kibah Adamas

Ruth Jennings

The easiest and fastest and cheapest car was

Trinity Torres

Love the free vaccums here

DWD 78 48buickspr8

Very disappointed with the full interior detail on my car there. I brought it in there on 10/11 payed 160 dollars and it was a total RIP off! They didn't even vacuum the truck and I asked them to. Won't go back again. Don't go here for interior detailing!

Deborah Ortiz

I'm surprised to see negative reviews. I live in Meriden and have driven all the way to this place several times because this is the best car wash I've ever been to. My Lexus is ALWAYS cleaned nicely.

Roberto Sosa

Excellent service

John Wellington

Unlimited washes for a great price


Lol... They took off my review!!!! They dont take care of ther customers! Very rude & Disrespectful. The carwash damaged my infiniti. They dont take any responsibility for wat ther place did to my car!!! Check wat i really wrote on "YELP" THEY CANT ERASE ANYTHING THER!!!!

patrick fontaine

Easy entrance and exit points.

Al Baker

Great job

Linda Resnevic

We go weekly. Clean, efficient, courteous. Free vacuum with wash.

jen clukey

June 20, 2018. 530pm. Told young male employee I wanted just the basic wash. Well, he charged me for the basic plus the gold. These employees have a very non caring attitude, and do not care if they over charge you and refuse to call the MGR for me. SMALL CLAIMS COURT HERE WE COME!!

Grayson Penn

For $20 a month you can have your car washed anytime you want also you can have it detailed since you're a member For $52 I had my Cadillac Escalade done today came out perfect

Flaco Lopez

franky espinal

Well organized clean place good price.

Steve Kilpatrick

Great carwash; just remember to bring a chamois with you to spot-dry areas the blowers didn't do an adequate job with. This is the second carwash I've taken my new car to, and it was worth the $23 Platinum + treatment. You even got a token to use the vacuums for free. Did an excellent job shining up my car, to where a relative said "it's so shiny!". Give this place a try!

Michael DeRouin

Not many other places offer unlimited up-level drive through car washes for $20/more including a free vacuum token! I do wish the car was blown dried a little better

DawnMarie MeOW!!

good system ..vacuums could b a lil stronger

Alicia Demoranville

My son and I both love this car wash! The lights in the wash make it a fun experience for the kids. My car comes out super clean, and I like that the vacuums are free to use! Wash is relatively inexpensive depending on which option you choose. Sometimes they get busy and the line looks too long, but it actually moves rather quickly!

Nick C

The vacuums are for vacuuming your car....the vacuums are not a place for people to park their car for 20 minutes and dry their car with a hand towel especially when this place is busy.

Joanna Ravello

Lines can be a bit long this time of year. However, it's worth it. They are very organized and high-tech. I purchased the 19.99 a month plan. I get unlimited car washes each month up to 2 per day, and I can vacuum my car for free. This plan is especially useful for darker vehicles.

Luz Sanchez

Not happy with service my car still dirty even the rims were like before I went in. Never again..

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