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25 Pane Rd, Newington, CT 06111

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Here we offer you the feddbacks of real people like you who are using the products of Mr Sparkle Car Wash (Car Wash) in Connecticut.

Nowadays this firm gets a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and that rating has been based on 98 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Mr Sparkle Car Wash IN Connecticut

Shneck Shneck

Great service. They do a wonderful job.

Elmuiz Ahmed

Hand wash, they did a great job compared to other car wash places. The car still looked clean after a week.

Todd Poulin

Awesome place


Good location and plenty of space when you need that to wash your car. Good place to take care of car.

Eric Barton

Best around

Naysha Carmona-Castro

BoO - 62 Quinn

Peter Alessi

Gilberto Garcia

Nice place to clean vehicle

joel mendez

Edna Mora

Jay Edits

Good service

Ryan Wagner

Terrible car wash. Soap still on car when done and car wasn't clean

Greg Parker


Rose Weed

We like that they do an undercarriage wash, the carwash closer to our house does not. Essential for winter driving. Unfortunately, a loose part on the car fell off during the wash. When we realized it was missing, we called them up and the nice young man working there advised me that he checks the whole wash after it's closed at 5 pm, which it was almost that time. I let him know I was on my way and he was very happy to help me. Sure enough, the part was found, so now I can have my dealer reattach it. Very pleasant employees to deal with.


Forrest Riley

Great car wash and great service by the nice dressed gentleman with the beard who went above and beyond to make sure my wife's Jeep came out clean.

Robert Earle

whatever u need to wash your car in one place

Mirta Minetto

lugar para lavar tu auto muy comodamente

Dawn Miller-Hale

Good job washing my van

Roberto Scata

Self service is open 24hrs. Usually pretty quick with the touch car wash except after it's snowed when everyone is trying to wash the road treatment off their cars.

Ivette arroyo

Luis Rolon

The best......



Sean Sorensen

Good place to go if you need a quick wash and you don't have access to a hose or shop-vac at home. Their auto wash is good for a quick wash but don't expect it to be perfect.

RG Ezell

Sharon Campbell

Justin Tindall

Nice location.

S. M.

This carwash never cleans my car very well. Leaves soap on it in the exact same places when I went through the 2nd time for free to try and get it clean. One time I went through to clean the bugs off of the nose of my car from a long highway journey, went through twice and still bugs, there were small bugs, they should have come off. They need to fix whatever is wrong with this before people stop going.

John Walenczyk

Nice guy that works her and everything works properly unlike a lot of other places around.

Oussama Ghalayini

Very nice

Lori Smukala

This was my tire after leaving Mr. Sparkle carwash. The track shredded my tire. This happened a few months ago. After much back and forth with their corporate office and many ignored phone calls to check on the status of my tire reimbursement, I finally got a call to say they were sending me a check. Coincidentally, their return call happened first thing after the BBB updated me to let me know that they had contacted the business.

Dave Pruett

Good wash & convenient location ..use the coupons for reduced cost

Peter Greenbacker

lisa caserta

Very clean

Michael Zucker

Good Car Cleaning, Handy Location, Good Prices, No Waiting

Tony Vann

Casey Cistulli

Thomas Del Conte Jr

Jeremy Japhet Rivera

(Translated by Google) Good wash (Original) Buen lavado

Peter Abramczyk

Mike Bermudez


Domenico Giancola

Jannette Antonetty

Lee Hoyt

Mary K Ramos

Very Nice

Andre Orr

Car wash time

K Bartlett

I won't go anywhere else!

BorinquenAppliances, llc

Imisa Rivera

It has a do it yourself bay.

Ivory Barber

Frank Pascale

Mr Detailer

Dane Hill

Does a nice job cleaning your car, not expensive, no waiting. Well done.

Edwin Perez

Monse Escobedo

Tiene lo que se necesita para limpiar el carro

Erica Bowles

Ronald Bair

dawn anthonypillai

Ok .. not that equipped

Thangadurai Annamalai

Monika Kondracki

Karina Martinez

My car is always clean and shiny

Falgun Bhatt

Best spot to go get your car washed.

Richard Papallo

Never had a problem getting a good quick wash here.

Eric Dziubek & Maelynn Gawlak

Would not accept credit cards even though it claims it. The wash smelled funny too.

Massarrat Ahmad

Michał Karwacki

tina bobeena

Eliezer Rosario

Okay place to get your car cleaned and smelling great

Maureen Sobel

Convenient, everything in working order.


Angel Cordero II

Automatic car wash. It works.

Richard Madara

Chaotic Magick

good for a self serve car wash beware they only dispense 1 dollar coins. Dont go there with a roll of quarters!

Mike Politz

I went through the cloth wash here and before you enter the wash, the employees put soap on the front and the back of your car using an old floor broom with hard bristles. They carelessly and forcefully throw the broom onto your car several times. The broom left scratches on the front AND back of my new Challenger. I do NOT recommend this place unless you don't care if your car gets scratched up. I know these scratches are from the brooms because 1) I know they weren't there before since I handwash my car alot, 2) there are several thin scratches that match the broom's bristles, and 3) the scratches are in the exact locations they use the brooms. Unfortunately I didn't notice the scratches until I got home and the car fully dried because they DON'T even dry your car for you. I would have said something if I saw all the scratches before I left. I can add photos if requested.

gtfm gtfmford

Something is wrong with their touchless car wash every time I get a car wash it always leaves streaks and I have to have it rewashed.

Krmange Muhajir

Please do not wash you vehicle at soft wash the machine will put scratches on you vehicles. See the evidence.

Malik Desade

Little bit of a wait but a good car wash for the price.

Vitor Mendes

Scott Boucher

Estephanie Sanchez-Valencia

Anthony Otero

Восточное Побережье CША

efren torres

Tom B

jack Ct

abihail marcano

Nikesh Jani

Jazmin Vazquez

Great guys!

Wanda Amaro

A tenido algunos percanses

Mq Cruz

Organizado y un lugar tranquilo

Eric Becker

Mariusz B

Isaac Ruiz

Nice car wash ! Don't bring a roll of quarters.

John Hennessey

I use the touchless; my car comes out clean, it's reasonably priced and the staff is nice enough.

Justin Clark

Great little forgotten car wash. For whatever reason folks don't seem to remember that this place exists. There's never a wait. I go here every know and again and I've never sat in line. The automatic washer isn't flawless, but it's fairly cheap. Well worth a visit if your car is covered in grime.

Mohammed Ahmed

Love the Touchless Automatic.


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