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REVIEWS OF Magic Minit Car Wash IN Connecticut

Eric Elley

We bring all ourovehicles here since it so close to our home. Prices are reasonable. Nice that they offer three different wash types: self serve, touchless and fully automatic. If a bay goes down it is repaired quickly.

Desmond Caldwell

I had to wash my car twice (touchless and soft touch) and it still wasn't clean.

Ryan Mange

Terrible car wash, do not waste your money. Could not even tell my car had been washed after! Still lots of dirt left, better off just leaving the car out in the rain.

amandeep singh

Worst car wash ever. Don’t go there

Meghan Wert

High prices & it barely cleaned my car

Maria Puetz

Bobby Graham

This place is an absolute joke but it’s tragic 3 bays and 2 of them are always busted and not working the one that does work is questionable and you have to swipe your CC 8 times before it finally goes through without an error!!!!! Whoever owns this place should be ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!


Car wasn't fully clean when we were done

Peter Thibodeau

NanZ Ansah


Paid $10 for a touchless wash. When I got home it looked like my car was not even touched. Still had dirt and salt everywhere.

Dan Sykes

Eric Blanchard

I went through and spent $15 dollars on a wash that only one side rinsed. I tried another location same thing. Touchless car wash should be Don't touch this.

H. doreika

Great for a quick hand wash. They have change machines. $5 minimum for hand wash. They take debit and credit cards! They have automatic washers but I've never used those.

Marc-André Denis

Reasonable price, but the washing equipment works on some soaps and doesn't on others. Could just be the booth I selected

Eric Tracy

Luke Martin

Decent prices.

Denis Lage

Not touchless. Low water pressure on undercarriage wash when I went through. Did an ok job.

Leland George

Very disappointing. I was counting on a much-needed car wash prior to a business trip. I selected the top wash from the soft-touch bay. It was $15. It did not have a soap cycle. It was just varying degrees of water the entire time. I have been to this car wash before and the soap cycle is always multi-colored and scented. Then when the wash was over, the digital readout was not working and did not tell me to pull forward - I wasn't completely sure the wash was complete. After about 20 seconds of waiting I realized the blower was on its dry cycle. I pulled forward and was able to salvage 15 seconds of dry time. This will be the last time I use this car wash. I have been here on several other visits and I've had issues. Not every time but enough times. The owner(s) do a terrible job of maintaining it. One time I called when the machine took my payment but the wash didn't activate and wasn't even functioning. The owner offered a refund, but I had to drive another 7 miles and 15 minutes to the other car wash he owns. Upon getting there, he simply refunded my wash. I didn't want or need anything beyond that, but was surprised he didn't even offer an apology or perhaps a free-wash or even discounted wash for the trouble. Honestly, he seemed more "inconvenienced" than anything else. I just saw $15 of my dollars literally go down the drain. I could have stayed home and done that with a hose.

Joseph Frangiamore

Been coming here for fifty years . Nuff said .

Thomas Falkowski

Chuck Norris

Barely washed anything of my car. Weak! Terrible!

Anabela Grenier

Cashier machine didn't work and the other cashier machine didn't provide receipt. The wash was a short cycle and the water spray was very light. Not worth it.

jim stone

Always open

David Abbate

Pete DeBrino

Quick easy to get your car washed. Either drive in, or self service.

Ava Carmichael

Automatic car wash left soap all over my car! I had to go home and rinse it off. Waste of $10

Chris Kibbe

In sub degree weather, if a car wash facility is going to stay open, they should be sure that everything is in working order. I commend them for trying to stay open during cold weather, but there were several things wrong throughout the car wash. First, the side blasters did not engage as I was driving in. Those blasters are part of the more expensive car wash and help remove debris from tires and lower side panels. Secondly there was no rinse between soaps. Only one rinse at the end. Lastly the blow dry timer was not working. Each of these things in and of themselves are small things. But added together they make a less-than-desirable result. I usually go to Golden Nozzle in Longmeadow because there are people there to ensure that your car is cleaned properly. But I live close by Magic Minute and so it is obviously more convenient for me. And reading some other reviews on here, I can see that it's kind of ridiculous to pay $8 for a car wash and then complain that it doesn't get any of the salt sand or ice off of your car. I'm pretty sure that the $8 car wash id for a simple wash and rinse. Perhaps a $12 Car Wash should have been purchased for heavier jobs. That aside, I paid for the $12 wash and I'm not going to say that my car didn't come out looking decent, but I have had previous issues with this location. Nothing major, just little things that are annoying.

Jeff Lyons

Scratched car

Tim Wochomurka

Kris Avery

Jason Alderete

Worst carwash ever. I tried both automatics and the hand held. One of the automatics never touched the front of the car and the other one you could rub dirt off with your finger afterwards. The colored clear coat sealant on the manual stall stained my hand blue and the rinse setting did not work. This location is perfect for me, but I just can't justify a nickel spent here. Please sell this place to someone who will make the necessary upgrades. Thanks for the stupid dollar coins too!

Brett Hawran

Wish I could give 0 stars. Paid $15 for the premium touchless wash. My truck looks literally exactly the same as it did before the wash. Complete waste of money

Dave Ryan

First. The credit card payment slot nearly ate my card. Second. Bought the "Deluxe" brush wash to remove the bugs from the front of my car. The bugs are still there. Third. I thought the whole bay was going to collapse on my car with all the unusual noise the washer was making. 0 ☆'s

Karen Ladd

Don't work good all the time. Sometimes there's hardly any water coming out, brushes aren't working, debit card gets stuck in the pay thingy. Parking lot full of bad potholes. Place is just a mess.


Don't waste your time or money. I went to use the soft touch and it was out of order. I called the number and the guy said he had no one to come down and reset the wash. I then go use the touch less wash. .. I need a refund I will never go there again just an awful car wash

Jill Rushbrook

Easy, quick, and does a nice job!

Diana xolocotzi

Good for yourself to wash your car

Hendy Turner



This place is not good, definitely does not clean anything close to what it says.

Linda Eumenidi


If I could give it 0 stars I would. Paid 8! dollars for a wash of my car that I drove from NY to visit family in Enfield and it did NOT wash the salt or barely ANYTHING off of my car, especially the bottom of the door panels. I should have remembered the same experience I had at the touchless up on Route 5 when I brought my mother's car to her years ago. SAME EXPERIENCE. I am so pissed I am demanding a refund from my credit card company. BS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!


Matthew DAgostino

Debit card got stuck. I called and explained the situation. They quickly dispatched someone and comped me for a free "Works Wash." Car came out clean for the most part, but I was able to remove a layer of dirt with my finger on the rear bumper

A.J. J.

Lots of different options for washing your car. I like that they offer self-service, it's pretty fun to spray your car off with a giant gun. Mike was friendly and made the experience easy for a fairly new driver.

Matthew Roy

Location wise this is a good spot, but unfortunately the automatic washes here struggle to clean cars well. They have a habit of losing water pressure, running out of soap, or having the dryers stop working. At the current rate ($15ish) the equipment is simply not up to par with other better automatic car washes. The reason why they get 2 stars is because they offer a cheaper do it yourself option which usually works better than the automatic line does. I really wish they would upgrade the equipment.

Michael Foley

Rebecca Bonafilia

Anthony Leal

Amy Chevalier

$12 for my car to get wet!!! thats it

Chris Pierce

Jamison Boucher

Tim Odum

The car! It became clean! Check it out!

james roimisher

Seems like a decent place. Went at night, half the lights in one bay where out, no chemical left for 2 of the actions (foam brush didn't foam & no soap) , credit card swipe was not working on one of the bays (Had to move bays). Maybe I cought them at a bad time but just my experience.

Cory Hislop

Ziyad Tariq

A $ cheap from nearby car wash stops

Jennifer Astacio

Went there the weekend of Labor day and needed change to vaccumm my car. Put a $20 bill in and got back $5 in Susan B Anthonys. Never spit out the rest of my change like the instructions says. Called Tuesday September 6th; spoke to someone who asked my for name and address and apologized. I waited almost 3 weeks assuming I would get a check for $15 I was owed. Called again he said I will call you back and never did. Called a third time. Again my name and address were taken down. Still have not received anything. Will never go therre again.

Scott Lawson

Mark Olson


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