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30 Kane St, Hartford, CT 06106

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REVIEWS OF Golden Nozzle Car Wash - Full Serve IN Connecticut

Timothey Redfield

Always keep my car Clean

Tom Bayley

JL Perry

Car is clean

Jayson Santiago

Chris Kuhn




Very pleasant staff. Very clean establishment. Clean restrooms. Complimentary beverages. Friendly and fast service. Easy access from anywhere.

W.Sabrina Jamison Keaton


Doesn't have self serve vacuuming you have to pay $10 to have your car vacuumed

Darren Carver

Good deals on a monthly car wash go there often

Lee Vaughn

Rick S

Good clean, but you gotta watch the guys that clean the inside. You PAY for it and have to be sure it's done right.

William Carrion

Adrian Garvin

You can't beat this carwash. They can have almost any car or SUV looking better than brand new with their detailing area. I recommend the full service carwash, but the others do a good job also with the free vacuum.


Kerren Sierra

Buen y barato plan para lavar carro

Erick Sykes

Danny R.

Go see for yourself. Quick and good service.

Nelson Vasquez

(Translated by Google) Well (Original) Bien

Angel Agront

Ur car will be super clean

Daniel Figueroa Jr

Sandeep Kumar

jesus vega

Pedro Caraballo

meli medina

I have the unlimited washes.. so I wash anywhere and anytime I feel the car is dirty and needs care. Its great!! most of the employees at the East Columbus ave are rude, I wouldn't recommend going there at all. It's not convenient and they have horrible service. Travel up the road or across the bridge to the west side. My favorite locations are Westfield and Amherst the vacuums all work properly.. can't use them here on east Columbus... they do it we can't vacume at all. It's not convenient I stopped to wash and clean.. Got yelled at one time for doing it.. like if I was trying to steal something. Overall bad experience all the time.

candycoated biohazard

The people are always so nice and I have to hand it to them because the weather conditions they work in suck

Robert Freeman

Hasn't destroyed my cars finish

Ja Kr

It has been a little while since I've been here, but they did scratch the hood of my car when I had their on site detailing done. I'm not normally that fussy about things like this happening, but it was very noticeable and wouldn't buff out when I tried later. The interior of my car was nicely done though.

Kevin Cormier

They always go above and beyond and are always curtious! Ask for Junior! He will take care of you every time you go...

Lou Gil

Juan Rodriguez

Regina Ramsey

Hard workers

Saby Pagan

Lucia Kazakos

Careful with wind deflector

Rahul Kukala

Great car wash

ayianna Jackson

Rebecca Weaver

I have signed up for the $35 a month and I get as many car washes as I want and then I have my car vacuumed out by whole group of people. All the the people that vacuum are so helpful and very very nice and polite. And they're always willing to do a little touch up if they missed anything I always appreciate that. For busy people I highly recommend it.

Jay Rivera

Hate this place! I went in for a car wash. I thought the price was expensive but figured I'd give it a try. Not only did my car come out less clean then if I would have done it myself, but I found my radio was damaged when I left and it wasn't damaged when I brought it in. Avoid this place at all costs!

sparky vids

Really good at washing your car they even have free coffee but they could be better at the rims


Decent car wash, but one of my cars won’t fit cause it’s too low...

RawJoseph Ramirez

Great convenes to just drive through with the monthly pass sticker, and the price stays the same regardless of how many times i need to have my car washed.

Sergio Cedeno

Shuvamita Dey

Licy Rojas

My car was shining

Jay Santos

I really loved coming to this place at one point ! Now this place looks like a Crack house to say the least there is no desk , the floors are super dirty , the whole place is empty the walls have nothing on them and on top of that there’s a bunch of holes all over the walls it’s really bad ! It’s extremely unfortunate this place has gone down hill the manager is a jerk not professional at all, he has very poor customer service skills he can’t even seem to smile or make eye contact with anyone that comes in ! I think your best bet is to start over and get a new manager that cares because ultimately everything starts with him ! The owners should really take a trip down to this place and see how unappealing it looks and maybe something will be done ! If this continues they will be out of business very soon with all the competition you would think that they would do something to better this place .

Christine Juda

Ben Gonzalez

Long wait at times


Tienen diferentes precios de lavados empezando desde $19.99

Awilda Vasquez

Very fiendlydid an awesome job with my car .. a fast didnt have to wait long . Great job guys

Gary Davidson

Good wash!

Carlos Torres

Egyptian Musk Outlet

hermes matos

Gavin Wilson

not the first time there and it's the same whether they are busy or not no interest in doing a good job. Only one side of my car was sprayed and most times not the rims or wheels. No scrubbing with brush/mop like thing.

Angel Ayala

My car was hit in the back bumper and they didn't notify me of the damage done by a car behind mines.


Way to expensive. They supposedly vacuumed my car, the rugs were still dirty. The rags they used to clean the windshields left dirty streaks on them. So disappointed, will never go back.

Mark Tyszka

Great staff...almost no turnover in staff, so it must be a good place to work. The guys are always friendly and helpful! Free, delicious coffee! Two things: I miss the waiting room with all the products, and seating and the cashier...and the men's room could be kept a bit cleaner. I'm going there today - thanks!

s lamont rainey

Gabriel Peralta

Humberto Herrera

It was horrible. They charged me per month. I had to fight to get my money back. They never canceled and charged me again. It is a scam I had to tel Amex not to allow charges from them. They are a scam. The government needs to get involved here. They will sooner or later.

Michael Zucker

You can't find a better way to keep my car.

lidagma mirandaqk

Why pay extra for vacuuming? And I don't need someone to do it for me I know how to do it myself.

Edwin Crespo

Mary Ann Williams

Jessenia Santiago

Reina Mendez

Keke jefferson

They clean my car right every time. Inside and out.


jorge perez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Michelle Duguay

Mauro Daniele

I am a member of the $19.99 monthly all-you-can-wash program which I like; Recently went up from $15/month. My biggest gripe is the interior cleaners are hit or miss... they dont wipe the dash anymore like they used to and half-ass the windows most of the time leaving them streaky. Its also a 50/50 whether they vacuum the trunk area of my SUV.

Manny Lottery

I have the monthly full service and I just came in to clean my car inside and out but they clean my car outside but not inside because they said they close at 6:00... That's wrong couse I'm paying for the service and I was Denied...Never again I'm going here ...if it's open it's open smh...

say Jai

I went there to wash my car and I was involved in this "fantastic" promotion advertised. It is a fraud, they promote locations that do not exist and they also lie to you when they say you can cancel the membership of $ 31.99 per month any time, no questions asked whenever you want and that was exacly what I did after I found out about the two fake locations close to my home. It was too far from home. I talked to the guy in charge an he said no worry I'll take care of it and cancel the membership. I left that place trusting his words and four months later i noticed the charges from this CAR WASH GOLDEN NOZZLE, and I went there to fix the mix up and he called me a liar but after a very bad moment he gave only three months back and told me proof of cancelation but to my surprise they charged me again June 08 2016 to my American Express card. I called American Express and they took care of me. Thank you American express for taking care of me. All this headache and they do not do at least a decent job.

Brian Gendron

Great place to get the car washed

Jeremy josue

avi bergman

Not my first choice in town.

Fred Batchelder

They do a good job

Victoria Rosado

Over price for the quality of work you receive. They weren't even busy and I left with a shoe mark in my car from the employee that I cleaned myself and there were wipe marks from where the "cleaned". A little more effort would really go a long way.

Carlos Diaz

The guys do a great job and they are all nice to me. Angel, Junior, Pucho, Joe, Rowland and the rest of the staff. Your service is a pleasure and my car is always shiny!

Adam Cruz

Literally just back from an interior detail and the broke my car and left the pieces in the back for me to discover later.

Samuel Delgado

You pay the monthly Bell and then you pay extra to get your car clean in the interior and they do a sloppy job very disappointed

Ana Fontanez

Joyce Trites

Went there today with two cars, my husband's car paid $129 trunk not even vacuumed, car had some pine needle still in crevices exteriorly. My car paid $35 for exterior and interior cleaning, didn't even vacuum the small cup in front and lousy job in vacuuming and leather not even wiped in back. Called them when we saw husband's trunk they said come back and they would vacuum it .no thanks, should have done it first time especially for 129 dollars. Never again and they don't care.

Tarvio Crowder

For the last month and a half my experience has been worse and worse.. they never seem to have anyone that make sure that the bugs or remove from the front of your vehicle anywhere.. they have been very consistent to let me know that that has been broken in the car wash.. The management there has also referred me to their website and their websites seems to be down.. The workers there doesn’t seem to be present they seemed more concerned with their cell phones and caring a conversation then paying attention to the vehicle that they are working on.. I would hope that someone would try to get a hold of me and straighten out this issue but it seems to me that every way I turn with this is a dead end.. so I’m going to find someplace else to get my car wash

Jossue Robles

Erich Kirchubel

Hi-tech carwash that is quick, easy, and a good wash. The prices are a bit steep though which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars. Easy access to and from I-91.

Liza Rosario

laura pennington

Maria J Rodriguez Toledo


Jocelyn Aviles

Jamilah Muhammad

David Moulton

Very disappointing about the works wash. The guys didn't clean the console. They were going to put the mats in with the underside covered with soap. The inside of the windshield was just swirled around with a wet rag, not good.

Kevin Shippee

I have no idea why absolutely everyone that owns a car doesn't have a membership to this place... wow what a steal!

Joseph Frangiamore

Soon they will price themselves right out of business .

Michael Shekar

Best full service wash in Greater Hartford.

Kilby Velez

Joe C.

bluboy27's DRIFTLIFE

So I've been going to this full service golden nozzle for over a year now always took my own vehicles and my work vehicle to be taking care of as of yesterday I will no longer go due to a supervisor that decided to deny me service as you can see in the picture the Cadillac he ignored me and his employ as he attended the Other Customers After waiting about 20 minutes To then tell me that my subscription was not paid even wen I gave him evidence offered cash yet still denied this is a shame and disrespectful I would like a refund for my money. I just got back from golden nozzle in Rocky hill All though they don't give full service my susception was fine They should put Disciplinary action For Lying and disrespecting customer At such level

Nancy Rivera

Nice job cleaning the car

Anthony SmittySmith

Iris Figueroa

Tara Mcintyre

went today for detailing, never been before but I would DEFINITELY go back and will recommend them to everyone I know. took a bit longer than the 60 minutes I was told but I watched 2-3 guys work on it non stop. my interior looks brand new...and it was a mess since I bought the car used. super great job

Dwight Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) God bless you and keep on giving excellent service thank you (Original) Dios los bendiga y sigue hacia delante dando servicio excelente gracias

Elaine Bryant

Courteous staff worth tipping.

Pan Kuk

Good value for $20 for unlimited wash but car was leaves something to be desired. Not the best was in town bit $20 for unlimited is good + free vaccum. Wash experience is seamless.

Carlos Aponte

Great car wash i recommend

Jay Vizcaino

Its a good deal $19.99 a month a be able to wash your vehicle as many times as you want. But be aware they do not touch your interior at all or hand dry for that be prepared to do some work on your own..

William Bello

Great people friendly and they have all types of prices to fit your buget. Great car wash. Been going to them for years.

Donna Mcleod

Salleh Djibrine

celina santiago


Rim scratch because they were to busy talking to each other. One start because only one person was doing the job of three. I am paying monthly and now have to paid for the fixing of the rim on a new car. Ask for the manager no were to be found.

Nikos Manolarakis

They do a great job washing your vehicle and with their $14.99 monthly wash pass, you can wash your everyday if you want.

mary Mele

Robert Singer

Ben Moe

Isaiah Dyer

Todd Simonds

I opted for the monthly pass for $19.99. Best thing I ever did for my car. It's always clean, even through the winter. During winter I gig the under carriage wash to help keep the salt on the road.

Tenell G. Rhodes, Sr.

Mic Reidy

Rafaelangel CruzRodriguez

Obtiene lo mejor. Buena atención y rapidez.

John Kessler

Felix Andino

John O'Connor

Ok! The old wash was a better experience.

M Tee

reinaldo jose franceschini

Den Rod

Jason Kidney

Clean your car every day!!!

Ana Alonso

Byrd Henderson

Orlando Perez Pinales

Very Bad service they have to hire a maneger that see the work of the employer they don't do a good jod, I pay xtra $15 for the insterior and lef my car the same darty and the machine don't have underbody wash I pay for that too.

Carolyn Mutcherson

Good deal. We have the monthly pass where you can go as many times as you need/want. They do a good job of cleaning the car. The people cleaning the cars have gotten to know us. I've also had my car detailed here and it was done to my satisfaction.

Angelica Rodriguez

The machines did a decent job but the worker's are lazy only one guy really did a good job!

Angel Del Valle

Mary Ahm

Raul Mendez

Nestor Noria

Wins Positive

David DeCoteau

Best wash in the business!

Rion Lindsay

Good price


Very bad customer service by Al

Edward Otero

Poor customers service no greeting, staff look miserable like they hate there jobs

Dee Smith

Edwin Capiello

Buen servicio diria yo casi exelente, pero el blower de secado automatico no es muy eficiente...

Maria tries it

It depends on who is working whether or not you get great service sometimes you have to tell the employees they have missed a bunch of spots that's if you get full service. But besides some of the employees being lazy its a pretty good carwash for the price you pay a month.

Dean Santiago

Meliza Sanchez

William Santiago

Very flexible schedule, hardworking staff, and excellent prices. I got my interior detailed and they provided a free exterior wash... Can't ask for more.

Sarah Line

Staff are ok.... Sometimes the wait is just out right ridiculous but I think that's EVERY car wash on a some what decent day in New England lol..... We pay for a monthly pass but every now and again I have to have the wash it 2x

Adriano Wolff

I bought a new car and started to appear scratches after washing, I never come back in this place

Andrew Kolsczenko


Carl Yaw

Jay Chase

Love the price for a detail of inside and out. Always look great. I try to get up often as I can to keep my lease vechile clean

Salhalabi. Moasa.69

Good service and nice staff

Richard Torrao

Seth Burt

This car wash is like a space ship. Service depends on who's running the wash. Sometimes you'll get a worker who barely squirts water on the fron and back of your car. Others are very meticulous.

Ali Azeem

a little pricy, but they get the job done

Julie ramos

First time to clean car inside by staff not good, tried second time same, missed cleaning certain spots visible, never again

Justino Castillo

Joel Daoust


Went in for the "works" wash, very disappointing. They spot clean the dash. Didn't bother to clean the console. Poor on the windshield. No attention to details. Went to put the mats in covered with soap.

Bob Gallagher

Least expensive $24 package is a superb value; excellent interior and exterior cleaning.

Krista Rhoades-Vasquez

The website description clearly says free vacuums but when I arrived at this location staff informed me that it would be $15 to vacuum my own car. The staff suggested Balise, where there are free vacuums, which is right before this location. Please have the common courtesy to update your website description on a regular basis to inform public that this location does not offer free vacuums.

Ramona Baez

Y Basley

I had the Ultimate Interior Car Wash done, at first glance I thought a good job was done. I was wrong. After I arrived home I noticed the back window wasn't cleaned and inside around all four doors were not cleaned. I had a car net that attached to the back of the driver and passenger seat that held my purse, its missing I called to tell them, but the girl on the phone said they would look for it and call me back, no one called back.

Maria santos

You have to go when Certain people are working otherwise you have to tell them you missed this and that

Donald Zimbelman

Great service...been going for 2 years now and have NEVER had a problem!!

Pat S

Great value, well maintained equipment. Worth the monthly cost.

Jonatan Valentin

Carmen Torres

Lino Viereck

Jay Rossner

Fast, easy, free vacuum

Fiyah Rhedz

Like the new auto washers but price waaaaay too expensive

Chris B

I'd give 5 stars if there wash pass was still $15. Smart business move on there part.

Joseph Whyte

Emmanuel Dzoagbe

Poor service. Very rude attitude. Lack of attention to detail. Car came out dirtier from their wash. Paid so much for the poorest service ever

Dan Strodel

Every other location is way better. Especially rocky hill.

Matthew Handley

Super friendly and they did an incredible job. They took their time and got my car interior cleaner than I thought was possible. I can't imagine a reason I would go anywhere else.


david cain

Evaminerly Trehan

Got the unlimited car wash with the underbody wash for $24.99 a month. I wash my car all the time.

chuck reissour

The pricing is OK but the cleaning is not consistent and the employees are lazy are constantly being told what to do they're too busy talking on their cell phones which they should be fired for

Kary Martes

Nice car wash in town

Hector Ortiz

Only full service car wash in the area. Most of the places in Massachusetts are drive through.

sprint 2626

zid alnasar

غسيل سيارات اتوماتيك سهل جدا

Gabriela Anderson

My car came out scratched, then the manager told me I was a liar... Do not even bother coming to this car wash.

Olga Ovalle

Great car wash

Ken Burke

Good news - the outside and inside of the car was cleaned. Bad news - the individual responsible for vacuuming the trunk had not done so. I had a similar problem with Golden Nozzle a year ago and this time checked the trunk, which was in need of vacuuming. When the worker saw the problem, he vacuumed it immediately. I recommend the management makes sure everyone knows what has to be done.

Alissa Santiago

Brian Davis

Reminds me of a California car wash

John Paczkowski


Blak Thai

Melissa Derderian

Fernando jose Huertas

Is a good place but the staff is not consistent. What I means is that not everybody there put their effort to make sure you car is well clean. Some of them take the extra mile, others look like they don't care.

Earl Baidy

David Sullivan

they are ALWAYS CLOSED. their definition of inclement weather is “it’s too cold to work” or “we are understaffed” or “we are having a bad day at work”. oh! and try calling too! the only place that answers is the weston street hartford location!

Vusal Gasimov

Fabiola Polanco

Jose Bautista

To it's lit in there

Tanisha Maldonado

The amazing manager Stephon P. Is always so helpful with his bright smile. Always taking care of his customers. He's an amazing employee!!!!

Matheus Rodrigues

Hope Torres

Devin Vitale

Paid for everything ...crappy job and didnt even get my air freshener... Never will return and waste my money

Lisa Hall

I like this place because my car gets great "car service"! Al the manager, is the BEST!!

With Wolf

I am not happy at all. I paid for a full detail and I only got an expensive vacuum cleaning. I still have pet hair, I still have dirt everywhere, my seats aren't touch. When I got my car back, a few things were touched up after but I had to go. When I finally looked in the inside, my car smells worst and the stains they said was taken care of, was not taken care of at all. I got my car wash a couple weeks ago and I'm writing this review now because I came back from vacation. I want my refund.

David Grant

Great car wash specials

Kevin Ross

Ganesh Sivaramalingam

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