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REVIEWS OF Wild Blue Car Wash - Powers IN Colorado


Skeptical: There are 2 drive up pay terminals. If 2 cars pay around the same time, not sure how they decipher which car paid for which wash. I paid for the $16 car wash and I'm pretty sure that is not what I got. It went through super quick, and I saw no special lights for the hot wax or anything, and it dried my SUV for about 20 seconds, so pretty much did not dry my vehicle at all.

Amanda Williams

I had never been here before, the first time through my truck did not get washed, the staff was very nice and helpful and allowed me to go through a second time. The vacuums do an amazing good!

Caroline Beoddy

Good, quick car wash. The free vacuums are a huge perk, and the main reason I use this car wash. I do wish windshield repairman would stop harassing me to repair my (flawless) windshield. If I say no thank you, please stop asking!

Craig Rosplock

Beware of other damage claims! They are true! Car wash damaged the hood of my car. Manager tried to show me the picture of the second time I had gone through (it was damaged on first pass as I bought the unlimited wash pass) and when I pointed it out they got defensive and refused to give me the pictures and claimed to not have phone numbers of any upper management and that they couldn't do anything further. Absolute scam artists.

Jamie Stahler

Great spot. Unlimited month car was prices are very reasonable. Even on a busy day, you can get in and out pretty quick. Free vacuums work great.

Eric Besser

Fast, efficient and cheap! Great free vacuums.

Christina Blackburn-Wanko

Great deals on unlimited monthly pass here.

Tina Knight

My car is clean But the water that was used must’ve been very dirty and overly recycled as it’s three days later and my New Range Rover STILL smells like sewer water that was used as soon as I left the facility. I cannot believe how disgusting my car smells.

Ronak Pandit

When there washer breaks something they refuse to pay to fix it and give you some bs free wash for your friends. Picture is of a car sideways after it broke my vehicle! This was at the academy location not the powers location

James Montgomery

Wild Blue is a car wash that knows how to handle volume with professionalism. There's a reason why they are busy. Their machines produce a quality clean and you're not waiting for a ton of time in line. Additionally, their membership program pays for itself in less than three washes per month. I'm sad I had to move because we don't have a program like this where I live now. This is a top flight outfit (so to speak).

Valentina Gomora Patz

Affordable and leaves car clean.

Aurelia Olson

I drive for Lyft so I have the monthly membership and come here a couple of times a week. I love the machine they have I can use to clean my rugs. The only thing I would add would be a air compressor. I went to a car Wash in Albuquerque that had these and you could use it to blow dirt and debris out of nooks and crannies while using the vacuum to suck it up. I updated my rating from 4 to 5 stars because of how helpful the employees were when my car battery decided to die on me as I was exciting the car wash.

Marlene Cox

Not very much to see and some things too expensive for a Flea market.

Bill Talbott

This is a very busy place. The wash is great but you have to select a time when they are not busy, weekends are not that time.

Christine Smith

Stefan was great. We lost a hub cap wheel cover and they returned it to us the next visit. Stephan was wonderful amd recognized our car right away and let us know they had it. When we exited the car wash Stephan was there with the hub cap cover. I have a membership here and would recommend it to others. Thank you wild blue and especially Stefan.

Nicole Vargas

A great value here in CO. But the reason I keep coming is Stefan's smile and amazing attitude of service! He is the best part of the car wash experience! Thanks Stefan!

josh bouwkamp

Best car wash on the Powers corridor. Great wash and FREE vacuum! I love the monthly wash memberships as they save me quite a bit of money off the regulars prices. Tiffani the marketing director is amazing and helped me switch my monthly membership when i purchased the wrong one. Great customer service!


Best auto wash in town and you can't beat $10 a month for unlimited washes.

Sweet Collins

If you lose a piece off your rims they will never find it

Emily Wanser

Easy, affordable and quick. They have vacuums and car mat washing machines that are free with any wash. We've been going for over a year; have never had a problem with them processing our automatic monthly payment. Staff is helpful.

Caroline Sahlen

ALL THE CARS BLOCK THE ENTIRE ROAD- your business is too big for the spot it is in, people going to your car wash have to wait in line and the line reaches all the way to Barnes and blocks the road leading to my apartments. I have to wait in a line for something that doesn’t apply to me and others that live here. DO SOMETHING! You can’t control a road that has other establishments on it, this is very frustrating to many.

Bonnie Church

Never experienced a long wait.

Justin Lutz

Have a membership here. Pretty consistent clean when I run my truck through.

Franklin Goodwin

Busy place but best option in this area.

Dana Sanders

Wish there was one in Castle Rock since we moved out of the Springs... can't find anything even close to being as reasonably priced. We still keep our membership for when we are in town!

jewels smith

Only place I will trust to wash my car..

Marilyn Mahar

Great car wash

John Tompkins

UPDATE: Another year another price increase. This time with no warning. Membership just went up $5/month! I remember when membership was $9/month a couple years ago. Now it's $15. That's a 66% increase in just 2 years!! Consumer price index rate for that same period was only 6%!!! Look for my cancellation to come through today. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Never had any problems here. Buy they keep jacking up their prices. It was $3 when they opened a few years back but now it's $5. They want to get you to buy their unlimited wash club option which is a decent deal at $9/month. But if you ever go on a nice weekend day the line is out to the road and you'll be waiting for 15-20 minutes.

Don Freeman

A member. Awesome car wash...nice n clean n beautiful ...a member for years..wouldn't go anywhere else. The folks are nice and business friendly.

Lyndon Gotelaere

Great car wash and great value. There are so many kinds of things you can get at this car wash. From cheaper to more expensive, the cheapest wash you can get is just $5 and the most expensive is $15. There is also a wash club where you can even save more money. The $15 wash ($26 per month for wash club) is the best value. This wash includes a basic wash plus wheel cleaner, tire scrubber, clear coat protection, extra jet drying, triple foam polish, Carnauba hot wax, and tire shine (as seen on website). Only unfortunate thing is that the line almost always takes a while to get through. Almost every time I go I wait about 5-10 minutes. Overall great wash though, almost every time I go the car comes out completely clean.

Keven Elwood

Line was crazy long, but it moved steadily. For an automated car wash it got my car mostly clean. The vacuums have the sucking power to actually get things from you carpet and mats which are the best part of my visit. Ultimately a pleasant experience. I will return.

Kimberly LeBron-Smith

Long long line but in and out in a little over 10 minutes.

Mile High Hustle

I pay $20/month for unlimited washes. Pull up, wait for the computer to detect the RFID installed on my windshield and voila! I'm on my way to clean with tire shine in under five minutes. Have a few extra minutes to spare, the vacuums are free and they really in a good way. You can wash your floor mats here (haven't tried that as I have custom molded weather tec mats). Highly recommend.

Joel Gaerlan

Good value, love my membership

rhonda lovato

The best!


2 price increases in short period of time otherwise we'd give them 5 stars. vacuums have good suction. there's usually someone available when payment machine misbehaves. we like the monthly pay option. would like to suggest senior & military discount options be considered.

Matt W

**Bonus Tip** No matter which wash plan you select, you always get the same wash, so always go for the cheapest one. Their system doesn't track which car gets what and everyone gets the same wash. Tested and verified. 5/5 carwash, 0/5 lines and staff. There are two alternating gated lines that feed the entrance, and EVERYTIME I go there one of them is broken and grinds one line to a halt. You're always rolling the dice when you pick a line. Today the guy in front of me waited while ten cars went through the other lane and had to honk to get an attendant to come out and fix the system. The attendant came out and very sarcastically said "Do you need help or what!?" I couldn't believe his attitude to this customer when it was a malfunction on their part...

David Cromar

Came out of the car wash today with scratches all over my hood that were not there before. They deny responsibility. Save your money and your car and wash it by hand. Car washes do scratch cars, it's common people say that because it happens often.

Erica Fedewa

Have the monthly pass. Always friendly service. vacuums are high powered. Busy place but line moves fast. Use to offer dash wipes inside but they currently siad no more for 4-5 months. Not sure why.

Justin&Becca McMahon

Not expensive for unlimited car washes and vaccums!

Ryan J

Prices just went up 50%, likely to collude with the other new washes in town. Sketchy. Canceled my membership already and the Email had some underlying attitude citing prices going up due to increased minimum wage and materials. Bad juju now, can't go in happy anymore.

Thanh Dinh

Don’t go here if you want you car to be damaged. They broke my back windshield wiper during a car washed. So I reported it to their office, on the next day they gave me a call to inform that my wiper was still attached on my car when I left the car was. I said yes , it was because I always go through the car wash 2 times. So that video was just my first time went through there, I asked them to check it again and look for the second time I went through. They admitted that my wiper was broken during the second car wash. They said they already ordered a new pair of windshield wiper and would give me a call the week after. But I waited for 2 weeks later and hadn’t received any calls from them . So I went back and asked them why, and they denied everything thing. They said that according to the videos that they have saved on their computers, my car wiper was still attached, and it might be broke at somewhere else. I told them to check the videos again, and their answers was “we can’t pull any videos that more than 3 weeks”. They denied their faults and didn’t give me any compensation. So please be careful if you are still going here.

Brian Brogan

It's a place that you can count on. Great wash every time. Wish all my reviews could be this good.

D Nix

Nice to have a monthly unlimited plan. However does not do a great job removing bug splats. Would be nice if you could pick just a wash to clean and then go back through for your normal plan.

Kathy Morford

Dont take resposibilty for their actions

Steven Jarrell

I've had a monthly membership to this car wash for about a year now. Up until now, my car has never been damaged. During the wash, my rear windshield wiper was snapped off. Steven, the manager, reviewed the video and ordered a new part for me and installed it. I still continue to use Wild Blue because of their monthly membership with unlimited washes, as well as the great customer service.

Nicole Lerma

Quick, fast and did the job!!

Joshua Short

This was a pretty sad car wash with good customer service, but a terrible wash. I am giving them a second star only because the vacuum is pretty cool. It sucks just enough to get most things, not all, but there are vacuums setup on both sides of your car so you don't have to drag the dirty vacuum hose through your car. The reason I went here though is for a good car wash. The first time I went through, it looked like I had sprayed my car off with a hose and no soap. It was really bad and my car wasn't even that dirty. Seeing that it didn't wash my car at all, they let me run through a second time for free! Woo-hoo! I got to wait in the ten minute line for a free wash! It took some of the dirt off, but still looked unwashed. I left because of the hassle of maybe going through a 3rd time, for the same rinse off, I'm assuming? I didn't even mention the fact that I attempted to buy the monthly pass through the machine and it gave me some strange computer error and only allowed me to buy the most expensive "hot wax" wash one at a time, which I'm actually happy about because this wash on this day on Powers, I actually wasted a lot of time and a little money. But hey, the guys there seemed helpful. They even said that they rewash cars often, when I went back through, leading me to believe people aren't checking their car (and fairly shouldn't need to after paying for this wash) and leaving with a dirty car.

Luther Strickland

Best Car Wash in town!

Daniel Mitchell

Amazing carwash with great customer service. It did an amazing job cleaning my car!

Krykyet Parker

I love this place and the people that work here. The club is great for any Uber or Lyft driver. Come as many times a week to keep that ride of yours clean and neat.

Desiree Lechner

Great value! Wonderful way to keep your car in fantastic shape

Steven Wachlin

The car wash is awesome! This is my #1 spot to wash and detail. They give you free self serve vacuum and occasionally provide other cleaning products for free. They have memberships all depending on what type of car wash you want, which are pretty affordable.


Nice car wash! They have an unlimited wash club that you pay a monthly fee. It pays for itself in the first week.

Julie Jones

So greatful for an inexpensive way to keep my car ckean and my grandkids entertained

ChillyWilly 0883

Cost is low, and cleans car well. Occasionally the water has a bit of a funk to the smell but rately has impacted the cleanliness outcome.

Danielle Simpson

It's a decent wash, but I'm still miffed that the price went from $3 to $6 when it changed hands.

James Holcomb

What can I say I have been a customer for 5 years now and hands down the best autowash I have ever used! Period! Stop in and see Rachael she will take great care of you and get set up on the very reasonably priced monthly unlimited wash plan the top of the line best wash is only $26.00 a month and you can get into the basic unlimited wash for only $10 a month. Free vacs, and a floor mat beater as well. Can't beat that with a stick.------. James

james spencer

Huge shout out to Stefon!! Thank you so much for coming to my rescue. I had got a flat tire around 1230p today. He saw me struggling ( I'm recovering from triple bypass) in an adjacent parking lot, brought a jack, took the tire off, took me and tire to Les Schwabs to get it replaced, came back to put it on and sent me on my way safely. I sure appreciate you going above the call of duty so I could get home safe.

Lady Margaret

Best car wash on the east side. Quick, stay in car wash with sponge like brushes. Vacuum and doormat auto beater are included with all washes. If you're the OCD type you can even join the car club and get unlimited washes.

Matthew Palis

Great car wash with affordable unlimited wash plans

Ленуся Ленуся

Absolutely love their vacuums. You pay for car wash + good vacum and you can get your car really clean inside comparing to self-service places where vacum use is very time limited, and the result sucks, but not vacums

Nathan Gallion

Car Wash gets my car super clean and one time when it left some Gunk on one of my wheels they gave me a free wash and then it came out super clean the second time.

Andrew Peters

They increased the monthly membership rate 5$ without notifying customers. I went in for a refund and to cancel my membership and they said they cant do it and it's not their fault. All I got was a bunch of attitude from the manager as well as him saying it's not his fault When I first signed up they said it is company policy to notify people when prices change. Now they're saying its company policy not to give a refund. Customer service is terrible, this business is selfish and doesn't care about the customer.

Chester Barlow

Not bad if you go to a handwash and clean your truck first. I went through and bought the 15 dollar wash but the wash removed absolutely no bugs from my windshield and front end.

Charles Shell

Been going here for about 2 years so I figured I should rate them. Car wash does a great job even if you get the cheapest wash. It gets very busy at peak times which is my only complaint. Very good local business.


Was a great place until they decided to increase their prices 1 Oct. Yet they were closed for 3 full days and no one mentioned anything about some form of credit for those paying monthly. Guess we have to pay for their new paved parking spaces!! I’m done with businesses who always feel they don’t make enough money!!!!!

Todd Hatfield

Most powerful vacuums in springs although lines can be long. To their credit they move u through pretty quickly.

Jason Banner

10 bucks unlimited washes. I love it

Richard Hamilton

Great facility and vacuum area is clean.

Aaron Smith

Doesn't remove everything first time around. My car is far from filthy. However, for $10 unlimited washes and the ability to go through 4 times a day eventually it will become spotless. This place gives you the bang for your buck. I am about to run through it while taking my kid to school.

Sean Chase

This is probably the best automatic car wash in town. The club prices are a bargain. The automatic readers work the first time, every time. The staff is very responsive. The vacuum is amazing. And the wash is very fast and through. Even the dryer does an excellent job.


Got some chips repaired on my windshield while I vacuumed my car

Rosie Thompson

Monthly membership is worth it!

Daniel R

It's typically easy to get through and pretty quick but sometimes soap gets left on my car

Z Harkin

It's ok. Could be better...

Galantino Israel

I know this place can get pretty busy sometimes. If you're lucky enough to get in when it's not, it's quick and effective and overall pretty decent experience

Nathan Buckman

Last night while I was cleaning out my car I accidentally threw out my wallet. I didn't notice it was missing until I got home. The last place I had it was the car wash, so the next day I went back down to Wild Blue and spoke to the guys there and explained my problem. Tim, one of the attendants, offered to dig through the dumpster for me to find my wallet. At first I declined and said don't worry about it because the dumpster was full and not very appealing. Tim insisted and told me he wouldn't mind digging through the dumpster. Thanks to Tim's insistence and his desire to go above and beyond, he found my wallet!!! Thanks Tim, I hope you always keep your charisma and desire to help others. Wild Blue Car Wash has a great team of people!!

Ayla Smith

The car wash was a little packed. The road to get up there was weird it had cones everywhere. Don't know what that was about. Other than that we got the car washed pretty quick.

D Doza

This is a pretty good car wash and reasonably priced for a membership. 2 car washes pay for the membership with the ability to wash your car as much as you want to through that month. There are pretty good vacuums and designated parking areas to detail your vehicle. No issues so far!

Craig Kordic

I got a car wash at this car wash this morning and, overall, it was a good experience. The location is basically fine and convenient, but the side road off of Barnes Rd. that leads to the car wash is very dirty, full of potholes, and narrow. The actual car wash itself is reasonably priced, very good and does a good job cleaning your vehicle. The vacuum area is excellent. The employees are patient.

Anthony bujak

Great quick place even when there is A line down the street. Go in the morning for the early bird special saves a lot of money. Free vacuums and nice little accessories. Rock chip I have used twice and is Handy.

Ivan Pagano Aragona

Your business block the entire road, this business is way to big for this location and it seems you guys do not care about people that live in this area (Cortland apartments)

Lex Martin

Awesome carwash

BENDER tharobot

Decent car wash for a robot

Annette LaLumendiere

Friendly staff, excellent service!!

Cameron Terra

If you want to spend 20 dollars on a car wash and still need to dry your car when your out of the wash this is the place for you. Left with soap all over my car, and with a cracked side mirror ( factory nothing aftermarket ). Only thing is good vacuums, waste of money. Drying time is also god awful. Do not recommend

Matthew Melnick

Great customer service. Especially Matt who helped sign me up for the unlimited washes, take care of my concerns, and even went as far with me to look under my vette to evaluate height clearance with the rails. Unfortunately, I will be cancelling my membership due to the Springs’ facilities still utilizing the old clunky, scrape-the-bottom-off-your-car style rails. Not only that but I was upset to see huge areas of my vehicle weren’t even wet (even after having run thru twice). I was tempted to give 1 star because at the end of the day - it’s a car wash, and while I know it’s not fair to expect a full detail, there were just enormous parts of the car who didn’t even see water. I came out with big untouched areas of the car and soap dripping from other areas. Another individual who parked next to me said it happens sometimes at the Wild Blues and his stock sedan scrapes too. For these reasons, I will have to take my business elsewhere because good customer service alone won’t cut it. I don’t recommend coming here unless you have higher-than-normal height ride and want to risk potentially damaging your vehicle with a subpar wash. Note to business: Upgrade to the conveyor style wash and your business will increase significantly.

Ethan Perkins

Dryer blew off and damaged my passenger side exterior door panel. They were responsive to the damage report but refused to take responsibility even after reviewing the video. Basically said "oh it was loose when you came in." It's definitely wasn't loose and all of the clips were still in tact. If I could I'd file a law suit against these guys. Very disappointing customer integrity service and lack of integrity on their part.

Eric S Flores

Great value. The few staff that you interact with are always courteous and caring.

G Marshall Brown

I've had a membership here for years. I really like the value over other places. Sadly I've moved across town and don't get to wash as often as I would like.

David Dornbrack

Cheap monthly deal. Cleans the dirt roads off. Quality vacuums. Only thing missing is some under-carriage cleaning.

Kristie Rhodes

Great place! Super fast, affordable and convenient! Thank you!

Sports Center

Not nearly enough drying time for the wash that is paid for....

Marsha Madsen

Best place to get your car washed!

Happy Dogs CBD

Car looks good and clean!!!

Isabel Peña

I love this place! My only issue, and the reason why I didn't give it a five-star, is because they always have people asking you to let them check your windshield. After a while, it gets pretty old and annoying.

Dwayne Earle

Great car wash but dont let the glass company there touch your car. They do crappy work and the definitely didn't tell me that the outcome would not be to my liking

Serena Health.Faith.Strength

Overall a good car wash and the monthly package price is great. The only things I think could be improved are the dryers which I don’t think do a great job. Also, there’s sometimes soap still on my car after the wash. Not a lot but still. Overall, it’s a good car wash. Good customer service also.

Paul Markovsky

The car wash is a good deal. The automated wash is fast and washes as good as it gets without some elbow grease. Their vacuums suck really good and their new mat cleaners are pretty good. If only they could kick out the guy harassing everyone about a windshield inspection, my car washing experience would be five-star! I've never had any issues with damage, but seeing some other reviewer's complaints is a little concerning.

Colleen Bailey

I love Wild Blue! Best deal in town! Great equipment and fast and convenient. MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR CAR IN NEUTRAL WHEN GOING THROUGH THE CAR WASH! I got rear-ended in the car wash because the person behind me didn't put their car in neutral! No harm done to my car though.


We have a full size Toyota mini van. First couples of times we got a pretty good wash all around the vehicle. Yes, dried bug guts are hard to get off no matter where you go. However, the last time we went through, we had a huge missed area on the back center. We were told it does that to the employees jeep also. Like it was no big deal. We thought it was a glitch. We were given another try, but the second time around was no better. I felt like We were pulled through too fast, not giving the car wash the time it needed to finish the job. We left with a dirty rear. Vacuums work great though.

Kevin Lewis

Easiest, cheapest, most thorough car wash in the Springs. Vacuum is during business hours, and staff is very helpful if you have any issues.

Robert Wulfe

Great wash and great prices

Colorado Travel Guide

this is the best car wash in Colorado springs has great vacuums unlike the ones up on North Voyager

Juan A. Luna Jr

Great place to wash your car if you have a busy schedule. My car always comes out clean even after it being 11 years old. Staff is professional and knowledgeable. As a monthly member I have saved a lot of money since I regularly go.

Robin Peck

Great place to get your car washed particularly after it's snowed and you need to get the salt off. You do have to vacuum the inside of the car yourself.

Darrein Conner

Terrible customer service! My husband and I have had the the best unlimited wash on our cars for some time now. I have a Mercedes Benz s550 and you guys have had to give me multiple stickers for inside and out of my car and it never would work so you guys just recently gave me a card that I can stick out of my window. Today as I was getting ready to go to through the wash and Chris at the powers location tried to physically gab my membership ship card because I would not give it to him and then told me I could not be a customer if I didn’t give it to him.then I was holding my phone on speaker so he could talk with my husband and chris took my phone out of my hand and would not give it back. He humiliated me. He even had another worker go tell all the cars behind me what was going on and that it was going to be a while. He then was not going to let me go through the car wash. He was very very rude. Cussed at me and took my property out of my hands and would not give it back!! I have never had a bad experience until today. We hope this matter gets solved soon! Completely unacceptable

Chad Haverkorn

I've been a monthly subscription member for over a year now! Quality wash, lots of very strong vacuums, windshield repair group onsite. Love this car wash!

Stephyn Keely

Always great service and fanominal people

Jacob Payne

Good wash if you don't mind waiting in line for a while 90% of the time.

kristen ohagin

Always a pleasure. Great staff. Great car wash. Great price. Love!

Peter Rodriguez

I always choose one of the washes that includes the tires but I've noticed that the tires don't get washed! Check your choice and don't pay to get tires cleaned because they will cheat you on your money. Also, soap is diluted. Sad.

Sean Potyrala

When the employees learn to fold the American flag when they take it down at night then and only then will I up my review. My wife even called about it and the manager just simply put its too big for one person to fold and not hit the ground. Hmm ask for help or just get a light and keep it on the flag so you don't have to take it down. Disgraceful.

Vic Buth

Nice spot for car wash the vacuum is awesome they keep my car nice and fresh and clean


Great car wash. But their traffic always blocks the road. That is super frustrating.

Mark Smith

Good Car Wash, but long lines. Try to go during off times or during the early bird hours. They now have a queue that goes down the street....


Best tunnel wash I've been to. Love the psychedelic light show.

Shane French

It's good but it doesn't clean my Jeep Wrangler very well.

Robert Stewart

Best prices. Best people. They keep the equipment running in good shape. Friendly staff. No need to go anywhere else. These guys are awesome

Matt Cunningham

Quick service provides a clean car. Vacuums provided are convenient and well-maintained. Staff is friendly and helpful and keep the property looking fresh.

Alexander Stewart

Great place There's sometimes a line. But it's a great 1 stop shop. I even get my windshield repaired here. The warranty on cracks carries up to Denver. Their prices aren't too steep either.

Moriah Joy

Half way through the car wash, the big horizontal brush pulled my (factory set) spoiler off. I had to fill out a report and the guy who was suppose to help me, didn't introduce his name or job title. He just started trying to get my spoiler off, eventually when he couldn't figure it out, he was just going to tape it back on. All he had to do was pull out the break light wire to take it off completely. Finally, after about 5 days, the manager Rachel got back to me. She was just as rude, did not apologize about the car wash taking off my spoiler. She jumped to telling me it's not their fault and that my insurance would have to watch the footage to determine if it is. Of course that didn't happen because a week later, they still can not get a hold of her. So unfortunately, I have to pay for the spoiler myself until further notice. This has been the worst experience since getting my car 2 weeks ago. I HIGHTLY recommend you take your car to a self serve.

chris pinegar

Great service all around!!!

Karen Durbin

Great price and the employees were very helpful:-)

Jenny Ricketts

Super cheap for the club. Just bummed it doesn't clean my whole car. It misses spots :-/

Rachel Haponenko

Great vacuums really enjoy this membership and my car always looks clean

Megan Maves

I always love the wash I get for the price I pay. It's easy to use and the employees are outstanding. Always friendly and helpful.

Collin Augenstein

Great membership options, free dash wipes inside and mat cleaning and vaccums! Deal.

kris yunker

Before the new management took over it was $3 for a car wash now it is 6 I'm betting within a year to me up at 9 they are getting greedy

Phil Ray

Quick easy and convenient

Joseph Butler

Got the unlimited ultimate cleaning for $26 per month.

Judith Brown

The car wash actually clean the car and it was Dirty! But the vacuums didn't work well.

David Schultz

Great wash for a great price. Awesome complimentary vacuums. Needs one more set of blow-dryers, though. Unless you want to redo your windows at home.

James Kaufmann

Great place to get the car done. Helpful people

Maya Chase

In and out quickly, it does a good job, and the vacuums are free.

Andy Da Dragoon

This car wash is pretty popular and do offer four different washing options. The only problem is that it get very busy at times, to the point where traffic can circle around to Powers Blvd. Maybe they should think about moving or building a second location with a lot more area where they aren't sharing with a shopping center...

John Merlino

Been going here since it opened. Nice staff. Well cared for facility.

Ron Hubble

$10 unlimited carwash. Hard to beat!!

Teri Moore

Best carwash in Colorado Springs. Monthly accounts available at best prices in the Springs. No account necessary to wash there, just use your credit card. Vacuums available as well. Recommend the $16 or $21 monthly UNLIMITED USE monthly plan. Billed the following month on the date you started your plan, ( i.e. May 30 to June 30, then charged on June 30 for next month.) Highly recommend this carwash. NO campers or dulie trucks. Clean out your truck bed before getting in line. Only issue I found was long lines from carwash to Powers at times, but traffic cones set up to direct traffi once turning off Barnes Rd. onto the road the carwash is on.

Randy Best

Great car wash with all the amenities to detail your ride. For a drive thru carwash it does an excellent job getting the deicing crud after a snow storm or just to clean up a dirty vehicle without all the work. A towel for a quick dry and wipe and your ride is glimmering like a professional detailer did it.

Amy Ack

This place is so horrible. Got home and my Jeep had piles of mud on it. Call and talked to two people (1 manager) and they said they could not do anything. They said they couldn't even re wash it or give me a refund. Gave them one star because I had to.

Brad Tucker

Great auto car wash with free vacuums.

Aut B

Nice car wash. Always love having a free vacuum option. Car wasn't completely spot free but unless you have a hand detailing done I doubt that's ever the case. Prices are decent too, although still a bit high to me.

Aaron Schick

Tiffany in the accounting dept handled the refund issue immediately and called me personally. Thank you for your service and personal attention to me regarding this issue.

Betty Lords

You were so good at explaining the process. You quickly got me set up and I knew the option available. Thank you

Greg Chernoff

One of the very best "diy" carwash places in Colorado springs!

Natasha Ward

Will never use again paid 15 bucks the car wash didn’t even clean so I go into let the staff know I was told either I could get back in line which was forever long or he could get a rag. The individual go in get a rag half wipe the car so I grab the rag and clean my own car. I should have known better if the car wash half wash my car so was the worker. Basically this was my first and last time using this car wash guess I will stop being lazy and wash my own which I did anyway. Horrible washer and staff.

Derrick Rose

I've had the unlimited pass for several years now, it does a good job but it never gets the front of my Prius, always come away with a dirty front bumper.

Vicky Medrano

At 1st it was good. But it just doesnt clean our vehicles good. Plus prices went up. We cancelled our membership

Jeremy Carter

Great car wash, beware if you have a sports car/coupe the clearance for the rails that guide your car and be a TAD too high and cause rubbing when first entering the car wash. Afterwards all is well.

Elizabeth Mulock

Gets my car clean. Their vacuums are free and work really well. There is also free rug beaters (I've never tried them) And the membership is a really good deal. Expect really long lines to get in on weekends.

Honey Bee

Love th it s place.

Sidney Watson

$10 a month for unlimited carwashes.... DUH

Hannah Watts

I’ve been going to this car wash since it opened! The staff is amazing, very friendly and helpful! Steffan was extremely helpful and went the extra mile at my most recent visit by helping me put my spare tire back under my car, not something you would expect at a car wash, but it definitely saved my day! I would definitely recommend Wild Blue because the car wash is as amazing as their staff!!

john smith

I drove up to the entrance, the machines were running, the flashing sign gave instructions but no attendant was in sight. I drove in carefully, following the posted instructions. As my car started to get washed, an attendant ran up to me yelling at me for not waiting. He said they could sue me for not waiting. I asked where the sign was telling people to wait for an attendant. He admitted there was not indication to wait. Owner - please correct this situation and retrain your employees. I don't appreciate being threatened!


They are fair priced but didn't clean my car all the way

Ernest Davila

I go daily, very well priced, good service... quick in quick out

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