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REVIEWS OF Waterworks Car Wash IN Colorado

Sydney Aragon

Stopped by to get my seats shampooed on a busy Sunday afternoon. They had me checked in and my car started within 5 minutes. I decided to go with the next level cleaning and got the inside cleaned and seats shampooed for $62. It took a little over an hour, but all the workers were working very hard and I was very impressed with how clean my car was. They also got two stains out of my clothe seats which I was really happy about. I will go back here next time I'm in Denver!

Troy Littlejohn

Great car wash, can't beat the prices or the great labor work....

Pongdej Masodee

This place is a scam !!!!Don’t go there !!! I paid 26.99 for deluxe package and this is what happened. They said they gonna wax the car which I believe they didn’t because they even can’t clean the car as you see from pictures.

Martha Rodriguez

1st time here and it was a good experience BUT they did forget to clean a few things which i would think they'd clean for the price i paid. I could go back but this time early in the day bc i spent almost 2hours there and my 3kids were inpatient! Only 4☆☆☆☆ bc i had to finish the job at home

Peaks Digital Marketing

best car wash in denver

Joe Sheffield

I like it because you don't have to wash the car yourself 12 bucks and they do inside and outside vacuum Etc

Carmel Maddox

Serious value for the money. I come all the way across town for this place. How can you beat $27 for interior/exterior cleaning including mats? It’s $64 for the deep clean interior/exterior 1hr. Highly recommend.

Cara Luckey

This was my first time using this car wash. When I pulled in, I was asked which wash I wanted. I asked what washes they offered and the man said the cheapest was $25, so I went with that one. After handing my car over and going inside I found out that there are a couple of cheaper options, the cheapest being like $7-8. I would've chosen that initially. The girl at the counter (very sweet) offered to change it and explained that however the $25 one is really good. So I just kept it. When I got my car back, I saw that the seats and inside doors were not vacuumed. Only the floors. There was an empty coffee cup in the seat, and trash still in the doors. They were slammed when I got there and I get that. But I do feel like I was lied to in the beginning and I don't feel like I received the kind of service that was described by the guy who greeted me.

Sylvia Garcia

They were fast, friendly, and did a good job.

Joe Trujillo

Quick and thorough cleaning of the cars. I recommend highly

Mario Casillas

They rush your car so fast they dont even clean it right. I had to vacuum it myself after leaving this place, horrible job

Terrye White

Not very detailed on cleaning your dashboard,sweeping out your car is pretty weak. Your teenage brother could do a better job!!

Siddhesh Deshpande

Good service and they clean from inside too

Karlee Golightly

I paid $45 for an interior cleaning of my truck. While the dash, windows, and doors were very clean, there were several spots on the carpeting that didn’t get vacuumed. Overall customer service was excellent, but the job itself was just ok.

Kylie Kline

First time I went it was great! This last time however, sucked. Paid $26 for a deluxe cleaning which was supposed to be interior and exterior. The outside of my car still has dirt around the windshield and bird poop on it. The passenger door wasn’t touched, dash wasn’t touched, and there’s still spilled drink in my gear shift, also not touched. Didn’t vacuum out my hatch, nothing. Won’t be coming back, what a rip off.

Don Westbie

I’ve been here two times, both of which left scuff marks and a bunch of sandy grime on my leather seats. Due to the high ratings, I figured I’d give them a second chance, however I fully regret doing so. Do not take vehicles with leather here.

Jhoselyne Canales

Paid 25.99 for a full car wash today that included vacuum and interior. Neither was clean, got home and realized the hair trimmer my boyfriend had in the back was stolen. I got pictures which google would allow me to post them.

Donte Young

Definitely not enough attention to detail

Todd Landry

I've been going here for almost 5 years. It's been getting progressively worse starting mostly the last 2 years. I will pay my $30+ for a car wash + interior/mats to get back in to drive off where it's rarely dried outside so I'll have streaks of dirt that come down from both side-view mirrors. Dirt water too, so it's not even really properly clean. The back window will always have to be re-dried and I end up re-drying/cleaning my car when I stop somewhere. I will sometimes get back in the car to mats un-aligned after taken out and put back and now just not even getting dust off things. It's so incredibly rushed that I'm wondering why I'm left paying $30+ to get back into a dirty car that I spend another 15 minutes cleaning when I get home. I've added pictures showing the wash I had 20 minutes ago. I'm frustrated that I pay to get a rush job for an unclean car and then get home and end up doing it myself. Today after my rinse I had to re put the mats back in correctly, clean the interior center console, screen, steering column, door jams, inside. I had to reclean the rear window, side doors and mirrors. Update: I spoke with the manager at Waterworks Car Wash and they are working to make this right. I'm hoping, given the trending reviews of this not being a one off case, that they are able to get things back on track. They were quite helpful in working with me and I think that should be noted. In addition I've gone back twice since writing this. Both times I haven't had to re-clean my car. One section I notice is a hardship still and I don't really blame them is my side mirrors seem to collect water so the first time I turn left/right somewhat hard the water will spill out onto the sides. I don't know what could be done to correct this. I just have to stop and clean up the spots.


Use to go here all the time. This last time I went and got the inside cleaned and the outside cleaned for $40 (forget the name of the package). Left and thought, meh, not as clean as I am use to. Two days later my daughter was sitting in the back and asked what on the ceiling of the car? They had obviously sprayed cleaner and it got on ceiling of the car and completely stained it!!! Then passed it off like it didn't happen and handed me the car back!

Jack Stewart

My favorite car wash in town. Quick and efficient and reasonably priced. Not much else to say about a car wash.

Karen Drawdy

Less than impressed my vehicle was still dirty when i left, and there was dirt on the back of my suv and bugs on the winshield. Vacuum was rushed and not complete as well. My floormats were not put back in and were wet when they found them and did place them back in the vehicle.

Tyler King

Great car wash. In and out fast and you get a thorough cleaning, inside and out, for about $12.

Aaron Hernandez

It’s literally always different every time I go in. Some days i hop into a well cleaned car with every cup holder and door handle wiped out. Sometimes, I walk into a car with my full cup of coffee tossed, finger nail clippings on my dash instead of vacuumed, and visible streaks on my window. If it weren’t for the finger nail clippings on my dashboard I’d probably continue with my monthly membership

Linda Bryant

I've been washing my car here for two years and I'm completely satisfied with fast and quality service they provide. Price is reasonable as well. When I picked the car up, it always clean and shiny.

Hina Chow

So second time I have had to come back because of mud left on the seats , when there was no mud there before. Also a switch on the back seat was out of socket. I think they are more about volume than a great cleaning. I paid for a detail and I thought they would be meticulous. I will just go to At The Car Wash even though it takes longer but the cleanings are showroom quality.


This is my ultimate favorite car wash in the rocky mountain region on the Front Range. These guys do such good work so quickly that it just amazes me that level of quality. And they are typically nice and professional about what they're doing. I would highly recommend this place for a Colorado Car Wash I think they do a very good job. Also if you get on their email campaign you can get some additional coupons for multiple washes or reduced-price on detailing. Go give it a try two or three times and see what you think. I can't believe that what you pay for an exterior wash at these little fast gas places they clean hear the interior as well. Enjoy!

David LaGant

Nice job on the wash and the interior. Their unlimited pass is a great deal. It is worth going to just to get my glass cleaned. Crazy busy on the weekend.

Jeri Salas

Gave this place enough chances... I’m done after today, it’s like they didn’t even bother to vacuum out my car or wipe anything down! Another time, not once but twice, they forgot to take off the antenna and broke it! I took another vehicle there and they didn’t push the mirrors in and broke one...then said they couldn’t do anything about it! Last time I’m going there. Bye!

Brad Morgan

Always quick and friendly service. The unlimited monthly subscription is a great deal. For $35 a month you can come whenever and get your car vacuumed, the dash dusted, washed, and hand dried.

Rigat Teferi

If I could leave 0 stars I would. They stole items from my car and the manager literally made excuses for how it could of happened which didn’t make any sense at all. Long story short, DO NOT GO THERE, THEY ARE THIEVES.

Jeremy Nichols

Very detailed work. Always done right.

Ace Diner

They did a great job. I had a Mini Detail done to my car. Only issue was I forgot and left my ice scraper in the car and it’s gone now. Not a big deal but would rather have it back. Still a 5 star car detail. I will be back!

Jacob Healy

Good fast car wash. The only place in the area that seems worth it.

Eric Climaco

Wow, amazed that they could keep a straight face and charge for $58 for a wash and interior detail. Don't expect them to remove any dirt on the car after you point it out. Also, don't be mad if they leave the interior up to you to clean. Two stars just because.

Shivam Chhatwal

Very nice service and price. Employees cleaned the car inside out and was very quick

Lora Paustian

My favorite car wash

Cindy Nagi

Always have to have the staff revacuum the floors, they never vacuum between seats, and forget to clean above the rear view mirror

Jim B

Good carwash. Got my car cleaned for fair priced.A few spots left but no big deal. Overall decent place to go to! will come back

Avery Rhodes

This place is pretty much an assembly line rip off. I had just returned from a week long road trip so my car was dirtier than normal but nothing too bad. I splurged and got the $58 detail. What a mistake. They took my phone number because they said it would take awhile and would text me when done. Much to my surprise the detail was done quickly, a little too quickly probably just 10 to 15 minutes longer than people getting regular car washes. When I got back to the car, there were still bugs on the windshield and front grill which was disappointing since the bug splatter wasn't too bad to begin with. There had been some light dried dirt on the driver's side door frame and the place where the driver rests the non driving foot, which was now muddy since someone had wiped it with something wet but didn't clean it. I was also disappointed to find the trunk hadn't been vacuumed since I had specifically told them that I had removed all of my items so they could do that. Finally, they had left a wet dirty rag sitting right on the driver's seat which I had to hand back to the girl (I couldn't believe it when I found another one in the back seat when I got home). When I pointed out these deficiencies, they vacuumed the trunk for me but when they saw the mud, the manger said "What do you want me to do about that?", Me: "Ummm, clean it". Anyway, somebody came and vacuumed up the small mud pieces but these areas weren't exactly clean, certainly not what you would expect for a detail. As I sat there watching the operation it dawned on me that they stopped cleaning cars when there was a new car to take its place rather than cleaning the car properly and stopping when it was done. The business obviously has too much volume for their small space so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. Long story short, I took the car to a self serve place nearby to finish vacuuming and cleaning what Waterworks couldn't. The bugs came off easily with a high pressure nozzle spray and the mud wiped away easy with some wet wipes I had at home. It's pretty sad that after paying $58, I had to go to a self serve place to finish the job. This was a small sedan car that wasn't very dirty, I imagine you get even more screwed over if you had a SUV car. Avoid this place, they are an assembly line designed to get your cash in as quickly as possible and your car out as quickly as possible whether it is clean or not.


They just don't do a very thorough job. It's the little things they always miss. Like cleaning the dashboard or the steering wheel. Stuff that's easily noticed. Every. Single. Time.

David Hieb

I love Waterworks and get my rover detailed there every spring. Been going there now for over 12 years. They do a full inside/outside workup and it is the best detail job I've ever had done - anywhere - including the rover dealership. Ask for Marty the GM. They rock. Thank you Waterworks team!

Lauren A.

Easy to locate and use - my favorite car wash in Denver.

Jared Goodman

Great crew at the end of the process, but what is up with creepy hail and windshield sales people running around. Overall, they do a good job but price is not a great value anymore.

William Knight

I had ski boots on the floorboard of the backseat that had some dried mud on the soles of the boots. I also had a jacket and t-shirt on the backseat itself. Most of your staff I assume are good people with common sense, but somebody put my boots with dried mud on top of my clothes and backseat. I spoke to someone who said he was a manager, but was never offered a discounted rate or a free car wash even though I‘ve paid many times to have my cars washed at your location. I was disappointed that I paid to have my car washed yet ended up with muddy clothes and a muddy back seat.

S.F. Mrls

Because of location, place Is almost packed, friendly people, but there should be someone making sure cars are CLEAN before calling owner ready, my truck had to go through machine twice.

Shirley Moses

They really do a good job on my car, and I've been going to WATERWORKS car wash for a while. I'm impressed with the work that they do. Yes I have referred this place to several of my friends.

Snow 99

I wish this could have been a better experience. After less than one month, I have now canceled my subscription. As I have informed them in an email, they leave scuffs on my leather seats and spray some type of chemical that is leaving stains and over dried leather; this is despite my meticulous care. In addition, they leave sandy residue on all of my seats inside. This place may be fine for cloth seats, but stay away if you have a leather interior.

sandra iraheta

Very disappointed with our wash paid 65 bucks to get it armoralled and cleaned dusted and my vents did not get dusted and the car was not fully armoralled. Truck did not get vacuumed rims still had dirt inside them when should have been cleaned and armoralled. My windshield was not wiped down, in the inside back passenger window still had hand prints that should have came off if you they had cleaned it correctly. Been coming to this place for several years now and today I was very disappointed. I will probably not return being that I come all the way from henderson and get this service.

ivan martinez

Windshield had a small crack, after they finished with my vehicle the crack was all the way accross the windshield. Update: one of my rims was broken when i took it here! If you have nice rims don't use this place

Ray Barros

I don't live anywhere closer to Waterworks, but I was in the area and stopped to get my car washed. I love this place but it's always so crowded and busy. I wish there was one in Parker!

Warden Craig

Best deal, best people, best location - GOOD LOCAL SPOT! Iv'e been coming here for years and have always had a great experience. This is a good local company. Thanks waterworks. My car looks good :-)

Gabe Aguilar

Disappointing is the probably the best word to describe my latest experience with this car wash. I’ve been going here for a few years, usually no complaints other than being a little too speedy to clean. But with their volume, I understand that they’re trying to get many cars thru in time. However, this last time I paid for “the works” treatment which runs $62.99 and I have gotten this before. This time, my vehicle was ready about 25 minutes earlier than I was told it would take for the full treatment. Then, when I inspected my car further upon arriving at home, I found they had completely neglected to clean under the flaps in my floor boards which I use when I fold the seats down. Still tons of dog hair and sediment from when I take my pup out on hikes with me. I feel as if they had taken the extra time and care with my vehicle they would have discovered this place they needed to be cleaned. Again, for $62.99, very disappointed. Will most likely be taking my business elsewhere but it would be nice if they would complete the work on my car that I spent quite a lot of money to get fully cleaned

jamal alsoffi

Great place to get your car washed. Get the monthly pass as long as u wash your car more than two times a month it pays for itself.

Michelle K

Very quick and excellent service!

John Moore

I've changed my review after watching the staff work and understanding what comes with each service. The staff are meticulous but be sure you know what is exactly included in the service you're purchasing. I'd say it's still a little pricey all things considered but that seems to be par for the course in Denver/Colorado now.

Annie Giangardella

They did a pretty good job. I paid $110 for a interior detail and everything looks great except the area around the parking brake. Still dirty. Even if they just wiped a rag around it I would have been satisfied. They also didn’t wipe down the top of the center console. For $110 I expect something like that not to get missed. I’d come again but will take longer to make sure everything was cleaned thoroughly. They did get coffee stains out of my carpet which is great. 3/5 stars.

william ryan

I paid for a interior detail and wash and still had dirt in the wheels and wheel wells and the cup holders never got cleaned either. Usually pretty good here but not impressed this time

Erin Parker

I've been bringing my car here for years and the quality of the service has seriously depleted. The package that I get is a full wipe down of the interior, scrubbed carpets and a full vacuum. Last time I went, the back seats were not vacuumed, the front carpet was ripped out and damaged at the point where it's secured to the floor. The carpets were supposed to be scrubbed and I saw the guy simply spray the carpet with some solution in the middle and that was it (so those are not clean). I had to completely wipe down the interior all over again because they did such a poor job. The tires were only partially cleaned and shined, which my husband noticed when I got back home. I really should have asked for my money back. 9 months pregnant and having to re-clean your car due to the poor job I received, is not a good thing. There's a reason why I took my car here.

Alex Philipson

The place can be crazy busy but they are incredibly efficient even when the lines is backed up to the curb. There's a whole bunch of options for cleaning and a whole bunch of options for paying (one at a time, monthly pass, etc.) They also vacuum your vehicle every time and give it a good wipe down when it's out of the wash.

Certified Customs

Very unhappy with the experience and quality of car washes. I own an exotic car rental firm and have lots of cars. Ive purchased multiple monthly and yearly passes for the Past 20 years or more from waterworks and I have been a loyal customer to this car wash since my father was a customer before me. Unfortunately the last year or so I’ve been getting basically harassed by the guy Hugo that takes the order when you pull up and a guy named Marty they seem to think because I own multiple cars im guessing, that Im somehow scamming car washes or something sinister. And I’ve had to constantly explain to these men that I do in fact have multiple passes. All of my vehicles are over $100k so I don’t get the reason for the discrimination in the first place, they just assume the worst of a Hispanic man with tattoos coming in there from what I’ve noticed. The few management staff i spoke with were very rude, condescending to a paying customer and I’m especially disappointed to hear that Marty is actually a manager. As a small business owner myself I would be appalled to hear one of my mid level employees was treating a loyal client of so many years in such a negative and very assuming nature. I’ve tried for 2 weeks to cancel my yearly card and have gotten the run around from everyone there. I hope things improve soon. I’ve already shared my experience with a large group of friends that I’ve referred to this business as well amd we all will be taking our money and fleets elsewhere, to which another manager told me on the phone “good! I hope you do!” Bad service and quality of customer experience.

Elizabeth Waterman

Got my car detailed and am very impressed with how it looks! Thank you!

E Garcia

This place has always been amazing but they keep raising there prices and the quality keeps going down. And I just found out that the people who work out there wiping your car down get minimum wage plus tips. And what do you think happens when prices go up, tips go down.

Brad Connor

Extremely fast but lacking detail. Dash was only half wiped down and seats were vacuumed very poorly. I would not go back for a $27 dollar car wash.

Anna Woodsmall

I go here for to pay 30-40 for a quality clean every few months. It is well worth it, they do a fantastic job here

Anjel Fonseca

They did a great job on my old truck

lana gailani

Generally this is a great price for the quality. However, after my last wash I arrived at my next destination to see the back of my car dented and scuffed, as though the car behind it had been pulled up on top of the bumper. As I'd already left the premises, I couldn't prove anything and there was nothing to be done. Though they try to rush you out at the end of your cleaning, give your car a thorough once-over!

Jenny Orren

A great detail job - well worth the cost.

Jon Withers

I'm here all the time, they're quick and do good work. I have the monthly package, which is a pretty good deal if you're getting your vehicle washed once a week or more.

Lindy Hinton

Great cleaning job. On the car no brushes all water

sumalatha mamilla

Very good place to get the car washed. Car coming out of waterworks is so clean and neat. Excellent service

WeAre Stardust6

5 years ago I gave them 5 stars. They WERE great. The past few years the quality of detailing and washes has gone down. I do washes and a yearly detail. Yesterday, when I picked up my car they hadn’t waxed the exterior. It was starting to rain so I had to spend another two hours out of my day today for a do-over. They used to do a great job of extracting the water from upholstery shampooing. My car and my mats were dripping wet. Also, they pulled everything that I had meticulously organized in my spare tire storage area (that didn’t need detailing) and threw it in a garbage bag. To make matters worse, the styrofoam insert was soaked with Armor All. So, I’m certain that this insert will start degrading and I’ll have to replace. I read good reviews by people with luxury vehicles. So, if you don’t have a luxury vehicle, you’ll get your car back unfinished. I can’t help but think that Waterworks is probably another company that doesn’t pay a living wage and expects the customer to provide a living wage through tips. I would have gladly paid $5 more for a car wash to provide someone with a living wage. The employees look miserable. And the results of car wash and detail reflect that. Unfortunately, I won’t be back.

Heidi McNulty

Not bad, quite a few window smudges though

marina ribes-martin

Nice and quick. Not thorough on the interiors of the car

Walker Llewellyn

For less than 30 bucks they did a great job on cleaning the interior and exterior. Staff were really friendly. Will come back

Sean Miley

Great service in a timely manner.

Megan Pansiera

I drive here despite having another massive car wash operation near my house because they always do a great job!

Adrian Avila

I was a regular customer a while back and hadn’t had the chance to stop by. Before I had no complaints about this car wash it was actually the only one I’d trust with my trucks even on busy days. But today I stopped by my truck needed a wash and paid for the interior exterior full wash and was really disappointed. They didn’t bother to vacuum or shine the interior there was still dirt on the door panels and leather wasn’t conditioned like they told me they would. I will not return here again.

Ben Schumacher

This is my favorite car wash in town. My car seems to get consistently clean and there are free vacuums when I'm done. Sometimes it seems like they close to early. A number of times, I've tried to stop in for a wash without looking at the time and am surprised to find them closed. There are also times when they're very busy and there aren't enough vacuum bays.

Bryan Donald

This place is amazing. Super fast. Really cheap. And done remarkably well. Tip these guys: they earn it. Also, get the coupon off thr website and give the money to the guys.

Raminta K

Pricey and convenient. Some washes are better than others.

rafael magallanes

Amazing service and friendly staff makes this place a great weekend visit to get the car shining again and again.

Dunsing & Deakins, LLC

I've been going to this car wash for at least 15 yrs. Used to be $6.99 and they did the inside of your car. Today, I took my wife's Acadia there and paid $25 (because they don't do the inside for free any more). With the exception of the windows and the matts, they did nothing (dried coffee still on the console; dried snow residence on the sides of the console; etc)! This is the last time I will patronize this car wash.

Melinda Dart

I never do reviews, but when the service continues to disappoint, I feel like I need to. I have been coming to this car wash for a long time and it is completely out of my way, but they used to do such a great job that I could justify it. Lately, however, it is a whole different story. They don't entirely vacuum my car, never between the seats and the console, which is usually the place it needs it most. I always have lines/rings of dirt around my windows. Today I had the under carriage done and when I opened up the back of my SUV my bumper was still covered in dirt/mud. I have rubber mats in my car and they used to wash them, now they just shake them off and put them back in my car dirty. So disappointed for the price.

Matthew Harper

mediocre service on par with the city of Denver. Paid an extra $10 for the premier exterior service. Wheels weren’t cleaned and the tire shine was haphazardly done.

Mark Weyers

This place makes your car look brand new

Allison Pugh

I am so happy to have found this car wash. They are efficient, detailed and affordable. I drive out of my way to visit Waterworks. I have never been disappointed.

Ben carrington

Soild ca4 was little pricey

Sharon D. Thompson

Free vacuums, & matt cleaners, not bad.

Sid Benedict

I've been going here for many years as a taxi driver......They do a superb job at great prices!!!

bhim rai

Great service and fast. There fee is really cheap.

brett parnes

What used to be a half hour mini-detail has now taken closer to 90 minutes the last three times I was there. Car mostly sits around with no one working on it, and then when there is someone, they spend most of the time chatting. I dont think they even did the interior windows this last time. For $58 and 90 minutes wasted, I wouldnt think I would need to go home and touch up, and re-wash the still-dirty windows. Im no longer a customer.

Rebecca Osborne

Been going here for years. They do a great job. I just don't understand why they can't wipe the wheels when they do the tires??

Tiffany Miller

My husband and I went to get his 2012 Toyota cleaned. We got the full service clean. They rushed through the vehicles on this busy Saturday afternoon. My husband had them re-clean the inside, they did not vacuum the floors. There were pine needles still in the pockets of the door and door handle. I think the employees need to slow down and pay more attention to quality not quantity. We were very disappointed and will probably not return.

Thea Jaworski

Fast, inexpensive, and the folks working are always kind.

Adam Meyers

Mediocre at BEST. Paid $145 for a full interior detail, several cracks and spots were still caked in dirt, the backs of the seats and head rests were NOT shampooed. Maybe this place is good for a car wash, but not a detail. Save your money.

Stephen Kochis

It cool. They cleaned.

Eddie S

Disappointed. For 26 bucks I expect to leave with my car clean and not have water marks and missed dirt spots on all 4 sides. They also took out the floor mats and just threw them back in and didn't reattach them. Dirt still on seats, etc. Won't be going back. They value speed more than quality.

Malorie Sundheim

I’ve been here twice in the last month and both experiences weren’t necessarily worth the price. I paid for a pretty basic exterior and interior the previous trip and It didn’t seem like the car had been vacuumed much at all, so I did a self vacuum down the street when I left. Today I decided to pay a bit more for the interior and exterior clean which was $27. The backseat is still covered in dirt from Dogs I had sitting in the back, and the middle console still had crumbs that didn’t seem to get vacuumed as well as by the gas and brake pedals. Everyone seems to be working very hard which is appreciated, but for $27 I spent I could of done a better job myself with the vacuuming and cleaning seats. I won’t be back again.

Christina Lassman

Best Place in Denver Metro Area to take you Vehicle!

Michele Hernandez

The car service is great and they will do their best if you have a car tha needs to be cleaned well! I lost my wallet last weekend there and I thought someone swiped it but the manager was so nice to spend sometime looking at cameras for it! I recommend coming here and everyone is really awesome. I go here everytime!

Alex Clayton

One can get everything from a good basic wash to a $220 detailing. It's almost always packed, and for good reason, as they work hard and do a consistently good job.

Dave Zsembik

Needed a major detail of the vehicle and paid $67 for it. I already pointed out spots before leaving they touched up but didn’t feel like being a fine tooth comb. You’d think it’d be spotless but still dog hair on seats and windows still with spots! I mean that’s absurd to pay that kind of money and still feel like I need to touch up the spots myself. Definitely don’t recommend getting the works option as you absolutely do not get what you pay for.

Thomas Cherry

The best in town! The manager really helped me out on my most recent visit and I could not be more satisfied with the professionalism and attention to detail on the interior of my car. Deeply cleaned seats!

Kelly Wright

The quality has gone way down. It used to be great, but the last few times I’ve been there, the cleaning is super rushed and not well done at all. I just bought a new car a couple of weeks ago, so it was relatively clean when I brought it in and it looks like they didn’t even vacuum. I had to go to the self-serve wash to vacuum it myself AFTER the wash. So not worth 20 dollars.

Mikey D

Not excited with the outcome of having my car washed and interior detailed, but if it were just that I'd say 4/5 stars. What is really upsetting is that I had a lottery ticket stolen out of my center console. Obviously this isn't something I can prove and nothing will ever come of it, but just a warning to others that something like this can happen here.

Saralyn Voltz

A little confusing to start since I had never been here before but nice to hop out and have them do the work for me! My car came out pretty clean and the rate was reasonable!

CJ McKeller

Best place to go to have your car cleaned and detailed. If you ever have any problems management is right on top of it.

Ashley Lipscomb

Super detailed and efficient

zack williams

So fresh and so clean

Francine Barcelona

We usally go here all the time especially my husband. Long story short I went to get a detail paid $75.00 and I can say I definitely wasn't happy. I had to tell the workers to clean up all the marks on my jeep inside & out. I still need to take the car back so they can do the touchup.

Nylon Vandelia

UPDATE: I've only driven the car twice since the detail. Just noticed a tear in the leather. Now I get to stare at black duct tape the rest of the time I own the car or pay to get it fixed properly. Downgrading review to one star. Full interior detail was alright. Carpets are shampooed, etc. But there's still a decent bit of dirt in crevices. For $130 it should be perfect. They also put on armorall when I explicitly said not to. A bit more disconcerting, one of the employees was driving a customer's vehicle pretty carelessly. When going 30 feet there's no need to gun the engine then jam the brakes.

Marina Isms

I purchased a car just Saturday and I had them clean it IN AND OUT. I was patient across the street at the coffee house and the results were worth the wait. The smell was gone, and there was a new one present - soap! Very very satisfied!

Dustin Perreault

Subpar car wash that charges a premium price. I would 5 star only because I got a full refund.

Bhupendra Bhattarai

Have loved this place for a while. But for last 6 months their quality have taken nose dive. Employee dont seem like they enjoy working. Still better place than other car wash around.

Kram C

Sparkling car

Carl Williams

Great car wash...efficient service

Anne Santana

Best of the West, and a Denver card to boot $7 for the basic, $7 with the wax and the $17 'special' but all negotiable.

Brad Kitchen

I have a soft top jeep. Didn't realize it till i got home because they tucked the flap back in but they broke my zipper. Velco and everything still covered with dirt even after paying for the full service

shea hennessy

Went in for a full interior detail...holy cow they do not disappoint. I tend to be rather careless with my interior and my car is now basically brand new. They spent about 3 hours on it and did the best job I've ever paid someone to do. Plus a gentleman on site fixed the dings in my windshield for free while they worked. Polite, helpful employees. THE LINE MOVES FAST, don't be intimidated by how busy it is. They're wildly efficient.

Jeff Irving

Got my seats cleaned and they look like new. Best $60 I've spent on my car in a while. Highly recommend.

Allyssa Pries

I am genuinely surprised at the lack of common sense these workers had today. First of all it took three hours to get my car washed today. And then when I got home I saw all of my stuff was thrown into a bag- including my coffee mug half full that was dumped all over important paper (including my registration that was in my glove box) when I called the manager Kyle gave me 30$ off a deluxe (150$) car wash in the future...gee thanks!! I do NOT recommend going here- I have never had such a horrible experience getting my car washed.

Landon June

Great work for a good price. Staff was reasonable and touched up any areas I pointed out.

Max Martini

This place is good. I've been taking my BMW here for years, the staff is quick and my ride looks new everytime I leave this car wash.

John King

Poor job of cleaning my car.


Paid for a $300 retail on a Prius and had to deal with over wax. Terrible attention to detail.

Andy Molina

Pretty good place, but it's getting to be a little pricey.

Danielle Walker

If you want to be treated like a pos then go here. Terrible customer service. Very rude. NEVER coming back!

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