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REVIEWS OF Waterway Carwash IN Colorado

Thomas Conradt

$20 out the door for a full service wash. Had a team of guys working on the inside of the car. They did a great job. Fast, polite and professional. Best experience I've had at a car wash in Denver.

William Toney

Wonderful staff, great service. Always felt appreciate and cared for.

Liza Renee

I have to give a 5 star rating. I had my car washed while in the area on Monday afternoon. After driving away, I make a stop to place things back into my car from the trunk when I noticed that my car was filthy around the frame of each door. I was quite disappointed. However, upon my return, Peter, one of their employees, came and detailed my car by hand. He offered a free coupon. He went above and beyond, cleaning my tires, wheels and mats. It wasn't just the job he did, it was his cheerful attitude. If I lived closer, I would definitely have them take care of my vehicle again. Very pleased, and very impressed with Peter's work ethic!!!!

Kelly Adrian

I know my car was dirty, but this is easily the worst $35 I've ever spent. Some areas were not wiped at all, and there was grass still on my carpet! Did they even vacuum? I paid $35 for the full treatment, but I am going to buy my own vacuum and wipes; I can do a better job.

Joshua Raterman

Great customer service! I bought the circle level membership today and the lady at the counter helped me understand all my benefits and answered all my questions thoroughly. They introduced me to the team members and management as well. Really made me feel like I made the right decision with the right car wash !

Dave N

Customer service person was condescending and rude

Krumrey Photography

Cleaned very dirty car as well as possible

Ti'eara M.

I paid $24 for the full service and there were a few dirt splashes on the left side of my vehicle that I had to wipe off. In addition to that my cup holders were dirty, the gear shift console was not wiped its sticky. & they left trash in the driver side door panel that was obviously trash. I am needing a pass for a free full service.

Edward Straley

Only place to go for a great car wash and excellent service.

Lyssa Rikki

Service is getting worse!

Jeff Sparks

The gold standard of car washes, as attested by the many people each day who watch the team work and transform their vehicle into (in my opinion) like new condition!

Justin Garrett

I am so done with this place. I use to get all five of my GM vehicles detailed here and bought all my gas and got all my car washes here when I lived in the area. I since have moved away and drove 30 miles today to get a detailing only to get turned down. This is the second time this location has played this game.

Mike O'Reilly

This is the worst Waterway in their system. Employees stand around outside while your car sits there. Expect a 30-40 minute wait regardless of whether it's a slow day or one of the busier days (Tues/Wed/Sat/Sun). I would suggest the one in Leawood on 119th Street.

Alexzandria Waite


By far the worst car wash place I have ever experienced. I would give 0 stars if it would let me. After having a membership here for the last 6 months, I will now be cancelling it. Not 1 time in the last 6 months have they actually done a decent job. The car wash itself sucks! The people outside are not much better. There is no quality control. As soon as you leave and drive into the sun, you'll notice your windshield is streaked so bad, it's hard to see. Today I drove through and got the wheel deal. After getting back to the office I noticed that my step rails had not been cleaned at all. The guy spraying the cars when they enter didn't deem it necessary to spray them, and the guy wiping down my truck after the worthless car wash, didn't see the need to clean them. I get back to the office and the photos show what I paid for. I have been going to Mister car washes the last 4 years, and they are top notch. If you have one around you, go there. If not, you're better off giving any kid $10 and you'll get a cleaner car than you will at Waterway. This place is a joke! I can't believe there is always a line. But I guess their thought is quality doesn't matter, people keep coming because there is no other options in the area. Good luck to you if you go here, don't expect much.

Tom Prewitt

Service is slow and feel it's a poor value.

Stephanie Theut

So I've thus far been sitting here 42 min and they are not even near getting to my car. The car has already dried on it's own. The woman next to me, because her car was in the back, asked if she could back hers out and leave (mine is trapped in) I go to waterways in Leawood and have NEVER waiting this long and I typically go on a weekend. Btw its 10:30a on a monday. I will never come back!! Update: I finally asked to just take my car when I could get it out without them vacuuming it. The car wasn't even exceptionally clea .


Lisa Hill

Good wash, vacuum and basic interior wipe-down for $20. My car was VERY dirty and they got ‘er looking good again.

T Nussbeck

Paid for the $75 car wash interior was only marginally clean still had my dogs paw print on the back seat which tells me they didn't bother wiping down and I'm having to wipe all the excess wax off 4 sides of my truck.

Nathan Schad

Came in because I wanted the cab cleaned, bought the 35$ total clean, the sales attendant explained the inside would be scrubbed wiped and cleaned. When they said they were finished. It wasn’t very clean at all. Still some slight stains. Supervisor suggested I go buy a special tool at Oreillys. Told what the sales guy told me. He said it’s not something they could clean. WELL that’s when the heaven sent angel Elliott came in and saved the day! He told me he wanted to do a good job and he got everything spotlessy cleaned! WAY TO GO ELLIOT. Your tip was well earned, you did great work!

Robert Hatem

This place is very close to my work and I still drive 20 minutes to get my car washed at Big Splash. Waterway has a bunch of high school kids that you have to babysit to get your car cleaned right. I expect a lot more than a drive through car wash and a quick wipe down of the interior for $33.

Filipp Dedogryuk

The Lads working here are hard workers, and I pointed out a couple spots to them to clean, they did it without any complaints. I tipped him nicely and they helped me out

Cambrea S

They were pretty quick and very nice to me an my dog but I paid for "the works" and they didnt even touch the interior or any of the other windows other than the back one and MOST of the front one. I am going back to have them re do it. Super unacceptable.

rachel mccracken

I have had a membership here for about a month and a half and haven't had any issues. However, today I took my car in and someone stole the change out of my cup-holder. I like to keep a few coins for parking meters and I noticed after I left that it was gone. It was only about $2 worth of money but I pay membership fees and tip on top of that and still got the change stolen out of my car? I have decided to cancel my membership because I have lost the trust and don't want people like that in my vehicle...

Hyeran Jo

Rachel Ruebner

Always do a great job on my car!

Matt Van Gundy

Originally went in to get a Super Gleam package done and didn’t get the service. After the Manager reached out to me to discuss the situation we scheduled an appointment for me to return. They greeted me by name, and really went all out to correct the wrong. I am super impressed. They detailed every inch of my car including some hazy headlamps and conditioned the leather. My car looks better then new! Jacob really went above and beyond to fix the misunderstanding previously. I will definitely be back in the future!!

Rodney Kelley

Don't expect to leave with what you paid for. Mirrors still have dirt, road grim remains on bumper, hood, doors & window edges. Trash still down beside the seat. I'd have done better to pay my neighbors teenager $40. They did a decent job washing the rubber floor / trunk mats.

Jon Rezler

Wash is good but interior cleanings sucks wet floor mats streaks on the windows mats in wrong places tires still dirty not coming back to this place. They need to learn how to clean a car right

Scott Allender

Horrible. I've taken three different cars there multiple times and it's always something missed and not cleaned. Never going back.

Tony Wright

Always pleased with the service

natacha clicteur

You'd think for spending 20+ on a car wash they would be attentive to all parts of the car. The inside vacuum was great and the wheels look nice but the sloppiness of the dry was unsettling. There were fingerprints all over the doors as well - overall the staff was friendly and the facility was clean.

FunkyCole Med

*****DO NOT VISIT THIS CAR WASH!***** On August 31, 2017 I went to this car wash to get my car washed. First of all, they did a lousy job. They missed so many spots, that I went around the block and came back to let them know, and to show them what a poor job they had done. As I was looking at the spots they missed, I noticced a missing button on my cars radio control panel. I asked for a manager to come look at my car. He came to the car, inspected it, wiped the missed spots and, filled out an incident report form. He said the general manager wouldn't be in until the next day and I sould expect a call then. Three days later, I called them back due to no one callig me, and even then I left message after message. Finally when I did get a hold of someone, they said only the general manager takes care of incident reoprts and he won't be back until next week due to him having foot surgery. Well, Luke did call me back that day, only to tell me the same thing; that he himself was having foot surgery and I could call him in about a week because , only he takes care of reports. I called two weeks later thinking I would be nice enough to let this guy that just had foot surgery heal. I was able to get a hold of Luke only to be told by him, that he was on his way to work (his first day back to work from the surgery) and he would again, call me back. Guess what? I never got the call... This went on until I decided to visit the car wash and see Luke in person on October 10th! Well that day I was told by Luke that they were NOT going to cover the damages because, he didn't think they were the cause of it. I told him that my car is new and had a button on the panel before they washed my car, and now it's missing. This young, snot nose kid barely even took the time to look at my car and right then and there decided that they weren't going to fix it. Now my new car has a damaged panel and not going to be fixed. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR WASH!!!!!

Danielle Grunz

Brian Appleberry

Great and fast service.

Michael Clasen

Very disappointed with my service. It was a hot day and fairly busy, but that's no excuse to rush through your work instead of seeing it to completion. I paid for the Wheel Deal, and not only did they not wipe off or protect my rims but the children working there only did the passenger's side tires with tire shine. The undersides of all four wheel wells were still dirty when they signaled me, and the inside of my windshield was streaky and unfinished. The only reason I'd ever go back is for a refund.

Andrea Brown

Excellent job! Great customer service! I always have to tell them to vacuum the crevices between my front seats.

Mallory Sussman

Not a bad wash, appreciate the clean guarantee, but if you are looking for the most basic you might as well skip the line and go to a gas station wash.

Michael Shartzer

Terrible car wash. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra and I want to keep it nice. I pay for their premium membership and have received nothing but sub-par washes. I tend to drive down a gravel road once or twice a week and bring my truck in for a wash each time. I always ask nicely to please spray off the dust before running it through the brushes. Even if I stand their and watch them(which I hate to do) I get maybe 15 seconds worth of work to spray the entire 3/4 ton truck! Then, they run the thing through the brushes for everything to be scrubbed into the truck. I asked a manager about this today, he told me they don't thoroughly spray the vehicles off bc it causes the soap to run off the vehicle too fast and that it needs the dirt to be effective. That's some serious bull****ing if you ask me. Basically, he just told me that soap works better on a dirty vehicle than it will in a cleaner one...? Today I got the wheel deal. After going through I was disappointed and decided to grab my own rags and wipe down the truck, then wipe down my wheels once more. With the wheel deal, the wheels should be absolutely clean. The tires should be shined. And overall there should be ZERO dirt visible on the vehicle. Here are some quick picks of my wheels today even after I have gen an extra wipe down.. just terrible. Edit: I'm having trouble posting pics. I'll hang onto them. Plus, I've got more time left on this months bill cycle that I'll go back for another couple washes; I'm sure they'll disappoint as the rest have.

Ben Brookshire

DO NOT TAKE A PRE 2011 JEEP CHEROKEE TO GET A WASH! I took the time to drive out to get a wash but was met with a “we do not wash pre 2011 cherokees”. I was very disappointed and took the time of day to give them my business but it was rejected.

Armando Orozco

Not Good!!! They seem like they don't want to be there


Considering the price of this service, I think they have a TON of improving to due.

Jeff Bunge

I use the Clean Car membership for $33/month. They do a solid job, no complaints (except sometimes there's a fairly long wait). Great value for the money.

Dustin Maxwell

Do not get a wash here. If you do, please don't pay extra for the hand wax. I took my car in to get a wash and wax. The staff was friendly and helpful. In the beginning I asked them to spray off the brushes they use since they had no idea how long it had been since they cleaned them and they only sprayed the first one. Then after the wash they dried it and coated it with the wax. After about 10 minutes they finally started removing the excess wax but were rubbing the car very hard because it had already hardened. Upon completion I noticed there were swirl marks, and lots of extra missed wax. Upon further inspection I noticed that the waxer had waxed over top of tons of dirt. He told me the dirt wouldn't come off because it was concrete (no possible way). I liked my finger and rubbed for a second and it was just normal dirt. After having the guy continue to remove excess wax and dirt for another 5 minutes, I gave up. I talked to the manager and got a refund. Poor wash and wax but helpful employees.

danielle anderson

Jeffery Lair

Nice young people working there,the snacks and drinks are on point as well.

Daniel Lyft

Managers harass customers and don’t take responsibility for damage caused y employees.

Russ Miller

Good job

Shelley Sanderman

Worst car wash I've ever had. It was also super expensive. I had to ask the people washing it to go through and wipe the seats down again because there was still visible debris on them, and once I drove off, I realized they'd neglected to even wipe down my dash. It still had a thick layer of dust on it. I will say they did a nice job on the wheels but I didn't just pay for a wheel wash. I will not come back here. I can get a better, less expensive car wash just about anywhere else.

Kelli Earnest

This place is a scam. They gouge you on price and barely clean your car, even after 30 minutes. Bring your car elsewhere if you’re looking for a wash!

Borney Bergantine

Best people, service convience in Kansas City! 6 out of 5 stars!

Matthew Steinbeiss

Great service and super quick.

John Ipson

after dirt was still on my car, 3 different associates told me why they couldn't even attempt to try and clean it. i then scraped it off with my finger in front of them. they stood there repeatedly saying 'is there anything else i can do for you' as a phrase to give them tip money for a terrible job. then i was told to move my car. will never come again, but after seeing this list of reviews, im sure they could give a rip.

Jeremiah Spain

Pros: the girl working the register was friendly and motivated. If the rest of the employees had her attitude, the rest of this review might be good. Oh, they did a decent job on the wheels. Cons: Informed them that the scraps of paper (receipts and straw wrappers) on the floor are trash. They were kind enough to pick it up and place it all on my passenger seat. Thanks. The lower half of the car is dirty all the way around. Im not sure why they picked up the trash to put it in my seat, as they didn't vacuum the car. 36 dollars for "the whole thing" for a job I could've done myself in 3 minutes with 5 dollars worth of quarters. Next time I'll take it down the street. I was holding a tip in hand as I walked toward the vehicle, but this job is nowhere near deserving of a tip.

Yosef Silver

Tim Dougher

Don't go here. So overpriced (37 dollars) and no attention to detail. Takes forever, and they cut corners. They don't vacuum or do consles well at all. All the employees are just hanging out in your car talking. They use to do a good job but those days are long gone. I did most of the work. I will never return.

Brenda Johnson

I went to Cherry Creek Waterway for the first time last week. Several car washes will not wash my car because of my running boards. They took care of me here. They radioed somebody to verify they could wash it and they took my car. Nikengie was very friendly and went out of her way to help me. I had my dog with me and she even walked outside to give me my receipt. She recommended the whole car wash package and that is what I bought. I have been in a second time and Nikengie was as friendly as she was the first time. As for my car, when I picked it up the guy apologized since he couldn't get all the dog hair vacuumed from the inside. I have black interior and a white dog and some of the hair sticks. The inside looked amazing and so to did the outside. The wheels were shined and polished as well as the inside. Between the friendly staff and clean car, I highly recommend Waterway Car wash in Cherry Creek. I will definitely be back.

Will Palmer

Overall great wash. Staff are friendly, hard working, and work to go above and beyond. If it's not up to your perfectionist standards tell them, they always ask if everything looks OK. I usually have them wipe down rear view mirrors a little better, and now the state line location has a super convenient drive thru express option.

Allan Ashbaugh

I got the premium exterior only car wash. It was pretty awesome. There are a few spots on my rims that could use a little more work, but I think my car looks great. I'll probably go back, and I'd probably refer others.

Melisa Link

I’ve been a Waterway customer for as long as I can remember, I grew up in St. Louis and my entire family always went to Waterway in Creve Coeur, and all my friends worked there throughout high school and summers during college. That being said; to all the negative reviews here: Waterway car washes will almost always have a bit of a wait, expect that. Remember that while Waterway is a great company to work for, most of the people on the lot are working for tips, as well as an opportunity for growth within a great company. Also, for those of you that feel the need to write a negative review, and take your vehicle elsewhere to re-wash did not play your part as a customer! It is up to you to walk around your own vehicle and make sure everything was done to your liking, not everyone will see the same things you do! Ok, now for my review! I visited the Cherry Creek Waterway yesterday afternoon, just before 5pm, they were busy, but very well staffed and it was a nice day to sit outside to wait. My brand new car was just driven out to me from STL and had almost every bug from MO/KS on the grill, hood and windshield. Unfortunately, the driver who brought it out is also a smoker and needless to say, the new car smell was masked by an unpleasant one. On top of this, the dealership left the porter sticker on the windshield, and it was not just something I could pull off, without having a razor to do so. I bought “The Whole Thing” knowing everything on the interior would be done, as well as the addition of “fresh scent” (that’s the only thing I think they forgot). When my car came out of the wash, I walked up to one of the managers on the lot, Luke, explained the situation and we joked about the lovely “new” smell. He couldn’t have been nicer!! Not only did they get every bug off the front of my car, they ran it through a second time to make sure they got them all. Luke came over to me and let me know they got the sticker off the window, and they were working on getting all the bugs, the willingness to go above and beyond is greatly appreciated! The other lot workers that were drying the car were just as amazing, and extremely willing and helpful when I did a final walk around the car, there were some water spots and fingerprints that were left and they were happy to wipe anything else down. I’m sure I could find something to nitpick...but that would be silly! Not too mention with “The Whole Thing” I can get another wash in the next 5 days for free!! That’s quite the deal for $35. So, for all the negative reviews here, and people reading these, remember that a little bit of kindness goes a long way!! And if you don’t like something, say something while you are there, don’t just go online to be negative and nitpick. Again, you are dealing with people who work, very hard, for tips, treat them with respect and kindness, and have a little patience at a busy carwash.

Maggie Keys

$35 for a very half assed job. I definitely will not go back

Andrew Gates

I feel that it could be better but it also could be worse. If you plan on coming here make sure you ask to be put in Madison's line as she seems to be the only person working there that will take charge and take care of your vehicle.

Katie Cambruzzi

Awesome car wash! Not a hard sell and the manager, Luke, double checked everything. So great and so nice. Reasonably priced too.

AJ Gall

Charged extra for a small wagon. Not going back.

Kay Jones

I'm a circle member so I get everything done. This is one of the 2 best locations. They are the most friendly, thorough, hardworking, ALWAYS offer me the clean guarantee when they're supposed to, and fast! I love going to this location and the College location! Thank you for making Sweetheart look amazing when I bring her in for her daily "spa treatment"! Lol

Brandon Corey

Charged me a large vehicle charge for a KIA Soul...

Douglas Ravski Pereira

Great wash. $18 for full interior and exterior service as of 12/2018. Very professional, courteous staff

David Lian

45 minutes interior not wipe down very well at all exterior still had Grime all over it the windows were smeared definitely would never go back

Kayla Christopher

I've had a membership here for a few months now and love it! The longest wait I had way maybe 20 minutes and that was during the busiest part of the day. I go regularly (at least once a week) and I have never had any issues with service. The employees are super nice and helpful!

rhonda easterday

Not impressed.. car was not very clean..

Ralph Trites

Excellent wash, towel dried & vacuumed for you! #bestinkc

Robert Joseph

They always fo a great job and fast.

Jessica Sanford

When we went for a basic express wash, the guy told us we should do the express wash plus due to the mud underneath our car. We paid the extra money and went through. When we got home, there was still lots of mud at the bottom of the car. My son ended up washing it again in the driveway. So I decided to call the customer service phone number and got a very nice woman who swore up and down that Chris, the manager, would be calling me to see if there was anything he could do for me. It's now been three days and no word. I just can't spend money at a business that upsells me but then doesn't do the job of the upsell, and then further, customer service doesn't follow through either.

Kayla Lieblick

Used to be my favorite place to go. Now, they avoid doing everything they use to do. My car came back and the front needed to be wiped. The interior was a mess. Better than it was, but plain sight issues were missed. Still feels dirty and they even did it twice because I asked about it. I'm very disappointed in what used to be a small bit of excitement every few months. Will not be back to this location.

Misty McNally

Love this place! Waiting area and restroom are spotless. Regular staff--the "greeter" who takes your car wash orders, the cashiers, the managers--are all helpful, courteous, and professional. The young people who vacuum and dry--they used to be all boys but now include girls (YES!)--are also trained to be courteous and helpful. If my car isn't done as well as I like, they gladly touch it up. And I have never EVER had one dime taken from my car here (I've had quarters, etc., taken from my console at other car washes here and in other cities and small towns where I lived). This place is first rate.

Allison Shea

I had such high hopes for this place as I recently bought a new car and it is so close to my work, but sadly I drove away with an unsatisfactory cleaning. I watched the kids clean the cars as they came out of the wash and some of them were working their tails off, doing such an amazing job. The problem is that you never know what you're going to get. The other half were lazy and non-committal, working for a minute and a half on a car and calling it quits... No tip for that guy! They didn't wipe down a thing inside of my car and didn't even open the back to vacuum there, (which is what I assumed was what the 2.00 SUV fee was for). There were still dirt spots on the front of the car and the grill hadn't been wiped down at all. Not worth the $20 bucks I paid... Bummer!

Ian Overton

30 minutes wait for a wash that looked like i used a soapy dog to scrub the dirt off my car. I'll take my money elsewhere next time.

Grae Dewey

I got an express car wash, that includes a hand dry. My experience was great and my car is as clean as I’ve ever wanted!

Ty H.

This place has gone down hill. The quality of work and attention to detail is very poor... -water spots on the exterior of the car -dust still on dash and console -dirt still on floorboard after vacuuming. -dirt still on back of car I have given this place many chances. I will not be coming back ever again. Obviously, I am not the only one with these issues. Step up your game Waterway!!!

john s

If you bring a trashed car in, don't expect it to be spotless when you leave. Sign up for their "clean car club" ($33/month for unlimited washes) and take it there frequently and you'll be happy. If you want a trashed car spotless, you're going to have to take it elsewhere and pay for a detail. Another thing, if the line is backed up onto the road, use common sense and don't complain about the wait.

Anita Watson

They do an amazing job !!

Justin Ellis

Complete waste of money. I paid $30 for "The Whole Thing" package and they basically did absolutely nothing to the inside. I could tell right away that the seats were not cleaned because a muddy paw print my dog had left was still there. I asked them to actually clean the seats and they did that. Then after driving away I realized that the dash still had dust on it because it hadn't been touched, and then later when the sun was low I noticed they hadn't cleaned the inside of any of the windows either. In addition to that the door thresholds were still filthy; the people there had not wiped them down at all. All in all, I paid $30 for an exterior wash I could have gotten for $7 or so at a gas station. Definitely avoid this place.

Hannah Allison

Glad I paid them 20 dollars to half ass clean my car and left all the trash in the side door pocket. Won't be back.

Mack Paul

Steven B.

Best place for a car wash on Veteran's Day. And they allow free washes for Veterans on following Wednesdays till the end of November. Plus, they offered 10¢ of their gas prices, and a free drink. Staff are friendly, car washes are fast and efficient, place is clean and well kept, and lastly their prices are competitive. Been going there every Veteran's Day for the past 6 years weather permitting.

Stephen G

I got the full service. I definitely wasted my money. I just took some drywall scraps to the dump, and had white chalk all over my SUV. They didn’t even wipe it down. Never again.

Kyle Saxton

They put my mat over my gas and brake pedal, very dangerous. On top of that they failed to complete what I paid for and told me I could not come back because I had an older Jeep. Just terrible service.

Yvette Mayes

Awesome staff, great job making sure that you are fully satisfied with the service

marcus welty

Great job, worth the price!

JJ Pratt

They are so friendly and do a good job!!!

Laura Kitchie

I have been here a couple of times now. I really don’t have any complaints. My car always comes out WAY cleaner than how it went in. I work with kids and have animals in my car as well. Usually they are pretty busy so don’t always expect an “in and out” experience but it can happen. Easy to find and staff is very friendly. I would recommend coming here!

Denise Cochran

What is this?? A car wash for ants??!

J. Seldin Scarfo

This place was recommended by my neighbor. I paid for the full "winter wash" interior and exterior. I would say the work was slightly below average. They did not completely wipe down my dash and inside door panels. There was still some grime ( from transporting a potted plant) on the seat that I had pointed out to the attendant and asked them to clean, mentioning I would be happy to pay extra. It still remained after the clean. The windows were streaky and it just didn't feel really seem finished. Took 20 minutes when I got home and did it myself. OK for the locations convenience, but I go elsewhere if I want my car really clean.

Madelyn Liles

I don't understand why the rating is so low for this place. I have never had to wait long or had any issues. They have a wonderful 24 rain policy, which in Denver, is handy! I like that the employees are young college/highschool age... It gives them a chance to get awesome work experience and they do the job! If you are looking for some extremely fancy hand wash then this isnt it. But the packages do go up to offer more. There are always luxury cars there as well so that must say they don't do a terrible job. Definitely convientate and thorough!

Ann DeFeo

I needed to have my car detailed but didn't have time to go to locations that had great reviews. This Waterway is close to where I live but I didn't want to go here based on negative reviews. Due to limited time, I decided to take a chance and so glad I did. I expressed my concerns to the person who first waited on me. He was polite and didn't take offense or get defensive when I shared some of the comments from Yelp and their own website. He told me what they would do and for what price. The manager joined the conversation and told me to find him if I wasn't happy at completion and he would make it right and ensure that I was happy. They did a great job. Definitely will go back again.

Annie Giangardella

They did a terrible job. But you get what you pay for. If you want someone that will do a good job, pay a bit more and go elsewhere.

Alexandra Wolf

Here's how they wash your car. terrible your money and time and nerves! don't come here! I paid for the full service.( whole thing) and this is what I got. it's a disgrace in the literal sense.

Christina Garrett

I had my car cleaned Sunday, noticed today that the pegs that hold my mats down were all broken today. I called to inquire about a damage claim, spoke with Chris who says he is the executive manager. He said they don't clean mats with the wash I received. Very unprofessional response. I saw my mats get pulled and had actually thanked the guys for cleaning them. I didn't realize they yanked them out breaking the pegs....smh. I'm sure they are not expensive to replace, it's just the principal and how terrible the response. No real customer service


Great deal

Spencer Crouch

Takes 45 minutes for a simple wash and vacuum. I'll do it myself next time

Kevin Grotheer

Inside was closed at 9:30 and couldn't use the bathroom.

Lauren Schian

Awful! Don't vacuum or wipe interior well at all. I spent $36 for their total wash and you could barley tell they touched it. Go down the street to finish line car wash. They actually do quality work. I'd never go back! Waste of money!

Craig Doty

I stopped here once and I thought the service was awesome so I came back and purchased the car wash card membership for a mere $33 which gives you unlimited washes for a month and special deals on Tuesdays plus gas discounts. In my opinion the deal is unbeatable. The place is run by a bunch of kids that I feel are well trained and give as professional a performance as possible and it's nice to see such young people being helped along into life in such a way that's actually beneficial to them. Thumbs up guys and thank you. Don't forget to tip these fine young people I give $5 each time and that's a deal.

Luke Ricci

Very friendly staff! Though we did not wash our car, we purchased a few goodies inside. The employees were courteous and friendly, holding the doors open as we entered and left. I did not catch their names but they are respectable people who have encouraged me to visit again. Well done and great customer service.

Allie Kind

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. I paid for the whole thing, which includes vacuuming and a spray off of all the all-weather mats. I got home, only to discover that after and hour of waiting for my car, they hadn't even vacuumed the cargo area, much less the mats. I reached out to their customer service who said I would be hearing from the local manager. Nothing but crickets from local management. Will definitely not be returning.

Sparkle Tha Realist

Joshua Marshall

I’ve always had outstanding experiences at waterway. Very polite and professional. They always take good care of goose (my car).

Sean Hand

They do a good job overall

Safina Allibhai

Pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed. Ashton was great and so was the team. Will be back.

Furyan Ray

Poor job on cleaning and drying. Left dirt smudges on my truck. The manager "Luke" said that it's acceptable to leave the car wet and filthy. They also broke the antenna off my truck and refused to take responsibility for it, even though I was told by "Ryan" the night before that they would give me a cashier's check for it. Update:. I emailed the corporate office and Luke called me back and still refused to take responsibility for damaging my truck. If you want your vehicle damaged and partially clean, then go here, otherwise go somewhere else. No wonder this place has a 2.1 rating.

Ammar Malik

You get less that what you pay for. Only if they were trained better and used softer cloth such as microfiber the cars would not get scratched and would look cleaner. But they are all very friendly and they will listen to your needs if you tell them. The management sicks. They have hired kids and pay them very little. A $33 car wash is at best for $5. I or a 14 year old can do a better job. They take the vac and hit the leather and the plastic parts hard- thus all my cars now have scratched leather and parts. They use horrible wash clothes to dry with and thus the cars get long scratches all over. The owner should get sued. The quality sucks... It seems like a free socialist wash.

Regina Phalange

Have an amazing experience everytime I go into this location. The cashier I interacted with, Danielle, was so kind and pleasant to everyone that was in front of me in line. She made sure one particular upset customer was taken care of and still kept that smile on her face. She definitely made the experience better. My car turned out great and the staff did a great job making sure my sticky cup holders were cleaned up. Overall, great experience.

Kroger Schwartz

Thouroughly unimpressed. I have done much better in the same amount of time. $40 is a total rip off for this quality of work.

Kevin Covell

Probably one of the worst experiences I have ever had in terms of customer service. My car was in a lane (one of many lanes) behind an obviously very dirty car. Consequently, I waited a very long time for my car to be attended to. Interestingly, one of the car wash employees cleaning the "dirty car" referenced my car behind them and said to the manager (Phil) ... "that car has been sitting a long time, shouldn't we move it to the open lane". Phil (the manager) ignored the employees observation and said to forget it. 10 minutes later, I approached the manager (Phil) with the same concern ... my car had been sitting for over 30 minutes waiting to be attended. The response I got was "yeah, its behind a dirty car". I said that is not my issue and if he could move it to another lane. He a got aggressive with his tone to me and proceeded to ignore me and make me wait another 20 minutes. To the owners/stakeholders in this business: You do not need people managing your business like Phil. To people looking for a car wash: Go to Waterworks on Broadway. Cheaper ($9 vs the $16 at Waterway) and you get treated like they want your business.

Matt Bausch

After waiting in a very long line on a very busy day at waterways I was denied a car wash and treated very poorly by management because my wheels were too big! This made no sense to me as I take my Jeep to their other locations all the time and have absolutely no problems! I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

Judith Sophia Diprima

They always do a great job.. and friendly!

Zach Hill

I got my car washed here yesterday. When I got home I realized there were scratches on my driver door, front bumper, and paint chipped on my hood.

Danielle Skranak

Everyone is always nice and helpfiul

Sam Rivers

Lousy experience overall. Was having some difficulty starting a gas pump. Went to cashier for assistance and she was absolutely zero help and failed to make suggestions about what I did wrong with my credit card to start the pump. Not a fan of prepay, so I suggested perhaps the pumps weren't working and if she could tell me one that was. She declared that all pumps were working and brushed my comments off in a demeaning way. Worst of everyone on staff that I dealt with. Next, had both an unhelpful and arrogant male attendant giving me assistance. Both of these employees I found to be rude, obnoxious, and ineffective. Finally got the pump working through the assistance of a nice and polite, Hispanic female employee on the positive side, who made sure I was all set before leaving. I would suggest to everyone on the road not to use this station for gas or a carwash.

Kip Stephenson

Great car wash!! They clean the dirt out of a car!!

Ernie De Santis

Where I always take my car. They do a great job


I paid a lot of money for the inside and out treatment. Dash still dusty and they didn’t even take the floor mats out of the back! Very disappointed.

Ron Custer

Traian-Kristian Lupashku

Two times they stole money from my car once 5 dollars today 20 dollars. And what would you advise me to do in this case?

Shawn Dunn

Purchased a "membership" but my pass never worked properly despite them trying four times to get it to work, each time they told me the problem was resolved. Tried to cancel my membership and was told that I "had to go through corporate." Calling corporate sends me to voicemail. Total scam. In the end it's a pricey yet mediocre car wash, with among the worst customer service I've received. After how I've been treated I certainly don't trust them with my car, and will never be using them again. I'd give them zero stars if I could.

Omar Fathil

Spent $75 for not a good clean. I was expecting better service. But the place in general is ok

Carla Williams

I love getting my car washed here it is the only car wash I use except when I take it to Cable Dahmer for a check up and they always wash it for me

Mark S

First, they charge 15 dollars. Then they hit me with an "XL vehicle fee", which they didn't inform me about. 17 dollars for a car wash and vacuum???? I HATE being nickel and dimed to death. Plus I had to tip, which I don't mind. Management needs to get there crap together. I don't care that it is in the Chery Creek area. Next time I will go to the the one down the street on Colorado Blvd for $7.99. Workers did a decent job.

Shella Gentry

I used to come here every week; however, my last visit left a deep scratch on my driver side fender, and a scratch on the trunk. I've been a loyal customer for almost 4 years and it seems the wash quality is going downhill, but the prices have gone up.

Ryan Naus

There's not a better car wash around....Ask for Luke Z the GM if there's an issue.....He went out of his way to make sure my car was spotless.

Chris Cramer

Nice car wash

Tammi Tokyo Diamond

Carol Baker

It's pricey but they do a good job

nigel hill

Consistently the WORST place to get your car taken care of. Each time I have been to this location, I leave dissatisfied, then go home and finish the job. The top of the car is not clean, and neither is the front usually. Spots all over, no vacuuming under the floor mats, just around them. I understand this is not a full car detail, but I would like to get what I paid for. It's not cheap, and usually a gas station car was looks better than what you get here. I've spoken to managers twice, and although more work was done to the car, it's never a complete job. They just wear you down until you leave. Don't forget to tip!!! Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!!

Hedy Borrowman

Very quick and do a good job inside and out!

Alex Atakhanov

They might not provide you with a perfect carwash but I have worked at this place for quite some time and Managers here some of the best people I have ever met. I do admit that somedays things may have been a little rough but it was for a greater good. Please do understand that guys and girls who are cleaning your cars, writes your washes and ring in your orders work very hard and try to deliver the best service they are capable of and believe me as a former employee I know what I am talking about.

Afton Beebe

Get the whole thing. It is totally woth it.

Michael Black

I've been coming here for years and always get the "whole thing". They do a really good job of cleaning the car - most of the time. It seems the quality of the work is a little better before lunch when the workers are still fresh which makes sense. They usually do a good job on their own but I frequently have to ask them to retouch some spots on windows and wheels. They always do so without complaint. When I ask them to redo something it almost always brings a manager by to check up and make sure the work is being done properly. It's also worth mentioning that I have never had a single penny stolen by any of the workers - ever. If there is random change on the floor of my car that doesn't fall victim to the vacuum the workers usually make a nice neat little pile of it on the console or place it in the cup holder for me. I really appreciate that. If anything was ever taken that'd be it for me, I'd never be back. I wish the place would use some of the profits from the washes to put a few infrared heaters up for their employees because I can only imagine how cold they get in the winter and how hard it is on their hands. My only real complaint about this location are the "leather" chairs in the waiting area. They really need to go in the dumpster. Very unpleasant. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Christopher Gomez

A bit expensive. Good work though.

Leonardo Fonseca

If you pay $22.00 (plus tip) for a full car wash service you expect to receive a good service. When I received the car back from Waterway Gas and Wash; it looked like it came out of an express car wash this that just cost $7.00 for just a quick clean. The inside of my car will still dirty when it was giving back to me. When I pointed out to the employee he responded that “he vacuumed it”, and toke a cloth and superficially passed through, but the dash board still dusty and between the sits and the cup holder was still dirty. And they left 3 dirty clothes in the back of the car. I had to finish to clean my car when because they did not did a good job. Too expensive for a bad service.

nancy chinda

This place is horrible, I dont know how they still in business. The car was poorly washed n vacuumed. I could have done it myself at my laziest better!! I even tipped the guys outside, very disappointed and will never return again. I find myself more frustrated than looking at my car before I took it there. They need to take more time doing the job right than rushing to the next one.

P G Marx

It is interesting to see many of the recent negative reviews. I still by gas there because of a Perk card, but since it has opened, I have been going regularly to Tommy's Express at Roe and Indian Creek Pkwy. No hand drying, but no wait or expected tip.


Best in town!Excellent service!!!

caleb mccormick

They had my car looking great quick, it went from old Starbucks and a stale taco smell from delivery driving to looking brand new and smelling great.

Derek Shaw

I was originally going to Big Splash and decided to switch over to Waterway because I moved a little closer to that location. I think one of the major problems is that the drying apparatus in the drive thru is not sufficient enough. What happens is that it leaves water droplets all over your vehicle and then your vehicle gets stuck in a 30 minute wait drying outside leaving tons of water spots. I recently went back to Big Splash off of Metcalf they do not have this problem whatsoever they also have better pricing. If you want to wait for your car to be washed for 45 minutes to an hour sometimes only to leave your car with water spots and the lack of attention to detail then you can go ahead and overpay at this location.

Diane Gahagen

Terrible.. 45 min then the vacumn stopped. I’ll never go back

Bella Joos

Jason Haefeli

Another piss poor job. I don’t know why I keep going back other than it’s down the street from me. Leaving floor mats wet, not spraying the car before it goes into the wash, using dirty towels to clean windows, when they hand me the car it’s got mag chloride still on the rear fenders. Wet cup holders, seats were definitely not wiped down. I don’t have time to have you keep washing the car and wait. Absolute disregard for our cars for the money we pay. I began this waterway adventure back in St Louis and have been coming for over 20 years. This location has literally the worst staff, lazy, and incompetent. Stop, take an extra couple minutes to make everything right, then show the customer, why do I have to find all the imperfections that you miss. I’ll be stopping by the St Louis location Monday after my road trip to show them the piss poor wash that I paid $36 for. Oh and thanks for the foggy windows for a 12 hour drive because my floor mats and carpet are soaked. Update. I went to the St Louis location after a 12 hour road trip and showed them the work that’s being done in Cherry Creek. They were even pissed that was the quality of the wash and interior.

Calix Rodriguez

good place to come fuel up, friendly and always helpful. at least some are..

Tom Brown

I bought "The Whole Thing" for $32. The wash missed a quite a number of areas on the vehicle and the wipe-down crew wasn't good at cleaning windows. The look of the vehicle was certainly better if you didn't stand too close. This place seems to be set up for a quick 'in and out' and the work is sub-par. I'll be looking for a better car wash.


Paid $8 for a basic car wash. Had scratches on my car and it didn't have a shine. I see this place busy all the time and I believe it is for the interior cleaning at a decent price. Skip the wash here and have them do only interior cleaning or just pay more and not waste your valuable time.

Shanelle Gines

They do a pretty good job.

Don Williams

Michael Renfrow


Lauren Adams

I wish I would have checked reviews before coming here. I paid for “the Whole thing wash” and my car looks awful. It doesn’t even look like they tried to vacuum. The didn’t wipe down cup holders or anything in the center of the car. I wish I could share photos of the poor job. Update: As of 5/31/19 I have sent in the pictures as the “owner” requested and have not received any response. This is absolutely horrible and unacceptable service.

Hannah Mulligan

I originally posted a low-rating review but am editing to increase to 5 stars. My husband and I have been coming to Waterway for a while and were disappointed in the results we had the last few times we brought our vehicles in. However, Jacob (the GM) reached out to us to make the situation right. Not only did he re-clean my husband's truck, but offered a second free wash. He was adamant about fixing the situation and was very sweet and attentive about the entire process. Thank you, Jacob!

Andre de Graaf

Favorite car wash

Casey D

Very half-way job. I left and my car didn't seem like it was washed at all. Spots on the windows, body of the car, and inside didn't look like it was touched. Dirt still on the seats, dried mud still there, nothing was wiped down. If I go somewhere and pay for a car wash outside and in I expect to see it just about spotless. It took them 10 min to do it all which was a quick job and not a GOOD job. Very disappointed.

Megan Ward

I paid $33 which was described as a full interior and exterior clean. When they said they were finished I had to ask them to take care of a huge spot on the window they missed, and once I got home I noticed they missed a ton on the interior. It was pretty fast but I wish they had taken more time and done a thorough job.

Steven Heiss

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. Paid for Wheel Deal wash after a weekend off-roading. Sand was still on the bumper after the wash. Don't know how after a $24 car wash you can't even get sand off the rear bumper. Dash wasn't even wiped down. I turned around and complained. ***One of the staff told me that on the weekends, they won't wash the dash unless you tell them to "QC the dash" -- even though wiping that down is part of the price.*** Complained through their website. Their reply was that Luke Zeiger the GM would answer the complaint. Still haven't heard anything a week later.

kevin williams

Workers are slow and look tired at 10 am.

Henry Montez

Good Service

Anne Cox

Nickenjee (I apologize for incorrect spelling) is AMAZING!!!! I look forward to getting my car washed here thanks to her warm customer service, welcoming manner and thorough explanations. She works quickly, does things correctly the first time and some how makes the long lines go super fast! Waterway has some times been a frustrating experience but her presence and job well done has totally turned it around!

Marlon Walker

miranda Connell

This is my car AFTER the wash and vacuum. I got "the whole thing" so my car would be dusted, vacuumed and seats wiped down and this was the result. I didn't picture the small bits of trash they left either, ex. Straw wrappers and balled up napkins that were under seat. Do not go here. Anywhere else would do a better job. And they charged me a large car fee. I drive an Audi A4. Not a large car by any means.

LaRenzo Cummings

Love this place. Unlimited monthly pass is the way to go.

Jay Jackson

Great wash

JeanHelene Davis

Car did not come fully clean, nor was it fully dried. Guess the staff was having a bad day as have had better service

Mark Box

Debbie T

Fast wash at the drive-thru, and you don't have to get out of the car. I like that they dry the car off. All levels of cleaning are available at various prices. Gas at Waterway Carwash is usually the cheapest in the area!

Joel Snyder

Hi there, I took my car to this business with my mom and I really enjoyed going to Waterway Carwash!!! I didn't take any photos of this place when I was in this particular business when I was there, but I really think that everyone that needs to have their car washed should really consider going to this business in Kansas City, MO whenever you'd like to have your car washed!!!

Austin Evans

If you’re looking for a horror show of a time where roughly 20 minutes of your life is wasted per wash, for a sub par washing of your vehicle, and more curiously a pass system that never recognizes your pass so you have to continuously get of our vehicle to tell the cash register attendant that you have a membership, only to have them tell you that “they don’t see your membership” (which of course you already paid for) and a generally fairly annoying experience, this is the car wash for you. For everyone else go anywhere else. Your welcome.

Lawrence Tan

Quick and Clean

Sito Colón

Great car wash, always clean and great workers!

jacob hamilton

Outstanding car wash with better customer service!

Jack Schilling

I have never had a genuine problem of any sort here. The staff is great, friendly, hardworking and efficient. I became a circle club member, get the car thoroughly cleaned (Whole Thing) usually twice a week and an outside wash only once a week. Again--in all those washes, never a REAL problem of any sort.

Brooke Hlavacek

Worst place ever. I went there because I took my two dogs to the lake with me and my back seat was full of hair, after going through this place I have half a back seat full of hair a dirty gear shifter and a nasty strip down the top of my car all for $20 . Trust me. This place is definitely worthless. PASS.

Armando Gonzalez

Amazing service!

sara tomala

I came in Sat Oct 13th & got The Whole Thing. 1st time through & they forgot the wax, the vacuum jon was pour, dash board and doors weren't wiped down. No fresh sent. They forgot to wash my mats & left some wipe marks on my front window. I was nice about this because I understand people make mistakes & the young staff was very polite & professional. I did talk to a manager though to express I was still a bit upset about the process & the job done on my truck. You recieve a 5 day guarantee pass; I went in today, Oct 18th, to get The Whole Thing once again but on the house. It had snowed the day after I received the 1st package. Wow, they barely touched my truck! They forgot a mat on the back, there are worse smear marks on my front window than before, no fresh sent, I didn't see them do a wax. Dust & hair still on the floor. Not even sure what they did to my truck other than wipe down the outside. My dashboard wasn't touched or if it was then it was with a dirty cloth. It felt the same when I gave it to them. It was out within 20 minutes. Doors weren't touched, so I give up on giving this place a chance. I would have said something to a manager again but I had to get to work & honestly at this point its a lost cause. Save your time and go elsewhere! Even if you have to pay a little more. They don't really care about your vehicle here & dont pay much attention to detail. I am very upset with the job they did on it both times.

John Ciupak

Great service

ruqayyah abdullah

John Anaya

If you care for your car, do not take it here. In the last couple of months the attention to detail has severely dimished. If the wash is bad they will redo it for you, which is always. But the staff here do not treat the cars with respect. If you drive a manual they will let some kid that doesn't know how to drive one in and let them kill the engine over and over. The managers don't inspect the cars after they get done touching it up. I once had a foot print on the door of my car left by the washers! When you take your car to get washed you expect your car to get treated as if it were there own and the goal for these people is go as fast as I can and screw everything else. You shouldn't have to inspect the entire car to make sure they actually cleaned your car! I'm not sure why they even have the people in the collard shirts before the wash. They just stand around and don't ask if you want a wash unless you pull up to the drive through. The first you go is impressive and that's about it. Not to mention the dryers expect a tip which I completely agree with except they almost never do a good job or treat your car with respect. I am a member and when I brought my concerns to the manager he said "well you can't expect them to get it completely done". So what am I paying my membership for? Sub par cleaning? I will be canceling my membership because clearly the staff here does not car about our cars. So bottom line. If you like your car take it somewhere else.

Rick Kehr

My vehicle went through the wash and The workers parked it to the side and finished a vehicle behind me in line and it was completed as mine got started. Brought it up to a manager and he didn’t get back with me.

Serenity Memorial Chapel LLC

They take great care of the vehicles.

Muneeb Khan

Excellent customer service. I went to get my car waxed on Sunday amd they were really busy. Instead of turning me down, they gave me a free express wash. Definitely recommend this place. Though I would suggest appointment for car wax and avoiding weekends.

Alexander Rodriguez

This place will leave a lot of watermarks on your car. Visible dirt in every corner and lack of detail. If you have a black car and care for it avoid this place no matter what... Waste of money!!

Ar1iee Ari B

AFTER they up-sold me to a better wash , I was very disappointed ! .. Like Instead of throwing away the loose trash / they just pushed it ALL under the seats & it didn’t even look like a vacuum was used ANYWHERE in the vehicle !! The only reason I’m giving two stars is because they let me pull up to the vacuum and do it myself , but even then there wasn’t much suction to do a good job. It looks like they have some hard-working people here but maybe they just don’t have enough good tools to do a good job / or idk !!!

Stephen Holst

Good basic wash for a decent price. Even when the lines are long it seems to keep moving. I don't have a fancy car so I'm not very particular. Usually I skip the spot cleaning and all of that. Don't expect too much and you'll be very happy.

Jeremy Fulbright

Quality is always bad compared to other car washes. Forgot to wash front bumper, wipe seats and vacuum trunk. Always have to remind them even though I paid for the full service

Peter Robinson

They did a wonderful job on my car and has outstanding customer service!

Pete Cardillo

Usually a great experience, all around. Great job especially for the price. Great management and efficient

Margaret Forbes

For $25, they didn’t clean our wheels, our windows were still dirty, and there were spots on the interior they clearly didn’t even wipe down. When we went back to ask about it, they told us that the package we paid for, at $25, didn’t include the wheels. If not the wheels or the inside, what did I pay for?


Damaged my door, put the floor mats back in soaking wet and wrong, because of outing the floor mats back soaking wet the leather seats now have water spots, and when I pointed this all out was told “I don’t know what to do” finally got sick of dealing with someone that clearly wasn’t going to do anything and left, will never return.

Garrett Baily

Not sure why there are so many bad reviews, they did a great job

Kristin Kurth

I wish I would have read reviews before coming here. They popped off the hubcap before the wash began(the hubcap was dirty as hell) and hid it behind the drivers seat instead of informing me. I want a refund. They also did a poor job of cleaning the interior. I wish I would have cleaned my car myself. The female cashier was friendly and awesome though. I will go in and talk to her about this situation. Edit: changed to 4 stars. I ended up talking to the General manager Luke about it, he tried at least to make it better with a compensated wash(they did a good job) I just don't like being made to feel like it's my fault that the hub cap popped off during the wash. If I make a mistake at my job I own up to it immediately. I feel like he's trying to Coach his employees on that. Thanks. Another note: the lady who greeted me when I pulled up was super helpful and nice.

Barry Karp

Bad, bad, bad. And worse then bad. The manager is Arrogant. NO-MO

Paola Rodriguez

Love this place!

Chris Mcphee

It took a lot longer than I expected. The service was terrible. There were water spots all over the car. Wheels were not wiped down. My car actually looks dirtier than before it was washed. $18 for that plus I tipped $5. Terrible. I'll just wash my car at Tommy's off Roe like I had been for $8 and vac for free. Plus I can get it done faster.

LA SHONA Gerdine

Crapy management and they won't hire someone who has tattoos-Before I applied to work their I would get my truck washed their-Very stuck up for a carwash!! Lots of complaints for an over priced carwash-Just get the full service car wash and always ad on tire shine if you want it-it saves you money!!

Randee Stapp

On July 28, 2019, I took my 2017 450H Lexus to Waterway Car Wash located at 3875 Cherry Creek North, Denver, CO. Immediately after the return of my car on that date I noticed visible damage to my dashboard which was consistent with the wiping of my dashboard with a cloth which include some type of abrasive material. While still at the Waterway Car Wash I immediately notified the manager on site who acknowledged the damage and filled out an Incident Report. He also took photos. On July 29, 2019, I took my car to the Lexus Dealership. Lexus provided me with an estimate of repairs in the amount of $3,259.09. I provided Luke Zeiger, the Executive General Manager at the Waterway Car Wash with a copy of the estimate. Luke Zeiger is denying his employee caused the damage to my car and refuses to pay for the repair of my dashboard. Don't let them touch your car. Check out the photos. A lawsuit is being filed today.

Anthony Thomas


James Schmidt

Awful never going to use them again. Didn't even get car clean. Just a bunch of bs.

Chad Johnson

The automatic part was decent, except there was some stuff (like sap) on the windows that didn't come out. Also, they didn't remember to vacuum out the back part of the van (so I had to ask them to do that, which they did). I had left but noticed the backseat windows also didn't look like they had been cleaned on the inside, so I drove back and had one of the attendants wipe it again. When he was done, it had a lot of rag pieces on the inside or something--like a paper towel sometimes leaves on windows.

Thomas Sharkey

Excellent this time! Last time I was here was about a year ago and I felt like they did a half job. Not the case this time. Much better detailed cleaning. I recommend this place.

Ivor Vinsant

The best car wash in Kansas City.

Jeanette Vancleave

Best wash in town, whether a car or motorcycle.

Kirk Kincaid

Circle member! My car shines even in the dark!

Mary Grace Boreen

BP gas lower, here, in MO than KS, because it is in MO. Drive through Car wash; Speed wash or detailed wash, dry, vacuuming and extra $ for tires, unless you are purchase a Frequent Member Discount. Self service for gas. Friendly staff.

sihem sihemm

Worst car wash

Billy Rediess

They do the nicest job. I have a hairy dog..... need I say more? I drive across town to come here.

Cally & Brent Nelle

Exterior: Great! Interior: Poor I took my truck here and got their best wash package called "The Whole Thing" for $36. After the wash I was happy with the exterior but other than washing my all weather floor mats, it was difficult to notice they had really done anything on the interior. I'll give more detail below but basically I'd recommend Waterway for exterior washes but not interior work. Like I said the exterior was great but as for the interior I wasn't as happy. Keep in mind my truck is only 2 months old so the interior wasn't that dirty to start with so I'm really surprised some obvious things were still missed. There was still some drip marks on the driver side door from a drink that had spilled a little bit and a big dirt mark from someone's foot that had hit the passenger side wall near the floor when getting in and out if the truck. That one seemed pretty hard to miss but they still did. Other than that I would've hoped for them to do a better job overall vacuuming the seats and wiping down the dash.

Shelton Howard

Get the monthly package. It’s sooo worth it.

carolyn Alverson

I wasn't very happy with my car wash !

janice chesser

Staff is polite and they do a great job.

Bennie Covington

Great affordable carwash!

Matthew Kincaid

Been coming here for many years. Very much appreciate the discount provided to educators for fuel. It's probably the most distinguishing feature of this company that keeps me coming back. The highest octane available usually also exceeds competitors in the area. I appreciate being asked if I need help while getting gas, but this business could improve by remembering its regular customers and knowing their preferences.

Joseph Martin

Good car wash.

Eric McPherson

I was not the least bit surprised when I saw the two star average review. Julie and their customer service there is terrible. Very, very deceitful business practices. The staff was very specific in their explanation of the cancellation policy that I only need cancel before the renewal day each month. When trying to cancel in person, they refused and said the only way to cancel was by calling some phone number which they gave me and since I've only been Stonewall by refusal to refund the renewal despite me trying to cancel in person before the renewal date. It's a bait-and-switch tactic, I would never ever go back there again. in addition to all that, they lost a $200 trailer hitch cover on a brand new Volvo XC90 that I had and couldn't find it despite going back there immediately to additional times subsequent to the first visit.

Alan Bemis

Wasted $18, car is not fully washed, car is very poorly vacuumed, streaks on windows. Waste of time, energy and $. Update: went back to complain about the interior of the car being so poorly vacuumed and not wiped down. A manager named Paige came to my rescue. The car was returned to the vacuum bay and Paige, herself, properly vacuumed the inside and wiped it down like someone who actually cared about getting return business. She also gave me a complimentary wash for next time. I have upgraded Waterway from 1 to 4 stars because of great customer resolution by Paige. I would give 5 stars except this whole ordeal lasted 2 hours

Rebeca P.

I decided to pay $36 for "the whole thing" which included a wash, tire shine, internal wiping of everything with your consoles inside, vacuum, vacuuming/washing your mats and hand drying. I would say for my car inside and the windows, they were about 90 percent clean --If you're extremely picky and very meticulous, the edges of the windows and mirrors we're not clean; you could see where the washcloth circled in the middle but didn't really hit the edges. Overall, my car is squeaky clean, super shiny and they gave me a 'clean guarantee' card to return after 5 days for a complimentary "whole thing" if it gets dirty. ( I included a picture of me staring out my driver side window into traffic for you to see how completely clear & clean that window was.) When I noticed the back window wasn't as clean I brought it to their attention and they wiped it down immediately. However when I got home and examined my rims, which I should have done there, they were about 60% clean. You could see where the washcloths hit certain spots, but I took my finger to wipe and I could see all the residue still left over. I'm giving this information for those who are very into detail. P.S., they aren't sitting around waiting for a tip either, they're extremely friendly and attentive.

Leslie Lindberg

I was shopping with my friend when she decided to get her car washed at Waterworks car wash. Upon arrival, a male attendant asked my friend if she wanted to upgrade her pre paid coupon for additional services. My friend politely said no. Listening to the conversation, the attendant began to give my friend push back, arguing why she needed additional services and ultimately stated she should get the maximum premium cost car wash. It wasn’t until I supported my friend that the attendant accepted my friends decision and left her side. Then, when I asked the cashier if the attendants get a percentage of what they sell, it took the cashier longer than expected to say yes, they make a percentage on what they sell you at the pump! I have to ask..... why are two women, on a beautiful day, with a pre paid car wash coupon, continually harassed to purchase additional upgraded car wash services. At this time, I wanted to share my story. When you go in for a car wash at waterworks, you may be harassed to purchase additional car was services you don’t want. How many of us purchase additional service, then provide the hard working young adults tips? They have us coming and going! How about a little transparency Waterworks. Post a visible outdoor sign letting customers know attendants get a cut in the profits depending on the level of car wash purchased! Also, have managers wear attire that clearly identifies them as managers. As for the car wash, there is now a streak of what appears to be sticky rubber on the passenger side of the car. It wasn’t there before. I’m wondering if the car wash brushes are wearing down. I have seen this on my neighbors car and my car. We all use Waterworks. Do you have that streak on your car?

Alicia Harrell

I have been a customer for years now. Quality has been going down which is frustrating. The new people inside are often short or just rude and annoyed with customers. The irony behind the shirts that say we insist on clean windows drives me crazy. I will say the customer service of the cleaners is always superb.

Connor Walsh

I saw the 2.1 star review as I started the navigation but i had a free car wash coupon that they sent so why not? i arrived and they told me they couldn't do anything on the interior because my car had an accelerator issue. first of all I don't understand how that would effect vacuuming and cleaning the inside of the windows given that the car is most likely off. Second just to be sure I went on the government recall website and no such issues have been reported. when drying off the car usually you would open each door and wipe the door jam this didn't happen either. I can only assume that it is an accelerator issue as well. the car was value was $23 and I can tell you that it was not worth the time it took me to drive over there (10 min round trip).

Zach Sewell

The exterior of the car looks great. Staff is friendly and customer service is great. The first time through they didn't do a thorough cleaning of the interior but I brought it back and they were happy to go over it again.

Bob Miller

Tyler Zito

I'm not one t give poor reviews but I have tried coming here on 3 different occasions for a quick express wash since I don't have a lot of time to wash the car myself. Each time I have had to take it right to a do it yourself wash spot and re-rinse and wipe the whole car. Very little attention to detail. They neglected to wipe down any part on the back side if the car, they dont wipe down all of the windows, don't touch the side mirrors, or even any lower part of the body of the car. Also, with the super shine package, they skipped the tire shine 1/2 times that I paid for it. For $20 I shouldn't have to go and re-wash the car.

Will Howard

Always do a good job

Adam Fiedler

Ripped my license plate off, "Yeah that happens all the time here" from the employee. The manager went back and got it and then gives me the line that the screws weren't in far enough. Didn't even get all the bugs off before waxing them in and the glass has a streak of chemicals running down it. Not offered any refund or even an apology. Going home to do it right myself. Never again.

Jeremy Allen

They cleaned the car, but it wasn't a very good cleaning. Missed alot of spots. Didn't wipe off dash, doors, door sill, spotty on windshield. Overall my kid could have done a job equal to them.

Samir Bhika

Terrible go to Finshline it's just a little ways up the road and they vacuum your car for washes as low as ten bucks! Went there this morning I drive full time for Lyft so car has to look sharp filled up gas and payed for a 14 dollar wash NO VACUMM AND CRAPPY HANDRYING LEFT SPOTS EVERYWHERE! Poor I want my money back I had to rewash it myself that cost me more money and time!!

Charlie Johnson

Terrible. The manager is a real prick.

Ryan Townsend

Best full service wash in Kansas City. The staff is always polite.

Angie Ballew

I want to like this place as it's so close to my home, but I can't. I've been several times and paid for the "whole thing" only to receive sub-par interior cleaning. The console and cup holders are still dirty and the door panels do not appear to be wiped down. This has happened one several occasions. I'm done paying for full service. The automatic wash is fine.

Kendra Sumner

Pretty good just always crowded!

Sherri Burke

Suggestion: I have a 2 seater car, yet I pay the same price as larger cars which take more time to clean windows and vacuum. There should be a separate finishing line for small cars. I am always behind SUV’s and have to wait for them to be completed.

Michelle Bryant

The 2 people we talked to was nice but I will never go back the worst job ever does not look like they vacuumed my van and the wash . Wash well it was still dirty when we left My daughter did a better job with the water hose and a handheld vacuum.

Dakota Grummer

This was my first time at this car wash and I was having a hectic day. Well I happened to leave my wallet at home which just added to my day! They were so helpful and had great service in the inconvenience that I caused and I definitely would recommend them my car looked great and they got all the bugs out of my grill and the little things their staff did made a big difference!

Daniel Jagd

A very popular place on a sunny day. I travel to and from the mountains on a regular basis. The monthly subscription is ideal for keeping my car clean, and preventing long term damage. They seem to staff well, so I never have to wait too long.

mai mai

Their hours say they are open until 10:00. We came at 7:33 and they said they closed at 7:30. How hard is it to let a car go through the machine and get a nice tip for it? Unaccommodating and lackadaisical.

kay gallardo

Their car wash does a great job

Darla Hueske

Worst ever. Expensive rip off. Quick run through a sprinkler, then couple swipes from a damp rag.

Marci Schilling

Great car wash

Bryanne e

You have to pay for a car wash to use the vacuums, then get told you have to pay again to use the vacuums at all, as a seperate charge. Employees were unhelpful. Go somewhere else

Mark Rodrigues

They do a good job if your vehicle isn't too dirty on the outside. They do a good job on the interior, but could wipe more surfaces down. The wait for interior cleaning can be extraordinarily long. I often skip the interior even though I've already paid for it in my annual membership because of the wait.

Jeff Whealen

My wife took our 2013 Buick Regal to get a full wash and interior cleaning. The exterior wash was decent, but the interior cleaning was very poor. My wife purchased the Wheel Deal and paid an extra $4 dollars to have all the carpets removed and vacuumed. When she arrived home I noticed there was a ton of dirt below the front 2 rugs. They had not vacuumed that area at all. I have been here before and I have noticed over the past few months the quality of the washes has gone way down. If you have a nice car and want a good wash and vacuum go elsewhere.

I am A PHD

Very bad

Stan McCullom

Took my car in to be cleaned. paid $30.00 for the "everything" clean last Saturday. My inside windshield, rear window, glass sunroof nor inside the door jambs were wiped down nor cleaned to start. My tires and wheels were not touched at all!! The rear inside was not vacuumed. I ended up doing it myself and wasting $30. They too busy being in hurry to put their hand out for a tip INSTEAD of earning it for a job well done!

fadimatou mark catche

For my first experience this suck i made the mistake of leaving without checking the car was barely vaccum under the seat between the seat and cup holder was still dirty i paid for full service i thought i’ll get a nice clean car but here i am cleaning it again the door were barely wipe this was the worst thing ever

Nate dos Santos

Pretty lousy car wash. My car usually has spots where the auto wash didn't touch and the workers don't bother to clean. This usually includes around the license plate, front grill, and emblems around the car. After driving 5 minutes home, the car usually has water marks everwhere. My suit jacket was hanging nicely before the car wash, and they decided to throw it over the rear seats, which is now wrinkled and also dirty from the shoes that they put on my seats which were on the floor board.

Malcom Payne

Justin Montoya

One of the best car washes in kc for the price

mersadees Webber

This was my first time going to Waterway and it was the worst experience, I will not be a returning customer. I initially pulled in to vacuum my car and shortly realized you would need a carwash first in order to do so. No where is there a sign stating that this is an additional charge. So I pay twelve dollars for a carwash when really a quick vacuum was the only thing I wanted considering it's going to rain all week. Anyhow, the attendant near the vacuums informed me about the additional fee, which being a first time customer I would think the confusion would be understandable. (And to be honest, to pay twelve dollars for a quick wash is ludicrous to me that you also have to pay to vacuum) It took three times of me asking to then finally be told that just this one time they would do it. It takes one minute to vacuum a car. I bought it last week, so the inside as you can imagine was already clean. I was also very irritated that as the attendant dried my car, the zipper on their jacket continually smacked against my car which to me is frustrating considering that it can cause scratches. After a quick vaccuum (Seriously took a minute) I was on my way. But once I got home to top it all off I walked around my car and there was still soap on the outside. I will never use a Waterway again, and I will definitely let others know to avoid them also.

Marcea Randall

Excellent service and attention to detail. This will be my primary car wash.

Edward DeRose

Long line moved quickly, relatively speaking. My car was particularly dirty after recent snowstorms, so I had the “winter package” service which included undercarriage wash. There were additional costs for washing rubber floor mats and for cargo area. The job was very well done. However, the cost was prohibitive enough to warrant doing this only once or twice a year, like an oil change, I figure. For all the in between times, I’ll use quarters at the other self-wash joints.

Spencer F

Absolutely worthless wash. Doesn't matter if you get the full service basic, wheel deal, or whole thing, just the same mediocre wash. I've never had that great of clean on any of them and there is only so much I can ask them to redo. Count on a streaked up body, mirrors that are smudged, and forget cleaning up any chrome parts. This is based on the "Whole Thing" I was so distracted by asking the backseat to be at least vacuumed when I saw pieces of dirt all over the floor that I didn't see all the obvious hadn't been attended to. My suv is a 2012 with nothing in it and hardly anything to clean, it should take barely any work to make it look nice. At least for $40 I have clean wheels, forget anything else though.

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