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REVIEWS OF Water Works Car Wash & Detail Center IN Colorado

Wade Holzwarth

Visit weekly or more. Fantastic service. Everyone is friendly and outgoing!!! Gold card is amazing! As for those not satisfied I don't understand. At the end of every service they ask if there is anything that you want addressed. You have the opportunity Everytime to check their work and they are always happy to correct anything they miss.


They steal tips from employees and management sucks they also dont give breaks

Joseph Montes

Great service, experienced people do an excellent job, thanks ... jm

Joe Kelemen

I've been a few times. I would recommend going in the morning. I understand that the days are long and the work is hard but if you go in the afternoon you get 60% of what you pay for.

Arthur Charron

Always like getting here. Fast usually and very friendly

Joseph Shoars

My wife and I have been looking for a great car wash since we moved in July. Great service, fast quality work and a fair price.

Leah Yonker

I’ve only been to two car wash places in the Springs and this one is by far the best! The hand drying that they do seals the deal for me. This place is awesome!

Electronic Brothers

Love coming here! Monthly rates!!

Bill Berntson

From Charla Vandermeer. THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL WELCOME WASH❣️You treated my 1992 Buick Regal like royalty!! WILL BE A REPEAT CUSTOMER!!

Kurt Owens

Ryan & His Team did a Great Job doing a full detail on my company truck. I just started a new position with a company and they provided me with a 2010 F-150 and it was dirty as hell.. lol I told my branch manager I was embarrassed to drive such a dirty truck and he agreed to a full detail. I am very impressed with Ryan and his team in the detail shop. They had my truck several hours, as we did the complete works on the detail of the interior & exterior of the truck. I am very happy with the way the truck turned out and I enjoy going to work each day now. I will definitely return for future truck cleanings and will highly recommend Water Works Car Wash & Ryan to my coworkers & friends.. ***** 5 Stars

Ben Gonzalez

Waterworks car Wash I wasn't actually a customer I was walking by and saw a broken glass bottleright everywhere on the sidewalk out front of the business and I went in and asked ther owners if I could borrow a broom to sweep it up you know kids play around there and the owner went out there with me and I thought he was going to take care of it then he saw it was like a foot past his property that's not mine and you're not using my broom, kind of turned me off towards their business a little bit all the workers there arevery friendly and nice but I really don't like the owner management just seems like he's making money and doesn't care much about you know our community so that's really definitely the last time I'll go there and I wound picking the glass up with my hands while he stood there and watched me so I really think I will wash my own car next time I need it done.

Tony Dabtana

Never do a good job. I only go back because the free coupons after they damaged my vehicle the first time shopping here.

Tom Coleman

I have been going to Water Works Car Wash and Detail Center for 15 years now. They have taken excellent care of all of my vehicles--always. These folks really do take the time to get it right. They are friendly and very professional in every respect. This is the ONLY place I take my vehicles to get serviced. In addition to car washes, I had a truck detailed before I sold it. It was done in about 2 hours and looked outstanding! I sold the truck in 30 minutes...thanks Water works for your professional car of all my vehicles. I highly recommend these folks. If you are not satisfied with the job--the management will make it right!

James Laird

hands down a great place to take your car for either just a regular wash all the way to a full detail which includes but not limited too interior detail as well as exterior detail plus the employee's are friendly which is a plus

Claudia Taylor

Waterworks is the go-to place if your car is dirty. We just returned from Texas and Oklahoma and have so many bugs on our car it's unbelievable and now they're all gone after water works thank you very much

Alexandra Mares

Service was fast, friendly, and my truck looked great when they were done with my detail service wash. I'll definitely be back .

Cindy Messenger

Great car washes. Coupon deals that save you money and friendly staff. Been coming here for years!!

Maria Leyvas

The employees from start to finish are all very friendly!

Duane Back

It took forever to get thru the gate because they did not have enough help to work customers. I am a $29.00 a month unlimited washes customer. I am really considering changing car washes.

Mainor - Mayo Araya

Great service and reasonable price. Good coupons on website

Mat D

Fast and clean! Decent prices. I think this location is the best in the area so would recommend it to all!

Nate Daniell

Always a great car wash experience. We get the detailing package twice a year and a full service wash several times a year. Easy access and located on the edge if downtown.

Ganece Burks

Best car wash in town! I bought a brand new van and the dealership did a really crappy job detailing it before the purchase. I brought my van to Water Works and I looks brand new! :)

Stacy Gibson

I have to disagree with some of the better reviews. Maybe it's because I come from a town where full service express car wash places are everywhere and they provide really great service. I don't see that many here in COS. It's not really clear where you pull up to and if you will be greeted outside. The car is usually about half clean. With this past cold snap the windows fogged up and I could see where they had wiped just the middle part of the front window. Still lots of lint and dust everywhere they did happen to wipe and the corners and edges missed. I can understand they didn't get in the crevices on a basic wash, but I expected better. Won't be returning. I can do a better job myself. I was just willing to pay to save myself the time.

Bob Hahn

Pleasant people and value wash.


I always get my car washed at Waterworks and they always do a good job!!

ronald palmer

Best place to clean your car

Amanda Chappell

The team was extremely nice and helpful! And they did an incredible job on my VW that had enough hair in it to make a new dog and it was a reasonable price! Austyn was the man and he did a great job!! Thank you soooo much!

Paula Simon

Fantastic car wash and excellent staff - best in the Springs!

Jessica Anderson

Not too impressed. Took my car in for a pre road trip wash and vacuum. Paid for the full service wash, which included wiping down the dashboard and a vacuum for the first two rows of my three row SUV. After about 45 minutes, I get my vehicle back. There's still a dirt ring/trail where my friend left his drink on my hood while we did yard work, my dash is completely untouched and dusty, and in addition to vacuuming my third row and trunk: I have to vacuum my 1st and 2nd row too, especially around the runner boards and anywhere that wasn't specifically center foot area. At that price I should have just washed the car myself and paid for the vacuums at a standard car wash. I would have saved a lot of money. Also as per other reviews stating we have the chance to inspect it before we leave. Customer service wasn't that fantastic. 1st when I pulled in I asked the gentleman about their coupon ad on their advertisment board out front of their business was told that he doesn't know anything about it that's not his department and then asked me what package I wanted. I told him I didn't know, I had never been here before but wanted my car washed and vacuumed to get it ready for a road trip. He said I wanted the full service package but they'll only vacuum the first two rows. I ask okay and he handed me a slip told me to take it inside. 2nd The poor cashier, who was the most professional, seemed over whelmed when trying to ring me up. The phone was ringing (she answered it which was perfectly fine and expected). So during trying to ring me up and handle the phones other staff members kept interrupting with other issues, which was not perfectly fine, it was rude of them and obviously stressing her out. 3rd The guy who came and got me came to the waiting room and said "Nissan" I asked Armada? And he said no it's an Altima...I say back down and said nope not me. He came back 3minutes later as said "Sorry it's the Armada" walked me half way there and pointed to it and said have a nice day. Never offered and inspection or anything. I had to stop him just to ask about vacuums so I could vacuum my third row and trunk. Only later to find out... I could have added that on to my package when checking their website to post this review.

Centenial Jamison

Not really what I expected... Didn't even clean my car and I went through twice

Trisha Jones

Pretty convenient car wash that has free vacuums next to it. Lobby is nice with many things to purchase. I am a regular customer here.

Rell Alexander

These guys are great. They had me in and out within 30 minutes

Robin Steffens

Wanted $48 to wipe (dust) the inside of the car with a wet rag. Been going there for many more.

Ashley Nicole

I really love water works and the work they do regarding washing my car. They do a very job and the pricing is amazing. Not to mention, their customer service is also legit. I will be going to this location for years to come :)

Tyson Cornelison

I was quoted 2 hours for the $149 detail. Everything sounded good. I waited 2 hours there. My car wasnt even started. Came back 2 hours later, still not finished. Wasn't given an explanation. I told them i'd be happy if they would give me a $5.95 Colorado Springs city map. They said no. Will not do business with them again.

Brandon Maestas

This location sucks for detailing. Windows are all smeared. Smudge marks on the leather seats. Vacuumed very poorly. The only thing nice about the vehicle was the car wash itself and the tire shine. Will never return to this location again.

William Wentz

Always take great care of my jeep great service

Hillary Olson

Just the donut shop I was looking for!


Best experience I had in a long time! I will be coming back.

Cory Fallon

This is a great place to visit! Very nice and knowledgeable staff and courteous employees. Always doing their best to satisfy the customers. While you wait for your vehicle to be cleaned they have an awesome variety of vehicle accessories and greeting cards. They are also dog friendly!

Eugenia Johnson

The prices are the best in the city and they always aim to please. I've been coming here for years.

Sandra Jones

Wow. Do they do a thorough job. The supervisor can out to help the boys and I noted how the windows didn't look clean. He went over them. I also paid for vacuuming the interior. There was dirt showing and they took care of it as the guys finished drying my vehicle. Awesome job.

Lemon Juice

This has been the location I've used the past 10 years and will always continue to do so. I've had my current vehicle almost 2 yrs and everytime i leave here, i feel like it's NEW again. The front desk staff are very professional, and the crew pays attention to detail because the small things do matter. Bring your car or truck here if you want it done right!!!


Service was fast, friendly, and my car looked great when they we're done with my full service wash. I'll definitely return.

Danielle Allen

Speedy service. Could do a better job with the vacuuming.

Michael Hester

Great price for any budget. I like their all cloth brushes, not those plastic wirey ones. Hand toweled dry too. Fast in and out. They offer full detailing as well at an additional cost.

luis toribio

Nice place, fast and good service. Excellent customer service and best of all they do not back on counpons

Adam Diderrich

We had the $149 interior detail done yesterday. The gentleman explained the process and gave us an approximate time. He also let us know to sign up as a preferred customer to recieve a discount. Everything was done swiftly and the car looked amazing! He made sure we inspected the car to ensure everything was to our standard. Customer service was A+ Worth every penny!

Shianne Perkins

I paid 70 bucks for the express detail. I was told at the start my car wasn't that dirty so they could have it looking like new by the time they were done. The express detail is supposed to take 30 minutes on top of the wash, and my car was done entirely in about 15. At first I was happy with how quick it was. Then I found out why. I took one peek into my car and saw the cup holders were still loaded with crumbs and dirt, and the girl working there said "We couldn't get the cup holders that well, but I could try a little harder". Spoiler alert, it was still dirty when she was done. This was the biggest waste of money, I got home and cleaned my front console better than they did in 5 minutes with some Lysol wipes. They didn't even TOUCH the back part of my SUV Edit: the detail manager was extremely apologetic, reserviced my car, and it was spotless. I was very happy with the way they corrected the situation.

Ute Watkins

Was ok workers who cleaned my car looked frustrated. Carpet felt like not vacumed at the sides where the handbrake is and the rails. Tires I don't know??? Just wanted to go. Might think about trying a different place or clean it myself next time.

Margaret Lawless

I went in and paid 23 dollars to get my car washed and after the fact was told they could not sweep the back of my jeep without me paying 2 dollars extra 5 dollars extra for floor mats worse customer service and personal i have ever had would not recommend this place to anyone

Lori Strange

One of my favorite car wash places in town. Always friendly staff and so worth the price.

Ed Parkhurst

Good service. Good prices.

Dj Morris

Very good customer service, not a long wait, well worth the money. Recommend to anyone who wants a good detail!

Carrie Berry

Best budget wash for the price. Gas station car washes are as much or more and never clean my SUV completely. At Water Works you get a hand dry and free vacuums (although the 1 star off because some of them don't have much suction).

Robin largin

It's nice to get your car cleaned up. Ask them any special request and they will do it. Thank you.

Mark Ingles

Great place, great service!


This place was horrible the employees did a fantastic job cleaned my car perfectly but all the higher up management is horrible and was very disrespectful they took the tip from the one that washed my car come to find out they have been shorting the staff tips. Terrible. never do business with this company .


Great customer service. Helped me figure out what my car needed to remove some pretty deep cat scratches! Sometimes you have to wait a bit - so just be aware.

Monte Greene

This place is great! I’ve been using their services for years and have only had one small incident that was addressed quickly and made right. The staff are friendly and attentive. For the money you can’t beat it. They pre-wash all the bugs AND hand wipe the car. I always tip the folks that wipe the car down. That’s why I go there!

cindy williams

I have come to this water works for several years because they do a great job!!

Orion Humphrey

They did a good job on my detail.

stacy Cranmer

Not the best carwash. If you need a really good wash go somewhere else.

carlos Menchaca

Great service. Fast and friendly. Hardworking

Kelley Duncan

Always a great job!

Vicky Ferry

Great service and polite staff


Could be a little more thorough but customer service was good. In the past they had better prices so a 4 star rating is all I'd give when my mats never were done nor was I offered the option. Big job- cleaning is all I'll use them 4,rarely! I do better myself

justin dermond

Made an appointment for a full detail by phone. Showed up for said appointment (9 a.m.) and the place was closed. No answer on the phone line during their business hours. Waited for half an hour, no one showed so I left. Completely unprofessional. I won’t be giving them my money.


Ok work for the price. When I asked the attendant to re clean my windows he justified it with telling me it was water stains

Rolo Dolo

Excellent customer service from start to finish. Staff were really polite and friendly. Was greeted in a respectful manner and the cashier was more than friendly. Wash didn’t take long at all and came out way better than expected. I will definitely be coming back here for my washes. Good pricing and good service! Highly recommended!

Denise M

Cory was amazing at detailing my van that was full of glass due to last hailstorm. He made sure to throughly go over several times to get all shards of glass out

Celina Quinto

Been coming here for a few years now and I love it. They are quick and take their time cleaning my car the right way

Charles Sr

Best car wash I've received so far from the Express Car Wash.

Kashmier Johnson

I like there customer service. There work is great

David E

Good service. Pricy.

Barb Tharp

I've used this car wash for most of the 20 years that I've lived here. Great car washes, and fast, friendly service!

Mike Kemp

My first time at this place; 6 year old car's never been detailed; came away in near new condition; very satisfied !

Julio Nunez

First they started off real bad went in for a full interior detail service which with a first time discount I still paid $135.00 had my vehicle um I dont know 4 hrs or so went to pick it up and let's just say it wasnt no where near clean the seats still dirty the cracks in the door handle the cup holders the back of the seat slots still had trash in them there was still dirt built up in spots there was trash under the 3 row seats still it was bad I was coming in thinking I was going to pick up a used but super clean car and it looked maybe 30 percent cleaner when I picked it up. Went in and complained they offered to clean it again which they did but let's just say I sat there for 2 and a half hours and they still left trash in the seats there still was build up in the cracks of the door handle the seat looked let me tell you the seat way better way way better so I didnt give them a full 5 stars only because they still didnt clean everything I pointed out but they actually did a better job the second time ON MY SEATS so I didnt complain I just used their free vacuums and vacuumed myself this time my vehicle was around 80 percent what I had imagined had the cleaned all the areas I asked them to and went over the small stuff I would of given 5 stars but as a customer you shouldn't have to tell a DETAILING MANAGER what should be cleaned I believe as a manager they should know staff was good they handle them self's very professionally when it comes to handling the problems it's just when a customer tells you what they want clean maybe they should write it down because not everything I wanted or thought should be clean excellent was cleaned and believe me this was all visual stuff.

Steven Coleman

I was at this location, they were friendly and very helpful.

Gabriella tezanos

Really nice work, good price and fast.

Sabrina Rodgers

This last visit was the best one so far. The staff was super friendly and helpful and my truck looked great.

Amelia Roberson

My husband - recieved a free car wash ($15 value) as a Christmas gift. They seemed to be pretty busy when we went with about 5 people ahead of us but the wait wasn't long. The car was ran through the car wash and vacuumed out - basic work. I thought at least the windows wouldn't have smudges on them still - but I guess that is what you get for $15. The staff were very nice and personable. The car freshener will cause you to choke on it. I don't know if it was because staff sprayed it while we were in the car or if the mix was just mixed too strong. Overall it was ok. We probably won't return again - unless it's a gift.

Laurel Barrett

My service was supposed to take 20 minutes. After sitting there for an hour and a half I find out they haven't even started my car. They were so rude. Maybe the girl should be more focused oon working than flirting with the guy back there.

Cameron Ream

Always fast, great work. My place to go for a car wash for sure.

Peete R

Very disappointing! I requested for the ultimate detail service for $249 as I will be storing my vehicle for a long time and wanted to try the company’s service to give it a shot. Just receiving my vehicle felt like I have overpaid for the service. There was still bug stains on my side mirrors, there were a lot of dust spots all over my car (these spots were not tiny, they were noticeable and this what was frustrating the most), my rims was only clean on outside, my carpet didn’t seemed like it was really vacuumed well, not worth the price. There were some stuff I could say that went right: my car smells brand new, the stains on my seats were taken out and my windows look nice. But, in my opinion it was overpriced. I usually do not leave bad ratings and usually let things slide but this got me since this was my first time paying that much in hopes that I would be satisfied.

Stephanie Glasgow

I've been going to this car wash since I was a little girl with my dad. It is the only place I ever take our vehicles. I love getting the full service...sure beats dragging the vacuum into the driveway. They are always friendly and helpful.

Jon Miller

My wife and I had stopped in August 16, 2019 at 1:13 PM for a wash. We were approached by a young man named Donovan according to the receipt. My wife and I had just completed a cross country drive with our kids and the car needed to be heavily cleaned. We told Donovan bug removal, vaccuming and extra wax would be needed but that is far from what we had recieved. Donovan charged us for a extra vaccum, lustre soft wash, and a full service. We waited over an hour for the car to be completed, a young man named David appeared and said our vehicle was ready but that was far from the truth. Windows still had smudge marks, bug removal wasn't done, carpets were not completed, wax was still on the body of the car, and tires weren't shinned. I had spoken to David and let him know my concerns and he said it would be corrected, we waited another 30 minutes and when he reapproached us a second time it still was subpar work. I took the rag from the young man and started removing the water stains on the body. The body of the car still had hot carnuba wax on the surface, and the front of the car still had bugs. I gave up and drove off to come home to do the work myself. There is no sense of excellency at this location, and the workers take no pride in the work that needs to be completed. I advise anyone who appreciates their vehicle to go else where. I most certainly won't be returning to this location is a complete waste of time and money. Also on a side note I know we love in Colorado but does a place of business need to smell like marijuana?

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